David Mitchell & Kevin Bridges

David James Stuart Mitchell (born 14 July 1974) is a British actor, comedian and writer. He is half of the comedy duo Mitchell and Webb, alongside Robert Webb, whom he met at Cambridge University. Kevin Bridges (born 13 November 1986) is a Scottish stand-up comedian. 3.3/5

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.It needed "Britishness humour" Steve Cougan, Rob Brydon and say Kevin Bridges or David Mitchell. It was lame.
This is fun. Sarah Millican w/ Kevin Bridges pwned David Mitchell & Richard Ayoade at the Big Fat Quiz of 2014.
love him tbh, and Kevin Bridges and David Mitchell are both on it too
David Mitchell, Kevin Bridges & Micky flanningan,decent line up on big quiz of the year..about time they done away with Ross/Fielding etc
Kevin Bridges, Sarah Millican, David Mitchell, and Richard Ayoade. This is gonna be so good.
5 mins into Big Fat Quiz of the Year and Mel B is tragic, not sure I can go on. I'll soldier on for Kevin Bridges and David Mitchell.
The Big Fat Quiz of the Noughties / 00's Teams: Kevin Bridges and Alan Carr - Sarah Millican and David Mitchell - Richard Ayoade and Noel Fielding Host: Jimm...
Al Murray, Jon Richardson, Kevin Bridges, Lee Mack & David Mitchell are the funniest people in comedy. Don't argue with me.
Link of the day: the funniest 7 mins of TV I've seen this year. David Mitchell, Rob Brydon, Kevin Bridges & a horse.
I don't think I know Lee Mack, David Mitchell or Kevin Bridges.
big fat quiz of the 00s can u ask for a better line up, Alan Carr, Kevin Bridges, David Mitchell, Sarah Millican, Richard(ejo) Ayoade and Noel Fielding... great stuff
Big Fat Quiz of the 00's on Channel 4 now - Kevin Bridges, Alan Carr, Sarah Millican, David Mitchell, Richard Ayoade & Noel Fielding - Some line up = some craic!
Big fat quiz of the 00's on Ch4 at 9. David Mitchell, Noel Fielding, Kevin Bridges, Sarah Millican & the brilliant Richard Ayoade.
The guests on Big Fat Quiz of the 00s will be Alan Carr, David Mitchell, Richard Ayoade, Sarah Millican, Kevin Bridges and Noel Fielding.
'Would I Lie to You?' is actually brilliant. Lee Mack, Robert Webb, David Mitchell and Kevin Bridges on one show is too much!
Glasgow born Kevin Bridges brings chaos to the BBC Would I Lie to You ? in this funny episode he gets David Mitchell really going with his tale of a horse he...
Hilarious scene from Would I Lie to You? (Series 4, episode 3). Did Kevin Bridges buy a horse? David Mitchell tries to find out but has some difficulties try...
You need to get back & watch them all. I'm a huge David MItchell fan myself. One with Kevin Bridges buying a horse is hilarious.
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