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David Gray

David Gray (born 13 June 1968) is an English singer-songwriter from Cheadle Heath. He released his first studio album in 1993 and received worldwide attention after the release of White Ladder six years later.

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“lmaoo you mad bro?” All I'm saying is an 18 year old shouldn't look like a gray haired pedo
Vince Lombardi on the truth behind success in any arena….
I do things like get in a taxi and say, "The library, and step on it.” ―David Foster Wallace
"xxoo Ok..lets get some BeatsbyLuna going.." do u go back a listen to my crap? Try listening David Gray.
Much better LIve Like Daytona man lets do this David Gray - Babylon (Live): via
David doesn't know what Tiffany is.
VIDEO: Hibs fan 'disappears' after goal joy: A disappearing act of which magician David Blaine would be proud ... http:/…
David Gray-White Ladder is in my top 10 albums ever written.
I loved your piece on the David Gray gig. It really captured the experience of being there.
The only way I'm getting to sleep tonight is with David gray on repeat all night
Amy and David Butler debuting his new line Parson Gray at Market. Yum!!
this song always makes me want to cry David Gray - "This Year's Love" official video: via
By ducking a straight debate is David Cameron having an Iain Gray style sandwich shop moment? We know how that one turned out...
This years love by David Gray...omg
I love a bit of david gray white adder great album
dont go down the David Gray route you'll be a gonna
I discovered Babylon by David Gray in year 2000 and it has never gotten old.
David Moyes has turned us into a team that plays on percentages rather than dominating teams all over the pitch, it's sad to watch
I love David Moyes with all of my Heart.
David Gray performing the Irish folk song, Whiskey In The Jar, live in 2003.
David Gray that could be us one day in the big leagues
David Gray performing Jackdaw live at the Blue Balls Festival in Luzern
David Gray performing "Sail away" at the 2007 KFOG Radio Concert for Kids show.
This year's loving David Gray what a tune!!!
OMG! David gray just been in our chip shop!and said the fish and chips were delicious!
David Gray is having a NYE so everyone get down to his it'll be booming he's got the bangles greatest hits on repeat PARTY PARTY
David Gray Jr. Happy birthday cousin I hope u turned up have a fantastic day!
David Gray , are you watching the Valley's most explosive ?? Cardiff sounds like a nice place..
Chief David gray of KFD just let me know that there will be a Celebration of Life for Gary Bradshaw on Monday, December 30 from 5-7 pm at Click Funeral Home at 9020 Middlebrook Pike
White Ladder by David Gray is the biggest selling album in Ireland ever.
What kind of music you ask? Here's how these guys describe it: Take a whole lotta Feelgood Reggae, mix in some Classic R&B, Pop and Funk. Lotsa 70s, 80s, 90s and beyond. From Train to Sublime to Joe Jackson... from the Dead to Tracy Chapman to Oasis...from 311 to Al Green to Bad Company to Sugar Ray to David Gray to Talking Heads... we'll mix it up! We guarantee you'll like what you hear! We Call It Ocean Music!
Babylon by David Gray. Drums by yours truly. Warning: Potential Motion Sickness :)
Just listened to David gray ahhh the memories lol Chris Chris Jones
David Gray "The only things worth living for is innocence and magic... Amen" Merry Christmas my friends
FYVE EP 18 _ BOREAL MOUNTAIN EARLY SEASON The FYVE Team took to Woodward Tahoe at Boreal in Lake Tahoe California. These boys, and gal definitely took advantage of what the park had to offer. It's still early season with not much snowfall but it looks like the crew at Boreal had been putting in work. You can always count on fun and creative features at this place as you can see with riding by Lou Macias, Fancy Rutherford, Tom Pelley, Colin Clarke, Armeen Pirooz, Ryan Linnert as well as good friend David Gray and also welcoming to the team identical twins Chris and Nick Geisen. Vimeo link : and Edit by: Jason C Manning 2two7 Productions Thanks to all the staff and friends at Woodward Tahoe and Boreal for all the hospitality, we can't wait to go back next time.
The man who famously put aside his Big Mac to help rescue three women held captive in a Cleveland house over a decade has signed a contract to publish his memoirs. Charles Ramsey signed the deal with the Cleveland publisher David Gray & Co. on Thursday. Amanda Berry, Gina DeJesus and Michelle Knight and Berry's 6-year-old daughter escaped to freedom May 6. Collaborating as Ramsey's co-author will be freelance writer Randy Nyerges.
Reminds me of ruby listenin to david gray hes class hi ! No doubt about that
flashback Friday. with david gray, frank, lucky, Richard, and Darla(?)
Pretty sure 2014 will bring a new album from David Gray. It might be more than my little heart can handle.
Cheering myself up with some David Gray - Foundling while I go off a-moodling !!
I had such fun Roasting our dear *** Haskamp tonight. Tommi Rose rocked and so did Jimmy James but *** Killed it too! Mona Caywood did a great job pulling it together, Juli Ragsdale and Levi were so sweet and David Hood had no idea how to pronounce "gerbil." Melinda Tremaglio made us all laugh and George from the Alibi did his best. Roasting is tough, cuz we all love him so much! Great to see Ron Casidine, Ed Good, John Page, David Gray, Gary Costa, and even a couple Center board members showed up to support! Great night, thanks to Azul for hosting us. I can't believe I'm saying it and don't tell my Mom, I love ***
David Gray on Monday and Josh Ritter on the 18th! December is god! 󾌵
I have to say the David Gray gig in Bangor was amazing. Really enjoyed his new material. What a talented musician.
David Gray plays low key Bangor gig - Video: David Gray has played an intimate low key gig at Bangor Abbey on ...
Could listen to James Taylor and David Gray all night
Real Status Update For: Brian Asriel Newman on Sunday the whatever this is of November. I like this type of thing because it lets us all get to know each other better on a daily life (Yadah) level, instead of just a head knowledge (Gnosis) level. Currently Watching: "The Last Samurai" starring Tom Cruise Currently Listening: "Go Where We Can Shine" by David Gray (Audio Poetry-yes, I made that word up). Wishing For: Someone to share a Movie and a Blanket with on this Rainy Evening Currently Missing: My Daughter, "Aliyahna Shalom, Prettiest Girl That I Know" (yes, it is a little song I made up). Thankful For: The many, many Divine Appointments that I have had in the last 30 days, and throughout my life, many with people who have just reentered it. Looking Forward To: Seeing my Family by Blood, by Spirit and by Choice in Hornsby, Jackson and Nashville, TN and also in Corinth, MS. Currently Not Looking Forward To: Seminary Homework due at Midnite (yes, I use the British Spelling for most things). Looking Back ...
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
"I start to forget. How my heart gets torn. When that hurt gets thrown. Feeling like you can't go on". -David Gray
I was given My favorite fruit is lemon, I could eat them everyday, without a pucker... I put a whole one in every bowl of soup I eat, which are mainly chicken or broccoli based scratched made, won't eat canned soups... It was my lunch, it's why I started this with that n it was Yummy! Don't knock it till you try it?! 2) My 10 favorite songs of all time in order: John Lennon 'Imagine', Rolling Stones 'Wild Horses', Soul Asylum 'Runaway Train', David Gray 'Nemesis', Kings of Leon 'Cold Desert', Matthew Ryan 'Follow the Leader', Matthew Perryman Jones 'Out of Reach', John Mayer 'A Face to Call Home' n 'Edge of Desire' n lastly it's a toss up between 'Whisky & You' or 'Love Without You' by Darius Rucker... If they were to be the only songs I could hear for the rest of my life, I'd die completely happy n ok with that! 3) Losing my mother twice in my lifetime (once for just leaving & the second when she died) has done more damage to me than I ever put thought into... And there isn't a day that passes that I don ...
David Gray offering to play in your local is kind of like Wayne Rooney offering to be your accountant. Or Gillian McKeith offering to cook dinner.
That one time Damon Sims and David Gray cut in front of 25 students to get a Gabby Giffords pic.
Another amazing and incredible show from the Zac Brown Band at the Hollywood Bowl last night. 2 hours plus, awesome covers (Metallica, David Gray, The Band, etc.), guest appearance by Dwight Yoakum, an acoustic set from their "living room" (see pic including "Sweet Emotion") and a skeletonized encore, befitting of the motif of their "Uncaged" album art. I've seen 100's of concerts in my life and this one easily cracks the top 5. Go see them if you get the chance.
David Gray and Ray Lamontagne are always the move in the morning.
David Gray and Jamiroquai are two of the best male artists I've ever heard, can listen to there music repeatedly
Where was john martyn, david gray or elton john ?
Sweatpants, lots of coffee, and David Gray as background music. Yup, it's study time.
David Gray - Babylon just came on shuffle. What a tune.
Don't lead me astray the nite David Gray. I'm no a big drinker!! 󾌲󾌲󾍔󾍕
If it wasn't for David Gray I feel my time spent at Uni would be being wasted and I'd start to turn to alcohol in order to enjoy myself, thank god I don't do that. Can't wait to see what the maestro has in store for today's lecture.
There's nothing like a bit of David Gray to keep you calm whilst in yet another morning traffic jam.
Bit of David gray before college as you do 󾮟
Every time I hear David Gray, I think of college
Huge Selection of Jackets at Low Prices
I added a video to a playlist David Gray - This years love Lyrics
David Gray is my NyQuil. Sail Away by David Gray on
Come Check out our Halloween Decor at Callahan's Tonight, Karaoke with David Gray is just getting started!
Done with class n now for the highlight and winding down of my day--David gray, wine, and making food for the Halloween bake sale tomorrow:-)
I can't sleep either. And I don't have David Gray playing :)
I am still awake..and David Gray 'one I love' is playing 
Yay, my daughter has a fully functioning iMac and I just about got a dual processor G4 tower. Not to habby for free. Thanx David Gray! This blue one was ready to go, just plug and play. :)
Bobby Chilton( Faye Krause)Darlene Gray and the late David Gray at my 21st Birthday Party at Town Hall in 1978.
"Sweep me off my feet. Singing aint this life so sweet." David Gray - This Year's Love
I always appreciate the clever song transitions on Story about nautical maps? David Gray - Sail Away. I'm onto you,
David Gray - "This Year's Love" official video still love this song proper belter
David Gray is always good to listen to when you want to end your lyf
Hospital Food by David Gray is playing on my ipod right now.
Sail away by David Gray is definately going to be my new karaoke song . I really reached those high notes today in the 4 wheeler
"Depression suits you David Gray - Forgetting. Turkey. These songs you recommended made me depressed."
2012 Miche Year-End Clearance - Up to 75% off Select Styles!
So much time for the classic that is David Gray - Babylon. Vocal chords definitely got stretched on the way to work then!
Be Mine - David Gray - "Like you reached inside of my head, and turned on the light inside…."   Case in...
I know I shouldn’t be listening to David Gray incessantly or watching Rom Coms non-stop into the wee hours…...
Ode -_- , it's david gray bro, you just have to love his music
Just me, the guitar and some David Gray tabs. Your company was never required.
put a bit of David Gray for ems party
David Gray - Babylon is in top 20 songs of all time
David gray - babylon on way ome from work goes down a treat
Babylon by David Gray was playing at work yesterday and it reminded me of Hurley's grade 8 grad video :( so good.
David Gray Say Hello, Wave Goodbye on in the centre again tonight, definitely having a listen of that in a bit. Quality cover man.
You know that one song that when you listen to, it's like nothing else in the world matters? This years love by David Gray is that song. 😍
why does that sign say 'David Gray - Babylon'?!
There was a bit of David Gray on my FB feed so now I'm on a mini-binge
David Gray - "Babylon" a busker was playing this on the underground. What a tune. Enjoy
David Gray announces sale of The Church Studios in London to producer Paul Epworth. Follow Construction Blog here!
On November 17, 2013, David Gray will be speaking on "Franchising a Business" at the Women’s Small Business Expo
Just rediscovered David Gray and again happiness is restored 👌
I've definitely perfected the David gray head shake
I could listen to David Gray al day 🎶❤️
Sail away with me, honey. I put my heart in your hands. ♫ Sail Away – David Gray
We have Paul McCartney's new album, David Gray, the Civil Wars, Phil Keaggy, and of course R.C. Sproul in the CD player. Tanya Dunn and I are ready to head to Asheville.
Head is stuck in the smooth hits from the late 90s/early 00s. Pete Yorn, Ryan Adams, Adam Duritz, David Gray. Where are you stuck this week?
Misty Monday morning made better by the melodical musings of Ray Lamontagne, Amos Lee, Ben Harper, and David Gray. Great coffee sippin' music...
Now listening to the incomparable David Gray and Robbie Robertson.
NEW POST: David Gray, his work and oil painting lessons.
David Gray loaded onto the iPod to prepare me for my interview...or is that suicide I know his music is good for one of those..
jesus David gray why do you have to depress me 😣
David Gray & Annie Lennox - Full Steam Live at Children in Need HD
Robbie Fowler obviously didn't see David Gray's Clearence off the line.
Babylon by David gray is a deadly sleep song
All purpose parts banner
Hi, Check out David Gray and Annie Lennox on Later With Jools Holland . I've ha two days of sleep plz 😇.
Hi, Check out David Gray - Babylon on MixerBox:. What iss it not tonight guys plz .
'This years love' by David Gray is a beautiful song
This Years Love by David Gray makes me so sad idk why man it just does.
"Who knows what's waiting in the wings of time. Dry your eyes; we're gonna go where we can shine" - David Gray
Not enough DMB & David Gray for this rainy, quiet evening. ❤
Anyone know any good acoustic artists? Anyone with a similar style to David Gray, Obadiah Parker or Jim Lockey would be ideal...
MOTM - Luke freeman or David Gray he put his balls on the line 4 us 2nite :)
Have to go for David Gray for motm, put his body on the line every time.
Anyone got the clip of David Gray nutting himself?
Best thing about this year was constantly singing to myself 'Avalon' to the tune of David Gray's Babylon.
Damien Rice, Van Morrison, Bonnie Raitt, Ray Lamontagne and David Gray are all somehow tightly packed into Foy...
David Gray has proper chilled my bones today after 8 hours on Croydon. Sorry for the shocking grammar. Awful day, done.
From bbc sport text -'David Gray makes a sliding stop in the area and collides with the posts, legs apart.' How long are this guy's legs ?
Goodison Park won't see many more engrossing one-on-one duels this season than the ongoing Steven Naismith v David Gray war of attrition.
Not sure what's more painful. Kone's miss or David Gray wrapping his love spuds around the post!
David Gray has quite literally put his balls on the line for Boro there after that collision with the post.
Do we add David Gray to the Football League pop-rock XI? Robbie Williams, Chris Martin, Adam Clayton...
Poor David Gray. Not the singer, the Stevenage defender. Just re-created Phil Babb v Chelsea in 1998. Will be squeaking for a week *winces*
101' - Echoes of Phil Babb as David Gray slides into the post legs apart to block Kone's close-range effort. Treatment needed.…
David Gray getting intimate with the post. Could at least buy her a drink first...
Men in the stadium wince as poor David Gray slides into the post, leg either side. That hurt
Ouch David Gray, even the Mrs winced at that, I couldn't watch.
Right in his Babylons there by David Gray!
David Gray has just smashed his Babylons into the post.
Ball so hard Graham Westley wants to sell him, David Gray, David Gray.
Name a cover version that is better than the original. I think David Gray's version of 'Say Hello, Wave Goodbye' is superior to Soft Cell's
my fave David Gray mome was prolly when me n the guys went down to the ole swimming hole & listend to David Grey's first album & swam & swam
David Gray-Shine: Now, go shine your light today 4 all the world & B the bright light God intended U 2 B! Blessings~
he holds a big place in my heart does David Gray.
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Comin up .. Guess the year and you could win David Gray's Greatest Hits
If u wanna kill urself but don't have the strength, u should listen to David Gray Pandora.
David Gray is the ultimate chill out music
I need all songs performed by David Gray on my phone! He is incredible. Much love for his music.
how I went from David Gray to this, I don't know...
Can't go wrong with friends, vodka & some david Gray. 🙌🎶
"If you want it, come and get it, crying out loud. The love that I was Giving you etc". Love a bit of David Gray.
dressing nice walking to David Gray in Vegas is the life
This Years Love by David Gray is such a beautiful song, it's untrue.
just don't start listening to David Gray.
Everyone in the world needs to visit Austin. It's like as if David Gray founded a large city in Texas.
all cracking music mind Gronow. Everybody loves a bit of David Gray.
David Gray will forever soothe my soul
““This is the best match of darts iv seen” boring.”. Soz che should I be on bubs instead listenin to David gray?
Distant turn strumming and singing. David Gray's Babylon, then Wonderwall now Sospan Fach. He's made them all sound the same.
Chase Coy- I fell in love once. Chayenne Mize-not. David Gray-forgetting. Tyler Brown Williams-I cant help but love you
I'm listening to local radio. They are talking about slug pellets and playing David Gray records.
Listening to David Gray while proofing book reviews. Pretty good day so far and book club's later. :o)
Star David Gray is fan of Greenock singer (£)
Feeling like having a party under the moon with lanterns in the trees and David Gray playing #
the beginning of the end gives me the same feeling as this year's love by David gray. Heartbreakingly beautiful love ur music
David Gray Babylons an anthem and a half alright
"Five For Fighting"- the vocalist sound like David Gray!!!.
should I quote David Gray or will that be creepy?
David Gray is perfect, his music sorts out hangovers.
There is one song I will never skip on shuffle... David Gray, why are you such an angel??
Tattoo done by David your appointments today! 281.856.2106
Please watch this+check out The "DG" 140 FB page.This ruck is to honor, Maj. David Gray, who was KIA
Just had the most fantastic karaoke session in the taxi back home to some David Gray, Whitney Houston and Kylie. A+, would do again.
any chance we'll see a release of the David Gray Babylon cover?
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Now it's Babylon by David gray.. Soundtrack to my dreams going on tonight mate..
Just heard "Babylon" by David Gray on the radio.. really took me back to my years working at James Joyce Irish Pub in Avondale/ Atlanta. .. great group of people to work with! Not a night went by where we didn't play this album at least once ;)
A prolific songwriter whose lyrical prose has drawn comparisons to Bob Dylan, Ryan Adams and David Gray, Ian McFeron broke into the Seattle music scene after his self-produced debut album ìDonít Look Backî (2003) was discovered by ìThe Mountainî in Seattle (AAA-formatted KMTT at 103.7 FM). An indepe...
Recently I've been focusing my music list to allot of Eddy Vedder, David Gray, Ray Lamontagne.
David Gray - Sail Away (Live Jools Holland 2007) one if my fav songs prob not in a taxi xx
Well another great Maxxis Tires, Gravity East Series race for DHD Sponsored Team DROP! Almost got by the storm, however it did pour rain beginning at Start! The team in the mud pulled out some great positions, and perhaps weather played a roll in the turnout, it puts the team in a good points position for the Gravity East Series championships! Pro Justin Brigandi - Had 3 offs and a tree hug, yet still gets 5th and 5th place points in the series. So redemption is coming to Windham June 30th! Pro Taylor Allison - Takes a second as well as Saturday's Speed trap win at 28MPH and tops it off with a 2nd Place. George Bodycoat - Takes the Win in the 50+ YES! Redeemed after last years crash and Injury. Congrats Andy Bayus - Takes the 2nd spot behind George Bodycoat, and the Team DROP 50+ guys are killing it and certainly are leading the category. David Gray finished up his weekend in the 40+ Cat 1 field for a 3rd spot and 3rd spot GES points! Jack Duffy - Grabs 2nd place in the strong 19-29 Cat 1 division Lucas B ...
Heard a nice lyric by David Gray earlier "I'm in collision with every stone i ever threw" What's your favourite lyric from a song?
Booming population, rising seas threaten future of island nation David Gray / Reuters Binata Pinata stands on top of a rock holding a fish her husband Kaibakia just caught off Bikeman islet, located off South Tarawa in the central Pacific island nation of Kiribati. By David Gray, Reuters North and South Tarawa are seen from the air. Kiribati consists of a chain of 33 atolls and islands that stand just meters above sea level, spread over a huge expanse of otherwise empty ocean. The ocean laps against a protective seawall outside the maternity ward at Kiribati's Nawerewere Hospital, marshaling itself for another assault with the next king tide. Inside, a basic clinic is crowded with young mothers and newborn babies, the latest additions to a population boom that has risen as relentlessly as the sea in a deeply Christian outpost where family planning is still viewed with skepticism. It is a boom that threatens to overwhelm the tiny atoll of South Tarawa as quickly as the rising seas. Some 50,000 people, abou ...
How about that major storm last night? Well, I did see two limbs on the berm of the freeway this morning. The better the weather forecasting technology gets, the more "false positives" we get. Oh well, they can always plead "better safe than sorry" and they're probably right. Happy Birthday to Charlie Trenta, one of this area's best guitarists. I first saw him play with Zach, and their styles perfectly complemented each other. Now he's with Winslow and he fits right in with their funk/rock/soul mix. Speaking of Zach, he will be our local music spotlight artist at 9:45 ish, but before we surround him, we'll hear nearly fours hours of great commercial-free music including the latest from The National, Muse, Edward Sharpe & The Magnetic Zeroes, Churchill, Wake Owl, Jake Bugg, Boy, and Summit favorites from Peter Gabriel, Cranberries, Lou Reed, David Gray (who celebrates his 45th today), Rockpile, The Stones, 3 Doors Down, Paul Westerberg, Bonnie Raitt, The Radiators, No Doubt and many more.
If this is the answer what is the question? Ben Folds Five, David Gray, Elbow, Stereophonics, Elton John, The Beatles, Tim Minchin, Take That, Rufus Wainwright, John Lennon, Burt Bacharach, Coldplay, Simply Red, A Ha, Wham, Rod Stewart, Don Henley and The Eagles. Songs by musicians which Ollie will be butchering in the Gwaelod Inn from 9pm Friday.
As we all know its almost impossible to find the person who we click with but I'm not gonna give up until I find her:-) I like all types of music like Santana, Jack Johnson, David Gray, Coldplay, Allman brothers, Robert Cray, John Mayer, Lou Reed, Clapton, Blues, Jazz. II would hope she likes to tal...
So I just have to say...I may have the coolest, awesome-est dad in the world! Congrats to David Gray for 50 years of serving God, being open to the Spirit, and trying to model a life after Jesus Christ. Had amazing family time with Jonathan Gray and Karen Gray, Chapin Gray and Kendall Gray, Betsey Gray Kenworthy, Jim Lockwood-Stewart, Cynthia Barger Gray, Morgan Gray and Hannah Gray and Caleb. What a great party! Many thanks to the members of the Congregational Church of the Messiah for their hard work to honor my dad!
Thank yous go out to: 1. College kids: who still need work on how to drink during an all day event. I'm glad I could bring back the beer bong days and show the youngsters how its done. 2. Congratulations Traci Leigh for having the biggest mouth by placing 21 cheese balls in one mouth without chewing. 3. Joe Balke: For not making it into the concert (or at least we didn't see him) 4. Lisa Tryba Wenzlick: from being able to see you two for the first time in years. congrats on the future "new addition". 5. Erin Loeser: For bouncing back after we thought she was "catfished", turns out it was just bad reception. 6. Zac Brown Band: for rocking Alpine and doing some great covers (Zepplin, David Gray, DMB, Van Morison, Metallica, & Charlie Daniels Band). 7. Mother Nature: For giving us a beautiful day and finally 8. Great Friends: I'm glad we all could get together.
Finally figured it out! The familiar part of Mraz's new song is totally from David Gray's This Years Love. Was driving me crazy
Hello Friends Last year on Aug. 8. My hometown lost one of its citizens David Gray in Afghanistan and With Memorial Day and D day just passing in the past week let’s take a moment to remember all of the many men and woman who on a daily sacrifice for us by serving in the US Forces whether it be Army, Navy, Marines or Air Force and the reserves these people so humbly risk their lives on a daily basis and while we are living our lives on a day to day basis take a moment to thank the brave men and woman for making the sacrifice to make The United States Of America a free country and the leader of the free world! May the liberty Bell always ring with sounds of freedom and may old glory always wave over a free country! Thank you Troops for all you do for us and if you see a man or woman in uniform take a moment to go up to them and say thank you! And always remember you may knock America but she will come up fighting for freedom and she will never be defeated! Your Friend Duke! Freedom isn’t free. What do ...
Reading of Peter Bogdanovitch, I was reminded of October 2004 at the AFI Silver Theater. John Heyn and I were seeing our friend Katie McQuerrey and David Gray's film 'Never Say Die' and who do we run into in the lobby? None other than Mr. B who was doing a book signing and screening. I love these sort of pictures, as it looks like we are all chums.
Some pretty influential musicians are celebrating their birthdays today. Procol Harum frontman (and buddy of Colin John Greenan) Gary Brooker is 68, Melissa Etheridge is cancer-free at 52, and Noel Gallagher of Oasis is still testy, I'll bet, at 45. Today, Liz, Bill Gruber, and I will be giving you a chance to win a family 4 pack of tickets to watch the Akron Aeros host the Portaland Sea Dogs at Canal Park on Friday, June 7. I'll be giving mine away after nine. Despite their recent performance, Aeros games are the best non-musical entertainiment downtown. Now, for the music we'll hear this morning. We'll enjoy the latest from The Wild Feathers, Capital Cities, Dan Croll, Dawes, Pickwick, and the Dave Matthews Band, plus Summit favorites from The Records, U2, Todd, The Pogues, David Gray, The Cure, Lenny Kravitz, INXS, The Power Station with an apt song for today, Depeche Mode; Captain Beyond will leave us Sufficiently Breathless, we'll get a refreshing cold shot from Stevie Ray, plus we'll hear Mark David ...
I was thinking about our family and how many of them served or are serving in the military. Gary Tucker,(mothers side) he came home, but agent orange took him anyway. Uncle Gaines, Uncle Jim,Uncle Melvin,Uncle Howard, Daddy, Ryan Burkholder, David Gray, who is out there defending our country right now,and although not related by blood, John Hanley. I certainly claimed him as family. My memory is faulty. I cant find my brain.Did I miss any? I wasn't sure about Uncle Howard or Uncle Melvin. But I sure don't have to wonder why the family is the best there is. It's because we have men like these. The roots run deep and the values they hold run deeper. Thank you God, for my family.
I've always wanted to learn how to madison, and now I get to learn it from Zak Kovalcik, one of the best track racers in the country. The track 201 clinic will be good learning for all of our newer riders and those who maybe haven't ventured out to the track yet this year, Christopher Connolly, Nick Hand, Justin Maciekowicz, Chris Ryan Miller, David Gray, Chris Cleeland, Jay Strothman, Pj Walsh, David Stroot, it would be awesome to have you all come out! We'll finish the night with the madison clinic!
The Atlantic Horns have worked with some of the biggest names in the industry. Together they have toured the world, performing at places like the Hollywood Bowl and Wembley Arena as well as headlining Glastonbury festival. Artists they have worked with include Basement Jaxx, Amy Winehouse, Hard–Fi, Mark Ronson, Groove Armada, Madness, Spiritualized, Paul McCartney, David Gray, Lemar, Jamie Cullum, Radiohead, Beyonce, Jools Holland, JTQ, Natalie Williams, Emma Bunton, Stevie Wonder, Aretha Franklin, Alicia Keys, Queen Latifah, Wyclef Jean, Paolo Nutini, Kasabian and Gloria Estefan. They have made numerous TV appearances including The Tonight Show with Jay Leno in New York, The Late Show with Conan O'Brien, Later with Jools Holland, The BBC2 Culture Show, and several appearances on BBC1's legendary Top of the Pops. The Atlantic Horns can be booked for any type of recording session, live performance, tour or TV appearance.
You should all know who you are, and I may have missed a few... But I want you to know I luv yas! Kitrina Serna, Brad Walma, Kimberly Froman, Steven Uuro, Tracy Gray, David Gray, Robert Boyd, Pamela E. Norwood, Dustin Ross Farnum, Amanda Spencer, Allen Scott Brooks
She won't be saying that when one day I'll photograph her beloved Paul McCartney, David Gray or Rufus Wainwright!...
Enjoy live music on the front porch of the Hotel Fauchere overlooking the town. Bar Louis dinner and cocktail menu will be served. About the artist Travis Caudle With his song writing compared to the likes of David Gray and Colin Hay, and his sound to Coldplay, U2 and The Church, Australian musician...
Ruarri Joseph A Lights Arena Event Inspired by Bob Dylan, the singer song-writer’s work has earned him favourable comparisons to the chart-topping pop savvy sounds of Damian Rice and David Gray. Born in Edinburgh, he found his song writing roots in the south western Pacific and moved back to the UK at 17 and.. The Lights, West Street, Andover, Hampshire SP10 1AH Today JAY MILLERS CIRCUS Souther Englands Greatest This Circus Spectacular returns by popular demand,, celebrating with a brand new presentation for 2013. Its the show that all the family will enjoy. With an all new selection of International Circus artistes from around the world for your enjoyment, that have never before been seen in the UK... ANDOVER Finkley Down Farm Hampshire SP11 6NF Today Hatherden Summer Fete Hatherden fete will be a fun packed afternoon for all your family, including your dog! Start the afternoon off at 1pm with some lunch from our yummy BBQ & Hog Roast, washing the food down with some liquid refreshments from the beer t ...
Can I ever forget? David Gray to us in the final year was what John Mayer was to us in 2nd.
Talking album GREAT LAKES, writer's block, and touring with Lisa Hannigan & David Gray... JOHN SMITH: the mouthcast
Jamming to David Gray, Train, Tracy Chapman, Bill Withers, Otis Redding and many others! Chilled evening before rugby tomorrow!
In fear of backlash, don't get the hype around Ben Howard. Reminds me a lot of David Gray.
Does the Coffee House channel on Sirius play anyone other than David Gray and Jason Mraz?
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David Gray has a greatest hits album? It's okay...but in the words of Chris Traeger, I just now need to..."adjust"
I've watched "Panic at the Disco, David Gray and Suzanne Vega" (S2 E3) of Live From Abbey Road (via
along with a bit of James Morrison, James blunt, David Gray mixed in there with a hint of the fray and of course John Mayer
Jesus Wept, just had David Gray crying on the phone asking to come back,he just had a text from Graham Westley. "See you in the Boxing Ring"
sad to see Dr. Harold Cook leave us for retirement, but we're excited to welcome Dr. David Gray as our new campus dean and principal!
I've been on a David Gray kick lately.
I agree with David Gray but might be a season too soon for Oliver Lines. I'm bias but got a good chance!
too early to say but keep an eye on Oliver Lines and SB Classic winner David Gray.
There are some pretty iconic people celebrating birthdays today. Would you believe.that Barbara Feldon is 80? James Taylor is 65 and Jon Provost (Timmy on Lassie from 1957-64) is 62. Whew, good thing we aren't getting any older. Once again I'll give you a chance to win passes for the Cleveland Film Festival. That will come up after 9 this morning. We'll be hearing a brand new song from Eric Clapton this morning along with the latest from Matt Costa, the Goo Goo Dolls, Richard Thompson, Cayucas, Fitz and the Tantrums, Matt Hires, and the Wallflowers. We'll also hear great tracks from Lissie, Suzanne Vega's "Luka", one of David Gray's best, Pretenders, Phoenix, John Hiatt, De Sol, the Black Keys "Strange Times", Lenny Kravitz, and in my last set, we'll play tracks from two native N.E. Ohioans who toured together several years back, Tracy Chapman and Joseph Arthur. And that's why I've been happy working here for nearly nine years now. It's also my friend Vincent Ing's birthday. Have a great one, Vince!
Amongst some of my favorite right now are Joshua Radin, David Gray, Ben Harper, and Schuyler Fisk. And of course, Gegory Alan Isakov.
I have been off now for one full week recovering from knee surgery which this injury was result of 12/31/12 ice slip. Here is what I learned. 1.) David Gray is still the best musician in the world. His music fits whatever mood I am in at any given time that I listen to him. 2.) Cable is not all that is cracked up to be (except for Justified and the great acting of beautiful Raylan and Crowder). 3.) When buying ahead for the food you will need once recovered remember you won't have willpower after the procedure than you had before procedure... 4,) HAPPY TO BE ON THE MEND AND THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR SUPPORT. Peggy
as if I've only just woken up... didn't go to uni and I have a headache. I blame David Gray & Blake Marley the cheeky runts or what ever they call themselves for planting the idea of boyz in my head after work. on that note, i'm going to nurse my bruises after trying on some girls high heels worse for wear and going literally head over heels.
I like memorable songs but memorable voices take the cake. Marcus Mumford, Johnny Cash, David Gray, you really are tops.
Upcoming Entertainment at Rj's Tavern Big City THIS Saturday March 9th Sunday March 17th St. Patricks Day Poker Run 2-5 p.m. Saturday March 23rd Decades: Songs from the 1960s through the 1990s songs that span the varied set of genres from the blues rock of the 1960s to the southern fried rock of the 1970s to the glam rock of the 1980s to the grunge rock of the 1990s. Saturday April 5th Epic Five: If you like to dance, this band is not to be missed! You request it They will play it! The band Epic Dive features top 40 hits from Black Eyed Peas to Bruno Mars, Prince, Maroon 5 and more! Saturday April 20th Kooky Uncle Tony: The Hastings natives perform classic rock (The Rolling Stones, Led Zeppelin, Tom Petty) to classic R & B (Stevie Wonder, Marvin Gaye, James Brown, Bill Withers), to adult contemporary (David Gray, U2, Jack Johnson) to hip modern rock (Cake, Kings of Leon, Gomez), an evening with Kooky Uncle Tony is wildly entertaining to any true music lover.
Sad to see the really old v festival lineups like when Coldplay, David Gray, Dido and Morrissey headlined, knowing I will never attend them
So what do we have in store for you this eve! One certainly not to be missed Ruarri Joseph Out promoting his new album. Ruarri has the same management team as David Gray, Damien Rice, Lisa Hannigan and Orbital and the predictions are he's going to be huge so catch him upclose and personnal before he moves on to the bigger venues!
New music from Eric Clapton? You bet, and I'll also be sharing new stuff from Stars, Jake Bugg, Frightened Rabbit, Alpha Rev, Green Day, Cayucas, Mumford & Sons, and Walk The Moon, among others. We'll also comb the Summit library for tracks you may not even know you're aching to hear, like Carole King's "Sweet Seasons", World Party's "Take It Up", Shawn Mullins' "Lullaby", some Traveling Wilburys, David Gray's "Babylon", Marcy playground will give us "Sex and Candy" (the breakfast of champions?), plus Dirty Heads, The Ramones, The Rembrandts, Dandy Warhols, Fleetwood Mac, Georgia Satellites, Lemonheads, and Mark David & The Nightly Lights be shining in the local music spotlight. And, it's Gruber's birthday today. No, not our Bill Gruber, but Kelly Gruber. Remember? He was the 3rd baseman the Tribe drafted in 1980, but didn't sign. Of course, he went on to capture boith the Golden Glove and Silver Slugger awards in 1990; won the Series in 92 and made the All-Star team twice.
This is the most depressing playlists ever. The Fray, Jason Mraz, David Gray.
Mac Miller, The Fray, David Gray, Alt J and Justin Bieber are my forever faves
David Gray, our managing partner, in front of
David Gray, managing partner, Russia, about shale oil production in the quote of the week
I am deeply worried about the location of a certain David Gray are you out are you in bed? I have ate half my body weight in cornflakes because let's be honest if I said my full body weight that would just be lying. WHERE ARE YOU!!???
Just discovered Ed Sheeran. I really like this. He's like Jason Mraz meets David Gray.
Chris Wilson has just asked me to support an artist called Ruarri Joseph for a solo acoustic gig on Thurs 28th Feb at The Greystones. I've said yes and it could prove to be an interesting gig! He's asked if I can get as many people down as I can (he doesn't normally ask this, it's not his style) but he's trying to do a favour for Ruarri's management so I said I'd do my bit - hence the following story!! Ruarri has the same management as Damien Rice and David Gray and apparently is going to be big this year. Chris is normally right about these things. I did my first gig with Chris at the Boardwalk when I was 13/14 and we after a few gigs and gaining a good rappor, he said to me I should come down to see an American blues/rock/folk singer who was on his first UK tour and who was going to be huge. Me still being at school and being a massive geek didn't go. Oh how I regret this decision as it was only Ryan Adams who I later became a massive fan of! He ended up playing to about 8 people that night!! The next t ...
Feel obliged to whack on some David Gray and John Martyn in honour of hutchinson pancake day
So, it's just been confirmed; I'm off to The Church Studios in Crouch End, London, on Thursday (it's owned by David Gray) i'm meeting up with a wonderful guy called Tristan Ivemy, he produced and mixed Frank Turner's brilliant album "England Keep My Bones" Tristan had previously mixed Love, Ire and Song, Rock & Roll and Campfire Punkrock for Frank too. He's also worked with some other truly wonderfully talented people, too many to list here. Anyway, it turns out Tristan loves my songs and thinks i have at least a *** fine 6 track EP that he would love to produce for me. So here i go again on this wonderful little journey of keeping one foot in front of the other and dreaming big dreams. I gotta tell you though: I'm massively excited and overjoyed that someone like Tristan wants to work with me, i'm over the moon that he loves my songs and feels like he can bring out the best of me and my sound.
Amazing how tiny little things can remind you of hidden memories. I always say songs are like bookmarks, coz they take you back to a page in your life where you were when you first heard the song. David Gray always reminds me of moving into the first home I had of my own, when I was happy and content and finally felt safe for the first time in my life, even if it didn't last long. this time it seems to be Deaf Havana and Josh Groban's last album - only I could play Josh Groban followed by Deaf Havana but hey, it pleases my ears ;) - but I keep seeing stuff when I go shopping that dad would've liked, that I would've bought him and taken up the road, still got several bottles of Lucozade and a neck warmer from Aldi's that I never got to give him :( But a happy memory too - I bought a different brand of washing liquid the other day, I've done one load of laundry with it already and have got several more to plough through today to take down to the new house and the scent filling the place atm is making me smi ...
have a fire going soft music going some David Gray ever heard his music? An bud select
Green's Shoots of Recovery Undermined By Poor Performances By Colin Armstrong There was a very poignant moment at the recent home match with Montrose, out with the lone piper lament for Rab Learmonth, the fan who tragically died at Ibrox Stadium recently. With around 15 minutes remaining, supporters in the Broomloan unveiled a banner which read: ‘Carry our noise with the badge on your breast. Give them *** at Tannadice’. It received a round of applause as fans united in belief that our opponents the following week had taken far too much pleasure from our woes, and that the football park was the best place to settle these issues. It should have served as a reminder to the players just how significant this fixture was to every single Rangers supporter. We have shown up in huge numbers since the fall from grace, the match against Dundee Utd represented an opportunity for the players to repay that loyalty. Alas the banner couldn’t even inspire a win on the day as, in the 89th minute, David Gray lashed . ...
David Ford & David Gray - Islington Academy London on 6 March & all for a charitable cause. Tix here -
“David Gray - Babylon What a song man big jaydogg introducing you to another classic
2013 racing season kicked off for us last night at Citrus County Speedway for the Sportsman. Went out for practice and blew out the timing chain cover seal and hurt the harmonic balancer. We got those issues fixed and run 4th in the heat after starting 5th. The car was not very good so we made some changes and started 10th in the feature. Made it up to 3rd by the finish. Car was still not what we was looking for but we are learning quickly. Had a few bumps and scrapes along the way but kept digging and got 3rd. 10 cars started 8 cars finished. Would like to thank and if I forgot you I'm sorry Gina Wilson, Derek Gray, Brittney Ann Gray, David Gray, new crew chief Corey Pierce, head fabricator Matt Bozeman, Justin Cooper, Darrell Jackson, Paul Gibbs and I think thats everyone oh dang it Stefanie Anderson. Thanks Billy Barstow and Rhonda Barstow cause without you this would not be possible. Good way to start the year. Had lots of fun and it was a great evening.
Here's to a great weekend. Practiced at Citrus last night with the Sportsman. Now headed to Eastbay to watch Street Stocks and Crate Late Models with Gina Wilson, Derek Gray, David Gray, Brittney Ann Gray,Devin Gray, Dylan Gray and hm oh yeh Stefanie Anderson. Then tomorrow night this whole crew plus Billy Barstow and Rhonda Barstow will be headed back to Citrus to run our first Sportsman race together.
Bit of Bob marley, David Gray, Damien Rice, James Blunt, Jack Johnson.. Drops of Jupiter by Taylor Swift is up there too
The Wellington Regional Stadium Trust has announced the pending retirement of Westpac Stadium Chief Executive, David Gray. Story at
In case you missed it - David Gray interviews Alberta Premier Alison Redford on today's Eyeopener: #
Former Kitsap Pumas S.C. David Gray (2010-11) scored an equalizing goal in 88th minute vs Rangers in front over over 46,000 at the Rangers home park of Ibrox Stadium in a 1-1 draw for Montrose FC in Scotish Division 3 action today. David came on as a sub in 64th and blasted a 25 yarder just under the crossbar to rip the hearts out of the home fans.
A STUNNING late 30-yard drive from substitute David Gray gave Montrose one of the finest results in their history as they came from behind to draw wit...
'89 - GOAL! Second half substitute David Gray scores with an outstanding top corner strike at Ibrox. RANGERS 1:1 MONTROSE
Once got spectacularly drunk with and a David Gray impersonator. There was a traffic cone involved too.
Slowly recovering from a brilliant Burn;s Night at HMS Drake with Stew MacDougall, Andra MacDougall and Elaine Marie Robinson. Great to see David Gray, Will Corbett and Pete Tunnicliffe, just like the old days; good times. ( Need to do that more often). Ceilidh in the upper Pembroke Room was great fun. Availability of fine Port and Scotch proved my eventual undoing. Some hae meat and canna eat, And some wad eat that want it; But we hae meat, and we can eat, And sae let the Lord be thankit. Well done to Stewart for his "Address to the Haggis". A true Oscar performance.
About The Catapult Club Mission Promoting great live music in Birmingham every week of the year Description The Catapult Club is a Birmingham based live music promotion and management company booking regular weekly gigs into 02 Academy 3, The Actress and Bishop and Birmingham Ballroom Founded by Arthur Tapp in 1989 the Catapult Club has championed the local music scene and played host to some of the biggest bands in the country. From all the Britpop era bands of the mid nineties such as Ocean Colour Scene, David Gray, Dodgy, Travis, through to recent acts such as Kasabian, Maximo Park, The Twang, The Enemy, Editors and We Are Scientists (including sold out Academy main stage shows for the latter two bands) and recently a 12,000 capacity show for Editors at Birmingham's N.I.A. If you would like to get in touch the best point of contact is Arthur Tapp arthur787 634 If you are looking for a gig please include a contact number and link to some music. If you have members under 18 please let us know. This won't ...
Could do wi' a few recommendations for some quality accoustic stuff to download if anyone has any ideas. Cheers. Y'all should know the stuff I like by now lol something like Dylan, Neil Young, Alabama 3, David Gray, Ray Lamontagne accoustic stuff.
As I have no idea what sorta crowd I will be playing to tomorrow night, my playlist includes Oasis, Britney Spears, The Smiths, Ricky Nelson, High Flying Birds, Jake Bugg, The Libertines, David Gray, Take That, Robbie Williams, Garth Brooks and a song that doesn't have a name. That should keep everyone happy.
Sorry about that. But some David Gray / David Ford fans are flying in from Germany apparently.
Love listening to songs from Damien Rice and David Gray
James Arthur is my favourite artist since Damian Rice and David Gray. Can't wait for an album.
Give me David Gray, Alan Gregg, Jonathan Kearney over seb hines all day. Absolutely useless
David Gray, Gary Clark Jr. are coming up right now! Tune in at to listen and enjoy! :)
These are works in progress. The girl is a copy of David Gray. I am getting into a bit of Classical Realism just for the fun of it. Got to slow up and make works which take a bit longer.
Gareth Barry is to football what David Gray is to a record collection.
David Gray's 'Babylon' is playing in the café I'm in. It really is such a lovely song heard millions of times back in d'day.
Feels like lightening running through my viens every time i look at you. What a line David Gray
I've had James Morrison, Jason Mraz, David Gray, Phillip Phillips, The Cranberries, and a whole bunch on repeat.
Never slept a second last night...instead i watched music performances on youtubings, start of night was Hip Hoppity with Azaelia Banks, Angel Haze, Kanye and Jay Z, then around 12ish slowed it down to the sounds of Bowie's Reality tour 2010 (all 33 tracks), Annie Lennox, Queen, David Gray,Paul Weller and the Libertines. Today on my day off i shall be under my duvet reading my book and crashing oot at some point!!! Good day/night...
Loving a bit of David Gray to chill out
David Gray - Alibi. Dave performs one of his most haunting songs "Alibi" live in London in 2006. Buy David Gray music at
Derek Hobby, Daisy Harding, David Bessant, Eddie, Richard Cowley, Martin Wright, Leonardo Taggio, Ian Hartland, Carole Rudolph, Margaret Wilkes, Simon Gallagher, Tracy Kennish, David Gray, Vonnie, Elaine Marston, Michelle Thompson, Clark Lawson you volunteers were brilliant this week. Thanks for answering the call and apologies for not mentioning you at the start, Vonnie has chastised me, espcially as she volunteerd.
a while ago i accidentally deleted all the albums off my macbook. Thankfully i had been keeping all my old CD's safe at our holiday house - so, just now uploading all the albums back on - John Mayer, Crowded House, Ben Lea, The Waifs, Norah Jones, Jack Johnson, Cinematic Orchestra, St Germaine, U2, David Gray, Dido, Travis, Texas.
This cut and 9 other cover songs are "buried" on this MySpace link. Ricki Lee Jones, David Gray, Starship, J.D. Souther, Johnny Mathis, Skylark. Michael Jackson, Todd Rundgren and Martha & The Vandellas. It can be a slow load, but fun once you get the player to pop up. Of course, my original material can still be accessed here on FB or at Reverbnation.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Streetbike Tires
Digging the lumineers album - its like a mix between Matt Costa and David Gray!
Hey Guys, My new CD is out and about and is available for $20.00 ea or if you want one to give as a gift they are 2 for $30.00 - Track list is as below; great chilled out tracks for summer; 1. A Team by Ed Sheeran 2.Fall for you by Secondhand Serenade 3. Hero of War by Rise Against 4. Hey Ya by Outkast 5.Cannonball by Damien Rice 6.Read all about it by Emelie Sande 7. Runaway Train by Soul Asylum 8. Skinny Love by Birdy 9. Don't Cry by Guns N Roses 10. Nights in White Satin by Moody Blues 11.If you could only see by Tonic 12. Beloved One by Ben Harper 13. What you want by John Butler 14. Black and Gold by Sam Sparro 15. Little Lion Man by Mumford and Sons 16. This years love by David Gray 17.Otherside by Red Hot Chilli Peppers 18. No matter by Michael Harrington (Original) 19.I'm Yours by Jason Mraz 20. Last Kiss by Pearl Jam 21. Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley
Boy demands that Ben Howard on R1(sounding suspiciously like The Waterboys, Tracey Chapman and David Gray) be turned off. Taste will out.
Hope you all had a great Christmas :) Check out a new 5 part series at 2pm on RTE Radio 1 today called 'Hitting Home': 50 Years of The Irish Charts New series. To mark half a century of the Ireland's hit parade, Fiachna Ó Braonáin looks back at what makes the charts uniquely Irish. Contributors include *** Byrne, Dustin, David Gray and *** Lynch.
Every single time I rediscover This Years Love by David Gray I love it even more than before
David Gray and Ed's album on and my guitar out = night sorted
On Saturday I'm whacking my iPod out and playing David gray for the pre party
But having David Gray's 'Forgetting' in the background of Rosie and Marco's sad scene just makes it 10 times more emotional. Help.
British Australian television personality and Comedian Ugly Dave Gray (born Graham David Taylor) is 79 today.
sensational! Saw him supporting David Gray almost 5 years ago in the Cotswolds. Blew my mind
They play a lot of David Gray in Perkins. I'm not mad about it though.
“One is wise to cultivate the tree that bears fruit in our soul” - Henry David Tho...
the jamming session just produced a certain David Gray number!!x
Christmas dinner was a hit thanks David. Gray's still not well and I Need sleep. X
David Gray - Babylon go of your heart.let go of your head
7 years ago today David Tennant made his first debut on Doctor Who. 7 years on and we are about to see the debut of Jenna-Louise Coleman.
Iphone5 just now... Bout to say deuces to and the gift from David Stern? What a Christmas
Sitting down to christmas dinner and David Gray playing away in the background..can't beat it
Merry Christmas to you all and the rest of the family. Enjoy your gift from David Stern! Lol
'craig you coming pub? David Gray not with you wearing those antlers!'
David Gray no I'm not... Not wi you... Wearing those antlers!
name and shame David gray David gray David gray
“David Gray's fourth album 'White Ladder' is the best-selling album of all time in Ireland - I'm not surprised
Avett Bros, Grace Potter, The Lumineers, David Grey (or Gray?), Edward Sharpe, Zac Brown and whole lot of guests
The fact that David and I both gave each other gray vans >>
So after some consideration, I've made a decision. When we hit 20,000 "Likes," I'm going to tattoo "Gun Control = More Crime" on my left arm. This is a cause I'm committed too, and I'll fight for it until I take my last breath!
Half of the people in my church look like David Schwimmer, and needless to say this confuses me.
Jus had the most romantic bath 😋 bubbles, glass of wine, david gray playing and the boyfriend xxx
David Gray's White Ladder & Floyd's Dark Side of the Moon are the faves for falling asleep in our house. Great Albums
Does Ben look like David Luiz or is it just me?
Honored to add a piece to the collection of David Oropesa; a true Collector of Black n Gray Chicano style Ta
Just found the David Gray White Ladder album my dad got me when I was 11 wow
ah, listening to David Gray sat with some of my girls having a Christmas drink :')
"This Year's Love" is one of my favorite songs of all time , David Gray did a great job, its captivating in every single way.
Late post but I though this was a cool piece david Bolt flash
Love a bit of David Gray full blast when I'm tidying up
The Larry David ep of Comedians in Cars is the gift that keeps on giving.
Watch the full concert at Gray performs his hit song "Babylon" live at the O2 Arena benefiting the Nordoff-Robbins Music Therapy charity.The Rockwell concert will raise money and awareness for one of the leading world charity organisations, the Nordoff-Rob...
Striker Leon Clarke joins the Sky Blues on trial with a view to a permanent move
Books by David L. Gray on Catholic Spiritual Theology and Catholic Apologetics. Available in Paperback, Amazon Kindle, and Nook readers.
A great time was had by all yesterday at Stage One’s Town Hall Christmas! Thanks to Reid Miller, Fran Peyer, and Ray Jewell for joining us at the matinee. And a huge THANKS to David W. Graham for MCing the event in the evening! We were a little short-handed last night and David saved the day! (or is it night?) Thanks, again, to Fran’s Peyer Choir, Anna Schuette-Reid, Joan Heinze, Nanacy Haase, the Day Lilies, Yuri Rashkin, Pastor Bruce Gray, Ray Jewell (for his double role), Doris Thom, Mike Stalsberg, Pat Thom, Pat Hall, Dustin & Elizabeth & Jeff at Janesville Performing Arts Center, and Edie’s Best Boy: Dale Dale Jerry Dean. And a huge Thanks to our wonderful audience! Happy Holidays to all! May 2013 be full of good adventures!
David Gray again!! (1 point) 10. How many games has heskey played altogether including junior? (double points) -Ross
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