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David Koresh

David Koresh (August 17, 1959 – April 19, 1993), born Vernon Wayne Howell, was the leader of a Branch Davidian religious sect, believing himself to be its final prophet.

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Holy cow, It's David Koresh all over again!
They also believed that David Koresh was a prophet that spoke to God. Oops I meant Brigham Young.
the uber radical loon had a heart attack by getting all worked up. He's on par with alex Jones & David Koresh
I can also offer Jim Jones and David Koresh as ex.of Christianity, but that wouldn't be fair, would it?
my economics teacher taught David Koresh in HS, said I reminded her of him. Can I come too?
that sounds like david koresh stuff I've been expecting to see along with more mcveigh's
pretty sure David Koresh's followers thought he had the straight dope too.
yeah...because that was caused by Baylor!! David Koresh even went to BU!!!
There's a guy named Kyle Chapman that has David Koresh style supporters. They refer to him as Captai…
This guy sounds like David Koresh of the Branch Davidians.
Islam's not a religion! It's a cult. Read on Mohammed & Quran. No difference than Jim Jones or David Koresh except Mohammed murder more.
says the *** from Waco, home of David Koresh and Rape University 😂😂😂
Wrote about "The Texas-Jerusalem Crossroads," & also the War on Terror, David Koresh, Christian mystery, etc.…
and Jim Jones and Marshall Applewhite and David Koresh and Shoko Asahara
This is still my favorite Kellyanne Conway moment.
Indeed you need psychological help Mr. President. You know who is envious of you? David Koresh! You're such a tyrant
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Steve Bannon is David Koresh and Jim Jones in one ugly deadly package - Trump is devoted worshiper -
David Koresh and Jim Jones too did. U know what? They didn't end well.
People also want to be like David Koresh, RIchard Simmons and that lady who wanted the slavery themed wedding.
Remember Jim Jones, David Koresh & other religious crackpots killing ppl were aghast but now defend it, welcome it & think it's
Yes, he did. But his name was David Koresh. You guys blew him up.
If we are okay with Aboriginals, Sub Saharan tribes, etc... Aghoris are yet another fringe group. Many accepted David Koresh too! Remember?
Donald Trump has all the qualities of a charismatic and beloved leader just like Jim Jones, David Koresh, Shoko...
. A certain segment wants him to be their savior in a David Koresh sort of way. Nothing will change their mind.
which are all tactics used by cult leaders such as David Koresh or Jim Jones, not really brilliant just cunning
Reminds me a bit of Jim Jones and David Koresh. Hopefully it doesn't end the same way they did. 🙁
If you ever feel like a loser, just remember there are still Branch Davidians out there following the teachings of David Koresh.
no chance m8. These Remainiacs are more brainwashed than David Koresh's 7th Day Adventists.
Real like Charles Manson David Koresh Jim Jones? More like poison to society similar to Rippers hatred of 🚺
Then why is David Koresh dead? Dems didn't believe in freedom back then?
to say ALL Muslims are like Bin Laden is like claiming ALL Christians are like David Koresh. I believe in MLKs dream!!
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Up next on CNN-Jim Jones,Charles Manson,&David Koresh back up Trump's claims of wiretapping by Pres Obama...
I mean... would you care what a crazy man (david koresh) who claimed he was a prophet thinks of you? Apply to Jesus thusly
I laugh at Christians beliefs. Does this make me a bad person? Perhaps only to Jesus, who was pretty much an ancient Israeli David Koresh
I do remember Jim Jones, also David Koresh. I no there is evil all around us. I also no all Muslims aren't evil.
When you show up at the club and realise everyone is cosplaying david BOWIE not david KORESH 😅😅😅😅
Trump is the Jim Jones, David Koresh for the blinds republicans.
this is like watching David Koresh or all those ppl who believed the Y2K myth & were preparing for the world to end in 2000
do you accept the testimonies of the prophets Jim Jones, Charles Manson, David Koresh?
To understand the core group YOU are watching control YOUR government, do this: Wiki 2 people and read it. David Ko…
so is Jeffrey Dahmer, the son of Sam, David Koresh, the 911 hijackers... Repentant rapists...
Obama = Jim Jones and/or David Koresh. the liberal cult. SCARY! 🤔 — feeling fed up
That's exactly what David Koresh said to his followers. That's what JWs say. That's what every Baptist says before splitting!
Ah yes, coming from the nonce who rates and bodyshames underage girls. He is like the *** child of David Koresh…
This guy looks like David Koresh and he's mentioning me bragging about his wife
and the flavor-aid flows like water, the most divine creatures float by on clouds of Sarin gas... David Koresh himself winks as he passes
Never seen this level of brainwashing anywhere. Not even David Koresh's followers. They're zombies.
do u believe in fake religions? Jesus john Smith David Koresh budda or whatever else says they god? Are u old? White? Bighouse
1994 Branch Davidian cult leader David Koresh promises to surrender if taped statement is broadcasted, it is, but he doesn't
... Must Christians accept David Koresh as the 2nd coming of Jesus & Branch Davidians as Christian?
Hugh Freeze is David Koresh with a fishing rod
followers believe it is, David Koresh's Branch Davidians thought that too! 😸
I sure would and did when a Jim Jones or a David Koresh pops up in society... same with the 15 westboro baptist morons.
David Koresh killed 4 ATF agents and 85 others near Waco, Texas in 1993. Why is he not called "Radical Christian Terrorist"?
let's not forget David Koresh and Terry Nichols
While some say that Ted Cruz is kind of a modern-day Elmer Gantry, it's also true that he's kind of a modern-day David Koresh.
Really? that doesn't sound like Jim Jones or David Koresh or Charles Manson or Marshall Applewhite etc... etc... etc... etc...
Some day followers of Trump will be remembered like the followers of Jim Jones or David Koresh. Just sadly confused.
His story takes place in Waco, Texas, long before David Koresh. The same Waco, Texas where the soft drink, Dr. Pepper, was born.
Garland High rejected my new slogan of "David Koresh went here"
Charles Manson, Jim Jones, David Koresh, and Lafayette Hubbard are all rank amateurs.
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The only thing Trump has not given his 'followers' is the Kool Aid, but it's coming, David Koresh, Jim Jones, L Ron Hubbard, ring a bell?
Correction: Randy Weaver probably could still be reached for comment, but David Koresh is still unavailable.
Randy Weaver & David Koresh were unavailable for comment.
point is not legitimizing radicalism by calling it Islam. Do u believe David Koresh & Jim Jones were Christian?
Taylor Kitsch to play cult leader David Koresh in Waco series:
I'm not bragging...but I currently have more followers than Jim Jones and David Koresh ever has combined. Kool-aid anyone?
In 2012, Kellyanne Conway compared Republican criticism of Todd Akin (R-MO), one of her clients,to 1993 siege of cult leader David Koresh.
Leadership seminar (on video of course) from David Koresh, Jim Jones, and Charles Manson.
I repeat Pastor E Adeboye is a trashy lunatic Christian fundamentalist radical who's enslaved his followers like David Koresh & Jim Jones
David Koresh was the incident so egregious that caused the Oklahoma City bombing
David Koresh. Christian foundations of terrorist extremist group killed innocent ..Do This shows that Christians are terrorists
David Koresh, the leader of a doomsday cult called the Branch Davidians in Waco, Texas.
I used to have a kind of autistic interest in cult leaders. Him, David Koresh, Jim Jones.
incredible weirdo sound collage record by Gonzo with samples from Jim Jones, David Koresh, & Harold Camping
Me: I live in Waco, you know, the home of... Others: ...David Koresh. Me: ...Chip and Joanna Gaines.
say hey to David Koresh and the Branch Davidians for me
cruz reminds me of David Koresh the leader of the Branch Davidians religious sect,
Rob, you are the David Koresh of Australia's statue cult
David Koresh, Jim Jones, Joseph Smith, Mahatma Gandhi and Mother Teresa all had a burden for souls.
There's romance in a collective way? What exactly is that? David koresh?
when you use we, your followers, remind them of Jim Jones and david koresh and Doe we r electing a president not a church ldr
Trump is the David Koresh of the GOP
I think David Koresh was crazy, but I still have questions too
If it doesn't, well, you can always David Koresh it.
More like a cult. Think Jim Jones and David Koresh Blind followers
Weird moment in Waco negotiations when FBI agent and David Koresh chat about pigeons!!!
Isn't weird how you've never seen Donald Trump and David Koresh in the same place at the same time??? Yeah! Makes you think!
Go all David koresh. That would be a sight to see 😂
I've read that David Koresh was obsessed with Madonna. Boy I guess that guy was off of his rocker after all
I added a video to a playlist Mugshots: David Koresh - Prophet of Death
Two people stopped smoking a week ago: Me and David Koresh. FOLKS,
yes there are. Ruby Ridge. David Koresh. My cousin was injured in the murrogh attack.
Yep, Jim Jones and David Koresh all over again.
Oh Jim Jones and David Koresh such examples of Nirvana and success. Kool-aid works every time.
Is it just me or do his supporters have that David Koresh look
Just a reminder to those who ... Jim Jones, David Koresh and Charles Manson also thought they were chosen by God.
"Fell in love with this fish who got caught in my mesh. But yo she burned my scene up like David Koresh"
Seems programmed like the David Koresh Branch Davidian Church people were!
Yes. David Koresh is title of episode.
if you blame Christianity for David Koresh then there is really nothing more we can talk about.
Communism didn't do that. May as well blame Christians for David Koresh.
YES Young people also followed Charles Manson, David Koresh, Jimmy Jones, ISIS-and drank the Kool-Aid too!
They are weak minded. He's just like Jim Jones & David Koresh.
That was David Koresh, but nobody believed him...
says the guy whose actions and verbal puke resembles those of Jim Jones & David Koresh
sounds like a David Koresh kind of guy.
Cruz reminds me of cult leader David Koresh in Texas
Jim Jones, David Koresh, Charles Manson, We all know what happened! Wake up Trumpbots
We need a business man 2 run this country not Jim Jones & David Koresh
they all have the sicko mindset of David Koresh & Timothy McVeigh!
Please make a David Koresh or People's Temple comparison.
Ppl watch cowspiracy once & decide to buy boot cuts and a guitar with unicef & co stickers in some kind of weird rebranding as David Koresh
I compare people that vote for HRC to followers of David Koresh & Jim Jones. Blind faith in a corrupted HRC
David Koresh, Jim Jones, Charles Manson ALL CULT Controllers.. this is the Largest CULT on the planet.
Kyle Seager donates to a charity: David Koresh Foundation.
***that is because they do not hv a religion, but a cult,like Jim Jones &David Koresh,. & sex is abuse,control,power*
Me and are like David Koresh and Charles Manson in the form of fashion designers
That thought did cross my mind. You know who else was a frustrated artist? David Koresh.
Compared to Jim Jones and David koresh by "loved ones".
& was d day after 19th of of David Koresh fire that I watched w/Cato n Reynolds campgn Homewood IL
David Koresh was a Branch Davidian. They are an offshoot of the Seventh Day adventists. In other words,
that would be STICKY. Cruz is this generations David Koresh. Sorry. The cult doesn't play here.
Trump University to sounding like David Koresh..."come join me...follow me to Waco..we'll take you in." No thanks.
One good place to listen to the complete discography of David Koresh is the thx
Roses are always fun valentine's day falling on david koresh.
a cultist weirdo from a cultist "religion" hes just another david Koresh or Jim Jones as far as I am concerned
yeah Jim Jones & david Koresh would b so proud the Rep Est is backing religious fantics & cultists like willard
Leading the way is only as good as the direction we are headed. David Koresh led the way, but it wasn't the right direction.
is David Koresh . How does trump get the label 'change agent' - "Republicans" drink the kook aid
same missing heart line as David Koresh. We all know how that ended. You can lie, but your palms can't.
The Republican party is a party, not a cult. I will not follow like the Branch Davidians followed David Koresh.
better withdraw his candidacy. Taking on the Pope is one thing but the Almighty God. So Ted Cruz is David Koresh
Wow - this is scary stuff - I wonder if this is what the people that followed david koresh or hitler thought.
"im the fresh david koresh" is something ross says on this that I will never ever forget.
the pope is no different than David Koresh just a larger group of pedophiles.
Thanks to I now hear "Waco TX" and think & Chip and Joanna Gaines versus David Koresh.
Well just saying that david koresh was "oppressed" but the truth was definitely not on his side.
My professor was a freshman at Baylor when David Koresh ran his cult in Waco and volunteered helping the victims after🙏🏼
Reminds me of David Koresh and the Branch Davidian Cult.
Can someone catch up and see if is carrying around David Koresh's Biography?."Hey, I can't sleep. Are you a-Waco?"
ISIS is the bastardization of a religion. No different than Jim Jones, David Koresh, Hitler, or Pat Robertson.
"Major cult figure, am the fresh David Koresh"
this isn't the first cult leader who loves fire! You may remember david koresh was a big fan as well
You know who else believed what they taught? David Koresh, Jim Jones, Marshall Applewhite, etc.
the Branch Davidians in Waco, TX "loved" David Koresh. We're their beliefs true?
Donald Trump is the new Jim Jones and David Koresh. I cannot support a destructive sociopath.
It's like he found an old mad libs book belonging to David Koresh and it had only one page in it.
jones David koresh could quote the bible but like Cruz it didn't make them honest. Birds of a feather. Go
Props to your late old man for having the balls to fire his own family. -David Koresh
i was just watching Trump ramble and had a dejavu feeling . I,m still trying to decide if he's channeling David Koresh or Jim Jones
 border= up on Christian cults. From Jim Jones & the Guyana tragedy to David Koresh & Waco...
1993: U.S. - ATF agents raided the Branch Davidian church in Waco, Texas, to arrest the leader David Koresh ~ began a 51-day standoff.
Agents were attempting to arrest the group's leader David Koresh, dubbed by the tabloid press, the ‘maniac messiah' https…
2day 1993 Gun battle breaks out at religious compound near Waco, TX when ATF agents try to arrest David Koresh,…
David Duke? Seriously? Is the media celebrating Throwback Sunday or something? Can't wait to see the next news story o…
Would things have been different if David Koresh had been adequately trained in fire safety?
was one bad decision away from being this generation's David Koresh. Dude's a sociopath.
David Koresh was "rumored" too. Then they burned a bunch of kids alive.
Just read a thread on here of some Arsenal fellas and a Wenger fan. . It's like arguing with a David Koresh Waco cult member. . Waste of time.
so youre saying david Koresh is still alive? LOL
He was a prophet in the way David Koresh or Jim Jones were prophets
I forgot that DAVID KORESH was black.I guess all the rioters in Baltimore ,who burned,pillaged,etc,while cops watched were white
*** is w/ the is with the Feds, Waco(David Koresh) Ruby Ridge. the Waco biker massacre, Wounded Knee, R.I.P LaVoy Finicum
D Armed Group in Oregon are in a suicide mission David Koresh stood up against d FG.Not only him bt all his followers were killed
Waco, the religious nutters who were letting David Koresh bang children and blew themselves up?
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When the loons control the message, facts are immaterial. No one remembers that David Koresh claimed to be Jesus
The look on face today when an intern said she'd never heard of the Branch Davidian siege or David Koresh
I don't think the reticence from the FBI is because of racism. It's more likely they don't want to repeat Waco and David Koresh.
is it true he showed up in Waco claiming to have David Koresh's power of attorney?
David Koresh could have surrendered to ATF when they raided his home in "Operation Showtime", although he'd broken no laws.
. If you hate all Muslims bc of Daesh then hating all Christians bc of, say, David Koresh must be ok
That was low to bring up Amber's son. There is no excuse for that. Don't care if you're a Kanye bot or not. Rap David Koresh was wrong.
was sent by God? Yea so was David Koresh! Any1 who says they were sent by God. Is untrustworthy
Yeah, really. Cruz's new thing is that David Koresh, and Jim Jones were sent by God. My jaw dropped I mean seriously dropped.
These are the same rightwing loons who still insist David Koresh was a model citizen.
Wait, the Oregon occupation is still happening??? Even David Koresh would be like *** ?
David Koresh could have opened the door and taken the warrant. Rather than get them all killed.
yep... & that's EXACTLY what they should have done with David Koresh, instead of cooking all those poor ppl
naw. These thugs are legit david koresh types
I liken him to Jim Jones and David Koresh
Somewhere the ghost of David Koresh just let out a huge sigh of disappointment.
The FBI has always been the terrorist just ask Randy Weaver and David Koresh.
I think nutjobs like should be treated with kid gloves whenever possible. Just like David Koresh SHOULD have been.
Make no mistake, I see & his followers as every bit fanatical as David Koresh.
Perhaps this is the result of lessons learned from David Koresh Branch Dividian disaster. I was 1st to criticize LEO, don't gmw
You should be glad that the Feds kept you safe from the deviant David Koresh & his scum followers
The feds learned, arresting Ammon Bundy during a traffic stop is smarter than not arresting David Koresh any time he went to the post office
Jim Jones & David Koresh were also sent by "God". . Keep your religion to yourself, ***
Wait, are you talking about John Lennon or David Koresh?
To be honest I'm having the same problem. Are they some cult like David Koresh or Jonestown?
He puts all cult leaders to shame. Jim Jones, David Koresh. Just pass the kool aid.
That's just how white women used to offer their little girls to David Koresh at his compound
Do you see me as a better leader than Jim Jones and David Koresh? I don't want to be compared to them.
Think about the scar the Jim Jones and David Koresh situations has left on people in Two events out of a almost.
David Koresh was still ultimately responsible for the deaths of his followers, no matter how much the Feds messed
wild...on the David Koresh episode..
King you say? I see him more as a spiritual leader. Kind of like David Koresh... or Charles Manson.
David Koresh believed he was the Lion of Judah. Mormonism began when John Smith discovered ancient golden tablets in Missouri.
Would you blame all Christianity for the actions of the Ku Klux Klan, David Koresh or Paul Jennings Hill?
same things Charles Manson, Jim Jones, David Koresh and Marshall Applewhite did. all mind control
they're Muslims the same way David Koresh was a Christian
Imagine Jim Jones, David Koresh, and Pat Robertson rolled into one..frightening
Oh look, something else worrying about Ben Carson: he's a Seventh-Day Adventist. The same church that brought you Jim Jones and David Koresh
OBAMA is David Koresh. Mount Carmel Is America. The Branch Davidians are the American People. and you can't read words. can you?. YOU ARE THICK
Russell Wilson is a creepy, David Koresh type and I hope Adrian Foster kicks his conservative ***
David Koresh look-alike at Grand Central Market - w4m (DTLA): Laying there on in your tidy whitey's lo...
I think Timothy McVeigh was a Christian, right? How about David Koresh? Jim Jones? I could go o…
You do realize that Ted Bundy, John Wayne Gacy, Charles Manson, Jeffrey Dahmer, & David Koresh are & were white not Latino?
David Koresh and the two Bundy Ranch shooters, too.
David Koresh and the Branch Davidians were all noted supporters.
What do David Koresh, Art Briles, Dave Bliss, and Scott Drew all have in common?.
What American Pharoah shares with Sung Myung Moon, David Koresh, & the Great Pumpkin, on ITG.
Or worse, are intolerant of insolents questioning their superior David Koresh guiding his Branch Davidians.
Others who share my birthday today - Mae West, Robert deNiro, Sean Penn, Thierry Henry & David Koresh of Waco massacre fame - eclectic bunch
I was on the fence between Trump and David Koresh, but convinced me to get behind
Search terms leading to Sweet Talk this evening:. "david koresh". "what is moral talk is normative"
no offense but *** you sort of look like Frank Kaminsky or David Koresh. You got a picture with glasses?
Except for Jonestown, those tragedies plus David Koresh's confrontation in Waco all happened in the 1990s, leading to fear of Scientology.
Take waco texas for example & kenneth starr who wasnt in star wars . Is there a baylor around? An intentional grounding? Any david koresh?
Tim McVeigh was called a terrorist,David Koresh was called a terrorist. So why suddenly do the media have a prob calling a Caucasian that?
David Koresh did exactly what Rome did for generations
Fwd: Fwd: Fed: That David Koresh Kool-Aid recipe you asked for!
I'd hardly call David Koresh "innocent," though most of his followers probably were and that whole event was badly mismanaged.
Now big celebs are walking 'round who think he's Jesus/What would David Koresh say?
Deray fits the profile of a sociopath to a tee. He is definitely in the ranks of a David Koresh, Charles Manson and Jim Jones
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Waco to me is the best example of God taking control. David Koresh said He was King of Jerusalem. God said NO YOU ARE NOT. Can ya see it NOW?
"Jim Jones and David Koresh and Torquemada claimed to be Christian,too." (John Shirley)
David Koresh/Waco depictions arent much better.nor are any of the guys who played Hitler, Stalin, or Oppenheimer.
he wants to be the next David Koresh.
is the David Koresh of What cause doesn't end in a Cult like Mentality?
They need guns to fight the gubmint, because David Koresh proved the viability of that.
LOL! You know David Koresh said the same thing about his guns! How'd that work out for him?
Gunna post a joke Steph said "you look so much like your dad" had to break it to her it's David Koresh
Half of playing is accidentally indoctrinating yourself into justifying why David Koresh had so many wives.
Happiest of days to this snarky fellow. Once he got past his David Koresh years, he morphed into an…
Awe. Little Fidel Castro. Fwuffy David Koresh. And Ahmadinejad with a scarf. This garden is so wrong.
the harem belongs to David Koresh down in Houston.
70+ people trapped by David Koresh... that was WHITE TERRORISM.. So was the Oklahoma City bombing. Stop acting like it's not
lookin a little David Koresh here, which is actually not necessarily a bad thing
David Koresh, the leader of a cult group in Waco, Texas, believed he was the reincarnation of Jesus Christ
so in general things are the same there since David Koresh thingie..
Al Baghdadi,David Koresh, Jim Jones, what do these men have in common?
See how he blocks when he is proven wrong, he is David Koresh type, unfollow him
And Jim Jones, David Koresh, Marshall Applegate. Wait, they're all dead. *sadface*
Jesus Christ was just David Koresh, but with better marketing.
Ever wanted a handy guide to David Koresh Superstar? Here's one from a couple of years ago...
if David Koresh can build a cult of stupid, I guess Anita can too.
So did David Koresh but in his real life doE!
Q Whats the difference between Bill Clinton and David Koresh? A Koresh only burned 85 people. :-o
Would you like to ignore Timothy McVeigh and David Koresh as statistics?
no doubt the LPs would've reacted to it in the same way the Branch Davidians would've reacted to a slideshow by David Koresh.
White religious people are the worst and most dangerous i.e David Koresh and James Jones
This David Koresh documentary is so long & ...ugh
Final battle is to commence. It is the same propaganda as David Koresh or Jim Jones preached.
This is probably how David Koresh got started.
Little Giant Ladders
Let's just keep in mind the vast majority of victims are also Muslim. ISIS is run by a Muslim David Koresh
Given this incident in combination with David Koresh's crazy cult from 1993, the town should be renamed as "Wacko."
A member of the Branch Davidian choir, David Koresh’s rise to power suggests he may have been a rogue Nix
after hearing you guys and bateman spewing out crap a comparison of David Koresh and the Branch Davidians comes to mind.
Jimmy Fallon gives me the creeps. He comes across like an aggressively jolly counselor at a David Koresh sleep away cam…
only time I heard a line with David Koresh in it was this.
...David Koresh, Jim Jones, Dena Schlosser, Warren Jeffs, let's see... would you like me to continue, Mikey?
and even if u do guide them someone else may still guide them (Jim Jones, David Koresh)
David Koresh was just OUTSIDE of Waco, Fort Hood is in Fort Hood (duh)
David Koresh. Fort Hood shootings. Biker gang murders. Waco Texas bout that thug life.
lol Adolph Hitler fell from the sky huh? Same for Saddam and David Koresh?? Lol they had No Mothers huh??? U CRETINS
"Okay, we have had our moments. The Kennedy assassination, David Koresh in Waco, and George W. Bush..."
ISIS is Jim Jones, David Koresh, and Obama on a massive scale. Pied Piper movements that bring in blind, devoted adoration.
David Koresh was christian, Andrew Carnegie was an atheist.
Feds were not "sensitive" to David koresh's feelings. They don't want to hurt anyone's feelings except families of victims.
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When I call someone from Waco I always have to mention David Koresh. As if they aren't aware that's what they are infamous for lol
Branch Davidians(Waco/ David Koresh) lots of civil rights violated there, (white)
They rejected a liar, like David Koresh. If I am to believe in an invisible magic man in the sky I need actual reason.
Following is like following David Koresh. "There's something fishy going on around here."
LOL @ THE WACO OF CONTENT - tshirt of David Koresh on fire trying to finish a post on Medium
A colony? So you fantasize about people like David Koresh?
does anyone in Waco ever talk about David Koresh?
Man Merlin looks and sounds like he's been hanging around with David Koresh and the Texas thing. We know how well that worked!
ah. well, I'm sure there's an interview with David Koresh around somewhere
"I hope David Koresh runs for president He had a lot to say He had a lot of nothing to say
I hope David Koresh runs for president
Or is it just another you tube video made by another David Koresh in the making:
David Koresh was calling the shots with the fbi and ATF man. He had them playing his religious rants on the radio and TV
same dude gave up his underage daughter to David Koresh, and also chose celibacy Cuz "Koresh was only one allowed to fornicate with women"
David Koresh is disqualified from as he isn't a real David!   10% Off
that's wha t David Koresh thought too.
yeah these are different folks. Confusingly there ARE still Branch Davidians, despite how horrible David Koresh was.
David Koresh. Look him up. Get on that dirty sprite and big red. Treat u better than Eddy.
That David Koresh was a bit of a loose cannon weren't he
Cruz is basically David Koresh in a suit. So glad he renounced his Canadian citizenship. He's all yours.
I must question. If they are going to allow this, why did they go after David Koresh ? Why shouldn't I start a...
there's a lot of babies in here I've had alot of babies over the years lmaooo THANKS FOR MILK - David koresh !!!
& that was Jim Jones who went to Guyana, and David Koresh who our Gov't burned to the ground w/women & children inside. Won't use on jihadis
So David Koresh was a Christian? Typically people who claim to BE Christ aren't Christians, but hey...
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