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David Miliband

David Wright Miliband (born 15 July 1965) is a British Labour Party politician who has been the Member of Parliament (MP) for South Shields since 2001, and was the Secretary of State for Foreign and Commonwealth Affairs from 2007 to 2010. He is the elder son of the late Marxist theorist Ralph Miliband.

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Good intervention (but Heidi Allen instead of Heidi Alexander?) David Miliband: we need a second vote on Brexit deal
David Miliband is useless. But the Philip Hammond/Liam Fox joint declaration is meaningless. Hammond is biding his time.
David Miliband is an intelligent & skillful politician, but he was also a Blairite and been even e…
David miliband! New successful Labour Party that can lead again!!! Please David make the Labour Party great again !
I am no Tory but I thought they should have picked Davis just as Labour should have picked David Miliband
Brit David Miliband needs to decide: Collect a fat salary placing in your US towns, or go back to the UK. htt…
Nicola Sturgeon is terrific! "Not enough difference between Ed Miliband and David Cameron!"
tbf there was consistent criticism of him during his tenure at Sunderland - even David Miliband resigned fr…
the talent pool at the top of British politics is so barren, beginning to see wh…
David Miliband: The refugee crisis is a test of our character
David Miliband: The budget talks will show whether the U.S. "has lost not just its heart, but also its way"
That's it then. David Miliband doesn't have a seat. And Corbyn doesn't have the numbers to replace him as leader after the…
The lady thought he was a Jehovah's Witness and went on to say "If it had been David Miliband it would have been ab…
100% of LD voters would prefer, say, Yvette Cooper, David Miliband, Keir Starmer to May.
David Miliband should have pulled his finger out. Failing that, Patrick Stewart seems the only sensible option
David Miliband: The war in Syria is a war without end, without law
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Ken Livingstone Hitler row: David Miliband 'grieves' for Labour as Jewish peer threatens to leave party
Trump's New Travel Ban Built on Harmful Myth - David Miliband, The Guardian Donald Trump will brook no oppositi...
Yvette Cooper, Chuka Umunna, David Miliband, Dan Jarvis, Bagpuss, any of the Mr Men, and Orinoco from the wombles.
Definitely unelectable with Jeremy at the helm. David Miliband please accept, letting Ed step forward was a mistake.
Someone explain to me why David Miliband, Blair and co never stepped up from the shadows to defend the NHS? Why their obse…
.Love this re David Miliband's unsought intervention
BBC News - David Miliband 'deeply concerned' for Labour's future So far out of touch with people and reality, LISTEN
You are aware David Miliband and the Chagos Islands and his role in ? The man's a monster
International Rescue Committee CEO David Miliband explains why accepting refugees benefits the United States.
David Miliband's salary, as president of the International Rescue Committee is now £520,000. It's a charity - funded by tax r…
David Miliband blasts brother Ed and says HE is to blame for the slaughter in Syria
'House-to-house murder' being carried out in Aleppo, says David Miliband via So clueless
Former foreign secretary David Miliband has warned of "house-to-house murder'' being carried out in war-torn Aleppo…
‘House-to-house murder’ of civilians under way as Syrian city falls to Assad, warns David Miliband
to return to the UK after victory sparking rumours of leadership challenge.
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Chris Hanretty estimates that 62.92% of voters in the constituency of South Shields voted Leave. David Miliband was MP…
There is only one Lab leader who can't be bought. And it's not David Miliband.
Well, David Miliband, will be on his way home. That job with Hillary has gone up in smoke. David, always making th…
It seems that being British Prime Minister is David Miliband's 3rd or 4th choice of a job. What an insult to UK. .
What the *** is this mystique about David Miliband anyway?
this David miliband fantasy on the labour right is truly pathetic
The thing with all the David Miliband leadership rumours is - I'm like almost certain he wouldn't want it even if it was possible
I can see it now, David Miliband will arrive at Heathrow brandishing a banana...and the Tories should be scared! 😑
Nothing says success like losing to Ed M
must get behind & forget this failed member of failed Clinton camp, who'd lead Labour to defeat.
Why has nobody mentioned David Miliband & job loss?. They would have made a great team. . David Miliband & Hillary…
Trojan Alert: trying to claw his way back in through David Miliband's back passage.
David Miliband is the 'I met this girl at camp but she was from Canada and you don't know her' candidate
But, New Labour's David Miliband was rooting for Hillary . They say he was lined up for a job with President HRC…
David Miliband set to return to the UK sparking rumours of Corbyn challenge:
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surely it was when James Purnell resigned and David Miliband didn't.
A perfect storm. If Labour had elected David Miliband - none of this would be happening.
David Miliband isn't messiah who will return to save Labour from Jeremy Corbyn.He's an overrated political failure
David Miliband lost to his brother who lost to Cameron - so he's doubly unelectable by my reckoning
Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif met David Miliband in New York this morning.
Ditto your cult-like "David Miliband would have saved us!" nonsense. This from Eric Joyce's blog is quit…
Big thanks to David Miliband for his latest intervention, chock-full of tangible policy suggestions and helpful advice. htt…
David Miliband, not even the most successful Labour figure in own family handing out electability lectures to Corbyn? Couldn…
erm... ok. But how did, say, David Miliband become an MP? Or Ed? What linked them to Yorkshire?
I stopping giving when David Miliband left his job as a MP to work for a charity for 300K a year
David Miliband, a friend of Hillary Clinton & tipped for White House envoy role if she wins, tells me her health is now "top of the form"
Yes. Smith can not win an election - you really need a David Miliband type figure for that - but he can lose it less badly.
I've learnt that, sometimes, how others see you is not the same as how you see yourself.
"Europeans have not lost their hearts":David Miliband as poll shows most Europeans sympathise with Syria refugees
"Every signal from the LR appears to point towards a second coup against Corbyn." 2/2 Enter David Miliband?
Only Labour MP I thought had any chance of winning an election was David Miliband. And he couldn't win over his own party so what do I know.
Remember when David Miliband was the next big thing (pre banana)?
The nastiness has been in Labour longer than people think. It's been here since David Miliband didn't win the leadership vote.
The Labour Party problems started when it didn't elect David Miliband as their leader six years ago 😞
David Miliband files copyright infringement as he technically owns the word aspiration
David Miliband tells the next UN Secretary General should be more general and less secretary on humanitarian issues.
3 headlines: reproducing press releases from David Miliband, Sadiq Khan & the Green Party. How about some balance?
David Miliband working for a "charity" is now the voice of global business! Anything to bash
Afghanistan: Out of 11,000 casualties in 2015, 1 in 4 were children. We must not forget about Afghanistan. My op-ed: https:/…
Why in Gods earth do think David Miliband is relevant?
I can't admit to myself that the creation of a Palestinian state won't happen. What I know
just to advise you LBC , no one is interested in what David Migrant loving Miliband has to say .
Meanwhile, in the timeline where Ed Miliband is PM, a dejected David Cameron walks into a McDonalds and just lies down on the floor, sighing
good performance PM, miliband is getting mauled!!!
"Afghanistan needs more money, and proper resettlement across Europe. Here's why: …"
David Miliband stirring left cauldron. Can you educate UK please, do Americans still respect Blair who appeared to idolise Bill?
My open letter to politicians about a working families struggles!
15 years since 9/11; the gains in are significant. Help us keep the gains and move forward!
"The Smith campaign turned down a joint offer of help from veterans of the David Miliband, Ed Miliband, Andy...
No surprise when David Miliband in US treacherous disrespect to UK's values? "Study Finds..
Didn't David Miliband beat you to it?
I really do hope that David Miliband comes back to UK politics. I have no doubt he'd be a Labour PM.
I'm still convinced the bartender on First Dates is David Miliband.
Ordinary people apparently also thought David Cameron was more in touch with them than Gordon Brown & Ed Miliband
I don't think I've ever been accused of being faddish. I'm more Marks & Spencer than Ted Bak
MPs be on the phone trying to persuade David Miliband to come back & stand, when Keith Vaz resigns...
I'm in agreement with David Miliband when he says our generation of Labour politicians
Ed and David Miliband are so obviously both Ravenclaw there's no need to bother
My money is on Hilary Benn, maybe David Miliband if they can parachute him into a seat
Any political party needs firstly to secure support of its core voters then reach out.Most grassroots Labour will not support David Miliband
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I dont support any political party but I've always thought David Miliband will be prime minister one day.
David Miliband goes down with Denis Healey as great leaders we should have had-Ed put sibling rivalry before party/country!
David Miliband, your country needs you
And in turn, Maurice Glasman came up with 'workers on boards' for David Miliband
Have you managed to get David Miliband (on Line 1 yet, Alan?
Could tell Chuck Todd was wanting David Miliband to say "Yes", when asked if PBO made a mistake getting involved in Brexit, but DM said NO.
Chuck Todd asked David Miliband if he's "open to being drafted as party leader," suggesting Chuck has no idea how the UK syste…
Has anyone sounded the David Miliband bugle yet?
David Miliband would win an election 🤔
David Miliband moving through Heathrow arrivals deep in phone conversation. When is the Batley & Spen candidate selection?
David Miliband really does love Europe, just not enough to live in it
Gordon giving speeches, Harriet Harman ranting, David Miliband back on TV, sorry Ed Miliband back on TV. It's like the old days this week.
The International Rescue Committee Director, David Miliband, made the headlines earlier this month with a call...
David Miliband, president of the International Rescue Committee, tells Emily Maitlis a new deal is needed to allow ref…
Refugees, Displacement and Development: What Should the World Do? – Podcast with Jim Yong Kim and David Miliband
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'New Deal': David Miliband calls on wealthy nations to accept the most vulnerable 10% of world’s 19.5 mill http…
I still believe a Labour led by David Miliband, Yvette Cooper and Chuka Umunna would be the best team for next elections and Gov
David Miliband said there was a "European centre-left crisis" in 2011. A year later, Francois Hollande won.
not my guy. My party. Is Ed Miliband your guy ? Or Jeremy Corbyn
Raise your glasss: David Miliband has been abduced, was last seen near the Grand Canyon.
exactly the same reason. Voted Tory. Bring back David Miliband
How to fix a broken humanitarian sector? Read brilliant speech from
Pleased to see David Miliband coming back to Northeast this weekend. If he had been elected leader would we be in this predicament today?
if Labour want to win next election they need to stop messing about with useless far lefties & bring in David Miliband
In the end, human history is made up of all our decisions.
What is the big political issue for Britain at the moment? Without wishing ...
And maybe, when Sadiq Khan is Mayor of London, and is seat is vacant, David Miliband could return in a by-election...just a thought.
"Brexit would be an act of arson on the international order." - David Miliband
can't remember Labour opposing this when David Miliband worked as an unqualified teacher after losing to Ed
A winner is you: David Miliband has told me of his battle against a lion fart.
Andy Burnham,the yesterday man grabbing headlines whenever he can to keep himself in favour David Miliband is coming
.reported that Miliband told his friends he' s hoping for a top diplomatic job if triumphs.
We cannot learn the lessons of Ebola if we continue to undervalue local efforts within communities | David Miliband
Boil him in Pepper! David Miliband bid for right to frack for the Daleks in China.
The two biggest threats to international security in 2013 are Iran getting ...
preferred David Cameron to thoroughly decent & Jewish because Ed would recognise Palestine
Aye. Unless there is a David Miliband coup when he returns from the US, Labour are screwed for at least another decade.
But for me, my personal relations, my personal family relations, are very i...
David Miliband: failure to take in refugees 'an abandonment of UK's ... - The Guardian
My labour voting record is nothing to write home about. David Miliband. Liz Kendall 😷 But is a good egg. Tmw very important: vote
Amused that David and Ed Miliband are still getting mixed up though!
Also, how has "A Miliband Moment" not become a thing. Let's make that a thing.
I guess this could be the Republican Parties Ed Miliband moment right? Except using an Americanised caricature of Nigel Farage. Oh world.
David Miliband:"Who will be celebrating morning after a UK vote to leave EU?: Marine Le Pen,Putin & poss Trump
And one of them will be David Miliband.
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Antisemitism must be confronted, says David Miliband Is it worse than Antisiblingism?
Thought your knowledge that labour were done 4 the moment David Miliband didn't run. Now terrorist lovers. Shame on u
David Miliband is reported to have earned up to £1 million from his advisory jobs within 2 years of leaving office
Bang! David Miliband has been offered the role of a mouldy in a new documentary. The is 2000,000 dollars..
Instagram: weekendmagazine-David Miliband & at an intimate conversation about Syrian Refugee Crisis.
Just went to a cool event and heard David Miliband speak w Lena Headey about check it out. Helping people who need it most. Refugees
My advice is very simple: if you can win a small battle, it gives you confi...
I think the wonderment of seeing my two sons developing makes me incredibly...
Noone is denying it but they didnt vote him in permanently.Members voted David Miliband last time.They soon change their mind
David Miliband is coming, Corbyn Enjoy your ride it's coming to an end very soon.
hilarious isn't it? Their self delusion knows no bounds. They're still convinced David Miliband will beat Ed
MPs believe they have persuaded Margaret to stand against to make way for David https:…
but I'll give you a flavouring of them none the less: David Blunkett, David Miliband, Margaret Beckett, Gordon Brown, Clare Short,
Ken Clarke denials deal 68 hospitals in referendum for David Miliband
.Peter Mandelson, David Miliband, Christine Lagarde, whats-his-socks Junckers, IMF, NATO, not to mention dear
David Miliband is a member of the Trilateral Commission, founded and chaired by David Rockefeller.
David Miliband would have made a much greater contribution to UK-EU relations as PM than as High Representative, in fairness.
David Miliband being a disgusting bell-end as usual. He sees people as animals to be controlled.
After meeting Merkel, Mr and Mrs Clooney met David Miliband who runs an aid charity. Is Gorgeous George going to run for…
Political commentator Owen Jones on Jeremy Corbyn and David Miliband and the politics of hope...
Global refugee crisis is here to stay, says head David Miliband via
Why then did the Blairite candidate Liz Kendall only get 4.5%, way down on what David Miliband's vote.
Former British foreign secretary David Miliband has urged the US and UK governments to resist closing their doors...
Isn’t Thunderbirds run by David Miliband these days?
And what did John Reid, Alan Milburn or David Miliband do about it? Nothing.
Excellent podcast as chats to David Miliband. Potentially biased but these podcasts are superb!
David Miliband should have been Labour leader instead of Ed and now look what mess they are
still think if Labour had made David Miliband leader instead of Ed they would be in power now
"David Milliband, President and CEO, International Rescue Committee" - When did David Miliband join the Thunderbirds?
Hillary Clinton: Ed Miliband's election as leader "more about Tony Blair" than David Miliband.
Telegraph: Hillary Clinton: Ed Miliband's election as Labour leader 'more about Tony Blair' than David Miliband
Super panel on "Future of Humanitarian Aid" by Madeleine Albright, Kyung-wha Kang, David Miliband, with Richard Wolffe.
On a per capita basis, Britain’s record of granting asylum is one of the meanest on the continent .
I can see why David Miliband didn't make the mark, is he nuts, England cannot 'house' 25,000 migrants unless Mr Miliband wants to invite
David Miliband: Britain betraying its history of helping the displaced
David Miliband: Britain is betraying its proud history of helping the displaced
Mail serialising Anthony Seldon's Cameron at No10. Looks like inside sources as good as for Brown at No10.
David Miliband on no one is going to persuade me that 25k refugees, 40 per constituency, is going to cripp…
Could start by bombing ISIS in Syria but your lot and Miliband voted no
Letter to from (at the time a Tory MP) decrying asset freeze for corrupt Nigerian governor
Ed Miliband was right about David Cameron. Cameron is strong against the weak but weak against the strong... (Oh, & welc…
I'd make Ed Miliband shadow foreign secretary. let's twist that knife in David's back further.
Miliband's says; I say we don't want more immigrants in our hard fought for homeland. say NO to a 3rd…
David Miliband tells Britain should take in 25,000 refugees
Ed Miliband signals move to backbenches. Wonder if this is paving way for David's return?
David Miliband has endorsed Liz Kendall? Working for 'International Rescue' I thought he would back Andy Burnham http:/…
British political loser David Miliband demand that Obama admit 65,000 Muslims to the US ASAP via
We provided the audience based on a brief agreed by the parties for the Ed Miliband and David Cameron event with Jeremy Paxman.
David Miliband calls on Britain to 'share burden' of Europe... |
David Miliband calls on Govt to take it's fair share and take tens of thousands of Syrian refugees.
"At least 10,000 [refugees] is the number that Britain needs to put on the table," says Fmr UK Foreign Sec http:/…
David Miliband: failure to take in refugees ‘an abandonment of UK’s humanitarian traditions’
Andy Burnham: in case I didn't win. I also voted Kendall, Cooper and myself. And Chuka Umunnu. I abstained on David Miliband.
David Miliband will be speaking at Commencement ceremony this year. One is certainly looking fo…
Tony Blair, Gordon Brown, Neil Kinnock & David Miliband have spoken out against electing Jeremy Corbyn as Labour leader.
From story: "In an email from November 2009, the principal private secretary to David Miliband, then British foreign secretary,
Blair, Kinnock, Straw, Brown, Alan Johnson & David Miliband. Each have done great things for the Corbyn campaign & should be thanked.
David Miliband, head of International Rescue: vote Lady Penelope first, Virgil Tracy 2nd preference to stop mad plans of 'The Hood'
David Miliband supports who and why do we care he lives in the USA lets ask Sean Connery for his opinion he's in the Carribean
Or sorry, you could have meant David Miliband, jewish but screams to be non-religious for political gains. He lost anyway.
David Miliband. Before he went off to become Scott Tracy, he was mainly,famous for losing, er, an election for Labour Party Leader!
This daily dose of Blairites issuing warnings is quite amusing. David Miliband was the pick for today. Surely they're running out by now?
Following on from Gordon Brown wisdom on winning general elections we now have David Miliband's advice on party leadership contests
Blair, Brown, Alistair Campbell, Jack Straw, Neil Kinnock and David Miliband. A grim list of rich white men.
In which David Miliband gently reminds his party that 60 million is a larger number than 600,000.
Labour under Corbyn would be "shouting from the sidelines" says David Miliband, shouting from the sidelines.
International Rescue, David Miliband is a dead ringer for Thunderbird 1 pilot Scot Tracy,
David Miliband had a banana. Ed Miliband had a bacon but tie. goes one better
If Labour had elected David Miliband as leader, Labour would have been in government now. Supporters of unions need to dwell on that fact.
Strong endorsement of Blairite Liz Kendall by David Miliband on saying Labour & country needs "new ideas, not old ones".
And don't you think David Miliband and Simon Calder look a little younger since they were ordained?
Pretty obvious. Bit like when David Miliband "backed" Gordon Brown in 2007.
And for Alan Johnson and David Miliband to enter this time; or Dan Jarvis.
Call the French foreign legion! David Miliband has won his libel case after being labelled a grizzly bear's bladder full of ***
David Miliband, Dan Jarvis, Chuka Umunna & more . The missing candidates in the Labour leadership contest |
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
David Miliband, Ed, Alastair Campbell, Chuka, Kendall - John Prescott's had a go at them all - ht…
80% of Liz Kendall's nominators who were MPs in 2010 voted for David Miliband
Surprised to learn from new book that Dennis Skinner voted for David Miliband as Labour leader since he "scared Tories more"
Tom Watson hustings "we lost Election in first 6 months after 2010" We actually lost it in 6 seconds when his candidate beat David Miliband
Interesting piece in independent on David Miliband - who could still be a contender for labour leadership
John Prescott tells David Miliband to 'shut up! So much for free speech then, typical Labour? It's the old windbag who should shut up.m
John Prescott tells David Miliband to 'shut up'
John Prescott tells David Miliband to 'shut up' and ...
"John Prescott tells David Miliband: 'shut up and stop telling Labour what to do" ".
Former Labour deputy leader John Prescott tells David Miliband to "shut up" and stop telling the party what to do.
John Prescott tells David Miliband and Alistair Campbell to 'shut up'
I really like David Miliband, he was on Bill Maher last year and did a great job I thought:
In parallel universe Ed Miliband is telling us David Miliband lost 2015 because out of touch, insufficiently radical, …
There was a clip on the news of David Cameron saying the exact same thing to David Miliband! Plus, Andrew Neil asked two 1/2
Me too. She's a useless Henry Porter too, praising David Miliband and all that...
Labour in UK will never be back in power until they had a genuine person as leader to be pm like David Miliband or Chuka Umunna
The UK Labour Party is heading like lemmings once again by NOT electing the right person as leader. David Miliband in 2010. Chuka Umunna now
Jeffrey bloody Archer wrote more believable political stories than this strange fantasy where David Miliband played well on the Wirral.
. some said that Thatcher would never be Tory leader. some said David Miliband was a dead cert in 2010. both wrong
.Somebody should ask David Miliband whether he thinks Ed is capable of such betrayal.
David Miliband's intervention is both distasteful and unnecessary. He's raised nothing new and just adds insult to his brother's injury.
David Miliband criticising Ed is hilarious. Like you're better you corporate bedfellow. Get back in your millionaire elitist cage.
LOL at David Miliband will be feeling like his little brother not only nicked his bike, he rode it into a canal.
I can't be the only person currently obsessing over what's going through David Miliband's head, can I?
Miliband quits as Labour leader - Someone get on the phone to David Miliband in New York
Anyone know the current whereabouts of David Miliband?
Ed and David Miliband once the only brothers in the House of Commons. Now that accolade passes to Boris and Jo Johnson.
Think I just heard David Miliband laughing here in Manhattan. Loudly.
David Miliband was prepared to stand against his brother. Shameful!
Shocker: secret leaked govt memo revels David Cameron wants David Miliband to win too.
Shocker: secret memo reveals David Miliband wants Cameron to win too
Howden's Karen Allen on running against David Miliband and the importance of staying true to what you believe in
people seem to have forgotten David Miliband wanted to invade Iraq
I still wonder where Labour would be with David Miliband as leader, and how he would measure up against Cameron in parliament
Why should David Miliband be prime minister? Because three hours ago he was having fish and chips with Sting in South Shields.
Sting and David Miliband give South Shields lectures -
To be fair to the Labour Party, 54% of them voted for David Miliband. They were sober; the voting system was drunk as a lord.
Get your ticket for our Annual General Meeting and Reception, we're also honored to have David Miliband, President and CEO of the International Rescue Committee, as our guest speaker. For more information see the event page here:
Ruth Kelly: The devout Catholic minister who once had a fling with David Miliband
Mandy Rice-Davies comment of the day! David Miliband would say that wouldn't he? Bravo, anyway!
David Miliband hints at return to British politics via Another buffoon who believes in EU…
"David Miliband backs brother for PM" - - shared from
I've just posted on my Blog about: David Miliband backs brother for PM
If you're in the 55% who want Britain to leave the EU, you are, according to David Miliband, "unbelievably stupid". http…
David Miliband backs brother for PM BBC News - Home
Breast Cancer Awareness
David Miliband hints at another stint in British politics
David Miliband backs brother for PM Former foreign secretary David Miliband says he...
Former MP expresses concern over EU membership debate, claiming ‘it would be unbelievably stupid’ for Britain to leave David Miliband has hinted at a return to British politics, saying he does not intend to spend the rest of his life in the US. Miliband, who is currently head of the International…
The former Scottish Secretary says he is confident of winning the Scottish Labour leadership when the result is announced on Saturday morning amid concerns from his campaign that he could be "blindsided" by the trade unions in the same way as David Miliband.
Good thing David Miliband isn't the leader of the Labour Party right now...
David Miliband, best known as the Miliband sibling who lost the British Labour Party to his brother Ed, has a new job. Miliband is now th...
Exclusive polling: David Miliband, Johnson and Burnham would do better than Ed – voters
.Reminds me of wretched Harriet Harman applauding Ed Miliband, rebuked by David Miliband
Margaret Hodge on David Miliband: "He was an intellectual giant. It was a joy to engage with him."
Model United Nations Society hosted a talk by David Miliband, President & CEO of the International Rescue...
Jack Dorsey, David Miliband and panel on 'Can Tech Bring Equality & Peace?'
I don't care what Ed Miliband looks like when he is eating, just as I didn't care that David Miliband was once pictured holding a banana
The 'plot' against Ed is reminiscent of David Miliband's plot against Brown. How did that go for him again? Too cowardly for a coup?
David Miliband? Pfft. Alan Johnson would've been a better bet but I still think Ed has some game in him yet.
Jim Murphy is the new David Miliband. Either that or the new Frank Dobson.
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Subscribe to the Real Time YouTube: Bill Maher and his guests – Sen. Kirsten Gillibrand, Rep. Barbara Lee, David Miliband, David Frum ...
.apparently David Miliband is the president of the International Rescue Committee. International Rescue... Like Thunderbirds?
Interesting Real Time with David Frum, David Miliband and potential president Kirsten Gillibrand.
I'd of preferred Alan Johnson, Ed Balls or even David Miliband.
I've seen many wacky excuses to not vote Labour but chosing not to vote because they will change the flag to show we are a multicultural nation has to be the best. On top of this, we have the Guardian and the Telegraph gleefully reporting that Ed Miliband is in trouble, hated by his MPs. Where has this come from? Apparently John Prescott mentioned that he wished Ed Miliband had been more outspoken and upfront at Conference and suddenly its a leadership challenge. In addition, when you read the articles in the Guardian and Telegraph, you can tell that these MPs are the Blairites that still exist within the party and maybe some who supported David Miliband. In my view, these papers are going all out for a personal attack on Ed. Lets convince the public that even his own party dont like him now. Seems strange that up until a few days ago it was David Cameron that was in trouble and hated by his party. He still is, not that you would know as that has been quietly removed and replaced with Ed Miliband. ...
Tony Blair had his day, David Miliband's gone. We have a good leader - which is why he's being hammered in press!
David Miliband seems stuck in 2003. Iraq had been stabilised by Petraeus surge.Then,tragically, Obama rushed for exit
It's not classy or tasteful either like this Ed & David Miliband fan fiction is really degraded but it's a of love
I'm writing smutty Ed & David Miliband fanfiction at 04:35am I love my life
thank you for not calling me David Miliband this morning Gillies, and good morning to you both!
Had Labour elected David Miliband as leader, he'd be having to defend his stance on Iraq now.
Predictions . Ed Miliband will get ousted, David Miliband will return to the UK to save the Labour Party, which he always felt he was robbed off his birthright by his conniving brother and the trade unions. Nick Clegg will be ousted and a leadership battle between Danny Alexander and Vince Cable will ensue with Cable triumphing over the more capable and honourable Alexander. Farage and Cameron will form an election alliance to maximise the centre right power base, UKIP will refrain from fighting mutually agreed seats as will Cameron Scotland will reject independence from the Union and Salmon will be seen floating up the Firth of Forth into obscurity. Oh yes!! ENGLAND will win the world cup ENGLAND will get the ashes back and win some cricket matches. We will win the Eurovision Song Contest And Boris Johnson will get a proper haircut to celebrate his new cabinet position in Cameron's government.
Worrying rise in far right and extremist views. I hope reactionary protest votes on the EU don't translate to the General Election next year. David Miliband would have done better than Ed Miliband as Labour Party Chairman, I blame the Trade Union for supporting the wrong Miliband. One year to the General Election so changing Ed will be suicide for the Labour Party, Ed need to connect more with the Working Class, University Students, made public his view on immigration control and address the rise in cost of living because a growing economy don't necessarily increase groceries in your weekly shopping.
Taxi for Nick Clegg, your days are numbered. While you are at it take David Cameron & Ed Miliband with you. Its time for change, come back David Miliband your country needs you!!!
Ed Miliband could become our next prime minister!! David Miliband i can see but not this bungling *** He has got nothing going for him at all and most of the Labour Party know it.How the *** did he get elected to be head of the party? God help us!
Believe Ed got a 2:1 at Oxford. David Miliband got a first though.
A friend at Waterstone's Morpeth recommended Alan Johnson's autobiography, This Boy. Ed Miliband: David Miliband: Tony Blair: Gordon Brown - When it comes to understanding the grind of poverty, not one of them can touch A J. Why isn't he leader of the Labour Party? Couldn't be because he's working class and seriously intelligent could it? Still, he doesn't know his cars! - No Alan as a kid you did not tootle along in a '1950s Ford Cortina with column gears'. There was no Cortina until 1962. It was a 1950s Ford Consul with column gears. Motoring guru Anne Liddon will confirm this. Assuming she's stopped shaking over the behaviour of Tom Archer, that is!
Here’s something interesting that I didn’t previously know, but is intriguing, nonetheless. I think I can predict who will be the next Labour Prime Minister. Don’t panic. It WONT be Ed Miliband or his brother, David Miliband, or even The Steve Miller Band. They just don’t have the credentials. For exactly the same reasons, it WONT be Ed Balls, Hillary Benn or Chukka Umunna. How do I know? Well, I like to look for trends, spot patterns and see how there is a structure behind the chaos. This study, albeit just a half-hour study has thrown up some interesting trends. Such as? James. That’s the first pointer. It’s much better to be called James if you want to be a British Labour Prime Minister. First Labour Prime Minister? Ramsey MacDonald. Guess what his REAL first name was? Yep! You guessed it. His full name, not often used, was James Ramsay MacDonald. Next on the list was. Clement Atlee. Okay. He doesn’t appear to be called James. There’s always red herrings. Good code-breakers know this. . ...
Hodges parallel universe very much on display today, Dan. The one where David Miliband won the Labour leadership! Hope u well etc
David Miliband may have made a plausible if somewhat unconvincing Labour Party leader. Unfortunately for Labour, Ed's i…
British Labor party, David Miliband in Jerusalem also visits relatives in a kibbutz in northern Israel.
"Dan Hodges' Action Man" isn't a euphamism for David Miliband, by the way. Or Blair.
Listening to David Miliband this AM on R4 deffo Ed Miliband is the Moyes of politics Cons so lucky they did not elect David.. must look in Paddy Power for odds in Ed getting chopped emm two way reverse forecast Moyes and Miliband seems a cert
You could say the same for David Miliband if it was Ed Miliband with him
Shocking rumours circulating that is in fact David Miliband testing new policy ideas for when he r…
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