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David Koch

David James Koch (born 7 March 1956), nicknamed Kochie , is an Australian television personality.

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'Pruitt has clearly aligned himself with his right-wing campaign donors, including Charles and David Koch. '
Purple PAC is leading the Johnson ad push. It's headed by Ed Crane who is a David Koch colleague and friend.
The anti-tax brigade, such as Grover Norquist, and culture warriors like Charles and David Koch, with their...
Gail Seaton Humbert:. "Paul Ryan, Clarence Thomas, Alan Greenspan, Charles and David Koch some of Ayn Rand's fans.
The Chinese are attacking us over Mack Horton, so as revenge we're sending them David Koch and Port Adelaide.
Charles/David Koch, warned the brothers could sit out the presidential campaign entirely — or even bac…
I turned down a meeting with Charles and David Koch. Much better for them to meet with the puppets of politics, they w…
David Koch donated 100 million dollars to Lincoln Center in 2008
David Koch tells Barbara Walters that he is a Social Liberal. This is a guy who knowingly released tons of benzine into the…
Gary Johnson tells me that David Koch is not giving him millions of dollars, as far as he knows.
Huge if true. has David Koch pledging “tens of millions of $” to boost for prez.
David Koch was LP VP candidate in '80. Koch pledges “tens of millions” to Gary Johnson, camp. srce allegedly claims
David Koch talks to Hamish McLachlan about topics including fatherhood, footy and organ transplants
Charles and David Koch's has spent over $44 million in Wisconsin since 2010: via
David Koch said poor George meant well; but, was misled. GWB is a war criminal. Stupid is no excuse.
David Bernie is on your side. This fight with the Koch Brothers can only be won if we overturn Citizens United.
Republican financier Koch says Clinton might make better president than current GOP candidates
...but David Koch donates & buys elections for republican *** who don't believe in evolution! Who think the world is only 9,000 yrs old?
David Koch donated $35M to the Smithsonian new dinosaur hall to present the latest scientific findings of how life on earth evolved. But.
Koch voiced an opinion on the slate of GOP candidates ... that's it. As for the Clinton camp. how is that relevant?
how does "its possible...Clinton would be better President." become 'Koch endorses Clinton'?
I used to respect Charles & David Koch...not anymore politically.
While processing why David Koch approves of review Brothers Exposed.
Is Port tearing apart from within? PORT Adelaide president David Koch has made the startling…
David Koch probably means Trump, but the disturbing thing about Cruz is how many of Trump's bad positions he's adopted.
Montage of *** Cheney, Donald Trump & David Koch all giving thumbs up to
and his brother have never been truly As economist Murray Rothbard found in the 70's:.
Of a hired shill. All puppets for Chas & David Koch.
Today has been a great day for Berners‼️ David Koch endorses Hillary. Hard to beat that headline.
You do know that David Koch was once the libertarian party's VP candidate right? don't...
Establishment upended-On / David Koch on why my tea party ain't w/ me:( And Sanders on taking campaign to e…
All purpose parts banner
"The only sound countries in the world are Germany, Italy & Japan"- Fred Koch,1938 (father of Charles & David Koch)
Among 8 GOP govs gathered at David Koch's home, the 2 women - Haley and Martinez - took on Trump question.
Susana Martinez's rebuke of Trump came at RGA major donor lunch at David Koch's Fla mansion. 7 other govs there
TONIGHT | David Koch, Grant Birchall, Leigh Matthews, Josh Bruce, Scoop McClure and you calls. Tune in!
Charles+David Koch,who are 80% of the problems in this country are backers for Walker,Fiorino ,Cruz now trying to get Pa…
David Koch, Charles Koch know they will lose 2016 president election. It battle of the billionaires. True.
George Soros is a Democrat billionaires & Charles Koch & David Koch are the Republican billionaires. This time Republican billionaires
Why wasn't David Koch asking about the security of our borders when Turkey was bombed last week?. More important. Why is sunrise on my TV?
Cruz's single biggest donor has been the Club for Growth, a conservative advocacy group funded by industrialists like Charles & David Koch.
Which AFL club has David Koch brought to financial recovery?
ask Charles and David Koch if Democrats preach hate.
Latest post from Exec Director. Check your politics at the door.
Hold up, David Koch picked Dayton over Syracuse? via
"David Koch saved Port? I thought it was Leigh Whicker...can I have some more money now?" - Leigh Whicker
P.M. Australia ° Interview with David Koch and Natalie Barr, Sunrise: . David Koch: Joining us now Prime Mi...
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
People don't think to long or hard about being caught for negligence.
When I study I look up random things. David Koch has an M.S in Chemical Engineering, should make $58,000-$138,000, he's worth $39.6 billion
Hillary Clinton and Bernie Sanders have more dislike/hate for David and Charles Koch then for ISIS. Never a passion for ending genocide
How is Bernie Sanders different from normal politicians? - Larry David
Check out this quote. Scientists have stood up to David Koch "“Since we can’t control Mother Nature, let’s figure...
just kinda a brief history of them, David and Charles Koch are their names and combined I think are worth 90bil
David has some sound advice about ensuring your estate is handled according to your wishes
David koch is such a clueless apologist. IS will get there statements out with or without you.
Don't know if their Jews, but Koch Brothers are nothing compared to a billionnaire like Soros.
"follow the money" is not evidence. Koch Brothers Jewish? What's their agenda? Come on man
In sometimes you leave outside: via
I didn't know before now David Koch was the Libertarian Party VP nominee in 80. One of the Kochs ran *against* Reagan.
Paul Taylor's American Modern Dance at the David H Koch Theater at Lincoln Center!. Read the review in full of...
Art Pope is a close ally of billionaire conservatives Charles & David and is a regular invitee of the Koch's secret…
SECRET Koch memo:charity work allows to rebut idea "that is extreme…front group for wealthy"
Thoughts for the's a sad excuse for an animal. "Charles and David Koch spent hundreds of...
Look up the Charles & David Koch, The Heritage Foundation, Americans for Prosperity
An amazing moment caught on camera: Baker Pavilion perfectly reflected in the glass facade of the David H. Koch Ctr
.chats with David Koch discussing their top tips for setting a
Kochie set to ‘change Port forever’ PORT Adelaide president David Koch was hand-picked by the AFL…
After taking the Power off death row, David Koch is searching for club’s future in China
Charles co-founded the Cato Institute in 1977. David launched Citizens for a Sound Economy, '86-rebranded as America…
The view from center stage at Lincoln Center's David Koch Theater:
Charles and David Koch are ardent philanthropists that have given hundreds of millions of dollars.
David Koch didn't win the presidency in 1980, but that hasn't stopped him and his brother Charles Koch from...
...and what's David Koch's backup plan?
Uproar from 148 scientists forces David Koch to resign from Natural History Museum board -
From the book: . "In hindsight, it seems that David Koch's 1980 campaign served as a bridge between LeFevre's...
We must defeat Charles and David Koch, Newt Gingrich, Grover Norquist, Pat Buchanan like we did to Al Capone.
David Koch watches as Philips introduces Jeb Bush at the AFP defending the American Dream Summit.
Father Fred Koch writes to his sons Charles and David Koch
David Koch was the Libertarian Party candidate for vice president in 1980—the year Ronald Reagan was first elected.
Anyone who knows anything about campaign finance knows there is zero chance that Charles & David Koch will outspend Hill…
- David Koch now has control of NPR and the American Museum of Natural History. Head of CBS love Trump. Pattern
I don't think Charles and David Koch should be What do you think? Vote now via
Charles and David Koch have launched a nationwide PR campaign to convince America they're just like any other...
my human evolution class played a video sponsored by David Koch- inreased my critical thinking suddenly
David Koch wants none of those..higher socioeconomic status, renewable energy, etc. & people without cash aren't people, right?
Weird. Both Charles Koch and are sponsoring dinner honoring PM
stole money. David Koch gave him the funds to repay his credit cards before anyone found out that he stole money.
Democracy means one person one vote. It does not mean that the Koch Brothers and other billionaires should be able to buy e…
Fixed. Adding after knees "with Charles or David Koch in the room"
and There's no place for climate deniers on the board of a science museum. Remove David Koch:
Don't kill He could grow up with a brother and become a BIG TIME Capitalist like the Koch Brothers!!! : )
¿is there an appropriate time to be selfish like Charles and David Koch compared to the selfless Mother Teresa?
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Who're your friends, and how do your friends influence & control the path & destinations of your life?
Uh. No. "We're so misunderstood." Cry me a river, Randolph and Mortimer.
. My prob w Joe. S. is what DC insiders don't see. . Editing David Ignatius, koch bro's quid pro quo ...etc
What can we do to oppose carbon billionaires like David Koch who promote anti-science policies and attack public ed?
Koch groups already over $4M propping up GOP Senators that do Charles & David's bidding in DC
sometimes your face is like a young carefree summertime David Koch
David Koch you are not funny, u old ugly clown!
Robert Meyer Burnett with Alec Peters. Alec and David Gerrold plot the next STAR TREK: NEW VOYAGES...
6 amazing followers in the last week and there will be more tomorrow. Growing with
Koch Brothers are re-playing their old ad from 2014. David Koch wants to abolish S.S. & privatize our public roads.
A group connected to billionaires Charles and David Koch is out with a negative ad targeting Hillary Clinton
Last year, a top lieutenant of Charles and David Koch&vast network of philanthropic institutions, laid bare the billionaire
Dear Rob Walton of Walmart with Charles and David Koch of Koch Industries, please publicly debate Robert Greenwald o…
SATIRE ALERT...“Rachel, the other candidates, they’re taking millions of dollars from the Koch Brothers and Exxon...
He looks like a cross between David Koch and Marcus Bachmann
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I now call myself a Classical Liberal, like Charles & David Koch and Foster Gamble. I believe that forcing morality, is immoral.
Good night David & Charles Koch. I didn't get the check yet. Is it in mail?
Dysin Mayo Lane Bauer and David Koch in the 3-2 Victory over Calgary last year
Instead of buying a candidate, why doesn't David Koch just run for POTUS himself on his 1980 Libertarian platform? Bc he'd never win.
Charlie and David Koch cause more pollution in air land and water than any 5 major companies combined but who can stop their net 80 B worth
Charlie and David Koch are supporting Both Carson and Rubio. I guess a liar and a fraud artist are in good company with the crooked KochBros
The whole economic system is rigged by people like Charles and David Koch. Guns: a very few very rich families.
Roger Ailes, David & Charles Koch, Rupert Murdoch, Rush Limbaugh. They’ve poisoned the American mind & are out to destroy our democracy.
BUYER BEWARE — SDTruckSprings - SD Truck Springs deals with unhappy or dissatisfied customers by...
Shout out to everyone who voted for my dad for Catt Co. Legislator.we did it! Congrats David Koch! Here's to...
judging by the picture on the cover I think "David Koch" may just be a pseudonym used by !
Call 911 — heinous philanthropist David Koch is on the loose again, giving vast amounts to benefit New Yorkers.
Holy crap CANCER CENTERS OF AMERICA and David Koch are funding the I'm watching.
David Koch could have the convo with GOP candidates, but heaven help those without a first-born to offer in return
David & Charles fund labs, but not the kind that knows about.
domain names
David Koch is a Taurus,so he was obviously in the TPP for all the money he could make. Thank you President Obama.
Just looked at David Koch's chart&see he was devastated by Obama dropping TPP. Charles wasn't quite as upset.
everytime he opened his mouth. But, of course, so did Charles and David Koch.
Republican Reality Check -"Roger Ailes, David and Charles Koch, Rupert Murdoch, Rush Limbaugh. I could go on. They’…
Since it was first revealed that Charles and David Koch were the brains and money behind the thuggish tea party,...
You should have asked David Koch about this story
The first-ever joint interview with Charles & David Koch. Catch it tomorrow at 6amET on
Ironically, or maybe not, the benefactors of the toxic spewing are Charles G. and David Koch, the foremost, or at...
the Charles and David Koch must debate Robert Greenwald about
David Koch to host fundraiser for Ayotte with "special guest" John Bolton.
David Koch is hosting Kelly Ayotte, Roy Blunt, and Jerry Moran in NYC tonight. "Business attire," please
Reid doesn't even have a wind-up to his speech: "Charles and David Koch are trying to buy America."
GOP presidential hopefuls kiss the rings of Charles and David Koch, hoping to get some of that filthy oil money. It’s disgusting and wrong.
Now that David Geffen and David Koch are staring at each other across Lincoln Center Plaza, I wonder…
In 1980, David Koch ran as the Libertarian Party’s vice-presidential candidate in 1980. . That should be all you...
Update your maps at Navteq
New Movies: Owen Wilson in No Escape: City not keen on backyard petting... David Koch has until Sept. 20 to fi...
.David Koch ran in like 1980. Maybe Peter Thiel should run?
Yup, and just Reagan had a butler barking orders, has David Koch hoping to be that butler
Chris Christie prepares to enter Presidential race with a ringing endorsement from David Koch
Tom Steyer, suggesting Dem donors can't keep up with the Kochs: "If we're in an arms race, we're in a lot of trouble"
No coincidence David Koch is only interested in animals already extinct, i.e. dinosaurs
How many followers do you get everyday? I got 5 in the last week. Growing daily with
I bet Charles and David Koch are having a circle jerk over this event... Please make some room in the Clown Van...
A fountain at the David Koch Plaza, thanks I had a great time!
I always enjoy biking past the David H. Koch Institute for Integrative Cancer Research
If you think the possibility of David Koch distorting a Smithsonian exhibit about Climate Change is frightening:
to the opening of the David Koch Theater at with guyclark2 and
What did Tom Steyer say when he met David Koch for the first time?
In chance face-to-face encounter, calls out David Koch on climate.
Tom Steyer challenges David Koch on change - ICYMI nice read from via
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FT: challenges David Koch on climate stance as big US political donors gear up for 2016 battle
We used to joke that conservatives will be saying *** marriage was their idea in 20 years. . It took 30 minutes. http:…
on Tom Steyer challenges David Koch climate change stance
David Koch: Five steps to a richer you!
Adam David Brown added a new photo.
What said meeting David Koch for the 1st time at via
David Koch, is now trending in Australia
At chance encounter with Mr. David Koch today, asked him to go public on his understanding of the climate problem.
Power chairman David Koch says Phil Walsh was " a much loved friend of the Port Adelaide Football Club"
David Boies & Ted Olson debating campaign finance with David Koch in the front row.
David Koch is an So's his bro Charles!
You know, if Gawker needs to put up that bond I'm betting that Charles and David Koch would be happy to swoop in and rescue/buy out Denton.
Everyone enjoy glimpses of the horrible new Met fountains paid for by two real humanitarians, Charles and David Koch.
Scott Walker and David Koch with Mark Ames: The brand of libertarianism practiced by the Kochs is...
“I have friends who smoke pot… It’s ridiculous to treat them as criminals.” – David Koch
I bet David Koch would love to be Rand Paul's secret Santa.
David Koch's "slip" on Larry Kudlow was something his brother told exclusively last month.
The most influential voters in the 2016 GOP primary are David Koch, Charles Koch, Sheldon Adelson and Fox News.
Koch Brothers May Support Multiple Candidates: “David Koch let it slip that the roughly $900 million that he and his brother, Charles...
Charles and David Koch's racist daddy. The apple doesn't fall to far from the tree. Racists aren't born.
Charles and David Koch to build high-end gaming computers called KOCH MACHINES in my headcanon.
In little-noticed weekend interview, David Koch says he & Charles "are thinking of supporting several Republicans".
More propaganda from the Institute for Energy Research. Funded by the criminals Charles and David Koch!
Charles Koch & David Koch are on list of the world's most influential people Be pre…
In Murica, compromise means splitting the difference between what Charles Koch and David Koch want. . And then doubling it.
Charles Koch: Can we clone Jesus now?. David Koch: Or better yet, Ronald Reagon!!
21. Charles and David Koch. "I want to start by thanking you, Charles and David, for the important work you're doing", McConell said.
The media does not get the list from David Koch and the drown it thing at all. Parts of same package. Kill Uncle Sam.
Koch meat puppet tries to pretend the entire country didn't hear him plotting with a fake David Koch.
I think David Koch should run for president with Herman Cain as his running mate. . The the lawn signs would be so choice!
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"...he lambasted the growing influence that major donors like Charles and David Koch on the right and Tom Steyer...
Walker had dinner at Todd Ricketts' apartment in NYC with David Koch; Joe Ricketts; Roger Hertog; & John Catsimatidis
NPR Has Gutted Its Environmental Staff. Remove David Koch from the Board of Trustees at WGBH
Fred Koch “would be pleased at what has been able to accomplish,” David Koch wrote in letter to major donors.
David Koch makes his choice: "We will support whoever the candidate is. But it should be
David Koch wants Scott Walker to be the next president
Charles and David Koch signal support for Scott Walker
David Koch wants Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker...and he hopes he'll be elected President too. Love, Ronald Reagan's Wayward Sperm
All is forgiven! David Koch just bought peace with the Lifestyle Left.
When asked by The Washington Post if Charles and David Koch fund American Commitment (its founder Kerpen refuse…
Congrats Indiana, own your Governor: "Mike Pence 'grateful' for David Koch"
"With the purchase of Republican Governor Scott Walker by Charles and David Koch, Wisconsin is now Corporate...
Letter- Corrupted by money . Deseret News Saturday 28th March, 2015. Charles and David Koch, who own Koch Industries, an oil and gas
I wonder if David Koch realizes that when he puts "Koch" on a building here, New Yorkers think of Mayor Ed Koch.
Part time Gov. Scott Walker to attend fundraiser at David Koch's Palm Beach mansion
Feb 2011: Remember this: Blogger poses as David Koch in prank call to Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker - latimes
AL Supreme Court, Ben Carson, King v. Burwell argument at and David Koch supporting marriage equality... what is happening today?!
Remember the time I mopped the floor with you in David Koch's underground fight ring?
Overseas investors still keen on Australia
A night of NY culture at nycballet_ @ David H Koch Theater at Lincoln Center
met this cutie pie dustinyellin @ David H Koch Theater at Lincoln Center
An evening at the ballet with the magical Dustin Yellin @ David H Koch Theater at…
"I'm thinking he was imagining Charles and David Koch standing in front of him." —
At the ballet. Photo credit to the lovely @ David H Koch Theater at Lincoln Center
dustinyellin at nycb @ David H Koch Theater at Lincoln Center
"David H. Koch fund for Science" donates to PBS Nova; the best way for him to advance science would be to stop funding climate denialists...
. FreedomWorks originated from funding by David H. Koch. A voice for corporate America, not the little guy.
night at the ballet + art series with dustin yellin. @ David H Koch Theater at Lincoln Center
Please get a new talking point or learn basic math. (Tom Steyer donated 11.9x more than David Koch.)
Time for my first Art Series. (@ David H. Koch Theater in New York, NY w/
Website Builder 728x90
BAZAAR outing at the NYC ballet :) @ David H Koch Theater at Lincoln Center
Visiting ballerinas and dustinyellin works.. @ David H Koch Theater at Lincoln Center
Yep essentially that is what Liberty is about isnt it? Voting the way Charles & David Koch want ...
Single tickets. All day, err'day. @ David H Koch Theater at Lincoln Center
This exhibit is amazing. @ David H Koch Theater at Lincoln Center
Well at least the Lincoln Center fountain didn't freeze over... @ David H Koch Theater at Lincoln Center
Just wondering where David Koch puts his hand to make Gov. Walker look like he's a person and not a puppet.
David Koch's 1980 Libertarian Party Agenda: "We favor the abolition of Medicare and Medicaid programs."
told believed 2B David Koch that like Reagan,he's no push over 4 busting unions as Reagan fired ATC
"It takes a CEO." Sounds like a bestseller by David Koch.
"I should disclose that I’ve spent time with David & Charles Koch. They’ve paid me to speak at a few of their events"
KockBros boys will turnback more than time-Kocks will OWN AMERICA-David Koch will finally get his presidency …
The third annual Art Series, which invites artists to install large-scale works in the David H. Koch Theater, ends on Fri…
Remember when a prankster got through to Scott Walker by saying it was David Koch calling? Since Walker is now a... http…
It goes without saying, Charles and David Koch have successfully purchased the Republican Ohio Supreme Court...
a guy called WI Gov. Scott Walker and got though by pretending to be David Koch.
David Koch chats to at VIP reception before American Spectator gala dinner
Why would you allow David Koch to put his name on your building?
"David Koch is the new Tricky *** " The brothers are bringing us back to the Watergate era
so when you go vote imagine David Koch and Michael Bloomberg fighting over who gets to pay you $100 for it. Still think vote doesn't matter?
Tom Steyer (a liberal) routinely outspends Charles and David Koch. This is true.
David sits on WGBH Board in Boston where he can censor & control issues on PBS/NPR http…
David Koch offers you $50mil to dance w/the NY Ballet. No lessons, and your kids are in the audience. Do you do it?
Koch Brothers. Do you think David is jealous of Charles ' good looks?
To say Nothing Tom &David Steyers who have a lot more to Do with Oil industry than Koch Bros ever thought of.
Whatever underhanded deed they must do to earn David Koch's billion dollars...
Walker? Wasn't there a leaked conversation with David Koch or did I imagine it?
The sad thing is that with over a billion in Koch / Adelson funding any one of those GOP clowns could be a contender
Charles & David Koch plan to spend almost $900 Million in 2016 to advance their political views. .
I watched NOVA on PBS on Sunday and was horrified to learn David Koch is a big funder.
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
He and most politicos would jump in the Koch's arms unassisted. Bet some of them David Duke Dems also on that payroll
Budget for Charles and network: almost $1 billion for 2016
David Koch and the Congressional GOP marching in protest against the belief in human-caused climate change.
just for you The Billionaire Boys’ Club - David Koch in New York City on June 12, 2014.
"It's official.We now have 3 parties:& BillionaireParty.The last is run by Charles&David Koch"
(4 of 5) The political network led by industrialists Charles and David Koch plans to spend about as much money as the entire national
David Koch ran as the vice presidential candidate with Lyndon LaRouche in 1980. That went well...
"Network run by conservative billionaires Charles G. & David H. Koch plans to spend close to $900mn on 2016 campaign"
Hey Joe,. If David asked u if he could slip just the tip in ya...You'd eagerly say "YES!" Wouldn't u
The "socially liberal" David Koch has a history of bankrolling anti-choice groups and candidates.
[Brookings Inst.] Can Billionaires Buy Elections?: . The news that Charles and David Koch and their network of...
be interested to know David Koch and Samantha Armytage promoting Hackers nude photos of Taylor. Is Katy next? dm
Conservative American oligarchic industrialists Charles and David Koch plan to raise $889 mill
Robert, This past weekend, the infamous Charles and David Koch held their annual winter meeting of billionaires and right-wing politicians in Palm Springs, CA. Invited guests included Senators Ted Cruz (TX), Rand Paul (KY), and Marco Rubio (FL), as well as Wisconsin Governor Scott Walker. The New York Times coined the meeting the “Koch Primary,” and that is exactly what it was.(1) This one meeting gave these four Republican presidential hopefuls access to UNLIMITED sums of money, which can help launch their campaigns to drown out the progressive message and legitimize their dangerous and extreme right-wing agendas. This “Koch Primary” unofficially marked the beginning of the presidential election and highlighted the significant role that dark money will play in 2016. That's why we need you to JOIN US RIGHT NOW in opposing Big Money's toxic influence on our elections. SIGN ON here. There is one state in particular that has a real chance to lead a national movement to get money out of politics -- Ca ...
Koch Brothers plan to spend $889 million in 2016: Kelly Cohen Leaked documents show Charles and David Koch intend…
David Koch is Public Enemy No. 1 for liberals, but he agrees with them on the need to reform prisons.
FIVE REASONS THE KEYSTONE XL PIPELINE SHOULD BE CONSIDERED DANGEROUS 5) The influence of big money that distorts the democratic process in both Canada and the U.S. Sorting out the money trail behind the KXL pipeline propaganda campaign is not easy. There has been a lot of disinformation about the disinformation that hasn't helped. Claims by certain outlets that Charles and David Koch stand to make $100 billion off the pipeline appear to be inaccurate. We really don't know how much they will profit directly from the pipeline, and to a degree that is less important than how the combined proponents for the pipeline are using their money to influence members of Congress and Parliament through shadow fronts, a strategy straight out of the Koch playbook. Koch cronies have learned their lessons well. We also know that the Kochs will benefit from leases on the lands over which the pipeline will pass. We shouldn't focus on the just the Kochs, but on how the industry and it's various controller/owners are buying in ...
David Koch once owned Jackie Kennedy' apartment on Fifth Avenue. He later moved saying it wasn't big enough. |
Christy Waltons surging Wal-Mart shares have made her as wealthy as Charles and David Koch, and brother-in-law Jim Walton is close behind
Jeffrey Sachs at AGU Fall Meeting: "David Koch owns the US Congress. And the corruption has been made legal by the Supreme …
the evil David Koch has donated $160 million for cancer research at just MIT, Sloan-Kettering, and Johns Hopkins
Thank you to Howard Solomon who has taken 200 of NYP's finest to see the at the David Koch theater.
David Koch has given Lincoln Center $100 million to support the ballet, and has given $185 million to MIT.
02 wish you were hear bear. Johnny Miller and David Koch join Sam and Ed.
David Koch is being exposed for his hypocrisy.
On Sunday, ABC’s This Week with George Stephanopoulos previewed Barbara Walters’ upcoming “Most Fascinating People” special set to air on Sunday night by playing a clip from Walters’ interview with conservative donor and businessman David Koch. Fill-in host Martha Raddatz introduced the clip of the…
Pariah of social democrats, David Koch sat down with Barbara Walters to discuss his views on fiscal and social policy. Koch explained his philosophy as being libertarian, though he mostly supports candidates based on their economic views.
I sure hope Barbara Walters got part of David Koch's $40 BILLION for that puff piece about him. Scheesh.
Koch brother: I'm a social liberal: David Koch, one of America's richest businessmen and l...
News: David Koch says he's a 'social liberal,' not responsible for social conservatives ... - The Week Magazine
Koch/Abbott Abbott's terrible at interviews and are David Koch and Karl Stefanovic journalists?
Major Scott Walker contributor David Koch has had radical ideas about govt.
Inside the Koch Brothers' Toxic Empire Together, Charles and David Koch control one of the world's largest fortunes, which they are using to buy up our political system. But what they don't want you to know is how they made all that money. By Tim Dickinson | September 24, 2014 The enormity of the Koch fortune is no mystery. Brothers Charles and David are each worth more than $40 billion. The electoral influence of the Koch Brothers is similarly well-chronicled. The Kochs are our homegrown oligarchs; they've cornered the market on Republican politics and are nakedly attempting to buy Congress and the White House. Their political network helped finance the Tea Party and powers today's GOP. Koch-affiliated organizations raised some $400 million during the 2012 election, and aim to spend another $290 million to elect Republicans in this year's midterms. So far in this cycle, Koch-backed entities have bought 44,000 political ads to boost Republican efforts to take back the Senate. Related Koch Brothers Koch In ...
Panel discussion with Jacqui Lambie, Pauline Hanson, and Bob Katter. Hosted by David Koch.
Kim is at a Shop Small business seminar on today in Sydney, with David Koch as one of the guest speakers.
In intvw, David Koch on the 4 he'd invite to dinner: "LeBron James, Roger Federer, Eric Cantor and Warren Buffett"
Case in point: one of the John Birch Soc. founding members was Fred Koch, father of Charles and David Koch.
Ready for some good news for a change? Every four minutes, another American family or business goes solar. [1] Every. Four. Minutes. That's 20 times faster than it was just eight years ago. And if solar keeps growing at its current breakneck pace, we'll cut that number in half by 2016. That's incredibly encouraging news for our state's environment, global warming and real energy independence. Unless . . . you're knee-deep in the dirty energy business. Who's afraid of a little more sun? •Charles and David Koch, owners of the oil conglomerate Koch Industries, and their allies have spent heavily to impose new taxes on homeowners who go solar -- in effect, penalizing those who reduce their pollution and their carbon footprint. [2] •The Edison Electric Institute, which represents electric utility companies, has teamed up with the American Legislative Exchange Council to dismantle state pro-solar laws in Kansas, North Carolina and Washington state, amid others. [3] •Oklahoma, Arizona and Ohio already have ...
Approval of the Keystone XL pipeline could generate $100 billion in profits for billionaire brothers Charles and David Koch, according to a report released Sunday, which revealed the extent to which the Kochs would benefit from the tar sands developm...
New digitals of David Koch at Adam Models in NYC via
Wait, does that mean the Koch Brothers are on board? I see David Koch now co-sponsors Nova
Kids and Granny can Google info just as fast as David Koch. Its so Republican to want that not to be the case.
The Mikhailovsky Ballet Performs at the David H. Koch Theatre in NYC Tonight - Broadway World
"A peek at David Koch's house: Which ones are the slaves' quarters?
They deny climate change because Charles and David Koch tell them too.
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
David Koch. Or Charles Koch. Which one is "the smart one"?
davidlehmann09 *** bag David u can even look at Florida colleges..the Koch Brothers trying to buy educators also..disgust
.The *** marriage stay lifted in KS. So has David & set a date?
hypocracy David Koch:We want to abolish the EPA&the Clean Water Act. McConnell bows to the Koch's.
Vendors just one of many stakeholders didn't consult on design of it's dismal, banal David H. Koch Plaza:.
-- Fair & Balanced, if you're a Koch brother. (David? Charles? We're F&B -- we treat them with equal subservience.)
“wants drug tests for aid recipients: Charles & David Koch should be 1st!
Just going to the ballet with marymoates. Normal Wednesday stuff. @ David H Koch Theater at Lincoln…
Am standing in David H. Koch Plaza in front of Seems pretty nice! Those monsters.
The right wing would literally nod if David Koch bought Congress with his Visa card. Wait, he already did that. But, but.. "Soros"
David Koch owes me a dinosaur and Fred owes me a picture. Cough 'em up.
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