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David Lyons

David Lyons (born 15 June 1981 in Orange, New South Wales) is a rugby union player for Stade Français.

Billy Burke

Beyond excited for can't wait until it comes out. David Lyons is my favorite actor of all time
"Maybe We Could Have Saved Their Lives" - Garden City Chief David Lyons believes local police should be in charge ...
CEO David Lyons will be at for the perspective. Learn how he has taken on with
Congrats Lee Co HS Grads today! Class of 2015! Impressive group! Thanks to staff for organizing an awesome program!
Come on David Watts... I want to go out to play!
Baseball. Abington 12. Norwell 4. David Lyons had three hits (including a HR) and three runs scored for AHS.
Ely Cathedral, Cambridgeshire, is one of the oldest in England, constructed from 1083–1375 (Photo: David Iliff)
David Lyons is back in a new drama for NBC,
American actor, director and social activist David Lyons renowned for his role in Hotel Rwanda is...
Good ole David Lyons, he had 2 on ER as well.
Would you rather... Have a ticket to the Super Bowl (RT). OR. Have a ticket to game 7 of the World Series (Fav)
Very excited to be at about to hear David Lagercrantz talk to about Lisbeth
Anonyme a dit : hello! could you do a little more avatars with David Lyons?
Our 4 winners are Ryan Nikolich, David Furbee, Sam Cohen & CJ Lyons! Please email me your name along with your 2 requested roommates!
Great success for the installation Expression Intercession, artists David Lyons
Cameron’s new rules for the EU vote are so absurd a Scottish politician can’t vote
domain names
David Lyons and managed to make two very flawed men really heroic. I want them back in our lives.
Even though they prefer David Lyons over Billy Burke, follow them... They are still pretty cool 😛😛😂😎
On the Red Carpet with and David Lyons from
Many Brits want a trading rather than a political union with the EU but David Cameron has not asked for it
"Hangout With...'Book of Negroes' Author Lawrence Hill and Cast Members Antonio David Lyons and An..." on YouTube -
O-Line never gets enough credit, but front of . Jake Jones, Colton Carroll, David Lyons, Morgan Rolland & Na…
Have you heard ‘David’ by Dances With Lyons on son singing!!
I don't buy that sorry. Experience is invaluable, look how good David Lyons was.
Mr David Lyons joins me for this weekends doubledose of LIVE on -
Revolution’s David Lyons to lead NBC pilot Game of Silence had to put this up again. Sooo happy.
There was a conversation going on in my mentions about David Lyons beard and mustache while I was asleep. *** it!! 😂
Fans of David Lyons have huge hope it stays on.
🎵Hands, touching hands. Reaching out, touching me, touching you!. Sweet David Lyons...🎵
Wahoo first pic of David Lyons on set of 🙌💚
I have to much spare time . David Junior Brian Quinney Shannon Grace-Amber Lyons Belle Vera Hennebry Kourtney...
We need to do something about this guys & gals - he deserves so much more!.
I'm still celebrating the fact that David Lyons will return to my tv on a weekly basis soon. Thank you,
I'm gonna be honest, I hope David Lyons has more shirtless/kiss scenes in than he did in Revolution ;)
PDSAs everywhere Awesome that people are learning it works!
Thought Id help out 2 try & get more Birthday wishes 4 Directions:
David Beckham eat your heart out with that cheeky hoop 😂
An open ministry position makes for a great opportunity! David Lyons shares why.
Just 7 more days to submit your birthday greeting for 2015 Bday book!
Classroom teachers: Interested in participating in action research with us?
much love for David E Lyons still making papers due at 9 when we don't even have class tomorrow ☺️
HSBC tax leaks: Three senior figures at scandal-hit bank donated £875,000 to the Tories
Love myself some Aussie men. Too bad david lyons is too old
It's just gonna be tough because David Lyons has signed for a lead role in a new show on NBC 🙈
David JohnstoneMP axed from Cabinet, axe to grind, friend&ally of Julie Bishop was the source of Lyons Leak on Iraq
Just found out about and I'm super excited for it because David Lyons will be in it. THANK YOU,
Hamilton Collection
I'm having the biggest crush on David Lyons again. So happy he has new projects scheduled for 2015.
All Girls' Basketball Region Tournament brackets have been posted to the KHSAA/ Scoreboard
So very glad to have David Lyons back on. Been waiting.
The best news I have heard in a long time. David Lyons back on TV. Yes.
Photoset: “Everyone’s A Critic” - David Lyle Working from found vintage and vernacular photographs, Lyle...
Have the Jerry Springer of Aus News commented on the final chapter of the fairytale
Shaw says goodbye to Lyons, other seniors: Stanford football head coach David Shaw confirmed last week in an…
David Lyons: As Sebastian Monroe on Revolution. My ultimate fantasy; too hot and tough to handle ❤️
So thrilled to have David as our lead.
Did you enjoy your President's Day? Buy Waters of Oblivion from Amazon for a great read on your next day off!
"So thrilled to have David as our lead. Super excited!
point lol and you David Hudgins, say David Lyons thanks from his fans.
Matt Thompson, David Lyons and Ryan Edwards have signed on for the rest of the season
6 Nations spills back into Top14. This week le French flair is back LIVE & David Lyons joins me4
Suskunlar (Game of Silence) TV Series English Trailer 1: via give an idea about David Lyons new show.
Miche s Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Very excited to get this incredible actor as our lead!
is believed that David Lyons is her boyfriend. Cry, cry.
"Revolution co-star David Lyons is returning to NBC as the lead in the network’s drama pilot Game Of Silence". cc:
David Lyons and Tracy Spiridakos with a fan on set of Revolution Second Season.
*** .. I really thought that said David Spade. Maybe next time.
Did you miss our interview with actor on Friday? Hear it now
David Lyons lured me into this show. It's his darn good looks with charisma. I'll be quiet now.
How can David Lyons look so different. Good acting and wardrobe and makeup. I answered myself. Ha
coach David Shaw on Wayne Lyons' transfer: "By all accounts he's moving on. And I'm happy for him." (FREE)
"Listening is the essence of anything...".
Would love to see David Lyons in JJ Abrams and Tom Kapinos new show http:/…
David thanks - is having great time down in & certainly more fun than was had at The Cottage yesterday!
Mother-to-child transmission nearing its end? interviews CEO Chip Lyons to find out why: http…
It's a lovely idea to create a birthday book for David Lyons. Though I will not be joining because it seems rather 'boyband-y' to me.
David Lyons swiping and wiping the table.
Go watch lots of David Lyons movies and then binge on his interviews...and then SMILE! Be happy!!
David Lyons of preparing chai masala at the Tourism India stand (2015's Best Community Stand)
You must be hungry for food and not hungry for David Lyons!
Everyone stop writing about IYRTITL because just nailed it: "it sounds the way David Fincher movies look"
About time I'm rewatching with 2 of my favorite Aussie actors, david lyons and Jason clarke.
David Lyle at Lyons Weir was good; vint bw photos painted w/ironic modern art references. 1 neg is felt like Banksy.
Walking in a winter wonderland with David and @ Clermont State Historic Site
David Lyons of 'Revolution' to Star in NBC Pilot 'Game of Silence'
Submit a b-day greeting for Please READ & FOLLOW the instructions. You can partcipate even if not on FB
20% of clients are 50 years of age and up -David Lyons
A shot last night from the Green Lyons Lounge. The line up, l to r: Allan Rodriguez, Frank Zona, Jo-David Reyes,...
Get tips on how to improve your writing.Here’s How Bestselling Author CJ Lyons Writes via
Huge shout out to and for coming out Tonight! You're the best!
Nope. It's probably David lyons. He is a world class actor.
Chantel Diotte, you were skinny mini! David Lyons, you were so young looking!
Well Christy You & I share 2 of the 4: David Lyons of course & Cillian Murphy
Please see my instructions on FB if you would like to send in a birthday greeting for David!
David oh my. 👅 that face with that accent is beyond perfect.
“Your uggg.. 😳😂 oh nooo david lyons thinks Im ugly oh god what will I do now
*hears insult about David Lyons* "You shut your fool mouth!. ok, love you, bye, please don't kill me!"
BREAKING NEWS: David Blaine's 40 day record of doing nothing in a box has been broken by Benteke and Agbonlahor …
David Lyons not David Beckham, but he's gorgeous too! 😊
Semi Final place for the Crucibles David Cassidy who defeated last year's runner up Chris Lyons by three frames...
David Lyons has the most beautiful accent ever. I'm in love. 😍❤️
This Bass-(Miloe) centric episode made me so happy and full of the feels. David Lyons killed it.
Hendler Lyons Flores, PLLC has utilized work flexibility for staff for a long time and its one of the firm's most va…
I have employed this approach at the law firms I manage, HendlerLaw, PC and at Hendler Lyons Flores, PLLC. Its a ve…
Cambridge College is proud of Dr. David Lyons who has been elected to the MA Science Educators Hall of Fame! Go...
when you come back home, can you please flush every single jihad etc out of our country! Thanks
he's just so moving. He just owns you. You know who reminds me of him? DaviD Lyons. His acting style; similar.
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
Are they actually considering doing a third season? David Lyons is my idol, I watch revolution every day, as so I am doing now.
When David Lyons or is beside you, rugby commentary becomes so much easier. Thanks guys.
The men of Lyons... David Lyons in The new series Revolution!!! Sergeant Bass Monroe:D
Lorenzetti being president of Racing Metro who take on Toulon this after in Commentary on with the great David Lyons.
On reflection 'The Labyrinth' is a film starring David Bowie's crotch, with a cameo from David Bowie.
Don’t Try This At Home Captures via Just had to share this again. It is so funny.
Marv Albert shows off all-time sports blooper reel on Letterman.
Why Darjeeling is so special: David Lyons of on India's most expensive tea.
Mine too. I miss it and David Lyons.
Here are the funeral arrangements for David Lyons, step-father of Becky Smith:. Visitation: Lowell Ave Baptist...
It's gotten to the point where I'd rather vote for ANYONE else. Seriously, who ARE we all going to vote for?
Goodbye to a lovely man who's gone on his long journey. RIP David Lyons.
I really miss him. :(. I'm even willing to do a Bring Back David Lyons campaign!
I adore David Lyons and his acting. And I adore Liz even more. And the two of them should get married and have babies.
Someone just said David Lyons acting is crappy. And so is everyone else's on Revo except Gian. Which means Liz. ELIZABETH MITCHELL.
I guess David call himself mad Fr lol
David Lyons in Pendleton, IN was just found at on 24th Dec 2pm
I love Billy Burke too he's the reason I started watching the show to begin with... But yes I love me some David Lyons 😘 lol
After careful consideration I've decided it must be, drum roll, David Lyons ;)
Photo: Congratulations to Laura Lyons on your purchase from David Herrera at Auto Center of...
Another David Lyons Xmas pic I got today. My friend's the best.
A little low for him. I don't get it when he is so hot.
Just watched Safe Heaven :3 it was a cool movie tho xD omg David Lyons as Kevin !! Hd is so *** cute 😍 ❤️
Pleasure to commentate +the unbiased Mr David Lyons tonight HighOctaneStuff! Best Stade performance in months!
OMG, his butt: David Lyons in 'Eat Pray Love': . You may know actor David Lyons from films like Safe Haven, Re...
David Craig :you treat yourself well.
Thanks for that. Its an Xmas present to me from me
yes. I bought one for my dad's Christmas present. Also spotted in Saltaire Wines...
- when will you be back on the pitch mate ? Im calling the game with David Lyons tonight for
more importantly where is David Lyons going to get his class activities
Hey, when are you ever going to have David Lyons in your magazine? Would buy that one. Best actor and so hot.
thanks Bridget😊 still wondering why David looks 10 feet tall
I can not believe that he is not rated a 10 by everyone. He is hot.
Jay Cutler has been benched for Jimmy Clausen. Not going straight to David Fales is a mistake to me.
Here's a McDonald's night-shift crew trainer describing her day, and the economics of her home:
chef Anthony Lyons on the importance of great patient dining experiences.
David e lyons makes fun of me and my culture at least once a day
David Lyons receives Doctor of Business honoris causa from Florida Southern College
its a regular laugh fest, and picture show off around here, David Lyons ,Ian Somerholder, Norman Reedus, of course Bellamy!a lot
from a working persons point of view, this country needs someone with a bit of strength, not a wimp like Cameron!
Happy We didn't get to see enough of David Lyons as General Sebastian Monroe!
Doc Middleton. James M. Riley (better known as Doc Middleton and also known as David C. Middleton, Texas Jack, Jack Lyons, Gold-Tooth Jack an
Is David Lyons the only one who didn't use a stunt man on this show?
Traffic accidents more than doubled on SoCal roads during rainy Tuesday
Young David Cameron went into the living room on Christmas Eve thinking it was Santa, it was just his da givin his maw …
2nd storm could begin as early as tonight, expected to bring most rainfall since February
Seriously David Beckham, motorcycles and Brazil- what could be better?
Watching David Beckham Into The Unknown is by far the best decision I've made today.
David William "Leo" Lyons today is his 71st birthday He is the bassist of the (cont)
Dungarvan Chapter 973 had their first meeting with First Principal E Comp David Lyons exalting new comp David Penny
Poolside lunch entree made by David Lyons; his just-as-delicious Great Outdoors Sunscreen (with the cult...
"Truth" filming has started! via Can not wait to see David Lyons in this.
"If your name starts with a G it's probably not David"
Toni Lyons - Colpetzer Will Always be a Fan of James David Carter
david following the Manchester lyons they will know the way, don't loose them david lol
Stew Lyons vs. Matt Damico. Battle of the all time leading scorers.
Thank you David Lyons of & for the raffle prize. Toby is chuffed to bits.
Live now on is joined by and David Lyons.
you could expatriate your lap top to play region two. I had to do that during my David Lyons obsession. My MacBook is now Aussie.
REVOLUTION actor David Lyons cast as 60 MINUTES exec producer in Rathergate pic TRUTH:
Tuesday evening we welcome to Lyons Farm for our last 16 clash in the RUR Charity Cup. KO at 7:45
If there's gonna be a book I need David Lyons to read the audiobook for it.
U didn't hear on Fans of David Lyons FB Page ,Kripke put out an article
I just got this from the Fans of David Lyons page from what I read, Revolution is not going to be coming back.
David Locke, Steve Brown, and Mark Lyons think that Coach Howell is bad at his job.
Turning the tv on and David Lyons is on! God, I miss seeing him on my screen weekly. What a talent.
David Lyons and Billy Burke: 1600 Penn & 'Revolution' God I miss seeing things like this. Bring it back whoever can.
Win the perfect holiday gift! Join David Lyons' fan list to win a FREE Kindle + a copy of Waters of Oblivion!
The more you know about topic,the less likely you are to be open to groundbreaking advances.
Hi David, glad we could yet you back on time and all the best with your fundraiser tonight!
David Attenborough's is top class. Attenborough never disappoints
Sir Michael Lyons "we need a more active role for councils in driving land assembly and development partnerships"
Cannot use the word HOT in a sentence and not think of David Lyons :)
So random thought, what if they got David Lyons the actor for "the Cape" to play The Cloak in a Marvel Civil war movie?
cuz Europe ain't ready for Bigpapiprince
you too man. In Spain the block is hot
It's been bumpin! Whatever that means... The trap house is a little lonely without you
David Lyons' girlfriend is Canadian, just not the Canadian I was hoping for... 😭
on Bates Motel is what dreams are made of... Now if only they could get David Lyons on Walking Dead. I'd die.
These are atl rap's punk years and makonnen is David Bowie
Although did take that quick trip to Indy to see David Lyons this weekend. Worth it!!!
. On a more serious note now. How hot on a scale of 1 to ten is david lyons in person?😝
. Why they cancel great shows is beyond me .il keep fightin for at very least a movie. lov ur pic david lyons pic😗
David the holy ghost Diaz not Cameron Diaz David Lyons.
My mate David Lyons won grand prize at the festival! I'm gonna make him an honorary Hoosier! ht…
Congratulations to Grand Prize Winner for Best Narrative Short "Record," directed by David Lyons
“Jewish extremists in NYC passing these out. This isn't pro-Jewish:Factor in Lyons, and other attacks, it actually makes sense.
A short movie that has been playing at a few film festivals throughout the year features Stephen Collins as a pedophile priest. Penance, from the Emmy-winning Jeff Wolfe, also stars David Lyons as a man who seeks guidance from the priest.
Amazing Intro to WebGL with Three.js by David Lyons. Thanks David.
I love all my boys don't u ever forget it Wupboy 1 for life Dennis Wup Graham Michael Mikedawg Mosson Justin Bayer Wesley Allison Brent George David Lyons Brandon Collicott Kurtis Rives Chris Harris Alfred Taylor Blackrob D Hall B James Taylor Cent Cody Murray Isaac Norris Jason Maas if I forgot someone love u too just had to tell yall before I die
How gutted would you be if Obama was coming to your school but you got stuck in a group with David Cameron though
David Lyons' hotness in General is a great topic
we're talking about the hotness of David Lyons' kisses...
this scene broke my heart into about 8 million pieces. Simply magnificent. No one could have done it like David Lyons did 😭
It's sad to think that Monroe never really had a love interest. Like David Lyons said 'he just needs love'
The family will be hosting an ice bucket challenge of their own 11 a.m.-2 pm. Sept. 13 in Lampe Park at the...
sovereignty in the judgment of Louis. (Letter of David of Lyons
Great pic of David Lyons! Wish they were filming Season 3 right now and we could watch it soon!
Me tomorrow if Ms Lyons even looks at me for them verbs
Great article - could you email me?(david.lyonsPT's Head of Alumni would like to catch-up with you
"God guides those who are afraid to ignore what He says, He speaks freely to those who truly listen and obey" - David Lyons
Going to call Charlie Lyons today about David Olsen.
I mean, has this man Ever taken a Bad Picture? Of Course Not, He's David Lyons, Yummy!
I am gettin so hot, I wanna take my clothes off ...Thank God for Nelly & Bass aka David Lyons ;)
lexee dated Ian lazier. caitlin had a thing with david lyons and she dated jack donnell
Why can't David Lyons just marry me already!? C'mon, I'm legal
Seriously, is it that difficult for someone, somewhere, to just snap a pic of David Lyons & share it? I miss him!
Wow! 75 Year Pin to be presented Sep 9th to 100 year old Brother David Lyons, owner of Lyons English Grille
I'm guessing David Lyons is the lucky guy who is your date. 😃
Food branding thoughts by David Mitchell (the other one). Peperami description is hilarious.
Congratulations to David Lyons who won the Emma Swift CD in last week's giveaway!
I agree with you there. Teichman , Reagan King and David Lyons were best buys in recent times. Not sure about Anscombe
Annoys me when the scoring forwards get MOTM..David Moran or Peter Crowley much more deserving
rebecca-lyons: Someone at work today said he thought Matt Smith was better looking than David Tennant. I...
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1st off-its Fri-long w/e I hope-2nd-David Lyons.Billy Burke..c'mon use that imagination-it's all good :)
Austin Lyons Believes Legacy FC 34 Fight with Jonathan Brookins Puts the Winner on the Move
Waters of Oblivion by David Lyons is now available! Happy pub day, David
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Everyone stop fighting about Billy Burke & David Lyons. M.C. Gainey is better
There will be no trophy presentation after today's Community Shield, David Moyes refused to give it back...
I can't get David Lyons as Lucifer in out of my mind, I'd love that ❤
VIDEO: In case you want to watch David Peralta's first career grand slam in its entirety (and we don't blame you):
is my because even guys Love David Lyons a Lot.
David Lyons because he likes to hit the waves
Photoset: rebelleleader: David Lyons talking about Revolution season 2 aka the cutest interview you will...
in some countries response is immediate Why do Syria, Egypt, Gaza ,Libya Belarus, Ukraine all rumble on?
Here is Our ❤️ David Lyons! His eyes look Green in this pic htt…
Someone tell David Lyons to come out of hiding cuz we miss him & wanna see his pretty face, k? :)
Marked as to-read: Between the Stars and Sky by David James
if you wanna die from cuteness just watch this interview!David Lyons what a cutiepie you are!!
david lyons is claiming u once bought me a jumper?? Can you confirm or deny this?
If I haven't said it before, I LOVE David Lyons! Best *** actor there is and he's hot! ☺♥ .
all the way in France right now bruh, your avi got weeknd vibes too
See, more than a show it was spreading a message David Lyons: SXSW +SocialGood: via
Yeah, they said runner up was Aussie actor David Lyons from the recent NBC show Revolution :)
Everyone in our Revolution Family , excited to announce that David Lyons got runner up tonight on mentioned Revo and showed DL 😘
David Lyons because he has the cutest mouth 😍
David Lyons because he's my absolute favorite actor
Met your good friend Alec P. (IRI) at a campaign lunch for David Perdue in Lyons GA - Said to say "Hi"
Here's another July Griller of the Month entry from 2013 champion David Lyons, using Rub Me Tender and Gator Bite!
David Lyons really needs to dial it down a notch. With the eyes, and the curls and the tan.. We get it you're gorgeous
Born on this date Lyons Township High School graduate actor David Hasselhoff
I know several women who would be in a bidding war for David Lyons. ;)
"If people want to leave Everton then they can, but they need to remember it generally doesn't work out for them" - Davi…
There should be a contest, where David Lyons gives the winner a massage . and I should win! ;)
2013 Adored meeting David Lyons of Revolution and seeing his new short film http:…
Mat Vairo and David Lyons, on the set of Revolution 2x19
This is one of my favorite David Lyons episodes. He totally nailed it; so fabulous. rewatch 2.6
David Lyons talks about The Cape with TV Guide Magazine!: via
'The Cape': David Lyons talks motivation, physicality and wearing a cape ...: So in terms of where the stories g...
"[David Lyons]He’s the nicest guy. Like truly, almost to the point where I was skeptical at first that..."
I particularly liked the irony of the David Lyons/Henry Collingridge mistaken identity! via
A great wedding at The Village at Lyons yesterday with Alex & Alan. Two weddings later in the week and then I...
I liked a video from David Lyons Interview - Revolution (NBC)
David Lyons needs a home on American TV. you've cancelled him twice. If he goes back to Australia I'll blame you!
Good 🍀 To David Lyons, Elizabeth Mitchell, and all other Cast! We ❤️you all!🏆🏆 http:…
MS Fitness Challenge! David Lyons is a friend and such an inspiration!
I await the Productivity Commission's cost-benefit analysis of my transit plan (via CT
Whatever David Cameron's motivation for his cabinet reshuffle it's a very smart move says Damian Lyons Lowe, Chief Executive of polli...
UHQ Photos of Summer Glau and David Lyons - The Cape Photoshoot: Here are the last UHQ photos from a...
Billy Burke and David Lyons together again would be an Honor to any Network!…
Yay! Take a sneak peek at David Nicholls' new book - Stylist Magazine
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Gallery Update: 5 Additional photos added from the Party! | View:
I love the show Revolution but NBC has cancelled . I thought the actor David Lyons favors the late Paul Newman.of course, I never saw Paul Newman with a mustache...
Penance, my short film, has been accepted into the NY/LA FILMFEST, and our actor David Lyons has won BEST ACTOR!!
So petition for David Lyons to gueststar on Supernatural next season?
lol. Dishface. Didn't make the poll, but wouldn't of voted for you anyway!
David Lyons nailed it in the series finale. I will miss him and his flawless acting on my TV 💛
so the three of us agree on david lyons being SUPER DUPER HOT!!! :)
I'm slowly going crazy, in a good way...and there is but one person to blame :) *talking about david lyons*
Well it's been a few days but we are finally getting around to introducing Baby Lyons to the world. So say hello to Riley David Lyons. Riley was born May 16th at 4:28 in the morning. He measured 51cm and weighed 3.2kgs, that's 20in and 7lbs for all you non metric using folk. Holly had a long 28 hour labor and has definitely earned her bad *** card! Riley is feeding like ah champ and Holly and I have actually been managing a few hours of sleep a night. Thanks everyone for the messages, phone calls and support. - Lyons Family
I spent 4 hours making Gifs of last nights episode! I can't stop looking at David Lyons!!!
David Lyons of mt laurel suing me pray its not the same one in irvington,charged fees on a zero balance judgement
Being sued by David Lyons of mount laurel I pray it's not the same one in irvington,5 years ago I asked premier bank to close the acct,they
I didn't know David Lyons aka Bass Monroe on Revolution was aussie! If The Legend if the Archangel series ever...
I want this! It will look so cool at the Farm! Auburn David Lyons, wouldn't this be a blast for the Farm Picnic?
quentanilien: Can we just take a moment to appreciate how David Lyons killed it in that episode? Seriously,...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Photoset: librariang: Dear God David Lyons was so sexy in this scene I almost died. I need Charloe and a...
This episode is really David Lyons' time to shine. Such a talent.
I'm going to miss the beautiful every week. Giancarlo Esposito,David Lyons and the whole cast are awesome.
I don't think Charlie could be my favourite had anyone else played her. Not w/ David Lyons' Bass around.
With Revolution axed now, I hope David Lyons finds a gig that will last a while. Excellent actor!!
I'm gonna miss seeing Billy Burke and David Lyons face every Wednesday! So sad it had to get cancelled! :(
"People probably think 'there's that guy wearing Nike sleeveless shirts again' *** straight. I look great in these" - David Lyons
David Lyons and Billy Boyd as Bass Monroe and Miles Matheson.I'm going to miss these guys :(((
The fact that I don't get to see David Lyons weeknights pisses me off!
Please I'm truly going miss seeing one of my celeb crushes every week, David Lyons Already lost
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