David Mitchell & Charlie Brooker

David James Stuart Mitchell (born 14 July 1974) is a British actor, comedian and writer. He is half of the comedy duo Mitchell and Webb, alongside Robert Webb, whom he met at Cambridge University. Charlton Charlie Brooker (born 3 March 1971) is a British journalist, screenwriter and broadcaster. 5.0/5

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David Mitchell and Charlie Brooker are the two funniest people in the world. Like, on another level.
Or Jon Stewart, or John Oliver or David Mitchell, or Charlie Brooker and sometimes Bill Maher. PS I hope Colbert is back soon.
We can't watch C4 because he hates Jimmy Carr. And we can't watch BBC because he hates Graham Norton and David Mitchell and Charlie Brooker.
I liked a video David Mitchell Reviews the Rave Scene in Charlie Brooker's 'How TV Ruined Your Life'
True ... David Mitchell, Victoria Coren, Charlie Brooker, Russell Howard, Stephen Fry ... and the list goes on and on and on :)
Imagine the comic genius of a mixture of Charlie Brooker and David Mitchell.
Charlie Brooker has to be one of the funniest guys on the planet on a par with Richard Ayoade & David Mitchell.
It really would. Konnie Huq & Charlie Brooker, Victoria Coren could come out of the captain's chair to oppose David Mitchell!
Charlie Brooker and David Mitchell really hate everything XD
Catching up on David Mitchell, Charlie Brooker, Jimmy Carr, and Lauren Laverne continue to be my favorite people.
Why Charlie Brooker and David Mitchell don't have a programme where they just rant about a chosen subject for an hour is beyond me.
still think there should be a uk version of presented by David Mitchell or Charlie Brooker.
These podcasts are great, with guests like, David Mitchell, Graham Linehan, Charlie Brooker and Rob Delaney and Rich's silliness, I guess that's not surprising!
A weekly, live comedy and current affairs show hosted by David Mitchell, Jimmy Carr, Charlie Brooker and Lauren Laverne. The top stories this week are the Bo...
10 o clock live is excellent. David Mitchell, Charlie Brooker and Jimmy Carr on the one show you simply can't go wrong
Jimmy Carr whipping out one liners, David Mitchell with his angry sarcasm, Charlie Brooker hating life and Lauren Laverne being a woman.
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Charlie Brooker and David Mitchell are like my two favourite people, and them together on 10 o'clock live just complete my week tbh.
Charlie Brooker and David Mitchell are brilliant though. Maybe exchange Carr for Henning Wenn?
10 o'Clock Show, where Charlie Brooker & David Mitchell wonder what the *** Jimmy Carr is doing there.
Lauren Laverne I wanna punch you in the gob! And you Charlie Brooker. And you David Mitchell. πŸ‘Š
David Mitchell is fab, as is Charlie Brooker.
Charlie Brooker is absolutely brilliant. He and David Mitchell should just rule television forever.
The revolution is starting! Charlie Brooker wants to ban people filming on their phones in portrait mode & David Mitchell hates carveries.
Who do I love more, David Mitchell or Charlie Brooker. Let me count the ways.
David Mitchell & Charlie Brooker need to start a political party, so grumpy, but they speak sense lol.
Catching up on 10 O'Clock live. Can we please just have the Charlie Brooker and David Mitchell bits please?
David Mitchell, Charlie Brooker, Lauren Laverne and Jimmy Carr reunite to shine an uncomfortably bright light on the week's events and give an alternative take on the news.
I like Charlie Brooker, David Mitchell and Jimmy Carr, and can put up with Lauren Laverne. So why is 10 O'Clock Live so bloody terrible?
Obviously love and David Mitchell. But if was an hour of Charlie Brooker I'd be more than happy
Paul Merton looks like he's had a makeover from the comedy goblin They got David Mitchell and Charlie Brooker too.
Big fan of Charlie Brooker and Jimmy Carr, but I've decided my favourite bits on are the bits with David Mitchell
It's a shame because I love David Mitchell and Charlie Brooker
mildly better. Sean Lock, Charlie Brooker, David Mitchell are more my thing
It'd be so much better if it got rid of them, cut the silliness, and just had Charlie Brooker and David Mitchell do there thing.
Getting round to watching . So good. Charlie Brooker, David Mitchell, Jimmy Carr... it's just a shame about Lauren Laverne.
Charlie Brooker, Lauren Laverne, Jimmy Carr & David Mitchell are four clear reasons not to watch
I'm sure David Mitchell and Jimmy Carr are the sort of people Charlie Brooker would have despised about 10 or so years ago
10 o'clock Live could easily be stripped down to just David Mitchell and Charlie Brooker, but that's just my opinion.
10 o'clock live could really work with just David Mitchell and Charlie Brooker.
watching David Mitchell and Charlie Brooker at the same time makes me very happy
This guy called Charlie Brooker, who has been hilarious the first 20 minutes, and David Mitchell
Spend pretty much all of 10 o'clock live trying to decide if I prefer David Mitchell or Charlie Brooker.
Charlie Brooker and David Mitchell are pretty much my two favourite people ever. In stitches here.
Jimmy Carr, Charlie Brooker and David Mitchell all on the panel. Dry humor dream team.
If was just Charlie Brooker and David Mitchell it would be much more watchable. And enjoyable. And funny.
I do have to watch Lauren Laverne try to be funny. Which is awful. I mean they get Jimmy Carr, Charlie Brooker and David Mitchell. Why her?
Hamilton Collection
Laughing hard already at David Mitchell, Jimmy Carr and Charlie Brooker's comments on Thatcher.
Charlie Brooker, Jimmy Carr and David Mitchell all in one programme, ahhh 10 O'Clock Live you're the best
Charlie Brooker & David Mitchell are so bloody miserable.
My dream dinner party involves Charlie Brooker & David Mitchell both ranting at either each other or another guest-but not me
10 O'Clock Live returns to Channel 4 - with Charlie Brooker, Lauren Laverne, Jimmy Carr and David Mitchell
Had that problem once before too. Got priority for something better and was feet away from Charlie Brooker & David Mitchell!
Trying to decide which celebrity couple is more unexpected: Victoria Coren and David Mitchell or Konnie Huq and Charlie Brooker
Yeah, they are really good. Listened to Paul's and the ones with David Mitchell, Rufus Hound and Charlie Brooker.
Men get so much hotter with age (Steve Carell, David Mitchell, Ricky Gervais, Charlie Brooker, etc. 😍)
If you hosted a dinner party, and could invite any 6 people (living or no longer with us), who would they be? For me: 1) David Bowie, 2) Derren Brown, 3) David Mitchell, 4) Jo Brand, 5) Louis Theroux, 6) Charlie Brooker.
I want David Mitchell and Charlie Brooker to collaborate in making the world's single grumpiest sitcom to date.
I'm hoping to get my full license in a few months + some peeps dont even have licenses like Charlie Brooker or David Mitchell
Charlie Brooker and David Mitchell are my cultural icons. They could make the way they pick their noses sound interesting and/or funny.
So far I have David Mitchell, Victoria Coren and Charlie Brooker's recent columns. I also have one of Robert Webb's older ones :D
"Would I Lie To You" is at its best when Charlie Brooker and David Mitchell are yelling at each other. :P
David Mitchell's Memoirs: Saw copies of this today, next to a pile of the new Charlie Brooker thing. I see that ...
Charlie Brooker to David Mitchell - 'What is the most complicated thing you do in your kitchen?'. David Mitchell - 'Worry about death?' Epic :)
I love stand up :) My favourite comedians are him, Jon Richardson, David Mitchell, Charlie Brooker, Lee Mack & Michael McIntyre.
From a new series, Very Important People, amazing impressions of Charlie Brooker and David Mitchell! I almost plotzed!
Lee Mack and David Mitchell and Miranda Hart and Charlie Brooker would be the greatest X Factor judges ever!
Am I glad to see David Mitchell in Charlie Brooker's related tags? Yes or yes?
Who is punching above their weight the most, Charlie Brooker or David Mitchell? G'wan yersel', lads.
Charlie Brooker: What’s the most complex thing you do in your kitchen? David Mitchell: Worry about death.
I'm watching Would I Lie to You on Dave. Charlie Brooker and David Mitchell are having a Guardian columnist showdown.
We need room for Charlie Brooker & David Mitchell too. Anybody any good at maths? Somebody needs to be economy guy.
Yeah I've heard of it being a thing with The Guardian especially w/r/t Charlie Brooker and David Mitchell.
how can you like the comedy of Charlie Brooker and not David Mitchell? 😳
I need comedy after this day. Charlie Brooker and David Mitchell will do just fine.
I imagine him Charlie Brooker, David Mitchell, Noel Fielding and Jimmy Carr as the Bullingdon Club of quiz TV
I don't like it. I hate Lauren Laverne, I think David Mitchell tries too hard to be funny and Charlie Brooker is up himself.
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Why is David Mitchell trying to turn into Charlie Brooker?
10 O'Clock Live is currently my favorite show. Jimmy Carr, David Mitchell, Charlie Brooker, and Lauren Laverne are four hilarious British comedians that hilariously insult British politicians. It's like The Daily Show, but it doesn't make me hate my country.
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