David Luiz & Sideshow Bob

David Luiz Moreira Marinho (born 22 April 1987), known as David Luiz, is a Brazilian footballer who plays for Chelsea in the Premier League. Robert Onderdonk Terwilliger, better known as Sideshow Bob, is a recurring character in the animated television series The Simpsons. 5.0/5

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David Luiz picture on FIFA 16 looks so much like Sideshow Bob😂
PSG are trying to offload new signing David Luiz to the makers of The Simpsons who are looking for a Sideshow Bob replacement
David Luiz vs. Anderson Varajao vs. Sideshow Bob. Who you got?
David Luiz.the love child of Sideshow Bob and a mop
PSG interested in £50 million of David Luiz He may bear a passing resemblance to Sideshow Bob from the Simpsons, but clearly "shaggy-haired Brazilian" David Luiz has impressed big-spending PSG with his efforts for Chelsea this season. Indeed, the Daily Telegraph report that they have moved to seal his signature for 40 million pounds but, by the time the negotiating is done, it could reach as much as 50 million pounds according to Sky Sports News. Luiz, 26, who will be heading to Brazil to play for his country on home soil this summer, joined Chelsea from Benfica for 21 million pounds in 2011. If he does decide to move to Paris then he would become the most expensive defender in the world. PSG would also surely be in danger of annoying UEFA with their financial fair play rules coming in to force, but they are pretty confident over the whole situation. Arsenal: We're bringing Cescy back This is a rumour to get Arsenal fans excited. According to The Mirror, Arsene Wenger is keen to pursue a deal to bring Ce ...
to move for David Luiz lookalike Steffan Medina. 2014-15 will have Sideshow Bob & Mel at the back!
Wondering whether to be Sideshow Bob, David Luiz or Fellaini for Halloween.. Decisions!
Oh Kenny G with your hair like David Luiz, or Sideshow Bob. How those silken curly locks help you to play the saxaphone like an angel..
That picture of David Luiz smiling after he got kicked, he looks like Sideshow Bob
We've seen the first football team in The Simpsons, but can we see a Simpsons character on goal? David Luiz = Sideshow Bob
The answer to our look-a-like is David Luiz looks like Sideshow Bob from The Simpsons!
Ah that would be David Luiz aka Sideshow Bob.
Doesn't David Luiz look like Sideshow Bob.they could be twins! Lol
There's a David Luiz/Sideshow Bob joke to be made there.
Premiership fact! David Luiz was given a sideshow bob birthday cake earlier this year by Juan Mata and the Chelsea squad.
Seems to be a pattern here; David Luiz, Carlos Puyol, Fabricio Coloccini and Sideshow Bob.
David Luiz aka sideshow bob...I wanna rip his annoying hair out of his head!
Not think David Luiz looks like sideshow Bob?
Is it jus me or does David Luiz look a lot like Sideshow Bob??
rather have a 50 year old rio than sideshow bob David Luiz at the back, you a living legend fam
Imagine if Coloccini, Fellani and David Luiz were up front! Deadly Sideshow Bob Brothers
Anyone else noticed how much David Luiz looks like sideshow bob!
David Luiz is as much a lunatic as Sideshow Bob is. It's not just a hair resemblance.
Chelsea FC David Luiz. Is he really sideshow Bob on a holiday?
loves how my mum is referring to David Luiz as Sideshow Bob!
David Luiz sure looks like Kenny G... or Sideshow Bob
Fact: Juan Mata made David Luiz a birthday cake and it had sideshow bob on it! aha
If ever Chelsea played against Athletic Bilbao it would actually be the Simpsons bc David Luiz & Iker Muniain (Sideshow Bob & Bart Simpson)
David Luiz, Coloccini and Sideshow Bob must all be triplets or distant cousins at least
I love David Luiz going forward, but when he's asked to defend is when he most resembles Sideshow Bob
He's gonna take that Sideshow Bob title from David Luiz soon man.
...although I suppose it might be David Luiz or Ryan Sidebottom - but it probably won't be Sideshow Bob as I think he's currently in prison.
One bloke getting on the train has a Ryan Sidebottom / David Luiz / Sideshow Bob style haircut
Sideshow Bob. I mean David Luiz on the sidelines cheering on Brazil.
Who'd have thought that Sideshow Bob would end up at Oh, hang on... It's David Luiz..
Love the fact that 'David Luiz' and 'sideshow Bob' are both trending!
Sideshow Bob and David Luiz trending at the same time, what a coincidence
David Luiz. quality hat after winning. Had to work hard to top his sideshow bob hair. Fashion triumph. I'm the Gok Wan of trophy awards!
David Luiz is obviously NOT Sideshow Bob his feet are far too small.
Don't you think that David Luiz looks like sideshow Bob from the Simpsons in that hat?
3 - Terrible hair decisions on the Chelsea team. David Luiz's sideshow bob. Kalou's ridiculous spider thing and Bosingwa's monobrow. Fashion
David Luiz is the joker of the team looks like sideshow bob.
Not sure who David Luiz looks more like, Slash or Sideshow Bob.
David Luiz is sideshow bob in a football player
Let's never forget that David Luiz looks like Sideshow Bob
David Luiz aka Sideshow Bob is smashin people up!
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My dad just made the keen observation that David Luiz looks like Sideshow Bob
I can't be the only person who thinks David Luiz, Carles Puyol and Sideshow Bob are related...
Never knew that the Sideshow Bob character was inspired by David Luiz!
Swear David Luiz looks like that Sideshow Bob off Simpsons lol
David Luiz. Cut your hair you Sideshow Bob looking dicknugget
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