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David Lynch

David Keith Lynch (born January 20, 1946) is an American filmmaker, television director, visual artist, comic book artist, musician and occasional actor.

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Fire Walk With Me is David Lynch operating on god mode
But he has good hair, like David Lynch or Bill Mitchell
Used to be Nolan, then became Mann, but now it's probably either Paul Thomas Anderson or David Lynch.
Since 2013, David Moyes has signed a cumulative total of 11 1/2 years of contracts, at three clubs. He's worked for 32 mo…
Please remember that David Lynch is an Aquarius before writing a Hot Take trying to assign stable, coherent meaning to Twin Peaks
Folks, in this fine day of TV celebration, let's all watch this very real interview of David Lynch by Alex Jones
Loving both the new and new track. Thank you
was great, I loved it! Amazing work, amazing actors and finally Lynched to the fullest. 😍 😱Something best on TV
It's back and it's great and David Lynch is one of life's most precious things.
Never was a David Lynch guy growing up, and never got into Twin Peaks. But God bless those digging its return.
📽 As series 3 of launches, we select the essential ingredients of his film-making...
tfw David Lynch is a Good Ally and calls a trans woman "beautiful" and tells her transphobic colleagues to "fix their hearts…
this is the happiest i have been in my literal entire god *** life god bless Twin Peaks 2017 god bless David Lynch trolling…
Catching up on the last two episodes of Twin Peaks. He really did go full David Lynch...didn't he?
"Ladies and gentlemen, welcome back to the world of - . The new opening credits. Se…
Confession: I’ve never see anything David Lynch has done save for bits and pieces of Dune, and the music video he directed for Sparks.
Some of his stuff is on Netflix like Into the Inferno is a new one. It's very good. He's friends with David Lynch I think
You'll be confused about a few things. But it's David Lynch so you'll be confused anyway.
David Lynch - looking at the audience reaction to
It is deliberately, punishingly tedious – but that's why Twin Peaks is so beguiling
Wow. Twin Peaks revival utterly magnificent. In age of great TV, proves he was, and still is, light years…
I have not recovered from Twin Peaks and I may never. David Lynch is everything to my soul
made one thing very clear last night: David Lynch is still a master filmmaker. reviews:
"The game begins." blows my mind again. dark imaginings are those of a true visionary.…
if you like David Lynch films absolutely
if you like David Lynch films it's well worth watching even if you didn't see first two seasons
I love David Lynch's interior asthetic btw, weirdly dated apartments, placement of furniture...
The original was David Lynch conforming to TV. The new one is TV conforming to Lynch. We're all gonna have such…
Ermmm... nope. It was an absolute treat.
The Twin Peaks reboot is pure, outrageous David Lynch—and it’s glorious:
Good news. David Lynch is still a genius.
Wonder if wrote the manifesto ? - It is deliberately, punishingly tedious
Have you seen other David Lynch films?
Twin Peaks, 1990-1991. Best place for coffee and cherry pie. David Lynch.
"Mel Brooks hasn't made a movie in 20 years" is my "David Lynch hasn't made a movie in 10 years"
Come join me on my lonely island, where we play George Jones and talk about how David Lynch is boring.
David Lynch: "Everybody loves to laugh. Larry David is great. Albert Brooks. Mel Brooks. I like girls that cry."
this new footage looks a little weird but I trust David Lynch
(yes, I KNOW Frank Silva is dead and Michael Anderson hates David Lynch, can we just assume not for the purposes of a joke? [/a. partridge])
David Lynch recently said he's done making movies, so I've got to believe the Twin Peaks revival will be his swan song.
I want David Lynch to be a guest judge on Drag Race
David Lynch was a big influence on Bryan Fuller. As a result never had a single footstep noise.
This oral history of David Lynch and Twin Peaks is filled with weird, amazing stories collected by
I'm not obsessed with David Lynch. In other news, I cry every time I even think about the new Twin Peaks season.
David Lynch on and why revisiting Laura Palmer's mystery was easy as pie
'The book reminded me of the films of David Lynch, where behind the everyday there is a darker hue...'.
Save up to 70% on Inkjet and Toner Supplies!
A girl I knew met David Lynch once and told him she loved his work. He replied "Thank you, and remember, the universe is in…
I feel like you and live a life written alternately by Wes Anderson and David Lynch.
Behind the scenes of the new Twin Peaks with co-creators David Lynch (dressed as Gordon Cole) and Mark Frost!
3 more David Lynch screenings! AND our pals at SPAF launch a great series of events:.
David Lynch throwing in the towel, Scorsese making a film for Netflix, Darabont unable to get financing, time to revisit…
David Lynch reintroduces us to some old friends.
David Lynch on the return of Twin Peaks and why he will never make another film via
“It was a perfect fit from the very beginning,” David Lynch said of on "Twin Peaks"
Of course David Lynch asked Kyle MacLachlan to play Dale Cooper again over coffee
...I don't know that it ever clicked with me before that Hodgson and David Lynch occupy a vaguely similar wavelength, but they kinda do.
Judge Doom is like a David Lynch villain. Frank Booth was supposed to do helium originally, reminds me of that.
is like John Carpenter, Stephen King & Clive Barker had a baby that was raised by David Lynch. It is a must see for horror fans
We are under a month from seeing what Brett Gelman directed by David Lynch looks like. I cannot wait.
"touches of David Lynch and Thomas Ligotti [...] Coen Brothers humor [...] and a hefty dose of Chuck Palahniuk" https:…
This 'Twin Peaks' teaser is exactly what you'd expect from David Lynch
Why Mulholland Drive is the essential David Lynch film.
Fine, you win: I'll do anything to see David Lynch again! May I recommend Gordon Cole? xox
.We also have a recent review of Ghost In The Shell, as well as blogs on David Lynch's Twin Peaks,…
Laura Dern and Naomi Watts open up about David Lynch, and tease
Frederick Elmes has made David Lynch, Jim Jarmusch, and Ang Lee look good. (
“Wow! She's the bee's knees!”. ─David Lynch after Patricia Arquette turned him on to Bettie Page
Naomi Watts' impersonation of David Lynch is so good!
Ooh. Metallic dark green nails are also iconic (to my mind at least) in David Lynch's Lost Highway o…
Watch: Laura Dern, Naomi Watts and Patricia Arquette reveal what it's really like working with David Lynch
"It is not gratuitous. You feel that he is getting at something primal." Naomi Watts on David Lynch's sex scenes:
David Lynch's heroines like you've never seen them before:
Laura Dern, Naomi Watts, and more share stories of working with eccentric auteur David Lynch
Naomi Watts impersonating David Lynch is honestly the best thing I've ever seen!
Brad Dourif on possessed dolls, David Lynch, and playing sociopaths via
Thanks to David Lynch and Jane Campion, Cannes is welcoming TV for the first time in its 70-year history   10% Off
Transcendental Meditation featured in latimes with filmmaker David Lynch! .
Wish more people watched The Straight Story. A film rated G but directed by David Lynch and bookended by The Lost H…
Twin Peaks composer Angelo Badalamenti also worked in front of the camera for David Lynch, in Mullholland Dr.
Why filmmaker David Lynch says Transcendental Meditation is the secret to success
David Lynch gives a profoundly good and practical explanation of Transcendental Meditation.
Angelo Badalamenti talks through how he and David Lynch created "Laura Palmer's theme" for Twin Peaks:
Editor Duwayne Dunham talks about the moment David Lynch first told him about the Red Room [VID…
Cannes is welcoming TV this year with David Lynch and Jane Campion. Is this the start of something big?
hey folks. What time are the David Lynch prints on-sale today? ☕️
“This is a feature. An 18-hour feature, broken up into 18 parts.” —David Lynch on the new (via http…
Jon Nguyen, director of ‘David Lynch: The Art Life,’ gives us a glimpse into the life of his iconic subject.
AT CANNES! The first two episodes of David Lynch's revival will debut at http…
I highly recommend reading David Lynch's Ronnie Rocket script. It has great ideas that have never been tried before.
David Lynch doing what David Lynch does best: Being awesome.
David Lynch will premiere two new Twin Peaks episodes at 25 years after debuting Fire Walk with Me 🔥 
"My old friends... You think about them from time to time and wonder how they’re doing.”’
Congrats to David Lynch on getting his 100th career hit yesterday against New Egypt!
Yeah. I have had to accept in my mid 30s that I'm probably just never going t…
Why Mulholland Drive is the greatest horror film of the 21st century
Watch: Why is the most essential film David Lynch will ever make.
Twin Peaks, Season 1. 1x03 - "Zen, or the Skill to Catch a Killer". Directed by David Lynch. Written by Mark Frost & D…
78' SUBSTITUTION: Adam Morgan comes on for David Lynch
Twin Peaks Season 3 is set to premiere at the Cannes Festival. David Lynch with Michael J. Anderson at the 1992 festival…
“The important thing is to go into another world; ideally, you’d have a quiet, dark room ... no interruptions.” - Davi…
Really good video showcasing the sounds of war.
David Lynch's classic 2001 film Mulholland Drive is back in cinemas today
"Lynch told me to imagine a dark cloud following me" – returns to Mulholland Dr.
PTSD. The gift that keeps on taking.
Tonights 1st screening of DAVID LYNCH: THE ART LIFE sold out Some tix still available for the 10pm:…
is the quintessential David Lynch movie. This awesome video essay explains why: htt…
Turns out I have some thoughts on the revival:
This brilliant ad by for twists every day sounds into sounds of war Vets bring home
"We only dream of images we already have inside of us" - David Lynch
Martin Scorsese, Francis Ford Coppola, David Lynch, Sidney Lumet on the set with Michael Jackson.
A new review for the David Lynch masterpiece being Re-Released by the .
I want a Twin Peaks tattoo (like a v subtle reference) because I'm an extra David Lynch art *** like that
“We think we understand the rules when we become adults but what we really experience is a narrowing of the imagination.…
Music That Changes the World David Lynch Foundation Music via this is Vinyl Bo…
Creativity Pick: A startling ad from the David Lynch Foundation uses sound to encourage empathy for the war veteran
How an old man and his lawnmower made David Lynch weep: the making of The Straight Story
The first great US film of the century still has us guessing 15 years later, writes
This was my first David Lynch film and was blown away by everything within it. Have DVD…
Then I take it you're not a David Lynch fan lol
David Lynch writes the best dialogue
Breaking: will premiere the first two episodes of David Lynch's new Twin Peaks TV series. Lynch will attend. https…
Cannes Goes TV: Why David Lynch and Jane Campion are the Start of Something Major
Cannes Film Festival accepts TV: why shows from David Lynch & Jane Campion are only the beginning
Did David Lynch direct this on ludes?
19' David Lynch's cross reaches Cliff Moyo at the back post who fires the ball across goal begging for a touch but no one connects (0-0)
and David Lynch ARE OFFICALLY COMING TO CANNES! Two episodes will world premiere at
David Lynch made me wait 26 years for new Twin Peaks. You get more than a day if you need it, fella.
Two episodes of David Lynch's Twin Peaks reboot will premiere as part of a special event during
"Elsewhere, two episodes of David Lynch's eagerly anticipated Twin Peaks will be screened"
David Lynch fans, two episodes of the eagerly anticipated Twin Peaks reboot will be screened during speci…
TV has invaded Cannes: David Lynch is premiering new Twin Peaks at the festival
Our projection team is ready for Mulholland Drive, with this message straight from their friend David Lynch! Back out Friday!…
The FX shows with David Lynch were the greatest.
Sheryl Lee and Sherilyn Fenn on the set of '(TV Series 1990–1991) Mark Frost, David Lynch.
An interview with Agnes Obel - Talking Claude Debussy, David Lynch, musicality and her writing process
every time you hear a reporter discuss the physical immediate details of being around Trump it's halfway between Chris Guest and David Lynch
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
It's like Bryan Fuller, Wes Anderson & Del Toro all created a piñata together and David Lynch smashed it open
Also the "Radiohead of Movies" is clearly either David Lynch or Wes Anderson. Mulho…
"It does have a feel of David Lynch." Scott Wilkinson on Bossanova: https:/…
David Lynch: The Art Life is as close a look as the director has ever allowed
82/365 - Twin Peaks is making me feel uncomfortable. I feel like David Lynch has me in the palm of his...
American cinema needs David Lynch now more than ever. Our critics explain why:
It is happening again. David Lynch and cast portraits for
David Lynch continues to be one of America's most relevant filmmakers. Here's why:
“David Lynch does evil about as good as you can do it. It's a rock-you-to-the-core type of fear.”. —Kyle MacLachlan in
How Angelo Badalamenti and David Lynch wrote the Twin Peaks soundtrack in two minutes (BBC) http…
David Lynch says he's making more Twin Peaks, but it will end up being just an 18 hour infomercial for Transcendental Medi…
Judging the "Coolympics" w/ on Cleveland Show. Coolest part was being introduced by David Lynch, & I skate switch…
I've finally seen every David Lynch feature film. Here they are (with Twin Peaks in the ranking too)!.
LOLz. Mental note: Head to David Lynch Foundation for Transcendental Meditation lessons tomorrow.
I don’t know why people expect art to make sense. They accept the fact that life doesn’t make sense. — David Lynch
How's Annie in this pre Obsession ad directed by David Lynch:
it's okay he's a klans men, you know the white hoods who lynch. David Duke deserves death.
"It's my most spiritual movie. No one understands when I say that, but it is." David Lynch on
I got to realize a longtime, very strange dream by profiling David Lynch for
'Everybody loves to laugh, I like girls that cry' David Lynch
David Lynch on the set of Blue Velvet, 1985 (photo by Peter Braatz)
A fine David Lynch interview with a matchless kicker
Progress sneak of my painting for an upcoming David Lynch themed show opening nyc April 8th! http…
Though it may have nothing to do with Twin Peaks, this short film reunites it's 2 biggest names for the first...
David Lynch shows his audience his sadistic mind in the film that has what is arguably Dennis Hoppers best performance. This is Blue Velvet.
David Lynch Directs a Mini-Season of Twin Peaks in the Form of Commercials Open Culture
2017 – so far – is the closest thing to living inside of a David Lynch movie that I can imagine. CC
All David Lynch profiles are fated to exist in the shadow of DFW's, but I really enjoyed this one by
A look back at and his debut feature
Peek inside the serene and stylish rooms at The James West Hollywood hotel, opening May 1.
All purpose parts banner
The Key to Eraserhead unlocks the hidden mystery behind David Lynch's amazing and controversial debut film.
Here’s a friendly reminder that David Lynch used to do kooky weather reports
An in-depth read about Lynch and the upcoming Twin Peaks reboot. Not a quick read, but well worth the time... I...
David Lynch on Returning to "Twin Peaks" and What It's Like to Kiss Liz Taylor
"You fall in love for the way cinema could say that idea. It’s a beautiful day."
“I’ll be seeing you very soon in the beautiful world of Twin Peaks.”. —David Lynch (via
David Lynch and Kyle MacLachlan are featured in a new short film. Watch:
The 8 steps to keeping your show a total secret, according to David Lynch and
“I haven’t seen the finished product yet. David’s still working.”. ─Mark Frost in
David Lynch: [Lincoln] The blue haired lady sits in the balcony in the same position as Abraham Lincoln did in the Ford Theater.
I had no idea Bioware hired David Lynch to direct Mass Effect Andromeda
On this day 40 years ago the world was introduced to dir. David Lynch's surreal masterpiece Eraserhead (1977)
While we're there we can check out Fincher's MISSION IMPOSSIBLE 3, David Lynch's RETURN OF THE JEDI, and Tony Scott's THE WARRIORS.
to me, Banon just looks like David Lynch after a REAL bad year and since I've never heard him speak he (thankfully) talks like Gordon Cole.
Logan-great ep! Some very fun tangents. David Lynch, John Candy, Jackie Brown-You're speaking my language!
In the past 50 years, no less than Ridley Scott, David Lynch, and Alejandro Jodorowsky have taken runs at
Never really considered that David Lynch is probably Josh Homme's dad.
David Lynch's "Wild at Heart" us bonkers in the best way. Watching with Lindsay Carter ***
Ok, David Lynch directs Tom Hardy in the titular role with Jena Malone as the creator/lover/villain and soundtrack…
The best thing David Lynch ever did was inspire his own parody in JIMINY GLICK IN LALAWOOD
Watch: David Lynch on the possibility of an idea.
David Lynch returns as Gordon Cole in 'Twin Peaks' revival via
No one asked, but my top five creative influences are:. -David Lynch. -David Fincher. -Bryan Fuller. -Jamie Hewlett. -Grimes
Final Destination, starring Jeremy Davies and Jerry Seinfeld. Directed by David Lynch, music by Dashboard Confessional. Budget: $50m
Before there was 'STRANGER THINGS' (2016), there was the classic Steven King meets David Lynch classic TV show...
Jack Nance and David Lynch on the set of ‘Eraserhead’ (1977) “A dream of dark and troubling things”
If 'La La Land' was directed by David Lynch, it'd look something like this...
Catching the Big Fish by David Lynch with - Episode . via
Recut version of 'La La Land' directed by David Lynch looks more like a suspense thriller
Jan Stuart, Nashville chronicles and a David Foster Wallace Essay about The Lost Highway and David Lynch generally.
“David Lynch and Mark Frost wrote it, and it's right back. It's right back where it should be.” —Mädchen Amick talks new…
Tonight! Debut of a new live set at The Forge in Camden. with HEXA playing to David Lynch's factory photos too
We said that David Lynch was a fake goth, turns out we were wrong. Sorry.
I am becoming really interested in David Lynch and am almost embarrassed to say I haven't seen any of his films. Where does one begin?
David Lynch says FIRE WALK WITH ME is vital if you're preparing for season 3. Behold your guide.…
I feel bad for whichever government employee has to monitor me, My vacuuming alone looks like a movie directed by David Lynch
Me too !! Love everything about from the genius mind of ! Brilliant sto…
West Side Story, starring Judy Garland and SpongeBob. Directed by David Lynch, music by Babyshambles. Budget: $500
is what would happen if Wes Anderson and David Lynch made a superhero movie
S1E1: It's like David Lynch and Wes Anderson made sweet, sweet love and their baby was an X-Man.
Legion is half Wes Anderson and half David Lynch
Julee Cruise says David Lynch himself composed a fair share of music for the new (via
If it makes you feel any more colourful, David Lynch is mixing Peaks in one of our buildings. Our PPA saw him the other day.
R.I.P. John Hurt. Here with David Lynch on the set of The Elephant Man.
20 years ago today David Lynch's . LOST HIGHWAY had its world premiere
Finish the day by remembering David Lynch's weirdos!
In fairness, he did a great job directing Hacksaw Ridge. I had hoped that Tom Ford would get the random "David Lynch" nom.
Joan Chen & David Lynch on the set of Twin Peaks:Fire Walk With Me
David Lynch called the late Miguel Ferrer "Albert" for his "Twin Peaks" character. My obit of a son of show-biz
picket fences, green grass, cherry trees. Middle America as it’s supposed to be . David Lynch
Of course, on one of the most surreal days in recent memory: Happy Birthday, David Lynch (
David Lynch introduced the world to the greatest tv-show ever when the gave the world Twin Peaks.. RIP Miguel Ferre…
Kirk Hamilton needed something to talk about drank some warm creme then had a David Lynch dream where this idea popped up
Of course! I'll teach you everything I know. We can have knitting parties and watch the films of David Lynch. 😋
The revival on kicked off with a surprise visit to the from David Lynch!
David Lynch on Consciousness, Creativity and the Brain (Transcendental M... via
David Lynch reveals a few details about the revival.
My Uber driver is playing 50s pandora and I feel like a troubled woman in a David Lynch flick
Please answer! Will we ever know how the fish got into the percolator?
The Actor "a bizarre, David Lynch-like thriller about obsession, delusion and determination" Globe & Mail
The most complete Q&A session with David Lynch about Twin Peaks yesterday
John died at the end by David wong. Or lies of Locke lamora by Scott lynch
My with Valerie Clark for The Actor "David Lynch-like thriller" G&M
Interview with about The Twin Peaks Vinyl releases from and https:…
David Lynch: Don, where are those drums coming from? Don Siegel: Same place the rain is, Dave.
Just saw Blue Velvet for the first time at wealthy st theatre and realized the entire eastown community dresses like a david lynch film
" we discovered a mystery, and within this mystery were many other mysteries." David Lynch, Unsurprisingly Cryptic
Are we actually debating Jeff Sessions' qualifications to protect Lady Justice? After Holder & Lynch, the bar could not b…
is the bluray of david lynch's OOP now? The dvd seems to be available, not the bluray though.
Ted Cruz makes Snake Soup out of BROKEN Obama, SCANDALOUS Lynch & there SLITHERING Justice Dept !!!
When the time comes to make the biopic, it should be made by David Lynch.
We'll be discussing David Lynch's Hotel Room and Perversions of Science (of possible interest to fans):
Showtime just surprised with a David Lynch press conference for its upcoming revival: htt…
Corbyn's Brexit policy is like a David Lynch film. After a while you get bored of trying to work out what it means.
Or you could do one right NOW while just dressing like a 70 year old David Lynch!
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
David Lynch on 'Twin Peaks' future: 'No plans for anything more' past reboot via
Composer channels David Lynch for show with writes
was this because I said you should be the next David Lynch
David Lynch said little about the "Twin Peaks" revival at entertainingly, but revealed a few things, anyway
"My log has something to tell you: David Lynch waxes surreal for Showtime"
David Lynch discusses bringing back and gives us one little hint about what to expect
David Lynch, Laura Dern, & Kyle MacLachlan discuss what has changed or stayed the same in Twin Peaks. (via
Iran pun ada vampire movie, baq hang! It's an extreme slowburn (with David Lynch influence) but interesting to see a vampire i…
Here's what we know about the revival so far:
ICYMI: New will be 'pure heroin David Lynch':
Who killed Laura Palmer?! is coming and the suspense is real! >>>
The ceiling fan will be voiced by a 104 year old David Lynch whispering "creamed corn" over & over with sax…
Watch our full edition of David Lynch's heartrending masterpiece MULHOLLAND DR. before it leaves the Channel on 1/31 h…
David Lynch says 'Fire Walk With Me' is very important to the new Twin Peaks Series
Sheldon Whitehouse's hair looks like David Lynch's hair and David Byrn's hair had a baby. And I'm diggin it.
Apropros of nothing, Jeff Sessions looks like he'd make a really good David Lynch villain
Twin Peaks returns in May: 'The pure heroin vision of David Lynch'
David Lynch, speaking at says FIRE WALK WITH ME is "very much important" to the new season. Add it to your re-watc…
And that's it for David Lynch, aka Jack Dall.
“designed to be a closed-ended, one-time event.". bless you David Lynch and Mark Frost
I've said it before: This may not be the Twin Peaks WE remember, but the one David Lynch remembers.
oh man David Foster Wallace on Lost Highway/David Lynch: (best online link I can find)
David Lynch is so overrated I bet that I could make a movie using the same style and mine would be better
Inspired by David Lynch, Christian Louboutin's Shoe Peaks bag is a shoe-in via https…
cool Japanese game devs love making Stephen King and David Lynch references hard confirmed
My another handmade inspired by by | Stage 1: with Pencil and music b…
“David Lynch is the kindest, sweetest man. He's like Jimmy Stewart with Salvador Dali's intestines.” —Michael Horse
This night I have so much fever that when I close my eyes I have the feeling to be in a David Lynch's movie ! 😏
Yeah! I'm a big fan of him! I love Mulholland Drive, Lost Highway, Inland Empire, Blue Velve…
It's been a lot go, about David Lynch backing
I want to prepare for the new season - what order is best to read LP's diary, History of TP, and watch seasons 1 & 2?
BEGGING ,plz have every1 from on in 2017. can talk
“It's so freeing, it's beautiful in a way, to have a great failure, there's nowhere to go but up.”
Merry Lynchmas everyone! Cause nothing says "David Lynch" like having creepy birds in your tree!
his. Been there before. and besides, in a two or three weeks from now I´ll be killing myself or begging for the doctors to let
"Or if an idea comes from outside, boom, you catch it in your brain and you see it and you hear it…
It was a third set by David Lynch, who is known for his bar as it, parts of Liverpool in Mass., Bragg, Margaret Calewitt.
Someone find David Attenborough. Wrap him in bubble wrap. Put him somewhere safe until 2016 is over.
Fresh out the bath, with George Michael in Paris on the tele and a David Lynch book in my hands. Good to be home.
I'm going to spend the next short while listening to this love the vinyl reissue…
We'd been planning a David Lynch and Twin Peaks marathon for ages. We'll still find time for that. Right now a wake is in order.
If you've ever seen one of those hilarious romantic comedies directed by David Lynch. You know all there is to know about marr…
"Even a bad cup of coffee is better than no coffee at all." - David Lynch. Happy International Coffee Day!
OK... forget about his hand for a minute. Is it just me or does it look like the wookie, or whatever he is, has...
New 'Twin Peaks' trailer consists of David Lynch eating a donut, and nothing else
Only Twin Peaks fans will appreciate how satisfying it is to watch David Lynch eat a donut.
Here's today's random pic of the day!
Cult director David Lynch: "Intuition is the number one tool for an artist – feeling and thinking combined."
what if had ended Twin Peaks by playing Smooth Criminal? I think it would have added something.
It was created by my Brother so please feel free to DM him. It keeps coffee warm!
We're celebrating 20 years of David Lynch's LOST HIGHWAY with a 35mm screening on 1/12!
Movies That Inspire Me: Andrew Dominik on the strange universality of h…
Just got my copy: can't wait to delve deeper into the mystery
Happy birthday to Watch the short he filmed before returning to work with David Lynch on Twin Peaks. https:/…
Eastenders at 9pm tonight was written & directed by David Lynch..So rumor has it.Should be good for a laugh..."Oh P…
In the David Lynch biopic of Allen, he is played by a young Crispin Glover.
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