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David Johnston

David Lloyd Johnston (born June 28, 1941) is a Canadian academic, author, and statesman who is the current Governor General of Canada, the 28th since Canadian Confederation.

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Anyone wanting to get a good taste of how crooked Trump is just read 'The Making of Donald Trump' by D…
"No other candidate for the White House this year has anything close to Trump’s record of repeated social and busin…
Welcome to 11. Over 2018, we pay tribute daily to one of “The Good Ones”. Today we are shining the lig…
Can you send a cease and desist notice to stop David Cay Johnston's new book "It's Even Worse Than You Think" and c…
Love all the books coming out! One by David Cay Johnston ,, next Tuesday!
The White House will scramble to sharpen tongues of denial Monday when Trump expert, Pulitzer Prize winning journal…
The story that needed to be told. Again and again. Voters should have read David Cay Johnston's biography of Trump…
FYI new book is, like, really smart.
David Cay Johnston will be on MSNBC tonight at 10:15 pm Eastern talking about the piece I just wrote about Trump’s Tax H…
David Cay Johnston is the investigative reporters name.
He made the request just after the NYT obtained an old Trump tax return which was not unfavor…
Review of my next Trump book, out Jan. 16, is featured today at Booklist and it’s better than positive.
I wonder what evidence there is about vetting and appointment of David Johnston as
An Overview of Seabed Mining Including the Current State of Development, Environmental Impacts, and Knowledge Gaps:…
To let go of the past, you have to respect the past. Johnston could have learnt a lot from David Lynch, where the s…
St. Catherine's welcomed The Rt. Rev. Shannon Johnston, the Bishop of Virginia, to campus. He spoke to Upper School…
Here's a book that deserves as much exposure as Wolff's 'Fire and Fury' . . . David Cay Johnston ('It’s…
, David Kay Johnston I even found some depositions on You Tube It was all there. None of this is a su…
Third Rock from the Sun debuted 22 years ago today on NBC with, John Lithgow, Kristen Johnston, French Stewart, Jane Curtin, D…
No. 86 Wonderful image 'Frozen in Time' taken by David Johnston on Princes St in City Art Centr…
And just a thought those who are the wealthiest David Johnston Mogg Smith etc won’t be the ones who suf…
Mike, my read from watching 3 decades is that Trum…
Who is David Cay Johnston? What to know about Trump tax return reporter
[David Attenborough voice] the cars drink thirstily from the waterhole, while the train keeps a lookout from above for pre…
I kept putting it off because people said it wasn't fun? Also I'd feel bad! That's your game, David Johnston.
Watch this space on: Aliens, the Romans, those pesky kids and that *** dog, Boris Johnston, Corbyn, and millennials.
I liked a video The Deep State and the Power of Billionaires - David Cay Johnston on Reality Asserts
“The only thing standing between you and the calm in your storm is Jesus” - Pastor David Johnston . If you want to l…
David Cay Johnston: Trump and Russia, 'He Lies as Easily as You and I Breathe'
Q&A With David Cay Johnston on The Making of Donald Trump via // This Republican tells it like it is...
Paul Gregg bit of a lefty worked for David Miliband Baroness Gillian Shephard 77 quite right wing…
Update your maps at Navteq
us bring these CEO's to Justice, and the Australian Government. Mr David Blake & Mr David Johnston.
Sad to see Alan Milburn and David Johnston. Ppl like them are part of the solution…
THE news this week is the tax vote. Here's yet another crumbling foundation stone, writes (Check out his "T…
All 4 government social mobility commissioners to quit. Labour's Alan Milburn and Conservative Gillian Shepherd, with acade…
Social Mobility Commission, four very different People, one, Paul Gregg, involved in the design of UC!…
"Perfectly Legal" by David Cay Johnston or "The Panama Papers: Breaking the Story of How…
David Cay Johnston: 'There's very good reason to believe Trump's been engaged in tax fraud'
I wouldn't think so. There has been a good precedence now with and David J…
David Johnston, Director with some ‘ready-to-roll’ Sharpstown students at 🎓💥
Try from David Johnston ties the scores. It's 17 17 after 50 mins. Con hits upright
I liked a video "The Making of Donald Trump": David Cay Johnston on Trump's Ties to the Mob & Drug
David Cay Johnston is the man. Always spot-on with what goes on in that insane mind of Trump.
Journalist David Cay Johnston talks about vital role of media in democracy
ICYMI: On a foggy night in Langley, Cascades WSOC picked up a huge playoff win over Lethbridge!. 📰…
We are proud that David Johnston, a respected litigator in our Concord office, has been elected to be the NH repres…
The Way Things Go by Peter Fischli & David Weiss. Fischli is speaking at the AF on Nov 10th with Johnston Marklee!
Conference on the media as an enabler of democracy. Good to be around other political scientists. Keynote address b…
You should book David Kaye Johnston about Donald's life he's been following him for 30yrs
David Johnston, 28th Governor General of Canada, and the Aga Khan, 49th Imam of Ismaili…
We're sorry about this, David! Please DM us your contact info and store address. Thanks!
Join David Johnson tomorrow for a discussion on the use of drones in marine science & conservation.…
Imperial Guard helmet with chrome finish by David Johnston.
The David Cay Johnston book goes into details
America J Bennett Johnston may won Victory over his opponent David Duke but he becomes friends with Senator Byrd th…
to last year’s campaign launch with former GG David Johnston, what a fun day!
Good that David Davis today for 1st time in public admit…
Eager to hear from & David Johnston who'll speak abt how TSA uses social media as real-time tool
Finally getting round to the TIF forum taken with David Johnston
Congratulations to in your new role as Canada's Governor General! Thank you David Johnston for your service
Congratulations to GG David Johnston & Sharon on 7 years of outstanding & dedicated public service representing our Head…
45 didn't graduate from Wharton business school. Receipt in book making of Donald Trump by David Johnston.
Our and David Johnston-Keay end our informative training day by sharing their experiences of recent settlements
David Johnston: the making of Donald Trump. YT He covers just about all the bases!
Didthe Kardashians phenomenon pass you by? Always wondered what it's all about? Well David is here to help. http…
Would be really keen to hear David's thoughts on disability policy
David got tied up with a job interview .
Has someone told the people of that they don't need to vote for David Seymour anymore?
Epsom candidates debate ... David Seymour and Paul Goldsmith still not here it was due to start 5 MINS AGO
David Brock, ex-lover of owner of Comet Ping Pong pizza in DC, has a farcical website that is funnier than the Onion 👇 https:/…
Great honour to witness his Excellency David Johnston's last visit to Yellowknife as the Governor General of Canada.
Former Pres., David Johnston, sat down w/ to discuss LP and brand protection:
A great opportunity for college students across the state!! Contact David Johnston for more details!
His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston is at City Hall right now meeting with Mayor Mark Heyck.…
Peruse the articles of winner on our site:
You're invited! Reception in honour of Governor General David Johnston & Mrs. Sharon Johnston at 4:45pm today in the Great Hall.
Governor General of Canada, Mr. David Johnston and his wife Sharon will be joining us for a public reception today.
What do customers expect from you on social media? David Johnston
I corrected the name "The Making of A President",and corrected it to The Making of Donald Trump, by David Cay Johnston who Trump threatened.
Governor General in Paulatuk, YK today. Governor General David Johnston will visit Paulatuk this morning and be...
Looks like is a secret cosplayer. Joe Johnston drew Ackbar wearing a lobster napkin in his ROTJ boards
1 min in and has already made a cruel and unnecessary joke about David Seymour
Author is David Cay Johnston. I can't read it at night, it's way too distressing, upsetting..& it's all proved by f…
I'm in. I'd buy that book too. David Cay Johnston has book out now. Makes skin crawl that…
I liked a video David Cay Johnston, "The Making of Donald Trump"
Comment on The Fall of the Geeks and the Rise of the Nerds by David Johnston
Jonathan Kay: What does it mean to be Canadian? David Johnston knew via
"Vol sector is well placed to provide advice & guidance, targeting people who need support the most" - David Johnston
GG David Johnston: "Sharon and I were pleased to welcome TRH in Iqaluit, Canada's most northern capital city."...
List of honourees recognized for indigenous work by Gov. Gen. David Johnston.
The show must go on!. breaks the ice tonite at 7:30pm followed by (David Johnston & Andy P…
Because as you know David Cay Johnston founder of that page is a good watch dog on Trump.
We are very humbled and honored to be given the Meritorious Service Medal by the Right Honourable David Johnston,...
Final day of What is Partner David Johnston most looking forward to at finish line? More about David…
commemorate the starman David Bowie with
1500km later. Partner David Johnston is on last leg of Feel free to sponsor here to donate to
Governor General David Johnston : A vote of non confidence in Justin Trudeau and his liberals - Si...
3 Ch 7 and 3DB legends together last October: Mal Walden, Dan Webb & David Johnston. Remembering Dan with love toda…
Congratulations to Drymax Socks athlete David Johnston for winning his 5th Trail Invitational 350 mile...
A cartoon by David Borchart. See more on our cartoon Instagram:
The book I am reading is the making of Donald Trump by david cay johnston. If you dont like him its for you.
As The Queen’s representative in Canada, I am proud of our many contributions within the Commonwealth,David Johnston
Tuesday + Snowday = Monday is Saturday, baby! tonight at TOAD. 9:30PM. David Johnston at 7:30PM.…
Yeah learned that the hard way. Got a pile on from David Cay Johnston and his follows once.
5 days in to the Partner David Johnston reflects on the impact of . More about David here -…
David Clay Johnston said ly'n is second nature to 45..its equivalent 2 the air he breathes. Keepn em straight may not b a priority
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
This is the petition we support for 4 it has over 76ksignatures on it!
Read David cay Johnston on how trump pretends to donate/participate in "charity"/ shameful
I added a video to a playlist Taking From the Many to Give to the Few - David Cay Johnston on Reality
Heed David Cay Johnston. It would be difficult for him to say the things he says. If there were no truth in it djt would be all over him.
Madam may we know whether David Cay Johnston is being taken serious by Democrats. The leads that he give all lead to djt
David Cay Johnston: Trump lies as easily as you and I breathe ...That says it all.
David Cay Johnston: 'There’s very good reason to believe Trump’s been engaged in tax fraud' via
President David Johnston with Director Comey discussing current threats and building stronger public/pr…
22 mins David Johnston kicks The home side in a 6 to 3 lead
Ian Scott Graham of Puslinch received a Meritorious Service Medal for anti-bullying efforts from Gov. Gen. David Jo…
Day 4 of 1500km challenge. Partner David Johnston is raising funds for on the Sponsor here…
David Davis says there is a full contingincy plan for leaving EU Boris Johnston says there is none don't need one
Day 4 of the We reflect on Partner David Johnstons fave memories from past rides. More about David -…
Signed petitions, wrote to ministers and now sent my concerns to Governor General of Canada David Johnston. PLS se…
"number of times that Dmitry Rybolovlev's and Trump's planes were in the same place DURING THE CAMPAIGN is astounding" David Cay…
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Chief of Joint Operations David Johnston and Vice Admiral Tim Barrett with Ahmadiyya members
National Hockey League not doing enough to deal with concussion problem: Canada’s Governor-General, David Johnston,…
Just saying David Johnston's term as Governor-General is up in Sept 17. I'm thinking would be a goo…
wait did David Johnston really call the liberal campaign trite and unrelatable? if anyone knows, it's Johnno
.up now. Speaking English. Congratulates GG David Johnston - whose birthday is today.
Happy 75th Birthday to the Rt. Hon. David Johnston, Governor General of Canada!
GG David Johnston is inviting you all to his place to watch some movies! June 29th and 30th!
Canada's Head of State: David Johnston in the ByWard Market - all business, no clownish selfies
His Excellency David Johnston shares that publishes 5% of the world's articles well above our popul…
Canada’s Governor General David Johnston focuses on trade and tourism relationships:
If you've been waiting for something good & pure to come out of this mess, here it is: Tennant reading Trump insults https…
David Johnston how about this for a unicorn?
Connecting the unseen dots using my huge trove of documents.
From GalleyCat: David Cay Johnston Inks Deal With Melville House: The publication date has been scheduled for...
My book on everything you don't know about Preorder now for Aug. 2
check out David Cay Johnston on Democracy Now. He's a journalist who has investigated Trump for 20…
David Boudia returns to the United States platform team, and Kassidy Cook and Abigail Johnston landed women’s springboard spots, but China …
Governor General of Canada, David Johnston giving his opening remarks on the needs of government
Americans Secure Olympic Diving Berths, but the Chinese Loom: David Boudia returns to the United States platf...
GG David Johnston will also visit Aboriginal Head Start program in Arviat today, attend igloo-building workshop, meet wi…
David Johnston, of course, is the current Governor General
His excellency the Governor General David Johnston at the
Here's another old white guy from the right on my hit list:. Did GG David Johnston challenge Stephen Harper...
Um, if David Johnston couldn't stomach Harper gov't, might have been an idea to decline Harper's offer of GG's job
.talks to GG David Johnston about 'The Idea of Canada' via
David Johnston gained some weight since I last saw him at Waterloo. I guess the Governor General life is treating him well.
BTW, you gonna check out the GG's book?
An excerpt from Governor-General David Johnston's new book: A letter to a young Nunavut boy https:…
I read that economist David Cay Johnston was writing a new Tax Code for the US, I do suggest strongly that you get it from him.
I can name you a few. David Cameron, his da, your da, Boris 'The Turk' Johnston and his da. Youse are already shamed
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
We are so happy for Commander David "Mike" Wegman! Be sure to catch him on Fox & Friends TOMORROW MORNING at...
Governor General David Johnston shares his life in letters:
this is the only decision the one your Gov promised
Congrats to Men's Golf Coach of the Year David Lynn!!! & Player of the Year Sam Johnston!!!
Justice and GG David Johnston both seem to have problems staying away from political statements that don't befit their station
.tells about the time he met the Queen's dogs:
How working as a data science consultant is different from doing data science as a permanent employee
Trending on social media, from 3/8 on "real Trump tax scandal." He might pay zero some years. https…
I am looking to see David Cay Johnston's Tax Code. Recommend you see to it, aye?
As a journalist in Wash. DC I suggest you look up David Cay Johnston for his Tax Code.
Cathy Wever community did an outstanding job welcoming Canada's Governor General, David Johnston.
What was US Admiral who told David Johnston the Japanese subs were the best trying to sell us, and why were Johnston and Abbott so gullible?
.David Johnston, on why scientists are banking on drones for tracking coastal climate research:
.on meeting the Queen's famous dogs:
Met Canada's GG David Johnston at 2day's event in Thanked him 4 standing up 4 rights of women.
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
ask your BFF Donald for his tax returns! Trump tax scandal: David Cay Johnston via
.on how he got the highest level of royal approval: the Queen's dogs:.
Thanks for the shout out David Johnston!
In Nunavut, a boy asked the Governor General one question: 'Who are you, anyway?' His reply:
Happy birthday to Our Majesty the Queen!. Unveiled yesterday by GG David Johnston and Mint President and CEO...
the chargers are and always will be trash.. Give it up 🚮
nice birthday surprise David Johnston in Sioux Lookout
Josh Johnston with an RBI double in the bottom of the 4th to get on the board. leads 4-1 heading to the 5th.
Governor General David Johnston was impressed with the cyclotron Thunder Bay!
Group COO, David Johnston, explains the '5 Truths to Building Stronger Relationships with Customers'
EtM testimony on the need for a 40 million increase in the City of New York's cultural budget.
His Excellency the Right Honourable David Johnston toured the cyclotron facility Thunder Baytoday
Maybe Tuan Ha-Ngoc, David Johnston, and William Slichenmyer would now like to formally apologize for lying to investors?. $AVEO
David Johnston about to present the caring awards in
really? You think Daniel Johnston is as big as Black Sabbath? Or Urs Fischer? David Sims? Toshio Maeda?
I really am becoming one of the tin foil hat brigade. My personal details being traded without my consent annoys me.
I will sing Daniel Johnston songs and watch the money roll in
Western Australian Senator David Johnston's metadata is being retained for 2 years
HAPPY EASTER!!! Little late but glad to announce that David Johnston is the winner of this awesome prize package.
My good friend, David Cay Johnston believes Trump is worth less than $1 BN Good reason to not release financials
Canada's Governor General, the Right Honourable David Johnston, on the North Shore with NSCF President Mike Boehm
We adore this quote from Governor General David Johnston, that truly shows how amazing it is to be Canadian!!
A heartwarming afternoon with Canada's Governor General, the Right Honourable David Johnston and Her Excellency...
This photo comes to us from Affiliate Member David Johnston of PrimeLending. Also…
Pieces include Mass for a New World by David Haas and Concertato on Jesus Christ Is Risen Today. by Cindy Johnston Favreau.
David Cay Johnston speculates on how little Trump may be paying in taxes. No evidence, but the guy knows taxes.
"Trump enjoyed a luxurious bachelor lifestyle in Manhattan while paying no income taxes."
The growing chasm between the rich and the poor is a crisis of our own making -- and a threat to our very liberty --David Cay Johnston
that just looked like a Friday night Boris Johnston rather than Sir David Attenborough in the scetch👴🏼
and athlete says he loves the strawberry lemonade What's...
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
He's been a liar forever. Real this extraordinary piece by David Cay Johnston.
Check out David Johnston's latest for and the campaign...
LIVE: Dr David Vanderpool Living Beyond in Haiti Mediacl Missions Pastor Ray Johnston Bayside Where is the church?
very good. But what's the dif between Johnston and Bill Wyman?
High Commissioner Pavlos Anastasiades presents Letters of Credence to GG of David Johnston.
David Cay Johnston: 21 Questions for Trump on Kickbacks, Busting Unions, the Mob & Corporate Wel via
Meet GG David Johnston. Played hockey, writes books & is big on
I'm going to "Governor General David Johnston with Shelagh Rogers". See you there? via
Today's answer to our question is: David Johnston USGS Geologist. (Photo: USGS)
Comment on London’s property market is heading for a fall by David Johnston
GG David Johnston & I after the Legends Ski Race at. Mt Tremblant benefiting junior racers in the. local ski club. https…
Honoured to have received the today from the Governor General - David Johnston
.GG David Johnston prepared the defense for ex-PM Brian Mulroney in the Air Bus Scandal
(apologies to listeners - got David Johnston and Michael Ronaldson confused just then. I blame Friday)
The XR69 Michael Dunlop and Lee Johnston will race in 2016!
Update your maps at Navteq
David k Johnston wrote 21 question to that he couldn't answer. Trump should be investigated
21 questions for by David k Johnston
real story is lib minister David Johnston refuses to pay his travel debt to taxpayers but Rupert's bashes greens
I can Confirm that Daryl Johnston & Laura Okmin Calling Sunday's Eagles Giants Game on FOX
NC Congressman Rouzer: ‘Trump is probably going to be president’: U.S. Rep. David Rouzer, a Republican for Johnston…
"Sharon and I wish you all the best this holiday season."David Johnston
Director David Johnston talks to The Museum of Non Visible Art about self-initiated projects, data and co-working: https…
David Johnston . Nice Hotel but I'm never coming back, no pickled onions at the buffet, and not enough coat...
That David Johnston scandal, in full -
BitAngels Founder: April 7 (Bloomberg) -- David Johnston, co-founder of BitAngels, talks about Bitcoin ...
Just found my old autograph book; Dichio, Craddock, Fredgaard, Johnston, David Duke, Tom Peeters, Bould, Varga and the gang.
I've never had a problem with Jardine. I'd say Bruce Johnston is the moodiest followed by David Marks.
A mention in the of Monday's excellent front page editorial by & team
I know 4 people called David Johnston! And theres another one. Just throwing that out there.
Big bengals fan tonight. Beat the Broncos
Flooding tonight in County Cavan due to the heavy and persistent rain. Video by David Johnston.
Hey david johnston thanks for the follow!
PM David Cameron met 2LANCS soldiers who have been helping with the flood relief effort
'This wouldn't be allowed to happen in the South' - Cameron accused of neglecting the North in YP and YEP editorials http…
Packers got destroyed but atleast I made it to the fantasy football finals because of David Johnston
Caller David from Roberts Creek, BC, says tech needs to be better designed for seniors, currently too complicated. Thought…
2nd Opinion: The Husbands of River Song: David Selby and Connor Johnston give their verdicts on this year’s Ch...
Constitutional Monarchy, Canada citizens should be eligible to be so honoured too! Sir David Johnston, for instance.
Welcoming David Johnston, Interim Children's Pastor, reflecting on 2015 and looking ahead to 2016!
Acoustic fiddle and guitar duo is here tonight at 7:30pm!. David Johnston Band at 10pm!.
Tax expert David Cay Johnston - new tax laws good news for donors to political campaigns
David Cay Johnston has been a reporter since the 1970s
4s: GOAL! It's 2-2 with sub David Johnston heading in from a superb Euan Robertson free kick. 5 to go!
cool I bought the 2.5 lb weights. That'll be $49.95.
Did David Cay Johnston coin the phrase "donor class?"
A Journey by Tanya Mai Johnston: SEND THE REFUGEES BACK!!... I was saved by 10 Downing Street 1975:)
Defeat of IS in Iraq just matter of time says pathetic Australia Defence brass. can't even stop them in oz
Here is the Governor General of Canada David Johnston playing for Harvard in 1963 via …
Boy! Is this 1 with U! David Cay Johnston was 1 of those that changed my mind anent Dems Check Dem controlled Congress w Reagan "83
With David Johnston and LD — eating breakfast at Original Pancake House
Nice to have a good conversation w Dara Watson and David Johnston today in Dawson Creek!
MISSING: Please help us find David Johnston, 49, from Southport. Last seen on 7th Sept. Pls RT
PM has "full confidence in Joe Hockey". He should be worried. PM said that of Bronwyn Bishop & David Johnston; Look where they are!
Check out this at David Johnston Architect Ltd. in
Did you also know that is a Santa Cruz native?
"$958-For Today's Executive An Office in Johnston ready to go! " by on
The team is named and CJ will lead them from the front. Interesting to see David Johnston starting at 13. Good...
Munster head coach Antony Foley adds newcomers John Madigan, David Johnston and Shane Monahan in his team that will face Benetton Treviso.
Great to see centre David Johnston and lock John Madigan get starts for Munster. Both excellent prospects.
Braves talk on 960 the Ref in Athens - Bill Shanks joined David Johnston and Sam Franco for Braves ...
Congratulations to UNSW's Richard Kingsford, David Keith and Michelle Simmons and Emma Johnston re: Eureka awards.
Fun fact: no matter what town you're in, he always knows the best lunch spots. Happy retirement David! htt…
David Johansson, my favorite seed growers from Belize. is introduced in this brief video to Adam Johnston's...
David Richer is no longer with 2012 5th rounder Cedric Hansen joins Doug Johnston in the crease.
Murray johnston the gift that keeps on giving. 🙈🙈
David Cay Johnston, a former chairman of Investigative Reporters and Editors (IRE) and resident of upstate NY, is an incisive observer.
Winner of the Charity Medal on Saturday was Fred Palmer 79-10-69 on countback from Ken Johnston 78-9-69 & third David Martin 88-18-70 CSS 71
It's publication day! My story and 16 INCREDIBLE others here: I'm so proud to be part of VIOLENT…
Our keepers for the season.. David De Gea.. Victor Valdez.. Sergio Romero 😂😂 i thought it be Sergio Romero.. Andres Lindergaard.. Johnston
The legal implications of - read our new post by David Johnston of
NEW The Story of a Confederate Boy in the Civil War by David E. Johnston Paperba
Marine Lab to deploy drones for data collection: David Johnston, executive director of the Marine Co...
You've GOT to talk to journalist David Cay Johnston. He's got ALL THE DIRT you could ever want on Trump.
Red Sox win! David Ortiz hits his 495th career home run to help Boston beat the Yankees, 4-3.
Sheriff Clarke on Black Lives Matter movement is an attempt to weaken police.
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Florentino Perez trying to open the David De Gea paperwork at 23:59...
Breaking: David de Gea's transfer to Real Madrid has not been succesfully completed. Paperwork didn't arrive on time.
This is David's story from July about what Johnston has been going through.
Check out my interview on the Photography Roundtable, with David Johnston: 
David Johnston: 21 Questions for Trump on Kickback,BustingUnions, the Mob &Corp Welfare via
and thanks for the Follow back David 👍
"Startups! Look No Further -- We Have A Deal For You in Johnston" by on
Didn't Abbott say the same thing about David Johnston?
Hornets have provided 1000 hours of armed overwatch and recently neutralised an commander in
Abbott says Hockey has his “full confidence”. From the archives: a reminder of what that phrase often leads to
When Canadian Governor General delayed his oath-taking for Kalam: David Johnston delyaed his oath-taking in 20...
PM says he will NOT appoint senators - it's NOT his job will media scrum David Johnston?
Where is David Johnston when it comes to upholding the constitution?
please join me in demanding that David Johnston do his job
it's time for David Johnston to walk the walk not talk the talk
David Johnston needs to step up and do his job as Governor General
"Great news today that David Johnston will remain Canada’s Governor General until September 2017." J. Trudeau
Only 2 more events! Join us June 19th when David Johnston comes to join us:
Our current Gov. General, David Johnston is, ironically, an ex-lawyer. Maybe he should listen to opinion of Can. Bar Assoc. on C-51.
The Governor General of Canada, David Johnston - who is also the former president of the University of Waterloo -...
Answer: educate women. Question: what one thing would uou do if you could. David Johnston, Governor General of Cda
Inspired, and a little awestruck by David Johnston, Governor General of Canada at the
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