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David Oyedepo

David O. Oyedepo, affectionately called Papa by members of his church congregation (born September 27, 1954) is a Nigerian Christian author, Preacher and the founder and Presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church World Wide also known as Winners Chapel and its affiliated International churches known as Winners Chapel International, with headquarters in Ogun State, Nigeria.

Bishop David Oyedepo Dr David Oyedepo Winners Chapel Chris Oyakhilome Pastor Chris Serving God Jesus Name United States Exceeding Grace Pastor David Oyedepo Jesus Christ Covenant University Ogun State

Word of Faith: Exceeding Grace, Strange works and strange acts are yours this week in Jesus Mighty Name. Bishop David Oyedepo
Word of Faith: Whatever Predicament you may find yourself now, by Angelic Intervention, you are coming out right now in Jesus Name. Bishop David Oyedepo
It is not A place dat blesses u it is God's guidance dat blesses u. Ask isaac, ask Elijah and ask Bishop David Oyedepo
Well fellow feLLeZ,since today is FRIDAY,and its naturally ordained to morn da DEATH of our PERSONNEL LORD and SAVIOUR *Jesus Christ* Let's talk abt the SERVANTS and MESSENGERS dat represents HIM here on EARTH... Here are the TOP RICHEST PASTORS in AFRICA,cos dats ma continent...tho!!!I'm smh @ dere WEALTH,cos i think it shoulsn't be so. ur time and go tru it. David Oyedepo Affiliation: Living Faith World Outreach Ministry, aka Winners Chapel Estimated net worth: $150 million David Oyedepo is Nigeria’s wealthiest preacher. Ever since he founded the Living Faith World Outreach Ministry in 1981, it has grown to become one of Africa’s largest congregations. The Faith Tabernacle, where he hosts three services every Sunday, is Africa’s largest worship center, with a seating capacity of 50,000. Oyedepo owns four private jets and homes in London and the United States. He also owns Dominion Publishing House, a thriving publishing company that publishes all his books (which are often centered on prosperity). ...
Prophetic Declaration by Pastor David Oyedepo on the Covenant Day of Miracle Jobs
If you are on the track with God you cannot be trapped by the devil- Bishop David Oyedepo
This week, there shall be waves of angelic intervention!-Bishop David Oyedepo
After the recent GDP revision Nigeria is now officially the biggest economy in the continent.It hz always bn South Africa which I biliv lately hz bn complacent.According 2 economic studies they credit this move to rise in telecoms business,banking,Nollywood film industry,oil e.t.c and i biliv all this is true but all i strongly believe when a nation hz strong spiritual voices and spiritual traffic the economy wl respond if u study the history of America u wl also see it.With the likes of Pastor Chris,TB Joshua,Enoch Adeboye,David Oyedepo,Johnson Suleman and many others in one land surely the economy wl respond.I biliv as God will raise sound Apostolic and Prophetic voices in Zimbabwe our economy wl heal and we wl b a voice in the continent.The Higher Order
These never-say-die Prophets of the Lord Pastor W.F.Kumuyi,Bishop David Oyedepo, Pastor Peter Morakinyo Bishop Rowland Peters Bishop Francis Wale Oke are the very formation of my life in ministry...great fathers, mighty tutors & relentless seekers of God.I lived in some of their houses,ate meals on their tables,had their attention & prayers in my formative I still hear their voice in my heart in forging upwards!God's irrepressible blessings continue to be multiplied on them all.I love you!
David Oyedepo Ministries International opposition that will not let you go is levelled now in the name of Jesus!
''You are either running wt a vision,going on a mission, or burning wt a passion... if you do nt belong to any of these, life is reduced to a burden.'' -Dr. David Oyedepo
If you were going to be stuck on an island with three celebrities... — Bishop David Oyedepo. Kenneth copeland . Jesus
David Oyedepo said `a faith that leaves everything for God to do, is an irresponsible one..if Nigeria is to change, we have to stand and act
Time to clear the dark cloud in Ebonyi. Men of God like David Oyedepo. Enoch Adeboye, TD jakes would be invited to bless us regularly.
Until U bgin to reign in d area wher God has placed U, U r not fulfilin Ur callin. Bishop David Oyedepo
"Knowledge of the word only informs a man , Spritual understanding of the word transforms lives" Bishop David Oyedepo
World Top 10 Richest Pastors Pastors rich list worldwide as compiled by an American magazine… 1.Bishop TD Jakes Bishop Jakes lives in a $1,700,000 mansion, he has been called America’s best preacher and has been featured on the cover of TIME magazine. He is a writer, preacher and movie producer. Thomas Dexter “T. D.” Jakes, Sr. is the bishop/chief pastor of The Potter’s House, a non-denominational American mega church, with 30,000 members, located in Dallas, Texas. T.D Jakes wears custom made suits and sports a diamond ring the size of a coin. This man of God has been endowed with a $150 million net worth. 2.Bishop David Oyedepo Bishop David Oyedepo is a Nigerian Preacher, Christian Author, Founder and Presiding Bishop of Winners Chapel known as Living Faith Church World Wide. Has been hailed as the wealthiest preacher in Nigeria with a total net worth of $150 million and properties like 4 private jets and homes in the United States and England. After the foundation of the Living Faith Outreach ...
David oyedepo .whatever u may hv missed in d past,U will recover them in jesu's name!.U shall not beg anymore in jesu's name.
Listen to Bishop David Oyedepo now click to listen
The stuff I read this morning about Bishop David Oyedepo and his wife is so amazing.
"Every gold (wealth) you keep away from God will take you away from Him" ~David Oyedepo
~bs david oyedepo "But we speak the Wisdom of God in a mystery, even th hidden wisdom, which God ordained before the world unto glory" -The Wisdom of God is the most valuable asset in the journey of life...I define divine wisdom as divine know-how with is a discovery of divinely inspired insight with proofs -Divine wisdom is creative in nature; it engenders creative exploit; it is able to give shape to ur shape-less life_IT WILL EQUIP YOU FOR SUPERNATURAL CREATIVITY -Divine wisdom provides supernatural answers to life's bugging question. With divine wisdom, you become more than conqueror...d manifestation of this wisdom will makes u scale through ur battle as he they never existed before Peace, long life, durable riches are also part of the proofs of divine wisdom 'HAPPY IS THE MAN THAT FINDTH WISDOM,AND THE MAN THAT GETTETH UNDERSTANDING' CHRIST IS LORD
Omotosho Tope Joseph WORD DIET DEVOTIONAL PUBLICATION* THE PLACE OF FAITH. “We all know that faith is the universal currency that can purchase anything from the spirit world to be seen in the physical world”-Bishop David Oyedepo And everything has his place,the fish has his place in the water and human being lives on land,but,the place where faith can be found is in God'sword.Everytime,you find yourself in the environment of faith miracle is erupted.Rom.10:17 Faith does not accept no for answers,Maybe,you have been told you can't have children,you can't get job,you can't get married? I am saying to you now that is a lie of the devil and that is their opinion because God's opinion for you is that you will experience good. Just what you need is to visit God in his environment with faith and you will surely returns with your miracles. Finally,in the place of faith,everything is possible,if,only you believe.Lk.1:45 My prayer for you today is that this spiritual currency called faith will deliver to you in ...
If you do not believe the messenger, the message cannot bless you. Dr David Oyedepo
SPECIAL MESSAGE FROM Bishop David Oyedepo: "Your case will not escape the anointing of God in 2014. You will be fully blessed in 2014. Success will be your middle name AND GOD WILL PROTECT YOU AND YOUR FAMILY FROM THE ONCOMING ONSLAUGHT OF THE ENEMY..Amen.
"Without feeding the spirit man with quality spiritual food it is impossible to live a spiritual life" (Bishop David Oyedepo)
"Nothing guarantees the speedy transformation of any community or country or people like spiritual men and women living spiritual lives on the earth" (Bishop David Oyedepo) That is what Africa needs.
"All the blessings of God are in spiritual entities, only spiritual men and women can access them 'Ephesians 1:3'. " (Bishop David Oyedepo)
PROPHETIC DECLARATION FROM Bishop David Oyedepo. This week, the Lord shall bless you beyond measures. That blessings of the Lord that will silent poverty in your life shall be your portion this week in Jesus Name. It shall be said of you this week "God has truly visited you". I pray unspeakable joy full of glory shall be your portion in Jesus Name. Welcome to your week of the miraculous. So shall it be for you and your family in Jesus Name.
Anytime you come in contact with Jesus Christ all your needs will be met. 'david oyedepo'
This month is a month of open doors for you in Jesus' name!. David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc.
RUTH BIOGRAPHY. My blood group is of a winning winner. Govern by living faith. Protected by love. Shared with joy. Promoted by GOD. Mentor-- Bishop David Oyedepo. Love from God family and friends. This week is SURE N stamped by God so fear not. I wish us all a blissful week IJN. Signed by Taribanks.
My Soul rejoices whenever I see, remember or listen to Bishop David Abioye, Bishop David O. Oyedepo and Buchi.
Be sincerely and faithful who is ur Mentol Joseph ayo babalola;pastor EA adeboye : Dr D K olukoya ;Bishop David Oyedepo ;bishop mike okonkwo pastor WF kumuyi ;pastor Abina choose anyone or write the name of your mentol
1 Cor 9:12,It is one thing to be endued and another to engage the endowment-ask John the baptist-david oyedepo
Take God seriously and he will take u seriously. anyone in pursuit of God ends up envy of his world -- Bishop David Oyedepo
A book: PUTTING YOUR ANGELS TO WORK by Bishop David Oyedepo. Get your copy to understand the ministry of angels.
There are no mountains anywhere..every man's ignorance is his mountain - Bishop David Oyedepo.
The Prophetic and Apostolic Sword, Rod, Dagger, Arrow of David Olaniyi Oyedepo is @ work!!!
'Until you can be trusted, it is not your turn to be entrusted' - Bishop David Oyedepo
If you don't want to end up as a liability, then take up your responsibility - Bishop David Oyedepo.
'Prosperity in the kingdom is not an ACHIEVEMENT but an ENTRUSTMENT. Luke 16:11' - Bishop David Oyedepo
David Oyedepo:. PROPHETIC DECLARATIONS FOR THIS WEEK!!!. You shall not be grounded in Jesus’ name!. No more defeat...
Christians,go back to your cave with your pitchforks and anointing oil, let science shine its light on this continent
David Oyedepo international ministries papa declared in 2days service dat d last accident u had would b d last u wil have nd tnx b 2 God dat he delivered us 4rm 1 nw nw glory b 2 God
The flesh of Jesus is a poison neutralizer. So instantly that cancer will disappear! . -Dr David Oyedepo
We share His life with Him through the Communion Table. John 6:56-57. -Dr David Oyedepo.
Success does not demand prayer and fasting as much as engaging your senses positively. Bishop David Oyedepo.
Covenant practice is how we engage these resources. -Dr David Oyedepo
It is possible to be loaded and still be grounded if you dont engage the resources at your disposal Isaiah 53:8 John 10:4…
Angels are agents of divine interventions, and agents of divine supply I Kings 17:1-8, 19:5-7. -Dr David Oyedepo
Who are Angels?. -They are spiritual personalities with physical impact Acts 12:21-22. -Dr David Oyedepo
Angels are on assignment to serve our interests as heirs of God and joint heirs with Christ. -Dr David Oyedepo
Message Title: Walking in the Miraculous (Engaging the Ministry and Power of Angels). -Dr David Oyedepo
By reason of redemption, we are born into stardom. Ps 87:5-6; Obadiah 1:21; Matt 5:13 - Pst David Oyedepo Jnr
The Church is a place of beautification where everything in our lives is beautified. (Psalms 87:5-6) - Pst David Oyedepo…
It is absolute dependence on God that provokes the miraculous. David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc.
Don't ever say what you don't want for your life - Bishop David Oyedepo
God said, '..I am still available to do for those who are interested!'. - Bishop David O. Oyedepo.
God said, 'I am the Lord, I change not... so, whatever you found me doing in scriptures ...' . - Bishop David O. Oyedepo
When you are walking in faith, the supernatural answers for you. David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc.
Whatever you don't engage, can never deliver. No more defeat for you in Jesus' name! -Dr David Oyedepo.
You can be loaded and still be Grounded, you can have what it takes and still not be there! You can have all the certificates and still be jobless...You need the grace for engagement, It will not be You!!! David Oyedepo
the lion anointing of God's servant David Oyedepo rest upon me
In the story of Elijah and Elisha as recounted in 2 Kings 2: 9-11 where Elisha asked for a double portion of Elijah's spirit. 'You have asked a difficult thing' Elijah said, 'yet if you see me when I am taken from you, it will be yours-otherwise not.' Later Elisha was able to see Elijah as he was taken up in a whirlwind. I am listening to a preaching given years ago by Bishop David Oyedepo; the subject is focus and concentration in prayer. If Elisha had not concentrated on what was happening around him, if he was distracted like the way we currently get distracted by our phones and other modern gadgets; do you think he could have seen this? Remember Hannah and how she was so focused in prayer that she was not aware of the presence of the priest. The Bishop says telephone has robbed many people of their destiny; people will answer their phone even when in the middle of prayer. Some youngsters even put earplugs while they are in church. The law of focus is a requirement to maximize your presence on the alta ...
"...Psa 91:12, Your toes are very important to God,how much more your head!"-David Oyedepo
"Every Kingdom citizen has an Angel waiting on Him. -Dr David Oyedepo" Alelujah!!
i lift up my eyes unto d hills from where dos my help comes from,my help comes from d lord my saviour,my redeemer,my comforter,my all in all d God of Bishop David Oyedepo,God of bishop David Abioye,God of pastor Segun Oke d God dat send his only begotten son Jesus Christ to die for my sins,he dat is not a man dat he should lie,he dat never slp or slumber,he dat opens d windows of heaven to pour down his blessings in my life, he dat blesses my water and bread,he dat takes away sickness from my midst,he dat will not give me stone if i asked of bread or serpent if i asked of fish,he dat knows my heart desires and is granting them.all i asked this week is to send me the ministry angels to open whatever door dat is shut in my life,roll down whatever stone dat d devil has used to block my destiny helpers to help me this week in the name of Jesus Christ.AMEN and AMEN hapi sunday friends and a blessed week ahead
Dis is Wat my daddy in d Lord Pastor David Oyedepo has said concerning our life? I shall succeed in life, I will make it in Jesus Name, Premature Death is not my portion, No weapon fashion against me shall prosper, I will fufil my Destiny, All the plans of evil for my life shall be destroy in Jesus Name, From now on am a Winner, a Victor, Gods mercy and favour will never leave me, He will always be my shield and fortress, I'm blessed in Jesus Name .. Amen!!!
Pastor David Oyedepo shared the following link and had this to say about it: Today, I set you free from every chain of: - Sickness - Late marriage - Depression - Lack of conception - Infertility - Joblessness - Exam failure, visa failure - Disappointment - Lack of money - Untimely death In Jesus' name. Type AMEN and claim this prayer. Share
You must refuse to be afraid Psalm 91: 5-11. -Dr David Oyedepo
Welcome to our 3rd and special miracle service with Pst David Oyedepo Jnr.
How do we engage Angels?. 3. Enagage their intervention in prayers Matthew 26:53. -Dr David Oyedepo
How do we engage Angels?. 4. Issue Faith-filled commands as to what you want them to do. II Kings 6:15-21. -Dr David Oyedepo
The God of Bishop David Oyedepo is truely the God I serve.wat an eronious testimony of how an armed robber,kidnapper,hiredassasin etc was abt to be killed last year but was save by d wristband of Double Portion2013 from death by shooting .and all his criminal act was cancelled in 2013 and now a born again christian.Indeed there is God.halleluyah.
A life that celebrates the validity of the truth of the word is an overcomer's life.Dr David Oyedepo
Exodus 20:23. Your angel is there to lead you to your promise land! -Dr David Oyedepo
You can be loaded and still be grounded;Bishop David Oyedepo
You are only empowered to experience what you believe! -Dr David Oyedepo
One can be LOADED and still be GROUNDED if u don't know how to engage ur LOADED TREASURES -Bishop David Oyedepo
By redemption, we are placed on high, where any sinner can only aspire to be. (Obadiah 1:21) - Pst David Oyedepo Jnr
Angels are executors of the will of God to make sure we as Heirs of the Kingdom enter into God's prepared place for us. …
You are too surrounded to be grounded, too surrounded to be stranded, and too surrounded to be molested! . -Dr. David Oyed…
“Every time is God’s time, but the time you chose is yours” - Bishop David Oyedepo
2day is a special palm sunday,bcos its our healing banquet service with papa david oyedepo. Am blessed
Rejoice at success no matter who is involved; because the sky is too wide for two birds to collide when in flight." (David Oyedepo). Good morning my fb pals.
Comparative analysis between two men, José Mujica and David Oyedepo Religious view David Oyedepo = christian Jose Mujica = atheist Occupation David Oyedepo = Preacher (G.O Living Faith ministries) Jose Mujica = Politician (President of Uruguay) View on afterlife David Oyedepo = Believes in an Afterlife Jose Mujica = Doesn't believe in Afterlife View on material possession David Oyedepo = Believes it is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of a needle than for a rich man to see the kingdom of god Jose Mujica = Has no such belief in his memory Financial status David Oyedepo = Africa's richest clergyman Jose Mujica = World's poorest president Bishop David Oyedepo is a Nigerian clergyman and the general overseer living faith ministries, he believes in 'the teachings of christ'. he is very rich with four private jets and over $150 million in cash. he has numerous poor people in his church but he lives in affluence. he lives in a country with one of the lowest per capita income yet, he feels comfortable ...
Healing banquet sunday, come to dis banquet and take ur own healing, live at canaanland Ota, ministering Bishop David Oyedepo, if u're not in Lagos and u happen to be in PH, its also happening at 4 kaduna str. Dline, or u're in Enugu, its happening there too at 12 winners way, off presidential road, Enugu, the Lord is ready for u today, are u ready for Him.
2 day marks the end of stress n strains of life in my life,says David Oyedepo 2 me.I recieve this in Jesus Name!!
David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc. wrote: Every financial tension in your life and family comes to an end this week in Jesus' name!
David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc. wrote: Tithing is a giant step into prosperity.
David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc. wrote: Know that life will not give you what you deserve but give you what you demand.
Of the TRuTH Patience has REWARD. The old and the New pictures of Bishop David Oyedepo and Wife..
No man thinks like a Vulture and commands the dignity of an Your thinking is a paramount determiner of what you become, check your ( Bishop David Oyedepo... you taught me)
"Millionaire is not a person that has million naira in his account but a person that influenced million people"-Dr. David Oyedepo
People are in need because they don't know what they need.-Dr. David Oyedepo.
Bishop/Dr. David Oyedepo and wife: Epitome of deep love for God and its resulting Godly wealth. Worthy of emulation.
"It is information that breeds transformation, which in turn leads to inspiration, and then culminates in aspiration." ~David Oyedepo
"At the root of every man's problem is ignorance; whereas the secret of triumph is knowledge." ~David Oyedepo
"You need to be able to see before you can possess" - Bishop David Oyedepo. What can you see in your finances, marriage, academics, property, relationship, etc.?
As long as you live unto yourself, you give yourself unto the enemy. But when you live unto God, no devil can touch you~Bishop David Oyedepo
Eaglets are born, but Eagles are made~Bishop David O Oyedepo
"Every other book informs, but this book (the Bible) transforms." ~David Oyedepo
"The Word is the platform upon which great destinies are built, and it is the womb that gives birth to faith." ~David Oyedepo
David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc. wrote: The seal of long life is set upon your life; you will never see the grave of your children in Jesus’ name!
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You cannot feature in the future you do not picture - David oyedepo
Oh God of DAVID OYEDEPO change my status nd settle my mater dis month of April wil nt *** to an end until u bless me,hear my cry o God nd wept all my tears, i can not do it alone give me d heart to known u nd u alone, conect me with my destiny helper give me everlasting joy dat will makes me to forget d pains of d pass, grant my heart desire bcus u knw d best for me nd give to me my family,friends nd love once long life nd prosperity hapi new month to u all i welcum u all to d year of Exceeding Grace strange act nd strange works u are bless IJN.
The root of what we say must be in our hearts. The law of faith demands that you believe in your heart and confess with your mouth before you can see results of any kind. Bishop David Oyedepo
Jesus has his ultimate prescription in the communion table. Communion is a dimension of the covenant with God,it is limited to the redeemed,it is an overcoming weapon packaged from heaven. Bishop David Oyedepo
Its foolishness to be shameful to what is gainful Bishop David Oyedepo
Tanx for yhe approval nd God of David oyedepo bless us on that mountain Amen(I'm a member of Winners Chapel since 2006, ogijo branch)
There are those that received BECAUSE they gave thanks...some are WAITING to receive BEFORE they give thanks...choose! Even if you lost anything God is the reason why you have not lost everything- (David Oyedepo). My conviction? Praise looks good on a dress (praise) rehearsal! - Tyvfunny Happy new month/Quater!
This month is my month of sign and wonders as declare by my spiritual father Bishop David Oyedepo
Prophetic declaration for the month of April for the Winners' Families.: I AM FOR SIGNS AND WONDERS... Bishop David Oyedepo.
As you depart from these waves of glory,it shall be said of you:''the gods have come down to us in the likeness of men''!-DAVID OYEDEPO
Faith is a spiritual engraftment into God thereby making god out of a mere man-DAVID OYEDEPO
Many want to be commanders but very few follow the commandment-DAVID OYEDEPO
Faith is acting on the word of God,believing-DAVID OYEDEPO
i want to take time to appreciate God and those greatminds who has been a source of blessing to me and my family...most especially my first girl friend Mrs Margaret Bassey,she`s a great source of light to me,Utibe Rosemary bassey,Ruth bassey,Kokomma Bassey,Felix Bassey,patrick bassey etc...and to all my extended brothers who have been a pillar and inspiration to all my success...Udom Titus,Goodluck Braide,paul braide,samuel Braide,Boma Braide,Charles Nsimah,Charles Abimbola,Joy Ekpa,Bose peters,Nkan Moses,Christabel Akpabio and Jeffery Omang,Bishop David Oyedepo,Snr Pastor Enoch Adeboye...pstr Israel Olamujoke Pstr.Allen Adeolu,pstr chukwugoziam...and patricia Nkechi and all my friends who i have not mention here for .. The word of God says in the book of GEN that the lord he has demarcated us from darkness and transcend us to light..and gave us profound peace.. a live Dog is better than a Dead lion..i`m grateful to know you all are doing good and successful...May the lord of Host make you a fruitful vine ...
My prayer for you all this month by the Grace upon the life of my Father Bishop David Oyedepo, i decree let Exceeding Grace manifest in all things, you lay your hands to do this Month, Month of Divine Encounter Exceeding Grace shall speak for you.
I want all my friends to be aware of this; I received a message from someone using Bishop David Oyedepo name and picture, asking me to sow a seed of N30,000.00 and even provide personal bank account of UBA. I figured out that the Bishop David Oyedepo that I know will never never asking people to be sowing seed on fb providing personal account. I love Bishop David Oyedepo, he is my father. Please, my friends don't fall this might be a trap and be warn. SHALOM.
Success is not accidental. Success is prepared for. So It's not too late to pursue ur passion. Start something today. "There are no general blessings. U must find a place for urself in this great outpouring of grace " Bishop David Oyedepo.
Catch me on Gabz fm later at 2023hrs. I will be reviewing a book titled OPERATING IN THE SUPERNATURAL by Bishop David Oyedepo. Today. 2023hrs
I pray 4all my fb friends dat in d 4th month dat we entered into God of Bishop David Oyedepo wl gather all blessings from d 4walls of a earth nd deposit dem in ur lifes nd my life.Remain connected
Bishop Dr. David Oyedepo said, It is nt enough 2 be à child of God, but it is signicant u be à son or daugther of God. praise Now...
A statistics stated thus: 5 pipu think. 15 pipu think they are tinkin nd 80 pipu die rather than to think. Dr David Oyedepo was interviewed nd was asked : sir what do u do wit ur tym? Resp: i read nd i tink. What do u do wit ur own tym? You yes you.
Life is in phases & men ar in sizes.Bishop David Oyedepo. Over 5,000 copies of dis book has been sold within Enugu state. God is the author & Samson Femi Taiwo is the marketer. Baba God na ur handwork.To God be all the Glory.
I am blessed today becos of dis two tins 1. I learn to give 2. I am an obedient boy ( to God) Dr David Oyedepo
David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc. wrote: Every assault of death in your family is destroyed in Jesus’ name!
David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc. wrote: Many are called but only few will be chosen, (Judges 7:3-6). Receive grace to qualify among the chosen few in Jesus’ name!
The worth of a man is not in his title,the worth of a man is in his values-Bishop David Oyedepo
David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc. wrote: You will see your children’s children to the fourth generation!
U dnt grow big to manage well, u manage well to grow big. - David Oyedepo
you catch the spirit of faith.not taught. -Bishop David Oyedepo
If you are not committed to mental work, you will end up doing menial work-Bishop David Oyedepo
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Hard work is de doorway 2 de high places of de earth & it is key 2 flying high in life. Anytime u see a person flying high in life, It is becuz hard work took him there. Kings look 4 de company of de diligent. President of countries have 2 book appointment 2 see a servant of God like Bishop David Oyedepo, he attented 2 them when it is convenient & not de other way round. So B careful
We The Victorious Army Ministries family return all Glory to God. We say to our Humble PaPa,The Apostle of this end time,Apostle Joseph Dominic Olusegun Agboli from our heart we love u so much,thank u for accepting this great call to set the captives free. God said it trough his Prophets High Bishop Idahosa, Bishop David Oyedepo and trough the Apostle of our time Daddy G.O Adeboye, that our Papa in the Lord Apostle Joseph Dominic Agboli is the Apostle of this end time
Lol will never 4get "“Those who make news don't watch news.” Dr David Oyedepo"
Pray Spirit Groaning Prayer (Bishop David Oyedepo) Listen more to the voice of the spirit, (Pastor Chris) meditate on the word, (Pastor E A Adeboye) Keep quiet when God send them to you, And I pray for somebody reading this, An End Has come to all your struggles in Life in Jesus Name
This week, God will make a way for you where there seems to be no way.If you have time, TYPE AMEN. Likw this Page» Bishop David Oyedepo Prayers Bishop David Oyedepo Prayers
From Bishop David Oyedepo Ministries:. Any appointment with death is broken today in Jesus’ name!. Every closed...
David Oyedepo : God is speaking most of the time; you have to be tuned in to hear him. Receive grace to be sensitive to God in Jesus’ name!
"You can make a mess of the storms in your life by refusing to be terrified by your adversary,the devil.The storm was real,no doubt,but Jesus treated it as though it wasn't there.Fear enslaves,but rest emboldens and gets you set to attack the negative situation."-Bishop David Oyedepo.
Bishop David Oyedepo= you will die in sin if you think holiness can not be achieveable
You can pray souls out of darkness of sin into God's light of righteousness!-Dr David Oyedepo
From: Bishop David Oyedepo. Beginning from TONIGHT, As the king could not sleep until MORDECAI was favour, the...
Mike Murdock Preaches Wisdom, Myles Munroe preaches prosperity, Max Lucado preaches Grace, Chris Oyakhilome preaches Love, Kumuyi preaches Holiness, David Oyedepo Preaches Prosperity,,, and etc. All these mighty men are ministers of God who discovered their own NICHE. Such that even when the wake up in the mornin, they can move to the pulpit and speak with authority. You must have discover your Talent/potential, next thing you should do is to carve out a specialty. That doesnt mean u shouldnt know everything bout your talent but, rather you must be a geek in a particular part. In the World of Dance, I specialized in ROBOTICS. In music, Fela was Afro, Michael jackson was pop, Donnie McClurkin is gospel, and etc. Stand out of the crowd and let the lion in you Roar!
I heard this for the first time from Bishop David Oyedepo. "Life is in PHASES but men are in SIZES; live your phase per time". I kept wondering what he meant for sometime until "the eyes of my understanding was enlightened" and i got it finally. Hear this:there are no sizes in life but phases and there are no phases in men but sizes.Are you living your phase? Or are you judging your life with another man's size? If King David didn't pass through the phase of killing a lion and bear,how could he have killed Goliath? No cross,no crown! The cross is the phase and the crown is the size. May the holyghost teach you better. I pray for you in the holyghost that you will never miss your phase of life that will determine your size in life in Jesus Name.Amen.Kid#
Thank you Jesus for this month of March, my best month ever and by Your Grace I will never record a better yesterday. I will forever be grateful to you the God of my prophet, David Oyedepo.
Bishop David Oyedepo. Only 5% makes things to happen, 25% watch things happen, 70% don't know that things are happening
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MONDAY MORNING MEDITATION: Contending for Your Destiny Through Prayer and Fasting "And he said unto them, 'This kind can come forth by nothing, but by prayer and fasting.'" ~ Mark 9:29 KJV First, I don't think YOU can ever achieve your destiny without regular FASTING - Biblical fasting. Second, there are thorny issues in your life that may never be resolved until you begin to fast and pray. Third, you might never overcome your addiction to sin until you fast regularly. In my secondary school, a teacher used to lead us to pray a strange one from a Prayer Book … "Forgive us miserable offenders. We have done those things we ought not to do and left undone those things we ought to do." You remain a "miserable offender" until you begin to enjoy the intimacy with the Holy Spirit that comes through regular fasting. Thank God - the Law of the Spirit of life in Christ Jesus set me free from the law of sin and death! ... I had thought that New Testament grace covered me whether I fasted or not… but how wrong! S ...
Join me on, Bishop David Oyedepo ministering on the "Cost of Power"
''My name is Mrs Helen.O. I have been blivn God for d fruit of d womb but to no avail.then i decided to engage in practical faith.i located scriptures that talked abt my fruitfulness in d bible & begain to pray with them,then on a sunday service the bishop (Bishop David Oyedepo) said 'those of u seeking for d fruit of d womb ar declared pregnant' i believed (2nd Chron20:20) & i began to thank God for my baby.that same month i & my husband went to d hospital for scan cos i was feeling pain around my stomach,there i was told i had multiple fibroid.i shouted NO,IT IS FINE BOY.we went back d next month for another scan but d result was dsame,d doctor said i should get set for operation but we responded it is'FINE BOY' not fibroid,d doctor laughed.then on d 3rd month we insisted on another scan & to d suprise of all i was 3months i stand to share ds testimony with my son 'FINE BOY' :) friends it is foolishness to b shameful of what is gainful.blivin & confessing Gods word matter d storm i ...
haaa! Its 16:00hrs! Nowonder am hungry! I eat to get energy for more work and not to eat because it lunch time! Food is eaten for work! Thats what my father in the Lord and mentor Bishop David Oyedepo taught me! ok now what will I have Lunch or its tea Break?
Am a Winner in every side of Life Physically and Spiritually the God of Bishop David Oyedepo will visit you
David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc. wrote: You are delivered and released into good long life in Jesus’ name!
David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc. wrote: Every disease lurking in any part of your body is destroyed now in Jesus’ name!
Its funny I just entered Dm jail,☹"☑️“The release of the power David O. Oyedepo”"
lf you are not humbled by lnstruction, then you will be humbled by Affliction - Bishop David O. Oyedepo
'The supernatural is the natural lifestyle of a true believer' Bishop David Oyedepo
If you approach the Bible religiously, you miss the realities.-David Oyedepo
The Bible is the manual for profitable living-David Oyedepo
☑️“The release of the power David O. Oyedepo”
The release of the power David O. Oyedepo
David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc. wrote: Every closed door in your life must open up in Jesus’ name!
When you stop thinking, you start stinking, because it is the thinkers' world. -- Bishop David Oyedepo
When you know little more than others you will lead them without stress -- Bishop David Oyedepo
DEVELOPMENT NEWS :. ANATOMY OF GOVERNMENTAL FAILURE!!!. In the words of a sage,Bishop David Oyedepo,. "you have not...
Lovely story about the oyedepos. Starting Marriage with Nothing. Graduate wedding Polytechnic...Ladies can learnt...
AmenRT Good old age is today your portion in Jesus' name! -Dr David Oyedepo
Responsibility is the price for greatness - Bishop David Oyedepo
(Isaiah 38:9-10) In the name of Jesus, no circumstances will cut short your days! In Jesus Name!- Dr David Oyedepo
The Zealous are barrier breakers. Zeal causes a man to push forward inspite of oppositions. Pst. David Oyedepo Jnr.
The Zeal for God is the secret for performance. It is impossible to be Kingdom soul winner without the fire of Zeal.Pst…
You cant wish men into exploits, you train them into exploits. Bishop. David Oyedepo.
Bishop David Oyedepo Ministries International. Whoever reading this that has been targeted for destruction this...
" Your mental picture determine your actual future" David Oyedepo Be careful of what you allow in your mind because you can never live life beyond your thinking capacity. 101
When God honours u, nobody can shamifies you. When God goodifies you nobody can bring sadness your way - Bishop David Oyedepo. My Bishop sir
David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc. wrote: You may not have what others have, but you have peace God!
Sickness and death are not taboo subjects. They are realities of life yet Bishop David Oyedepo policy in Winners' Chapel is never to mention a member's death from the pulpit. Gosh!
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Many believers are grounded today because they desire to take part in the credit that belongs to God. Every time God is genuinly acknowledged and appreciated,He causes us to gallop to our next level and changes our level to higher grace and grace at it's highest peak is Exceeding Grace -Bishop David Oyedepo liveOtta.
I love thank my great daddy in the lord. Pst David Oyedepo ,who by the infinite mercies of God made me who I am today, I'm so happy that you are always there for me to lead and guild me through the journey of life. my God will keep on protecting you and more grace to you sir. Blessings.
Daily Discoveries (Devotional) FOCUS: The Sure Word We have also a more sure word of prophesy; where unto ye do well that ye take heed, as unto a light that shinneth in a dark place, until the day dawn, and the day star arise in your hearts. 2 Peter 1:19. Apostle Peter inspired by the Spirit of God stated, we have a more sure Word that cannot fail which is the spoken word of God. Since God cannot fail, His words cannot fail equally for He cannot be separated from His words. Abraham understood this principle and never staggered at the promises of God. He was rather persuaded, that what God had promised, He was able also to perform. If God has said it, He will carefully watch His words to confirm it. God has daily planned his blessings for us if we can accept His promises and believe them. Challenges will always come around but it doesn’t affect what God has said since He cannot be affected by circumstances. In Mark 9:17-27, a man whose son was possessed by a dumb spirit came to Christ to explain the leve ...
"Devil is soo powerless regarding God's enternal purpose concerning your life. He only uses tricks on u to make u say or do anything he will use against you b4 God. Bt wen u understand this and say no to the devil, u will becomme as dangerous as a shap stone to devil". Pastor David Oyedepo, in Satan Get Lost!
Common sense is too common, that is why people get ordinary results- Dr David Oyedepo
Topic.The Blood Of Jesus Protects (Exodus 12:13)…And when I see the blood, I will pass over you; and the plague shall not be on you to destroy you when I strike the land of Egypt. For 400 years, the children of Israel were slaves in Egypt. Life for them was one of hard labor, pain, loss and even death. When Moses their deliverer came, what soon followed was one plague after another on the Egyptians. But none of the plagues caused Pharaoh to release the Israelites until they put the blood on their doorposts. What nine plagues could not do, the blood did! The Israelites were finally set free because of the blood. Are you under any kind of bondage? Are your loved ones held captive by the destroyer who is bent on destroying them? Plead the blood of the Lamb of God over all that is yours and your family’s. When nothing else seems to work, His blood always works! A woman in our commission had this to say in her testimony. My husband one day bought in a business partner of his from the United Kingdom saying ...
"You don't know my secret, until you know my heartbeat for God. I'm just in love. I want the remaining days of my life to be sold out to Him. That is the greatest of the secret behind my simple life." Dr. David Oyedepo
Some Milestones/Encounters in My Christian Adventure. 1994- I gave my life to Christ. 1995- I spoke in tongues for the first time. 1998 Sept., God was healed me of a Nasal condition ( made me smell badly for years) ; Dec., I read the book 'The Man God Uses' by Osward J. Smith(God used this book to prepare me for the next phase of my spiritual adventure). 1999- Jan. 6, God opened my spiritual ears; Jan 30, I encountered the Spirit of Wisdom through the ministration of God's servant Bishop David Oyedepo(The message- Anointing For Mental Empowerment) 2000, Oct. 8, God showed me the picture of my ministerial destiny in a night vision. 2003, Jan.16,...on Bishop Shanahan's Way, Fegge Onitsha, at about 7.30am, God said to me, 'Raise me, Men of Faith who will become Solutions to their Generations'. 2008, Oct.19- I stepped into ministry and till date, it has been from faith to faith, grace to grace and glory to glory. Thank you Lord Jesus . If you are born again, treasure your SALVATION but if you are not, .. ...
new stock of Books at G.I.M Bookshop:Kenneth Haggin books, Cathyren Kulhmann, Benny Hinn, Dag Heward Mills, David Oyedepo, Mike Murdock, Derek Prince, John C Maxwell and many more. Call Br Moses Samalani on 0999 198 214 and ask for the tittles and place your orders. be blessed. "taking Christ, His Word, His Grace to every soul"
Faith is not moving God to act, faith is working with God(via His word) in getting things done. Dr David Oyedepo.
A must read- Anointing for Exploits by David Oyedepo. CHAPTER 24- wow
The Divine Presence of GOD is an Antidote to Life Pressure(Ps 16:11).Bishop David Oyedepo.
Pastor Faith BankoleJoint Heirs Forum 13 hrs · DANGEROUS PRAYER! Your enemy must confess. Remember the story of Praise the 2 years old girl who was kidnapped from the children church of Living Faith Church in Canaanland Ota, Ogun State that was found? She is now around five years old. She was recovered from the woman who bought her in Kano after the man that kidnapped him confessed. The self-confessed kidnapper, while confessing, said he was struck with a strange disease after kidnapping Praise. He also became blind. In addition to this, he said he was always seeing the founder of the church, Bishop David Oyedepo, pursuing him with a sword in his dream, hence his decision to confess his sin. By the power that broke the yoke of Pharaoh with strong hand, I decree, the Angels of God will pursue, your adversaries, they will not know peace, until they have returned what they have stolen from you. I can see restoration in every family, showers of blessing for those who are waiting, revival and no more denial. ...
When God is all you have, then all you have is all you need. Via Bishop David Oyedepo Prayers
God has given us brain so that we can give him rest - Bishop David Oyedepo Think out of the box if u gat one.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I join my faith with that of this respected mentor of mine, Bishop David Oyedepo, and decree breakthrough and unlimited advancement in your destiny. As he lifted his hands and passionately blessed you, so shall God lift you up and honour you before people. Employment letters and calls are coming to you with ease and speed. What kills others is not permitted to kill you. New grace is impacted on your spiritual life. This weekend ends the weakness in your life, so shall it be, in Jesus precious name.
David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc. wrote: Every frustration in marriage is over today!
The Spirit of power intoxicates its carrier FOR DISPLAY...not for discussion Bishop David Oyedepo
David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc. wrote: It is your year of release from that predicament in Jesus' name!
Video: Success has nothing to do with luck. Favour accompanies those who work. David Oyedepo on Leadership
You may not yet be able to hear God as Pastor E.A Adeboye, or have the Spirit of faith like Bishop David Oyedepo, or be gifted in speech as Bishop T.D Jakes & Pastor Myles Munroe. You may not yet be anointed as Pastor Benny Hinn or Pastor David Ibiyeomie... But in every stage of your Christian walk with God, let your heart be right.
David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc. wrote: In order to commit God, you must fulfil your part of the covenant.
Who will God show His covenant? Those who fear Him, not those who just go to church!~Bishop David Oyedepo
J.winna_it’s working for me 0Download I want to believe that the Exceeding Grace mandate as declared by God through our Father, Bishop David Oyedepo is already finding practical manifestation in our lives as members of the winner family, worldwide. This piece is to further enforce and establish it i...
Bishop David Oyedepo. Winning Souls is like winning a big time Contract for God
Bishop David Oyedepo. You are not wasting your time for God, you are investing into your Future
Bishop David Oyedepo. Soul winning is a super loaded treasure that impacts treasures in every man's life.
Bishop David Oyedepo every commandment of the scriptures is design for your profiting
Bishop David Oyedepo .When you give heaven Joy heaven releases Joy into your life
Faith is the omnipotency of God to bear upon human limitation.-David Oyedepo
There is nothing called luck or fortune in the kingdom. Light is what makes the difference between the winning Christian and the losing one, between the poor Christian and the wealthy one. The difference is light;otherwise, we have a common destiny~Bishop David Oyedepo
David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc. wrote: Every attack of death on your life returns back to the sender in Jesus Name!
Who will say it and it comes to pass if God had not spoken anything God can not give me may i not have it by my mentor Bishop David Oyedepo
Without the use of your mind, no one will mind you. - Bishop David Oyedepo
David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc. wrote: Faith is the gateway to your liberty.
What is Planning: (a) The design of a step by step approach to accomplishing a set goal. (b) The ordering of one's priority in a bid to accomplishing a giving task. (c) A process of action in a quest to fulfil a dream. Bishop David Oyedepo.
SUCCESS SYSTEMS; " Necessity is laid upon me" is one of the concepts or laws that guide success. Until you see your assignment as a necessity, it is not likely going to enjoy your best, and you are not likely to get the best out of it. (Success Systems) ..Bishop David Oyedepo.
Everything that is to grow must be well managed. Praying without planning is playing without knowing - Bishop David Oyedepo.
'There is no modern day Bible teaching but Jesus day teaching'- Bishop David Oyedepo.
'No church grows if it is not a problem solving church'- Bishop David Oyedepo.
Victory at last my baby girl wlcm 2 my world.tnk U GOD OF DAVID OYEDEPO U PROOF 2 M DT U NVR FAIL.
Exceeding impact, life in living faith church calabar south,abitu, (bshp David Oyedepo is in the spirit) life with us,if i were you, i will get my self there now, Exceeding Grace.
David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc. wrote: Christianity is a calling to take spiritual responsibility for ourselves and for others.
I always pay attention to the Teachings of Cleflo Dollar, Pastor Chris, Joyce Meyer, TB Joshua, Pastor Adeboye, David Oyedepo, Mathew Ashimolowo, Mada Mbewe, Bushiri, Apostle Ndovie, Lazarus Chakwera. I don't see any real difference in these men of God, the approach in their Ministries depends on culture and social- economic status of the attendees, depending on location and venues when teaching. But one man is very outstanding, he easily adapts to the culture and environment when teaching, this is none other than Pastor Chris of Christ Embassy Church. I don't know who your favourite is...
All of your stagnations are turned to distinctions this morning! You will never be stagnated again in Jesus Name. -Dr Dav…
Therfore very shortly, you will become a living Sign among men! You will become a living Wonder among men!. -Dr David Oyed…
David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc. wrote: We are called to serve humanity and to rescue them from destruction.
Every time we obey God's commandments we have committed his integrity to perform-Bishop David Oyedepo
''Obedience to God is the master key to a world of abundance.'' - Bishop David Oyedepo.
I would rather die than to doubt His faithfullness and the intergrity of God's word.Bishop David Oyedepo
Are you a Christian?? Then you need to Like this Page here » Bishop David Oyedepo Prayers
My God is not a robber! In the voice of my father in the Lord Bishop David Oyedepo
Lord please send help to those who need help today, share this prayer round via Bishop David Oyedepo Prayers
Congratulations to my beloved father in the Lord, Bishop David Oyedepo as Landmark University clocks 3 today 21st March, 2014.
David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc. wrote: God will always reward every of our secret labours, openly.
David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc. wrote: Everything is turning around for your good!
It is training that turn every trash into treasure Bishop David Oyedepo living faith church aka Winners Chapel
Bishop David Oyedepo Ministries International. This is a brand new day; your health is restored!.
Bishop David Oyedepo of winners chappel is balling,$150 million on his head!dammmnnn!
N the richest nigerian pastor is Winners Chappel *** Bishop David Oyedepo
"Where you place God in your heart determines where HE will place you on the earth"-Bishop David Oyedepo
"Whatever has made YOU a mockery to your neighbours is TURNED into TESTIMONIES.". Bishop David Oyedepo (God's General)
You don't spend money simply because it is available; you spend only because it is necessary. -Bishop David O. Oyedepo
David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc. wrote: Today is your day of liberty and restoration of beauty!
I want to make a big decision,God help me. God of Bishop David Oyedepo
it is mental exercise that produces mental excellence and mighty works. Papa David Oyedepo
David Oyedepo wrote: Serving God is a big time business . The returns on kingdom stewardship are unmatchable. (Luke 2:49).
Dr. David Oyedepo is fighting to save his massive church in from being flattened
"Understanding the covenant of acceptable stewardship. Part 3 by Bishop David Oyedepo"
Winners Chapel International Glasgow is a branch of the Living Faith Church Worldwide where Dr. David Oyedepo is the Presiding Bishop. We are a Word based church where we teach God's people how to activate their faith for exploits in life.
Every good thing is your entitlement in Christ. Dr David Oyedepo
Bishop David Oyedepo Ministries International. Kingdom stewardship is a platform established by God for the...
Dr David Oyedepo:From now on, begin to enjoy supernatural supplies in Jesus' name!
Serving God with your skill is what procures favour (Ecclesiastes 9:11). David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc.
David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc. wrote: Any force in *** that has vowed not to see you married is cursed in the name of Jesus!
A church run by a controversial multi-millionaire African preacher has been accused of ‘cynical exploitation’ after its British branch received £16.7million in donations from followers who were told that God would give them riches in return. Followers are ferried in double-decker shuttle buses to the church, handed slips inviting them to make debit card payments, and are even told obeying the ministry’s teachings will make them immune from illness. Today’s Mail on Sunday revelations about the Winners’ Chapel movement, which holds charitable status, have prompted the Charity Commission to carry out an assessment of the church – one of the fastest-growing in the UK. Winners’ Chapel is part of a worldwide empire of evangelical ministries run by Nigeria’s wealthiest preacher David Oyedepo, who has an estimated £93million fortune, a fleet of private jets and a Rolls-Royce Phantom. Dubbed ‘The Pastorpreneur’, he was accused earlier this year of slapping the face of a young woman he said wa ...
David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc. wrote: You don't only pray into greatness, you serve in to greatness (Luke 22:26-27).
Be blessed beyond your expectations today in Jesus' name!. David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc.
When you are a soul-winner, you enjoy the flow of divine wisdom.David Oyedepo#
Dr David Oyedepo:This is your week of miracle jobs, testimonies, marital breakthrough, and marital restoration in the name of Jesus.
"Every day is God's day. The day you believe is your day." - Bishop David Oyedepo
Your originality is your greatest value - David Oyedepo
From Bishop David Oyedepo Prayers . YOUR DESTINY CANNOT BE CHANGED. As Christians, we were destined to rule and... http…
When you are on the go for Jesus, you are brought into favour with God.-Dr David Oyedepo. Faith Abiola Oyedepo
Everyone on the line for marriage today, I declare you married this year in the name of Jesus! Dr David Oyedepo
PLEASE CHECK ON TH FOLLOWING WEBSITE biggest pastor erects occult symbols all over university terrain.Nigeria’s biggest pastor, David Oyedepo, the owner of Winners Chapel, also known as Living Faith Church World Wide, the richest pastor in the country, with a net worth of over 150 million dollars has been exposed by bloggers via internet Google-earth satellite imagery of his establishment to have constructed the entire campus based on occult, masonic symbols. Isis Egyptian goddess symbols, 66, star of David, $ symbol, Baphomet ram god, and more symbols can be observed by simply googling ‘Covenant University,’ and clicking on and expanding the Google map.Covenant University is located in Canaan land in Ota, Ogun State in Nigeria and is a Private owned Christian University. According to Wikipedia, it is a member of the Association of Commonwealth Universities. The University describes itself as an institution that makes new leaders. The type of leaders, and their earthly, spirit world or other allegia ...
"My God is not a joker he means what he says and say what he means".said by Bishop David Oyedepo
An Elephant does not announce its size- Bishop David Oyedepo.
Your mind must be correctly tuned to GOD,to know exactly what to do per time. We need to spiritual ise our minds always! Bishop David Oyedepo.
David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc. wrote: Everyone involved in reconciling the world to God enjoys divine health.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Until something changes within you, Nothing changes around you, Every change begins from within, Without a change within, there can never be a change without. Dr. David Oyedepo
Life is business, don't watch ur destiny go bankrupt.David Oyedepo
Schooling is for a period of time learning is for a life time. David Oyedepo
Nigeria has 5 of the 10 richest pastors in the entire world, with net worth’s according to Forbes, from $10-150 million. They are Pastors, David Oyedepo, E. A. Adeboye, Chris Oyakhilome, Mathew Ashimolowo and Temitope Joshua.
"A successful lifestyle is not measured by the quantity of accumulated possession, neither is it measured by popularity. A succesful lifestyle consists in the attainment of God's goals and purposes for one's life."--David Oyedepo in his book that was published in 1992. I hope that today, he still holds this view because it's the truth. A basic quality of truth is that it NEVER changes.
everybody wants to be a WINNER, no wonder Pastor David Oyedepo is 150million dollars rich, — in Ikoyi
LIFE AND BUSINESS LESSONS FROM 2 BRANDS CALLED DAVID OYEDEPO AND Chris Oyakhilome. (David Oyedepo is known to be the Bishop presiding over Living Faith churches aka Winners Chapel while Chris Oyakhilome is known to be the Pastor of Christ Embassy Churches aka Believers love world.) 1. THE UNDYING POWER OF FOCUS: Focus is the power of a lazer beam when cutting thru metal,its also the power of the martial artist when smashing thru blocks. It's one guarantee for business success. The two dear pastors mentioned above decided to focus on THE assignment given to them. In the 21st century, we often love to spice up our ministries with different men of God coming on our platforms to minister. This is a good thing but doesn't help the foundation being built. Many ,tho genuine come with various school of thoughts of the scripture and the church never really knows which to hold on to firmly. However these two pastors have run with what they believe heaven downloaded in their spirits and have ONLY allowed TOTALLY li ...
The Bible is the oldest book with the latest news.- Dr David Oyedepo
BE THE RIGHT PERSON. A very powerful way to attract d right person is to be d right person.The law of attraction states dat '' u will always attract ur kind of person any day.The best thing u can do 4 urself is to be dat person u wnt to see in ur future spouse. But its only ur character dat put u in such a reputation or position.I once heard Bishop David Oyedepo,my mentor, the presiding Bishop of living faith church. Quote a certain preacher on dis matter of character.He said '' Your thoughts determine ur choices, ur choices determine ur decisions and ur decisions determine ur actions, ur actions determine ur habits and ur habits determine ur character,while ur character determines ur destiny.I would like to put it dis way,The quality of friends u kep determine d quality of advice u get. The quality of choices u make determine d quality of decisions u take.Ur actions determine ur habits while ur habits determine ur character''.
Sons of the Prophet - Bishop David Oyedepo, kindly visit this link to listen to and download the Prophetic song/lyrics of the year in the Winners Family World wide for free... Strange Works! Strange Acts!! That is our portion!!!
"Spiritual authority resides in the tongue." Bishop David Oyedepo
There is this song that I would like us to sing . - Bishop David O. Oyedepo.
Crookedness is a barrier to honour,let it go! If you don't destroy corruption,you will see corruption. David O. Oyedepo
"Greatness is not transferable,accomplishments are not inheritable, anyone that must make a mark in life must make it himself!"David Oyedepo
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