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David Jason

Sir David John White OBE (born 2 February 1940), better known by his stage name David Jason, is an English BAFTA award-winning actor.

Nicholas Lyndhurst Ronnie Barker Only Fools Terry Scott Danger Mouse Del Boy Bruce Forsyth David Attenborough Still Open All Hours Count Duckula Gloria Hunniford Roger Lloyd Pack John Thaw Murray Walker

Leaders of America's Permanent War State Warming Up to Trump: President Moving 'Back to the Norm'
1st team debuts for Jason Coventry Oscar Harrington and David king. Well done boys!
Sir David Jason 'monitored by security guards' after 'talk of a real threat' ?
Sir David Jason guarded by minders after 'credible threat' made against him
FYI: Online : Sir David Jason guarded by minders after credible……
'Credible threat' on David Jason's life leaves star needing constant security | Metro News
David Jason now requires hefty protection following threat
Sir David Jason, 77, 'is protected by bodyguards' via
Sir David Jason, 77, 'is protected by bodyguards'.
Sir David Jason being guarded by security after 'credible threat' to TV legend is made
TV legend Sir David Jason is being 'guarded 24/7' by security after 'credible threat' is made to star:
I liked "Edgar Briggs" but once I have read David Jason didn't
David Jason described he and Nicholas Lyndhurst as "a pair of silly Buddhas" in his autobiography. The two became close friends
David Jason didn't realise till much later that he had met both Lennard Pearce and Nicholas Lyndhurst before their first ensemble audition
EXCLUSIVE: David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst to be paid £78bn each to return as Del Boy and Rodney in new Specsavers…
BBC weren't sure initially about the casting of David Jason because he and Nicholas Lyndhurst looked nothing alike; John Sullivan disagreed
David Jason considered Grandad's character a silent presence. He and Nicholas used to tease Lennard Pearce, saying he was a lazy sod
David Jason, a superb actor but, that series would not have been the same without Nicholas Lyndhurst.…
CUSHTY! The starts TONIGHT at 8pm and this week, David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst talk…
What's on TV tonight: Festival Tales: Edinburgh at 70 and David Jason: My Life on Scr… ➜…
I'll listen to them. David Jason was in darling buds of may. I know he's English but kore…
David Jason responds to questions about his retirement plans….
Download the new podcast with Vlogger of the Year and his feeble elderly intern →
Noticeably David Friedman is not present at today's meeting between PA President Mahmoud Abbas and US peace envoy J…
Left image: Tracks under auction (including the 3 songs from the 2010 ‘Michael’ album). Right: YouTube, all Jason Malachi. h…
What do space, cryogenics & David Cronenberg have in common? They all make an appearance this Fri. as we talk JASON X w/…
This Lacanian analysis of HE reforms, by Jason Glynos and David Howarth, seems pertinent today re
"No matter what walls or mountains you face, God is greater and He is good." - Jason David . Amazing testimony!...
Looks like a younger David Jason or Paul Gascoigne in better times.
David: She (Liza) loved it, she had a great time. Jason: Well she's nuts
I liked a video Jason David Frank on being kicked out of Power Rangers premiere
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Yall david and Jason usually record the podcast on Tuesdays but they recorded it last night (its 4 am) bc Jason was away. So its late
Jason Alexander: "George got less interesting as a character when Larry David left the show"
If you missed it on the Middlesex University Big Bfast with David Ozi Borg & Jason Zammit this morning, here it...
Hey Jason, I'd love to be listening to you and David right now just can't seem to find the new podcast... :)
whats your favourite part about working for Jason and David?
Did you always want to work for David and Jason?
Love sleeping next to the most beautiful woman alive every night. S/o to ari
But then David's low voice put me out of the mood .I love Jason more
Coworker: omg text me anytime you need a shift covered. Me: can you work today. Coworker: omg sorry my uncles hamster is…
Jason Heyward warmed up with David Ross between innings ⚾️❤
11:11 meet David Scotty toddy and Jason tomorrow and have correct info
This was from a few weeks ago when I was visiting and my Uber-talented barista - whom I believe was…
Jason! Can you and David have Liza on your podcast? And other guess too! I want u to do a…
That's what he has done and is doing but nothing will be don…
That is still continuing with obama. Charge him and lock him up.
This would be a good follow up for CMNS1000 (via )
Wasn't the original green power ranger jason david frank the power ranger that killed someone? I remember one of them did
“Do not weep! See, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the Root of David, has triumphed." Revelation 5:5. has triumphed…
Chris Sale, David Price, and Steven Wright starred in a commercial and its hilarious lmao
who's your favorite: David or Jason?
How long are you working for Jason and David?
Do people like Gloria Hunniford and David Jason require help with fuel bills in the winter?
It's funny how I can't watch 'Only Fools and Horses' without thinking of David Jason as the old Danger Mouse now.
Right I'm listing my legends down. Jocky Wilson, David Attenborough, David Jason, Billy Connolly, Elvis and my family. All made me who I am
Sat between Clare Balding and David Jason, no less! ;)
- radio times advert 1988. David Jason and Nick lyndhurst Rare clip
David Jason is an appointee and worked for a Law Firm w connections to the program…
I sat on Nora Batties steps, met David Jason and Sylvester McCoy (and Ed Milliband in a shop)...
Only Fools and fascists with David Jason as Donboy Trump and Miranda Hart as Theresa plinker May.
An Annoyed Lennard Pearce Refused to Work with David Jason and Nicholas Lyndhurst on One Occasion. Great story!.
BREAKING: We're very excited to announce David Jason: My Life On Screen. A new three-part series coming to Gold later th…
David Jason's facial expressions as Del Boy are comedy gold 😂
David Jason, Murray Walker & Paul McCartney please stay within 50m of a hospital for the next week, I couldn't handle any more!
David Attenborough, David Jason, Murray Walker and everyone else for that matter; keep them wrapped in cotton wool and under lock and key!
With a few days of 2016 left let's lock away David Jason, Richard Attenborough and the Rolling Stones as we have lost enough this year.
First George Michael, now Carrie Fisher. We still have 4 days of the year. Hide David Attenborough, Bruce Forsyth and David Jason. RIP 💔
David Attenborough , Bruce Forsyth, Elton John and David Jason have just been placed into a bunker for safe keeping untill J…
David Jason, les Dawson, parky, Eric & Ernie, Bruce Forsyth, you will never remember the entertainers nowadays in the future, crap!
It was funny watching David Jason in open all hours just after seeing him as blanco in Lol. 😀
Sub Club prep: watching David Jason in A Bit Of A Do, waiting for my bowels to spring into action. DJ life eh.
Happy Birthday David! Hope you have a great day, I would suggest treating yourself to a new home shirt 😉
Jason Smyth, the Paralympics' equivalent of Usain Bolt, aims for three in a row just after 3 today. Tell your...
Just finished reading my western civ. Chapter assignment and I kept pronouncing "Assyrian" in my head as *** Ryan".
I'm just happy that cam newton lost honestly
Yes best comedy ever the leg and David Jason x
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
😂😂😂😂 I'm not sure, he was thinking about it like!
I'll ask now actually😎 what if there's not?? You always get a way home anyway... Train if bus full?
I'm on a bus down, only know like a couple on it😂 need some others hence why yous should come💁🏼
get yous both to bennedicts on Saturday night!
35 years ago Only Fools and Horses started out, David Jason & Nicholas Lyndhurst created the best british sitcom.
Rodney Harrison looks like the uncle in your family who always relates everything to a bible verse
Come across this David Jason documentary about Cosgrove Hall, producers of DM and Count Duckula et al
Workday SVP David Clarke & Basecamp CEO Jason Fried discuss innovation and culture in this 4-part video series
I Want sushi right now alot . more than I wanna do this homework. . That's for sure.
. i think DSV was in a pic of jason patrick yesterday. maybe one of didn't see KK in any though.
It has the best characters, Delboy and Rodney, Trigger and Boycie! And Sir David Jason is my all time hero and fave actor!
We had the honor of speaking to back at Check out the interview here.
I always wished John Thaw and David Jason had done a TV show together
Netflix has Dangermouse! David Jason and Terry Scott! Back when writers of kids TV didn't automatically assume audience was totally dim 👌🏻
David Jason needs to be kept in bubble wrap so we can preserve him for as long as possible
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
IMO The best British comedy ever. Ronnie Barker was comic genius & a young David Jason. Don't get any better
2016 seems to be taking all the greats doesn't it *Puts protective shield around Jim Dale, David Jason and Peter Sallis*
love playing this spotting hancock,sublime Barker in Navy Lark IMHO, David Jason,Petula Clark,Peter Sellers etc
Anyone just see David Jason confirm the Queen is racist? Don't worry I got it for you. As Will I Am watches on.
David Jason talking about the Queen and her humorous light racism.
Kriss Akabusi. Martin Wolfie Adams and David Jason. “Who should make final 23-man squad for
you ever watch Only Fools and Horses, was a sit com with David Jason in it who did the voices of Danger Mouse
you ever see Danger Mouse? A brilliant British cartoon with David Jason in it
found this on youtube with Jimmy Edwards, Pat Coombs & David Jason as your husband can U remember?
best get in there now. Hope Garth Brooks, David Jason, Eminem and Danny Hylton are doing ok!!
Can't fault Jason David Frank for owning his Power Rangers past. And he's a real MMA fighter now!
Day to bounce back? Jason Day is our to win the RBC Heritage. Bet here >
If you had Steven Gerrard or Sir David Jason as one of your guesses for – cross them off the list 📝, it's not them!
ON THIS DAY: In 2003, David Seaman made one of the greatest ever saves in the FA Cup semi final vs Sheffield United.
easyJet: jasondflynn Hi Jason, please send me a DM with a screen shot of what you are seeing on the app, against the website. Regards, Zolt…
It's not too late to have David Jason voice the BFG for the British release. Cause Mark Rylance's voic…
*breaking up with BF. I'll never forget you David. 'My name is Jason'. Goodbye John.
Today in 1973 David Bowie released 'Aladdin Sane', his acclaimed sixth album.
David archuleta, big time rush, Jason derulo, the Star Wars sound track, Disney hits
coolest people i met at ECCC this year were Jason David Frank and Will Friedle
"Doctor At Large". 11/12. Guest Stars great actors David Jason (doing the sound effects of the Toads) & ...
Toad of Toad hall was a television spin off starring David Jason.
I'm going for Tony Osoba,David Jason and Christopher Biggins as the 3 still breathing? (without reference!)
Also done loads of TV, including one line in Micawber, with David Jason. Have I ever been up for a BAFTA? Have I heck as like. Not happy.
Ronnie Barker/David Jason hugely rated in UK -Also "Porridge" and "Only Fools and Horses" by them might be best 2 UK comedies ever
Nick stringers (jumbo mills) personal rehearsal script for who want to be a millionaire. Also signed by David Jason http…
got dat David Jason blow, got dat touch of frost.
I remember seeing David Jason on Only Fools and Horses and then a Touch Of Frost a couple of days after and thinking he aged loads
David Jason turns 76 today. Here's the story of how he almost ruined the chandelier scene from Only Fools and Horses https…
...Liza Goddard, David Hamilton, David Jason, Roy Kinnear, Patrick Moore and Beryl Reid. Pretty sure that's where that pic comes from.
Update your maps at Navteq
That was nice of David Jason to say to you X
but my king of comedy was Ronnie Barker. Even David Jason called him 'The Master'. Do U remember when he read prose changing vowels
Open all hours is made by. David Jason but it would be amazing if the legend Ronnie Barker was still alive and in it!!
No matter how many times you see David Jason you still except him to be as young as Del Boy
This is rather good so far...they forgot David Jason was considered for Corporal Jones… Shane Ritchie as Bill Pertwee?
I used to watch the original, but its not quite the same without David Jason and Terry Scott
David Jason on the One Show. I bloody love him! National treasure.
David Jason, Dave Spikey and Andrew Strauss autobiographies and a new John Lewis work shirt for less than £15, got to love Oxfam shops
David Jason, Matt Lucas and David Walliams ... Now that's a party!!!
yes it is David Jason is such a comic genius try watching open all hours
David Jason (Derek “Del” Trotter) and Nicholas Lyndhurst (Rodney Trotter) are the only actors to appear in all 65 episodes.
David Jason always reminds me of my Grandad 👼🏼
David Jason is my all time comedy hero but Still Open All Hours is terrible! leave it be with the legend Ronnie Barker!!
Its not terrible, but even David Jason can't fill the shoes of Ronnie Barker
Watching on Ronnie Barker, Richard Beckinsale and special guest David Jason as Superb.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Spent all day yesterday watching New Now, was the any hint to Ronnie Barker and David Jason?
Oh that's jolly nice thank you. I'm watching "Still Open All Hours" with David Jason
Unpopular opinion maybe, but & Kevin Eldon are better voices for Dangermouse & Penfold than David Jason & Terry Scott.
David Jason live from that gliding school
I'll be well sad when David Jason dies:(
peeps talking about Count Duckula. oh man, my childhood. u gotta love David Jason
David Jason is my Danger Mouse that said good luck to the new show bring back Count Duckula David Jason was my hero has a young boy still is
David Jason has died of shock after hearing that he was dead.
Only Fools and Horses presentation signed by David Jason and Roger Lloyd-Pack. . £600
UK Champ James Bowles takes David Jason aka Del Boy on first FPV flight https:…
Jason Isringhausen turns 43 today. ... Brian Stokes is 36. ... David Newhan is 42. ... Darren Bragg is 46.
Jason Clarke and David Breash are now talking about facing their fears on the shoot of their new movie,
Me with minister Trevor Simpson and his sons (David and Jason) ...…
Tempted to fly to NYC for this. Also Patti Smith & David Remnick, Marc Maron, Jason Segal... Thoughts
Omg Jason has established a romance with David
Bummed out I missed out on meeting Jason David Frank this weekend at wizard world 😡
ET with the LA Philharmonic Orchestra playing John Williams score live conducted by the great David…
If you adore David Jason, you're sure to enjoy helio
Disney world and Universal studios 😜 but Ashley can't come because she needs to stay home and take care of her cats
When I saw Jason David Frank (THE FREAKIN GREEN RANGER) Even though I didn't go up in person…
Waving Sir David Jason off from Leamington air meet. Looks like the 3 wheeler has been upgraded
What an incredible experience today meeting this great man! Thank you Jason David Frank for being the…
Mike Riley on the Hail Mary timeout, David Beaty takes the spike blame and more in today’s News, Notes & Quotes:
- David Lloyd: Lancashire team-mates once urinated on a dining wall in error, next... vi…
Love shopping with my girlfriend because I get to check her out while she try's on clothes 😍😍
SKYROTI NEWS: was terrified of portraying Wall...
My favourite rider so far was David Jason. Rodney you Plonker! MEGALOLZ!
For bracket purposes, David and Jason are in the playoffs
insist that David de Gea will not be sold in January. [jason burt]
Lennard Pearce, David Jason & Nicholas Lyndhurst in the series that never was :-(.
Back in December 1992, Rachel Victoria Roberts appeared in the first episode of "A Touch Of Frost", starring David Jason.
Guest suggestions..Danny Dyer..Tom Hardy..Lenny Henry..Lee Evans.. ..David Jason.. Eastenders Cast as it is tops
I liked a video from Jason Segel on The End of the Tour with David Fear (Full Event)
Jason_Spacey: Dulux have introduced a new 'David Cameron's Face' range to their colour chart
David Bryant John Perez Andy Perez Shannon Begley I laughed to the point of tears!!
Read about these who met, fell in love & created their family b4 they both turned 30!
I love how Nike's "future conceptual clothing designs" are just literally remakes of costumes from the David Lynch DUNE …
I highly recommend "The End of the Tour" film about David Foster Wallace. Jason Segel puts on a great performance. (1/3)
“I think he was misinterpreted as he often is." Jason Kreis on the David Villa quote about help from teammates
I don't think I've ever actually met Jason, though?
Jason Segel "The End of the Tour" Interview - (Artful Approach to Acting, David Foster Wallace, & Future…
Author David Hoffman on his new book and what he’s learned after years of covering Russia as a journalist
You might be if you can't tell me who Waylon Jennings, Johnny Cash or David Allen Coe is, but you love Jason Aldean.
Don't miss blog about black man pulled over for "making direct eye contact" with white police officer …
Our broker Jason Minnick has helped another client buy a home!! Congrats to David Parker!
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
Yeah, David Price and Jason Heyward are going to get paid. But here's a group that have re-established themselves:
Congrats to our CEO David Northington, who was honored yesterday as one of the most admired technology CEOs by the Atlanta Business...
A man named Jason Lewis circumnavigated the Earth without using motors or sails.!
American Ultra turns Jason Bourne into a weed-smoking pot guy
It's upsetting seeing David Jason as an old man
I added a video to a playlist The End of the Tour Featurette David Foster Wallace 2015 Jason Segel
Fun night moderation an SCL music tech panel with the awesome and David & Jason from
Jason Segel started a book club to prep for "The End of the Tour" (now playing at the State Theater):
David Wilkinson thought of you after it came across my feed this morning.
Tragic Talent: Jason Segel Is Simply Amazing as David Foster Wallace in 'The End of the Tour'
Charlie, A Twinkie, Chun Li boots, Jason David Frank and that Video of you drunk singing 😭
Did occur to me. It'd be like me fancying a young David Jason.
Photos from David Fletcher and Jason Stirling’s two week trip around Iceland. You can find more photos and t …
Wonderful photo of David Jason, Nicholas Lyndhurst & Lennard Pearce from 1984, the same year that Lennard sadly died htt…
No-really? David Jason & Kenneth Williams were also in the area then...glad Kid Jensen was nice!   10% Off
Looks so sweet. Forgive but somehow reminds me of David Jason-don't know why.
Rebel and David Jason during the filming of Only Fools and Horses - North Somerset Times
ohhh well you'd only need to tell him you'd seen David Jason walk by! See ya, Garry!
I don't see how the new Danger Mouse can work without David Jason and Terry Scott.
Think I'll stick with this, Terry Scott and David Jason
Cripes, crumbs, carrots, DM!!.. won't be the same without David Jason or the late Terry Scott but I'll give it a go!
I'm going to have to watch them again now. Worth it for David Jason & Terry Scott's performances.
It looks awesome. but it's not David Jason and (obviously) not Terry Scott, what with him being deceased 'n all. Dunno...
yeah, won't be same without David Jason and Terry Scott but give it a go nonetheless
Steve Gibbo. Bob Marley. David Jason. Billy Connelly. Steve Mac (just to hear his Geordie accent)
Lovely photo of David Jason and his daughter from 2001.
Chris evens is the future of it'd be like trying to replace David Jason as delboy
Some good reading over the last couple of weeks: 'Moment of Psycho' by David Thomson, David Jason's memoir & 'Missing You' by Harlan Coben
Tom Jones is 75 this week. Some of his peers are, Penelope Keith, Sir Trevor McDonald, Gloria Hunniford, David Jason & Tina Turner.
David Jason ('Del Boy' from Only Fools and Horses) is at Bowood 🙌🏼
for would have to include David Jason, Nicholas Lyndhurst, I mean that would be t'rrific !
Love that David Jason is struggling to keep a straight face. Classic.
What an actor David Jason is though 👌🏼
Watching the old ones are still the best. Laughing my *** off at the pools joke. David Jason is a national treasure.
I enjoyed Still Open All Hours last night. David Jason still delivers. And love how Ronnie Barker is still included in the story.
A Sharp Intake of Breath is out now! Starring TV legend David Jason here's a clip of this much-loved series...
Oh, I would take David Jason a million times over Martin Freeman.
2 David Jason's in the one scene lol
They really just got David Jason to read out the word "yew tree" in a poem?
23:27 With Great Pleasure: Sir Terry Wogan chooses his favourite words and music, with readings by actor David Jason.
David Graham voicing Parker in Thunderbirds reboot,why can't David Jason still do DM in Dangermouse reboot?Angry 80sbird!😠
Next time I have access to UK telly I'm going to see if David Jason says "perfick" on A Touch of Frost. Or was that John Thaw?
I didn't know that Danger Mouse was voiced my David Jason where have I been?
UKTV showing Open All Hours. I still love it. Ronnie Barker & David Jason were absolutely brilliant. Arkwright's stutter was fabulous.
The weather woman keeps saying "a touch of frost" and I just really want David Jason's face to appear
Get 6 Free VitaTops
A touch of frost always reminds me of David Jason *weather forecast
.said it was 'very special' working with David Jason on Open All Hours: h…
UK gold tonight at 9, David Jason picking his all time fave Only Fools episodes/moments
David Jason's Only Fools favourites is so good that man is a true legend along with John Sullivan
David Jason's favourite episode was Miami Twice. One of my favourites, too.
I swear when David Jason passes away I'll feel like I've lost a part of my own life. Him and Ronnie Barker are my two biggest idols
Just watched the Porridge movie 😂British comedy is nowhere near as good as it was back then. Ronnie Barker and David Jason are the goats
David Jason what a legend. Only member of my TV childhood that wasn't arrested under operation yewtree.
He is David Jason. David Caruso is this one, charming and talented:
19:30 The Jason Explanation of...: David Jason's probe of modern life sets out to comprehend cash.
I'm a bit annoyed there is no more Frost.. David Jason was quite good in that..
Watch out drivers, there's a touch of frost on the roads this morning. Yes, David Jason is notoriously bad behind the wheel.
Yeah, Jim Broadbent was offered it but turned it down to take a role on another show. David Jason was like 4th choice!
Ronnie Barker just nailed it didn't he! Same as David Jason in Only Fools, wouldn't of been as great with any other actor!
returns with a full series on Boxing Day, with David Jason, and
British actor, David Jason, (DI Jack Frost on "A Touch of Frost") was born in Edmonton, London, England, UK
- looked outside to see David Jason on my front lawn. My wife told me, "That's not David Jason, it's just a Touch of Frost".
The grumpy morose detective played by David Jason? Yeah, I'd be mad too - I'd want Nettles.
I'll either look like Albert Einstein or Jason David Frank if I grow my hair and I love old Albert but I don't wanna look like him
Go to my face book Jason David Frank official fan page to see whole video. JDF
Best part of my weekend was meeting Jason David Frank (From Power Rangers) I loved watching him as a…
wasn't as epic as I hoped, but it was good to see Jason David Frank and my girl Patricia Ja Lee again
exclusive clip: See the return of Tommy/and many other Rangers alum!
It's been a mad weekend at the film festival. Here I am interviewing Jason & David of How To Save us
Jason Garrett currently looks like someone painted Michelangelo's 'David' and animated it
That catch was as beautiful as David Beckhams face
Labor's Jason Clare on PM Abbott and "He's shown lying is as easy as A, B, C."
TOUCHDOWN COWBOYS!!. Tony Romo shovel pass to Jason Witten for the 4-yard score.
Everytime Jason Witten catches the ball he looks like Goliath after David domed him with that slingshot, just a massive man taking a tumble
exactly, but since Jason David Frank was the most popular he was leader for most of Season 2, All of 3 and 4 and part of 5
David Tyree's catch in the Super Bowl was bigger. It wasn't better. In 21 years covering the league, that was the best catc…
I just watched the season finale of Power Rangers because it brought back Jason David Frank. I should have shame.
WATCH: Jason Pierre-Paul pumps up the linemen during warmups
now imagining David Jason dressed as Jeff Goldblum. Lost it.
Hann Jason and David blessed me with McDonald's 😭
I would watch a made for TV movie based on this premise, but only starring David or maybe Jason Schwartzman
better or worse than if it was actual David Jason?
Ulan - Jayson Fernandez & David DiMuzio . Grab a copy of Jason Fernandez ( Sta Maria )'s "Panimula" now ONLY at...
Micky would be class, I'd love to see Sir David Jason 😂
Welcome to our New Hires at the Odessa and Midland stores!!
Jason David Frank taking a picture of the DragonZord and the White and Green power rangers.
Jason David Frank with his DragonZord and the White and Green Rangers
In the meet and greet for Jason David Frank!!
The 2014 Emperor's Award for Best Dimples goes to San Francisco's David Bradshaw. . (photo by Jason Villalobos)
We're celebrating David Jason's birthday with the jubbliest episodes of To see your favourite, vote here:
Tommy You Lives In My Heart 4 Ever , JASON DAVID FRANK - Official Fan Page ,you are the best Ranger 4 ever...
I'd like to rave about JASON KIM, and DAVID JOHNSTON, two extraordinary writers I had the pleasure of sharing a...
the highlights of this con so far has been: seeing Jason david frank, Bruce Campbell and going to the after party.
I've watch the final episode of Power Rangers Super Megaforce and it freakin' epic. JASON DAVID FRANK - Official...
Jason Lloyd: David Blatt entering rough waters during first tour of NBA
Jason Griffith as Sonic, David Humphrey as Shadow, Scott Drier as Knuckles, Amy Palant as Tails, Mike *** as Eggman.
Don't forget, Tommy's back on on Saturday and we have the clip to prove it!
An interview with the star of Weed Wars about medicating his epileptic son with CBD rich Cannabis
Jason Lee and Allen Lee of Short Hills, NJ and David Lu of Henrico, Va., Win ... - Business...
17:30 Words and Music: Texts and music celebrating London, with readings by Eileen Atkins and David Jason.
Cincinnati RB Ralph David Abernathy IV will transfer to UT and play for Vols next season as a fifth-year senior, his father…
Press X To Jason. David Cage receives a lot of criticism for his games but they are different to say the least
BREAKING: Cincinnati running back Ralph David Abernathy IV transferring to Tennessee in January: (FREE READ)
Tune in to tomorrow at 1:30p EST to see Jason perform live ahead of the Race!
This person will have no power and Ed WILL save the NHS irrelevant!
Labour are worried about TTIP Andy Burnham been to Brussels about it.
Well when you have proof of that we'll listen.
I don't think Labour will exempt the NHS from TTIP. They plan to make NHS a preferred supplier,
.refuses to exempt the NHS from because he is in bed with corporate lobbyists.
wait three?! Jason Statham played Frank in the first 3 Transporters. Now some new guy is playing Frank in Transporter 4.
My role model Jason David Frank... As Zordon says: may the power be with you
If it's David Jason I'm going to cry.
Dear Who do you reckon the nonce announcement is about mate? My money's on David Jason...
Jason. All you Koch *** voted "Yes" to approve KXL that's part of what David & Charles Koch pay you to do.
the whole point is for him to retire as a laker! And like who? Melo? David Lee? Those players are overrated
North Korea Puerto Rico White House Hurricane Maria Stephen Curry Donald Trump Prince Harry John Mccain South Korea Mexico City President Trump Kim Jong Un Kim Jong Theresa May Kylie Jenner West Ham New Zealand Melania Trump Premier League Invictus Games Star Trek National Football League Wheaton College Rocket Man Luther Strange Lady Gaga President Donald Trump James Comey Middle East Harry Kane Crystal Palace Hughie Fury Golden State Warriors North Korean Howard University Puerto Rican Meghan Markle Affordable Care Act Star Wars European Union Apple Watch Jimmy Kimmel Wall Street Martin Scorsese American Assassin Yankee Stadium Aaron Hernandez Gwyneth Paltrow Tom Williams Quantum Leap Ivanka Trump Kevin Durant Real Estate Rand Paul Tom Brady Manchester City 5 Manchester City Harry Potter Mitch Trubisky Mike Glennon Amazon Prime Latin America Donatella Versace Big Ben Cape Town Imagination Technologies Old Firm Bill Gates Claudia Schiffer Canary Islands Doug Collins First Amendment Football League Romelu Lukaku Colin Kaepernick Best Buy David Jason Saudi Arabia Chicago Fire Kris Jenner Man City Barack Obama Anthony Rizzo Roy Moore Leicester City Mutual Fund Justin Bieber Orange County Daily News Travis Scott Medical Center New Jersey United Nations General Assembly Colorado Springs Charlie Campbell British Prime Minister Arianna Huffington Malala Yousafzai Emma Watson

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