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David Mitchell

David James Stuart Mitchell (born 14 July 1974) is a British actor, comedian and writer. He is half of the comedy duo Mitchell and Webb, alongside Robert Webb, whom he met at Cambridge University.

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What do I miss? Second-hand bookshops where I can find things I had no idea I wanted.- David Mitchell
Hee-hee, only just seen this funny David Mitchell football sketch, a perfect distraction from stuff you need to do https:/…
Join for an exclusive reading of new work on 12th July
Back at the desk. I'm working on typography in David Mitchell's sublime when I rediscovered this page…
David Atkinson recently attended the Victorian Greenhouse Alliances conference on behalf of Mitchell Shire...
But I've had success with plenty of other David Mitchell things. The Unbelievable Truth is a great one to go to.
But regardless, thanks so much for your works and worlds I've had the chance to immerse myself in j…
...with you in some way for a brief opinion. You've become such a flash inspiration, it would mean…
I know this is highly irregular and you must be flooded... but I would absolutely die of honour if…
A young man attempting to let go of the women haunting his past shares his memories with an inter-b…
I'm penning a fan-fiction-but-not-esque novel myself at the moment, a love story with a similar con…
Many thanks for your replies, , I'd heard it was multiverse but brilliant to hear i…
Tom Mitchell’s 50 disposal effort for was special, and shows we need to treasure inside midfielders https:…
14tm TE premium, lighter IDP 32 man rosters.1 is JPP,M.Mitchell,18 2nd, gronk. is 2 18 1sts added on
Travel far enough you meet your self. -David Mitchell
Watch the… – Reading Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell — Watching Beetleborgs with the nothing-to-hide argument is the Most Expensive in!
Tonight's Real Talk with and Dallas & TK: the problem with outrage culture
Katie Mitchell's production at the National is a pale imitation of David Garrick's in 1890
“My life amounts to no more than one drop in a limitless ocean. Yet what is any ocean, but a multitude of drops?”Da…
On page 88 of 624 of The Bone Clocks, by David Mitchell
I am breaking my brain trying to remember in what book is the wonderful paragraph that follows 2 (I think) birds in flight.
I liked a video Best of David Mitchell's funny angry logic
Thanks so much for your reply! I've always wondered about the Nobel Laureate, ex-Manhattan Project…
In Bartolo's MLB debut his team had Thome, Julio Franco, O. Vizquel, Matt Williams, Kevin Mitchell, Manny R…
But he has good hair, like David Lynch or Bill Mitchell
I liked a video David Mitchell completely loses it
Start the week with an Unhelpful Thought For the Day from
“If you show someone something you've written, you give them a sharpened stake... and say, ‘When you’re ready’.” -David…
Thoughtful and insightful webchat with author David Mitchell via
CCVO announces David J. Mitchell as its new President and CEO
National treasure. Enjoyed all of David Mitchell's books as well. Good luck. Any good ones you come across let me know
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I have not. But I do love David Mitchell.
Have you seen the Comic Relief GBBO with David Mitchell?
Why does this tattoo make David Gray look like Phil Mitchell 🙈
Finished listening to David Mitchell: Back Story (Unabridged) by David Mitchell. Try and get it free:
Future Library enters the Royal Collection as a special gift from the City to King and Queen
Paul Joseph Watson is a lot less worrying if you imagine he's just a David Mitchell sketch that's gotten out of hand
We are so pleased to release our new interview Sjón, shot in Iceland https:…
Happy 43rd Birthday to David Bowie's Diamond Dogs album!. Released on this day in 1974. (Graphic via
I always thought it was a David Mitchell novel?
Failing Netflix took Peep Show off their site and won't put it back on! David Mitchell and Robert Webb are underrated comedy legends! Sad!
Lee MacK and David Mitchell are way too funny😭
I'm watching Upstart Crow. It's not remarkable, but it's amusingly enough Blackaddery and David Mitchell is fun.
But the question is would you be on David Mitchell or Lee MacK's team?
My favourite authors - William Boyd, Robert Harris, David Mitchell - wrote about diverse places, times and cultures. Is that appropriation?
Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. 6 storylines intertwined into 1!!! + the way they were intertwined!…
Comedy fans are in for a treat as Rob Brydon, David Mitchell & Lee MacK preview their new show
I liked a video David Mitchell and the mysterious red switch - Would I Lie to You?
I think David Mitchell is my favourite QI panelist. And Bill Bailey.
SNAP ELECTION. Who will David Mitchell be voting for? And who will Mark Corrigan be voting for?
I liked a video Jack Whitehall is more posh than David Mitchell
I am a culmination of David Mitchell, Richard Ayoade and Jon Richardson. This is in humor, life outlook and just general level of fun-ness
David Mitchell writes well in Guardian on
"If you love and are loved, whatever you do affects others." — David Mitchell. YONGKISS LastDuoStanding
Mortal Engines, Susan Cooper, Earthsea. (I might respectfully disagree on David Mitchell as bit older/disturbing tho great!)
22:00 QI: Stephen Fry meditates on matters medieval and macabre with Matt Lucas and David Mitchell.
goalkeeper David Mitchell has surgery for fractured eye socket after a head clash in training. .
“I believe there is another world waiting for us. A better world. And I'll be waiting for you there.” ― David Mitchell…
25% done with Slade House, by David Mitchell: Hmm. Not blown away yet. Onward!
Just in from Matt Mitchell plays Tim Berne (engineered by David Torn). Yeah!.
I wish i was as funny as david mitchell
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Just taught Slade House by for the first time and the students loved it more than any other book I've ever assigned.
Lee MacK is hands down my favourite, Frankie Boyle's up there as well, David Mitchell is a god amongst men
gotta mention Frankie Boyle David Mitchell and Lee MacK but they're more panel show than stand up
Get ready for the next session of Books on Tap on Mar. 28! We'll be discussing Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. Call…
Did you miss this? : Review: Slade House by David Mitchell - Something you need to know...
Toss up between Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell and THE WIND-UP BIRD CHRONICLE by Haruki Murakami
No. David Mitchell as the next Bond. I can think of few things that would make me happier.
The [is more like a pregnant woman who delivers her own child unaided. A messy procedure, with lots of groaning. ~ David Mitchell
I adore David Mitchell, top notch comedian
Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. Weaves a series of stories from different times/genres w/ engaging structure. One of…
"Bittersweet" is getting towards the end of a beyond fantastic book.
How come disgraced politicians like David Cameron and Andrew Mitchell turn to international aid as their cause?
lol I can't lie, I don't watch it, literally rather watch old clips of grant Mitchell fights
I like how David Mitchell crafts stories, his imagination is wild
Frank Butcher, Grant Mitchell, David Wicks, Phil Mitchell, Dan Sullivan the list goes on and on
Hamilton Collection
The Thousand Autumns of Jacob de Sort, by David Mitchell, is a brilliant, underrated read.
FSP's David Mitchell "Since the election, tax reform is very much on the table."
Cloud Atlas, by David Mitchell. No, haven't seen the movie. No, I don't particularly care either 😶
Listening to the Slade House audiobook by and I've decided not to eat or drink anything anytime I go anywhere, ever. O.o -A
David Price had an MRI. Forearm/elbow issue. Going to get an opinion from Dr. Andrews at the NFL combine.
Last time 2 TEs picked in top 15: 1992. Something tells me O.J. Howard/David Njoku will end up better than Derek Brown/Johnny Mitchell.
The Goldfinch by Donna Tartt, Prayer for Owen Meany by John Irving, Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell!
John Oliver, Richard Ayoade and David Mitchell hanging out as teens.
did you read Slade House by David Mitchell? Cause it seemed like he'd been influenced by your stuff...
.have you read Slade House by David Mitchell? Parts of the latest arc remind me of it!
Someone needs to invent a show that has Giles, Victoria Coren Mitchell, and David Mitchell. Food, poker & humor?
On page 107 of 240 of Slade House, by David Mitchell
Will never lose sheer applause for David Mitchell on marrying Victoria Coren. Punching! Must just click😊❤️
try the Bone Clocks by David Mitchell (not that one). Brilliant
The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell. It lost me once but perseverance has really paid off.
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I've always thought of David Mitchell's "Black Swan Green" (which I love) as YA memoir
Black Swan Green by David Mitchell& Wintering by Kate Moses. My lib has Bad News. I'll check it out. Thanks!
genius tonight Lee MacK aces but David Mitchell gag of the night with "Kevin the bun seller" check it out
Laugh out loud funny ❤ Lee MacK, David Mitchell and Miles Jupp 😁😁
Miles Jupp, Ed Byrne, Lee MacK and David Mitchell on So, so funny. 😂
Did you ever hear Elvis Mitchell's interview of Axelrod?
These former stars are now Super Bowl champions. See what they said following their big win on Sunday.
Basically they had me at David Mitchell.
listening to a David Mitchell podcast about manners XD
There are 3 terrific pieces in Crikey today: Rundle on Bernardi, Keane on the RWNJs and David Salter on ignorant Chris Mitchell. Great stuff
continuous terrible shot selection and we tried to play mitchell off McMahon instead of McMahon off mitchell. Painful to watch
Donovan Mitchell fooled us all into forgetting how poorly he plays against good competition.
Thank you for Cloud Atlas. Beautifully conceived, beautifully written.
Donovan Mitchell back to playing like *** against good teams
David Mitchell suggests is the greenest city in the commonwealth
Malcolm Mitchell and David Andrews, starters on '12 UGA team that lost in SEC title game, on other side this time. https:/…
"Travel far enough, you meet yourself." — David Mitchell
I liked a video The Phrase 'Rape and Pillage' | David Mitchell's SoapBox
I must confess I'm mildly in love with Victoria Coren-Mitchell. I also like David Mitchell, ménage à trois?
I'm in love with David Mitchell's wife
Congrats to greats Malcolm Mitchell and David Andrews on winning the
Parole hearing expected for prison employee who aided in daring escape
I would trade it for a new Dortmunder novel from Donald Westlake or anything form (who isn't even dead).
greats David Andrews and Maclolm Mitchell speak after winning the Read: https…
I never knew that David Mitchell was married to Victoria Coren
I liked a video "This is my.." Feat. Greg Davies, David Mitchell, Konnie Huq and Ian - Would I Lie to
Every new David Mitchell and Michel Faber novel has a stunning cover and the outsides match the insides pretty perfectly .
Finally Big Fat Quiz of the Year time! David Mitchell, Richard Ayoade, Sarah Millican, Mel Gedroyc, and Rob Delaney? YES PLEASE.
David Mitchell and Sarah Millican on one team and Romesh Ranganathan hating Mel Giedroyc on the other team.
Margaret Atwood, David Mitchell and Sjón are all contributing to a forest of books on the outskirts of Oslo.
David Mitchell and Robert Webb to reunite for new sitcom -
They're back! Peep Show duo David Mitchell and Robert Webb reunite for new Channel 4 sitcom
Class, ability and opportunity from David Mitchell's The Bone Clocks
Jonathan Douglas from a distance is basically watching David Mitchell play Football
David Mitchell's "Slade House" is a work of art. As though and had a paper child.
3 of 5 stars to I custodi di Slade House by David Mitchell
I liked a video Carlos, Romesh Ranganathan, David Mitchell and David Haye - Would I Lie to You? [HD]
Fortunately, Abbott can't get a job here. After Farage, who else might Trump want to hire for us? | David Mitchell
Peep Show star David Mitchell on why Shakespeare is like Homer Simpson
atars David Mitchell and Robert Webb are reuniting for an Odd Couple-style sitcom
For when you're extremely off the log off, some good authors: David Mitchell, Lauren Beukes, Neal Stephenson, Murakami
Books seen by the pool Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell. THE SECRET SPEECH by Tom Rob Smith
Wow! Jon Richardson and Russel Howard on the same team plus David Mitchell on the opposing team! This is gonna be awesome!
Dundee keeper David Mitchell falls back over line when catching Scott McDonald cross. No goal given for Motherwell
Agree on David Mitchell! Also Where Futures End by Parker Peevyhouse and A World Without You by Beth Revis
Sometimes I sit and think about if I look like David Mitchell or not
Authors Are Writing 100 New Books—to Publish in 2114: (Newser) – Authors Margaret Atwood and David Mitchell h...
Read this new fiction by David Mitchell and Margaret Atwood... in 98 years.
David Mitchell and Margaret Atwood have new fiction—you just need to wait 98 years to be able to read it. via
David Mitchell, Margaret Atwood, others—no one will read it in this lifetime, waits for readers beyond this century
David Mitchell just said on that he "wouldn't mind" if David Cameron dies. Lovely.
Love watching David Mitchell ! So fun on would i lie to you , and Lee MacK also lol so fast and witty , but Brian blessed is amazing! Lol 😂
Lee MacK and David Mitchell are absolutely amazing
Just over here reading lists of books to have in your prepper library, and it's all because of some fantasy fiction, thx David Mitchell.
Oh we've taped that. We love it. It's always hilarious isn't it? David Mitchell is so funny & Lee MacK is…
David Mitchell, Lee MacK and Jon Richardson are my favourite.
Sounds interesting - hope you enjoy! I'm planning to finish Slade House by David Mitchell tonight; less than 50 pages left.
David Mitchell's THE Bone Clocks is beautiful and heartbreaking and engrossing! Sad that it's over, but I'm getting Slade House!
Just finished Slade House by David Mitchell and it was really good.
Please join the English Society on Halloween for a discussion of:. Slade House (2015) by David Mitchell. Mon, Oct 31st @ CUA B&N. 7:30-9pm
this year I read Throne of the Crescent Moon by Saladin Ahmed & The Bone Clocks/Slade House by David Mitchell. all were v. good.
David Mitchell's article is spot on. Don't call racists "racist" they don't like the label but do like the policies .
Does Amber Rudd hate foreigners, or does she hate us? | David Mitchell
“Trees're always a relief, after people.” . ― David Mitchell, Black Swan Green. Charles Harbutt (Magnu…
David Mitchell on Tax Avoidance from The Last Leg Just brilliant, and well said
David Mitchell: Teachers does not pause enough! John Hattie: "Shut up and listen!" Helen Timperley: "Skapa behov...
This is great, have referred to it many times, and will so again. 10Q: David Mitchell
Brown Head Coach Mike Martin was at the Belmont Hill School today to visit 2018s David Mitchell and Jovan Jones.
Halfway through Bone Clocks by David Mitchell and not sure how I'm going to get anything done before I'm finished.
Read The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell. Great journey, fun characters--esp Hugo Lamb. Loved most of it.
Hard to admit what a letdown THE Bone Clocks an admirer of David Mitchell. THOUSAND AUTUMNS was such a fine piece of storytelling.
David Mitchell's The Bone Clocks is a bit trippy, but I'm enjoying the fact it's set in 1980s England - even if it is down south!
Waiting for David Mitchell to give a reading from his new novel The Bone Clocks at the Damien Barr Literary Salon
David Mitchell's Bone Clocks. Not that far in but already hooked.
On page 136 of 595 of The Bone Clocks, by David Mitchell
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
Just finished Bone Clocks by David Mitchell. Sprawling, all over the place, gigantic digressions and blind alleys everywhere - but loved it
anything by David Mitchell (not the comedian) like Cloud Atlas or The Bone Clocks. They're all fantastical and funny! 😊
Ooh! needs a David Mitchell vs showdown! XD Also much love for Katherine Ryan and her info.
An episode of QI with Sue Perkins, David Mitchell and Bill Bailey? Yes please.
He still celebrates it so he can play with Alexander Armstrong. And David Mitchell now presumably.
"Grief is an amputation, but hope is incurable haemophilia: you bleed and bleed and bleed." - David Mitchell, Slade House
Reading Slade House by David Mitchell today and I can't decide if I like it or not .
I thought it was David Mitchell in character as Shakespeare from Upstart Crow first of all!
On page 141 of 238 of Slade House, by David Mitchell
On page 145 of 272 of Slade House, by David Mitchell
On page 39 of 238 of Slade House, by David Mitchell
Do I need to read the 600+ page, overly-meta, The Bone Clocks before I read Slade House by David Mitchell?
Treated myself to the hardback of David Mitchell's Slade House, and it looks good without the…
Slade House, by David Mitchell: Hard to imagine a more finely wrought and chilling tale of the supernatural. One of the ra…
David Mitchell: 'Ghost stories tap into something ancient and primal'
After finishing David Mitchell's "Slade House" last night, I decided to start my new Andy McNab…
Onto the 'David Nicholls' chapter of David Mitchell's Slade House. (That's what he's doing, right?)
I'll give it a go. Just abaht to start the new David Mitchell
On page 50 of 272 of Slade House, by David Mitchell
I got some today in the form of David Mitchell's "Slade House". *. After previously…
You're probably right... Today's comes from David Mitchell - Author's Black Swan Green.
Hilarious outburst from David Mitchell to Jimmy Carr and Lee MacK:
On page 193 of 233 of Slade House, by David Mitchell
2 of 5 stars to Slade House by David Mitchell
Black Swan Green by David Mitchell is excellent story of a kid with difficulties growing up in 82/83
yuk - David Mitchell is increasingly puffed up with a sense of his own self-importance. I call this "going Stephen Fry"
Akok Akok, David Mitchell, and Taelon Martin getting ready to play in the Big Strick Classic Underclassman game. Gauchos…
I'm halfway through Slade House, aka the last David Mitchell book I will ever read
I am ashamed to say that today was my first visit to the works of Cloud Atlas and the genius that is David Mitchell.
finished it! May have shed a tear or two. So so good! (Have you read Slade House by David Mitchell? Loved that one.)
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On page 137 of 240 of Slade House, by David Mitchell
Each time say what this book last. But two weeks and I taked new. This problem I have with books Stephen King & David Mitchell.
With the continuing adventures of David Mitchell and Stephen Tatlock.
Peep Show on channel four w David Mitchell and Robert Webb is bliss 💜
Welly well well, Stephen Fry vs David Mitchell on
a cross between David Mitchell and Hilary Mantel
David Mitchell and Robert Webb at Cambridge together ❤️ warms my heart
Made the pointless additions of David Mitchell, Darnell Fisher, Adam Frizzell and Tony Ralston to finish my squad.
Wait. David Mitchell @ Robert Webb had a baby and it was Matt Damon?!?
new Book Shambles on Vonnegut, hidden history, David Mitchell, Joseph Heller & much more
Future library: the books by Margaret Atwood & David Mitchell which won't be read until 2114
David Mitchell and Robert Webb are the best comedy duo going man idc
me: loves Robert Webb and David Mitchell. also me: hasn't watched Peep Show???
I miss my YouTube shows . Mitchell and Webb. Armstrong and miller. Key and Peele. David Mitchell's soapbox
boyfriend is really into Mitchell and Webb but someone I only get exposed to David Mitchell
I liked a video "This is my.."Feat. Rhod Gilbert, David Mitchell, Sally Phillips and Tony - Would I
David Mitchell is the Second Author to Join the Future Library Project of 2114
In the movie, I think Matt Lucas for Boris Johnson, Toby Jones for Michael Gove and David Mitchell for David Cameron.
England leaves the EU then David Cameron resigns the England leave the euros then Roy Hodgson resigns
Wow, what is a world without Michael Jackson, Muhammad Ali, Robin Williams, Whitney Houston, Prince, Amy Winehouse, David B…
Ah the VT on David Bowie at glasto - still doesn't feel real at times :(
The History of the EU with David Mitchell via
David Lambert and reveal what’s next with the Nick situation on htt…
I am not ashamed to say I have just finished reading Slade House in nearly one night. What a read !!
David Mitchell gives us a haunted house story in Slade House (
“Always, it is the poor people who pay. And always, it is the poor people's women who pay the most.” . ― David Mitchell
I liked a video Did David Mitchell read 1984 from cover to cover in WHSmith? - Would I Lie to You?
Googled 'david Mitchell laughing' and was not disappointed
"Travel far enough,you find yourself." David Mitchell . I guess I haven't travelled far enough yet!😃what about you g…
Proud day for as Senator George Mitchell launches Institute for Global Peace, Security and Justice http…
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
David Mitchell: It's important for us to relax our assumptions; there are partisan interests and vested interests ..
lot of new signings in 2nd edition of PSL. B Mccullum, Faf Du plesis, Mitchell Starc and David Warner are key players for 2nd Edition of PSL.
- just in, a gripping tale from author David Mitchell
Silva looks a bit like an in shape Spanish David Mitchell
Read David Mitchell's Slade House, in paperback, in 36 hrs, and it's not released, officially, until Tues. Thanks brick-and-mortar stores!
David Skinner is bare bantz m8 absolute labour lad
Can't wait to hear David Mitchell speak to this today
Bet David Cameron falls asleep to the sound of working class people arguing on Jeremy Kyle
I've watched it, jut david Mitchell taking the *** out of bible man
PM welcomes Labour's new MP: She should "keep her mobile on, she might be in shadow cabinet by the end of the day"
David Mitchell and Tom Kirk appointed to the AG’s A and B Panels of junior counsel to the Crown respectively, with effect fr…
Virginia Woolf and Joyce and David Mitchell are correct. A life is a kind of metempsychosis wherein we cannot recognize our…
“Unlimited power in the hands of limited people always leads to cruelty.” . ― David Mitchell, Cloud Atlas
made this a while ago for the craic. David Mitchell is my headcanon voice for Joseph Joestar.
Yepski! Got a ticket for Jonathan Coe at 4 and David Mitchell at 6 both tomorrow
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Another Jeep lover, David Mitchell with his new 2016 Jeep Wrangler he purchased from John Jones Auto Group!
The Library at Mount Char by Scott Hawkins. Never Let Me Go by Kazuro Ishiguro. Cloud Atlas by David Mitchell
Reading Adam Thorpe's Ulverton, which has at various times reminded me of Alan Garner, Alan Moore, David Mitchell, and Russell Hoban.
The new Oslo public library will keep new books by David Mitchell and Margaret Atwood
New books by Margaret Atwood, David Mitchell & more to be held in library & unread until 2114
.It needed "Britishness humour" Steve Cougan, Rob Brydon and say Kevin Bridges or David Mitchell. It was lame.
Why elected leaders ought to make the big decisions | David Mitchell
9pm on BBC 1. Would I Lie to You with Lee MacK & David Mitchell is on before it.
If they ever do another film or (the dream) another Hitchhiker's TV series I would like to see David Mitchell as Arthur Dent.
The Fed travels through time to knock some sense into us. My take w bonus David Mitchell reference.
Loving new Ben Elton comedy w/ David Mitchell - Upstart Crow. Shades of Blackadder Whittingdale
I thought that was David Mitchell for a moment there ;)
For all the praise & hyping in the press, Ben Elton's 'Upstart Crow' is another steaming pile of crap. Not even David Mitchell can save it.
And I want to like David Mitchell but it seems like Ben Elton is still writing for Rowan Atkinson :/
Just realised I missed David Mitchell in Ben Elton's new sitcom. So yesterday wasn't all bad.
David Mitchell, Shakespeare and Ben Elton? Yes please, Off to a good start with episode one...
Upstart Crow&David Mitchell: No one knows what Shakespeare ... 😮😄
let's be honest, it's awful. We all like Ben Elton and David Mitchell, but this is dreadful :-(
David Mitchell is perfect as William Shakespeare in Ben Elton comedy
Um, why is Ben Elton just rehashing Blackadder? Why did anyone think this a good idea? Why is David Mitchell aping (poorly) Rowan Atkinson?
Upstart Crow review: David Mitchell is William Shakespeare in new Ben Elton comedy
Oh god the show written by Ben Elton and stars David Mitchell and Harry Enfield truly sets new standards for terrible.
A Ben Elton Shakespeare comedy with David Mitchell in the lead role? . I'll have some of that thank you, BBC2 :o)
Are you nervous about something with David Mitchell in written by Ben Elton ...? It can go either way
Why is there a Friday Download movie? Why is David Mitchell in it? And why is it on Sky Movies pls?
David Mitchell on Upstart Crow: 'I hope people don't thin... via
Gigging here tonight with these chaps, Tom Savage and David Mitchell; stop on by!
Has the best man written his speech yet, Clare Ellison? If not, some handy pointers from David Mitchell:
Wonderful! A new Blackadder-esque show is coming with David Mitchell as William Shakespeare
Peep Show stars David Mitchell and Robert Webb are BACK with new Channel 4 sitcom
Peep Show's David Mitchell and Robert Webb reunite for new comedy | Media | The Guardian
Ben Elton and David Mitchell will hopefully result in comedy gold. Upstart Crow: Trailer
David Mitchell as Shakespeare in Upstart Crow, Ben Elton's new sitcom
David Mitchell and Victoria Coren doing it like two of those horrible pink things in The Raccoons
Phwoar on abc right now has two guys I'd like to be between, Stephen Mangan & David Mitchell omg
Rob Brydon, David Mitchell and Frankie Boyle all laughed and gurned and giggled along when Kelvin MacKenzie appeared on the same show.
FAO Victoria Coren: Come and sit on my face, not David Mitchell's. . . The lucky tw
it just came out. Like more accessible David Mitchell w literary references. Distant future + fantasy world + Brit cold war
Found out was in Stroud this week and I didn't spot him! I was in the same town as David Mitchell!
On page 477 of 720 of Relojes de hueso, by David Mitchell
On page 87 of 238 of Slade House, by David Mitchell
you're literally such a banana, David Mitchell will always be better than you.
On our way back from MT Mitchell. The tallest mountain east of the Mississippi. We started off early Sat and got...
David Mitchell as Shakespeare in forthcoming BBC sitcom Upstart Crow
I need someone to physically stop me from watching David Mitchell interviews and force me to write this 6 page paper
She has been spotted filming in Stroud along with David Mitchell. Source:
sadly no, forcing my way through The Bone Clocks by David Mitchell. Only sticking with it because I'm too far in to give up
yeah I've been googling which celebrities got 2:2s instead of work (bear grylls, David Mitchell and carol vorders got a 3rd)
My Observer column today: a Tudor mansion & how oddly infuriating it is that the super-rich don't like nice things. http…
The name, David Aaron Mitchell stands out today.
Robert Webb and David Mitchell reunited in back to back adverts
I believe David Mitchell is a genius.
David of your favorites? I am just starting his book!
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