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David Lyons

David Lyons (born 15 June 1981 in Orange, New South Wales) is a rugby union player for Stade Français.

Billy Burke Michael Raymond James

The only movie I know with Stallone as a mob boss is Oscar.
. Stallone's not in it. You might be thinking of the great Dean Stockwell's freaking OSCAR-NOMINATED turn in MOB.
Table Talk: David Mills laments the empty seat as he reviews Aquavit, and the lunch that AA Gill couldn’t make. https:/…
I just didn't think Married to the Mob was that good. I don't buy Stallone as a Mafia boss.
Fighting is dancing. Look at a great boxing match, and it's a dancing. David Lyons
Sounds exciting, in this article by David Lyons. Mentioned are;. Monty Preiser. Sara Preiser. Shari Gherman. Mohammad Q…
As you know, often has no idea what he's talking about.
James bids farewell as SecAF, hails sacrifice of Academy grad Capt. David Lyons
You weren't there! I can't unsee the things that I saw. Great locations, though.
So honored to have 's own on the podcast. was fanboying just a tad bit. Look for the episode soon.
Sophie Pixi Taylor's new song Cheap Perfume. Music and Lyrics by David Lyons. Recorded at Jam.
The thing about romance and romantic movies is that they can be somewha...
that sounds good, I hope I'm asleep by 5am!
I'm watching McGyver's origin story on Netflix. It's the first time Murdock shows up.
I'm watching YouTube videos, no movie tonight
Not sure I agree. That's like comparing Michael McDonald to Jimmy Buffett.
I'm sure Obama would have had the media not sucked him off. Obama tried to silence Fox News numerous times.
And now that I think about it, silencing oppositional press sounds exactly what history has defined as Nazi Germany.
It's good to play something that's black and white, and a guy that se...
I'm gonna give it a 97 on the Godwin's Law scale.
I may be wrong, but I don't think that intelligence agencies leaking fake news is what history has defined as "Nazi Germany".
Distance doesn't separate people.. Silence does. ~ David Lyons, Jr.
Celebrate! BOE receives 100% Energy Star Rating 1 of 9 in state w/ our schools in top 10% nationwide!
I spent an evening in a Bad Co. Tribute band called "Worse Company". I wholeheartedly disagree with you.
I BEG you to stop the farts, burps, & BrodyJenners. It's killing my ***
David Bowie would have been 70 today, born 8 Jan 1947. Singer, songwriter, musician & actor.
David Lyons, Melville and Melville Park studs, Vasey, was among the crowd at Casterton today and will offer...
lewis is at the David Lyons club tonight and Marnie is in Newcastle
Just got through the Marina Rock ep. stoked to here the Joe Lala reference he grew up with my pops in Ybor City.
Tylor Davidson and Aidan Leal out via Jaxson Baxter, David Lyons, and Drew Mudry
I need hillbilly David Lyons bc nothing's better than psychotic David Lyons 😍
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
There's probably an emoji for that.
Jan. 8, 2017 - West Bend, WI - David G. Lyons “Dave”, passed away unexpectedly at his home in Des Moines, IA on...
I'm laughing loudly enough @ the MarinaRock ep my apt neighbors might call the cops.
If not for & 2016 would have been a complete write-off. Get on the boat!
Dave, Marina Rock is your baby, I can't raise your child for you
I just uploaded “OptimalBody Personal Fitness Series - David Lyons” to
When I need a laugh, I think of your Nyacht Rock rant on Buffett, and it makes me smile.
Gotcha. The show keeps getting better and better, guys! Merry Christmas!
Manuel - The heavy metal devil made me do this
Sounds like a lot of work. Maybe we'll give it to
And if Hunter were more generous on "Catalina Breeze", he'd have crushed JD as giver of Yachtskis.
Reminds me, should Marina Rock have its own scale? Ex:"Piña Colada Song reads °90 on the Marinameter"
... while is the most stingy with Yacht points, and edges out JD as most generous in Yacht pts (2/2)
It's not that hard. It's all one song with many titles. Sort of like the albums.
Thank you, And for the record, I think did an otherwise phenomenal job of presenting Marina Rock.
what's the preferred way to submit bumpers for the show? Thanks
Yacht Rock cover bands everywhere crying.. I don't care what Lyons says.. I love that song and we're playing it!!
is Al Jarreau's Moonlight yacht or would argue its Marina? Cheers! Armando
does Elton J's Island Girl qualify as Marina Rock or Marina Not?
(I'll be honest I have no idea what that means; I just did a Google search for "parrot marina.")
I HATE Buffett stuff, but he didn't become a corporate brand until 8 years after "Cheeseburger"
Marina Rock is the music of the working class. Not a corporate brand. Go to ***
Props to Music Mandingo for referencing Thunder Island AND Pegboy in a single episode of
I love but dude, "Cheeseburger in Paradise" isn't countrified. It really does fit
Jimmy Buffett may be bad Marina Rock, but still Marina Rock. Also, Robbie Dupree is
thank you for giving "Brandy" and Blues Image a safe harbor at the marina
On Beyond finally explains his long-talked-about, yacht-adjacent genre: MARINA ROCK.
timothymalcolm : So far is everyone needling David_B_Lyons about Jimmy Buffett. And it's amazing. yach…
So far is everyone needling about Jimmy Buffett. And it's amazing.
I'm thinking it might dock at the marina.
Breast Cancer Awareness
Thanks! The typo was probably fault. I'm blaming him.
Does that include and Or did I misunderstand their anti-Hagar sentiment as simple pro-Roth?
Nobody knew Sail on Sailor was Blondie Chaplin vocal?
day 14 is a special mention to Professor David Lyons and his fantastic work at Edinburgh University…
For a foreigner, L.A. is such a big, wonderful and weird place that, unt...
Everyday Health and Fitness with Multiple Sclerosis: Achieve Your Peak Physical Wellness whil... via
My grandma was the latter. We put her in a home because of it. At least it was a Polish-speaking home in Toronto.
"Results-Oriented Decision-making, and the Hidden Cost of 'Free'" by on
Interesting article. David Lyons is in the top 100 fitness experts on the list!. Mark Mueller Kendra Lyons Josh D...
it is downright suspicious how aligned musically FamilyFunberg is with David Lyons
it is downright suspicious how aligned musically is with David Lyons
The complexity of the tunes rivals Yes, except these guys we're trying to get laid
I consider this an open invitation for the next time I'm down in the LA area. There better be sink peeing
You clearly haven't partied with us.
PAUSE. David Lyons and Michael Raymond-James (were on together before now costaring on Mind. Blown.
Overcome MS and Receive Award from Arnold Scwarzenegher - a story
I haven't heard much of anything about Cashaud Lyons. How does he look?
Thought you'd like to see what people are saying.
What did and Col. David Lyons of have to say about the F-35A?
Col. David B. Lyons on It is going to be an absolute monster in the years to come!
This is buddy Del, who is now leader in the clubhouse for best IMDB bio.
Jeremy, you're doing important work. Thank you.
Came across my old ticket stubs again.
Hey Taarka fans in Lyons!! David and Enion put a little electric band together that will be playing the Sandstone...
he's a poor mans David moyes mate, how you get on tonight against the Lyons?
This is the David Price we should be seeing. And Steve Lyons stinks.
Steve Lyons thinks Edgar Martinez shouldn't be in the HoF. .312/.418/.515, OPS and OPS+ better than David Ortiz. *eyeroll*
David Ortiz is 1 for 1 and Steve Lyons is 0 for 3 in facts
That is carpet (inside a casino)Wasn't really a sit down place, more of a quick take out joint.
Is that carpet? Why is he using the Q spelling in this instance? So many questions
Just plugging away at show for Say, Rob, what's the weather out there?
Enjoyed the mention of K-zoo's Circus McGurkus --Music in the 90's -- the awkward yearbook photo of MI's Gen-Xers.
Bully to author David Pietrusza whose new book has been acquired by Lyons Press. TR's LAST WAR is a riveting...
Ryanair: emily_j_lyons Hi Emily, here is the link to live chat
David, what has been the single biggest benefit of running your own company.
Just had to explain to my mom that "Born to be Wild" is no longer edgy. She's proving my point.
I mean, I get that. But when it's "Brandy" vs H&O, there are some finer distinctions being drawn
.Paul Stanley is nothing but an over-glorified male cheerleader in face paint.
it's the greatest potential cage match in TV land!
listening to Guyarrhea while watching Bar Rescue on Spike. Is this divine timing?
You can send them straight back to ***
How not to let MS take over your life ▶
Picked up some sandals for you boys. Where ought I ship them?
Must've been like getting a case of $400 food poisoning all over again.
A grease bomb for the ears. Many QTips to clear that out. Thanks guys!
Holy God this wk's pod is Guy Fieri-themed & all kinds of amazing
Not only is David Price Pitching but Steve Lyons is on the broadcast 🙄 this is going to be a long game
We got a really great Angel Investing interview from on tonight's htt…
Every time my best friend and I go into Spencer's we always look at this David Bowie shirt b/c we are so in love with it ❤️
He's mostly retired. Philosophy and philosophy of law.
I admit that I had to go look him up when said, on air, a month ago that Tulane's David Pierce would be at Texas…
David did you hear Gerard Lyons on R4 this morning ? Very positive interview re The City's future.
: very true!! dellaVeritá !!!. In Italy too : we think that Lyons is the
Watch David Tennant label Donald Trump a 'ballbag' and 'cocksplat' over EU referendum
King George the ii and iii maybe true Tami cant validate she knows if LYONS goes to that family - point taken
First time I every really hung out with Michelle.
Finally, here's on his first date with his wife, with .
I was in my teens when that video came out. It killed Billy Squire among guys my age
27Jun/1944: David "Dodo" Donoff - 1 of 7 siblings in the resistance - is shot nr Lyons by Nazis. He's 24
Hawaiian Yvonne Elliman on countdown, her 77 album Love Me is smooth & funky
Thanks to Norwood, MA's David Lyons for donating to our project, first film, "6:05 On The SuperStation!" Much appreciated!
"This world is but a canvas to our imagination." - Henry David Thoreau | 📷: Melanie Lyons
David Platt scored that famous volley 26 years ago!! Lets have some of this tomorrow!!
Total of 309 have played 200 games; only 5 have won 200 (Lockyer 238, Smith 224, Fittler 211, Lyons 201, Cronk 200)
thank you for including Barry's Read em & Weep on the Jim Steinman ep. I share joy.
Brilliant to hear from David Lyons and about their piece 'Circle Squared'. Interactive CMYK installation
"Simply put, Christians think there is a problem but have no idea what to do about it." — unChristian by David Kinnaman & Gabe Lyons
Australia and America have some wonderful actors. Currently fixated on David Lyons
Yes! Thank you You make all the stadiums rock.
Where were you 1hr ago? Got so desperate I listened to the whole Giallo Shots ep
w little brother Randy, David Bowie and Lee Lyons -
but my question is: where is David Lyons? Lol
.& advise Christians on how to engage thoughtfully with today's culture in their new book:
... and what can I say? Hashtag David Lyons Now he's only a hashtag 😓😛😜
It was never inevitable that Cameron would resign this morning: a tragic end to a remarkable premiership.
When you're caught in Traffic, get SMOOTH with:
UNSEEN, you are definitely missing out.Thanks to the team what a great film David Lyons 
David Cameron failing to fist bump with a child is a late entry for the best moment of this campaign.
It would be awesome if they made a prequel to Revolution starring Billy Burke & David Lyons and it shows the rise of the Monroe Republic.
.& of Beyond Yacht Rock join forces with Real Life Sci-Fi!
David Lyons and Billy Burke - Revolution - Super series and very good actors. 😍😍❤❤
THIS WEEK is our first 3rd Thur of 2016! We are excited about Johnny & David Lyons & RAPID TRANSIT kicking us off!
Ethics and the Rule of Law by David Lyons (1983, Paperback)
What the hel! Let David Lyons keep a job for once. Good lord.
Great wedding in Pgh then got to each David Lyons in Safe Haven at hotel. LOVE!
Professor David Lyons and his team are using fish to change lives. Learn how:
& canceled makes me wonder what NBC one or two season wonders Debra Messing & David Lyons have next.
INFOGRAPHIC: David Hopkins is the third NU player to swing five hits since 2012 (Connor Lyons, Pat Madigan).
The measure of a superhero is always his nemesis.
"Start talking about David Ortiz as one of the greatest clutch hitters of all time" Lyons, where have you been since 2004?
Start talking about him as one of the greatest clutch hitters ever, Lyons? David Ortiz is already there. We've been doing that for years.
cancelled David Lyons needs a show on a better network first was and now this suckit
My birthday is next weekend would you go bowling with me and some of my pals?
I hate to say this, b/c I love David Lyons, but I'm not surprised that Game of Silence got cancelled.
David Robertson is very excited to take batting practice at Yankee Stadium today. Yankees never let him. He was in cage takin…
SAME!!! David Lyons should be like, I'm NEVER going back to that demented network! x_x
NBC has officially canceled David Lyons Such another disappointment by NBC, waste of money.
why do they keep cancelling David Lyons' shows, it's such a great show!!
I appreciate that NBC likes David Lyons, but I wish he could get in w/ a network that was more generous to its shows!!
I hope the cast especially David Lyons gets moved over to the "Chicago" shows since those are all NBC cares about.
Lena & Marcello, we wrote this one for David Soul, but you know what he's like...
NBC cancellations: and (hoping for new shows featuring Eva Longoria, David Lyons, Michael Raymond James)
But will NBC try a 5th time to make David Lyons a star?
would love to c David Lyons on the show is so amazing and he is an incredible actor
We are one week away from Johnny & David Lyons & Rapid Transit rocking downtown Monticello in our first 3rd Thurs!
please don't give me another heart attack by opening with David Lyons in the shower! JK LOVED IT!
Before last round he had 3 straight games of 20+ touches.. But I do like Lyons, will replace him well in the future.
sick of defending him. Too slow for the midfield and can't kick a goal down forward. Others can do his job better - Lyons
David Lyons, Michael Raymond-James, Larenz Tate and Bre Blair tell us about awkward moments they've had on set...
Michael Lyons (Murphys) is lucky to escape with just a spin after making contact with David Cheng (Eurasia) at T1. Lyons lost 8s
i can listen to David Lyons talk all day long.
Guy clearly went low and after legs. And there's a cart coming out for David Sutton. No flag.
@ dragoncon: get David Lyons here next year. I don't care what project he's working on. I'll follow him to the ends of the earth.
David Lyons will be back on my TV with a fabulous TV show 🙌❤️
Lyndsay Lyons who rescued from shark attack
Lyndsay Lyons who rescued David Quinlivan from Great White shark attack
Just In>> ". ‘I thought I was going to lose him’: Lyndsay Lyons jumped into the sea to rescue 65-year-old shark vi…
Absolute Wednesday legend! Right up there with Shelton, Lyons, Megson, Sterland, Sheridan & Sir David Hirst!!!
Per Kirk David Lyons:. The JEFFERSON DAVIS/WOODROW WILSON Statues WAH, the statues are down, WAH why'd we...
So excited to hear David Lagercrantz talk at tonight!
"F-35A Lightning II represents the future of tactical aviation," Col. David Lyons, "a new era of combat capability."
I agree. Congrats on the movie deal! Can't wait to see it. If you have a say in casting, David Lyons would be the perfect Dorian!
I agree with you when it come to the refugees david cameron should be trying to help them also all other countries aswell
The principal can influence the culture, but the staff and kids will eventually establish it.
In order to answer this question I would need to have sex with David.
Polar Products is proud to be the body cooling sponsor of David Lyons and the MS Fitness Challenge. Help fight MS...
Transfer Deadline Day should be thanked for facilitating the creation of this absolute masterpiece (http:/…
Plus David Lyons. I hate they do not mention him in this film that much. He is such a great actor.
I have to say that this episode is another fine example of the caliber of David Lyons' acting. He's amazing.
"If you are telling it from the heart, it is going to show up". . - David Lyons .
was my hero too growing up along with Andy King Martin Dobson and Mickey Lyons
Take a look at the amazing promo video Tabitha Lyons (produced for as Lara Croft
The application for Fall 2016 is available! It will be open from Aug. 1 - Feb. 1. For more info, visit
Glenna's retirement party. Wishing her the best!
Couple of decent chances for a few minutes ago - David Cassidy and a Chris Lyons, twice
Order Miche Bag Online!
Julian, but Simon made me. As much as I want David Lyons for Lucifer, Simon should have gotten that. He can suck
After trading for David Price BlueJays fans are like
This weekend is Royals-Jays, which means you could see David Price vs. Ben Zobrist and Johnny Cueto vs. Troy Tulowitzki because baseball.
The time David Lyons actually said this. 😂 😂 😂
Cardinals get: David Price and JD Martinez. Tigers get: (Sit Down) Rob Kaminsky, Tyler Lyons, Patrick Wisdom, Charlie Tilson, and Luke Weaver
do think he should have waited a while before playing that shot v Lyons tbh David
Making David play connect 4 with me via Internet. 😂😂😂😂
Per Kirk David Lyons... From Anthony's local attorney Charles E. Yow II: Compatriots, you are invited to attend...
Just saw by Jeff Wolfe starring David Lyons. Powerful! Watch it
A beautiful entry came in from David Lyons! Flat Iron steak and summer squash w/ a mixture of TSG Spices!
Kingy, thoughts on Ross lyons paint stripping spray at 3QT? not mentioned on footy shows as yet. Got me going from the couch!
The most valuable gift a leader can give is being a good example ~John Maxwell
David Lyons. He does cocky, swaggering, and lethal very well. And he has striking eyes. He would have
big prem clubs should donate millions to fighting IS instead of signing retard footballers
Cameron! Think about what diseases you let in our country! 2yr old nephew I'll. virus from Eastern Europe!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
Good morning! Here's some David Lyons for you. You're welcome 😉
You look like one of those David Lyons ***
Looks like I get a mention in this Guardian article on Lost Art of VHS. Well, my site does, they call me David Lyons.
this project reminded me Record by David Lyons Check out Macys Butterfly by Derek Mindler
Click here to support Anthony McQuenn Hervey Funeral by Kirk David Lyons
Some words by me on for the list of greatest American movies.
It said David Lyons from Carrigaline anyway so I'd say you're safe enough!!
.broke an Australian record by playing 83 consecutive games for the Waratahs.
Twas' a good day with David but his friends were cooler.
Review of "Unchristian" leads to question: Is Christian stance against homosexuality really hurting the Church?
hey Bernie, should strive to acquire David Price b4 deadline simply so Cubs can't? Oh and b/c he's DP, not Lyons/Cooney
don't take this the wrong way but would you feel the same way if it was David Lyons promoting his new show?
sure anything other than Barry's or Lyons is being greedy, what more would you want like?
8 pronunciation errors that made the English language what it is today | David Shariatmadari
Aye, yall got David lee. I see yall👍
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
David West chooses Spurs over Cavs, Warriors b/c, he says, he wants to WIN. Now Spurs should be favored to win it ALL.…
Congrats to NJCPA members Michael Kulick, Nicole Lyons & David Poillucci on being promoted to partners at
Luhan sings of wild youth with David Tao in MV for 'Please Come to the Great Wall to Ski'
David Lyons really makes me believe in the moment and it hits me every time, such a great actor!
Okay. So David Lyons slayed me here. Like, I can't take how expressive he is as an actor.
This is one of my fav. Flashbacks...really shows the amazingness that is David Lyons...
Well David just what exactly are you going to about the murder of our British holidaymakers??. are you going to protect us when we have open door immigration policy with NO criminal checks?!. http:/…
A great July 4th with our boys Sparky and Petey and good friends Annmarie Amlick and Leo D Lyons. Sparky and...
David Lyons brings his country sound
Study Irenaeus of Lyons with Dr. David Jorgensen this summer:
David Cairns: Darryn Lyons’ tribute to Princess Diana is a compelling history lesson
REVIEW: Princess Diana photo tribute a lesson in history
Why has David got a purple tarantula climbing towards his groin?
Really enjoyed the half hour with Fantastic chatting to David Lyons and Bleddyn Phillips.
is David vs. Goliath confrontation. If you guessed was David, you'd be correct.
Beyond excited for can't wait until it comes out. David Lyons is my favorite actor of all time
"Maybe We Could Have Saved Their Lives" - Garden City Chief David Lyons believes local police should be in charge ...
CEO David Lyons will be at for the perspective. Learn how he has taken on with
Congrats Lee Co HS Grads today! Class of 2015! Impressive group! Thanks to staff for organizing an awesome program!
Come on David Watts... I want to go out to play!
Baseball. Abington 12. Norwell 4. David Lyons had three hits (including a HR) and three runs scored for AHS.
Ely Cathedral, Cambridgeshire, is one of the oldest in England, constructed from 1083–1375 (Photo: David Iliff)
David Lyons is back in a new drama for NBC,
American actor, director and social activist David Lyons renowned for his role in Hotel Rwanda is...
Good ole David Lyons, he had 2 on ER as well.
Would you rather... Have a ticket to the Super Bowl (RT). OR. Have a ticket to game 7 of the World Series (Fav)
Very excited to be at about to hear David Lagercrantz talk to about Lisbeth
Anonyme a dit : hello! could you do a little more avatars with David Lyons?
Our 4 winners are Ryan Nikolich, David Furbee, Sam Cohen & CJ Lyons! Please email me your name along with your 2 requested roommates!
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Great success for the installation Expression Intercession, artists David Lyons
Cameron’s new rules for the EU vote are so absurd a Scottish politician can’t vote
David Lyons and managed to make two very flawed men really heroic. I want them back in our lives.
Even though they prefer David Lyons over Billy Burke, follow them... They are still pretty cool 😛😛😂😎
On the Red Carpet with and David Lyons from
Many Brits want a trading rather than a political union with the EU but David Cameron has not asked for it
"Hangout With...'Book of Negroes' Author Lawrence Hill and Cast Members Antonio David Lyons and An..." on YouTube -
O-Line never gets enough credit, but front of . Jake Jones, Colton Carroll, David Lyons, Morgan Rolland & Na…
Have you heard ‘David’ by Dances With Lyons on son singing!!
I don't buy that sorry. Experience is invaluable, look how good David Lyons was.
Mr David Lyons joins me for this weekends doubledose of LIVE on -
Revolution’s David Lyons to lead NBC pilot Game of Silence had to put this up again. Sooo happy.
There was a conversation going on in my mentions about David Lyons beard and mustache while I was asleep. *** it!! 😂
Fans of David Lyons have huge hope it stays on.
🎵Hands, touching hands. Reaching out, touching me, touching you!. Sweet David Lyons...🎵
Wahoo first pic of David Lyons on set of 🙌💚
I have to much spare time . David Junior Brian Quinney Shannon Grace-Amber Lyons Belle Vera Hennebry Kourtney...
We need to do something about this guys & gals - he deserves so much more!.
I'm still celebrating the fact that David Lyons will return to my tv on a weekly basis soon. Thank you,
I'm gonna be honest, I hope David Lyons has more shirtless/kiss scenes in than he did in Revolution ;)
PDSAs everywhere Awesome that people are learning it works!
Thought Id help out 2 try & get more Birthday wishes 4 Directions:
David Beckham eat your heart out with that cheeky hoop 😂
An open ministry position makes for a great opportunity! David Lyons shares why.
Just 7 more days to submit your birthday greeting for 2015 Bday book!
Classroom teachers: Interested in participating in action research with us?
much love for David E Lyons still making papers due at 9 when we don't even have class tomorrow ☺️
HSBC tax leaks: Three senior figures at scandal-hit bank donated £875,000 to the Tories
Love myself some Aussie men. Too bad david lyons is too old
It's just gonna be tough because David Lyons has signed for a lead role in a new show on NBC 🙈
David JohnstoneMP axed from Cabinet, axe to grind, friend&ally of Julie Bishop was the source of Lyons Leak on Iraq
Just found out about and I'm super excited for it because David Lyons will be in it. THANK YOU,
I'm having the biggest crush on David Lyons again. So happy he has new projects scheduled for 2015.
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