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David Koresh

David Koresh (August 17, 1959 – April 19, 1993), born Vernon Wayne Howell, was the leader of a Branch Davidian religious sect, believing himself to be its final prophet.

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Just read a thread on here of some Arsenal fellas and a Wenger fan. . It's like arguing with a David Koresh Waco cult member. . Waste of time.
so youre saying david Koresh is still alive? LOL
He was a prophet in the way David Koresh or Jim Jones were prophets
I forgot that DAVID KORESH was black.I guess all the rioters in Baltimore ,who burned,pillaged,etc,while cops watched were white
*** is w/ the is with the Feds, Waco(David Koresh) Ruby Ridge. the Waco biker massacre, Wounded Knee, R.I.P LaVoy Finicum
D Armed Group in Oregon are in a suicide mission David Koresh stood up against d FG.Not only him bt all his followers were killed
Waco, the religious nutters who were letting David Koresh bang children and blew themselves up?
When the loons control the message, facts are immaterial. No one remembers that David Koresh claimed to be Jesus
The look on face today when an intern said she'd never heard of the Branch Davidian siege or David Koresh
I don't think the reticence from the FBI is because of racism. It's more likely they don't want to repeat Waco and David Koresh.
is it true he showed up in Waco claiming to have David Koresh's power of attorney?
David Koresh could have surrendered to ATF when they raided his home in "Operation Showtime", although he'd broken no laws.
. If you hate all Muslims bc of Daesh then hating all Christians bc of, say, David Koresh must be ok
That was low to bring up Amber's son. There is no excuse for that. Don't care if you're a Kanye bot or not. Rap David Koresh was wrong.
was sent by God? Yea so was David Koresh! Any1 who says they were sent by God. Is untrustworthy
Yeah, really. Cruz's new thing is that David Koresh, and Jim Jones were sent by God. My jaw dropped I mean seriously dropped.
These are the same rightwing loons who still insist David Koresh was a model citizen.
Wait, the Oregon occupation is still happening??? Even David Koresh would be like *** ?
David Koresh could have opened the door and taken the warrant. Rather than get them all killed.
yep... & that's EXACTLY what they should have done with David Koresh, instead of cooking all those poor ppl
naw. These thugs are legit david koresh types
I liken him to Jim Jones and David Koresh
Somewhere the ghost of David Koresh just let out a huge sigh of disappointment.
The FBI has always been the terrorist just ask Randy Weaver and David Koresh.
I think nutjobs like should be treated with kid gloves whenever possible. Just like David Koresh SHOULD have been.
Make no mistake, I see & his followers as every bit fanatical as David Koresh.
Perhaps this is the result of lessons learned from David Koresh Branch Dividian disaster. I was 1st to criticize LEO, don't gmw
You should be glad that the Feds kept you safe from the deviant David Koresh & his scum followers
The feds learned, arresting Ammon Bundy during a traffic stop is smarter than not arresting David Koresh any time he went to the post office
Jim Jones & David Koresh were also sent by "God". . Keep your religion to yourself, ***
Wait, are you talking about John Lennon or David Koresh?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
To be honest I'm having the same problem. Are they some cult like David Koresh or Jonestown?
He puts all cult leaders to shame. Jim Jones, David Koresh. Just pass the kool aid.
That's just how white women used to offer their little girls to David Koresh at his compound
Do you see me as a better leader than Jim Jones and David Koresh? I don't want to be compared to them.
Think about the scar the Jim Jones and David Koresh situations has left on people in Two events out of a almost.
David Koresh was still ultimately responsible for the deaths of his followers, no matter how much the Feds messed
wild...on the David Koresh episode..
King you say? I see him more as a spiritual leader. Kind of like David Koresh... or Charles Manson.
David Koresh believed he was the Lion of Judah. Mormonism began when John Smith discovered ancient golden tablets in Missouri.
Would you blame all Christianity for the actions of the Ku Klux Klan, David Koresh or Paul Jennings Hill?
same things Charles Manson, Jim Jones, David Koresh and Marshall Applewhite did. all mind control
they're Muslims the same way David Koresh was a Christian
Imagine Jim Jones, David Koresh, and Pat Robertson rolled into one..frightening
Oh look, something else worrying about Ben Carson: he's a Seventh-Day Adventist. The same church that brought you Jim Jones and David Koresh
OBAMA is David Koresh. Mount Carmel Is America. The Branch Davidians are the American People. and you can't read words. can you?. YOU ARE THICK
Russell Wilson is a creepy, David Koresh type and I hope Adrian Foster kicks his conservative ***
David Koresh look-alike at Grand Central Market - w4m (DTLA): Laying there on in your tidy whitey's lo...
I think Timothy McVeigh was a Christian, right? How about David Koresh? Jim Jones? I could go o…
You do realize that Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer, & David Koresh are & were white not Latino?
David Koresh and the two Bundy Ranch shooters, too.
David Koresh and the Branch Davidians were all noted supporters.
What do David Koresh, Art Briles, Dave Bliss, and Scott Drew all have in common?.
What American Pharoah shares with Sung Myung Moon, David Koresh, & the Great Pumpkin, on ITG.
Or worse, are intolerant of insolents questioning their superior David Koresh guiding his Branch Davidians.
Others who share my birthday today - Mae West, Robert deNiro, Sean Penn, Thierry Henry & David Koresh of Waco massacre fame - eclectic bunch
I was on the fence between Trump and David Koresh, but convinced me to get behind
Search terms leading to Sweet Talk this evening:. "david koresh". "what is moral talk is normative"
no offense but *** you sort of look like Frank Kaminsky or David Koresh. You got a picture with glasses?
Except for Jonestown, those tragedies plus David Koresh's confrontation in Waco all happened in the 1990s, leading to fear of Scientology.
Take waco texas for example & kenneth starr who wasnt in star wars . Is there a baylor around? An intentional grounding? Any david koresh?
Tim McVeigh was called a terrorist,David Koresh was called a terrorist. So why suddenly do the media have a prob calling a Caucasian that?
David Koresh did exactly what Rome did for generations
Fwd: Fwd: Fed: That David Koresh Kool-Aid recipe you asked for!
I'd hardly call David Koresh "innocent," though most of his followers probably were and that whole event was badly mismanaged.
Now big celebs are walking 'round who think he's Jesus/What would David Koresh say?
Deray fits the profile of a sociopath to a tee. He is definitely in the ranks of a David Koresh, Charles Manson and Jim Jones
Waco to me is the best example of God taking control. David Koresh said He was King of Jerusalem. God said NO YOU ARE NOT. Can ya see it NOW?
"Jim Jones and David Koresh and Torquemada claimed to be Christian,too." (John Shirley)
David Koresh/Waco depictions arent much better.nor are any of the guys who played Hitler, Stalin, or Oppenheimer.
he wants to be the next David Koresh.
is the David Koresh of What cause doesn't end in a Cult like Mentality?
They need guns to fight the gubmint, because David Koresh proved the viability of that.
LOL! You know David Koresh said the same thing about his guns! How'd that work out for him?
Gunna post a joke Steph said "you look so much like your dad" had to break it to her it's David Koresh
Half of playing is accidentally indoctrinating yourself into justifying why David Koresh had so many wives.
Happiest of days to this snarky fellow. Once he got past his David Koresh years, he morphed into an…
Awe. Little Fidel Castro. Fwuffy David Koresh. And Ahmadinejad with a scarf. This garden is so wrong.
the harem belongs to David Koresh down in Houston.
70+ people trapped by David Koresh... that was WHITE TERRORISM.. So was the Oklahoma City bombing. Stop acting like it's not
lookin a little David Koresh here, which is actually not necessarily a bad thing
David Koresh, the leader of a cult group in Waco, Texas, believed he was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ
so in general things are the same there since David Koresh thingie..
Al Baghdadi,David Koresh, Jim Jones, what do these men have in common?
See how he blocks when he is proven wrong, he is David Koresh type, unfollow him
And Jim Jones, David Koresh, Marshall Applegate. Wait, they're all dead. *sadface*
Jesus Christ was just David Koresh, but with better marketing.
Ever wanted a handy guide to David Koresh Superstar? Here's one from a couple of years ago...
if David Koresh can build a cult of stupid, I guess Anita can too.
So did David Koresh but in his real life doE!
Q Whats the difference between Bill Clinton and David Koresh? A Koresh only burned 85 people. :-o
Would you like to ignore Timothy McVeigh and David Koresh as statistics?
no doubt the LPs would've reacted to it in the same way the Branch Davidians would've reacted to a slideshow by David Koresh.
White religious people are the worst and most dangerous i.e David Koresh and James Jones
This David Koresh documentary is so long & ...ugh
Final battle is to commence. It is the same propaganda as David Koresh or Jim Jones preached.
This is probably how David Koresh got started.
Let's just keep in mind the vast majority of victims are also Muslim. ISIS is run by a Muslim David Koresh
Given this incident in combination with David Koresh's crazy cult from 1993, the town should be renamed as "Wacko."
A member of the Branch Davidian choir, David Koresh’s rise to power suggests he may have been a rogue Nix
after hearing you guys and bateman spewing out crap a comparison of David Koresh and the Branch Davidians comes to mind.
Jimmy Fallon gives me the creeps. He comes across like an aggressively jolly counselor at a David Koresh sleep away cam…
only time I heard a line with David Koresh in it was this.
...David Koresh, Jim Jones, Dena Schlosser, Warren Jeffs, let's see... would you like me to continue, Mikey?
and even if u do guide them someone else may still guide them (Jim Jones, David Koresh)
David Koresh was just OUTSIDE of Waco, Fort Hood is in Fort Hood (duh)
Update your maps at Navteq
David Koresh. Fort Hood shootings. Biker gang murders. Waco Texas bout that thug life.
lol Adolph Hitler fell from the sky huh? Same for Saddam and David Koresh?? Lol they had No Mothers huh??? U CRETINS
"Okay, we have had our moments. The Kennedy assassination, David Koresh in Waco, and George W. Bush..."
ISIS is Jim Jones, David Koresh, and Obama on a massive scale. Pied Piper movements that bring in blind, devoted adoration.
David Koresh was christian, Andrew Carnegie was an atheist.
Feds were not "sensitive" to David koresh's feelings. They don't want to hurt anyone's feelings except families of victims.
When I call someone from Waco I always have to mention David Koresh. As if they aren't aware that's what they are infamous for lol
Branch Davidians(Waco/ David Koresh) lots of civil rights violated there, (white)
They rejected a liar, like David Koresh. If I am to believe in an invisible magic man in the sky I need actual reason.
Following is like following David Koresh. "There's something fishy going on around here."
LOL @ THE WACO OF CONTENT - tshirt of David Koresh on fire trying to finish a post on Medium
A colony? So you fantasize about people like David Koresh?
does anyone in Waco ever talk about David Koresh?
Man Merlin looks and sounds like he's been hanging around with David Koresh and the Texas thing. We know how well that worked!
ah. well, I'm sure there's an interview with David Koresh around somewhere
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"I hope David Koresh runs for president He had a lot to say He had a lot of nothing to say
I hope David Koresh runs for president
Or is it just another you tube video made by another David Koresh in the making:
David Koresh was calling the shots with the fbi and ATF man. He had them playing his religious rants on the radio and TV
same dude gave up his underage daughter to David Koresh, and also chose celibacy Cuz "Koresh was only one allowed to fornicate with women"
David Koresh is disqualified from as he isn't a real David!
that's wha t David Koresh thought too.
yeah these are different folks. Confusingly there ARE still Branch Davidians, despite how horrible David Koresh was.
They *are Islamic, in same way David Koresh or Jim Jones were Christian.
David Koresh. Look him up. Get on that dirty sprite and big red. Treat u better than Eddy.
That David Koresh was a bit of a loose cannon weren't he
Cruz is basically David Koresh in a suit. So glad he renounced his Canadian citizenship. He's all yours.
I must question. If they are going to allow this, why did they go after David Koresh ? Why shouldn't I start a...
there's a lot of babies in here I've had alot of babies over the years lmaooo THANKS FOR MILK - David koresh !!!
& that was Jim Jones who went to Guyana, and David Koresh who our Gov't burned to the ground w/women & children inside. Won't use on jihadis
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So David Koresh was a Christian? Typically people who claim to BE Christ aren't Christians, but hey...
Charls Manson,Jim Jones,David Koresh and others just said so.said so don't cut it the word of God Allmighty cuts itJesus to
Henry goes to Waco? Didn't Tim Daly play David Koresh in a TV movie? I love irony.
That's it for this week! Next week: Henry McCord meets David Koresh.
Can't miss the black Nikes & big black handkerchiefs. One of the great psychopaths of the 90's along with David Koresh.
It's like none of you even listened to David Koresh.
Yeah, he went after David Koresh, but let Osama Bin Laden slip through his fingers!
no he really was CRAZY he looked like a cross between the Unabomber and david Koresh
Im a better actor than David Koresh and he Was a good actor. Put me on season2 and u wont regret it. U need honest acting.
ISIS is no more Islamic than David Koresh or Jim Jones were Christians.
David Koresh & Jim Jones would start a musical duo & be my entertainment
people like Michael Jackson, Timothy McVeigh, and David Koresh would be in an area that would make a desert paradise
I've never known of *** Deguerin to defend an innocent person. From David Koresh to Robert Durst.
isis is to Islam what David Koresh is to Christianity. ✌️
CNN disinformation on David Koresh and Branch Davidians in Waco is shameful Hillary gave the kill order
I remember that, I was pretty little, super scared of David Koresh, and a really big fan of Wings. So it was a crazy time.
TIL that David Koresh's schoolyard nickname was "Mr. Retardo" due to him suffering from dyslexia.
Somebody named David Koresh follows me on IG
People in Waco haven't been this upset since David Koresh claimed he was Jesus.
“Going out with a bang! David Koresh ends his Nebraska wrestling career with a sudden victory win to take 3rd place."
All my Exes live in Texas, but that's mostly because of the whole David Koresh thing.
As far as psychopathic con men with a messiah complex go, David Koresh was rather handsome. Have a great weekend!
I married David Koresh, and all I got was this lousy t shirt.
It means that I take everything with a pinch of salt. Ever heard of David Koresh or Jim Jones? RT
The LNP could have been Kevorkian with Abbott... instead they've gone all David Koresh. Good luck with that.
David Koresh-looking dude at the bar choked about the results of the UFC prelims. Take a pill, Branch Davidian.
Absolutely.Lots of religious people I wouldn't want to serve, David Koresh, for instance.
What if David Koresh was really the second coming of Jesus?
ohhh you're one of those David Koresh type nutters
All-Time best was asking RG3 after winning Heisman if he was happy that he would finally take Waco headlines fro David Koresh
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There is no real difference between Muhammad and David Koresh. Only that Muhammad has antiquity on his side and a lot more stupid people...
I had a tabloid newspaper of the David Koresh Waco, Texas event with this same claim! .
The 47 senators are planning a little pilgrimage to Waco, Texas to speak to the ghost of David Koresh.
David koresh and the Davidians, that shows you the power of belief. What makes a cult different from religion?
. Stabby is a female David Koresh except not at all likeable.
But didn't the religious right inform you that oxygen is a conspiracy of the left!?!?!?!? Where is David Koresh when you need him
Watching Waco with false prophet David Koresh. Really interesting.
"Liar liar pants on fire You burning up like David Koresh" oh my god
When will you guys just pull a David Koresh? It wouldn't even be a scandal.
Feeling old. Talking to a PYT, told her people said I looked like David Koresh & realized she'll have to Google it to find out who he was.
Jeannie, we think everything's going to be OK too. Signed David Koresh, Heaven's Gate members and Eva Braun.
David Koresh was an american hero and a martyr. Anyone who says otherwise is a tool of the Jews.
So my biggest influence was David Koresh
We have multiple instances where we know he lied, yet he tells his audience not to trust the REST of the media. David Koresh is impressed.
Im at the bar wit the publix cashiers, a david koresh follower, and some fake robbers. Time to go..
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“My hair has officially crossed over into religious cult long. Help, That's David Koresh chic!
🎶All I wanna do is have a little fun before I die says the man next to me out of nowhere.🎶 that man turned out to be David Koresh
2015 and the ice caps are larger than ever. Just pay Gore and Blood your carbon taxes so Al can fart some majik...
Hitler was a mind control experiment, just like Jim Jones, Charles Manson, & David Koresh.
"Very funny... Al Gore: David Koresh in a suit" ( )
I'll also repeat this for you: David Koresh, Jonestown, abortion clinic bombings/murder; CSA; KKK;
"so the persecution and death of Jesus' followers is a figment of the imagination?". ~Google David Koresh
David Koresh, Jonestown, Heaven's Gate: Was the leader of the cult responsible for mass murder/suicide or was the religion?
Al Gore: David Koresh in a suit via
David Koresh was a legit cult leader by age 25...and look at me, I have achieved nothing in my life
Does anyone else see a remote possibility that David Miscavige could go a bit David Koresh when finally airs?
Yes,like anythg in life, even the Bible. David Koresh, many more. Don't blame the Book.
A fanatical extremist prob just like David Koresh.No one blames Christianity.
this is The Devils Playground, Jim Jones and David Koresh would have flourished here, the next one already is.
He certainly wasn't in my prod! I wanted to do prod with Sarastro as Jim Jones/ David Koresh
The real question is, what part did HPV play in the David Koresh incident?
David Koresh probably said the same type of thing.
Bray Wyatt trying to be the next David Koresh.
No one likes a cocky guy in a turban & David Koresh glasses. No one.
"Butt sex"?! Okay so David Koresh was wrongly accused of sexual assault, paligamy etc & deserves to be free ***
TIL "[David] Koresh's doctrine of the House of David did lead to spiritual marriages with both married and single …
yeah that David Koresh group were standing up for the 2nd Amendment
Also I'm pretty sure that David Koresh is at the Nut Hut drinking a Narragansett
"Jesus actually existed!" And that proves what exactly? Guys named Jim Jones and David Koresh existed and had...
"dystopian alternate reality in which David Koresh...survived to wield absolute power over not [100] but...8 million"
Does anyone really believe that ISIS represents Islam? Or, is ISIS more like Fred Phelps, David Koresh or Jim Jones?
Perhaps Obama does us a favor by saying ISIS is not Islam - just like Fred Phelps and David Koresh are not Christian.
When I talk to Obama supporters, it's like talking to Branch Davidians about David Koresh. They are in serious need of cult deprogramming.
Wayne Bent, Jim Jones, and David Koresh all started out as Seventh Day Adventist preachers before founding their little cul…
.Muhammad belongs with Jim Jones and David Koresh not Jesus and Abraham.
Brainwashing, just like Hitler. 0bama is a cult leader, same as David Koresh, Manson, Jim Jones, M…
Neither Joseph Smith and David Koresh had anything at all to do with the writing of the Bible, so what's your point?
David Koresh had a pretty good voice.
"major cult figure I'm the fresh David Koresh"
I've just realised that Richard Ashcroft looks exactly like cult loon David Koresh
got that David Koresh charisma and aesthetic. lmao
Another Bernstein zealot. The David Koresh of the midwest has many sausage eating Branch Davidians.
Only other self-proclaimed prophet I'm aware of named David was David b careful ;).
With a name like David Koresh you know he was gonna be crazy
What did Jim Jones and David Koresh do just before they went down? Same difference.
I'm in Waco, Texas looking for the monument dedicated to David Koresh & arrived at night. Drove by the place, but it was too dark to see.
Had David Koresh just done more drugs he could've pursued his love of music, but no he got…
n.. hey.. domestic terrorists come in all colors. tim McVeigh n David Koresh are dead
If Rex Ryan had set up the defense at Waco, David Koresh would still be fighting
TIL that there are some survivors of the Waco Siege who are awaiting the resurrection of David Koresh
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--Give it a few weeks... David Koresh.
Home for Christmas and found my old diary. Forgot that David Koresh died so close to Superman coming back to life. http:/…
David Koresh's compound on the outside, modern amenities on the inside, pool from poltergeist. Hope they pick it
well u don't want a David Koresh or a Jim Jones or a Jim Baker or a Jesse Jackson.
Fully expecting a David Koresh style siege outside the ground after today's result
It was the biggest crock of crap.David Koresh walked into town every morning with 2or 3 guys to get coffee and paper
I like the thought of them being followers like I'm David Koresh or something.
funny, David Koresh and Jim Jones offered the same things
No Wonder Hitler was one of your people! Along w Jim Jones David Koresh Manson
Yes, David Koresh ran a cult and maybe CrossFit is a cult and yoga is kinda a cult, but some of your workplaces are cults, too, you know.
More of a cult then anything else who remembers David Koresh in aptly named WACO Texas
Hitler used Religion to spread his hate too! & Jim Jones, David Koresh, Manson
Watching the Disney Channel in an Orlando hotel is like sitting on David Koresh's lap.
Yep, David Koresh started Dming Janet Reno and it went south from there
This is probably how David Koresh got his start.
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I feel like this is what the final days of David Koresh's Waco compound felt like.
David Koresh & Jim Jones would have loved these guys.
IMO Jesus was just a David Koresh with a following that outlasted him
Bingo. Funnily, I watched a docu on David Koresh this a.m. & was reminded of how much I do NOT get the leader thing!
My Hibatchi cook just made a David Koresh joke.
Julia is entering minds and mind controlling them like Waco Texas Pastor David Koresh who thinks he is God and telling
I have not. I will have to find it. I've never studied them intently. Is that David Koresh on the front of that book?
? a dangerous mind like David Saylorsburg will be a new Waco?
Christmas (0 AD): David Koresh uses time machine to revisit his true day of birth.
Look into Waco, Texas, Janet Reno and David Koresh and tell me what you see...
this is a satanic babylonian killing David Koresh was talking too much about the babylonian . with his christian...
Are you siding with crazed pedophile David Koresh who screwed 13 year old girls?
You call it marriage, I call it a cult that would even make David Koresh envious. Samesies.
What does William Davies, Arnold Potter, Jim Jones, Yahweh ben Yahweh, David Koresh, and Ann Lee all have in...
Yeah a version of David Koresh or Jim Jones...nothing to do with being a Muslim, just a mad person.
David Koresh was a self proclaimed Christian leader but we don't think all Christians are the Branch Davidian, right?
David Koresh, Jim Jones, Adolf Hitller, Kim Il Sung, Chairman Mao, Pol Pot...the list goes on and on...
Bourque's lawyer says releasing video will make his client "the Timothy McVeigh and David Koresh of Canada”
Saddam Hussein thought he was Nebuchadnezzar. DEAD. Muammar Gaddafi of Libya claimed to be 'King of Kings. DEAD. David Koresh king of Jerusalem
Taylor Swift writing a pop opera about a guy who gains the ability to rock-hypnotize people after buying one of David Koresh's …
David Koresh was wierd & OTT but besides that the Branch Davidians message was positive
cult members are crazy as Branch of Davidians in Waco they are brain washed just like David Koresh brain washed his followers
What still remains from David Koresh's compound? Just the swimming pool.
With good old Sepp, he's so deluded will be more like David Koresh in an armed camp in Waco with the Branch Davidians
Pretty amusing. Muslims as dumb as Jim Jones, David Koresh, John Smith, and L. Ron. Hubbard followers.
Jim Jones, Jim Baker, David Koresh and now TB Joshua. All "prophets" with a penchant for money, private jets and covering up evil deeds.
David Koresh had and Pat Robertson always yearned for the end times and that refreshing Rapture
Matthew Rhys is a dead ringer for David Koresh.
And how many 'false prophets' have there been, believed in by many, and often predicting the imminence of 'the end times', necessitating their followers to donate everything they own to the 'prophet', and submit to his/her 'superior' knowledge (David Koresh, Jim Jones, Marshall Applewhite (Heaven's Gate), Elizabeth Clare Prophet, Charles Manson, etc. (if you don't know them, Google them)). Convincing people that they need to have someone else guide them to spiritual salvation, and without that guidance they'll go to a non-existent *** is the greatest scam inflicted on humanity. The differences in religious belief, and the compulsion to force your beliefs on others, has been the source of some of the greatest suffering in human history, and is the perfect work of Satan. There is no better way to set people against each other, even long time friends (the Inquisition and related heresy-hunting atrocities come to mind). Even now, ISIS is commanding people in its conquered areas to convert to their brand ...
I've always thought of him more like a David Koresh type figure. Similar end result would be nice ;-)
Michael Cole covered the David Koresh siege and presidential candidates. Now he’s screaming 9.99 to wrestling fans.
What do Charles Manson, David Koresh, Tim McVeigh, & Stephen Harper have in common?
David Koresh: Misunderstood inventor of fire retardant clothing.
*** is amazing. Make grilled cheese for you, the best. Major coke figure, I'm the fresh David Koresh." -Rick Ross
enemy of enemy is friend. Most similar situation in west would be David Koresh in Waco when the US Gov raided
Dangerous cult indeed. TuQ is Pakistan's David Koresh not Khomeini.
Bundy is lucky that Janet Reno is not AG. Ask David Koresh how pointing guns at Fed officials worked out
thank god David Koresh didn't have access to
Major cult figure, I'm the fresh David Koresh.
Meh, we played Jesus Christ too, not all that difficult-Jim Jones, David Koresh and Sun Myung Moon
Rick Ross saying he's the fresh David Koresh just tells me he's in on the joke. yknow, that he's just character
that picture is the burned corpse of David Koresh
the Koolaide is so strong with _ that the shareholders don't even realize they're on fire. David Koresh is Alive!!!
True story, I used to jam with David Koresh when his name was Vernon Howell in the late 1970's
Have fun why don't you? You only live once and then you spend the rest of your life with David Koresh
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When your politician cult level gets to a david koresh level, you're an Obama supporter and some liberal people around.
Before Baylor was good, they were known for David Koresh. Before that a Dairy Queen rest stop.
David Koresh was a truly American phenomenon -
Children of at 9pm (CAT) They were soldiers in the army of David Koresh: a religious near Waco, Texas, USA.
just caught a David koresh cameo on the leftovers. Dreamy.
No, actually it’s an Ibanez Musician that used to be owned by David Koresh.
It's all getting a bit David Koresh
The Ultimate Warrior+David Koresh=The guy who yells at everyone about religion on the corner of Hollywood and Highland.
good ol’ David Koresh grew up as a fundamentalist Seventh Day Adventist. They must be so proud.
That's my foofoo/Dave/David/koresh/presh. u kickso I can have your tribute tatoo…
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