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David Henrie

David Clayton Henrie (born July 11, 1989) is an American actor, television writer, and producer. He is noted for playing Ted Mosby's future son on How I Met Your Mother, Justin Russo in Wizards of Waverly Place and Larry on That's So Raven.

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the Wizards of Waverly Place cast attended David Henrie's wedding.. my heart 😭❤️
The Wizards cast got together for David Henrie's wedding 😭😭 Can you feel it? Can you feel the feels?
Why does he look like an older David Henrie that's trying to prove he's still young and hip enough to be on Disney…
How u gonna tell me green team wasn't the best they had joe Jonas AND David henrie!!!
David Henrie shares the most adorable 'Wizards of Wavery Place' throwback with Selena.
ICYMI, one of your fave stars is getting married! >>
Young Ryan Gossling and David Henrie look so much alike 😵😂
Selena Gomez & David Henrie via Instagram story discussing what the 'Wizards of Waverly Place' reunion would be like
Selena Gomez & David Henrie discussing a possible 'Wizards of Waverly Place Reunion' this makes me so happy 😭😭
Selena and David Henrie talking about reunion and we're like YES, PLEASE! 😍
You know what would be epic? If Selena Gomez, Jake T Austin and David Henrie dressed up as Alex, Justin and Max for…
trade David Henrie for 1 holland only
if you have holland; I have 1 solo dm with David Henrie
5h girls and band, Charlie, David Henrie, alli simpson, Frankie James, aaron
i love you so much David! Follow me please you're beautifull. David Henrie! Sweeet
I don't really eat a lot of fast food, ever, but if I had to eat at one fas...
Hey guys. Just launched a free app on iTunes. "David Henrie Live." You'll be able to see exclusive content from me.
pls date David Henrie. Bet he'll treat you like the queen you are. And he's cute! & Catholic!
do U need Jennifer and David henrie dm?
When you realize David Henrie and Lyndsy Fonseca had to keep the ending of How I Met Your Mother a secret for 9 years.
// I got reallly bored today and decided to make this plus i really like David Henrie
Anyone interested in seeing/meeting David Henrie in San Antonio May 18th msg Susana Mares Trevino for discounted...
Be sure to check out David Henrie's acting workshop in May! Sign up today!
The dude who plays Alec in shadowhunters looks like a better version of david henrie
The days when I used to have a crush on Justin ( David Henrie )
David Henrie is a sexy mofo, can I get an amen? 😍
Found another sexy pic of David Henrie!!!
Another hot pic of the very sexy David Henrie
“David Henrie from Wizards of Waverly Place and I told you he was gonna turn sexy af…
David Henrie from Wizards of Waverly Place is so sexy now omfggg 😍😍
David Henrie's conversion story is one that should be more publicized bc it could change lives 💖 so inspiring
y'all need to find a man like David Henrie
ya girl just met and sang for david henrie aka THE Justin Russo. + made it onto his sc even tho I don't have one. I feel accomplished.
David Henrie is seriously such an inspiration 💗
David Henrie is one of the nicest people I've met 😿
I played guitar 2 feet away from david henrie life goals accomplished
I actually kind of see David henrie
.& celebrated spring fashion with Malibu mag
📷 famousmeat: David Henrie serves bulge on the Disney Channel
Selena Gomez and David Henrie... watch now free
Im okay with looking like david henrie but who are these other rats
David Henrie is starting to do talks and go to all these Catholic events omg this is great
Ian for Lana, Dylan S, Lucy , and Cara? Can give David henrie too
how many do u want for Kylie, David henrie and Enrique separately ???
Hey Violet . Miranda Miller . David Henrie . Fleur East . Matty Selley James Yammouni ( that are all i got ) -L
David Henrie took the biggest L in paul blart mall cop 2
I wanna join the David Henrie fandom
need Troye Melanie and David Henrie for 200 ffs?
hi, where do you get these videos of David Henrie? I love them!
I always had a thing for David Henrie TBH
I don't have David Henrie,Magic, Dove,or Tyler Posey anymore xx
could I get david henrie and sam smith for 200 ffs? I can do multiple accounts if needed
I agree ;) and David Henrie was mine too for a bit
Nicki jlo Panic! at the disco David Henrie or Casper lee for Harry?
Casper lee David Henrie jlo or Nicki for Harry?
*** Salena Gomez is dating David Henrie?? You can't date your brother!!
ew i only have 1 Sam Smith,David Henrie and Bella Thorne :/
I hope puberty hits me like it David Henrie (aka Justin Russo)
You both make great Pirates, Gregg Sulkin and David Henrie! So glad to have had you here to celebrate such a big...
I've also got Simon Cowel, David Henrie, Iggy, Troye Sivan & Caspar Lee (I don't have Harry now) x
Sometimes Porter Robinson looks fine as *** and sometimes he looks like David Henrie and other times he looks like a weeaboo
Hugo looks 12 and Porter looks like David Henrie
i trade 5 dms with David Henrie and 2 with Miranda Cosgrove for 50 ff
Do we call them or Either way Raini Rodriguez & David Henrie are being cute
I love David Henrie and Jake T Austin bc they've really shown what puberty can do to you.
I've heard that she is dating Nick Jonas, David Henrie, Joe Jonas, Her Cousin I mean, seriously, what is the truth?
A guy just walked into m&s and he is legit twins with David henrie
please see me David Henrie i love u
(It's funny bc David henrie kinda maybe sorta sounds like Henry David Thoreau shh it's funny don't question it)
David Henrie is so hot oh dear lord 😍😍
Me when I think about marrying someone that's not David Henrie
FOTOS: David Henrie no screening especial de "The Duff"
David Henrie from Wizards to play the 40th POTUS
So many fans met David Henrie today then there was me over in Narnia!
David Henrie is so amazing, I can't.
"finally met david henrie. He is the nicest
Little Giant Ladders
David Henrie and Scott Moir are the same person
"Me pushing David henrie into the net was just me getting my anger out from when my forehead got sliced 7 years ago in col…
Emily Watson, Michael Repaport, David Henrie and Jakob Salvati A story that will touch hearts FEB/27/2015 ht…
David henrie and Selena Gomez all the way!!! 👏👏
One more thing about TBS... Doesn't Tarver look kinda like David Henrie from Wizards of Waverly Place on the cover?
David Henrie is just so perfect i swear😍😍.
Why aren't there more David Henrie fakes?
or ask David Henrie he's a wizard as well !!!
I had a dream that David Henrie was my boyfriend 😭😭😭 it was the best
Had to have a David Henrie throw back
Can david henrie kiss Selena Gomez already. They're not the real brother-and-sister, right? Just date already.
I somehow get the feeling that he'd just third wheel them. Unlike David Henrie on that one fic.
Omg I love David Henrie, David Henrie is my life.
Sundays are the beat thing in the world and i agree with David Henrie
Selena Gomez and David Henrie had the "Wizards of Waverly Place" reunion of your dreams!
Is Selena Gomez bringing David Henrie as her date to the AMAs on Sunday? How about My hero>?
is selena dating David Henrie I'm confused?
has been spending A LOT of time with Find out why:
"Selena looks gorgeous while out with David Henrie in LA last night. November 15th, 2014.
Did Hang Out With to Make Jealous? That is the saddest thing I have ever read
Find out why LOVES hanging out with 😍
The heart wants what I wants, and that is NOT Justin Bieber:
Selena Gomez is now spending time with David Henrie instead of ...
Selena Gomez may have finally got over Justin Beiber as the beauty was spotted on a date night with David Henrie. She wore a sexy see-through blouse and the two ate at Il Cielo in Beverly Hills.
Selena Gomez and David Henrie step out of the romantic restaurant Il Cielo in Beverly Hills, California. David can be seen holding the door for Selena as she ...
Lucy Hale & David Henrie, plus more (sometimes former) celeb couples who met as guest stars
Okaylah actually look like david henrie + max thieriot huhuhu
Wow David Henrie is pretty cute wow
also realizing that David Henrie will always be my Disney crush
Just saw David Henrie from Wizards of Waverly Place at the same in-n-out I saw Chad Michael Murary at. I've found my favorite in-n-out.
Literally having the biggest crush on David Henrie 😍! Can't stop watching Wizards of Waverley place because of him 💖👅
nobodies gonna talk about the David henrie look alike oh okay
Did you know that Wizards of Waverly Place star David Henrie was arrested?!
Hi DavidHenrie do you play on Wizards of Waverly Place and are you the real David henrie
where u at David Henrie and Selena Gomez?¿
David Henrie was WRONGFULLY arrested in 2010. You J-14 people need to do better fact checking.
David Henrie is still flipping beautiful
isn't David Henrie that guy from Wizards of Waverly Place? Justin Russo?
smh y'all David Henrie is so much hotter than Jake T Austin like tf? y'all blind lmao
You know sometimes I would wake up and see a ". David Henrie followed you" would be happy 1
David Henrie is really handsome, would you marry him? . I'd marry
David Henrie arrives at the If I Stay premiere in Hollywood RT
Omg David Henrie & Junie kid from spy kids were on House omg
Watchingg old episodes of Wizards of Waverly Place. Now I remember why I watched it so much. David Henrie.
David Ospina: "I cannot wait to start training, to meet all my new team-mates and give my best. It’s a big step in my care…
I ship Selena and David Henrie like so hard.
David Henrie is staying at a beach house right across the street from me 👅👅
Really I am wondering if Selena Gomez and David Henrie went out in real life?
Thank you for putting David Henrie on this earth!! 😍😍😍
Just met David Henrie from Disney channel at mass 😂🎩💫
How often do I fangirl over David Henrie?
Going to church now where David Henrie goes HA
Entonces let me tell you about David Henrie. ?
Omfg"omg i dreamed david henrie and selena made a dance video omg"
Arsenal have announced the signing of Colombian int'l goalkeeper David Ospina from Nice. about 4.5m fee
Arsenal to sign David Ospina from Nice: Colombian international has agreed terms with the club and ...
*** David Henrie went to the Angels game today
When you're touching distance from David Henrie 😍
oh I saw that David henrie dude drive by in a ugly beam
There's this guy at the pool who looks like a young David Henrie and I'm feeling so much
Hamilton Collection
Jake T.Austin and David Henrie are my favorite actores, lol.
Selena Gomez Is Now Dating David Henrie LOL le baboon funny Why do you care if they are still dating?
my latest discovery; Adison is replica of David Henrie from Wizards of Waverly Place.
Britney Spears followed David Henrie replied Stella Hudgens replied and said she loves me Madison Pettis (cont)
David Henrie is on my sister's flight life is unfair
Lucy Hale, Jesse Metcalfe & More Support David Henrie at ‘Catch’ Screening! Lucy Hale supports her good pal and ex David Henrie at the screening of his new short film Catch held at Sunset Screening Room on Thursday night (June 5) in West…
Justin Bieber, Miley Cyrus, Victoria Justice, Selena Gomez, Shailene Woodley, Jennifer Lawrence, Taylor Swift, Liam Payne, Orlando Bloom, David Henrie, and Laura Ortman are all amazing people and if you make any rude comments about them watch out!! Don't judge people if you don't know them!! :)
David Henrie, who you probably remember as Justin in Wizards of Waverly Place, didn't take the same path as some of the Disney stars he grew up...
Emily Osment disguised two peculiar ways, a sweet "Puppy" and heroin "Supergirl" . She spent holidays with her friends, one of them David Henrie. Emily Osmen...
she and ashley don't get along because of selena/david henrie plus Lucy is doing her music thing.
Why hasn't the world realized that David Henrie is basically a younger Brendon Urie
Again, after long day...the small things that making me smile. Thanks Chris, Core PR, David Henrie and…
Me and David Henrie just had a baby
Didn't realize how attractive David Henrie was until Wizard's of Waverly Place ended
David henrie and I would make sucha cute couple why hasn't he hit me up yet?
Foto: famousmeat: Shirtless David Henrie bulges at the beach
Selena Gomez and David Henrie were average looking in Wizards of Waverly Place then both of them got hot out of no where towards the end
Watching the wizards movie David henrie is so😏
I used to ship them so hard!. I also thought David henrie was hot! ;)
Anonymous asked: who are the people with david in the black and white pic you posted? :)
Actor David Henrie of the Disney Channel major in marine biology etc. Has a order for a brand new cruise ship to be made for a;
David henrie and Jake T Austin are so cute tbh😻😻😻
Never forget when I almost met David Henrie
My man crush Monday would have to be this gorgeous babe David Henrie!! :)
David Henrie is so hot in Wizards of Waverly Place movie
David henrie was hot in the Wizards of Waverly Place movie he can cast a spell on me anytime if you know what I mean ;)
but then it's just like David Henrie and everything makes sense
Why don't we ever talk about how attractive David Henrie is?
“Remember justin from Wizards of Waverly Place? david henrie!
“if I can't have harry or matty then can I have David Henrie bc yes 👌
I had a dream that I met David Henrie.
i've been told Aaron Taylor Johnson, Logan Lerman, David Henrie, even Joseph Gordon Levitt, but Judd Nelson is a new one
“David Henrie from Wizards of Waverly Place fact that we met him
// Gosh david henrie is the way I define perfection
What if David Henrie proposed to you, what would you do? — whose that. ._.
I just saw a vine of David Henrie talking and now I'm sobbing
“David Henrie from Wizards of Waverly Place let's go to vegas bby
You asked for it and here it is! Nick Jonas joins his brothers, Selena Gomez, David Henrie and an all star cast at Disney Channel Games wrap party. For more ...
Are former 'Wizards of Waverly Place' co-stars Selena Gomez and David Henrie reuniting in a movie? Get the details here!
no srsly Alex Ludwig, Taylor Lautner, David Henrie, Milo Ventimigla all in one scene? I cANT BREATHE
Alex Ludwig, Taylor Lautner, David Henrie and The Lonely Island all in one movie good lord omg
Is it just me or is Jesse from Pitch Perfect a better fit for playing Ted Mosbys son than David Henrie did. Just saying. He looks just like him. Ekkk. Cute!
I think that Jon looks more like David Henrie than Jason Segel...on the bbslice doppelganger page
Me and my baby girl Reanna Dixon met David Henrie at the Student Showcase of Films
David Henrie love you we love you here in Honduras
i can't believe i saw David Henrie that close he is beautiful in person.
how was the work with David henrie? Do you still have contact with him?
David Henrie is an amazing and super funny actor :D
David Henrie replied to me for 3 times and David Deluise replied to me 2 times!! Im the luckiest , i love them 💘
You are soo Amazing !!. Love You DAVID HENRIE i'am of Honduras Pliss common other Time Pliss i like when you com OMG Love You !
Rare photograph of Selena, Demi, Taylor & David Henrie follow me please.
Plz go out with david henrie or niall so justin can stahp. Thank you. Bye.
David Henrie was interviewed by Marie Osmond on her show 'Marie' June 4th, 2013. He talks about Grown Ups 2, his short movie Catch, and his trip to Peru.
Tbh I was never a Jelena shipper.. I don't hate it either but I rather ship Sel with Nat Wolf or David Henrie♡
idk David Henrie turned out pretty good.
Hey :) have you ever watched this pic of Jen and and David Henrie
Photo: famousmeat: Shirtless David Henrie bulges at the beach
Selena Gomez & David Henrie talk about fashion, directing, life after 'Wizards of Waverly Place' and more at a press roundtable for the final episode Dec. 15.
Reading through all the DM with your e-mails. You'll be added to an exclusive CATCH-supporters e-mail chain where you'll get updates with what you can do to support this film :) y'all are so sweet thank you - David Henrie
I've always wanted Selena Gomez to be with David Henrie I swear
The only young male celebrities that I find attractive are Zac Efron,Taylor Lautner,David henrie and josh hutcherson
So like, David Henrie and Logan Lerman can be brothers because I honestly couldn't tell who was who.
David Henrie Feb 7 Completely agree. I always hold the door for girls, they deserve it.
I wish David Henrie would come back. He was one of my favorites.
I have the same birthday as David Henrie, Lil Lim, Jacoby Jones and John Quincy Adams 👊👊👊👊
i didn't know David henrie had a little bro but I see it now /learn something new every day
David Henrie's little brother (DHen of Wizards of Waverly Place fame) is one of the vulcan kids who torture young spock
Anonymous asked: Will David Henrie consider doing a Romantic Comedy movie with his WOWP co-Actor Selena...
I cannot believe David Henrie was here and i couldn't meet him😒.
Henrie follow me Please it would mean the world for me! x2
I still ship Selena and David Henrie, shoot me.
Thank you for coming to HONDURAS David Henrie, lorenzo henrie
*** looks like a cross between Avan Jogia and David Henrie lol -FREZH
Jason Earles. Moises Arias. David Henrie. Jake T. Austin. Jason Dolley. Zac Efron. Really think before you post.
David Henrie and Jacob Latimore hit the red carpet at the 2014 Movieguide Awards Gala held at the Universal Hilton Hotel on Friday (February 7) in Universal City, Calif. The guys were joined at the event by David‘s younger brother Lorenzo Henrie. PHOTOS: Check out the latest pics of David Henrie Dav
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
David Henrie with a fan while he was shooting a movie at Stetson University in Florida today :)
David Henrie stops to pose as he arrives at a private screening of his new film Little Boy held at the Soho Hotel on Sunday night (December 29) in London, England. The 24-year-old actor was joined by his good pal Avan Jogia and well as the film’s producer Eduardo Verástegui. PHOTOS: Check out the la
Just saw David Henrie at Fashion Square in the food court :o he came out in Wizards of Waverly Place
Guess who coming to NY my bestfriend Moises Arias and David Henrie my friend
A rare photo of Taylor and David Henrie
Taylor Swift with David Henrie ! omg they're so cute i just omg omg cutest Taylor Siwft http:/…
I didn't know Alexander Ludwig is Branden Higgins?! And not only Taylor Lautner, but David Henrie and Milo Ventimiglia played in
Lucy Hale, Chelsea Staub, nicole anderson & David Henrie are in the same pic with Steven McQueen
Wow, he's managed to be much twattier than David Henrie.
Scolari: "Mourinho knows who is David Luiz and how good he is. He's an intelligent manager, and I'm sure David... http…
I thought he was dating David Henrie tbh
David Henrie was in the choices to play Gale Hawthorne.
The only good thing about grown ups 2 was Taylor Lautner & David Henrie.
I still can't believe I met David Henrie 😭❤️
The question is, how did I almost NOT put in the picture with David Henrie?
My obsession David henrie is terrible
I want to bend David henrie over a table
Take the opportunity to follow, reply or DM to send your fan you is strength and his inspiration David Henrie. RT
Hi! Would you want Selena Gomez and David Henrie To guest star in the Foster?:)))
Nick Jonas is very close with David Henrie, Selena's co-star, and Selena Gomez is very close to Chelsea Staub, Nick's co-…
David Henrie you sexy son of a biyotch♥_♥.
hehe i talked about david henrie. U know? But david archuleta is dam cute
David Henrie Verified account About myself in under 160 characters... well ... man there is so
Somo looks like David Henrie from Wizards of Waverly Place lol.
well idk what color/what you want it to look like but I found this:
David henrie is the most attractive man alive.
Follow this amazing David Henrie fan . He's really so nice :) xx
Leonardo DiCaprio,David Henrie,Sterling Knight,David from Corrie and Jeremy Sumpter will always have a place in my heart...
David henrie is actually rly hot idc
remember when everyone though David Henrie had cancer
Breast Cancer Awareness
Ashley Benson, Ryan Good, Zac Efron, Lily Collins, David Henrie, Karan Bra and Madison Pettis were all at Selena’s concert at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, CA. ~sahar
David Henrie had tattoos but they use to cover them up when filming...if Ross wanted to he could get them.
if you ever shipped Selena and David henrie together!
are david henrie and selena ever gonna date I need this
so David Henrie, Ashley Benson and Zac Efron went to Selena's concert! I'm so proud
Omg ZAC AFRON and DAVID HENRIE were at Selena's show last night!!
I ship selena and david henrie so badly you don't understand
Grown ups 2... Taylor launter is an *** in it but milo ventilmila& David henrie😻😻
David Henrie could get it from me any day just saying
Ashley Benson, David Henrie, Lily Collins, and more attend Selena Gomez's concert!
David Henrie at Selena's concert, last night
I met the Janoskians and David Henrie last night
Just watched Grown Ups2 & still expecting Taylor Lautner turn into a wolf, Alexander Ludwig turn into Cato and David Henrie pull out a wand.
There's this hot guy at uni and I see him work here all the time and I just realised who he looks like. DAVID HENRIE.
what's going on with Selena and David Henrie?
this guy on the bus looks like David Henrie woah
im so proud to say DAVID HENRIE is my model.
David Henrie in Wizards of Waverly Place tho
I always forget how devastatingly handsome David Henrie is.
So selena wrote I won't apologize for david henrie and not nick oh
that's mean Selena wrote I Won't Apologize for David Henrie? Omg
David Henrie speaks his experience with the Hmong in Minnesota. He was helping to promote this new company called...
David Henrie was my celebrity crush back in the Wizards faze...
Jake, myself and David. Our last walk to set... I love you and . We wrap today
HERE IT IS check it out lemme know what you think!
Hope feels better and hope is enjoying NY. Miss them both at work!
David Henrie and Selena Gomez pala was a thing before. Lol! That's like incest.
who said selena is dating david henrie BYE
I Won't Apologize is about David Henrie because it's Clearly about Selena having a crush on him in the early stages but not fulfilling it-
what happend between Selena Gomez and David Henrie?
All purpose parts banner
Why do you guys think I Won't Apologize is about Nick Jonas? It's clearly about David Henrie.
Would you rather selena date David henrie or mason
David Henrie is hosted there, right?
In Selena's new interview she said she's closest to David henrie :) . ♥
New Selena interview lol she's closest to David Henrie from the WOWP cast.
18. David Henrie is my scandal. 19. I love vanilla. 20. Forever alone ._.
Selena said her weirdest dream was when she dreamed about her & David Henrie dating.
Attention Italian fans: David Henrie is hosted in Hotel 2000, in Sicily.
This guy totally looks like David Henrie
Oh, I thought you were complaining about seeing other David Henrie fakes. I gotchu.
It doesn't matter, David Henrie is famous, so it's not like people are RPing as him to get you upset. My character is from >>
You can't expect to be the only David Henrie RP account. Though I don't know why people would wanna RP as him. lol
Someone tell me if David Henrie is in grown ups 2?
David Henrie 16 Oct Bones of San Sebastián in Rome! Amazing place. Loving being back in Rome
Remember that time I almost met David Henrie "Katie that was almost a year ago get over it" NO NEVER
This movie is hilarious, I can't even. Alexander Ludwig, Taylor Lautner and David Henrie in the same movie >>
Selena Gomez dating David Henrie feels like incest
David Henrie will always be my celeb crush :3
i have an unhealthy crush on david henrie siGH
Anonymous asked: On what account did you have Instagram image of Cory and David? :O -Lindsey -xxx-
And my assistant soccer coach looks JUST like David Henrie.. so there's that.
you left help me make up a David Henrie location
Omg xD David Henrie's Abs -Drools- God dammit Sometimes god makes heavan on planet earth too and its call Abshood
Photoset: David Henrie at Knott’s Scary Farm with friends and family.
Selena Gomez and David Henrie have a lunch together.
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