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David Hockney

David Hockney, OM, CH, RA, (born 9 July 1937) is an English painter, draughtsman, printmaker, stage designer and photographer, who is based in Bridlington, Yorkshire and Kensington, London.

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Imelda May on her obsession with music, poetry and David Hockney now on https:/…
We are proud to support David Hockney's major retrospective at Centre Pompidou Paris. Opening…
II from the Voluntary Prisoners of Arc. David Hockney, René Bertholo, Horst Antes, Bernard. Woodcut, printed 1990
David Hockney portrait of Christopher Isherwood and Don Bachardy sitting in front of their portrait ..
How Alexa Chung filtered the style of Francoise Hardy, Maggie Cheung, David Hockney & other icons into her new…
Captain Beefheart in NYC with David Hockney and Henry Geldzahler in 1979, plotting his entrance to the art world (photos by Ra…
Plate (folio 11) from an untitled. David Hockney, Philip Guston. Letterpress, and staples on paper
Many famous celebrities were born in Bradford such as: Zayn Malik, Kimberley Walsh, David Hockney, Natalia Kills and mo…
David Hockney exhibition at Tate Modern. Get your paint swatches out!
Jack Nicholson & David Hockney. I'm just out of shot
THE GLORIOUS AND THE DIVINE: David Hockney at Tate Britain: a visual diary of the artist's colourful life
Tickets for the - A Bigger Picture: New Approaches to David Hockney conference with are now available:
Highlights of David Hockney's exhibit Presented by Chris Stephens. Open now until 29 May:
David Hockney: out of hours access for disabled visitors - Private View at Tate Britain | Tate
Images from David Hockney, who has been photographed by gallery artist, Michael Childers, are on display at
COMING SOON: Join as they take over Britain for one night in celebration of 3 Mar! https:…
explores the world of David Hockney
Worth going to David Hockney at the to see the room of drawings alone. Incredible stuff.
really really worth seeing, if you are a fan or not. Well worth £17 and on until May
Get you someone who loves you like David Hockney loves his dachshunds Stanley & Boodgie
The tulips on the shirt in 'Henry with Tulips' remind me of you 🌷David Hockney '18…
Gold Class are busy in their artist studio drawing landscapes in the style of David Hockney.
David Hockney: still making a splash
You can take in the many, many modes of at finds
TheTLS - The construction of the act of looking
The construction of the act of looking
Tate Britain looking all moody; David Hockney here to cheer things up!
There is only one week to go until No.6 at Britain on 3rd March. There are only a handful of tickets left…
A brilliant review and brief history behind the exhibition at Britain
Looking forward to David Hockney Great photo by featured in Rock'n'Roll & Fast Cars
Art critic Martin Gayford sits for the cranky Yorkshireman & Camel smoker in LA.
Look back at the weeks news including, Van Gogh, David Hockney, Klimt, David Bailey & more http…
is at the forefront of these David Hockney catalogues designed by A Practice for Everyday Life.…
Designs the latest artist series label
Drawing makes you see things clearer, and clearer and clearer still, until your eyes ache. David Hockney…
Fab time with David Hockney today. Never spotted this connection before...
We love David Hockney, May 1969 photographed by Godfrey Argent from our collection:
David Hockney inspiring our pieces of art this morning!
Saving up for a David Hockney piece I can hang on my wall 😢
Our list of art shows to see this February includes David Hockney at the .
What does 60 years of work look like? We caught up with ahead of his walk through our major retrospective:
A relentless commitment to experimentation: reviews at
GD went to Pace Seoul yesterday and TOP's David Hockney paintings are there... did you take some pics of said paintings,…
A small, exquisite hardcover book of details of 18 portraits made by David Hockney in LA.
7 year old has come home with a school book introducing her to Anish Kapoor, Anthony Gormley, David Hockney, Damien Hurst etc
David Hockney and the painting deservedly getting a wall to itself at the Tate 'Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy 1970'❤️
has created a David Hockney activity book and it looks 👌 PLUS it is full of sausage dogs…
Rose Blake on her “dream project”: creating a David Hockney activity book
lovely start to the week - injecting colour into a dull day - the David Hockney retrospective at Tate Britain
💙 . David Hockney has arrived at Tate Britain. Open from Thursday, the major retrospective brings…
Tate Britain is hosting the biggest ever retrospective of the work of David Hockney
David Hockney review – 60 years of sex, sun and seismic shocks
David Hockney at Tate Britain: Biggest-ever retrospective of artist's work -
David Hockney on Tate Britain retrospective - David Hockney reflects on his career as the Tate Modern puts on t...
I’m not sure there actually is any such thing as failure. You just do your work, learn from it, and move on. ~ David Hockn…
Hockney, volcanoes and Renaissance robots – the week in art
K12ArtChat Through the eyes of a child realizing she's living in the moment
David Hockney on laughing, grafting (and smoking) as he invites Event into his home ahead of a major new show. https:/…
A cool quote about your topic: In my old age, I'll be in L.A. David Hockney
Fans and friends of David Hockney share their tales of the famous artist:
Overdosing on ?? This had me smiling... but I'm STILL going to the opening this week at !
David Hockney has designed a logo for The Sun newspaper:.
These artists conquered the 21st century, in my opinion: Jeff Koons, Damien Hirst, and David Hockney.
'Looking at the world is good for you. The world is very beautiful when you look at it.' - David Hockney.
So David Hockney at the was pretty glorious and everyone should go immediately
redesigned logo for The Sun by David Hockney. What do you think?
Well it worked: "David Hockney is now halfway through Peter Frankopan’s The Silk Roads..."
David Hockney show is fastest-selling exhibition in Tate's history
Could you live with so much colour? David Hockney styled today on the blog . https:/…
Don't miss 'A brush with greatness' piece in today's
David Hockney is a disgrace ., his Sun logo has proved as such
The day David Hockney took me out for a drive in the Hollywood Hills
wrong +wrong= 2 wrongs. how do you call Jasper Johns, or Warhol, or David Hockney? Christians artists? certainly no.
Looks great- will include John Singer Sargent, Dora Carrington, Duncan Grant and David Hockney. Tate Britain > Tate…
Spend some time considering the natural beauty of trees this weekend in David Hockney: Current:…
Los Angeles, lovers and light: David Hockney at 80
Little Giant Ladders
USA, USSR, David Hockney and plywood: Martin Gayford on the visual treats of 2017
Andy Warhol, David Hockney, Henry Geldzahler, and Jeff Goodman from "Out of the 60s" by Dennis Hopper, 1963
David Hockney honoured with gallery in home city of Bradford
I look forward to day a woman artist can be very elderly and still 'current' like David Hockney!
David Hockney to design stained-glass window for the Queen in Westminster Abbey
Something cool to put into the calendar over the Xmas break!
David Hockney. 60 years of art. Opens 9 February 2017. Book now:
Open up your 2017 diaries. Bookings are being taken now for David Hockney - Exhibition at Tate Britain
We live in an age where the artist is forgotten. He is a researcher. I...
'Often stepping back you see more, don't you?'. David Hockney . Portrait of an Artist (Pool with Two Figures) . Ac…
David Hockney will design a window in Westminster Abbey to celebrate the Queen's reign.
What makes a mark interesting? David Hockney & discuss A History of Pictures on the
'Anything simple always interests me'. David Hockney. A Bigger Splash, acrylic on canvas, 1967
' my main aim was to paint the relationship of these two people ' . David Hockney . Mr and Mrs Clark and Percy, acryli…
Taschen presents its sumo sized David Hockney monograph - over 2ft tall! via
Hamilton Collection
David Hockney to design stained glass window for Westminster Abbey
David Hockney continues to inspire with a commission to create a stained glass window at Westminster Love his energy htt…
Listening is a positive act: you have to put yourself out to do it. David Hockney. 🎀❤️💃. .
The David Hockney exhibition posters are giving me life right now. .
This wander through the vibrant world of David Hockney: Current at International: h…
Collectors dive into David Hockney's 'Pool with Two Figures' and push final sale price to $2.1m
David Hockney window at Westminster Abbey to honour Queen
David Hockney to design Westminster Abbey window in honour of the Queen, after saying
David Hockney commissioned to design new stained glass window for Westminster Abbey
David Hockney to design Queen's Westminster Abbey window -
David Hockney to design Queen's Westminster Abbey window Artist David Hockney is to design a
GENUINE David Hockney! Nick Yates had a rummage and found this - checked out by Steven Lord
The Last Word in Art? has work on display from David Hockney, Tracey Emin, Richard Hamilton and many more…
By FRED BIERMAN October 19, 2016 It is not often that David Hockney and Dwayne Schintzius come up in the same...
Digital or conservative mediocrities? David Hockney can't redeem the avant garde
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
standing with one of his works at his 1980 exhibition at the Gallery in London
don't tell him about David Hockney's whole art exhibit of the paintings he made on his iPad
"Stop waiting around for the creative muse to strike, start work immediately." David Hockney.…
My only worry is the painting I'm doing. Nothing else.
Holy smokes there's a new David Hockney book, too? Good job,
Until October 2nd 79 portraits and 2 still lifes
New review! David Hockney at the Love this modern artist!
Win a free copy of 82 Portraits and 1 Still-Life
Tonight on painter David Hockney on his world-renowned art career and recent book "A History of Pictures." - https:/…
Cave to Computer. On at 12/11c, artist talks our History of Pictures in book of visuals.
Up early to enjoy David Hockney pool - same as the pic of and her oscar win
Glad to have caught the David Hockney exhibition!
COMING SOON: David Hockney exhibition at the htt…
What we project onto some portraits by David Hockney: a fascinating diversity, brutally uncomfortable.
'Drawing is rather like playing chess: your mind races ahead of the moves that you eventually make' - David Hockney
Ethan has to wear 1960s swimwear for school. It's to do with the artist David Hockney. So I googled '60s swimwear' 😂
'The history of pictures begins in the caves and ends with the iPad': ... -
I was aware that the teaching of drawing was being stopped almost 30 years ago. And I alway
Tacita Dean review – cloudy confessions and Hockney on camera
Don't miss this David Hockney Exhibition at the RA:
lovely David Hockney iconic loving the interview thank you and I love each of the especially
Dailydrawing 360/365. Shades of David Hockney this Monday morning at the St.Kilda Sea Baths.…
- David Hockney, Rain on the Studio Window, 2009. —. Rain on the Studio Window,…
Untitled from the visual. Jasper Johns, David Hockney, René Berthot. Soft ground aquatints with print
mum is visiting so portobello road market today and David Hockney exhibition tonight! Tourist for a weekend. You?
"I think the world is mad and only if I work can I make some sense of it." . Happy Birthday, David Hockney!
David Hockney portraits to go on show at Royal Academy. He doesn't do much background these days.
Is David Hockney right to say painting is an old man's art?
: David Hockney: "Photography has been making the world a bit too dull"
I’m sorry, but I’ve always found David Hockney massively overrated. Sort of like the art connoisseur’s Leroy Nieman.
Meet Black Singles 300x250
David Hockney among friends: a triumphant return to portraiture
Exhibition of iPad drawings by David Hockney opens at Annely Juda Fine Art
1 position, 3 days and a '20-hour exposure': Sitting for David Hockney
How David Hockney's forthcoming RA exhibition began as a response to tragedy (free to read). https:/…
People think just because I'm Canadian that I love David Hockney.
Patrick Hughes is exhibiting alongside Michael Craig-Martin, David Hockney & Julian Opie in 'Made in Britain'
BBC News - In pictures: David Hockney at the Royal Academy
David Hockney shines the spotlight on the curator of his Royal Academy show
A new documentary on David Hockney tries to replicate the ease of his artwork: Randall Wright directed this fawning…
UCSB Arts and Lectures series. Film on David Hockney. Yes he's making art at almost 80. (@ Campbell Hall)
I love how Hockney continuously evolves as an artist.
Rake's Progress set David Hockney out of a warehouse spared the trash.
We look back at swinging 60s styling:
Hockney, an artist who loves Garrowby Hill colour on a wet morning, sun trying to shine.⛅️🌦🌞
From Lummis to Hockney, getting to LA has always been part of what being in LA means.
Order Miche Bag Online!
"Water colours are wet colours in water"- David Hockney
Well you can't teach the poetry, but you can teach the craft.
nothing like a ballpoint pen for the line that never varies (Ie: same idea as David Hockney had with his rapidograph )
Read about David Hockney's life in his Los Angeles studio. .
"Red Pots in the Garden", 2000 . Oil on canvas by English David Hockney
An extract from Hockney’s A Bigger Message where we learn more about his LA studio >
David Hockney reveals what life is like in his Los Angeles studio
Signature Building handover day. :( Been a great year though seeing David Hockney Building everywhere I've been.
Somebody call David Hockney and tell him he's gotta share the name of the app(s) he's using to do these drawings with cause we want to know!
I love the dominant colors in this portrait (Barry Humphries or Dame Edna by David Hockney). I like
Two paintings (52-part). The Arrival of Spring in Woldgate, East Yorkshire, 2011. Read more: https:/…
Ramiro Gomez inserts domestic workers into images of luxury living such as David Hockney's iconic paintings
Day 7: 3 hours on French motorway in the rain. Diversions: correspondence between David Hockney, The Pope, Pinky (not Perky),Prince Charles.
"A belief is like a guillotine, just as heavy, just as light." - David Hockney
Husband's just told me that not only does he teach the great great great grandson of Shakespeare but also the great niece of David Hockney.
Diamonesk Personalized Engagement Ring And Wedding
Our UVI Art Historians have been at Britain today! Really enjoyed this David Hockney
David Hockney show will be one of Britain's biggest ever
Just had a mooch around Salts Mill Gallery. Latest offerings from David Hockney are ace. Could drop a fortune in that Bookshop, too
This will undoubtedly be a great show:
David will return to Tate Britain for a major retrospective February 2017
"I own over 60 books on or by David Hockney. He’s been a huge influence" - > https…
David Hockney. Lived and worked in Powis Terrace. Want more? Sunday at noon
'New ways of seeing mean new ways of feeling... I do believe that painting can change the world' - David Hockney - and so…
hello David im artist looking to collabrate with any project currently doing
Fabric (no. 13304). David Hockney, unpublished 1818. Gelatin silver print from an illustrated book with 21 lithograph, printed in black
David Hockney's iPad art David Hockney explains why the ... -
This is worse than a David Hockney painting
Child with yellow line. David Hockney, Philippe Potteau. Etching, and etching, printed 1985
The crow steals a drink. from the David Hockney swimming pool. And flies, before the vapid rent boy. emerges for his morning swim
Pablo Picasso, Frida Kahlo, David Hockney, and Andy Warhol all had dachshunds so I think maybe I should have a career in art.
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Heading out to David Hockney country, North Newbald looking great with the sun shining
Opposition grows to Bradford photography collection move | from Don McCullin, David Hockney, Martin Parr and others http…
David Hockney and Mike Leigh back protest about Bradford's National Media Museum losing 400,000 photos to London
David Hockney, Don McCullin and Mike Leigh back Bradford photography protest
extensive retrospective..David Hockney show next yr of Tate's biggest ever cool is that :) :)
According to Wikipedia: "David Hockney, OM CH RA is an English painter, draughtsman, printmaker, stage designer and photographer."
"like someone took a knife to a David Hockney painting"
David Hockney portrays California society so well. This painting is a good example of freedom.
Inspiration of the day: “A Bigger Splash” by David Hockney. Bright, calm, cool, but precise.
Many of David Hockney's works draw upon LA's cultural iconography, like this swimming pool:
Tempted to drop everything and draw an 80 page graphic novel about David Hockney's Dachshunds.
Anything simple always interests me ~ David Hockney
Beocenter of the largest Sounds East. Genevieve Naylor, David Hockney. Photogravure, two woodcuts
What I didn't know was I was deeply attracted to the big space.
If you are not playful you are not alive. -David Hockney. Have a playful weekend
Buy Miche Bag Online!
New Special Special feature on our blog! This month we look at David Hockney! k >>>
i love modern architecture and David Hockney, gigantic earrings and the complete and utter cliche of driving west on mulholland at sunset
Anything simple always interests me ~David Hockney
"The moment you cheat for the sake of beauty, you know you are an artist". David Hockney by Cecil Beaton, 1965
Acrylic on canvas. 18x24 "blue" . A painting of my backyard, mad David Hockney aesthetic going on here
Woke up from a nap dream where I swam in tons of David Hockney-esque pools and I invented some middle eastern inspired menu items for KFC.
An even Bigger Splash: why David Hockney's pop-art poem lives on
I generally only paint people I know, I'm not a flatterer really.
For all those fellow broken hearts out there, I hope this David Hockney drawing of Spring's…
"I know more about love than I do about history". David Hockney
I made a photograph of a garden in Kyoto, the Zen garden, which is a rectan...
How did Hockney transition from student to professional? See his early works
Open today David Hockney:From the Beginning. Feat works from https…
I went to art school actually when I was sixteen years old.
David Hockney (b. 1937) The Massacre and the Problems of Depiction, 2003. Watercolor on 7 sheets of paper
"Learning the history is great. I didn't know about David Hockney before today. But being followed by security is embar…
Illistrations by David Hockney for Grimm fairy tale The Little Sea Hare (1969)
This movie "A Bigger Splash" doesn't appear to be about David Hockney
I am donating a drawing for the Big draw its our World auction 10 March at Christies. David Hockney, Antony Gormley http…
David Hockney's stark illustration of Rapunzel's mother places her too in a tower, prefiguring her daughter's fate.
ok I think I'm done reading articles about egon schiele, my head hurts. I think I should start watching/reading David Hockney/franz Kline
Pace Gallery on Instagram: “Two series of work by David Hockney are on view at the Fondation...
One day David Hockney's Arrival Of Spring will be as important as Monet's Water Lilies.Mark my words!
Lucian Freud in his studio with David Hockney by David Dawson, c. 2002.
Finding stuff on the internet tonight: David Hockney, William Wegman,
You don’t drown by falling in the water; you drown by staying there. —Edwin Louis Cole. painting: David Hockney
Early beginnings: David Hockney's early drawings on show in New York
"Movies and film bring their time to us; we bring our time to painting" (Inexact quote of David Hockney)
Here's a list of *** interest films at this year's International Film Festival
LIVE on guided tour of our David Hockney exhibition .
Bechstein's class were learning about David Hockney.Practising colour mixing matching the bright colours he used
Lovely drawing by Hockney of David Kasmin - the dealer who discovered the artist in the 1960s
Look at our amazing artwork inspired by David Hockney! Aren't we talented?!
Willy the Whale is captivated by the David Hockney pieces in the Shutters art collection.
D'oh! Turned up a day to early to see vintage David Hockney drawings in Mayfair. Then it started raining :) Starts Friday.
Long shot, but I don't suppose anybody else on here went to the David Hockney exhibit in Liverpool Walker 2 years ago? 'Early Reflections'
Find out more about the Chamber at Meet the Chamber networking on 29.10 @ David Hockney Building in Bradford, email events
David Hockney 'A Bigger Splash'. Tate doesn't feel like Tate when it's not there
I love the drawings of David Hockney. THere is a realism about his work that I find so personal, so intimate. I...
Offer Waterman on David Hockney's stunning drawings in today's ahead of exhibition at
Great review of our Hockney show in today
Previously unseen David Hockney on show in London.
Photo: the60sbazaar: Artist David Hockney photographed by David Bailey 
'Winter Timber' by David Hockney. Did you see Hockney's show in the Royal Academy in 2012?
Couple of new photos of designed David Hockney Building. Constructed by http…
Previously unseen David Hockney drawings displayed in London.
Thank you David Hockney, live audience & online viewers for joining us tonight!
In the current issue of Art Ltd. - my review of David Hockney & my profile of LA artist Sara Bright:
Previously unseen 1960s and 70s David Hockney drawings go on public display for the first time in London.
Previously unseen David Hockney drawings displayed in London gallery
Check out Franz Kline, Wolf Kahn, Wayne Thiebaud, George Tooker and my fave, David Hockney too. :-)
Happy National Dog Day! Here's one of my favourite artist / hound combo's... David Hockney and his Dachs; Stanley...
David Hockney's "Road to Palm Springs" featured in Jonathan Novak Contemporary Art's "Important Works on Paper."
Exhibiting works by David Hockney, Jean Dubuffet, Jim Dine, Wayne Thiebaud, and many more.
The British Weekly – David Hockney changes perspective with move indoors for Venice Show
It is very good advice to believe only what an artist does, rather than what he says about his work. David Hockney
Photo: artofoverwhelm: David Hockney painting his pool.
check out the current David Hockney exhibit at LA Louver Gallery in Venice. Friends there love it!
if DavidHockney had been to he'd think better of LA fish&chips
David Hockney's interview is now online! Watch the complete segment here
More David Hockney at the current LA Louver gallery exhibit. Check weekend plane fares to LA?
Friend in WeHo invites me to see the current David Hockney exhibit at LA Louver gallery. Tempting.
'I'm just not that interested in what's happening outside' -
One of our all time favourite paintings of forests, from David Hockney.
Foto: artofoverwhelm: David Hockney painting his pool.
I voted for David Hockney, thought that had more of a chance although Banksy would be great
'David Hockney’s Mr & Mrs Clark & Percy was painted in 1971 in my living room': brilliant read! Cc
Solo exhibition of new work by British artist David Hockney opens at L.A. Louver
having seen their works up close, I decided both Van Gogh & David Hockney did/do better posters than paintings.
David Hockney new works at LA Louver in Venice by ukbloke
"Art has to move you and design does not. Unless it's a good design for a bus." David Hockney
David Hockney (British b.1937) painting the East Yorkshire countryside, at work on "Woldgate Woods" . http…
David Hockney does LA again, but differently: 'I stay in, I smoke, I feel OK'
David Hockney b.1937 "Pearblossom Highway" Artists description of the artwork at
David Hockney b.1937 "Arrival of Spring in Woldgate, 2011" More information at
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
David Hockney opening at Louver brings out Roger Corman, more
Art & Poetry - our take on how they influence each other with examples from Tom Hammick, Terry Frost & David Hockney:
Peter Blake,Damien Hirst,David Hockney,Antony Gormley,Banksy and obs (She would make my list) but not Emin.
Turns out David Hockney really, really dislikes Gerhard Richter's work:
David Hockney must hate the A406. There are squeegee artists at every junction. :
This week in art: Gushing forever re: Maggie Nelson. The Who's definitive history. David Hockney at the opera!
sadly it can't be a living person or it should be Bob, David Hockney, Grayson many.
David Hockney: too many *** men just want to lead ordinary, boring lives …
David Hockney // "Anything simple always interests me."
Love the use of David Hockney to represent they're actually not so dissimilar. 🎨
I'm reminded of the games, all on a shelf on the stand.
This is my final piece for A2 photography. Inspired by David Hockney & Diane Arbus. Roughly about…
Gorgeous new exhibition of David Hockney iPad drawings celebrating spring, at
bet it'll turn out to be David Hockney.
We have finished our David Hockney inspired, 'The Arrival of Spring.' Do you like our Big Picture?
My mum's favourite painting, even if she does keep thinking it's a David Hockney!
David Hockney's latest exhibition puts the viewer in the painting to create a 3D effect without the glasses.
"Digital photography can free us from a chemically imposed perspective that has lasted for 180 years" David Hockney
If we are to change our world view, images have to change. The artist... is not a peripheral figure entertaining rich people -David Hockney
We are adding the finishing touches to our Big Picture in the style of David Hockney.
I always thought David Hockney was overrated, but after seeing this in the flesh, I've changed my mind
Lovely David Hockney etchings on show at the well worth a look!
Lovely David Hockney print at the Original Print Fair at the Royal Academy. Exhibition open until Sunday 26 April.
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