David Mitchell & Jimmy Carr

David James Stuart Mitchell (born 14 July 1974) is a British actor, comedian and writer. He is half of the comedy duo Mitchell and Webb, alongside Robert Webb, whom he met at Cambridge University. James Anthony Patrick Jimmy Carr (born 15 September 1972) is an English comedian and humourist from Slough, Berkshire. 5.0/5

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Hilarious outburst from David Mitchell to Jimmy Carr and Lee Mack:
Jimmy Carr just suggested on that Mitchell Pearce talk to as he's an expert on this kind of…
of course! who can resist Jimmy Carr's laugh? Russell Brand? lol nah I'm joking. David Mitchell is 1 of my faves though
Jimmy Carr, Kate Beckinsale, Robert Lindsay, Tom Hughes & David Mitchell are expected at The Mentalists press night this evening.
We can't watch C4 because he hates Jimmy Carr. And we can't watch BBC because he hates Graham Norton and David Mitchell and Charlie Brooker.
Reasons to be excited: QI, E11 . Alan Davies, Ronni Ancona, Jimmy Carr and David Mitchell . .
pissing myself at this, got Jimmy Carr, Noel Fielding, Russell Brand, Lily Allen, Rob Brydon and David Mitchell.
Was It Something I Said? Hosted by David Mitchell, with team captains Richard Ayoade and Micky Flanagan. Guests this week are Jimmy Carr, Charlie Higson, and...
Stephen Fry, Jimmy Carr, Lee Nelson, David Mitchell, Jack Dee, Kevin Bacon & Barry Scott should all... just not be here
Stephen Fry, Alan Davies, David Mitchell, Rich Hall and Jimmy Carr aka the cure to unhappiness.
There should be a TV series with Rob Brydon, Steve Coogan, Jimmy Carr and David Mitchell, with the occasional appearances from Rhod Gilbert
Catching up on David Mitchell, Charlie Brooker, Jimmy Carr, and Lauren Laverne continue to be my favorite people.
Omg I love everyone on QI right now; Phil Jupitus, Alan Davies, Jimmy Carr and David Mitchell. Of course Stephen, always love him though.
A weekly, live comedy and current affairs show hosted by David Mitchell, Jimmy Carr, Charlie Brooker and Lauren Laverne. The top stories this week are the Bo...
10 o clock live is excellent. David Mitchell, Charlie Brooker and Jimmy Carr on the one show you simply can't go wrong
Jimmy Carr whipping out one liners, David Mitchell with his angry sarcasm, Charlie Brooker hating life and Lauren Laverne being a woman.
10 o'Clock Show, where Charlie Brooker & David Mitchell wonder what the *** Jimmy Carr is doing there.
David Mitchell, Charlie Brooker, Lauren Laverne and Jimmy Carr reunite to shine an uncomfortably bright light on the week's events and give an alternative take on the news.
I like Charlie Brooker, David Mitchell and Jimmy Carr, and can put up with Lauren Laverne. So why is 10 O'Clock Live so bloody terrible?
Jimmy Carr and David Mitchell about to discuss Luis Suarez on channel 4 now.
Big fan of Charlie Brooker and Jimmy Carr, but I've decided my favourite bits on are the bits with David Mitchell
Getting round to watching . So good. Charlie Brooker, David Mitchell, Jimmy Carr... it's just a shame about Lauren Laverne.
Charlie Brooker, Lauren Laverne, Jimmy Carr & David Mitchell are four clear reasons not to watch
It ain't Jon Stewart. And why let Jimmy Carr do that stuff at all. Have David Mitchell and his lovely new wife
I'm sure David Mitchell and Jimmy Carr are the sort of people Charlie Brooker would have despised about 10 or so years ago
Jimmy Carr, Charlie Brooker and David Mitchell all on the panel. Dry humor dream team.
I do have to watch Lauren Laverne try to be funny. Which is awful. I mean they get Jimmy Carr, Charlie Brooker and David Mitchell. Why her?
Laughing hard already at David Mitchell, Jimmy Carr and Charlie Brooker's comments on Thatcher.
Charlie Brooker, Jimmy Carr and David Mitchell all in one programme, ahhh 10 O'Clock Live you're the best
Jimmy Carr on JLS, "Marvin will be okay but I worry about the others" David Mitchell "I'm assuming JLS isn't a chain of shops"
10 O'Clock Live returns to Channel 4 - with Charlie Brooker, Lauren Laverne, Jimmy Carr and David Mitchell
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Aw man, so many awesome comedians on BBC! Lee Mack, Jimmy Carr, Rob Brydon, David Mitchell, Alan Davis, Stephen Fry... Makes me laugh xD
what was the c4 show with Jimmy Carr and David Mitchell? And is that returning this year?
and 10 o clock live was awesome when he was with David Mitchell, Jimmy Carr and Lauren Laverne.
my favourite comedian is Chris Addison, also David Mitchell is v funny and I want Jimmy Carr to always and forever BE QUIET.
Qi on Dave. Phill Jupitus, David Mitchell, then Stephen Fry said the magic words "Jimmy Carr"! Sod that for a lark!
Dave Ja Vu now, my favourite line up on Qi, David Mitchell, Jimmy Carr and Rich Hall! Just need to get rid of Alan Davies.
and here we get Jimmy Carr, David Mitchell and Lauren Laverne :( Brooker has the fire though
Big Brother would be fab if they had David Mitchell, Sean Lock, Sarah Millican, Jimmy Carr, Jack Whitehall, Michael McIntyre & Rob Brydon in
How can they have Graham Norton, David Mitchell and Alan Carr nominated for the best comedy act but not Jimmy Carr, Micky Flanagan etc.?
THAT Mitchell and Webb Look comic ties knot in front of celeb guests including Jimmy Carr and Frank Skinner
Now it's over, I can talk! Just DJd David Mitchell's wedding! Bare celebs! Webb was best man Jimmy Carr, Claudia Winkleman and more!
Finally got to see some British a-listers tonight, and not in wax form - Nigella Lawson, Jimmy Carr and David Mitchell ...YAY!
My YouTube recommendations: Jimmy Carr, David Mitchell, Ray William Johnson. Why don't you just call me a tosser to my face, YouTube?
Re-watching Big Fat Quiz of the 00's, Noel Fielding, David Mitchell, Alan Carr and Jimmy Carr, it doesn't get better than this!
'Would I Lie to You?" is definitely my favourite panel show. Lee Mack & David Mitchell are perfect, and add Rob Brydon & Jimmy Carr, Gold.
Watching last nights Qi, David Mitchell & Jimmy Carr. Think I've just had a braingasm!!!
"We both mean the same thing, you just don't know it yet." - David Mitchell talking to Jimmy Carr during a disagreement on 'Would I Lie To You?'
Richard Ayoade, Noel Fielding, Chris O'Dowd, Jimmy Carr, Michael McIntyre, Lee Mack, David Mitchell and others, in my bed, now!
I really like Alan Davies. Rich Hall token American. I'd say David Mitchell, Jimmy Carr, or Bill Bailey as best. You?
I can't believe Jimmy Carr has 2.4m followers and David Mitchell only has 810k. Don't get me wrong,I like Jimmy,but David is so much better.
Dream guy: a mix of Jimmy Carr and David Mitchell that looks like Danny Masterson with a beard.
John Finnemore should go on So Wrong It's Right... & David Mitchell & Jimmy Carr. That'd be the best thing on Radio 4 since Cabin Pressure.
Woah okay so he had Jimmy Carr AND Ed Byrne. Did he ever have Frankie Boyle, Russell Howard, or David Mitchell on there or OR DARA.
I imagine him Charlie Brooker, David Mitchell, Noel Fielding and Jimmy Carr as the Bullingdon Club of quiz TV
I do think Jimmy Carr and David Mitchell are good on it though. They're great at quick comebacks to others (particularly Alan).
I don't know what's a better trio, Rob Brydon, David Mitchell and Lee Mack or Jimmy Carr, Sean Lock and Jon Richardson
Sean Lock, Frankie Boyle, David Mitchell, Jack Dee, Jimmy Carr...so many more but some of my faves
Just caught up on my backlog of recordings. Love the wit of Jimmy Carr & David Mitchell, pity it's finished now! :(
10 O'Clock Live is currently my favorite show. Jimmy Carr, David Mitchell, Charlie Brooker, and Lauren Laverne are four hilarious British comedians that hilariously insult British politicians. It's like The Daily Show, but it doesn't make me hate my country.
David Mitchell for PM please. Lauren Laverne can be deputy, Charlie can be Public Relations and Jimmy Carr can be chancellor!
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