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David Letterman

David Michael Letterman (born April 12, 1947) is an American television host and comedian.

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David Letterman gets the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor, airing Monday on Preview the
David Letterman and Joseph Seed should really get together!
OMG the outfit the doll is wearing that Mariska is holding is that outfit she was wearing on the David Letterman show, so cool!!
Thank you David Letterman, Conan Obrien, Jay Leno, Saturday Night Live and all the great people I have gotten to work wit…
As a unicorn I am irritated by David Letterman in canary chimera clothes.
"Fall is my favorite season in Los Angeles, watching the birds change color and fall from the trees." -David Letterman
Never forget when Sunny's American TV debut began with holding a position while David Letterman talked to other people for…
Congrats to the 'Mark Twain Prize' winners, Jay Leno & David Letterman:.
David Letterman was the king of late night. He doesn’t miss it ‘for a second.’ - The Washington Post
to see the Paul Newman Volvo, go to and find the David Letterman episode
no John Stewart, David Letterman and Craig Ferguson. Haven't watched any late night in years. Truth.
Monica Lewinsky says David Letterman has apologized for mocking her
I look forward to Bill Carter's book on this, the third late night war.
Traffic signals in New York are just rough guidelines. -- David Letterman
does his best to apologize for his mix-up over David Letterman's horse
Remember David Letterman getting caught and publicly apologized for sexually assaulting his usher or was it…
Same joke. Is actually David Letterman trying out jokes on here? If not, why hasn't denied it? . 5/5
Oh my God, it's a mirage. I'm tellin' y'all it's sabotage. Beastie Boys : Sabotage ( David Letterman ) - 1994.
.is returning to Brooklyn this week to spotlight his fellow hometown celebrities, incl. Billy! Read:
Conan responds to David Letterman s response to Conan s horse story:…
Here's why David decided to gift with a surprise horse
No, David Letterman was not in the video.
David Letterman 2015 05 08 Brian Regan on Must Win Games and *** in S... via
I remember you giving awards to banjo players on David Letterman show you may like her.
David Letterman stopped by Kimmel and couldn't help but tease Jimmy Fallon and Conan O'Brien
Conan O'Brien responds to David Letterman's response to Conan's horse story
David Letterman and David Letterman should really get together!
Love it! Was that David Letterman in the video?
A very important update in the saga of the horse gave to as a joke... htt…
My full interview with the great David Letterman...
Turns for Troops has been endlessly gratifying to me. We need to take care of our troops - David Letterman…
David Letterman recognized for his support of SoldierStrong and our
Oasis performing Morning Glory on The David Letterman Show today in 1995
David Letterman is totally copying someone's beard.
I liked a video Jimmy Kimmel’s FULL INTERVIEW with David Letterman
David Letterman to “I was either fired or I retired, it’s all a blur now."
This weekend, David Letterman will receive the Mark Twain Prize for American Humor
David Letterman returns to and hilariously refutes Conan O'Brien Gift horse story 😂
David Letterman explains why he gave Conan O'Brien a horse on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live'
David Letterman returns to late night on 'Jimmy Kimmel Live.' "Letterman is to me what Beyonce is to everyone else"
Great seeing Dave again. His witty humour is missed everyday. David Letterman returns on ‘Jimmy Kimmel’ via
Late Show with David Letterman joins Jimmy Kimmel Live ! He's back on TV!
I want a Blade Runner 2049 director's cut with David Letterman instead of Harrison Ford.
I liked a video Harrison Ford Interview on David Letterman
BSU student: yeah I go to ball state, David Letterman went there. So did Papa John, Jim Davis, and the guy who played Eric o…
David Letterman "so boring and poor performance at the Academy Awards a number of years ago" (02/22/2012)
"New king and Queen" Shonda Rhimes and David Letterman signs a major deals with Netflix
I live for late night talk shows' "go-to" guests. Kristen Bell on Craig Ferguson. Amy Sedaris on David Letterman.
Tina Knowles Lawson wrote the sweetest Mother's Day to all the times Julia Roberts and David Letterman locked lips
Old interview of Nicole Kidman on David Letterman in 1997. She's on around 18:40.
Jimmy Kimmell channeled his inner David Letterman, to make a liberal jack *** of himself on health care.
We also played this on the Late Show with David Letterman in 1992. to the music video for “We Tell Ourselves”
"What, me worry?" We celebrate Alfred E. Neuman, David Letterman & others in today's 1 pm.
James Brown on David Letterman. Amazing World´s Most Dangerous Band with Hiram Bullock and Steve Jordan via
Billy Corgan - Mina Loy (on The Late Show with David Letterman) via
I liked a video Jay Thomas on the Late Show with David Letterman
The late, great Jay Thomas tells his Lone Ranger story for the last time on Late Show with David Letterman.
Jay Thomas Has Died at age 69. Watch him tell what David Letterman said was the funniest story ever:
Crushed to hear about this. Loved Jay Thomas on Cheers, Murphy Brown, David Letterman and on Howard 101.…
Ep 01. . Paul Shaffer and the CBS Orchestra doing the Late Show theme (David Letterman)
Oh wait! lets get Lou Ferrigno or even David Letterman to play wonder woman or Harley Quinn next.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
David Letterman returns, Lucille Ball gets a biopic, & Fox's new show comes after Idol! has the scoop at 8am!
David Letterman said the hospitality at Great American Ball Park was "Major League."
Also: Russ Tamblyn into Dennis Hopper, Richard Beymer into David Letterman, and Dana Ashbrook into Ted Danson.
Welcome back, David Letterman. We need you. via
Each hourlong episode will feature a long-form interview between David Letterman and an individual guest
Omg I was sure David Letterman died for a whole minute.
David Letterman returns to TV with new Netflix series
David Letterman to return to TV on Netflix
Me: Guess who's coming back to tv?. Mom, uninterested, making an effort to care: David Letterman. Me: Yes!. Mom, now very interested: Really?!
WOW - David Letterman is coming out of retirement for a six-episode series on Netflix - long-form interviews & field piece…
Two years after saying goodbye to late night, David Letterman's headed back to talk TV with Netflix series
is back: The legendary comedian will host a new talk show for Netflix (!)
David Letterman and Jeff Altman on the set of The Starland Vocal Band Show.
David Letterman has a new Netflix series.
David Letterman is coming back to TV—on Netflix
David Letterman Airways to start non-stop flight from London to Nashville
David Letterman to host new talk show for Netflix: 
the wife just asked me "does David Letterman still look like Mr. Natural?" and folks, now it's canon
David Letterman returns with a talk show for Netflix
More on longtime 'Late Show 'host David Letterman signing deal with Netflix to present 6 shows in 2018:
David Letterman is returning to television with a new Netflix show
David Letterman: The ghost of liberal Christmas past.
Is Letterman trying to be the new John Oliver?
"If you retire to spend more time with your family, check with your family first."
I am very happy about this. 📺📺📺. David Letterman Will Return to TV in a New Netflix Series
Back on TV. Out in the wild. Netflix 2018.
David Letterman returning to TV with talk show:
"David Letterman" once you get out of the muck, it's never advisable to wade back in
Netflix signs David Letterman for 6 hour-long shows. Programs to consist of in-depth single-guest interviews. Shows to air i…
David Letterman heads back to TV with Netflix deal
HE'S BACK: David Letterman headed back to talk TV with series
David Letterman will return to TV with six hour-long shows blending field segments with extensive interviews
David Letterman is returning to TV for a series
David Letterman is returning to television. Netflix has picked up a new show from him, with longform interviews & field piece…
David Letterman will make his return to television with a talk show via
David Letterman is coming back to TV
David Letterman will return to the spotlight by doing a 6-episode talk show with Netflix, set to premiere in 2018.
David Letterman returns to television with 2018 Netflix series
David Letterman coming out of retirement with Netflix series next year
David Letterman returns to TV trying to get Democrats back in power for 2018. Sidekick, probably Dan Rather.
David Letterman. Jon Stewart. Randy Quaid. I guess every old white guy has to grow a beard as they fade out of show…
The Norm Macdonald-David Letterman show is as good as you'd expect
It may have hit its peak when David Letterman interviewed David Cone on the pregame show in 1988.
The 3 part David Letterman episode is when the show really got insufferable
Majek Fashek performing on the US talkshow, Late Nite Show with David Letterman in the 90s. Excellent performance.
"I'm not normal, but for this next joke let's pretend I am.". - on Late Night with David Letterman.
Okay, I just found a youtube video of over 2 hours of Amy Sedaris on David Letterman. You're welcome.
Ant: David Letterman to recieve Mark Twain Prize for American Humor from Eddie Vedder!
David Letterman hosting "The Tonight Show" in 1981 ... with Natalie Cole, Jane Pauley and *** Enberg. This is a d…
David Letterman will receive the Kennedy Center's Mark Twain Prize for American Humor.
has David Letterman and Mike Tyson on his new season of Norm Macdonald Live so everything's going to be alright.
David Letterman says President Trump's behavior is "insulting to Americans”
I got an idea, lets find a way to get rid og this no talented David Letterman who wishes he was more like johnnie c…
See Al Franken and David Letterman discuss climate change, Koch brothers and beards in the new "Boiling the Frog" https:/…
Serena Williams to David Letterman in 2013: "Andy Murray Would Beat Me 6-0, 6-0 in five to six minutes"
Bryan Ferry on The Late Show with David Letterman vía
I miss Craig Ferguson on late night, and David Letterman on late night. Both were about the comedy, not politics, both during Dems & Reps…
Al Franken jokes with David Letterman that Ted Cruz is 'the toxic guy in the office, the guy who microwaves fish'
Funnyman got two great jokes out of Dave Letterman, plus his most biting Trump quote yet.
My Oma on the weekend had a LOT to say about bearded David Letterman... spoilers: she doesn't like the beard.
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Poor David Letterman, a hermit now, lonley and confused, hates POTUS. LOL Who the *** cares.
“I’m disappointed that this man is representing me and my country. It makes me sick.” - David Letterman says and I agree.
Liberal make me sick - ever try having an intelligent conversation with one?
David Letterman is a legend. Not sure what you're smoking.
.Now is the time for to be inducted by the into the TV Hall of Fame!
David Letterman is an old has been and needs to shut the F up. No one cares what he thinks or says.
Letterman: Trump is 'a man without a soul'
‘It makes me sick’: David Letterman disappointed to have ‘big, wealthy dope’ Trump representing the US
Check out this video and listen to the what the News PersonDavid says at the end. Letterman: Trump 'Makes Me Sick'
David Letterman says Amy Schumer is the new Richard Pryor . . . if Richard Pryor couldn't shut up about his yeast infecti…
More from Dave: an interview on including a heartbreaking story about
David Letterman calls Trump 'a man without a soul'
David Letterman unloads on saying he "makes me sick"
"This goon... I don't know. He's man without a core, a man without a soul. Is there a guy in there?"
"I had to tell them [grand jury] all of the creepy things that I've done" - David Letterman, 2009
David Letterman, or a homeless look a like, says Alec Baldwin deserves a Presidential Medal of Freedom.
David Letterman called Forster a "fat tub of goo". Later, Forster appeared as a guest, entering in Ru…
Rita Hayworth ignites the screen in GILDA ('46) on Join me and special guest David Letterman on to…
David Letterman as Richard Nixon. "I am no longer the crookedest President in American history!"
VIDEO: Adam Sandler performs tribute song for David Letterman, and it was actually funny
Spotted at JFK Library in Boston: Deval Patrick, David Letterman, Elizabeth Warren, Joe Kennedy III, and more.
Toni Collette at the 'Late Show with David Letterman' stu... via
David Letterman and 23 of His Former Writers on the Greatest Jokes That Never Made It on Air via
In 1993 Debra Winger (soon in punked David Letterman. Here's the story from the actress herself
David Letterman? Really? The guy was on network air for 33 years. Maybe try a Pat Sajak or Chevy Chase reference fo…
Jerry Garcia is alive & well & dwelling inside the body of David Letterman.
I had no idea David Letterman was such a big Billy Gibbons fan.
The only person that I know of that got the best of David Letterman and John Stewart in a debate was Bill O'Reilly.
Bill O'Rielly gonna get fired and we don't even have Jon Stewart and David Letterman to celebrate with us. 🎉
David Letterman eulogizes his beloved mother Dorothy - Daily Mail
David Letterman delivered a touching and humorous eulogy for his mother.
Just heard about the passing of David Letterman's mom. I still remember her coverage of the Winter Olympics. She seemed like a good woman.
I feel like I'm trapped in a David letterman skit right now
Why's it a shock Fallon avoids political satire? He's a Hollywood suck up--that's what he does. He's not David Lett…
Remember that time that David Letterman had to introduce Hatsune Miku to America.
David Letterman beginning introductory speech for Pearl Jam.
Looks like the love child of David Letterman and Layne Staley.
New book about David Letterman set to reveal new details about his sex scandal and feud with Leno…
I liked a video Conan Says Thank You To David Letterman - CONAN on TBS
See the top 10 moments from Late Night with David Letterman
David Letterman's Feud with Jay Leno: New Biography Reveals the Legendary Host was 'Seething with Unhap… via
David Letterman gives touching eulogy for his mother, Dorothy Mengering, in Indiana
David Letterman is a real hero of mine. I feel for him right now. No matter how long you have them, it must be tough losing a parent.
I usually like David Letterman's Top Ten Lists but was kinda dry. Not a single good zinger in the bunch.
Just learned David Letterman's mom passed away on the 11th. Seemed like a neat lady with a great sense of humor. Hope Dave's doing okay.
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I liked a video David Letterman's Mother Dorothy Mengering Dies at 95
One of David Letterman's best guests ever--his Mom--has died. She was 95...
If you loved Late Night with David Letterman, then you loved the genius of
"A new First Lady for every year of his presidency": 1999 list of campaign slogans is perfect:…
Several Libtard Trolls told me to stop with Clinton/Obama jokes because they're gone. HAS DAVID LETTERMAN FINISHED TELL…
David Letterman gives eulogy for his mother, Dorothy Mengering, in Indiana
Memorial services Saturday for David Letterman’s mom
David Letterman: 'We didn't want for anything because of my mom'
David Letterman's mother Dorothy Mengering, who frequently appeared on his show, has died at age 95
J. Geils of The J. Geils Band, dead at 71 and also Dorothy Mengering, David Letterman's mom and "Late Show" perso…
David Letterman's mother, who became an unlikely celebrity, dies at age 95.
David Letterman paid tribute to his mom on one of the last "Late Show" episodes. You could tell he loved her.
Sad news about David Letterman's mom. She was a very nice person to meet. RIP
David Letterman's mom has died at age 95. Dorothy Mengering made many appearances with her son on his shows, usually from her…
Sad news tonight - David Letterman's mom, Dorothy Mengering, has died at age 95.
So sad to hear that David Letterman's mother passed away. She will be in our hearts forever.
Thank you David Letterman, for sharing your treasure of a Mother with everyone. When Moms go up we have a…
BREAKING: Dororthy Mengering, mother of BSU alum David Letterman, died on Tuesday at the age of 95; one day before Letterman's 69th birthday
Saying good night and farewell to a legend. David Letterman, Hollywood 1989
Goes back a ways, but anyone who remembers the Carson/Letterman days, remembers Dave's mom. God bless. via
Condolences to David Letterman on the death of his sweet Mom, Dorothy.
David Letterman turns 70 today. If you want to still get him a gift, you can't go wrong with an electric razor.
My favorite Thanksgiving tradition was Guess the Pies .
RIP David Letterman's pie-making mom, Dorothy Mengering. She was 95 & for a number of years was an endearing part of his…
Oh no! LOVED Dave's mom - some of my fave segments. Sending much love to David Letterman & his family.…
Love you Dorothy Mengering. Condolences to David Letterman for his awesome mom Dorothy has passed away.
David Letterman’s mother, a frequent guest on his shows, dies at 95:
David, my deepest condolences go out to you on the passing of your mother.
David Letterman's mum was so funny & sweet. I know where he got his sense of humour from.
I miss the Late Show with David Letterman. That's all...well that and when Brian Williams was on the show, before he lied once.
David Letterman’s mother, Dorothy Mengering, dies at 95
R.I.P. Dorothy Mengering, David Letterman’s mother, has died at the age of 95
Dorothy Mengering, the mother of late-night talk show host David Letterman, has died. She was 95.
David Letterman’s mom, Dorothy Mengering, dies at 95 .
Sad news. Dorothy Letterman, who was introduced to millions on her son David's Late Show, died today, her daughter says. She…
A representative for David Letterman confirms that his mother, Dorothy Mengering, has died. She was 95.
David Letterman inducts Pearl Jam into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame: watch his full speech
David Letterman's 10 funniest jokes about Pearl Jam at Rock Hall - USA TODAY
David Letterman inducted Pearl Jam into the and it was a masterpiece:
Flash-Back-Friday: Reg Friesen Lee Marek in one of his first appearances on the Late Night Show w/ David Letterman!…
20 years ago today!. David Bowie performed Dead Man Walking on The Late Show with David Letterman, watch it now... http…
Why do all the bands at the end of David Letterman show every night do nothing but scream?
Craziness: The has been on long enough to both welcome and say goodbye to David Letterman's tenure at The Late Sh…
.You mentioned David Letterman and Conan in the same breath, but ignoring him out of the Tonight Show…
many late show with David Letterman, I'm sure Dave and all of us will miss him. RIP
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I was a fan of David Letterman from back when he used to appear on The Tonight Show and then…
I added a video to a playlist David Letterman's Final Show
David Letterman hosted 6,028 late night shows. Don Giller has recordings of all but two.
A charming profile, my terrifying future: David Letterman's unofficial archivist. The good kind of crazy. Just.
Fake News! Don Rickles is alive and well and will be on the late show with David Letterman tonight.
1/2 When I was in New York years ago, I went to the Late Show with David Letterman. The lead guest was Don Rickles. He moved like an elder
Donald Jay"Don" Rickles was Actor and Stand up comic. Lot of us know him as a guest on Late Show with David Letterman
David Letterman to induct Pearl Jam in place of Neil Young at Rock and Roll Hall of Fame ceremony…
This is the reason no one has seen David Letterman and Jon Stewart in a while.
will fill in for the ill Neil Young and induct into Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:
David Letterman is replacing a sick Neil Young to induct at the
David Letterman has replaced for induction.
While Neil Young is too ill to induct Pearl Jam into Rock Hall, David Letterman has stepped up to induct the band
.For his influence alone, I would support David Letterman himself being honored at RnR HOF. Same for Ed Sullivan.
David Letterman to induct into after Neil Young backs out due to illness https…
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
David Letterman to fill in for Neil Young at Pearl Jam’s Rock & Roll Hall of Fame induction
- David Letterman to induct Pearl Jam into Rock & Roll of Fame - . David Letterman is stepping up to be ... -…
David Letterman will induct into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame
With out sick, check out who got to induct them into the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame:
David will induct into the of Fame, filling in for a sick Get well soon Uncl…
billboard: Neil Young pulls out of Pearl Jam induction due to illness
David Letterman will now fill in for an ailing Neil Young to induct Pearl Jam into the
Neil Young bowed out of inducting into the Rock Hall. His replacement? David Letterman.
Due to illness, Neil Young is sadly unable to induct @ this year's ceremony. We're thrilled David Letterman has agr…
I asked Anton Fig a bunch of questions about working with David Letterman... and KISS!... for
Is it only me who thinks David Letterman has a strange resemblance to the thankfully late Blink Sh…
Johnny Carson, Jim Carrey, and both McCarthy's to help why. David Letterman, Bruce Almighty's "good morning, good...
Elvis Costello & Allen Toussaint perform "The River in Reverse" on David Letterman in 2006. Title track to their LP
.Excellent choice! David Letterman interviewed Grace Hopper (seriously!) & she schooled him on the nanosecond! htt…
Bob and David Letterman backstage at the Chicago Theater for NBC5 News before a 1989 taping of The Late Show.
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I added a video to a playlist Randy Jackson Interview on David Letterman
Have you ever noticed that you never see Michael Stipe and David Letterman in the same room? Hmmm..
David Letterman was the ONLY late night talk/comedy show host back in the day, now everyone has a late night style show. Tiresome.
David Letterman's ugly personality no laughing matter: colleagues.
Aka the station wagon seen in this | David Letterman - Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee
In 2010 David Letterman couldn't remember Jimmy Fallon's name during a show so he called him "Lonnie Donegan" on ai…
David Letterman wants to be Bill Murray SO badly...sorry but I haven't forgotten when you slept with all those interns
As we speak, David Letterman's beard is crossing the Samuel R. Delany Line.
also thinking he could dye it white and pretend he was retired David Letterman
David Letterman has a cyberlot to say about President Trump
David Letterman goes all in on Donald Trump and his inner circle in brutally honest interview…
Anyone else think David Letterman's obsession with me is getting a little creepy?
When it comes to "Trumpy," David Letterman isn't holding back.
“Do you think you’re talking to a normal person here?” An interview with David Letterman:
Lonely David Letterman might be the best interview of 2017.
The full Letterman interview is here. Faultless, gracious, nimble and wise.
David Letterman has a lot to say about aka - The Washington Post
Who's heard of (crickets). We've all heard of the great Chris not worthy to touch the hem…
David letterman was/is funnier and smarter than everyone else. I'll hold that belief my entire life. I'm biased
David Letterman: He can lie about anything from the time he wakes up to what he has for lunch and he’s still the president.…
Missing David Letterman love the Medal of Freedom thoughts for Alec Baldwin but not from
Lmao why David letterman out here look like santa 😂😂
. Hasn't shaved since was last on the air, was banking on a leadership position after the Sharia…
He doesn't have to thank anyone, I loved Johnny Carson but he would agree also that David Letterman is a self made…
Letterman is still a trip! 😂😂😂 David Letterman on Donald Trump and Late-Night TV Today
Missing Letterman’s biting sense of humor now more than ever in this current insanity that is America in 2017.
Radical liberal David letterman was outsmarted by a conservative Italian for the JC show. I'd still be sore to 😳
LOL David letterman looks like he should be in the caveman commercials
David Letterman has some further thoughts about Trump and his inner circle in an NY Mag interview. ht…
David Letterman pretty much nailing my approach on keeping up with old friends here
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I didn't know David converted to Islam is his name Muhammad Letterman?
David Letterman on how he would interview Donald Trump. .
New this issue: A conversation with David Letterman about retirement, Trump, and more, by
We have now entered the timeline where Santa Claus is mean and skinny
We’ve brought David Letterman out of retirement to talk life after TV and his old guest, the man he calls Trumpy
"I’m lonely, I can’t stop talking. This is like visitors’ day at prison for me." -
David Letterman rips into Russian puppet Donald Trump, gives nicknames to his pitiful advisers vi…
David Letterman looks like he's about to produce the most killer Red Hot Chili Peppers album in two decades
David Letterman: Trump ‘Insulting to America, Insulting to Human Rights’ ↖️see here
David Letterman's take on Steve Bannon seems pretty right on the money.
⚡️ “David Letterman talks life after late night, unleashes on 'Trumpy'”.
David Letterman aka Dirty Santa needs to STFU! nobody cares what you think.
David Letterman on the politics of comedy, and the man he calls “Trumpy.” A conversation with
this guy is like a Rush Limbaugh wanna be. "Eh Rush, do you ever think you're full of hot air?" - David Letterman.
Aubrey Dayle from David Letterman and Jay Leno show brings his experience to
gave a loser perform I suspect hosts like David Niven, Bob Hope and David Letterman are all. turning in their graves
Not just the news channels but also programs like SNL, Bill Maher, John Oliver, Jon Stewart, Stephen Colbert, David Letterman, etc.
Infinite Improbability: at nail salon they were inexplicably playing OLD David Letterman saw this Douglas Adams clip
Met Sara Jessica Parker and David Letterman when I was in 5th grade (kid inventor) said hello awkwardly and... (1/2)
I miss being able to watch David Letterman followed by Craig Ferguson every weeknight.
02/04/12 - NYC - Lady Gaga walks to the Roseland Ballroom with Bill Murray and David Letterman
Such a legend, and started so many careers including David Letterman.
For me, there will never be anything funnier than watching Andy Kaufman and Jerry Lawler argue on David Letterman
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