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David Lyons

David Lyons (born 15 June 1981 in Orange, New South Wales) is a rugby union player for Stade Français.

Billy Burke Giancarlo Esposito Elizabeth Mitchell Tracy Spiridakos Christian Grey

I wouldnt mind Elizabeth Mitchell on the show and David Lyons
Will always love Safe Haven! Such a great story and has Julianne Hough, Josh Duhamel and David Lyons all in one film 😍
kinda late to the convo here but you're right. David Lyons is 37 I think and Monroe has to be, in my opinion, mid 40s
My friend Daniel David Lyons sent this to me.
Photo: miss-bass-monroe: I’m loving David Lyons more and more.
Clive Bean Wa Afrika we still chilling this guy is now showcasing personal taste Pepper Club Luxury Hotel & Spa this is legendary Antonio David Lyons was with us surrounded by greatness the whole night Erefaan PearceCassiem Latief, Leighton Moody Just Musical Genocide at my place.
now im feeling kinda Drake right now ... listening to spoken word in an empty office on a rainy friday night.
aghhh.i hate being so far away when my kid needs me.hoping that it isn't serious and that David Lyons is ok!!! I Love You My Son!!! Let me know ASAP what you find out... Love ya
I don't know if it's neat or strange that David Lyons and I have the same birthday...
The weather is feelin kinda Drake NWTS
Watching this super unrealistic movie in which Julia Roberts chooses Javier Bardem over David Lyons. ARE YOU BLIND WOMAN?!
Still calling fake: "I had the privledge of talking to Sean Lyons... Sean, who in a previous life managed the global Nike account..."
Who wore it better: Larry David or Cam'ron?
David Lyons , Hayden Lucas thanks for the amazing nights dream!
So true! Tho the 4am party partying does still occasionally happen there's nothing like hanging with your kids! Right David Lyons?
Veteran and world's top dating experts Eric Von Sydow (Hypnotica), David Wygant, Adam Lyons, Jason Capital, and...
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Ok David Lyons me Robyn Clay-Buckmaster are so ready to hear u say " hang on guys " lmao
Health insurers must build long-term relationships with customers--using methods that include data and technology tools--to compete and thrive in today's healthcare environment, according to a white paper from Frost & Sullivan. However, health insurance marketers must address several challenges to build lasting customer relationships, including: Diverse customer pool: Health insurance customers include seniors, Gen X, baby boomers and millennials. And each demographic requires a different marketing approach. Moreover, insurers have to form relationships with employers, as well as with the employees, to implement appropriate efforts to educate, acquire and retain employees and employee dependents within group plans, Frost & Sullivan noted. Existing customer engagement: With new customer acquisition costing more than retaining existing customers, health insurer longevity requires high customer renewal rates. So insurers must target email, phone call or print marketing campaigns to existing members to keep t ...
David Lyons Sr., Carmen Gutang Olloren Isabel Davis Benjamina Gutang Villareal , Kit Garcia Williamson here is a toast to you all !!!
David Lyons as Kevin Tierney in "Safe Haven". He's so creepy with that crazy, killer smile.
Fans of David Lyons Jan 28. SPOILER ALERT: Behind the Scenes on Revolution Ep 2x13 w/...
Read out latest guest writer, David Lyons, post here:
Set de fotos: David Lyons as Josh in The Trials of Cate McCall I’m so in love of him…
Movie: The Trials of Cate McCall (2013) Country: Directors: Karen Moncrieff Writers: Karen Moncrieff Stars: Kate Beckinsale, David Lyons, Clancy Brown, Mark Pellegrino Insight Plot: In order to be reinstated to the bar and recover custody of her daughter, a hotshot lawyer, now in recovery and on...
it's pretty cool I know the guys who run the event and I'm pleading at them to get David Lyons out here! ;)
David Lyons is 37 and I'm 21. Age is but a number.right?
yeah maybe Saturday tho I'll sleep over Saturday or friday
My fav is Bass. David Lyons is amazing at playing a sympathetic, layered villain.
I love David Lyons, but Miles is an awesome character!
Good Luck to David Lyons & Skyla Thompson in the UCA Partner Stunt National Competition!
If I may. All this UM..$tuff, is interfering with my TV schedule. I didn't get to see last night. Tonight I don't get to see aka because, We get to "Meet the parents of the Olympic contestants"... personally I don't believe anyone from the United States should be in Russia AT All at this time. If anyone besides myself watched the report by on the news last night you would fully understand. So, I'll leave you with these pics of Star David Lyons, who WILL NOT be on TV tonight, UHG!
She lives the brand. MT. How Jenna Lyons transformed into a cult
probably different guy. This guy is never without his huge dre beats.
On the way back from Oakville this morning, right along where David Lyons used to live so be careful.
wait I think I know this kid. Red Beats? Sunglasses hat combo?
David lyons really reminds me of They're like brothers from another mother
This was set in front of my coffee maker. Is David trying to tell me something?
Too busy googling pics of David Lyons to sleep
David Lyons is a maybe. Well, dont maybe me...commitment my friend. If its too difficult, then just organise a phone call with randoms.
true I gotchu y'all this weekend if the snow don't fall
Sgt. First Class William Lacy. Capt. David Lyons. Sgt. Jacob Hess. They were not addicts. They were not Oscar winners. They did not die with needles in their arms. They died in Afghanistan in January. I think Hoffman was a great actor, but I have a tough time with all of the stories that paint talented addicts as misunderstood and tormented victims. The legacy of men like Lacy, Lyons, and Hess deserves far more acknowledgement. Those losses are the real tragedies. While you bemoan the death of this talented actor, don't forget these men.
Just finished watching Safe Haven Movie and gotta say I really liked it. I am not really into many tear jerking romances but when I watch them... Ugh I cry like a baby! I watched it mostly to check out David Lyons acting in it and thought it was brilliant even though he played the villain. The twist at the end TOTALLY took me by surprise. Now my eyes are going to be puffy tomorrow... Great lol :) Thanks ;p
official website for actor, musician, poet, artivist, Antonio David Lyons. The site houses information about his commercial acting career, his work as an arts activist and a sampling of his music
David Lyons I need one of these! I am sure mom wouldn't mind one either :)
Thanks david lyons fpr doing the driveway and sidewalk its greatly appreciated!
David Lyons, Actor: Safe Haven. David Lyons was born on April 16, 1976 in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia. He is an actor and director, known for Safe Haven (2013), Revolution (2012) and Sea Patrol (2007).
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So last nights dream? I was on holiday in Tunisia eating the most delicious mint ice cream when suddenly all these donkeys started getting sick. I went back to the hotel only to find there had been a viral outbreak and everyone was turning into zombies! I stayed inside to avoid zombification, until eventually the only people left in the hotel were myself, David Lyons, Billy Burke and Tracy Spiridakos (Yeah, chillin' with the cast of Revolution, right?!). Turns out Billy was secretly a vampire and that the only way to avoid becoming a zombie was to become a vampire. So he made me and Tracy into vampires but as it turned out, David was already immune to the virus somehow. So then the four of us battled our way out of the hotel, killing off all the zombies, only to discover an uber zombie in the basement! Fortunately for us, Giancarlo Esposito (Cpt. Neville of Revolution, also) showed up and we all teamed up to kill the uber zombie. I have the most epic dreams!
Checked out my first two semi-celebrities at BookPeople today. Adorable singer/songwriter Schuyler Fisk, who was incredibly nice, and Australian actor David Lyons (E.R. and Revolution), who was kind of a doofus. Fun afternoon. I think I'm gonna go crazy working this store during SXSW.
Wow! Amazing photo!! Thanks to Fans of David Lyons for posting this. ~Karyn
Someone please tell me that this is not the David Lyons from our classs of '64. Former day care operator convicted of molestation A former Coventry day care operator was convicted Friday of three counts of second-degree child molestation. David Lyons was found guilty in Kent County Superior Court of molesting three girls. The judge dropped a fourth count. Lyons was accused of fondling a 6-year-old girl, her 9-year-old sister and an unrelated 11-year-old girl. Lyons operated a day care center out of his Coventry home with his wife. Their state license was pulled soon after the allegations came to light. Lyons, 68, could face a lengthy prison sentence.
So. Much. Greatness! If you did not see last night's episode don't watch this because it has major spoilers in it. Otherwise, enjoy! Love all of these people... Billy Burke, Elizabeth Mitchell, David Lyons, and Giancarlo Esposito.
Conference realignment news: auburn kicked out of sec for losing the
Jameis Winston is raping my timeline. Guess he doesn't know when to stop... 😳
I remember the day me David Lyons Kenneth Rives Justin Bayer Michael Mikedawg Mosson kera lemons Sign a contract with loonside records over 12 years ago For 10 tracks still got it some where love music come long way lee lee Tony Sundown Vann Saying What's Onmymind. Rick new new flee o and more that came from L double o N sidE. Dre I am coming get ya baby
Today was a very emotional day. I explained death to a 3 year old as we waited for Capt. David Lyons (classmate and friend to Eric) to make his way through the base. Henrik was confused as to why a Hero needed us to stand in the cold to wait for his car. It was a tough one, I don't want to scare my kids with what the military brings to the table, so I told him that David was a hero because he helped protect us, but more importantly, he helped people who needed it. I told him that when a hero gets hurt and dies, a lot of people get sad. I told Henrik that we needed to stand there to support Daddy's friend, to help David's family know that we thank them for letting David protect us, and to stand together because not only do we have our own family, but we have a military family that will alway be there for us and in return, we are there for them. Today, and this week as we honor Capt. Lyons, say a toast, be thankful for what you have and remember that families are still out there, everyday, waiting to hear . ...
David Lyons.know who I was thinkin of?
David Lyons aka "Bass Monroe " on NBC revolution he so good at being bad !!!
Yhur such a ratchet friend Jay lol buht uhm yhur funny and koo and amazing && awesome friend ! Yhur my best firend ! Now bye David Lyons
My relationship advice for David Lyons as he embarks on a new relationship - How to lose an argument with a woman. 1) Argue
I feel a bit sorry for David Moyes but not very sorry. Mostly I ignore him and he ignores me.
Even though David Lyons plays the bad guy in Safe Haven, he's still sexy af. 😍
Final sub for Latics as Anton Rodgers replaces David Mellor.
It is so nice. Now about Kashmiri insurgents/sellers & a certain Rejane Sivelle of Lyons!!?!
Nathan Lyon is the sickest. The world needs more Nathan Lyons and David Simmons' in it.
So I don't know how you guys spend your cold winter nights, but I sit and watch as much David Lyons as I can.
Had a great night at the panto- well done to all the cast and crew. Love my gda girls to bits but-sorry girls- David Lyons was my fave:-)
David Weir is a pleasant man and a fine footballer, leave him be
makes me want to kill a particular Scotsman called David
Maybe cutting their flood protection budget is not the most sensible course of action
Good times with good mates John Miles Dave Bailes Billy Saunders Matt Chalk John Chalk David Lyons
Capt. Dana Lyons (former NCAA Jav Champ) escorts body of her husband, Capt David Lyons back to US. .
David Lyons as Christian de Neuvillette in Melbourne Theatre Company's Cyrano de Bergerac.
...apart from a Rejane Sivelle from Lyons whom David Cameron of Britain pimps for...since 2003! See flesh-trade?!!!
I'm a fan of David Lyons and Revolution from Spain. Just saying Hiya! Happy New Year! ;-)
I am creating this webpage to help raise money for this fallen heros family, in order to assistant in whatever way possible. I had the very fortunate opportunity to be a Crossfit coach for CPT David Lyons wife. After meeting her I could tell how deeply in love she is with her late husband. I...
Our Hearts and Prayers are with the Lyons Family, Friends & Comrades. RIP Hero! God Bless!. Capt. David I.
David Lyons in the short film Emilia Eckle, directed by Alyssa McClelland.
Avicii makes running in 22' weather a little easier...The first Friday of the New Year...Memorial push-ups today for Capt David Lyons died 27 Dec 2013 in Kabul (VBIED)..He is survived by his wife Dana...RIP Capt Lyons.
In every Spanish novela. There will always be someone with an eyepatch
Wow the Sooners are really keeping themselves in this game! This might come down to the very end. I think only David Lyons called this one lol.
Pretty sure David Lyons is hyped right now.
David Lyons can you make me a 2 piece robe? Black with silver...
Dreading tomorrow! I resolved to get back in the gym. It's been almost 2 months since I last went. Hard to go while working days but I'm gonna sacrifice and go to bed by 10:00pm so I can get up at 3:00 am to go. Don't dread the gym just dread the early wake up, but it's time and like my brothers, David Lyons and Sean Sean Luxenburg say. It's beast mode time!!!
So great to see you all, so sad to leave :-( thanks for such a great day/night out! Thomas Godley Anna White Drew Macleod Genevieve Frost David Lyons David Sexton Matt Fisher Jac Mathieson Kit Wilson Erin Chapman
One of our biggest fans, David Lyons, continues to send us fantastic food! Send you pictures in anytime TSG Fans...
David Lyons is my hero and i love a romantic way...i can't hold out any longer i have to annouce it to the world!
When David Lyons from MS Fitness Challenge reached out to P4P Muscle Signature Series a few months ago we, as many of you were unaware of what MS was and what it does to a persons life. A few weeks ago we spoke with Brandon from Beast Apparel Company, LLC. in regards to joining up with David and his dedication to MS. Just the other day Joseph Bolton, Joe Manning and my self spoke with Beast Apparels Brandon and Joy (Owners) about what we can do as a team! It is amazing what the three companies have done as individuals! Now wait until you see what we can do as a team! With your support we can change the way this industry supports those that need it most! Hang on to your weights, Because with your help its about to go off the hook!
I'm becoming a strong believer that Parliament needs a more broad class of people to look at the bigger pic …
Who knew that RUSH would predict . Steve Jacobs, David Lyons There is unrest in the forest There is trouble with the trees For the maples want more sunlight And the oaks ignore their pleas . So the maples formed a union And demanded equal rights 'The oaks are just too greedy We will make them give us light' Now there's no more oak oppression For they passed a liberal law And the trees are all kept equal By hatchet, axe and saw
Spot on David, this is the UK's premier news show.
David Lyons is lucky the guys from Revolutions pick him up because his stint in The Cape was worse than the show as a whole.
he having funny Ashely house. So ima have fun in Lyons 💁
uh oh. Okay then😏👏 well tell Paul that I'm bout to head to Lyons so if he call and I don't answer. I'm busy. 😏👏
Hypocrisy, Authenticity and the Measure of Sin by David Kinnaman and Gabe Lyons
I don't want to have to resort to Twilight Movies to see Billy Burke. The Cape to see David Lyons would be OK
(THE CULTURAL LIFE) - The Grand Opera House, built by David Lyons in 1901, originally hosted vaudeville shows and other entertainment. It has since undergone a $4.5 million restoration that included replicating and rebuilding the opera house's grand staircase, replacing and repainting the large meta...
David Lyons is hot af idc about ur opinion
My New Year is darkened by the loss of two great patriots in the last days of 2013: Capt. David Lyons, Air Force Academy, killed in Afghanistan on the 27th. (son-in-law of my friend, Nancy Pounds) Brig Gen Ray Gilbert, retired, in Albuquerque on the 28th (dear friend and mentor most of my life) Both Air Force heros who served their country and touched my heart in special ways. Heaven is richer and I am,too, for having had them in my life. Hallelujah! Please pray for their families.
David Lyons idea of me 'cycling' home ended in me having two hands cut to bits and a bleeding head. not the best idea.
Happy New year to all my family and friends. .a special gift arrived for some great people congrats to David Lyons and his family he's beautiful and surrounded by love.
David Reaves with a score. Big Ups to the Greensboro native
hi I just wanted to say that and I am David Lyons and I like to long board what about you
Happy new year to David Lyons lucy moo Lyons Alex Lyons Adam Lyons Jessica Lyons Charlie pb Lyons all my family and friends hope you have a great year 2014 think positive and positive things will happen love you all to bits x
I just want to extend a warm and loving embrace to my children who I love with all my heart. Andrew Dale Williams, Alicia Woods, David Lyons my step-daughter Sriya Yulissa and all my grand children, Ronaldo Williams, Dadria Williams and Renaldo Williams, all my Sisters and brothers, my cousins (which I cannot name for unno tu much, but Maverney Colquhoun, Rosemarie Wellington and Kimberly Wellington, I will have to name at the risk of a trashing from the others) my nieces and nephews(again too much to name)and all my FB friends and family, my co-workers and FB connections, with a special mention of Brian Henry and my cousin Roy Wellington, who both had gone through a serious physical crisis, but is holding their own by the mercies of God. I wish for you all a blessed, happy, prosperous, and spirit filled new year.
My New Years resolutions for 2014: 1. Norman Reedus 2. Lucas Black 3. David Lyons 4. Matthew Gray Gubler 5. Donnie Wahlberg (I still love him from new kids on the block) WHAT! I have never in my life completed a New Years resolution so why not have some fun with it!!! Happy New Year Y'all!
Had a dream that David Lyons was a vampire and we were in love ha! Bit weird but cool
is it just me or does DAVID LYONS (Sebastian Monroe in REVOLUTION) kinda look like Justin Timberlake ...???
My classmate David Lyons) posted a question about new year superstitions. So, after you've cleaned your house, changed the sheets on the beds, cooked some greens or beans, made sure that the first person to enter your home is a male with money in his pockets, made your resolutions, and prayed that it doesn't rain when midnight strikes ... what then? There is nothing wrong with any of these things (unless you tend to go to the extremes) but when was the last time you cleaned your temple, trusted God for your finances, and not worried about the number of deaths in the upcoming year? Better yet, have you sought the Lord thy God for His guidance for your life in 2014 and dare to trust Him. I triple dog dare you to try and trust Him in 2014.
It's a bright future for the Oregon Ducks
, & David Lyons are the top 3 on my list ;) Lucifer, The Governor, and Seb Monroe ❤️
If David Ash wasn't hurt Texas would be playing in BCS. I'm confident in that
At bowling with my amazing daughter, Sam Ziegler, and son, David Lyons :D
Mornin peeps well here we are on the road again headin home after a good break like to thank 2 very special friends Christine and David Lyons
Kirk David Lyons, here is the brother of Lt Eben Stenhouse, Pvt. John Taylor Stenhouse, Co. B, 16th S.C. Vols. Not to be confused with his cousin Lt. John Taylor Stenhouse who was killed with Hampton's Legion at 1st Bull Run.
David Lyons we got back tomorrow ..hope your ready my friend.
My condolences go out to Capt David Lyons Family. Thank you David for serving our country. 󾍀
Thank you David Lyons for your service to our country. May you forever rest in peace. Prayers go out to your family.
Just ran into David Lyons at Major League Grill. Good to see ya bud!! Let's catch up while we are in town.
Just to keep you informed: The press release for the eleventh episode ("Mis Dos Padres") was released. Steven is not mentioned to be part of that episode. NBC Press release: "REVOLUTION" "MIS DOS PADRES" 01/15/2014 (08:00PM - 09:00PM) (Wednesday): MONROE'S PARENTING SKILLS ARE PUT TO THE TEST - KIM RAVER GUEST STARS - Monroe (David Lyons) finds himself in unfamiliar territory and must make a choice about his son, Conner (Matt Vairo) whilst Neville (Giancarlo Esposito) and Julia (Kim Raver) continue to tango at Jason's (JD Pardo) dismay. Meanwhile, Gene (Stephen Collins) leads Charlie (Tracy Spiridakos) to an uneasy discovery. Also starring JD Pardo, Christopher Cousins, David Aaron Baker, Jorge Jimenez and Jack Scalia.
Science experiment brief description: I am using air pressure to break a ruler. I put the ruler on a box with five inches hanging off. Put two sheets of newspaper on it. It didn't work until I taped the newspaper to the box, but I had to do that so air doesn't get under it ruin the entire thing. After I did that, I hit the ruler and it broke! In your face dad I told you it would work! So friggin' happy! It broke in half. I am so sciency smart and stuff. WOAH-HU! David Lyons
First 10k done. Thanks to David Lyons and Shane Durcan. Dromore west hilly course but delighted wit my time. Roll on the pints :-)
Had a fantastic day yesterday with Roxanne Fowler and ariah and an amazing night with the family and great food thanks very much David Lyons
What a wonderful day! Thank you David Lyons Kaitlyn Lyons Lisa Martin Taltavull Jeff Taltavull Cathy Martin and several others for making Christmas 2013 so special. Everything was perfect.except for missing those that couldn't be here with us today. But I know they are smiling down on us with love and they will NEVER be forgotten
For unto us a savior is born! Beautiful Christmas dinner and service a last night with David Lyons & Jackie Jim Halsted Kristin Johnson Halsted Kiley Halsted Devyn Halsted and grandma and grandpa! Thank you for a beautiful filled with family and laughter!
Busy cooking like a wild possessed woman and wrapping pressies in between! All in the name of a stress free tomorrow. David Lyons watching telly after a busy day putting the house in order.
This coming year I want to record some things for horn: Laudatio, by Bernard Krohl; Parable VIII by Vincent Persichetti; Partita, by David Lyons (if I can figure out what to do with the final two measures to keep them from being a clumsy ending); Fantasy, by Malcolm Arnold; Partita, by Verne Reynolds; Romance, by Alexander Scriabine; and four pieces Alan Schultz wrote for me. The Verne Reynolds piece might be particularly ambitious for me, especially the Caccia movement. That ought to fill up a year, especially with a 40 hour a week job and participation in two ensembles. Maybe I'll be able to get KUAT-Classical Radio to broadcast them.
Updates to the N.B. Forrest High School, Jacksonville Florida name change - As Per Thomas Bryant I graduated from Forrest HS in 1983. What seems to. E happening is a man who lives across town from Forrest HS decided he didn't like the name. He stated for the record he didn't want his daughter going to a school named for a Klansman. Turns out the gentleman doesn't have a daughter. He is a part of a Progressive political group which is dedicated to eliminating Southern history. According to the Jacksonville Daily Record this man started a petition on to get the name changed. He received 75000 names from outside Jacksonville. A similar poll by the Daily Record showed Jacksonville residents rejecting the name change by 90% to 10% in favor. The school board conducted their own poll but won't release the official results. You can guess why. The school board voted to approve the name change. As Per Bill Puckett The school principal along with the Superintendent of Duval County Schools plus help from t ...
I would like to thanks Steve Graham, Tony Benkowich Jr., Robin Stacy-Michler, Mike Dunnegan, Diane Hegger, Anna McDaniels-Elkins, Kieth Maceranka, Ricci Woods, David Lyons, Vernon Politte, Diane DeGrasso, Danielle Wright, Joe Weeks, Donna Aubuchon and Last but not least Dawn Reenan-Barylski for the positive post u put on my wall ,the prayers, and the support for getting me through this past week. The GOOD NEWS is. I got an job interview tomorrow at 9am. So my friends THANKS A LOT IT WORKED! Love ya all and Happy holidays to u and your family!
breakfast is coffee and choc cake and the "perpetual" (century)tuna and some greens. thanks to Frence Boiser for stocking b4 flying to bohol and Camillo's bday cake leftover ty to ateElirie Cruspero. RK's CF quadrant audio book playing... being, doing, having. and i miss you papito David Lyons Sr. and my CF buddies. Foggy great Sunday at Foggy Heights, Tagaytay City... can't wait to be home.
I had a fun day with Ashley Martelle David Lyons and my mom and about to relax
Nephew Gino Salazar,my father David Lyons,my grandpa Bernie Dresel,and so many others that have been taken from us
Ok seriously with "Fifty Shades of Grey " coming out think director and producers right people! My thoughts are Julianna Hough and David Lyons period!
24 hours until I'm back in the Mitten! David Lyons & John Baldauf if you two fools are not at DTW when I land it's game over.
I can't believe its been 2 years since the love of my life went home to our Lord Jesus Christ. I miss soo much Daniel David Lyons. 09/26/61 - 12/20/2011
Well David Lyons , BJ Durham ,Tmaster N Black ,Lou Jones and no Kobe for 6weeks plus on Christmas against the Champs
David Lyons I found my xmas pressie only problem it wont fit in the pool.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
I can FINALLY put up a YAY I am home status!! What is even more great about being seeing your mom's face light up because she thought it was going to be Saturday before I got to come home!! I loved being able to surprise my mom and put her final Christmas you mom!! Dawn Gordon Clements and also thanks to my grandpa, Ila Clements, David Lyons, Alexis Gordon when she found out and Jacob Gordon for not telling her!!
Service went well last night. Wow god worked thru me see tears falling from my sons eyes was the works of GOD..I love you David lyons Jr...
*** Flacks, David Rovics, Casey Neill, Dana Lyons, Anne Feeney - I saw this great music video and thought of...
Philippa Tyler and David Lyons I love my HOWZAT finger! Thanks!
“uh no she's cheating on David and me with you you're just the mistress” 😳 news to me
Finally, the car is fixed, and there is no noticeable damage to the engine. Thank you David Lyons, Becky Holiman Lyons, Ritta Holiman, James Holiman, and Danny Weaver for all of your help. Emerald Yerton and i appreciate you greatly!
David Lyons, I thought you may like this.
Michelangelo would have chosen David Lyons for his David statue .
I'm actually really sad about not getting to stare at/drool over David Lyons on set anymore.
Flinnsters, I don't know how many people see their email from home, but I just saw that we got an email that tomorrows meeting is NOT mandatory anymore. Dr. Jarrett will not be able to attend. Joanna Rigoni Tekampe, Laura Watkins Lawson, Kelli Carlson Purvis, Bill Wengelewski, Christine Cox, Cynthia Shull Sims, Meredith Kerr-Brown, Bob Schrom , David Lyons, Tania J. Paterick I'm sure I forgot to tag some people - please share!
Played ball for 2 hours then lifted. Got home and cramped up on the stairs and fell down a few steps.
I'm a bit embarrassed that I'm coming around to David Lyons's character on
The parking lot will crack and bloom again! - David Lyons
David is there any chance of a Knight Rider movie coming out at all. Please reply and put our minds to rest
Good afternoon Millwall david, I certainly will follow you back.
appoint former Hearts and Hamilton ace Jose Quitongo as their new player/manager. David Lyons will be his assistant.
4693 on Weston Rd north of St. Clair by Lyons Furniture - 1950's - thanks David Imrie
The club are delighted to announce that Jose Quitongo is joining the club as Player/Manager his assistant is David Lyons.
and The Weeknd and Drake and The Civil Wars and Frank Ocean and basically anything with the feels, throw some John Mayer in there
It's only right that as I'm writing my essay about happiness in love and relationships that i listen to nothing but Al Green and Marvin Gaye
So disrespectful of David Cameron to attend Mandalas funeral when he used to participate in anti Mandela campaigns and wanted him hung.
David Lyons joins The V.R.O. just days before his movie film Safe Haven hit theaters on February 14th. David is also known for his role has Sebastian 'Bass' Monroe in NBC's ‘Revolution'
The only good thing about this film: DAVID LYONS OBVIOUSLY!
David Lyons Cast Interview: Attention: the sound is low!
I know! I have a thing for power . Oh and David Lyons. Omg. Dying.
Throwback: Love this phone interview did back in Feb! One of my favs from that time!
“Man *** was the English teacher at creston name” David E. Lyons
Finish my finals before all my roommates. Guess that means all the margaritas are for me!
Danny Buxton Shane Townsend Eugene Mcmillan John Moultrie David Lyons whats up with the mic crew
*** no your feet crust on usain bolt after a Olympic rave
your the grundle cheese on a fat Jamaican man running up a down escalator
*** no Brett Ugly as Down syndrome yeti
*News Update* Start Snapping... We are running a photo competition for the season. Send any hunt photos to this page or email. Best pic at the end of the season will win 1 years membership or monetary value. Judging by photographer David Lyons ***Happy Snapping ***
Just been told that the new muirkirk juniors manager is David Lyons and his assistant is Jose quitongo 󾮟⚽️
We would like to thank everyone who came out to the class of 2003's 10 Year Reunion!!! We did it pretty BIG and hope you all had a fun time... We will be posting pictures of the event soon... And if you have pictures with friends and classmates, feel free to post it on our page. We had a great turn out and an amazing night. Hope you enjoyed it!!! Special shout out to the reunion committee who made this all possible: Vilavanh Sanginthirath, Rowdy Pauu, David Lyons (JD Creviston) & Nore Burni! Another special thank you to those who were not part of the committee but took time out to help during our event: Nikki Yaomoto, David Arce, Juan Rojas, Vanesa Gibson, and others! An extra special shout out and thank you to the very few who stayed behind and helped clean up after the reunion was over: Nikki Yaomoto, Rowdy Pauu, Vilavanh Sanginthirath, Matt Rico & Gilbert Gardea! Looking forward to seeing the pictures and feedback! Our 20 Year Reunion isfar away, but we have some big shoes to fill! Class of 2003... you ...
David Lyons and 1 from dingle sent off still no score half hour gone in first half
A big thankyou to my biggest and best support crew today and everyday - My husband David Lyons X X
We caught the 8-22 bus to Edinburgh , then We had a look round the winter wonderland market , met David Lyons and gorgeous Sophia and Evie , then Jayne Coulthard and Levana and Arwen, went ice skating, they were brilliant, a good laugh, had lunch then they went to the Kings Theatre
Wanna wish my bro David Lyons a happy bday through all the years my *** always remained the same wish you many more bro grey goose loose enjoy your day kid!
Oh my goodness. What an afternoon. I started trying to leave the American Airlines Training Center at noon. My car was encased in ice-- abt two inches worth. After two hours of defrosting and scraping with my office keys, David Lyons rescued me and cleared my windows. Then a two hour drive to cover 30 miles. I am so grateful to be home!
I,swearcto god am going to drop kik that david lyons right in kite if e keeping snoring beginning to *** me right off
Watch Swerve (2011) Online (2011) iMDB Rating: 5.1 Date Released : 6 December 2013 Genre : Crime, Drama, Thriller Stars : Jason Clarke, Emma Booth, David Lyons, Travis McMahon Movie Quality : BRrip Format : MKV Size : 870 MB Download Trailer Buy DVD Colin happens upon a road accident where he finds a dead man, a beautiful woman, and a suitcase full of money. After trying to do the right thing he soon finds himself caught up in a dangerous scheme. Watch Swerve Trailer : Review : 'Right turn, right place, right time' I saw Swerve at the Melbourne International Film Festival last year. What a ride! The films' director Craig Lahiff (previous film fame Heavens' Burning (Russell Crowe) and Black and White (Robert Carlyle)) prefaced the screening by saying "have fun" – I sure did! Too often Aussie audiences seem to take Aussie films too seriously, this was just good old' entertainment and the audience really got into it! Swerve is an action packed and sexy neo-noir thriller with twists, turns and all sorts of ...
"You know almost everything that we know"-David Lyons
Check out what P4P Muscle Signature Series Pro Athlete David Lyons is doing for the world of MS! MS Fitness Challenge
I love my husband "Roy Macik" and my kids " David Lyons, Roy lll, lizzie, Joshua"...
Brian David Lyons is a big, stinky liar. :(
David Lyons was at Austin Webfest's launch party. Make sure you guys show your support, and submit a web series today! - Proud of you guys! Hopefully, I'll be down!
Our 4.5 hour drive lasted 9 long hours. But well worth the one on one family time. Feeling much gratitude! Thank you David Lyons and Juan M. Alvarado for driving those icy and slippery roads and getting us home safely! I love you!
I want to wish my father marion david lyons a happy birthday R.I.P Dad and we miss you we wish you wear hear love you alot we will care your last name
Josh & I finished watching Revolution Season 1 on Netflix. NBC only has the newest 5 episodes on their website... Why?!? I need David Lyons' face on my TV. 󾌡
Noah had an emarly christmas thanks to Tracey Lyons David Lyons Joshua Lyons
New series called "Through the Windshield," since that is how I see a lot of LA.
Curt Steere or David Lyons...someone better fess up.
Well, just too many things have happened in my life to tell you about them today. Except this! We have moved, Big Mama and me, to Fort Davis, Texas. We now live in an amazing house that has NO hidey holes. None. Nothing for me to get Up High on. None. And the saddest thing of all, is that my dear friend Tippy died. I know she's not gone, not really, and that she has joined T-Wave and Big Ivan in cat heaven, and that her presence is always with me. But I miss her big soft tummy and I miss jumping on her to make her squeak. Big Mama cried and cried and just said Tippy was too young to go so soon, and I agree. But here is the good news, and it makes me very happy to have it to tell. I have a new friend named Delbert that Big Mama has come over to the house to fix things, just like David Lyons did in Oakland. We did not have such a wonderful person in Midland. Big Mama's handyman did not understand the importance of a cat's assistance in these matters, and he ignored me. And he didn't use a ladder ...
Heh yeah, for me it's Burke and also David Lyons because he's hot too. If all else fails, it's still eye candy!
David Shaw on Wayne Lyons' career: "I would say that it’s trending upward."
Andrew Dale Williams, Alicia Woods, David Lyons. I love you all, just as the words below says.
David William “Leo” Lyons today is his 70th birthday He is the bassist of the (cont)
Just woke up from a dream where I was dating David Lyons and we were watching Game Of Thrones together. It was a nice dream.
Happy Birthday David Lyons and Amy Benoit! I hope you both had fantasic days!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Back at to unpack, set up my Christmas decorations (prepare Ellie I might have a tree), and dinner at 5:30 with friends.3 weeks left of the semester...I can get through this. Thanks for the great week at home Ila Clements, Dawn Gordon Clements, Alexis Gordon, and David was a relaxing week and i enjoyed it.
I was just gonna start watching that movie tonight mang
Even David Lyons and Summer Glau can't save this cheesefest. Doesn't mean I'll stop watching it though.
Should I be concerned when every other song on my phone is Trey Songz.?
Best civil war game I've watched ... To all who owe me plz pay your debt Fast pay make fast friends
David Neustein revisits Robin Boyd’s only Sydney project for Houses Magazine
David, if your late to the discussion I have already cast Tom as Geoffrey Palmer character in As Time Goes By.
watching the cape bc of david lyons and hes a dad and has a son and the flashbacks are tOO MUCH
“Everyday is thanksgiving cause all my homies eatin' 😋” On David.
David Lyon descended from a noble family, the Lyons of Auldbar, related to the Bowes-Lyon, the family of the late Quenn Mother.
*** They just killed off David Lyons' character in Revolution. Now who am I going to fantasise about having hate sex with?
It took so much effort to not let this happen Monday when I saw & David Lyons
Nicely done Mr Kripke for writing the line & David Lyons for perfectly delivering it. One of best lines yet
Reading about Anthony Lyons's defence has given me the rage. Damage to his sodding social life doesn't make me feel safer l…
"I gave my Netflix info to a friend and he's been watching a David Caruso movie for two weeks, ten minutes at a time" -- Annee Lyons
Great panelists on Collaboration Styles/Persona session with Diane Lyons
basketball tournament I might go to watch
I voted for "David Lyons" in a POLL: Best of 2013: Who Would You Nominate for Best Dramatic Actor? via
Can finally breathe easy now that my last midterm grade was released. I think I'm going to celebrate by watching David Lyons interviews.
I know you dont follow ppl bc of being a celeb but I would like a follow back please lyons
I find it impossible to watch revolution with my mum as all she does is say how much she wants to have sex with David Lyons!!
Yeah, can't disagree. The 1984 cover is genius, btw:
My dad's copy (the David Pelham cover) from the 70s had a glossary in it too, as I recall. Came in handy.
David Lyons of oh baby half way there lol
The measure of a superhero is always his nemesis.- David Lyons
{♫The Bonds of Music} Our brains may have evolved to be enthralled with music because it strengthens social bonds: http…
Remarkable pic of ferry leaving Newhaven - by David Lyons in Landscape Photo of Year comp (via
Friends of Crandall Public Library volunteer David Lyons getting ready for book sale.
Amazing apocalyptical David Lyons storm picture. Landscape photographer of the year 2013 via
David Lyons' black and white image of a Ferry, with passengers on board, leaving Newhaven harbour, East Sussex
David Lyons' photograph of ferry in a storm takes top prize in... via
*Chief Keef is president*. "Mr. President what is your opinion on the economy?". "3". *crowd leans in*. "hunna". *crowd goes …
Group of girls all smiling and hugging at a fraternity party. Caption: "Reunited with these girls and it feels so good"
We are thrilled to announce a partnership with and will be planning an Event! . David Lyons!
Just over 2hrs away from start of S2. David Lyons & Billy Burke both fantastic ! ;-) xx
ricktatorshipxo: Why are more people not fangirling over David Lyons yet?
Now onto an Revolution I haven't seen before. 1x05. David Lyons is painfully attractive.
STUDY: Violence Increasing in Dramas — Especially on NBC - David Lyons plays Gen. Sebastian...
Sir.Mr.Gates and all involved. Deep thanks. Dr.David Lyons..
season 2. David Lyons... you perfect man.
I love the cast on revolution, they are great. You/Tracy Spiridakos as charlie/david lyons as monroe are my favorite.
Photoset: So, I found pics of David Lyons from when he was on ER.
Nice to met you, namesake...this is David Lyons, Founder of the
THANK YOU for giving Monroe & David Lyons a little more love. Much appreciated by fans
I think you should scout David Lyons for Christian Grey...
they look happy and having fun together. David lyons as monroe is my favorite but I like Tracy Spiridakos as charlie too.
Only one class today and even the professor didn't show up... Is it nap time yet
please tell David Lyons he needs to take over as Christian Grey in the 50 Shades movie. Please :)
So there is that. :P I'm particularly enjoying David Lyons this season. *purrs*
the post-apocalyptic trick-or-treating is just wrong. can we go back to David Lyons, now, please?
Pleasee keep praying for Dana. Keep fighting girl we love you ❤🙏
I gotta say, David Lyons is incredible in
I'm confused. None of that decreases how much sexy David Lyons is
More David Lyons hotness on Revolution. Why isn't everyone watching this show? Sebastian Monroe is totally hot.
just wanted to say that you are rocking the scenes with David Lyons. Great ep. tonight.
So true! David Lyons had done an incredible job, and I love how Monroe's style is slightly
This is my Chris. David Lyons from Revolution Check out this image from IMDb.
I adore the character of David Lyons in the "Revolution". Ask me pleazzze, is there a romantic future of Bass and Charlie?
DAVID LYONS TO THE RESCUE. Dear god that was hot.
Miami Community - Portion of Kendall street named to honor David Lyons
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
I love this guy, he's very handsome. I love his blue eyes, david lyons play sebastian monroe wonderfully...
I'm hoping we see more back story this season. See how Monroe has changed over the years. David Lyons needs more scenes!!!
IRVINGTON - North Ward Councilman David Lyons recently said he believes the biggest problem with the Irvington...
I can't wait to see more of you and David Lyons in
Also, David so freaking attractive. *heavy breathing*
Smoking never looked so hot!!! . „Billy Burke & David Lyons Smoking outside of Katsuya 2013 Comic Con in SD „
Billy Burke & David Lyons are Smoking Hot at Katsuya in 2013 Comic Con in SD 07192013: via
Less than a month until season 2 premiere, which means David Lyons back in my life. You should be happy for me.
Today Wallabies legend David Lyons joins me in the Eurosport commentary box for Clermont-Toulouse today. Will the home record fall ?
right. Right. Being 6'3 makes life super difficult.
your old mate David Lyons joins 2 call v at 245am AEST on Sunday...will he be ok?
Shower head at chest height. Feet hit door when in bed. And I punch the ceiling when I lift my arms up.
It's only right that I read 20,000 leagues under the sea in prep for my scuba trip.
wait... Not boring. So if its boring... Post it?
Yes, cake does fix everything and would especially be nice right now with a side of David Lyons. ;-D
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Guys and gals, now is the time to finally own your own copy of The Cape: The Complete Series.
He makes my heart melt: Interview With Revolution's David Lyons - WonderCon 2013: via
Former Wallaby David Lyons joins 2 call v at 245am Sunday. How will he go?
Nigel Davies did the same thing with David Lyons "This is what you look like if you hate gym and love cheese"
The way David Lyons talks in general by a long shot!
I don’t know what sounds prettier, the way a cat purrs or the way David Lyons talks when he’s playing Bass on
wait I'm home and I'm all alone too. Help
Come home after dropping the sister off to school to realize that no one is home.
Seriously, someone tell me David Lyons and Andrew Lincoln aren't twins.
that is pretty hilarious but sad at the same time... What happened to all the classy men?
Wierd... Now I'll be an only child for a month.
LOL. Glad I'm not the only one who has noticed. David Lyons is one squirmy lil booger. He's always waving his
kame hame ha man. We could go full fusion into Gogeta man.
Kanye's verse at the end of "Power Remix" to the beat of "I Got The Power" should be better known than it is. So raw.
I love David Lyons more than u know!
Congrats to David Lyons for finding the golden ticket at May's Candy! Woot!
uhm...not sure I'd bring Bass with me, I think I'd prefer David Lyons,looks like a funnier guy ;)
Why am I watching Eat Pray Love at this time of night? Oh yeah, David Lyons…
So David Lyons... does he just LIKE playing paranoid psychos or...
It's weird seeing David Lyons in Revolution as a bad guy after watching The Cape..
yes, I do watch the show. It's okay, but I like three of the actors in the show a lot. :) EM, David Lyons & Giancarlo Esposito
David Lyons and his Babyback Ribs with Pulled Pork is our winner in the tournament this week! David moves on to the finals!
If you are all talking about Aussies I'm throwing in David Lyons : )
IRVINGTON - North Ward Councilman David Lyons and West Ward resident John Brown have organized a Stop the Viol...
I thought you were all about David Lyons?
Sartell — author and body builder David Lyons (you met him at the MS Fitness Challenge!) has a special message...
Hear from our friend and author David Lyons from the MS Fitness Challenge! His message: DITCH the excuses, get in...
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