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David Griffin

David Griffin (born 19 July 1943) is an English actor best known for both his roles as Sqdn-Ldr Clive Dempster DFC in Hi-de-Hi!

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LNP is the greatest fraud ever perpetrated by an Australian Govt. LNP spent $50+ BILLION of taxpayers money to achie…
Malcolm's Broadband Policy spell out it was his decision to choose obsolete technologies for the LNP
Here's the 2013 ABC article where Nick Ross predicted almost exactly the trainwreck of Turnbull's NBN policy
If Sarver suddenly has balls, he'd hire David Griffin in some role and then bring in David Blatt as head coach.
Here’s a song for you… End Of The Beginning by David Phelps.
I am shocked about the Watson news. Seems like Sarver really does care again and he must bring in Dave Griffin and David Blatt ASAP!
The Church is truly alive if it is maternal and missionary and goes out to meet others.
In between games at a volleyball tournament. Study break!
Let Ryan go and bring David Griffin back home
I love to the gap with David Griffin's firing.
Shaq Griffin is gonna get his first INT today.
Try and get David Blatt and the caves hold gm David griffin
Your desire to grow in Godliness . The smile that captured my heart ❤️. The love you show our churen . The way you...
ICYMI: details his experience with wildfires in Northern California. To donate visit https…
Malcolm Turnbull’s strategy is to bore people into not caring about climate policy. Don’t let him
same with MCD. Hire David Griffin give him the keys let him build this team.
Blake Griffin will now bury your buzzer beating threes with Chris Paul & Jamal Crawford gone
3 minutes until this pro-Trump ritual from Grand Poobah David Griffin and his Witch Queen... and I've already wet m…
Blake Griffin hitting pick and pop 3s is a major development this year.
Blake Griffin hits Milos Teodosic for a wide open three-pointer, and the lead 50-37 with 2:50 left in the half
Marriage equality rallies happening today in Melb, Brisb, Adel and Canb - let's make them huge!. I've just arrived in ADL -…
As Sgt. La David Johnson is being laid to rest in FL, Trump has just arrived to play golf at Trump National Golf Club in VA.
Same here. My tribe wasn’t thinking and decided it would be a…
Tune In: Former Cleveland Cavaliers general manager David Griffin will be on The Jump today (3 p.m. ET on ESPN).
Ben Griffin of discussing report on military training&employment. Here's our take
Another Wine and Gold Winner! 2-0 with wins over 2 top 4 teams East teams. How are they performing this witchcraft without David Griffin!?!?
New book from David Ray Griffin, check it out!
I miss the David Griffin team shooting 3s like crazy 😥
This lack of 3pt shooting from the Cavs got David Griffin rollin over in his grave.
Great news. You can hear more about at the South Australian Smart Energy Summit Adelaide 9 November https…
...So the 'Energy Security Board' (when legislated) wouldn't actually be able to provide independent advice on emissio…
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Touchdown Edison. Griffin O'Connor to David Atencio. PAT missed so Edison leads 6-0 over Los Al.
Now playing David Ray Griffin on how Bush and Cheney ruined America and the world – and why God exists but Gawd does not by Truth Jihad!
Ken Griffin talks with Retired General David Petraeus about forging the Navy SEALs of the industry.
All 22oz and 750ml beers 15% off today! with Leigh Griffin and David Armstrong
This piece says it all much better than I did:
David Griffin. Didn’t you say Moe Hurst was looking for these
It's also the last day to vote in the Aus marriage equality vote if you're overseas! You have until 6pm in your Timezone to…
Booyah! and others rocked a breakout so much we set a new record!
Nobody is happy with just one, ask former Cleveland Cavaliers GM David Griffin.
On AmicoHoops: What former GM David Griffin has to say about and Kyrie Irving trade with
So, David Griffin had an INSANE trade about to go down before he was fired where the Cavs were landing both Eric Bledsoe AND Paul George.
The Cavs could have gotten Paul George and Eric Bledsoe? This makes the David Griffin situation even more egregious.
'All that fretting about Cavs Gilbert allowing David Griffin to walk away as general manager — forget about it'
Dan Gilbert blew up the Cavs franchise the moment he fired David Griffin.
An unpopular opinion you not hear in this Kyrie trade is maybe Dan Gilbert was right about David Griffin.
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Sooo.has everyone forgiven Dan Gilbert for that whole David Griffin situation?
I've been crushing Gilbert for letting David Griffin walk but this is a *** of a job by Altman
I'm so freaking pumped right now, who needs David Griffin, all hail Dan Gilbert and whoever tf our GM is
After what Dan Gilbert did to former GM David Griffin, that rubbed LeBron the wrong way. Good r…
All this because Kyrie thought Bron was tryna trade him when he said no twice, can't blame nobody but Dan Gilbert & partially David Griffin.
NEWS | S-A's David Griffin and Matt Fogarty helped clinch the seed for the…
David Griffin thinks the Cavs will trade Kyrie Irving.
It's about time no offensive to Doc Rivers. I think the LA Clippers should endorsed Former Cavs GM David Griffin he…
The Cavs need to either give Lebron James extra money for being the GM, or give David Griffin a long term deal.
We let David Griffin go. We didn't get George or Butler. And now Kyrie's leaving?
Listen to ‘All Eyez On Cleveland’ w/ guest Sam Amico of as he talks post-David Griffin http…
Check that. This such a move. Werent the in the Super Bowl like 18 months ago?🤔David Griffin feels your pain Dave Gettleman.
This Just In: Former Cavaliers GM David Griffin pulls his name out of the Knicks president general manager search. (via
Ex-Cavs GM David Griffin has pulled his name out of the Knicks' GM and president search after he couldn't come... http…
No, Masai Ujiri is off the radar. GM Steve Mills seems to be running the show. David Griffin a target for hire. Mil…
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Former Cavs GM David Griffin been in touch with the Knicks and will be among the franchise's initial interviews
Dear James Dolan,. David Griffin and Sam Hinkie are both available, and each is 1,000x better than your current managemen…
David Griffin, recently let go by CLE (in another bizarro) move, would be another obvious candidate for NYK.
The are always full of surprises... I wouldn't be surprised if they hired David Griffin to pair next to Horst.
I thought David Griffin did a good job with as little flexibility as Chris Grant (and Danny Ferry before) left him.
They didn't have it for four years either. Ferry and Grant couldn't trade or draft. Who could? David Griffin.
Dan Gilbert lets David Griffin go. Phil Jackson hold my beer.
When the raptors sign David Griffin and a Lebron comes to Toronto next year >>>
This is the definitive story on David Griffin, Dan Gilbert, and why there will always be drama within the Cavaliers…
Dolan, fire Phil Jackson and hire David Griffin... thank you
Report: Several teams reached out to the Cavaliers about Kyrie Irving. David Griffin did not want to move Kyrie, but tha…
David Griffin was working hard to bring Jimmy Butler to The Land.
David Griffin = Out of the Land❌. Paul George to LA or Cleveland?. Jimmy Buckets pushing to be a Celtic☘️
"David Griffin, Robert Griffin, Peter Griffin, gryffindor house, don't matter I'm opting out in 2018"
Lebron James made sure David Griffin knew he was appreciated for his tenure in Cleveland .
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Apparently making the Finals 3 years in a row doesn’t guarantee you a job. David Griffin’s out as GM of the Cavs. https…
Cavaliers are letting GM David Griffin go. . After their best three-year run in franchise history. . Insanity.
I'm not sure Jimmy Butler gets us over the top. Also, why the *** would you let David Griffin go?
Dan Gilbert didn't consult with LeBron prior to parting ways with former Cavs GM David Griffin, per http…
How the Cavs broke up with GM Griffin despite LeBron's wishes
Lebron James doesn't seem happy to see David Griffin leave the Cavs
Born trippin, there's no way he ain't know about David Griffin being fired. Idk why he lying lol
Most franchise changing decision in the history of sports right now would be Knicks firing Phil Jackson for David Griffin
Dan Gilbert didn't consult with Lebron James prior to parting with David Griffin, sources said. James had advocated for…
How did the Cavs part ways with David Griffin before they parted ways with Deron Williams!?
David Griffin turned Dion Waiters into J.R. Smith, Iman Shumpert and Timofey Mozgov. . Dan Gilbert invited Rizzo to the dra…
"It's obvious that David Griffin did not deserve to be fired." —
David Griffin, Peter Griffin, Hippogriffin I don’t give a f*** just get me Jimmy Butler
The Cavs and general manager David Griffin will part ways according to sources
New story w/ All we know about David Griffin's departure as Cavaliers GM so far
The Cavaliers will reportedly replace David Griffin with LaJohn Jameson.
David Griffin was working on a deal in which Kevin Love to PHX for No. 4 pick and flip it for PG13 or Butler. (Via ESPN)
If I'm the I'm getting in contact with David Griffin and giving him a call
David Griffin: "I don't want to trade for Jimmy Butler or Paul George.". Cavs: .
*** I didn't know Griff was battling cancer, well wishes from everyone in Cleveland and thank you for all youve done David Griffin
"Any competent executive in the league could have done that job." — on David Griffin's time as Cavs GM htt…
Dan Gilbert doesn't want to pay David Griffin, but he does want taxpayers to pay $70 million to upgrade The Q.
David Griffin was the GM of the for exactly 3 years,1 month & 7 days. He leaves on the Anniv. the Warriors blew a 3-…
Actually I'd give up our entire team for Kaps. (Obviously not LeBron & Kyrie) | (David Griffin would've made this h…
New story w/ Inside the final days of David Griffin guiding the most successful era in Cavs history
Been MIA while on vacation. Does David Griffin leaving signal the beginning of the end? Or the beginning of something better?
Live look at David Griffin walking out of the Cavs front office
Windy and touched on something in this piece that was overlooked about Griff: He was beloved THROUGHOUT org.
"It's over. Lebron James is leaving Cleveland in 2018." — on Cavs parting ways with GM David Griffin https:/…
The story of the long parting of ways between David Griffin and Dan Gilbert (with
BREAKING: The Cavs will reportedly replace David Griffin with LaJohn Jameson.
Cavaliers part ways with GM David Griffin after 3 straight trips to the NBA Finals
Chauncey Billups expected to emerge as candidate for Cavs executive role, per h…
ESPN First Take: Why David Griffin was fired and what is happening with the Cavaliers: via
LeBron wasn't consulted about David Griffin's contract status and was surprised by his departure https:/…
Clippers obviously have a full front office with the addition of Jerry West. But look for them to call David Griffin l…
After announcing Jon Horst as GM, Bucks professionally take the job away and hire David Griffin
you think Tom Benson would consider bringing in David Griffin as a "consultant"? Danny Ferry hasn't helped much in that role.
Not the reason parted ways, but am told David Griffin had no interest whatsoever in trading for Carmelo Anthony.
Breaking News: LeBron fires GM David Griffin after Bulls decline trade package of James Jones and Channing Frye for Jimm…
Dan Gilbert and associates haven't extended GM David Griffin- and he will stop getting paid June 30th.
Collectible!. free shipping!. One small lens vintage for Gowland Flex camera. David Griffin"…
I can't wait to read Dan Gilbert's letter about David Griffin
Cavs firing David Griffin feels like a shot Rumplemimz sure it seems like a good idea but in the end it's just gross
comprehensive list of good Dan Gilbert basketball decisions:. making David Griffin the full-time GM
Hey if we could get a take back on that Horst hiring and get David Griffin instead
Why yes, David Griffin, assistant GM to Rob Pelinka does sound great
I wish the best for GM Jon Horst, but I would be dishonest by not admitting I'd have loved to see David Griffin at least interview.
3. Danny Ferry, Chris Grant, and now David Griffin. On to the next victim in line, which looks to be Chauncey Billups.
Cavs owner Dan Gilbert, just like that, just issued a statement that he and GM David Griffin have mutually agreed NOT to…
Could the veteran GM they wish to pair with Horst be David Griffin as president of basketball ops?…
PODCAST: on Steve Kerr's future, and contracts, David Griffin's future in CLE
If cavs win, everyone has to give their ring to lebron, David Griffin, even usher
.marvels at the job that GM David Griffin has done. Which, in turn, has made Ty Lue's job that much tou…
I liked what David Griffin told me about Tristan. It's not that they didn't believe he could do this, but over 30+ minutes…
Sources: Magic asked for permission to speak to Cavs GM David Griffin. report. htt…
The Cavs are announcing a "Major Announcement" at the Q today at 1 pm with CEO Len Komorosky and GM David Griffin.
Coach Lue: "As long as I have the support of David Griffin, Dan Gilbert, my players, the city of Cleve.,... Ohio...that's all that matters."
what is the primary hindrance keeping David Griffin from getting a new contract from Dan Gilbert?
New excerpt from Return of the King. Read letter Cavs GM David Griffin sent team when they fell down 3-1 in Finals: http…
Although you can make an argument for the following GMs: Bob Myers (GS), David Griffin (CLE), Pat Riley (MIA), and Tim Connelly (DEN)
Cavs GM David Griffin taking advantage of the broadcast to complain about the way LeBron is officiated...
Bruh Austin Carr is horrible so is David Griffin
"David Griffin got Deron Williams, Kyle Korver and Bogut for Birdman's ACL, Mike Dunleavy and a pick"
David Griffin the dude to bring Michael Jordan out of retirement and will be playing for the Cavs next week lmao
I heard there was a Phil Jackson for David Griffin trade possibility
How about that outlet pass! We'll find out years later that David Griffin hung up on Phil Jackson mid-sentence after the pass
Cleveland Cavaliers GM David Griffin on how his team went from...
Cavs GM David Griffin said the team isn't done making trades after acquiring Kyle Korver last week.
Cavs GM David Griffin says team is looking to trade for a “playmaker”
Year after year Cavs expect GM David Griffin to work "magic." He keeps doing it & gets little praise for it:
Bravo to GM David Griffin and Lebron James here. Incredible statistic
David Griffin is the best gm in the NBA! He turned Dion and Andy into Shump, JR, Frye, Kyle Korver and they still have a trade exception
I've already moved on and re-doubled my mental efforts towards trying to incept a Shelvin Mack trade into David Griffin's head
Someone please tell David Griffin to Pay JR Smith and get this done! 🏀
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March 2005: lightning caused Northern coal station output to suddenly drop, surge in interconnector and SA blackout.But bl…
team with david west, John wall, Carmelo Anthony, blake griffin, and Anthony davis
David Blatt's sin was that he won too many games & the & David Griffin feel guilty that they stole an NBA Cha…
Jay Weatherill singling out the irresponsible comments of as showing poor leadership in an emergency
team with jared west, blake griffin, Kevin Love, david west, and justin riley
With a little photoshop you could scare David Griffin and tell him that's the new crew.
David Ray Griffin, the "dean of 9/11 Truth authors," retired from teaching theology at Claremont, has written 11 bo…
Check out Griffin & Strong, P.C. President, Rodney Keith Strong, on the Funky Politics podcast with David Waters!...
David Griffin was there before Lebron came back
To hear more of GM David Griffin's interview, tune-in to Preview Show Thursday, 7PM EST: Sirius 207, XM…
AkPolicy, David Boyle, you and Bob Griffin. are proven right again
Sign spotted outside Tecoma Uniting Church on and (photo from
Come and see in action at Visit stand 1742 - look for the solar balloons…
In Melbourne? Come down to We've got a great Show Special on our proof of concept monitoring for installe…
Virtually every neonazi takes the same position as you from david duke,nick griffin,the daily stormer and 4chan /pol/
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David Griffin doesn't seem to be budging, but it makes sense to keep him of course.
Come on Dan Gilbert and David Griffin. Get this done.
I'll never forgive David Griffin if he meet JR Smith where he's at smh.
David Griffin needs to stop being a dingus and sign JR already
The Cleveland Cavaliers have signed Toney Douglas, GM David Griffin announced today. Per league and team policy,...
JUST IN: NY Attorney Gen orders Trump Foundation to stop fundraising. break it down.
come back to NY! David Griffin doesn't want you, Melo needs you!
Q: A new episode with discussing James Cameron's Aliens?. A: Yes! Check it out here jeez…
If Cleveland doesn't bring J.R. back, David Griffin is a joke.
hi I'm on this week's ep of talking about ALIENS!!
David Griffin is gonna catch these hands if be doesn't pay JR
Does your solar profile like look like this? When does it ramp up, hit capacity, and ramp down?…
Cavs GM David Griffin says at Cleveland media day that Mo Williams has opted not to return to the team.
A three-run T9 has up 9-7. David Griffin looks to close it after teammate Brian Burke pitched…
J.R. Smith, "50 over 3.". David Griffin, "15 over 2.". Dan Gilbert. "15 and will petition the NBA for shirts & skins. https:…
Cavs GM David Griffin joins Pod w/ to talk Finals comeback, Lebron James and more.
Just listened to David Griffin podcast man he is a god in Cleveland while Ray Farmer is the devil.
Gilbert now meeting with GM David Griffin, says talks "went well" with Wade & Chalmers, per
David Griffin, please sign a back up center, anyone semi decent. Just not Roy Hibbert please I'm begging you.
That Richard Jefferson signing by David Griffin was an absolutely awesome one
David Griffin should be fired and I don't give him credit for Jr Smith trade because Phil wanted to trade them. Where's the accountability!
If I'm David Griffin or Dan Gilbert I go after Bradley Beal & a center. Tristan Thompson I love you to death but your a backup in the NBA.
Anderson Varejao would like to thank David Griffin for helping him get a ring!
Say what you want about Dan Gilbert... He and David Griffin are geniuses with these mid season acquisitions.
GM David Griffin finished 7th in Executive of the Year voting.
I want to thank Coach Lue and David Griffin for believing I could be a small piece to a Championship Team and Organization! cont.…
David Griffin explains why Jordan McRae intrigued the Cavaliers via
in all seriousness I think they should fire David Griffin that Wiggins trade will haunt this team for yrs to come.
Andy bout to deliver the fade to David Griffin
"David Griffin said it was a difficult phone call to make to inform Anderson Varejao that he was being traded." Per Hayn…
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David Griffin: "We believe it's a move that gives us more versatility."
GM David Griffin: [Channing Frye is a] complementary piece that fits our existing group very well. https:/…
David Griffin: There's not much that I've enjoyed less...than having to tell Andy Varejao that he'd been traded.
The fact that the Cavs traded Andy and didn't trade Mozgov is exactly why I've lost faith in David Griffin. The man has become clueless.
David Griffin is a magician. Gets Channing Frye from the old Brendan Heywood amnesty contract, then creates cash relief by dumping Andy.
please let David Griffin know us fans are not happy about the way he disrespected Andy👿👿
You couldn't give Portland Mozbum you just had to give them Andy. David Griffin doesn't know what he's doing.
Keep in mind Cavs GM David Griffin not only moved a non-asset in Andy and received a huge one in Frye, but also SAVED money.
Said last night that GM David Griffin trading LeBron's best pal Andy is a big-time move on his part.
If no picks are involved and all that was surrendered was Andy, this could be another masterstroke by David Griffin.
Also, David Griffin the GOAT now for being able to move Andy’s behemoth deal for a rotation guy. Props. Can’t wait for legit 5-out lineups!
No mention of Richard Gage, David Griffin or other credible sources
So maybe David Griffin knew a thing or two?
David Griffin, founder of David Griffin & Company Realtors a division of Virginia Cook, Realtors was named one...
His team may have just lost to the Warriors by 30, but Coach Pop was quick to take a shot at Cavs GM David Griffin. https:/…
Was Spurs head coach Greg Popovich taking a shot at GM David Griffin here? Check out this video
Breaking: David Griffin fires the rims in Quicken Loans Arena.
David Griffin saying Lebron doesn't run the organization is like Billy Gillispie saying this isn't the University of Jodie Meeks.
David Ray Griffin 2011 "911 Miracles" via - I started this online petition sign it
All I can say is David keep up the great reporting.
Our final value play tonight is David Lee. Summary of our locks: Crabbe at SG, Lee at PF, Olynyk at C. Pay up for Griffin and ***
team with Deandre jordan, Trey ebert, blake griffin, Mario, and david west
Honestly one of the coolest experiences I've ever had was meeting GM David Griffin a few nights ago!
Nick Griffin Kevin Bryan Nigel Farage David Starkey Andrew Brons Derek Beackon, man I could go on and on.
Why is David Johnson still in with a bum knee?
Couple NFL Insider saying the Eagles Could be Interested in Robert Griffin II
Redskins to part with RGIII, who'll have plenty of suitors
David Hira at Snowball Express Parade. My Dad Boyd Griffin is on the right holding the banner
Less baring, more sharing for Jessica Gomes on social media: Gomes, a David Jones ambassador who ...
Christian just had a full conversation either David Griffin
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Did David Griffin have a lobotomy last night or something?
Here come the teams! Updates to follow from Griffin Park as David Wagner's takes on in the (DTS)
ACTION will be featured at the Los Angeles Times Book festival in April in CA. They're taking ACTION, are you?
Telepathy experience is a common, even continuous, element of experience. ~David Ray Griffin
I think you should listen to Griffin and David Present podcast. You will still hate the prequels, but you'll be entertained.
The slow boat from China - why cargo ships have been reducing speed RT
Great sentence from 'The Unusual Possession of Alastair Stubb' by David John Griffin.
Marked as to-read: The Unusual Possession of Alastair Stubb by David John Griffin
Gotta say, was COMPLETELY on Griffin's side this episode and got legit mad at David. David you're just wrong.
Same comment, different episode.I know you love Empire Strikes Back. Subscribe.
Don't act like you're not in a Star Wars mood. New Return Of The Podcast. We even made this fancy player. Subscribe.
Here's just one place you can find it.
If you're going to see Star Wars today, it's too late to pre-game with David and Griffin Present, a podcast that has dissected the prequels.
This is strictly nitpicking, because as you probably know, I really enjoy David and Griffin Present. I like that name, too.
I'll be hanging with this guy tonight Seasons Bistro 41 Griffin St McDonough Ga. I'll get music started about...
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Son of Weekend Dime: No harm in catching Porzingis Fever
no one has ever interviewed David Attenborough, so maybe. He also shares my interest in craft ceramics.
Caught up on GRIFFIN & DAVID PRESENT. Realised is the whiny Anaking of the podcast while is the annoyed Obi-Wan.
Avery Pascal and David Griffin with plant stand and checker board. Good job guys!!
David Griffin needed less than a yr to give Lebron a better supporting cast than OKC has been able to give KD/RW in the last 5yrs.
"He can shoot the ever living *** out of the ball." GM David Griffin speaking of CLE SF James Jones
Seeing FORCE AWAKENS with I'm dressed as Watto. He's dressed as the host of GRIFFIN & DAVID PRESENT.
Not really 'people' as much as David Griffin of San Diego, CA
Taj Griffin has been AWESOME tonight, but he's gonna break in half if he takes one more big hit.
God bless for speaking up. Obama is such a pathetic cheerleader for all things Muslim and he may as well be Muslim.
On the plus side I've managed to destill the Rugby World Cup into a single GIF.
(VIDEO) DeAndre Jordan hits a cameraman with a shoe
Brandon Griffin of Mary Wash d. David Reed of 6-2, 6-3.
"Joe Harris was the best player in our gym in September" - David Griffin lol
David Price doesn't care about the Cy Young. He just wants to win a World Series.
Jays focus on the game outside the game: Griffin: David Price and Troy Tulowitzki look to the post-season in…
team with Tim duncan, justin riley, blake griffin, david west, and kevin durant
team with david west, blake griffin, James Harden, klay thompson, and frank jones
Replace Griffin with me and David with Nick and this is true for us
Never mind FIFA, what about the best interests of football! Far more important.
More for Kathy Griffin stripping down on The Late Show with David Letterman [S19E13]
I couldn't care less about Tristan Thompson. I really couldn't. I have faith that David Griffin will take care of the situation.
David Lee sounds like he’ll be getting some of that Blake Griffin freedom.
Pretty sure I just spotted David Griffin in Hopkins waiting for a flight...or at least looking for his terminal
Respect David Griffin for calling Tristan Thompsons bluff tho
team with spongebob, blake griffin, Damian Bates, Kyrie Irving, and david west
"Amazon to Stop Selling Apple TV and Chromecast" by DAVID STREITFELD and KATIE BENNER via NYT
Cavs Rumors: David Griffin Expects Tristan Thompson to Be in Camp on Friday via
My latest with Paul Griffin and David Lont on the carbon bubble question
.GM David Griffin said he expected Thompson to report to camp Friday, but that will not happen
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David beckham is getting his boots back out for charity in November now that's a game I'm gonna watch ⚽️🏃🏻
This is absurd. please tell Duncan *** to settle down.
Everyone knows you never negotiate for what they could be worth, that's just bad business. Good on David Griffin.
Tristan Thompson facing midnight deadline on qualifying offer, Cavaliers GM David Griffin expecting to see him...
Cavs GM David Griffin expects Tristan Thompson to be in camp Friday: . INDEPENDENCE: Cavs general manager D...
General Manager David Griffin is hinting at the Cavs and Tristan Thompson getting a deal done today:
Cavs GM David Griffin said on NBATV, he fully expects Tristan Thompson in camp on Friday...
general manger David Griffin says he expects Tristan Thompson to be at camp tomorrow.
Cavaliers Training Camp: David Griffin: General manager, David Griffin joins Mike and Vince to discuss the state of…
and they brought back JR. Now they gotta make Tristan happy to stay in the Cavs organization. David Griffin and Dan Gilbert know what to do.
Player/Pitcher of the night goes to Ryan Kelly and David Griffin!
Pro Basketball Talk - - Cavs GM David Griffin says Kevin Love and Anderson Varejao will be ready for the start o
GM David Griffin says Cavs did not receive notice from JR Smith, meaning Smith has opted out and becomes a free agent.
David Griffin says JR Smith did not opt into his contract by the 11:59 pm deadline and has become a free agent by default.
"Aussie Off the Bench" featuring Louie CK as David Griffin and Patrick Stewart as Commissioner Adam Silver
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David Blatt will return as coach of GM David Griffin praises job he did htt…
Cavs GM David Griffin says he expects both Lebron James and Kevin Love to opt out of contracts, but also expects both to …
LeBron is amazing but if this holds it is a tribute to David Griffin and Cavs' organization. Culture is everything. Alw…
In this / podcast, Sean and John interview GSW PBP man Tim Roye & GM David Griffin.
Here's the link for the latest CC Podcast:. & interview Tim Roye & David Griffin.
Essential listening. MT Ep of the w/ Warriors PxP man Tim Roye & GM David Griffin
Here's the SoundCloud link to the latest / CC Podcast, with Tim Roye & David Griffin:.
CC Podcast, Episode 2. & talk to "Voice of the Dubs" Tim Roye and Cavs GM David Griffin:.
Our feature presentation today:. CC: The Podcast, Episode 2. Finals Preview with Tim Roye and GM David Griffin.
Listen to Cavs GM David Griffin with an exclusive Preview of the NBA Finals - Cavs VS Warriors with Bill and Mike...
If Kevin Love doesn't resign is David Griffin as good as everyone is saying? I say no way.
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