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David Oyedepo

David O. Oyedepo, affectionately called Papa by members of his church congregation (born September 27, 1954) is a Nigerian Christian author, Preacher and the founder and Presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church World Wide also known as Winners Chapel and its affiliated International churches known as Winners Chapel International, with headquarters in Ogun State, Nigeria.

Bishop David Oyedepo Dr David Oyedepo Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr Covenant University Pastor Gene Archbishop Benson Idahosa Pastor Chris

Bishop David Oyedepo: I will rather die than doubt God.
Only God lovers are expected to do Exploits - David Oyedepo
I liked a video from Bishop David Oyedepo:Breaking Generational Curses
Bishop David Oyedepo said that if a marriage fails as a man is the head of the home then it's always the mans fault. Agree or disagree?
Desperate faith provokes God to intervene in the affairs of men. -Bishop David Oyedepo. David Oyedepo Ministries...
Happy Anniversary to*Winners Chapel* God bless her plenty and God Bless David Oyedepo. Grandpa with so much grace.
God has used his servant Dr David Oyedepo to change Millions of lives Worldwide
"A star is committed to information hunting, explorative study" Bishop David Oyedepo
Happy 35 years God Mighty Hand in the Life of Bishop David O. Oyedepo & His Ministry. Am a beneficiary of God's grace at work in His life.
I love the word. You gotta eat it to feed your spirit. Currently on the David Oyedepo grind. :) I love my Winners Chapel.
Faith has the capacity to put on hold natural laws. ~Bishop David Oyedepo
I added a video to a playlist Bishop David Oyedepo Sermon 2015: Thanksgiving The way to get your
Happy 35th anniversary to my father in the lord , Bishop David Oyedepo
Bishop David Oyedepo is a man on another level 🙌🙌🙌
Thanksgiving provides access to the throne of the God of all grace. Bishop David Oyedepo.
"The spirit of faith is a daring spirit" Bishop David Oyedepo.
You need the spirit of faith to maximize your destiny!! . Bishop David Oyedepo.
Thanksgiving provides access to d throne of d God of all grace. Bishop David Oyedepo.
- So, it was a woman that even led David Oyedepo to Christ. Imagine.
David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc. shared the following link:
'You cannot be greatful and not be joyful.'. David Oyedepo.
If you are not thankful, your tank will run dry. -Bishop David Oyedepo,
You cannot be Joyful and not be thankful - Bishop David Oyedepo .
Until you give thanks, your next breakthrough is not in view - Bishop David Oyedepo.
Join our hands together as we welcome God servant. . Bishop David Oyedepo.
God call his servant Bishop David Oyedepo to be the undertaker and he has call every one of us to be a partaker.
A star is committed to INFORMATION hunting, EXPLORATIVE studying! How can you apply the knowledge you have not acquired? ¬ Dr David Oyedepo
Give attention to READING if you don't want your youth to be despised ¬Dr David Oyedepo
A big shout out to Dr David Oyedepo and the saints of Living Faith Churches AKA Winners Chapel.…
I join my Bishop, Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo and the entire Winners family in saying thank You…
Bishop David O. Oyedepo: Prophetic declarations for this week – May 1, 2016
I liked a video from Bishop David Oyedepo Prophetic Message 2016
A brief of my mentor Dr David Oyedepo
"The earth is too loaded for anyone to remain poor, particularly the Redeemed.". Dr. David Oyedepo.
Our is Dr. David Oyedepo. He is a Pastor, Leader, Educationist, Philanthropist & Author.
If you can convince God that you will not waste it, God has no problem dropping His deposit in you... Bishop David Oyedepo
A brief of my life by Dr David Oyedepo
"If you don't want to die a liability, take responsibility" . Dr. David Oyedepo.
Dr. David Oyedepo: When God is leading, another leader is in the making, when God is leading high places of the earth is the destination.
Bishop David Oyedepo meets Archbishop Benson Idahosa for the first time in July 1985 (y)
"Until you know what is written, you can't control what is happening.". - Bishop David Oyedepo n have a fab week
Parachichi... What you don't want, you don't watch... David Oyedepo
"You're not a receptionist, why answer every call?" Bishop David Oyedepo
"It is foolishness to be shameful of what is gainful." ~ Bishop David Oyedepo
Faith changes everything. It's never too late for faith to change the situation. David Oyedepo - Faith
via Throwback photo of Bishop David Oyedepo and his family
There is no mountain anywhere, every man's ignorance is his own mountain. -Dr Bishop David Oyedepo
"Your faith is what determines the event of your life.". - Bishop David Oyedepo
One of my most revered mentors, Dr. Kenneth Copeland, is an addicted tither! . - BISHOP DAVID O. OYEDEPO
"...ask every star, and they will show you their scars." -Dr. David Oyedepo
'Deadly commitment is the price for greatness'. Bishop David Oyedepo
U can't say U believe something wen it does not move U in any way. -Bishop David Oyedepo
Life has no return match..Bishop David Oyedepo. Team Adjabeng Harriet Ann for most fashionable
You are not disadvantaged, perhaps you are ignorant- Dr David Oyedepo
Prayer is necessary not only for soul winning but also for the establishment and preservation of won souls. -David Oyed…
UPDATES: Why Having a Ph.D is a Waste - Bishop Oyedepo: Popular Nigerian pastor, David Oyedepo has berated the...
If your friend dies in the morning you will still eat in the night. Bishop David Oyedepo
This year will be your best year ever! . The (gospel) raids continue... . - BISHOP DAVID O. OYEDEPO
Things You Didn’t About Bishop David Oyedepo GOD TOLD me it is not Education is ordination,Bishop johnson miller.
The worth of a man is not his title but his value Dr David Oyedepo
"There is nothing great except by Grace. It is Grace that makes great"-Bishop David Oyedepo
There is nothing extra ordinary in life except by an extraordinary input of man.Professor David Oyedepo.
Operating in the Realm of Financial Fortune by the Word!. By: David O. Oyedepo. Acquaint now thyself...
The worth of a man is not in titles, it's in is values - Bishop David Oyedepo
Hi, i need the title of this Message By David Oyedepo so i can go look for it in church on sunday. Regards
"How far you can see determines how far you can go.- Bishop David Oyedepo
Everything of Value from you enhances your worth, don't just carry a Title, carry Worth. The WORTH of a man is in his VALUE.By David Oyedepo
Bishop David Oyedepo 's 60th Birthday Celebration Bishop David Oyedepo was born on September 27, 1954, in Osog
God does not consult your situation to determine your destination. - Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr.
You have a very great future, an enviable one at that! . All you need is to turn loose for JESUS! . - BISHOP DAVID O. OYEDEPO
OBEDIENCE Unto God may be costly, but the end result is PRICELESS! -Bishop David Oyedepo @ Sabo
Presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church Worldwide (Winners’ Chapel), David Oyedepo, has said agriculture not...
"If you want to learn something, go to those who know it. There should be no apartheid in knowledge.". - Bishop David Oyedepo
"Every move of God rides on the shoulders of men.". - Bishop David Oyedepo
Bishop David Oyedepo says Canaanland has not had Blackout (off NEPA/Dumsor) since 1999
open up na. what's wrong with this one? afterall David Oyedepo said you people are the light.
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The God of my father Bishop David.o.oyedepo has never failed me,he has done it again from Glory to Glory is my new name
The God that did it for Bishop David Oyedepo will surely do it for me and you.i believe in you lord.
Bishop Oyedepo: A prophet of God or a prophet of Baal? - Oyedepo: A prophet of God ...
God does not need us for anything but we need Him for everything. Bishop David O. Oyedepo
watch the Bishop David Oyedepo minister the ever sure word of God to us at
Bishop David Oyedepo ministers to us during our Tuesday service. Watch here and be blessed
Okeke Godwin Iyke. Hypocrites! !!. Bishop David Oyedepo at the Thanksgiving service in Uyo today said;. "...
David Oyedepo: 'Udom's victory is the triumph of light over darkness': GOV. UDOM EMMANUEL VISITS IKOT EKPENE P...
When heavenly vision lacks heavenly instructions, it ends one in frustration. [Bishop David O. Oyedepo]
No matter how fast you are travelling on the wrong road, when are you ever going to arrive at your destination? [Bishop David O. Oyedepo]
Vision is the unfolding of God's master plan, whereas direction is the steps you take to accomplish it. [Bishop David O. Oyedepo]
David O. Oyedepo: Understanding the Ultimate Purpose of Prayer and Fasting!: Signs & Wonders…
PDP's Victory in Akwa Ibom is the Triumph of “Light Over Darkness”. - Pastor Oyedepo:  David Oyedpo, founder o...
Faith is putting Gods word to work, not waiting for God to work. - Bishop David Oyedepo.
No one ever gets a breakthrough he is not prepared for. - David Oyedepo
"I hate the devil and his agents with perfect hatred!"- David Oyedepo
God has no problems with your problems but has problem with our unbelief-David Oyedepo
God speaks according to His size and it takes your faith to work according to His plans-.Dr. David Oyedepo
Oyedepo: Udom’s victory is the triumph of light over darkness. David Oyedpo, founder and presiding bishop of...
"We are celebrating the victory of Light over Darkness" - Bishop David Oyedepo . At Gov. Udom's Thanksgiving Ceremony today 😊😊
It was an awesome night indeed @ A NIGHT WITH THE KING, enjoyed great teachings from the great men, David Oyedepo's(bishop & pastor)
Any prayer that comes from your heart commits God to respond (Jeremiah 29:13). -Pst. David Oyedepo...
David Oyedepo: Bishop’s Son Becomes Faith Tabernacle Resident Pastor: Just few weeks after the unveiling of th...
God of Dr.David Oyedepo is favored me.
Smith Wigglesworth. Benson Idahosa. . David Oyedepo. . What do they have in common? . RAW. UNFETTERED. FEARLESS. FAITH.
"There is no 'software' for church. growth, stop shopping around. It's the 'hardware' of prayer and fasting." -Dr. David Oyedepo.
GOOD READ ---> David Oyedepo: The bishop is not a pastor (Y/YNaija Person of the Year 2015 Nominee)
As long as you don't stop engaging you don't stop advancing-Dr.David Oyedepo
The COVENANT is the hardest currency. When you plug into it you just begin to swim in favour. ~ Bishop David Oyedepo
Bishop David Oyedepo and David Abioye at The Crossover Service from 2015 2016 Service Prophercy a: via
3 monthly quantum leaps in 2016.David Oyedepo's declaration for 2016.
I'm in love with Bishop David Oyedepo. He's a sound man
From Glory to Glory shall not be a chorus but a reality in Jesus name. . Bishop David Oyedepo
20. When the student is set teachers will appear to guide. I thank Peter J. Daniels, Bob Proctor, John Kanary, David Oye…
I need to get and listen to the Crossover service message from Bishop David Oyedepo
David Oyedepo thank u for reviewing the revelation behind the jackpot of life in Matt 6v33. DEVIL It's too late to be poor
Wisdom is putting God's word to work - Bishop David Oyedepo .
"Your stand with God determines how outstanding your year will be"- David Oyedepo.
You have not because you Ask Not- Dr. David Oyedepo. This year let's make it a habit to ask God the doer more in Prayers! Shalom
Celebration After Declaring at the Crossover night by My Bishop.. Dr David Oyedepo...
Bishop David Oyedepo. Thank you for this dream! And I am so grateful for what you have done with Covenant University.
Bishop David Oyedepo. That man makes me dream mehn! And I am so grateful for what he has done with Covenant Uni.
"You are responsible for the outcome of your life in 2016" - Bishop David Oyedepo
Pray: Father The hour has come now Lord glorify your son, that I may be glorified in you. I must see your glory Lord. David Oyedepo
U are absolutely responsible wit d outcom of ur life weda good or bad in 2016 Bishop David Oyedepo
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Whatever you don't demand, you don't deserve. Ex33:18. You have not because you ask not. John 17:1. . -David Oyedepo
As we grow in Love,we're filled with fullness & Glory of God & spring new suprises-Bishop David Oyedepo
As we grow in love we are filled with all the fullness of God. 1 kings 3:3.We shall also be springing new surprises. David Oyedepo.
What ever you don't Demand, You don't deserve... Bishop David Oyedepo
Beginning from the year 2016, you will never know a set back again. . Nothing is permitted to go down in your hands- Bish…
As we grow in the anointing, we grow in exploits-Bishop David Oyedepo Ezekiel 47:5
"Anointing is the facilitator of God's glory. As we grow in anointing, we grow also in exploit" Bishop David Oyedepo
Awards could be fascinating but rewards could be more fascinating.-David Oyedepo(cross over night 2015)
As we grow in Wisdom, we grow in IMPACT- Bishop David Oyedepo
As we grow in revelation,we scale new heights-Bishop David Oyedepo
Faith is a facilitator of God's glory. You are absolutely responsible for the outcomes of your life in all you do- Bisho…
we grow in wisdom, we grow in impact" - Bishop David Oyedepo
hands must be lifted to be out of any pit. David Oyedepo
“Before you receive any doctrine, examine those who have received it, and see if it has profited them.” . ― Bishop David Oyedepo
There's no mountain anywhere, Everyman ignorance is his mountain - Bishop David Oyedepo
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A man of faith will apprehend.He'll he'll David Oyedepo "Faith is 1st mocked b4 it is envied." God honours
Shiloh!.A Mountain of Glorification.Startin from 7 pm 2nite,GOD'S servant, Bishop David Oyedepo will be ministering.
in 2001,i fell the first time, After papa David oyedepo,sow money and my life in 2000 and declear am isreal,at shilod 2000.
The choices you make determine the value of your destiny - Pastor David Oyedepo (Jnr)
Whatever contaminates you terminates your glory - Pastor David Oyedepo (Jnr)
Sin has a spiritual root and can only be rooted out Spiritually. Bishop David Oyedepo
Nothing destroys the destiny of any people or nation like cheap money. ~ Dr David Oyedepo
The devil has rule only in darkness, he can't rule you unless you walk in darkness (sins) -Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr 🙏🏾👌🏾
Your never make much out of anything without adequate preparation -Bishop David Oyedepo
I got to Canaan land yesterday for the very first time, and sat under Bishop David Oyedepo for the first time, wow..I felt beautiful ystday
Thanksgiving is the cheapest way to live; it makes the devil crazy!. Bishop David Oyedepo
Knowledge is not ripe cherry that will fall down to you, you acquire knowledge. -Bishop David O. Oyedepo
One genuine Encounter With God is better than a Lifetime of Struggle - Bishop David Oyedepo
Most times breakthroughs are not at starting a new thing but in maintain the existing one. God is never late- Past. Davi…
Dr David Oyedepo. I'm not even bothered about whether he needs it or not, I just need that type of $$ in my life tbh
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Sahara News Post Oyedepo urges Christians to live holy lives: Bishop David Oyedepo of the Liv... Sahara News Post
Grace is being empowered to do your part. Bishop David Oyedepo
Lagos – Bishop David Oyedepo of the Living Faith Church Worldwide (LFC) on Sunday urged Christians to live a...
¤MGN-AFRICA» urges to live Bishop David Oyedepo of the… »
Pastor Gene: “Love is demonstrated by giving. You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving.” ~ David Oyedepo
If the past SHILOH has birth Millions of witnesses who do testify of God signs & wonders thru his mightly anointed son Bishop David Oyedepo.
Join me 2morrow @ the Hossana hour of glory @ cannaland ministring live Bishop David Oyedepo com n be blessed
Pastor Gene: “If you are a tither and a kingdom investor, you are destined to flourish.” David Oyedepo
God sent His servant to me to help me fulfill my destiny, that man is Bishop David Oyedepo
I liked a video from Bishop David Oyedepo-Hosanna Service Oct.30,2015
Pastor David Oyedepo is raising up a GREAT NATION OF PEOPLE!
Koinonia celebrates two great men of God; Apostles of wisdom with fruits: Bishop David Oyedepo and Dr. Mike Murdock.
If you don't know how to appreciate God and be thankful; you start depreciating. David Oyedepo.
"Until you thank God for the food you are eating, you may not have a change of menu.". ― Bishop David Oyedepo
"Until I do what is required, what is desired will never be delivered" - Papa David Oyedepo.
Bishop Oyedepo engages church contractors to fix all roads leading to Cannanland: Bishop David ...
Thank you Jesus for given us papa Bishop David Oyedepo in Nigeria and in the whole world
Winners' Chapel was founded by a Nigerian Bishop,David Oyedepo in 1981. It has over 1 million members and is present in 60 countries.
Pls follow for Scriptural and Powerful Messages from Bishop David O. Oyedepo.
"Every challenge in the life of a believer has an expiry date." - Bishop David Oyedepo
"The farther you are from the word of God, the filthier your life becomes." ― Bishop David Oyedepo
Until you are a fighter, you never become a winner – David Oyedepo
When I see in great men like Benny Hinn , John Hagee , Creflo Dollar , David Oyedepo just to mention a few.
"Every star is known to be a thinker and every committed thinker is bound to be a star." . ― Bishop David Oyedepo
Anyone can do anything but it is only by the Word that anyone can do something marvellous. . - BISHOP DAVID O. OYEDEPO …
Now, listen to me: . Whenever you take your Bible, don't look for stories, look for secrets! . - BISHOP DAVID O.OYEDEPO …
To unlock Vision, you must keep the oil on your head fresh. Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr.
The Reason Why you are depressed is because you Cannot see a Better Tomorrow - Bishop David Oyedepo
To unlock Vision, you must continue to study relevant facts. Knowledge is the currency to access Vision. Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr.
You Absolutely Responsible for the outcome of your Life - Bishop David Oyedepo
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
No One Can Arrive at a Destination He cannot See - Bishop David Oyedepo
In order to activate the power in Vision; You must pursue Vision with all diligence. Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr.
Until vision is secured, life will remain full of frustration. Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr
Vision is the unfolding of divine plan. Vision is God's ability to give man the picture of the future. Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr
It is vision that gives value to living. Vision prepares you for flourishing on the earth. Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr
Vision is one of the fundamental ministries of the Holy Spirit. Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr
You don't sleep with vision you run with it_david oyedepo
Every destiny in the kingdom is at the mercy of the obedience of the believer_david oyedepo
"Making a man your godfather is an insult to your Heavenly Father."David Oyedepo.
"The Prove of Divine Direction - Bishop David Oyedepo broadcast by 1:45pm.
its Bishop David Oyedepo. Pastor David Oyedepo is in UK please. Thanks
"Listen to Pastor David Oyedepo, Tudor Bismark at the by House on The Rock tagged
A man is defined by his end not his beginning not his e.g jesus christ,coke,davip oyedepo,david ibiyomie,enoch...
Unlimited Power of Faith: taps into the the power of God to deliver your desire. Bishop David Oyedepo
The fathers of pentecostalism in Nigeria - Benson Idahosa and David Oyedepo.
This is Archbishop Benson Idahosa with. Bishop. David Oyedepo in 1985. Who said you will not. make it. I declare...
20. There were 3 people bearing the same name David Olaniyi Oyedepo. The surname, middle name and first name were all the same.
19. God's servant, Bishop David Oyedepo once told about the day he was writing his common entrance examination.
Poverty is not a gift from God but a result of your action. Bishop David Oyedepo
A joyful heart always gives thanks for what God has already done - Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr
To be powerless is a risk, you'll be overrun by the wicked before you know it! - Dr. David Oyedepo
The direction of your vision determines your joy - Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr
The more GRATEFUL you are. the more colourful you life becomes. ~Bishop David Oyedepo
Bishop David Oyedepo: If it is good it is God
so so sad to tune in just now, and find M.I.A
By the prophetic seal on my life, I decree every invisible barrier on your path cleared off in the name of Jesus! Bishop David O. Oyedepo
"A change of status begins with a change of desire" . - Dr David Oyedepo
Favour pays my bills.Bishop David Oyedepo (Lord!!! send me favour from above)
Where there is no rules, there are ruins. Bishop David Oyedepo.
When God becomes your living focus,He makes you a living evidence of His Faithfulness. David Oyedepo
PROPHETIC DECLARATIONS FOR THIS WEEK!!! . By Bishop David Oyedepo :like:. By the Blood of Jesus, every pain in...
Bishop David Oyedepo will slap the witchcraft out of Bella Lestrange since the Dementors can't do…
To live without a goal is to live like a goat – David Oyedepo
"Vow not to lose relevance by taking responsibility." - Bishop David Oyedepo!
☺️“All through this month of August .. it shall be joy unlimited for you!. - BISHOP DAVID O. OYEDEPO …
Not diving in makes us lose grip of them. Quick diving gives Wonders & Triumphant living for a believer- Past. David Oyedepo Jnr.
Instructions must be received, believed & be put to work. Spiritual truths are slippery we must dive into them- Pst. David Oyedepo Jnr.
The proof of light we have is the testimony that is provoked by it. Instruction is what precedes our performance- . Pst. David Oyedepo Jnr.
Spiritual truth is slippery. If you don't dive into action quickly, you will lose grip of them. - Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr.
Everytime you hear the word and don't find what to do, you have not heard well. - Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr.
Behind every general truth, there's always a hidden truth. To be in formed without Revelation is to be DEFORMED.- Past. David Oyedepo Jnr.
Click like on this photo n tap into today's grace with Bishop David Oyedepo, stay blessed. @ Living…
You don't explain the mysteries you are walking in. You demonstrate it. - Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr.
The greatest desc of the truth you have received is not your explanation but your manifestation. - Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr.
We live in a Kingdom that is governed with keys. Mainly is Knowledge of relevant truth about our circumstances- Pst.David Oyedepo Jnr.
It is never a burden obeying God, it is a blessing in waiting. -Dr. David Oyedepo
Mikel has a prayer team of Pastor Chris, TB Joshua, David Oyedepo praying for his career. No special one can undo him chale.
Covenant University striving to be among world’s top 10 – Oyedepo: Bishop David OyedepoDr David Oyedepo, the ...
"The key word to lasting impact is commitment"-Dr. David Oyedepo
"No matter how hard you pray, until you think right, you cannot live right..." - Bishop David Oyedepo
Everything has a beginning. Bishop David Oyedepo and Late Archbishop Benson Idahosa in 1985
Only those on the move makes the most of their destiny. -David Oyedepo
A night with the King with my dady in the Lord, Bishop David Oyedepo on 5th of june by 10pm till dawn,
For your voice to be heard you cannot afford to be poor by Bishop David Oyedepo Gud9t
The man is not my daddy G O pls beware.Another man also named himself olaniyi David Oyedepo running Orphanage...
I added a video to a playlist DayDavid Oyedepo-7 Days Prayer And Fasting
""Not everybody is struggling, don't ever console yourself in failure." - Bishop David Oyedepo."
Its your mental picture that determines your actual future - David Oyedepo
David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc. wrote: As soon as the Word is found and believed, then you have committed Him to doing it.
Those who seek gold miss God, those who seek God meet gold - David Oyedepo
When you make God first, you cannot be last - David Oyedepo
You can't choose God and become a loser - David Oyedepo
There is no prepared blessing of God that reaches an unprepared vessel. Pastor David Oyedepo
We must also obey the word as directed, then God will be obliged to fulfill His promises. This is how God works. - Pst. David Oyedepo Jnr.
We're not designed to bring God's words to pass. There're what we should do before His words do come to pass- . Pst. David Oyedepo Jnr.
Time and chance happen to everyone. God has set Apostles & Prophets to discern God's agenda & to speak to our moments-Pst. David Oyedepo Jnr
A wealthy man is he who can meet his needs per time. You can never measure his wealth - Dr. David Oyedepo
Until Jesus becomes your backbone, you are sure to suffer paralysis - David Oyedepo
God is a God of times and seasons. Not everything is available at all times. God supplies according to His time- Pst. David Oyedepo Jnr.
"Thus saith the Lord is the master key to a world of the Supernatural". Bishop David Oyedepo
You are not a fool following God, you only become full - David Oyedepo
last year when Dr. David Oyedepo came, Bishop Abioye said the current place was already too small.
Titles are coverUp for lack of Values.Those who crave for title lossess value.David Oyedepo
Those who value titles loose Values _Bishop David Oyedepo
I suppose Bishop David Oyedepo was right all along when he said he'd open the gates. of *** on those who would not vote in
Thanks man, let me check it out. David Oyedepo is my Bishop.
Today is declared a day of favour!. All the forces of darkness are giving up on you! . - BISHOP DAVID O. OYEDEPO http:/…
"Through faith, weak time can becomes peak times" - Dr David Oyedepo
David Oyedepo Foundation Scholarship: 7 things applicants should note as 2015/2016 registration begins
It will be a tragedy to finish on earth without manifesting your destiny - Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr
David oyedepo scholarship program: Are you an african student? guess what! Its the david…
We've got too many pastorpreneurs in Africa. David Oyedepo. Duncan Williams. Pastor Chris. T.B Joshua. Obinim. Adeboye and more. WHY?
Bishop David Oyedepo was once afflicted by tuberculosis, today he demonstrates supernatural power of healing
Hi! I saw you follow Dr.David Oyedepo and thought you might like this . Links in my bio :)
Faith makes heaven on earth a reality - David Oyedepo
David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc. wrote: Every issue of life is under the control of His power (John 1:1).
David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc. wrote: It is your picture from scriptures that creates your glorious future.
David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc. wrote: Faith commits God to deliver, but the prayer of faith actualizes delivery (James 4:2).
Bishop David Oyedepo has urged Christians to pray for God’s choices to emerge at all levels of leadership in the forth…
I got like 80 Papa David Oyedepo and TDJakes video sermons on my laptop . I cant fail muss
There are no great men anywhere! Every great man is a product of the great grace of God - Bishop David Oyedepo
Wife of founder and presiding Bishop of Winners Chapel, David Oyedepo, Pastor Faith Abiola Oyedepo, has recently...
Bishop David Oyedepo will minister at Jan 23-30
Exalt the God of heaven and the good of heaven will come to you - David Oyedepo
Your faith determines your experience. Therefore wake up with the mindset of God's daily benefits as promised.- Pst.Davi…
David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc. wrote: Praise is what to do, when we do not know what else to do.
"There are no anywhere; every man's mountain is his Oyedepo
To my big brother, Pst Isaac OLUGBEMI Oyedepo, HAPPY 30TH BIRTHDAY! . Just as Jesus, Joseph and David began to...
"There are no mountain anywhere; every man's mountain is his ignorance."-- Oyedepo, Bishop
David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc. wrote: Receive grace to uphold the sanctity of faith in Jesus’ name!
It is in praise that we watch the battle and win the victory. Bishop David Oyedepo
Praise always focus on what is written, not what is happening around us. Bishop David Oyedepo
When you don't know what to do, praise is what to do. Bishop David Oyedepo
You can praise your way out of any valley into your high places. Bishop David Oyedepo
In the kingdom, nothing is permanently lost, not even time. Bishop David Oyedepo Jr
Every time praise is engaged, wonders is released. Pastor David Oyedepo Jr.
David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc. wrote: Celebrating God for your present position is the key to your change of levels.
Engaging the demand of discipline for success! -By David Oyedepo via
you have to get online and check for Rev Edward NEEPAYE Bishop David Oyedepo and Bishop T.d JAKES,the fight is on,don;t sleep
RULING YOUR WORLD by David Oyedepo. It emphasizes on changing from within to withstand demonic and external -ve pressures.
David Oyedepo Ministrìes wrote: Any nation without intercessors is doomed. Rise up and pray for your nation.
Prayer and fasting does not change your financial situation. Giving is what does.” - David Oyedepo"
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