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David Moyes

David William Moyes (born 25 April 1963) is a Scottish former footballer and the current manager of English Premier League club Everton.

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Since 2013, David Moyes has signed a cumulative total of 11 1/2 years of contracts, at three clubs. He's worked for 32 mo…
David Moyes out of work once again. Just to think we could have had him instead of Brendan Rodgers. Scary.
David Moyes resigns from Sunderland.meanwhile Brendan Rodgers takes over as Pope.well played Dermot and Peter for choosing wisely
David Moyes, relegated at Sunderland resigns. Just over a year ago there were Celtic fans calling for him to be hired over Brendan Rodgers
David Moyes reveals agree to put the ball out in the 26th minute so John Terry could have his send off.
David Moyes reveals Sunderland agreed to kick the ball out of play in the 26th minute for John Terry.
Transfer News| Reports show Bristol city full back Joe Bryan is linked with us as we rebuild under David Moyes. Wou…
20 - Arsene Wenger secured his 20th victory in all comps vs David Moyes, more than any other manager he’s faced with Arsenal.…
4 YEARS AGO TODAY: David Moyes signed a 6-year deal with Man United...and the rest is history. 😳
Exactly.. David Moyes for example like you just said. Even Roy Hodgson at Liverpool is another one lol
Jeremy Corbyn is the David Moyes of British politics
Nice to see David Moyes has brought his coaching coach along. A little too late for Sunderland but thumbs up for effort. ht…
Roker Rapport Podcast: "I wouldn't follow David Moyes out of a fire, never mind into one"
Bet Marco Silva didn't think David Moyes' Sunderland would be the team to end his unbeaten home record
Marco Silva unbeaten at home in the league since March 2014, then loses to David Moyes' relegated Sunderland
Who knew Marco Silva's first home defeat as Hull manager would come against David Moyes' Sunderland?. Football works in mysterious ways.
Marco Silva unbeaten at home for over 3 and half years. David Moyes: Hold my beer. Hull 0-2 Sunderland
David Moyes about to end Marco Silva's unbeaten home record. Bet Paul Merson and Phil Thompson are wanking each other off✊🏻
Silva (Hull City Coach) loss for the first time in 41 home games after losing to David Moyes relegated side Sunderland
David Moyes is a fantastic manager. Think a Premier League team should come in for him, *** him up. Aye aye
Imagine going 41 games unbeaten at home then losing that record to David Moyes a week after he was relegated
Sunderland fans when they see the news that David Moyes will remain as manager next season.
2007: James Beattie accuses manager David Moyes of attempting to force him out of
Replacing De Gea with Joe Hart is like replacing Alex Ferguson with David Moyes. Only one club is stupid enough to do that.
Going from De Gea to Joe Hart would be like going from Sir Alex Ferguson to David Moyes. And no-one would ever do that would they
BREAKING: David Moyes' future at uncertain after talks with owner Ellis Short & chief exec Martin Bain
David Moyes saying he picked Irishman Darron Gibson ahead of Didier N'Dong because he thought the team needed some "Britis…
David Moyes says it is "too soon" for him to commit to the club for next season. More:
'World-weary, worn-down & damaged goods' What next for Moyes?: Four years after David Moyes was appointed Manc..
David Moyes reacts to questions over his future, following Sunderland's relegation.
Remember when United appointed David Moyes manager. It's an absurdist study in the memory now. What were they thinking?
David Moyes admits relegation is 'worst day' yet of his managerial career and refuses to comment on his future
David Moyes trying to save Sunderland from relegation like...
David Moyes played the blame game this season -
Sunderland 0-1 Bournemouth: Black Cats relegated from the Premier League after Joshua King nets late winner to send David Moyes' team down
David Moyes makes announcement on his future after Sunderland relegation
Look at this Sunderland fan from today, this is what happens you offer David Moyes a job.
When the team you've aupported for 80 years gets relegated and you just want to wallop David Moyes, the bloody spastic h…
On and struggle ,Mustapha has this to say: .. Marcelo Sunderland David Moyes
Today David Moyes does what Keane, Sbragia, Bruce, O'Neill, Di Canio, Poyet, Advocaat and Allardyce couldnt. Today Moyes…
David Moyes on Sunderland’s relegation: “Yes. Yes, this is my worst day in football.”
Sunderland dragged down by 'long, hard season', says David Moyes – video
I was devastated for David Moyes at Sunderland. I said to him, "If the league table was upside down, you'd be champions…
Sunderland relegated: David Moyes says it is 'too soon' to commit to club
Sunderland 0 - Bournemouth 1: Josh King condemns David Moyes' men to the drop
A sad day for David Moyes and 6 ex Everton players as Sunderland are relegated from the Premier League.
Howe: Full credit to how Sunderland battled . Eddie Howe had nothing but kind words for Sunderland and David Moyes,……
Moyes: My thoughts are with the fans . David Moyes has a sincere reflection on Sunderland's season, and his regret ……
Can you remember when David Moyes was appointed manager by one of the biggest clubs (in world football. Wow. Still…
Man Utd, Real Sociedad, Sunderland. David Moyes... the evil you have done in this world is enough...
David Moyes came back to England to relegate Sunderland. Legend.
David Moyes: What went wrong and where now for Sunderland manager? - BBC Sport
Sunderland: why did we associate ourself with David Moyes?😢
Sunderland's relegation from the Premier League is confirmed. That must the biggest blow t…
David Moyes. 34 league games at United. Fired. 34 league games at Sunderland. Relegated.
Who would've thought David Moyes would avenge United by relegating Sunderland 😂 😂 😂
Meanwhile, over at relegated Sunderland, David Moyes says he wants to stay at the club and lead them back to the Premier Le…
That Hull were below Sunderland when Marco Silva arrived in January undermines the idea relegation was inevitable. So poor b…
Marco Silva sending David Moyes to the Championship. My drug. Your Brexit voting Da can't handle it.
two fan favourites of the show relegated today David Moyes and Tony Adams
Well, David Moyes has something of note to add on his CV. He's won relegation. And convincingly as well. Well done, Moyesy, you winner.
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boss David Moyes tells his players to show their mind is not on pastures new .
Just dreamt I was back in school and I got to interview David Moyes. Duncan Ferguson was brought up... I have to change my diet.
David Moyes thanks the travelling fans for their support
Middlesbrough 1-0 Sunderland - David Moyes has proved beyond reasonable doubt that he is not management material.
If arsenal fans think they have it bad with Wenger, try David Moyes mate 🙄
🚑 David Moyes provides an update on the fitness of Duncan Watmore. .
Lee Cattermole: Wahbi’s Sunderland return a lift for us all and David Moyes was the f.. (Source: Shields Gazette)
David Moyes accused of verbally abusing Jacqui Oatley
David Moyes will keep job no matter what - Sunderland chief keen on stability
Report: David Moyes already meeting with Martin Bain over transfer targets at Sunderland
Express: Exclusive: Sunderland make big decision on David Moyes' future
Lee Cattermole responds to fan anger at David Moyes, his own form and Wahbi Khazri’s .. (Source: Shields Gazette)
David Moyes insists Jordan Pickford has the world at his feet — and the Sunderland boss has not ruled out his...
[Mirror] Sunderland's in-demand Jordan Pickford may be wise to snub summer transfer and stay here, says David Moyes
How and why are we comparing Jim Davidson to David Moyes? What a ridiculously tenuous link featured in NBC s Science of Love
As long as Tony Adams' Spanish accent is as fantastic as David Moyes', then we're all in for a treat.
David Moyes took UTD from 1st to 7th. Sociedad from 4th to 15th. Sunderland from 17th to the Championship. What a manager!
: David Moyes sends warning to Jose Mourinho: This will cost you at Man United . Jose Mourinho must get M…
David Moyes on Sunderland's role in his downfall at Manchester United
David Moyes: Manchester United will never dominate again if they do not give Jose Mourinho time
Chronicle Live: Sunderland AFC news LIVE: David Moyes press conference this afternoon
Chronicle Live: Sunderland's David Moyes given until Monday to explain his 'slap' comment to Football…
MARTIN SAMUEL: Ron Atkinson, Richard Keys & Andy Gray... now David Moyes. We've heard this all before
David Moyes slammed by female football agent as Sunderland boss | Daily Star:
Craig Shakespeare has as many wins in 5 games with Leicester as David Moyes has had all season with Sunderland 😂
Craig Shakespeare has as many Premier League wins from five games as David Moyes has managed all season.
David Moyes should 'think about his position' - Rachel Anderson
Football agent & Women In Football member Rachel Anderson says David Moyes should "think about his position". Watch:
Luke Shaw, Merseyside Derby, David Moyes, Shakespeare and the Inbetweeners. Our weekend review, full video here ⬇️…
Breaking: The FA to write to David Moyes to ask for his observations following his "slap" comments to a reporter.
When you wake up on a Monday and see David Moyes is trending, you just know its not for anything good,
There's a real David Brent vibe to this David Moyes story. Saying something stupid/offensive in work which was intended as a friendly joke.
Something tells me if David Moyes had made those comments too a man, an eyelid would not have been batted
What punishment should the extremist Left feminazis & other left wing lunatics be allowed to dish out to David Moyes?
If I was the Sunderland chairman I'd come out and say "David Moyes was clearly making a joke so all get over yourselves!"
Think David Moyes behaviour is acceptable? Imagine your wife/daughter/sister being in that situation, still OK with it??
Why David Moyes should be sacked over his 'casual domestic violence' comments
David Moyes threatening to slap a female reporter
YOUR COMMENTS: Mail readers weigh in on the difficult topic of whether David Moyes should slap a female reporter.
I just don't get the outrage at David Moyes' comments. He's joking; she laughs. He said far worse to me before storming out…
David Moyes faces fresh controversy after being accused of aiming multiple 'off-camera remarks' at female reporters https:…
David Moyes tells a female reporter she "might get a slap" over her questioning in an interview. He has apologised
Memo to David Moyes: When apologising to an adult, female professional (and women everywhere) don't refer to her as 'the gi…
The FA may slap David Moyes on the wrist, even though he is a man.
Football Association is asking Sunderland manager David Moyes to explain himself after telling a female reporter she m…
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This article is good and shows at least some men don't think it's acceptable.
David Moyes has done nothing wrong, it was an obv joke, if he says that to a bloke absolutely nothing would be said
English Premier League manager 'deeply regrets' telling female reporter he'd 'slap her'
.trolled just because she spoke out against David Moyes - sorry but domestic violence against women is no lau…
David Moyes' intentions were clear. All jokey but the message was clear.
David Moyes has apologised after threatening to slap a female reporter. STORY:
David Moyes is trying to excuse saying a woman might 'get a slap' as a 'mistake' but it is indicative of what he sees as…
SAFC boss David Moyes will be asked to explain his comments to the FA after threatening to slap a female reporter.
How long will David Moyes be Sunderland manager after these comments? 🤔
This is being blown out of proportion. David Moyes is clearly not threatening to slap her, it was silly comment whi…
So David Moyes said this. And nobody notices he was offended before. And no one noticed the laughter. GET A GRIP. https:…
Two women are killed by men every day in this country. With that in mind, I wrote this.
David Moyes: FA to ask Sunderland boss to explain himself over 'slap' remark, sounds like he needs a slap from FA.
David Moyes should not have to apologise for that 😅 worlds gone mad 😂
BREAKING: "seeking observations" from regarding manager David Moyes' comments to a female reporter.…
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David Moyes threatening to slap a female reporter. Mad.
David Moyes could face FA punishment for telling reporter she ‘might get a slap. Could? Should, surely.
have you even seen/heard the David Moyes comments or just read them? The women laughs along with him, she's not offended 1/2
'We can't be complacent about sexist remarks from influential men who should set an example' -
This is disgraceful. David Moyes cannot get away with these sexist threats - the must take action immediately.
David Moyes threatening to slap that reporter is the kind of attacking intent Sunderland have been missing all season tbf.
''There's absolutely no way Sunderland's season could get any worse.''. David Moyes: Hold my beer. .
NEWS: Sunderland boss David Moyes sorry for 'slap' threat to female reporter
Sunderland manager Moyes apologises after 'threatening to slap' female BBC journalist
Just heard the David Moyes clip. Obviously a joke - both parties were laughing - PC brigade should grow up and get a lif…
I'm no fan of David Moyes but Ha'way to for this wonderful rebuff to the unctuous
You'd struggle to find anyone offended by what David Moyes said. It's the press pushing this faux outrage for the sake of it
David Moyes telling that female reporter that she needs a slap is probably the first time he's attacked all season
David Moyes said that to my Mrs I'd be seething. His passive aggressive bullying style was clear. ***
Sunderland manager David Moyes accused of making multiple "off camera remarks" to female reporters: The Sunderland… https…
Just seen the David Moyes controversy which proves beyond doubt that you can't say anything in jest anymore. Who would be a public figure?
David Moyes apologises after telling female reporter she 'might get a slap' after interview
David Moyes threatens female reporter after interview via
Sunderland AFC manager and head coach David Moyes says the club are in need of Nigeria international Victor...
said to the Defense ATtorney David Moyes " You have your soul on the line" Thanks
It's that time again... What will David Moyes say ahead of another crucial weekend for We've got it all here htt…
I and ready for the change, ready to support the new manager who comes in even if it's David Moyes. But I am not gonna a…
looking forward to hearing Souness drone on about how City played badly and what a good manager David Moyes is
Belting to think we were alive when David Moyes was manager of Manchester United. Ably assisted by Steve Round Jimmy Lumsden & Phil Neville.
Mind David Moyes was the Man Utd manager lololololol
His team might not be very good but at least David Moyes' jacket is top drawer
Was David Moyes expecting to scrape out a scoreless draw ?
Sane makes it two for Man City, it goes from bad to worse for David Moyes.
To concede a goal so near half time must have made David Moyes blood boil because Sunderland were keeping them at bay Defoe good
David Moyes has done well with januzaj
Sunderland have bossed this game, a David Moyes Sunderland outplaying Guardiolas City, Citys recent 'form' is so exaggerated.
Remember when United fans thought Adnan Januzaj was 'the New Ronaldo' and David Moyes was 'the Chosen One?'. 😂😂😂
That goal was identical to the 1st Everton goal. Once again no tracking back from Borini. How can I see this and not David Moyes???
Aguero gives Man City the lead at HT but it's not looking good for David Moyes' black cats (🎥
Boost for David Moyes as he remembers that life inevitably ends
"Football struggles are temporary, but death is permanent, thankfully."
Defoe too strong fr de Man City center backs-John Stones especially. David Moyes needs to put someone up there with him for support
Half-time. 1-0 to City. Thankfully for David Moyes he now has 15 minutes to sit in the dark and scream into a pillow.
David Moyes tactics only seem to work for 30-40 minutes and then we concede lol
David Moyes switches off all the unused plug sockets in his house before he goes to bed every night
Why is no one talking about David Moyes job being on the line?
"We have to beat the top 6". David Moyes says must defeat teams like Man City if they're to stay up: http…
David Moyes would struggle to win employee of the month if he worked in an ice cream van.
What did David Moyes have at Everton for 10 years that he has since lost? What happened to this guy?
David moyes wearing a moncler ffs av seen it all now
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David moyes looks like a journalist in Syria,hope he still has the receipt for that jacket.
This wee pic has made me realise I used to base my look on David moyes but now I'm basing it on Guardiola!
As of this moment Pep Guardiola is being outsmarted by David Moyes. How you liking mate?
LIVE: So far, so good for David Moyes and Sunderland .
Absolute tactical genius from David Moyes to start his best striker in an important game,who would have thought of that?Wasted at Sunderland
David Moyes has got Darron Gibson playing like Sergio Busquets today
Desperately wanting a subpar David Moyes team to beat Man City... had these feelings before! Have I travelled back to 2013??
David Moyes checks the serial number on fivers
David Moyes looks like he's been told to step forward in a police line up.
📝 David Moyes has named an unchanged side for the first time in the this season ahead of today's game v
Did you know?. David Moyes has only lost two of the 12 home Premier League games he has managed against Man City (W7 D3 L2)
Sunderland boss David Moyes dealt blow after player ruled out of Man City clash
Will Jan Kirchhoff feature against Manchester City? Sunderland boss David Moyes has his say
Bryan Oviedo, Darron Gibson and David Moyes all return to Goodison Park today. Can get a result?. Live:
This is what David Moyes said about THAT incident involving the Grim Reaper
Darron Gibson told his is not just a holding position for Sunderland - David Moyes wants goals too
football (soccer) analogy here... is Blashill the NHL's David Moyes? Impossible job following legacy of success, needs time.
Just a reminder that David Moyes wasn't sure about Thiago so didn't sign him for Manchester United. 🤔🤔🤔
New York trip will help long-term future too, insists David Moyes .
Just an FYI to that David Moyes and Everton circa 2010 will be in your area next week. Plan according…
Sunderland and David Moyes to fly to US for team bonding: David Moyes is confident that a cold-weather mid-season……
England manager Sam Allardyce sitting in between Sir Alex Ferguson and David Moyes in the Old Trafford directors box
DID YOU KNOW?. Only 3 Premier League bosses (Ferguson, Wenger & Redknapp) have won more games than David Moyes' 190. ht…
David Moyes on clean sheets, the relegation scrap and the key to survival .
.- As if Louis Van Gaal or David Moyes did any better for you after Ferguson retired at Yeah, right... 👎😂😂😂
Say we get Allegri, I don't think he is as low as David Moyes and Brendan Rogers.
The final thoughts of David Moyes ahead of the game, including explanation on team selection
ICYMI: How boss David Moyes usually gets the better of Sam Allardyce when they meet
David Moyes vs Sam Allardyce: Who usually comes out on top?
Follow us for live updates as David Moyes faces the media ahead of tomorrow's clash with Crystal Palace
Klopp's record worse than David Moyes' at United-Pulls an atomic wedgie on Tom Werner-Gets 8 year contract extension
Could Lamine Kone leave Sunderland on transfer deadline day? David Moyes determined to keep him - ChronicleLive
Jurgen Klopp has a worse win ratio at Liverpool than David Moyes had at Man Utd. Just let that sink in.
"Tim? Tim Cahill? It's David Moyes. We're putting the band back together."
Sunderland defender Papy Djilobodji is set to be handed a four-game ban - meaning David Moyes will be without thirteen first-team players.
I wonder if Tim Howard, joseph yobo, Tomaz Radzinski, are expecting a phone call from David Moyes.
Sunderland's David Moyes: Adnan Januzaj needs to show more strength
David Moyes facing further blow as sweat on defender's availability
Sean Dyche joining the likes of Owen Coyle, David Moyes and Garry Monk as "good young British manager who should get a chance at a big club"
Saying that though they're probs just gonna sack David Moyes after 5 more games hire Alan Pardew and finish 17th by 2 points
📝 David Moyes has named his side to face this afternoon
2013 - This is the most disappointing transfer of power since David Moyes took over from Sir Alex Ferguson in 2013. Trump.
Trump lawyer's claim and comparison to Rockefeller is a disgrace, says David Moyes via
David Moyes brands Jeremain Lens a ‘disgrace’ after on-loan Fenerbahce winger says it's easier for him to stay in Turkey…
David Moyes says he's had bids for "a lot" of his Sunderland players this month, but they've ll been knocked back by t…
Social Media’s image of David Moyes is toxic to the club’s morale, says
reject double-swap deal for out-of-favour star - David Moyes and Martin Bain want hard cash...
David Moyes will do anything to try and get his hands on a trophy.
David Moyes' reaction to Jurgen Klopp's whinge about second goal
"If I was German, you might be praising my tactics!" . David Moyes on how he matched Jurgen Klopp
David Moyes angered by 'useless' Sunderland via
David Moyes next to get the sack? Torrid performance today at turf moore!
David Moyes, building a team made of glass
If Giggs takes over at Swansea the three managers in the relegation zone will be Giggs, David Moyes and Mike Phelan. Sir…
''David Moyes planned to sign Fàbregas, Bale, Ronaldo and Kroos at Man United.''. I remember my first game of Championship Manag…
A rare victory at Old Trafford for Manchester United with David Moyes in the dugout.
David Moyes turning back up at Manchester United today like...
Despite managing Manchester United, David Moyes has suffered more defeats at Old Trafford (16) than games won (14)
Mourinho sends this powerful message to David Moyes
Bet LvG feels left out today with Sir Alex, David Moyes & Mourinho all at Old Trafford.he'll probably blame that Murphy bloke again.
David Moyes is back at Old Trafford tomorrow - I know one fan who'll be watching very closely...
Today is the day Jose Mourinho gives David Moyes a Football lesson to remember
David Moyes returns to Old Trafford for the first time since abrupt firing as Sunderland battles United via
David Moyes rues changing times at Old Trafford, and other top stories.
'Priceless' Jermain Defoe is not for sale, says Sunderland boss David Moyes - Belfast Telegraph
Ahead of his Old Trafford return, David Moyes has expressed concern over United's move away from British managers.
David Moyes still clearly sore about his time at Man. Utd. - but brutal truth is he was out of his depth at Old Trafford &…
David Moyes could be an owner or director of Stockport County. . Proper blagger and never his fault
Bob Bradley shouldn't get sack... Swansea chief Huw Jenkins is responsible, says David Moyes ahead of Sunderland…
David Moyes thought Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale and Cesc Fabregas would join Man United in ...
David Moyes still going on about us nearly 3 years later. I can't wait until he's sacked for getting Sunderland relegated
Gareth Bale was my No 1 target at Manchester United, reveals former boss David Moyes (but he ended up only signing… https…
NEWS | Moyes thinks should stick to British managers - do you agree? . .
David Moyes reveals the three players he thought would join Man United in 2013
David Moyes: I agreed to sign this world superstar when I was at Man United
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
I wish nothing but failure for David Moyes. Mostly to put to bed this idea that he "deserved more time." Out of his dept…
David Moyes expects Jan Kirchhoff to miss around 12 weeks after undergoing knee surgery.
David Moyes reveals he had a deal to sign Kroos & Utd were close to signing Fabregas, bale, & Ronaldo . 😂
How Man Utd could've lined up if Moyes had got the players he'd been promised via
- Victor Anichebe insists he shows the value of the free market as striker backs David Moyes to succeed at...
Moyes says United stint too short, even would struggle
ICYMI - These are the players Sunderland's David Moyes tried to sign while Manchester United ma
ICYMI - David Moyes' bruising Manchester United experience has not stopped him thinking long-te
ICYMI - David Moyes rues failure to sign Real Madrid duo and Chelsea ace for Manchester United
ICYMI - David Moyes' wife turns down Old Trafford invite from Norma Charlton
David Moyes rues failure to sign Real Madrid ace and Chelsea star for Manchester United
David Moyes on losing their tradition, signing Toni Kroos and how Klopp or Guardiola would have struggled. https:/…
David Moyes: I thought I'd signed these world superstars for Manchester United
Moyes tried to bring Bale, Kroos to United
Interesting read; the scars of Moyes reign at have yet to heal.
David Moyes was just way way too small a person for the United job sadly. SAF absolutely negligent in his research
u mean thrash David moyes's Sunderland right
I respect David Moyes despite being a failure, until he hits out United. You've tasted the hottest seat in football be…
I'm going to the Boxing Day game, David Moyes doesn't deserve any crowd cheers from me or anyone else. He set United back ye…
Scars of David Moyes' 10-month reign at Manchester United have yet to heal
As far as I'm aware, there is no Premier League rule forbidding Marcos Rojo from two footing David Moyes on the touchline, he…
United lost their tradition when they stop winning titles, take a wild guess David Moyes, when did that start to happen?
How Manchester United could have lined up if David Moyes had landed his dream. via .
Moyes moaning that United failed to sign all the top players he wanted. Just a thought David but main reason is none w…
David Moyes on Man Utd: "I’m looking forward to it, going back there. It’s a great place to be a manager."
Moyes: "Whether it was Jose, Ancelotti, Klopp, Guardiola or David Moyes. It would have been a difficult job for whoeve…
Jurgen Klopp and Pep Guardiola would have struggled to replace Sir Alex Ferguson at Manchester United, says ... -…
After receiving complaints about his roast chicken David Moyes complained that he wasn't given enough thyme.
Wow. David Moyes is a *** I didnt hate the man, I am starting to see why other people do that though
2. David Moyes thought Ronaldo, Bale and Fabregas were going to join Man United when he took charge in 2013
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Why do I dislike David Moyes? Well for not giving this man a 10 year contract
David Moyes mouthing off about United 'betraying their traditions?' This from a man saying we should 'aspire' to be like Cit…
If I see David Moyes on the touchline celebrating a win I will drink that much I won't see 2017.
Come on David Moyes,. Play like Big Sam's Boys,. We'll go wild wild wild,. We'll go wild wild wild...
Manchester United vs Sunderland: David Moyes agreed to sign Toni Kroos but deal collapsed as ...
Manchester United promised David Moyes transfers of Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale, Cesc Fabregas and... -
Manchester United: Sunderland boss David Moyes missed out on Cristiano Ronaldo, Gareth Bale and Cesc Fabregas - The…
Only Sir Alex Fergsuon, Arsene Wenger, Harry Redknapp and David Moyes have managed more games than Alla…
David Moyes was the Chosen One. Arsene Wenger is the Fourth One 😂
David Moyes admits he'd be "very surprised" if Sunderland considered selling Jermain Defoe, saying he's crucial to their survival hopes.
David Moyes' Manchester United return with Sunderland set to rake up memories of his shattered Old Trafford dreams https…
Moyes accuses Sunderland of broken promises. David Moyes admits he might not have taken the Sunderland job if he had known the Premier Leag…
David Moyes reveals he was misled by SAFC owner Ellis Short & would've thought twice about taking job with hindsight http…
*Yearns for a gentler time when David Moyes would simply bring on Tony Hibbert & David Weir to close out a win*
Sunderland manager David Moyes confirmed that midfielder Jack Rodwell will continue to miss time with a hamstring injury.
Jack Rodwell has started running but is likely to miss the festive period, David Moyes has revealed. The...
boss David Moyes offers injury update on Jack Rodwell
Could Jack Rodwell return for Sunderland v Chelsea? David Moyes reveals all in our live blog...…
Jose Mourinho first 13 matches in Premier League compare to Louis Van Gaal and David Moyes
Dear Mr Moyes, think we could do a deal. Yours. Luciano D'Onofrio
David Moyes on rejecting Leicester: "I never saw them getting into the position they got into. But I’ve no regrets – I mad…
David Moyes: "I was asked after Nigel Pearson left and before Claudio came in. But I’d made my mind up that I wanted to ma…
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