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David Lynch

David Keith Lynch (born January 20, 1946) is an American filmmaker, television director, visual artist, comic book artist, musician and occasional actor.

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David Lynch made me wait 26 years for new Twin Peaks. You get more than a day if you need it, fella.
Two episodes of David Lynch's Twin Peaks reboot will premiere as part of a special event during
"Elsewhere, two episodes of David Lynch's eagerly anticipated Twin Peaks will be screened"
Our projection team is ready for Mulholland Drive, with this message straight from their friend David Lynch! Back out Friday!…
The FX shows with David Lynch were the greatest.
Sheryl Lee and Sherilyn Fenn on the set of '(TV Series 1990–1991) Mark Frost, David Lynch.
An interview with Agnes Obel - Talking Claude Debussy, David Lynch, musicality and her writing process
every time you hear a reporter discuss the physical immediate details of being around Trump it's halfway between Chris Guest and David Lynch
It's like Bryan Fuller, Wes Anderson & Del Toro all created a piñata together and David Lynch smashed it open
Also the "Radiohead of Movies" is clearly either David Lynch or Wes Anderson. Mulho…
"It does have a feel of David Lynch." Scott Wilkinson on Bossanova: https:/…
David Lynch: The Art Life is as close a look as the director has ever allowed
82/365 - Twin Peaks is making me feel uncomfortable. I feel like David Lynch has me in the palm of his...
American cinema needs David Lynch now more than ever. Our critics explain why:
It is happening again. David Lynch and cast portraits for
David Lynch continues to be one of America's most relevant filmmakers. Here's why:
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
“David Lynch does evil about as good as you can do it. It's a rock-you-to-the-core type of fear.”. —Kyle MacLachlan in
How Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch wrote the Twin Peaks soundtrack in two minutes (BBC) http…
David Lynch says he's making more Twin Peaks, but it will end up being just an 18 hour infomercial for Transcendental Medi…
Judging the "Coolympics" w/ on Cleveland Show. Coolest part was being introduced by David Lynch, & I skate switch…
I've finally seen every David Lynch feature film. Here they are (with Twin Peaks in the ranking too)!.
LOLz. Mental note: Head to David Lynch Foundation for Transcendental Meditation lessons tomorrow.
I don’t know why people expect art to make sense. They accept the fact that life doesn’t make sense. — David Lynch
How's Annie in this pre Obsession ad directed by David Lynch:
it's okay he's a klans men, you know the white hoods who lynch. David Duke deserves death.
"It's my most spiritual movie. No one understands when I say that, but it is." David Lynch on
I got to realize a longtime, very strange dream by profiling David Lynch for
'Everybody loves to laugh, I like girls that cry' David Lynch
David Lynch on the set of Blue Velvet, 1985 (photo by Peter Braatz)
A fine David Lynch interview with a matchless kicker
Progress sneak of my painting for an upcoming David Lynch themed show opening nyc April 8th! http…
Though it may have nothing to do with Twin Peaks, this short film reunites it's 2 biggest names for the first...
David Lynch shows his audience his sadistic mind in the film that has what is arguably Dennis Hoppers best performance. This is Blue Velvet.
David Lynch Directs a Mini-Season of Twin Peaks in the Form of Commercials Open Culture
2017 – so far – is the closest thing to living inside of a David Lynch movie that I can imagine. CC
All David Lynch profiles are fated to exist in the shadow of DFW's, but I really enjoyed this one by
A look back at and his debut feature
Peek inside the serene and stylish rooms at The James West Hollywood hotel, opening May 1.
The Key to Eraserhead unlocks the hidden mystery behind David Lynch's amazing and controversial debut film.
Here’s a friendly reminder that David Lynch used to do kooky weather reports
An in-depth read about Lynch and the upcoming Twin Peaks reboot. Not a quick read, but well worth the time... I...
David Lynch on Returning to "Twin Peaks" and What It's Like to Kiss Liz Taylor
"You fall in love for the way cinema could say that idea. It’s a beautiful day."
“I’ll be seeing you very soon in the beautiful world of Twin Peaks.”. —David Lynch (via
David Lynch and Kyle MacLachlan are featured in a new short film. Watch:
The 8 steps to keeping your show a total secret, according to David Lynch and
“I haven’t seen the finished product yet. David’s still working.”. ─Mark Frost in
David Lynch: [Lincoln] The blue haired lady sits in the balcony in the same position as Abraham Lincoln did in the Ford Theater.
I had no idea Bioware hired David Lynch to direct Mass Effect Andromeda
On this day 40 years ago the world was introduced to dir. David Lynch's surreal masterpiece Eraserhead (1977)
While we're there we can check out Fincher's MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3, David Lynch's RETURN OF THE JEDI, and Tony Scott's THE WARRIORS.
to me, Banon just looks like David Lynch after a REAL bad year and since I've never heard him speak he (thankfully) talks like Gordon Cole.
Logan-great ep! Some very fun tangents. David Lynch, John Candy, Jackie Brown-You're speaking my language!
In the past 50 years, no less than Ridley Scott, David Lynch, and Alejandro Jodorowsky have taken runs at
Never really considered that David Lynch is probably Josh Homme's dad.
David Lynch's "Wild at Heart" us bonkers in the best way. Watching with Lindsay Carter ***
Ok, David Lynch directs Tom Hardy in the titular role with Jena Malone as the creator/lover/villain and soundtrack…
The best thing David Lynch ever did was inspire his own parody in JIMINY GLICK IN LALAWOOD
Watch: David Lynch on the possibility of an idea.
David Lynch returns as Gordon Cole in 'Twin Peaks' revival via
No one asked, but my top five creative influences are:. -David Lynch. -David Fincher. -Bryan Fuller. -Jamie Hewlett. -Grimes
Final Destination, starring Jeremy Davies and Jerry Seinfeld. Directed by David Lynch, music by Dashboard Confessional. Budget: $50m
Before there was 'STRANGER THINGS' (2016), there was the classic Steven King meets David Lynch classic TV show...
Jack Nance and David Lynch on the set of ‘Eraserhead’ (1977) “A dream of dark and troubling things”
If 'La La Land' was directed by David Lynch, it'd look something like this...
Catching the Big Fish by David Lynch with - Episode . via
Recut version of 'La La Land' directed by David Lynch looks more like a suspense thriller
Jan Stuart, Nashville chronicles and a David Foster Wallace Essay about The Lost Highway and David Lynch generally.
“David Lynch and Mark Frost wrote it, and it's right back. It's right back where it should be.” —Mädchen Amick talks new…
Tonight! Debut of a new live set at The Forge in Camden. with HEXA playing to David Lynch's factory photos too
We said that David Lynch was a fake goth, turns out we were wrong. Sorry.
I am becoming really interested in David Lynch and am almost embarrassed to say I haven't seen any of his films. Where does one begin?
David Lynch says FIRE WALK WITH ME is vital if you're preparing for season 3. Behold your guide.…
I feel bad for whichever government employee has to monitor me, My vacuuming alone looks like a movie directed by David Lynch
Me too !! Love everything about from the genius mind of ! Brilliant sto…
West Side Story, starring Judy Garland and SpongeBob. Directed by David Lynch, music by Babyshambles. Budget: $500
is what would happen if Wes Anderson and David Lynch made a superhero movie
S1E1: It's like David Lynch and Wes Anderson made sweet, sweet love and their baby was an X-Man.
Legion is half Wes Anderson and half David Lynch
Julee Cruise says David Lynch himself composed a fair share of music for the new (via
If it makes you feel any more colourful, David Lynch is mixing Peaks in one of our buildings. Our PPA saw him the other day.
R.I.P. John Hurt. Here with David Lynch on the set of The Elephant Man.
20 years ago today David Lynch's . LOST HIGHWAY had its world premiere
Finish the day by remembering David Lynch's weirdos!
In fairness, he did a great job directing Hacksaw Ridge. I had hoped that Tom Ford would get the random "David Lynch" nom.
Joan Chen & David Lynch on the set of Twin Peaks:Fire Walk With Me
David Lynch called the late Miguel Ferrer "Albert" for his "Twin Peaks" character. My obit of a son of show-biz
picket fences, green grass, cherry trees. Middle America as it’s supposed to be . David Lynch
Of course, on one of the most surreal days in recent memory: Happy Birthday, David Lynch (
David Lynch introduced the world to the greatest tv-show ever when the gave the world Twin Peaks.. RIP Miguel Ferre…
Kirk Hamilton needed something to talk about drank some warm creme then had a David Lynch dream where this idea popped up
Of course! I'll teach you everything I know. We can have knitting parties and watch the films of David Lynch. 😋
The revival on kicked off with a surprise visit to the from David Lynch!
David Lynch on Consciousness, Creativity and the Brain (Transcendental M... via
David Lynch reveals a few details about the revival.
My Uber driver is playing 50s pandora and I feel like a troubled woman in a David Lynch flick
Please answer! Will we ever know how the fish got into the percolator?
The Actor "a bizarre, David Lynch-like thriller about obsession, delusion and determination" Globe & Mail
The most complete Q&A session with David Lynch about Twin Peaks yesterday
John died at the end by David wong. Or lies of Locke lamora by Scott lynch
My with Valerie Clark for The Actor "David Lynch-like thriller" G&M
Interview with about The Twin Peaks Vinyl releases from and https:…
David Lynch: Don, where are those drums coming from? Don Siegel: Same place the rain is, Dave.
Just saw Blue Velvet for the first time at wealthy st theatre and realized the entire eastown community dresses like a david lynch film
" we discovered a mystery, and within this mystery were many other mysteries." David Lynch, Unsurprisingly Cryptic
Are we actually debating Jeff Sessions' qualifications to protect Lady Justice? After Holder & Lynch, the bar could not b…
is the bluray of david lynch's OOP now? The dvd seems to be available, not the bluray though.
Ted Cruz makes Snake Soup out of BROKEN Obama, SCANDALOUS Lynch & there SLITHERING Justice Dept !!!
When the time comes to make the biopic, it should be made by David Lynch.
We'll be discussing David Lynch's Hotel Room and Perversions of Science (of possible interest to fans):
Showtime just surprised with a David Lynch press conference for its upcoming revival: htt…
Corbyn's Brexit policy is like a David Lynch film. After a while you get bored of trying to work out what it means.
Or you could do one right NOW while just dressing like a 70 year old David Lynch!
David Lynch on 'Twin Peaks' future: 'No plans for anything more' past reboot via
Composer channels David Lynch for show with writes
was this because I said you should be the next David Lynch
David Lynch said little about the "Twin Peaks" revival at entertainingly, but revealed a few things, anyway
"My log has something to tell you: David Lynch waxes surreal for Showtime"
David Lynch discusses bringing back and gives us one little hint about what to expect
David Lynch, Laura Dern, & Kyle MacLachlan discuss what has changed or stayed the same in Twin Peaks. (via
Iran pun ada vampire movie, baq hang! It's an extreme slowburn (with David Lynch influence) but interesting to see a vampire i…
Here's what we know about the revival so far:
ICYMI: New will be 'pure heroin David Lynch':
Who killed Laura Palmer?! is coming and the suspense is real! >>>
The ceiling fan will be voiced by a 104 year old David Lynch whispering "creamed corn" over & over with sax…
Watch our full edition of David Lynch's heartrending masterpiece MULHOLLAND DR. before it leaves the Channel on 1/31 h…
David Lynch says 'Fire Walk With Me' is very important to the new Twin Peaks Series
Sheldon Whitehouse's hair looks like David Lynch's hair and David Byrn's hair had a baby. And I'm diggin it.
Apropros of nothing, Jeff Sessions looks like he'd make a really good David Lynch villain
Twin Peaks returns in May: 'The pure heroin vision of David Lynch'
David Lynch, speaking at says FIRE WALK WITH ME is "very much important" to the new season. Add it to your re-watc…
And that's it for David Lynch, aka Jack Dall.
“designed to be a closed-ended, one-time event.". bless you David Lynch and Mark Frost
I've said it before: This may not be the Twin Peaks WE remember, but the one David Lynch remembers.
oh man David Foster Wallace on Lost Highway/David Lynch: (best online link I can find)
David Lynch is so overrated I bet that I could make a movie using the same style and mine would be better
Inspired by David Lynch, Christian Louboutin's Shoe Peaks bag is a shoe-in via https…
cool Japanese game devs love making Stephen King and David Lynch references hard confirmed
My another handmade inspired by by | Stage 1: with Pencil and music b…
“David Lynch is the kindest, sweetest man. He's like Jimmy Stewart with Salvador Dali's intestines.” —Michael Horse
This night I have so much fever that when I close my eyes I have the feeling to be in a David Lynch's movie ! 😏
Yeah! I'm a big fan of him! I love Mulholland Drive, Lost Highway, Inland Empire, Blue Velve…
It's been a lot go, about David Lynch backing
I want to prepare for the new season - what order is best to read LP's diary, History of TP, and watch seasons 1 & 2?
BEGGING ,plz have every1 from on in 2017. can talk
“It's so freeing, it's beautiful in a way, to have a great failure, there's nowhere to go but up.”
Merry Lynchmas everyone! Cause nothing says "David Lynch" like having creepy birds in your tree!
his. Been there before. and besides, in a two or three weeks from now I´ll be killing myself or begging for the doctors to let
"Or if an idea comes from outside, boom, you catch it in your brain and you see it and you hear it…
It was a third set by David Lynch, who is known for his bar as it, parts of Liverpool in Mass., Bragg, Margaret Calewitt.
Someone find David Attenborough. Wrap him in bubble wrap. Put him somewhere safe until 2016 is over.
Get 6 Free VitaTops
Fresh out the bath, with George Michael in Paris on the tele and a David Lynch book in my hands. Good to be home.
I'm going to spend the next short while listening to this love the vinyl reissue…
We'd been planning a David Lynch and Twin Peaks marathon for ages. We'll still find time for that. Right now a wake is in order.
If you've ever seen one of those hilarious romantic comedies directed by David Lynch. You know all there is to know about marr…
"Even a bad cup of coffee is better than no coffee at all." - David Lynch. Happy International Coffee Day!
OK... forget about his hand for a minute. Is it just me or does it look like the wookie, or whatever he is, has...
New 'Twin Peaks' trailer consists of David Lynch eating a donut, and nothing else
Only Twin Peaks fans will appreciate how satisfying it is to watch David Lynch eat a donut.
Here's today's random pic of the day!
Cult director David Lynch: "Intuition is the number one tool for an artist – feeling and thinking combined."
what if had ended Twin Peaks by playing Smooth Criminal? I think it would have added something.
It was created by my Brother so please feel free to DM him. It keeps coffee warm!
We're celebrating 20 years of David Lynch's LOST HIGHWAY with a 35mm screening on 1/12!
Movies That Inspire Me: Andrew Dominik on the strange universality of h…
Just got my copy: can't wait to delve deeper into the mystery
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Happy birthday to Watch the short he filmed before returning to work with David Lynch on Twin Peaks. https:/…
Eastenders at 9pm tonight was written & directed by David Lynch..So rumor has it.Should be good for a laugh..."Oh P…
In the David Lynch biopic of Allen, he is played by a young Crispin Glover.
The Emoji Movie secretly turns out to be David Lynch's long lost film, Ronnie Rocket
Twin Peak fans are excited that David Lynch series will be revived on Showtime.
Sheryl Lee, David Lynch and Lara Flynn Boyle on the set.
'Twin Peaks' teaser shows return of creator David Lynch as Gordon Cole
David Lynch as Gordon Cole eats a donut in a teaser for the new Twin Peaks. (We'll take what we can get.)
David Lynch returns as Gordon Cole to eat a donut in new 'Twin Peaks' teaser:
David Lynch is back as Gordon Cole in the new 'Twin Peaks' teaser:
David Lynch returns as Gordon Cole in latest revival teaser:
Everyone: Look at the Blade Runner teaser!. Me: Look at this teaser of David Lynch eating a donut!!!
And now, David Lynch as Gordon Cole... eating a
That floor looks like a David Lynch set. The black lodge is an appropriate setting for this year -- cheers
When you work with David Lynch, you never know where he's going n...
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Just watched David Lynch's The Elephant Man and all I can say is wow.
David Lynch and Johnny Depp are helping a teenager with stage four cancer make a gory zombie film: Aspiring……
David Lynch and Laura Dern are reuniting for a zombie short film made by teen cancer patient https:/…
David Lynch and Johnny Depp are helping a teen with cancer make a film - Metro
Whilst discussing David Lynch having the world's best, remembered how nuts his Signature Cup coffee advert is
The Score, starring Jason Schwartzman and Harry Shearer. Directed by David Lynch, music by The Swingers. Budget: $5m
There's a sort of David Lynch quality to Hai Phong. Can't quite explain it, but seems that…
A fascinating article on TM transcendental meditation and David Lynch by Claire Hoffman -
'Twin Peaks' is a continuing story; that comes from David Lynch and my...
Just realized Ted Thompson is David Lynch. Thank you for everything you do, Ted/David.
all this time I've been thinking that Jim Jarmusch was Thurston Moore pretending to be David Lynch
Not everyone will appreciate it, but THAT WAS A MOVIE. A little Chris Nolan + David Lynch for me. 👽
I wrote an appreciation of David Lynch's dark jewel Blue Velvet for Taste of Cinema 🎬♡.
Q: what's David Lynch and Mark Frost's favorite record that Joe Walsh played on (i hope)?
David Lynch and Mark Frost called me and said, 'There's something happening here.' —Kyle MacLachlan
Frank Silva (1949-1995) & Michael J. Anderson (63), seen here with David Lynch on the set of 'Twin Peaks'.
why can't we live in a timeline in which David Lynch directed a Silent Hill movie? "Dale Cooper's Spooky Cult Adventure"
Jack Fisk, John, Jenn and David Lynch in front of DKL's first home in Hollywood. 950 San Vicente Blvd., 1970. via
"There was the Old Hollywood of Angelica Houston and the avant garde of David Lynch and Johnny Depp" ✨
Think of how amazing it would have been if David Lynch adapted Gomez is Coming by Jack Chick
Special guests David Lynch and Johnny Depp make surprise appearances at The Harry Dean Stanton Awards:
David Lynch's is one of the most unique Halloween films to date—here's why:
I love David Lynch and this movie is typical David Lynch and Nicholas Cage is actually decent here
Richard Farnsworth in 'The Straight Story' (1999) David Lynch. "The worst part of being old is remembering when you was youn…
Watching wild at heart, still hate nic cage but David Lynch so Idk what to expect
David Lynch, Nicolas Cage and Laura Dern while filming 'Wild at Heart '(1990).
I admire David Lynch so much, and I think he made some bad decisions with ...
Tom Hooper had done 'John Adams,' and David Lynch did 'Twin Peaks.' I ...
This whole thing has been like a wet dream David Lynch had after he fell asleep watching Fox. Goodnight, America, and good l…
“David Lynch wanted me to play Frank Booth but I'm very glad I didn't do it, because Dennis [Hopper] was just fantastic.…
Thanks for the nearly 1000 reads in last 24 hours of David Lynch of Mr. Robot -
Last night in LA. 'David Lynch presents Chrysta Bell at The Hollywood Forever'. I had the…
David Lynch with Sheryl Lee and Lara Flynn Boyle on the set of 1990
Disney remakes I'd really want to see: David Cronenberg's Pinocchio, David Lynch's Snow White And The Seven Dwarfs, Michael…
TBH, David Lynch's Mulholland Drive makes more sense to me than anything the talking Cheeto is saying.
Never forget that David Lynch is a national treasure
did you see Tom's letter to David Lynch asking him to direct his biopic? Classic.
Wasn't expecting Ghost In the Shell to look so *** good, in a style that looks like... David Lynch meets Terry Gilliam?…
With capturing of David Lynch the goal music will hereby change from Tom Hark to a deep continuous drone on a synthesizer.
SIGNING | announce signing of 23 year old midfielder David Lynch from
[watch] What is "Lynchian?" A look at how David Lynch develops macabre irony
Walk into a "Twin Peaks" restaurant in Atlanta, and it has nothing to do with David Lynch. However, I am thirsty...
In Dreams // Roy Orbison . From the 1986 film Blue Velvet directed by David Lynch
"This world is wild at heart and weird on top" .- David Lynch
Amazing to hear David Lynch say that the exploration of the fugue state in LOST HIGHWAY was inspired by O.J Simpson! http…
I'll put money on you being a big David Lynch fan . Plus there's definitely a touch of the Jack Nance about you..
David Lynch announces new film to be sequel to Dune: Dune Messiah .
David Lynch pushed Tim Roth over "the edge" in the new Twin Peaks. Holy moly that's saying something 🔥
Tim Roth spills on working with David Lynch for the upcoming 'Twin Peaks' revival
[why yes, David Lynch, I AM available to be your director of photography]
Words cannot describe how glorious this is! Keith is like Piers Morgan and David Lynch combined. Will watch!
I always say that PA is my biggest ~David Lynch, director
director Denis Villeneuve would now like to remake David Lynch's
Who are your top 5 favorite filmmakers of all time? — David Lynch. Paul Thomas Anderson. Terrence Malick. ...
Molly only owns films directed by David Lynch, so she's educating me 👍👍
Mulholland Drive - updated diagram ... the incredible genius of David Lynch ... the cleverest screenplay in history https…
Master of David Lynch explains how to reel the ideas in vi
ATTN: All lovers of the strange & unusual & oh so interesting film director David Lynch
Laura Dern & David Lynch on the set of 'Wild at Heart' (1990)
Seriously, was that some sort of remake of the Time Machie as if written by Robert E. Howard and directed by David Lynch?
What we learned about David Lynch after spending three years in his art cave:
I had to donate a lil to David Lynch's charity which helps people with PTSD to enter so I'm gonna make RB dough + enter more
Great find from teacher Fiona! David Lynch on where great ideas come from via
David Lynch and Grace Zabriskie on the set of "Twin Peaks".
Monica Bellucci, Amanda Seyfried, Jim Belushi, Michael Cera, Julee Cruise, Laura Dern, Ernie Hudson, WTH has David Lynch been up to?!
Recently people like David Lynch and Quintin Tarantino have been very outspoken about movies not shot on film, or...
David Lynch & Laura Harring behind the scenes of 'Inland Empire', 2006.
The BBC's top 100 21st century films? Give me a break!: Laura Harring and Naomi Watts in David Lynch's Mulhol...
“In the Nightfall” by was recorded in David Lynch's studio. Will we hear the song in the new
Clocking at 207.23 hours, as Ocean notes, his list includes classics from Andrei Tarkovsky, David Lynch, Ingmar Bergman,
Esmail just referenced Mad Men as an influence on his pacing yesterday...David Lynch also (obvious)..I suspect Terry Gilliam
His movies have depth and integrity. The Dark Knight was a masterpiece. David Lynch is bad as *** Completely tasteless,
My ol' VHS of David Lynch's still-unavailable anywhere ON THE AIR now resides Highly recommended.
David Lynch. Lost Highway. The character in the photo says something similar.
William Eggleston: the stories that inspired David Lynch's favourite... Via News Break:
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Best audience Q for Bill Pullman during Q&A: "Is this election more like a Mel Brooks movie or a David Lynch movie?"
in the David Lynch's 'The Straight Story'. Cinematography at its best with Sissy Spacek and Richard Farnsworth 💜
"If you give him the drug, he'll never see the other side of this.". -David Lynch, Twin Peaks
Joan Chen with David Lynch during the shooting of ':Fire Walk with Me' (1992).
Rear Window, starring Chris Evans and Jennifer Lawrence. Directed by David Lynch, music by Wang Chung. Budget: $3m
THE ROCKETEER is getting a sequel, my candidates for director. Darren Aronofsky, Rob Zombie, David Lynch or Cronenberg, anything else is pooh
Was an extra on a very small set in Inland Empire, so, saw David Lynch there. But that seems like cheating.
God Almighty, my head hurts. This is probably why I watch David Lynch's work in small doses at a time.
it's Paul Thomas Anderson and David Lynch for me. They've produced decent enough stuff but nothing I've thought was great.
Here's hoping David Lynch has the sense to follow in Paul's footsteps and make Twin Peaks season 3 starring Jennifer Lawrence and Emma Stone
Shane Corcoran (Milltownpass) on for David Lynch. DUB's Dean Rock converts another free. Getting beyond us here, 0-16 to 0-7
Bored to tears by drifted off thinking about how good David Lynch's Inland Empire really was.
Can you imagine of they asked David Lynch to do one of these cheesy, live post-shows after "Twin Peaks"? GTFO
always wanted to be agent cooper when I was 16 and obsessed with David Lynch by way of Dune. I was one awkward teenager.
It's just another one of those David Lynch type telly dream-things...all will be clear when Mark Kermode reviews it for us.
Wendy from The Shining and David Lynch, on display at Nathan Phillips Square
David Lynch and Harry Dean Stanton reunite for quirky small-town drama...
David Lynch's daughter among new directors for 'American Horror Story' Season 6?
📷 keyframedaily: David Lynch and Harry Dean Stanton on the set of John Carroll Lynch’s Lucky, currently...
Laura Harring and Naomi Watts in a promotional shot for "Mulholland Drive" (David Lynch, 2001)
there are several signed copies of Meg, Mog, & Owl in Amsterdam & also David Lynch's Fish book in Green Apple. brb my mouth is frothing.
Sherilyn Fenn in (1990) . David Lynch on sex: "it has all these different levels, from lust and fearful "
David Lynch and Sherilyn Fenn on the set of (1990)
The great David Lynch speaking the truth.
Cenobites designed by people other than Clive Barker = Twin Peaks after David Lynch bailed
Bergman's sole foray into horror is uniquely his own, but the heavy influence upon David Lynch is clearly evident now.
Twin Peaks is the strongest evidence we have of extraterrestrial life, i.e. David Lynch
"David Lynch set to direct animated version of KOF Maximum Impact, his focus lies on clone coitus with Kyo."
David Lynch invited some of his favorite artists to perform at his Festival of Disruption! https…
David Lynch curating LA festival with Robert Plant, St Vincent, music from ‘Twin Peaks’ & more
David Lynch's upcoming festival will feature performances by Robert Plant, Sky Ferreira, Questlove and more
David Lynch is throwing a music festival, and the lineup is absolutely bonkers via
Proof we live in a simulation: there are parents named Jeff Mangum (Neutral Milk Hotel) and David Lynch on our swim team.
David Lynch's spots for Calvin Klein Obssession and Sony PlayStation were very 'Lynchian'
David Lynch is like american Lars Von Trier. Not super familiar with either of their work though, yet
Thought you’d want to see this wooden sculpture of David Lynch as The Elephant Man
What are career goals? "I would love to be in a David Lynch film." 💥💥
It's like the Kopi Luwak but with David Lynch instead
Claire from NJ's Instagram is like a David Lynch movie
Just wow! Go see it's a little bit Tim Burton with a dash of David Lynch dressed…
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