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David Oyedepo

David O. Oyedepo, affectionately called Papa by members of his church congregation (born September 27, 1954) is a Nigerian Christian author, Preacher and the founder and Presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church World Wide also known as Winners Chapel and its affiliated International churches known as Winners Chapel International, with headquarters in Ogun State, Nigeria.

Bishop David Oyedepo Dr David Oyedepo David Oyedepo Jnr Winners Chapel Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr

You have cried to GOD enough over that business, that child, that sickness, that husband, that wife. Now PRAISE HIM…
"Opinion is everyone's natural entitlement" . - Bishop David Oyedepo
Nigeria is not a dictatorial state we are one and a secular state and would never be islamized by no man - David Oyedepo
GOD created you to show forth His PRAISE. . No wonder HE called…
Bishop David Oyedepo, Chancellor, Landmark University Omu-Aran, Kwara, on Friday charged the institution’s new...
:. No CHRISTIAN is at his or her best without PRAISE. . You are n…
According to the Bishop of Winners, David Oyedepo, a believer in Christ can lose his salvation…
As simple as THANKSGIVING & PRAISE is, it is an instrument, for the enforcement of the Fulfillment of PROPHECY!. - PAST…
Bishop David Oyedepo,has a fortune of $150 million,he is the richest pastor in Nigeria & Africa. Has 4 private jets &houses in…
Nigeria produced 7 of Forbes' Top 20 richest pastors in the world 2017. At and Africa's richest pastor against lots…
David Oyedepo Foundation now gives about N500 million annually in her 24 year old scholarship scheme to indigent students-
Faith is a living force, drawn from a living word to produce a living proof. ~ Bishop David Oyedepo.
Do you want to see God step into your affairs? . Then, PRAISE Him! . - BISHOP DAVID O. OYEDEPO
2. Nothing extraordinary on its own, it is man's extra input that makes it so - Dr. David Oyedepo
If you are afraid to be different, you will never make a difference - Dr. David Oyedepo
:. ...In PRAYERS, what is lost, can be recovered. - PASTOR…
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It takes the hand of God to divide the Red Sea, not a Scientific Research, not the east wind. Bishop David Oyedepo
Everyday is God's day, the day you believe is your day!...Bishop David Oyedepo
It is time to celebrate GOD. . It’s time to give HIM a chance. to handle that situ…
A PRAISING and jumping SAINT is always Pressure-Free. . I have passed through the highways of death many times, . but my…
So True. GO of Living Faith Church Worldwide, David Oyedepo, says black man has failed to task intellectual faculty
General overseer of the Living Faith Church Worldwide, Dr. David Oyedepo is of the believe that the black man’s...
The black man is lazy – Bishop David Oyedepo declares. _. David Oyedepo, presiding Bishop of the…
The presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church Worldwide, popularly known as Winners Chapel, Dr. David Oyedepo,on Frida
David Oyedepo: Bishop recounts escape from potential plane crash
Bishop of Living Faith Church Worldwide, David Oyedepo on Friday recounted how he escaped a “potential plane...
Every prophetic covering is a spiritual city of refuge. - Dr.Bishop.David Oyedepo
{New Post} Bishop David Oyedepo turns 63 today: The founder and head of Living Faith Church otherwise known as……
From all of us at the Covenant University Alumni Association, we wish our Papa Eagle, Dr. David Oyedepo a happy bir…
Your faith can reverse every negative situation of your faith. Your faith not your pastor's faith. -David Oyedepo.
Our Chancellor Tasked Graduating Students to Imbibe the Love of God htt…
"Hard work don't wear people out, wrong work does." - Bishop David Oyedepo .
. There's a reward, for every of our labour ... therefore, be expectant. . - Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr.
I've just posted a new blog: David Oyedepo 2017 Foundation Special Scholarship for Refugees
Nigeria will not know war again - Bishop Oyedepo CLICK for more. Bishop David O…
I added a video to a playlist Bishop David Oyedepo@ Covenant Day of FAVOR [ Word-3rd Service July 23,
REMEMBER: You have come to where your TESTIMONY must come!. - BISHOP DAVID O. OYEDEPO
You need a COACH! to get to the Top in Life – Bishop David Oyedepo. I learnt Faith from Kenneth Hagin. I can...
I added a video to a playlist Think like a star by Dr David Oyedepo
Within 7 years, there shall be men n women here, who will occupy the TOPMOST TOP in their fields!. - BIS…
... And I am speaking to you, . what 'Thus saith the LORD'. - BISHOP DAVID O. OYEDEPO
Prophets don't operate on consensus. Prophets operate on, 'Thus saith the LORD'... - BISHOP DAVID O. OY…
... They'll generate 'NUMBER ONE' impact on their generations, AMEN!. - BISHOP DAVID O. OYEDEPO
The Winners' Family, is a Prophetic Family. It is, "Thus saith the LORD", that started it. - BISHOP…
Everyone, on the line for a miracle job, this is your week!. - BISHOP DAVID O. OYEDEPO
Your true image is your product, not your posture.--Bishop David Oyedepo
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Liberation Hour with David Oyedepo (Understanding the Unlimited Power of Faith: via
Humble Beginnings . David Oyedepo as a pastor 36 years ago CLICK for more. The found…
The Presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church, Dr. David Oyedepo ministering at the Ministers' Conference
When GOD puts HIS Hand on you, you can forget about the devil. . And I see that Hand coming to be on you today!. - B…
No matter how tough things may become, your case must be different. . Now, 'My Case Is Different '. - BISHOP DAVID O.…
Access to divine secrets is what distinguishes the redeemed of the Lord - Bishop David Oyedepo
Access to divine secrets on any subject confers dominion - Bishop David Oyedepo
In the name of JESUS every trace of poverty, lack and want is destroyed in your life TODAY!. -…
My husband, Dr. David Oyedepo has said, “inferiority complex is the bait of failure.’’ Don’t ever belittle or...
We serve one day turnaround God. Every Challenge hanging around your life is turn around today!. - Bishop David Oyedepo
Bishop David Oyedepo sharing the Word in the 1990s.
. It is your level of understanding that determines your level of possession. DAVID OYEDEPO.
'NOW, what do I expect to see tomorrow, as a result of my prayers this week?'. GO ahead to pray. - BISHOP DAVID O. OYED…
. As the LORD liveth, the Labour Room of Prayers that started Monday, will deliver tomorrow!. - BISHOP DAVID O.…
The gates of *** will prevail except we prevail against them in prayer!. - BISHOP DAVID O. OYEDEPO
NEVER say what you don't mean before HIM - HE is looking at your heart!. - BISHOP DAVID O. OYEDEPO
We serve a humorous one-day-GOD . - HE can make anything to happen in one day (Exodus 12:41-42). - BISHOP DAVID…
You have come to the midst of Winners, the winning grace is upon your life today!. - BISHOP DAVI…
. Anybody you say, 'Come' to, will follow you to church tomorrow!. - BISHOP DAVID O. OYEDEPO
A life of integrity is vital to flow in divine wisdom. - Bishop David Oyedepo
Wisdom is Heaven is Imported sense, it is not Common Sense- Bishop David Oyedepo
There is no star without a scar, and the scar of every star is sacrifice - Dr. David Oyedepo.
Your life is worth more than making a living, you must make others live! -Dr. David Oyedepo
"Obedience may be costly but the end result will be amazing". -Dr. David Oyedepo
It is foolishness to be shameful of what is gainful! - Dr. David Oyedepo
If you know who is backing you in life,you will never be intimidated. Rm8:31- Dr. David Oyedepo.
Omnipotent God must pour out his venom on all your enemies for the scriptures to be fulfilled.Lk21:22 -Dr.David Oyedepo
If you Know and mention Elohim at all times never keep silence. Ish62:6 -Dr.David Oyedepo
Only strong men give thanks to omnipotent God at all times. Psalm119:164 Dr.David Oyedepo
You need the spirit of faith to become a triumphant fighter. David Oyedepo#
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That Means Bishop David Oyedepo and Rev Chris Oyahkilome will soon resign bcoz of a stupid law passed by visionless politicians
General Overseer of Winners Chapel, Bishop David Oyedepo set to step down, hands over to Son
30 Armed Robbers on Mission to Rob Woman Take to their Heels After Sighting Bishop David Oyedepo's Photo
Family,. Married people, read this and be blessed. _*HARDCORE TRUTH ABOUT MARRIAGE!!! BY Bishop David Oyedepo*_...
"Let me sink with God, than shine without Him" - Bishop David Oyedepo
Engaging the Power of Prayer and Fasting for Sustainable…
Now playing The Begining of a Stardom by Bishop David Oyedepo!
"It's not about doing something, it's about doing it joyfully.It's not about obedience, it's about delightsome obedience.". ~Dr David Oyedepo
Now playing Why is my case Different. by Bishop David Oyedepo!
Anything that makes God a burden to you makes your life a misfortune! . -Bishop David Oyedepo
Vision shows you the promised land, while God's guidance enables you to arrive there. David Oyedepo
To be spiritually minded is life and peace. Ish58:6 - Dr.David Oyedepo
Saturate your heart with the word of God, so sin does not have a place in your life. - Pastor David oyedepo
Every assault on your life, from whatever sources they come from, will be met with JUDGEMENT!. _ B…
"... Now I understand. President elect Donald Trump is involved with my ex, Pst Paula White. David O Oyedepo is truly finished.
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Love gives victory, it knows no defeat. - David Oyedepo.
The year 2017, will be to you, . 'A Year of Endless Surprises!'. - BISHOP DAVID O. OYEDEPO
The year 2017. Like a dream of the night, everything called an ISSUE today, is turned to a TESTIMONY!. - BISHOP DAVI…
4 By Dr. David Oyedepo 08-02- by Engaging the Power Of Prayer on
Whatever you cant speak with your mouth, you are not permitted to see. - Bishop David Oyedepo
Let's pray this prayer:. 'LORD, grace to make my spiritual life my priority for living. I receive it.'. - BISHOP DAVID O…
"30 robbers on a mission to rob me flees after seeing David Oyedepo's picture" -Says 87 year old…
. You must crave, 'A Change of Level'... Glory be to GOD. . - BISHOP DAVID O. OY…
4 my fflers V.vsa. ~if u want what no 1 has ever had Dn prepare 2 do what no 1 have ever done quot Bsh. David O.Oyedepo » D.K Olukoya et-al
An encounter in the word establishes our dominion over any issue of concern to us. - Bishop David Oyedepo
David Oyedepo: Living Faith Church World Wide bishop turns 62 - I have been with u at Shiloh 2016.
Knowledge is the secret of sustainable empowerment in your field - David Oyedepo. Let's walk to 2016 by
with ・・・. An honor for us to have Bishop David Oyedepo with …
. If you don't want to remain in a tight corner, be a tither. // BISHO…
When you're born again, you are no longer a human being, but a God being in a human body.Bishop David Oyedepo
You are made to be distinguished; you too belong to the upper class, you are not just different. Bishop David O. Oyedepo.
It's the favour of GOD that makes High Flyers. .. By the favour of GOD, your story is changing TODAY!. // BISHOP DAVID O. OYEDEPO //
"Only YOU are responsible for the outcome of your life." - Bishop David Oyedepo
The mysteries of the kingdom are ordained to command mastery over the challenges in your life. - Bishop David Oyedepo.
For every rise there is a price - Bishop David Oyedepo. We had a successful engagement during our Anti...
Bishop David Oyedepo; David Abioye & very few are still so hot like before. And would never fail to say the truth even at the point of death
It is by the love of God that we get access to revelation when you study God's word. . - Pastor David Oyedepo.
Giving thanks in everything is recognized as the will of GOD in scriptures. - 1Thess.5:18. // BISH…
Thanksgiving is one of the kingdom mysteries that facilitates fulfillment of prophecy. . // BISHOP…
There are no commandments of God without profiting or blessings for man when obeyed. - Bishop David Oyedepo.
Thanksgiving is a mystery, just engage it!. // BISHOP DAVID O. OYEDEPO //
GOD is always right... GOD is never to be blamed. . HE remains ever faithful.. // BISHOP DAVID O.…
The Bishop of the Living Faith Church worldwide, Dr. David Oyedepo, has appealed to those criticising the school...
Bishop David Oyedepo: A brief of my life - (THE SECRETS BEHIND HIS SUCCESS!!!)
Don't let the devil see your tears, torment him with your JOY. David Oyedepo Jnr
Those that walk, walk with many. Those that run, run with few. Those that fly, fly alone. - David Oyedepo.
Bishop David Oyedepo Ministering today and tomorrow... htt…
Bishop David Oyedepo and Archbishop Margaret Idahosa already present at the Balm of Gilead City .
You don't grow big to manage well; but you manage well to grow big. Dr David Oyedepo
See how David Oyedepo was received by Benson-Idahosa's Son in Benin City via
I am glad to announce that my beloved Bishop David Oyedepo is in town, he would be ministering this afternoon,...
His Lordship, Bishop David Oyedepo set to storm the CGMI International Convention in Benin on…
Bishop David Oyedepo & Archbishop M. E. Idahosa will be ministering this evening from 3pm at the CGMi...
I may not be an expert in leadership but I can list few mentors who are;. 1. Bishop David Oyedepo. 2. Dr. Myles Munroe (…
Engaging the principles of scriptures will make a star of any dummy - Dr David Oyedepo
Young people, I have NEVER spanked any of our biological children, not once. Why? Because I was not raised so. - BISHOP DAVID O. OYEDEPO
Those who make news hardly have time to watch them... Dr David Oyedepo
When purpose is not known abuse is inevitable. Munroe. We discover our pupose but we don't determine it. Dr. David Oyedepo
The bible is not just a book but a manual for maximised destiny. A practical manual to be applied. - Dr David Oyedepo
CAUTION!!!. Please know that Bishop David Oyedepo will NEVER ask you to "sow" any "seed" including plastic chairs... h…
No raw material has any real time value without it being processed - David Oyedepo
Engaging the principles of the scriptures will make a star out of any dummy - Bishop David Oyedepo
Presiding Bishop of Living Faith Worldwide, Dr. David Oyedepo, will be speaking at the Excellence in Leadership Conference 2…
Every lovers of God end up a high-flier in life. Pst. David Oyedepo Jnr.
12 By Dr. David Oyedepo 22-01 by Engaging the Power Of Prayer on
If you have not bitten the records of your parents you have not succeeded. Bishop David Oyedepo
Playing on Praying Radio Unveiling the mystery of the Word of God by Bshop David Oyedepo
Welcoming Bishop David Oyedepo to Lifegate Power Ministries for the Dedication of Dominion Cathedral,8th Oct,9am.
Everyday is God's day, but the day you choose to believe is your day. Bishop David Oyedepo
God's presence is everywhere but God's Palace is in the church - Bishop David Oyedepo.
Someone must have seen something before saying something~>Bishop David Oyedepo
Conscience is the you in you God has made to Police your Destiny. Bishop David Oyedepo.
Everything answers to faith, and faith answers to God - Dr David Oyedepo
'Satan is not a gentleman.So, there is no way to engage any form of softness for victory' Bishop David Oyedepo
"It is not what you KNOW that changes your story. It is what you DO with what you know that creates CHANGE". - Bishop David Oyedepo
Breast Cancer Awareness
# Rivers state is totally blessed by the visit of God servant Bishop David Oyedepo#
When GOD remembers a man, no man can forget him. . - PST David Oyedepo Jnr.
You either think a future or you get caught up in the webs of irresponsibility of the present - Bishop David Oyedepo
There is no level you get to that your destiny is secure without character - Bishop David Oyedepo.
Let HIM employ you so that no employer will reject you. . - BISHOP DAVID O. OYEDEPO
Engaging the Power of Divine Secrets for Supernatural Breakthroughs - By Bishop David Oyedepo
"Scaling new heights is not a slogan, it's a responsibility" -Bishop David Oyedepo.
via Happy 62nd birthday to Bishop David Oyedepo
happy week end . About today — listening to Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo
It was an awesome moment welcoming my father in the Lord (Bishop David Oyedepo) to the city of…
The devil is not responsible for event of your life, your ignorance is responsible for it David Oyedepo
It is your capacity to be a blessing that determines the blessings that God will bless you with. - Bishop David Oyedepo
I have seen Daddy GO& Bishop David Oyedepo in Private Jet, is that flossing too?
If Bishop David Oyedepo wants a Rolls Royce today he doesn't even need to buy with his money. All he needs to do is say it! Because FAVOR!
EVANGELISM is not for the church to gather CROWD; rather, it is a RESCUE mission to a dying WORLD... David Oyedepo!
David Oyedepo Ministries shared: Evangelism is not for the church to gather crowd; rather, we are on a rescue mission to a dying world!
Love Oyedepo-Ogah, the first daughter of Bishop David Oyedepo took to her social media page to celebrate her...
You mind can not change if your association does not change.Your association is a pointer to where you will end up. - Pastor David Oyedepo
APOSTOLIC VISITATION!!. Celebrate with us as we receive our Papa, Bishop David Oyedepo as he…
Bishop David Oyedepo is the richest pastor on PLANET EARTH,!!! . Net worth is $150 million. . No refugees Camp (and...
You dont beg a child to become great, you train a child to become great. - Bishop David Oyedepo
More activity shots from Bethesda Home for the blind . David Oyedepo Foundation.
Your mockers, will soon join others, to celebrate your BREAKTHROUGHS! . - BISHOP DAVID O. OYEDEPO
I am really inspired by this video message by Bishop David Oyedepo, I feel it will bless you. Enjoy.
Every time JOY is absent, man is absent from HIS presence. - Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr. . @
As the LORD liveth, by divine guidance, . You shall be listed among The Rising Giants In This Season!. - BI…
Let's remember that our rewards, are with GOD. And it takes JOY to reach HIM! . Whatever you do, do it heartily. . - PST. David Oyedepo Jnr.
When man's heart is totally invested, GOD is wholesomely interested. (Col.3:23; Prov.4:23). - Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr.
"The cheapest way out of frustration is to abide in God's plan for your life"Bishop David O. Oyedepo
God's Word is our access to divine directions. -Pst. David Oyedepo Jnr.
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CAUTION!!!. Please note that Bishop David Oyedepo will never ask you to donate "seed" to any cause whatsoever on... htt…
Be guided by the Holy Spirit in every step you take, else you end up frustrated. -Pst. David Oyedepo Jnr.
Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr sheds light on developing a Culture of Personal and Corporate Excellence here
Happy 34th Wedding Anniversary to our Father and Mother in Israel - Bishop David and Pst. Faith Oyedepo!...
You can not think with God and not think like God. Isa 1:18; Prov 13:20. - Pastor David Oyedepo
*** rights activist, Bisi Alimi posted a video of pastor David Oyedepo teaching about…
Refuse to be pitied, you were not designed to be pitied, you are designed to be envied! - David Oyedepo Jnr
If you don't want to end up a mediocrity, wisdom is a necessity -Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr
short documentary of Bishop David Oyedepo’s Success Story, click for info
If you have lost anything, God is the reason why you have not lost everything- Dr David Oyedepo
Life is not a biological accident, it is a deliberate creation of a Great Creator. David Oyedepo
Watch Bishop David Oyedepo talk about the keys to his Success
Grace is the opposite of disgrace. David Oyedepo
No vision speaks at the beginning- David Oyedepo. Don't be hit and run but focus.
"delivers its mission with precision." - David Oyedepo
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Bishop (Dr.) David O. Oyedepo shares the story of his life where he tells the story of his…
Want to know the Secret to Bishop David Oyedepo’s Success? Watch this Short Documentary…
As long as we are ‘on the go’ for God, we remain in command of signs and wonders. - David Oyedepo
Until one is saved, he is not a candidate of escape from the torments of the enemies. - Bishop David Oyedepo
Every commitment to serve God is the security for divine rest. - Pst. David Oyedepo Jnr.
Every commitment to God establishes your escape and preservation. - Pastor David Oyedepo
Any area of your life that is turbulent, divine rest shall become your experience!. -Pst. David Oyedepo Jnr.
Anything you nurse will grow whether sickness or health. - Bishop David Oyedepo.
What is a miracle - Act of God provoked by the Faith of men. It is putting God's word to work by men. - Past. David Oye…
You can not see the reward for a thing and get tire doing it. - Bishop David Oyedepo.
There is Balm is in Gilead and there is Physician also. His prescriptions are available in His teachings. - Past. David…
Joy is a major balm prescribed to heal us of any form of sickness or attack. Divine presence is always the key. - Past.…
Healing virtues in a merry heart doeth good. Divine Presence destroys evil. Upon mount. Zion shall be deliverance. -Past…
Divine Strength gives continuous power to keep going in the Lord. Access to revelation is another power to light. -Past.…
We enter into the joy of the Lord via: Salvation/ Redemption which restores the joy of the Lord- Matt. 13:44. - Past. D…   10% Off
Baptism by the Holy Ghost is source to permanent joy. Whatever happens is networking for our good. Always rejoice- Past.…
Throwback photo of Bishop David Oyedepo and his family -
Awesome, so so awesome. God bless you Papa... David Oyedepo
Bishop David Oyedepo: I will rather die than doubt God.
Only God lovers are expected to do Exploits - David Oyedepo
I liked a video from Bishop David Oyedepo:Breaking Generational Curses
Bishop David Oyedepo said that if a marriage fails as a man is the head of the home then it's always the mans fault. Agree or disagree?
Desperate faith provokes God to intervene in the affairs of men. -Bishop David Oyedepo. David Oyedepo Ministries...
Happy Anniversary to*Winners Chapel* God bless her plenty and God Bless David Oyedepo. Grandpa with so much grace.
God has used his servant Dr David Oyedepo to change Millions of lives Worldwide
"A star is committed to information hunting, explorative study" Bishop David Oyedepo
Happy 35 years God Mighty Hand in the Life of Bishop David O. Oyedepo & His Ministry. Am a beneficiary of God's grace at work in His life.
I love the word. You gotta eat it to feed your spirit. Currently on the David Oyedepo grind. :) I love my Winners Chapel.
Faith has the capacity to put on hold natural laws. ~Bishop David Oyedepo
Happy 35th anniversary to my father in the lord , Bishop David Oyedepo
Bishop David Oyedepo is a man on another level 🙌🙌🙌
Thanksgiving provides access to the throne of the God of all grace. Bishop David Oyedepo.
"The spirit of faith is a daring spirit" Bishop David Oyedepo.
You need the spirit of faith to maximize your destiny!! . Bishop David Oyedepo.
Thanksgiving provides access to d throne of d God of all grace. Bishop David Oyedepo.
- So, it was a woman that even led David Oyedepo to Christ. Imagine.
David Oyedepo Ministries International Inc. shared the following link:
'You cannot be greatful and not be joyful.'. David Oyedepo.
If you are not thankful, your tank will run dry. -Bishop David Oyedepo,
You cannot be Joyful and not be thankful - Bishop David Oyedepo .
Until you give thanks, your next breakthrough is not in view - Bishop David Oyedepo.
Join our hands together as we welcome God servant. . Bishop David Oyedepo.
God call his servant Bishop David Oyedepo to be the undertaker and he has call every one of us to be a partaker.
A star is committed to INFORMATION hunting, EXPLORATIVE studying! How can you apply the knowledge you have not acquired? ¬ Dr David Oyedepo
Give attention to READING if you don't want your youth to be despised ¬Dr David Oyedepo
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
A big shout out to Dr David Oyedepo and the saints of Living Faith Churches AKA Winners Chapel.…
I join my Bishop, Bishop David Olaniyi Oyedepo and the entire Winners family in saying thank You…
Bishop David O. Oyedepo: Prophetic declarations for this week – May 1, 2016
I liked a video from Bishop David Oyedepo Prophetic Message 2016
A brief of my mentor Dr David Oyedepo
"The earth is too loaded for anyone to remain poor, particularly the Redeemed.". Dr. David Oyedepo.
Our is Dr. David Oyedepo. He is a Pastor, Leader, Educationist, Philanthropist & Author.
If you can convince God that you will not waste it, God has no problem dropping His deposit in you... Bishop David Oyedepo
A brief of my life by Dr David Oyedepo
"If you don't want to die a liability, take responsibility" . Dr. David Oyedepo.
Dr. David Oyedepo: When God is leading, another leader is in the making, when God is leading high places of the earth is the destination.
Bishop David Oyedepo meets Archbishop Benson Idahosa for the first time in July 1985 (y)
"Until you know what is written, you can't control what is happening.". - Bishop David Oyedepo n have a fab week
Parachichi... What you don't want, you don't watch... David Oyedepo
"You're not a receptionist, why answer every call?" Bishop David Oyedepo
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Faith changes everything. It's never too late for faith to change the situation. David Oyedepo - Faith
There is no mountain anywhere, every man's ignorance is his own mountain. -Dr Bishop David Oyedepo
"Your faith is what determines the event of your life.". - Bishop David Oyedepo
One of my most revered mentors, Dr. Kenneth Copeland, is an addicted tither! . - BISHOP DAVID O. OYEDEPO
"...ask every star, and they will show you their scars." -Dr. David Oyedepo
'Deadly commitment is the price for greatness'. Bishop David Oyedepo
U can't say U believe something wen it does not move U in any way. -Bishop David Oyedepo
Life has no return match..Bishop David Oyedepo. Team Adjabeng Harriet Ann for most fashionable
You are not disadvantaged, perhaps you are ignorant- Dr David Oyedepo
Prayer is necessary not only for soul winning but also for the establishment and preservation of won souls. -David Oyed…
UPDATES: Why Having a Ph.D is a Waste - Bishop Oyedepo: Popular Nigerian pastor, David Oyedepo has berated the...
If your friend dies in the morning you will still eat in the night. Bishop David Oyedepo
This year will be your best year ever! . The (gospel) raids continue... . - BISHOP DAVID O. OYEDEPO
Things You Didn’t About Bishop David Oyedepo GOD TOLD me it is not Education is ordination,Bishop johnson miller.
The worth of a man is not his title but his value Dr David Oyedepo
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"There is nothing great except by Grace. It is Grace that makes great"-Bishop David Oyedepo
There is nothing extra ordinary in life except by an extraordinary input of man.Professor David Oyedepo.
Operating in the Realm of Financial Fortune by the Word!. By: David O. Oyedepo. Acquaint now thyself...
The worth of a man is not in titles, it's in is values - Bishop David Oyedepo
Hi, i need the title of this Message By David Oyedepo so i can go look for it in church on sunday. Regards
"How far you can see determines how far you can go.- Bishop David Oyedepo
Everything of Value from you enhances your worth, don't just carry a Title, carry Worth. The WORTH of a man is in his VALUE.By David Oyedepo
Bishop David Oyedepo 's 60th Birthday Celebration Bishop David Oyedepo was born on September 27, 1954, in Osog
God does not consult your situation to determine your destination. - Pastor David Oyedepo Jnr.
You have a very great future, an enviable one at that! . All you need is to turn loose for JESUS! . - BISHOP DAVID O. OYEDEPO
OBEDIENCE Unto God may be costly, but the end result is PRICELESS! -Bishop David Oyedepo @ Sabo
Presiding Bishop of Living Faith Church Worldwide (Winners’ Chapel), David Oyedepo, has said agriculture not...
"If you want to learn something, go to those who know it. There should be no apartheid in knowledge.". - Bishop David Oyedepo
"Every move of God rides on the shoulders of men.". - Bishop David Oyedepo
Bishop David Oyedepo says Canaanland has not had Blackout (off NEPA/Dumsor) since 1999
open up na. what's wrong with this one? afterall David Oyedepo said you people are the light.
The God of my father Bishop David.o.oyedepo has never failed me,he has done it again from Glory to Glory is my new name
The God that did it for Bishop David Oyedepo will surely do it for me and you.i believe in you lord.
Bishop Oyedepo: A prophet of God or a prophet of Baal? - Oyedepo: A prophet of God ...
God does not need us for anything but we need Him for everything. Bishop David O. Oyedepo
watch the Bishop David Oyedepo minister the ever sure word of God to us at
Bishop David Oyedepo ministers to us during our Tuesday service. Watch here and be blessed
Okeke Godwin Iyke. Hypocrites! !!. Bishop David Oyedepo at the Thanksgiving service in Uyo today said;. "...
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