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David Ortiz

David Américo Ortiz Arias (born November 18, 1975), nicknamed Big Papi , is a Dominican-American professional baseball player with the Boston Red Sox of Major League Baseball.

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Red Sox retire No. 34 for Ortiz: 'This is his (pause) city' - David Ortiz stepped up to the microphone, wiped t...
Ian Riccaboni shouting out Dwight Evans, then realizes that’s an old reference the kids might not get, so throws in David Ortiz. Solid work.
David Ortiz was worth 50.5 WAR. Dwight Evans was worth 65.1 WAR.
Petey on Papi: David Ortiz's number 34 will be retired: here's the story of how the Red Sox got him, by Pedro...
How Pedro Martinez convinced the Red Sox to sign David Ortiz:
Before Red Sox honor Papi, Pedro reflects: Tributes to David Ortiz abound as the Red Sox
If I hear anyone complain about the DH and lack of strategy I'm gonna reply with pictures of David Ortiz and Edgar Martinez.
Pedro Martinez suggests Red Sox should bring back David Ortiz - Larry Brown Sports
Gave up home runs to Jason Varitek, David Ortiz, Jason Bay, and Mike Lowell in the 3rd inning
David Ortiz spoofs classic movies by acting as every character (Alex Butler/UPI)
The cleats that David Ortiz will wear for his last home game at Fenway Park have the dates of all his walk-…
People bothered by John Terry's last appearance are going to be real rattled when they read about Kobe Bryant and David Ortiz
Bring on the Celtics, dirty pocket pool player David Ortiz, Tom Brady, Paul Revere and Jon Horford's brother. I don't care...
Just heard David Ortiz' career described as legendary. Can you truly be legend if you only do half a job?
great David Ortiz will get an honorary degree from Boston University, the school announced Thursday.
David Ortiz disses ‘daddy’ Bobby Valentine in new book The Boston Red Sox had its worst …
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Weekend Update: David Ortiz on Yankee Stadium - SNL - David Ortiz (Kenan Thompson) reveals what he...
David Ortiz, Miguel Cabrera, Giancarlo, Judge, Nelson Cruz... it's a great predictor of hitting success…
Here's my turn at this. Which one have I not met?. 1. David Ortiz. 2. Paul McCartney. 3. Huey Lewis. 4. John Kerry...
Players who don't belong in the MLB hall of fame due to PEDS:. David Ortiz. Bartolo Colon. Barry Bonds. Mark McGuire. Manny Ramirez. A-Rod
David Ortiz was expecting to receive his Silver Slugger Award on the field. It was delivered by instead. 😅…
On Sandy Leon's retirement tour 12 years from now, we're gonna think it's really cool he crossed paths with David Ortiz for a year.
Never forget when David Ortiz ejected the umpire 😂😂😂
Sandy Leon and Pablo Sandoval are the David Ortiz replacements
Sandy Leon is the new David Ortiz. Kinda. . Not really. Maybe for just tonight. I miss Ortiz.
There is a difference between NATIONALITY, ETHNICITY, AND RACE. . Ex. David Ortiz is Dominican, He is Latino/Hispanic but he is black
Where have you gone, David Ortiz. Red Sox Nation turns its lonely eyes to you.
When you remember that this season there is no Mark Texieria, David Ortiz, Alex Rodriguez, or Derrick Jeter.
"If you get it up early, it'll get down early" - Jose Bautista and David Ortiz talk hitting (leg kicks, timing) at the 20…
David Ortiz and are on the cutting edge of one of the most important discoveries of his career. Life... after basebal…
So, I went to the Louisville Slugger museum yesterday and got to hold one of David Ortiz's bats, and I cried. LOL.
Just reached for the Red Sox media guide to look up some David Ortiz stats. He's not in there anymore. Strange.
Authers’ Note: Grand Slam. All-time record stock markets, with guest appearance by David Ortiz.
Hanley Ramirez says he is prepared to step into the leadership role left vacant by David Ortiz. Article:
Hanley Ramirez just said David Ortiz told him if he decides to come back, he'd be one of the reasons why. Translation:…
Dominicans about to take over the timeline. Shoutout Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz.
when Keenan Thompson does David Ortiz is the fkin best!
Hanley "I'm not David Ortiz" Ramirez has an RBI double and we all loathe the Red Sox again
A-Rod: Gary Sanchez is a hybrid of Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz
Hanley Ramirez arrived to spring training in a David Ortiz shirt
The Twins' Kennys Vargas got some valuable advice from Carlos Delgado, David Ortiz and Manny Ramirez this winter. https:/…
It's President's Day. The Omicron Chapter thanks & celebrates the great leadership of Pres. David Ortiz
Fort Myers ..Red Sox Hanley Ramirez on the absence of his friend David Ortiz.."David's not coming back Red Sox Nation."
COLUMN: Hanley Ramirez opens up on former Red Sox teammate David Ortiz: 'He's my everything'
Somebody just told me that David Ortiz won't be the first DH in the hall of fame because he was on the "list" of suspected Steroid users.
David Ortiz, Pedro Martinez and Manny Ramirez equates to moneyball? Do u know what moneyball is?!?!?!
The time David Ortiz took a dinger 😂😂
David Ortiz just got his best retirement gift yet | FOX Sports
David Ortiz got a sweet new ride as a gift from Red Sox ownership | FOX Sports
I wanted Jeremy Giambi to get at bats over David Ortiz at the beginning of 2003
David Ortiz and Salvador Perez reflect on the death of Yordano Ventura. Video - via App
David Ortiz won't play in final Boston Red Sox Marathon Monday game, but he
David Ortiz is pumped up for the Pats game
Kennedy, Tom Werner and Dave Dombrowski will travel to the DR next week to tour the team's facilities there -- along with David Ortiz.
Tom Werner, John Henry will also see David Ortiz in the Dominican along with Sam Kennedy. Henry said convos with David were not to lure back
So based on that, does David Ortiz get in and Alex Rodriguez has to wait? We'll see. Times are changing.
David Ortiz is a genius. He's incredible to watch. Over and over...
Sen Whitehouse going all in on his case that immigration from DR is good bc David Ortiz. I love immigration and Papi but this is a bad take.
Whitehouse invoked David Ortiz which would also be a good, short convo.
Senator Sheldon Whitehouse brings up David Ortiz while asking Sessions about his past comments about Dominicans.
Senator Whitehouse of Rhode Island cites David Ortiz during his questioning of Sessions, so New England has been heard from.
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Sen Whitehouse invoking David Ortiz re Sen Sessions’ view on immigration is some kind of pander.
Whitehouse really playing to the home base with the David Ortiz reference.
David Ortiz is the best thing Keenan Thompson does on on
BASEBALL PODCAST. & Discuss the Impacts of David Ortiz & Dave Dombrowski on the Red Sox.
Dave Dombrowski: "You can never replace a David have to tackle it in different ways"
I saw a girl get in the car with David Ortiz and tell him that he was her favorite baseball player and she didn't even know
Manny Ramirez was a better player than David Ortiz
Thank you, Jerry. To the people who forgot, 🗣 both Manny Ramirez and David Ortiz failed drug tests.
Curt schilling, Johnny Damon, Jon papelbon, Kevin Millar, David Ortiz. I could really keep on going
be selfish. David Ortiz, Manny Ramirez, Barry Bonds, Ken Griffey Jr. They don't bunt. They don't move runners. They just rake.
I definitely do have a Tom Brady Funko Pop toy standing on top of a David Ortiz commemorative cup on my desk, lol.
Saw a billboard advertising '17 Red Sox tickets that didn't have David Ortiz's face on it. Took so much willpower to no…
What do David Ortiz and Michael Jackson have in common ? A: They both owned a glove for no apparent reason.
David Ortiz wins the Edgar Martinez award for the 8th Time , the most in MLB History. . . .
Boston Red Sox don't think David Ortiz could be lured out of retirement, says Dave Dombrowski
David Ortiz rethinks retirement after Boston Red Sox get Chris Sale
Red Sox president: David Ortiz would call if he actually wanted to come back
Dave Dombrowski: If David Ortiz had interest in returning, he'd call
trade for Chris Sale has David Ortiz thinking...
David Ortiz teases return to 2017 Boston Red Sox after Chris Sale trade
The Baseball world needs to calm down about David Ortiz. HES NOT COMING BACK just because of Chris Sale.
I called it the day he announced his retirement. David Ortiz will be back in a Red Sox uniform.He's still got greatness to gi…
David Ortiz is liking the moves his have made today
Boston Red Sox Add Mitch Moreland to Replace David Ortiz - Call to the Pen
Bro. I cannot go through another year of a farewell tour. Even if it is David Ortiz. I couldn't take it.
Is David Ortiz rethinking his retirement after Chris Sale deal?
David Ortiz teases comeback after hearing about Chris Sale deal
LOOK: David Ortiz jokes about a comeback on Instagram after Chris Sale trade
Odd coincidence: David Ortiz is good pals with Chris Sale and the other day in the DR was full of praise for Mitch Moreland.
If David Ortiz didn't retire, that would be one big guy to carry, lol.
David Ortiz may have hinted at possible return (Yahoo Sports)
.latest Instagram shows him thinking of a possible comeback! 🤔🤔🤔
⚡️ “David Ortiz teases a comeback after Red Sox get Chris Sale”.
David Ortiz thinking about comeback after Chris Sale trade?
Sitting here waiting for David Ortiz to unretire
lol you have to wait because David Ortiz is contemplating the comeback 😆
David Ortiz hints at possible return on Instagram after Red Sox get Chris Sale!
David Ortiz is playing with my emotions by teasing a comeback on his Instagram:
David ortiz is a man of his word but after the Chris Sale deal he should 10% come back for one more championship run
Still shook that the Red Sox got Chris Sale..don't be surprised to see David Ortiz back in uniform next season 👀👀
David Ortiz jokes about comeback after Red Sox land Chris Sale.
Red Sox deal for Chris Sale has David Ortiz ’thinking’
David Ortiz teases a possible comeback after a instagram post after the Chris Sale trade
You guys KNOW after make moves for Chris Sale and Tyler Thornburg, David Ortiz is totally coming back for a ring,…
David Ortiz celebrated the Chris Sale trade by hinting at a return for next season   10% Off
David Ortiz: Wow the Sox got Chris Sale that's awesome. Inner David Ortiz: Use it to tease a come back and play with their h…
star Kobe Bryant entered the VC game this year, now it's star David Ortiz. Via
David Ortiz is 41 today. Boston Red Sox World Series hero and superstar.
David Ortiz, Mookie Betts, and Xander Bogarts won the Silver Slugger that their respected positions.
The Red Sox are the only team in either league with 3 Silver Slugger Award winners in 2016 (David Ortiz, Xander Bogaerts, Moo…
Samuel Adams to release limited edition ‘Big Hapi’ beer in honor of David Ortiz
Sam Adams has created a limited-release, mango-infused, double-IPA in honor of David Ortiz called the 'Big Hapi'
Keytar Bear may be the most popular Bostonian this side of David Ortiz. And now *** Jagger knows about him
David Ortiz may have just retired, but an Omaha family spotted Big Papi in Omaha tonight!
John: Oh I forgot to tell you I bumped into David Ortiz at the airport this week. Me: How do you just FORGET TO MENTION THAT?
David Ortiz today was named the best all around hitter in the American League with the Hank Aaron Award. MVP will be fascin…
David Ortiz named the 2016 AL top hitter of the league (Hank Aaron Award)
Two weeks after Indians ended his career in ALDS, David Ortiz returned to Cleveland to accept Hank Aaron Award...
David Ortiz has won the 2016 Hank Aaron Award
David Ortiz wins the Hank Aaron Award for the AL
Why does David Ortiz look like Mark Morrison in the Return of the Mack video?
Remember that time that David Ortiz retired as the best offensive player in baseball?
David Ortiz also known as Big Papi of the Boston Red Sox from Boston New Engl... via
Curt Schilling will run for US Senate in Mass. Why not someone we like, like David Ortiz or, say, Leon Powe, Dave Roberts or Troy Brown.
Growing up in the age of David Ortiz
[The Boston Globe] Growing up in the age of David Ortiz
David Ortiz thanks his fans one more time.
Brad Stevens, Marcus Smart, Al Horford salute David Ortiz for his legendary career:
I eulogized David Ortiz months back and now seems like a good time to share it.
"There's NO WAY David Ortiz should go in the Hall of Fame before Barry Bonds, knowing what we know." — https…
David Ortiz: "This is very emotional for me, I owe everything to the Red Sox, steroids, my teammates & my family." https…
let's wish a BIG thank you to David Ortiz! We will miss seeing you play in a Red Sox uniform and being…
What went through David Ortiz's mind as he said goodbye last night? Allow him to explain.
Not going to feel right watching the Red Sox without David Ortiz
On his way out, David Ortiz endorses John Farrell as manager -
David Ortiz when he played for the Timber Rattlers, just down the road in Appleton. Papi's wife is also from the Fox Cit…
Big Papi is bigger.”- Pete Rose on David Ortiz in Boston compared to The Big Red Machine in Cincinnati
“I’ve never seen a town embrace a guy like this”- on David Ortiz.
My heart hurts so much knowing David Ortiz is done playing baseball forever why is life this difficult?
On the retraces his steps from Santo Domingo to Major League Baseball.
Shoutout David Ortiz Big Papi the only player I've ever cared to pay attention to through my life. Live the retired life well man.
MLB playoffs 2016: Magic runs out for Red Sox, but never for David Ortiz and Boston fans - Sporting News
CLEGm3: Big Papi introduced prior to Game 3: David Ortiz is introduced at Fenway Park prior to Game 3……
David Ortiz's career will be cut short by John Farrell. If that's not a fireable offense, there's no such thing as a fireabl…
Sox: There will never be another David Ortiz
This is what David Ortiz sees in his nightmares
David Ortiz is the first player to put up 5 bWAR in the last season of his career since Shoeless Joe and Happy Felsch of the 1920 White Sox.
Congrats to David Ortiz on a great career 👏🏽
Thank you David Ortiz for being my first sports hero. Watching you since 2003 has been a blessing, I'm really gonna miss it…
David Ortiz was the first athlete that I truly looked up to. Forever one of my favorite players of all time
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The good news: The future is extremely bright. . The bad news: David Ortiz is gone and everything is darkness
My dad always told me Red Sox would lose, somehow, someway. I always tell my kids the Sox have a chance. . David Ortiz did tha…
"At that last second, I couldn't hold [my emotions] anymore." David Ortiz on his final goodbye.
It's hella sad to think next season we are gonna see the Red Sox without David Ortiz
End of an era: David Ortiz just played his final game for the Red Sox.
Tribe honored to be part of Ortiz's last game
I've watched David Ortiz my whole life and to think his career is over now is unbelievable. Thank you for all the memories…
Indians sweep Red Sox and send David Ortiz into retirement.
David Ortiz's career comes to an end after Indians sweep - USA TODAY
After the Red Sox loss, David Ortiz came out to say goodbye to Fenway and the Boston fans one final time.
14 years, 483 home runs, 3 rings. Thanks for everything David Ortiz
David Ortiz wasn't that fat. He just moved like a fat person.
David Ortiz walked in 8th inning. Pinch runner came in. Ortiz left to thunderous applause in maybe his last MLB game and…
As a Yankees fan, it's hard to have respect for the Red Sox... however, David Ortiz is undeniably a legend to baseball, and I…
We didn't need this memory. Lord knows David Ortiz has provided plenty of others in his storied…
What a career for David Ortiz. Will forever go down as one of the best to ever lace em' up! Much respect for Big Papi
David Ortiz failed the same Drug Test that A-Rod did but gets the Red Sox Immunity pass.Manny Ramirez had that immunity…
.David Ortiz, with a flair for the dramatic, saw his career end quietly http…
After a disappointing loss, David Ortiz returned to the field at Fenway for one final, beautiful curtain call.
Red Sox trail the Indians, 4-3, heading to the 9th. Could be the final game in the illustrious career of David Ortiz.
David Ortiz says goodbye after Red Sox are swept by Indians
everyone wants to hate on DH but David Ortiz made a legendary career out of being one. And Nelson Cruz is beast.
The scene outside Fenway prior to what could be David Ortiz's final game. You can pick... https…
What a scene at Fenway as David Ortiz heads to the mound and says goodbye to the fans with tears in his eyes.
Know who else hit lots of home runs? Edwin Encarnacion, David Ortiz, Nelson Cruz, Albert Pujols.yknow, DHs.
If we want to go back farther, Tris Speaker and Nap Lajoie were more valuable than David Ortiz. Tough to compare er…
Definitely gonna miss watching David Ortiz play. He had a great career. You will be missed
honest question for u: is David Ortiz a more important player than Teddy Ballgame?
David Ortiz says goodbye to baseball, ending his career at Fenway Park.
think you are overstating David Ortiz value in this context. Larry Byrd, Russell, Tom Brady & Pedro Martinez
Jonathan Lucroy and David Ortiz combined for two hits in the ALDS 😂😂
David Ortiz's career ended at 9:51 p.m. But nearly all of the fans at Fenway Park remain, hoping to see him again, chant…
Teddy Ballgame, Yaz, Jim Rice, Clemens, Boggs didn't get it done. David Ortiz got it done 3 times. What a run it was.
David Ortiz is the greatest Red Sox player of my lifetime, greatest DH who ever played, and the most clutch postseason hit…
David Ortiz' final home run was hit off Brett Cecil on 9/30
With the Red Sox loss, David Ortiz's career is over. Congratulations on a great career Big Papi!
Baseball won't be the same without David Ortiz
I just want to play baseball. I never want to stop playing this game. -David Ortiz
*** of a career. *** of a player. *** of a human being. Thank you, David Ortiz, for showing just how great the game of…
David Ortiz's sacrifice fly cuts the Indians lead to 4-2. Nice catch by Rajai Davis in center field, down by his knees.
David Ortiz leaves the field for what could be the final time of his career. Red Sox trail Indians, 4-3, in the 8th. htt…
This could be David Ortiz's last career at bat and I'm not emotionally ready for it
Hey John Farrel you should pinch hit Koji for David Ortiz
Bold approach by the Red Sox to go for the “look so pathetic that David Ortiz can’t live with himself if he actually ret…
and he's played with Mike Napoli and David Ortiz, so
David Ortiz was given his bridge and street signs, and his reaction was priceless:
Vin Scully, Jose Fernandez, David Ortiz. Nobody does it better than baseball, no matter the occasion.
David Ortiz finishes the season with a .315 batting average. He is the oldest player to bat at least .315 sinc…
An alert reader points out via email that the home run David Ortiz hit on Friday gave him 500 with the Red Sox counting the po…
Following the end of his final regular season, Red Sox took a full page ad in the Boston Globe honoring David Ortiz ht…
Después del palo de David Ortiz, por supuesto. "Johnny Damon's running and he can keep on running to New York", algo pare…
Here's a personal lesson from David Ortiz on how to hit to the opposite field.
Its gonna be so weird next year watching baseball without David Ortiz
David Ortiz shares what he is afraid of. You're probably afraid of it, too.
When David Ortiz goes into the Hall of Fame, this is where his plaque will probably go.
A drained David Ortiz exhaled deeply before his postgame press conference: "I wasn't expecting so much. ... (It was) better…
Farewell to David Ortiz, the best thing ever to happen to the Red Sox.
David Ortiz kneeling to thank is everything...
Watch David Ortiz's speech before his final regular season game
David Ortiz is the first player who's not in the Hall of Fame to have his number retired by organization
David Ortiz was candid as he prepared to walk away from baseball after this season
"I'm so happy it's over so I can focus on what's coming up next. The playoffs.". -David Ortiz
Nothing made me happier than seeing David Ortiz, Pedro Martinez and Manny Ramirez all on the field together today!
. says the idea that David Ortiz is the greatest is 'preposterous'
The GOAT 🐐 TBrady is back, David Ortiz ⚾️ played his final home regular season game, and Team USA won the Ryder Cup ⛳️🏌. What a great day 😊
This game tying Grand Slam in the AlCS will always be my favorite David Ortiz moment! Now let's win this World Seri…
Red Sox honor legacy of winning of David Ortiz
we dont know about y'all, but we're excited to get home and see Big Papi Bridge & Big Papi Drive!
Only thing missing from fabulous Big Papi farewell festivities is Paul Revere galloping into Fenway on his horse.
David Ortiz might have just completed the greatest final season in MLB history.
Red Sox blog: Ad in Boston Globe pays tribute to David Ortiz
Red Sox blog: Red Sox pull out all stops on Big Papi's big day
Red Sox management (Tom Werner) more interested in selling David Ortiz swag.. Then winning games.. Ortiz exhausted too much promotion
David Ortiz, Boston Red Sox DH, on kneeling to thank fans at Fenway Park, 'That's just my nature'
Proudly I've walked both the David Ortiz bridge to the Fens and the Otis Redding Memorial Bridge in Macon
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David Ortiz gets his own bridge and street near Fenway in pregame retirement ceremony.
Kinda bummed I never got to see David Ortiz play in person.
Red Sox officially announce that they will retire David Ortiz's No. 34 next season.
David Ortiz praises Ted Williams in response to question about Red Sox most important player via…
Lots of farewells around today: Vin Scully, *** Enberg, Mark Teixeira, and David Ortiz.
They are replaying The David Ortiz Ceremony at 10:30 pm
Massachusetts politicians got very lucky when they were naming the "Big Papi" David Ortiz Bridge. https:/…
David Ortiz still has the postseason to go, but 34 will forever be imprinted on Fenway Park's walls.
David Ortiz: "I decided to go and I think this is the best time to go. So I don’t feel like I’m going to miss playing any…
It's official. The bridge across the to Fenway is now the David Ortiz Bridge.
David Ortiz on his bridge: "I might go there for a day, just drive back and forth to see how it feels.”
David Ortiz’s number 34 to be retired by Boston Red Sox
David Ortiz had an emotional day Sunday, and not just because it was his last regular season game
From walk-offs to "The Speech", here are the top 10 moments of David Ortiz's career.
Amazing tribute to David Ortiz. Proud to be a small part of it
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Red Sox announce they will retire David Ortiz's No. 34 jersey next season
David Ortiz farewell: Boston Red Sox to retire Big Papi gets on one knee to thank the fans.
It was the final regular season game of Ortiz's glorious career, but focus was not baseball
For David Ortiz, finishing career in the postseason is best gift via
Disappointing to see Aaron Sanchez hit Jackie Bradley Jr... would much rather it had been David Ortiz.
What an amazing tribute to David Ortiz. Well done
Heading to David Ortiz's last game at Fenway Park (@ Kenmore Square in Boston, MA)
Husband just told me the Red Sox are wearing David Ortiz patches on their arms. The man ain't dead...
Red Sox players recalled the first time they met David Ortiz, and they have nothing but good memories. ht…
Celtics star Isaiah Thomas asks David Ortiz for an autograph on the field at Fenway Park.
Pretty neat that David Ortiz will play his last MLB game against a team managed by Terry Francona
ONLY 1,000 hand-signed David Ortiz posters are available and will go fast, so don't miss out! Buy yours right here:
It will be proud moment to watch David Ortiz to hold that World Series trophy and ride off into the sunset in a little…
Big Papi GOES YARD!. David Ortiz hits the go-ahead 2-run homer to give the Red Sox the 5-3 lead over the Blue Jays in the…
(David Ortiz weekend begins, as does Red Sox's preparation for playoffs: David O... (
That was David Ortiz' 500th career HR with the (including post-season.) Good time for the milestone.
David Ortiz reminds us all: this is his bleeping city. 2 run HR in 7th gives 5-3.
David Ortiz: 36th go-ahead HR in 7th or later in uniform, tying Carl Yastrzemski for 2nd-most. Ted Williams had…
500 career homers for David Ortiz with the Red Sox: 483 regular season, 17 postseason.
David Ortiz (125th RBI. It's his 4th season with 125+ RBI, the 2nd-most in Red Sox history (Ted Williams had 5). (via…
David Ortiz is the oldest player in Baseball history with 125 RBI.
"The Big Man with a Big Heart": David Ortiz. Not even a shadow of a doubt in It.
The game will start when David Ortiz says it'll start
Indians manager Terry Francona said David Ortiz should retire the night before the playoff series against Cleveland LMAOOO
Vote now: Who is the 2016 MVP? Mookie Betts, David Ortiz, Dustin Pedroia, or Rick Porcello
Morning Sports Update: Yankees say good-bye to David Ortiz in ‘most meaningful’ manner yet
MLB Players left from the 1990's. David Ortiz . AJ Pierzynski. Adrian Beltre. Carlos Beltran. Bartolo Colon . Joe Nathan
While the details are foggy, one thing is clear: Pedro Martinez had a role in bringing David Ortiz here…
With a tip of his cap, David Ortiz exits his final career game against the New York
Jeter is the face of the greatest sports franchise. David Ortiz is a part time player.
David Ortiz and Pedro Martinez are my spirit animals
David Ortiz's last homestand in Boston will include a huge etching of him in Fenway's outfield.
Agree with Pedro Martinez that there should be a David Ortiz statue outside Fenway.
Red Sox field staffers used new machine, new technology, to cut image of David Ortiz into Fenway field. Radom https:…
People talk about the Herschel Walker trade and all the MN sports management blunders. But outright releasing David Ortiz was ridiculous.
After tonight, we Yankee Fans will never have to see the sociopath David Ortiz again.
The Fenway Park field is ready for the final series of David Ortiz' career (H/T
John Farrell said David Ortiz would get at least two at-bats tonight at Yankee Stadium. He's batting cleanup vs. CC Sabathia.
I think Boston should be renamed for David Ortiz. Ortiz, Massachusetts has a good ring to it.
The Boston Globe Who is really responsible for David Ortiz landing in Boston? The Boston Globe
State is moving to name Brookline Ave bridge -- connecting Fenway and Kenmore Square, over Mass Pike -- the "David Ortiz (Big Papi) Bridge"
David Ortiz is the most celebrated steroid user/cheater in the history of baseball...shunned Barry Bonds and McGwire but loves papi
(On his last night at Yankee Stadium, David Ortiz to play villain -- and hero: O... (
Morning Sports Update: Xander Bogaerts wants to get David Ortiz to the World Series
I really want the Red Sox to win it all just because David Ortiz is retiring
Alex Rodriguez, David Ortiz and Carlos Beltran all have a stolen base this season
Everybody outside of Fenway Park thought this dude was David Ortiz:
David Ortiz doesn't just drive in runs. He drives people!
David Ortiz quotes have entertained us for years. Here are 10 of our favorites:
Undercover Lyft featuring is so FUNNY! lol
Undercover David Ortiz wouldn't make it one minute without me realizing it was him.
WATCH: David Ortiz poses as an undercover Lyft driver, and somehow, no one recognized him http…
On the slugger reflects on competing against the Yankees throughout his career.
Watch as Bostonians somehow fail to recognize David Ortiz as an undercover Lyft driver
David Ortiz goes undercover as an afro-clad Lyft driver
Al Horford reveals how Red Sox's David Ortiz saved his wedding day
Good read. Our country has issues but dreams are realized Thanks for the Memories, New York | The Players' Tribune https:/…
David Ortiz did undercover lyft... like ***
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