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David Goldblatt

David Goldblatt (born 29 November 1930 in Randfontein, Gauteng Province) is a South African photographer noted for his portrayal of South Africa during the period of apartheid and more recently that country's landscapes.

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Prof David Goldblatt brings clarity and humour to the topic of pneumococcal vaccination.
David Goldblatt showing how childhood pneumococcal vaccination benefits both children and the…
Fascinating insight from Prof David Goldblatt into effect of focus groups/ acceptability driving research to refine…
David Goldblatt - another a powerful demonstration of the power of to improve child…
.has acquired the rights for David Goldblatt's book,
Grey and balding beware! Important messages from David Goldblatt on vaccination at No senior moments allowed
Latest features and David Goldblatt! All my favourite people on one show.
Fascinating article by David Goldblatt on Nigerians' embrace of the Premier League, with striking photos too.
A great evening with a legendary yet unassuming photographer David Goldblatt in the Black Country, hats off to…
David Goldblatt with the wider project team talks about exploring crime though photos & stories of ex-offenders.
David Goldblatt: Ex-offenders exhibition talk! Really great and thought provoking stories…
Inspirational talk this evening by David Goldblatt who photographed former offenders at the scene of the crime in West Brom
At West Bromwich Town Hall to hear the extraordinary David Goldblatt speak about his work with ex-offenders for…
Waiting for a story with David Goldblatt @ West Bromwich Library
Looking forward to attending photographer David Goldblatt's sold out talk tonight in West Brom
Tune in to the Janice Forsyth Show on BBC Radio Scotland today at 3.45 to hear Sam Goldblatt and David Hutchison talk 48HFP!
South Africa through the eyes of David Goldblatt is an achingly beautiful place...
Looking forward to this tonight with and
This is one of the few times you should sweat the small stuff!
Susan Meiselas and David Goldblatt at the Premier Inn in West Bromwich, with Susan's latest book with Multistory
Interview with David Goldblatt, professor of the FC Barcelona Master in Football Business by Johan Cruyff Institute…
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The Ball is Round by David Goldblatt, it's a chunky *** but brilliant.
How much do we know about the original Olympics in ancient Greece?
NEW! Obsessed with the Olympics?! Read David Goldblatt's history of the modern Olympic games.
David Goldblatt's sporting, social and political history of the modern Games. .
Me, I like. I'm not sure David Goldblatt would approve. 😂
What's the worst thing about being an octopus? Washing your hands before dinner!
Is this the way of sport mega events? Great athleticism marred by displacement of the &
"Happy" to have played the bass clarinet for 30 minutes now. Coming along nicely :D (like my improv ending?)
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Can't stop watching Take a break and check out
Beyond the gold: the impact of the Olympics on the world stage w/
.brings to tomorrow night, discussing his definitive history of the Olympics:
Beyond the Gold: A Conversation with David Goldblatt on the Effect of...
excellent show on the Olympics with David Goldblatt! More! More!
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What's the point of the Olympics and why does anyone still want to host it? (inc the brilliant David Goldblatt)
For those who like to read books of a timely nature, we have David Goldblatt's The Games: A Global History of the...
The Games: A Global History of the Olympics by David Goldblatt for $14.87 via
in 1952 Winston Churchill congratulated a horse (from David Goldblatt's history of the Olympics)
Good reminder from - last few days of The David Goldblatt exhibition
Still a few days left to see this - master photographer David Goldblatt's exhibition.
Congrats fan for winning Sports Book of the Year
Highly rec'd for all football fans: "Bristol Rovers fan wins Sports Book of the Year"
'Do you procrastinate?' digs to the heart of the issue with author David Goldblatt.
guest David Goldblatt can't speak highly enough of Football Beyond Borders. check them out!
In the studio we have David Goldblatt. Tune 93.2 and
What a sight, reading. Thanks to David Goldblatt for bringing his award winning book with him.
Is football worthy of sociological study?An iv with winner of William Hill sports book of the year ht…
HUGE thanks to AWARD-WINNING AUTHOR David Goldblatt , latest supporter of
Join us at until Saturday to view David Goldblatt's photos
This man is on the mighty tonight - a Bristol winner, writer David Goldblatt.
David Goldblatt winner of Best Sportsbook in UK is on tonight's
David Goldblatt’s South Africa. One of the greats. Goodman Gallery : artists | show
Congratulations on winning Sports Book of the Year
Bristol Rovers fan David Goldblatt wins Sports Book of the Year
wait, THAT is what david goldblatt looks like? *burns all copies of 'the ball is round'*
The moment David Goldblatt found out he'd won The William Hill Sports Book of the Year
The Game Of Our Lives by David Goldblatt is worth a read
Journey back into history with David Goldblatt’s new book ‘The Time Travel Handbook’.
What do you find most captivating about this photo by David Goldblatt? Join us at h…
Great day to shop for new cabinets https:/…
On page 154 of 992 of The Ball is Round, by David Goldblatt
Sports book of the year brings ray of sunshine to the William Hill prize
Don't miss David Goldblatt's walkabout at the Standard Bank Gallery. 7th November 10h00. Thanks to
I'm about to read another chapter of Game of Their Lives by David Goldblatt and probably drop some more
The obvious, is not necessarily the obvious – photographer David Goldblatt.
If you missed it, here I am on the street with David Letterman!!! We asked New Yorkers what he should do next.
As a soccer fan I would encourage you to check out David Goldblatt's The Ball Is Round, if you haven't done so already. Brilliant.
The History of Brazil Is Round David Goldblatt unravels the story of Brazil through its abiding ...
People at exhibitions. . Fantastic ongoing exhibition by David Goldblatt which has been described by…
At the opening of Structures of Dominion and Democracy by David Goldblatt
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Check out Black and White photography magazine John Gutmann David Goldblatt South Africa via
Matt Dickinson, , David Goldblatt, Michael Walker, Amy Lawrence - all written great history books in last year
Come meet and greet David Goldblatt at the DCP tomorrow at 9am for an educative sojourn - ALL WELCOME
If you liked David Goldblatt's piece here - - I can't recommend his book 'The Game of our Lives' highly enough.
Fascinating new photographic exhibition by David Goldblatt in DBN from March 31. See tomorrow for more info
Round of applause for David Goldblatt. Football's future could depend on this. A MUST read
hello stranger. Have you read David Goldblatt's new book 'The Game of our lives' ? Just started it. Cracking so far.
Superlative article about football by David Goldblatt. Football Action Network eserves support of everyone:
Reclaiming football for all: presenting the manifesto for a better game | David Goldblatt -
As part of his ongoing exhibition 'Structures' don't miss David Goldblatt exhibiting Cape Town.
"The Game of Our Lives: The Meaning and Making of English Football by David Goldblatt – review"
Excellent from David Goldblatt on the excesses of modern English football benefitting those at the top -
David Goldblatt: private opulence of the Premier League and public squalor of grassroots football.
Football: private property or people's game? David Goldblatt. The Observer.
thoughtful piece by David Goldblatt. via
Great piece by David Goldblatt on the Premier League & how it fails its public.
"Ah, it is the ancient frost wizard from the north, David Goldblatt."
Looking forward to another great night at Jimmy Mak's this Wednesday with The Christopher Brown Quartet! Don't miss one of the most talked about, high energy shows in Portland! We will be doing our thing from 9:30-11 following the Mel Brown Quartet and will be joined by special guest David Goldblatt!
The butchery of H. Sahib,who resisted forced removal, with new housing for whites. David Goldblatt.
"In your status line, list 10 books that have stayed with you in some way. Don't take more than a few minutes and don't think too hard. They don't have to be "right" or "great" works, just the ones that have touched you. Tag 10 friends, including me, so I can see your list." • Meyers Fremmedordbog • Arturo Barea: La forja de un rebelde • Julio Aróstegui & Jesús A. Martínez: La Junta de defensa de Madrid • Palle Lauring: Danmark i Skåne • David Goldblatt: The Ball is Round. A Global History of Soccer • Joe Klein: Woody Guthrie. A Life • Bjarne Reuter: Kaptajn Bimse og Goggeletten • Theodor Storm: Der Schimmelreiter • John Collis: The Rock Primer (Penguin Handbooks) • Ramon Melcon & Stratton Smith: Real Madrid. En bog om fodbold
Happy 83rd birthday to South African photographer David Goldblatt! See our solo exhibit of his work here:
LECTURE 5 CANVAS TO LENS: PHOTOGRAPHY AND NEW MEDIA BY PROF FEDERICO FRESCHI Goodman Gallery JOHANNESBURG THURSDAY 28 NOVEMBER 2013 AT 18H00 LECTURES ARE FREE BUT SEATS ARE LIMITED. PLEASE RSVP TO NANETTEARTIST BOOKS DAVID GOLDBLATT / The Transported of KwaNdebele After On the Mines, The Transported of KwaNdebele is the second of David Goldblatt's books re-designed and expanded by the artist for Steidl Publishers. Dating originally from 1989, it talks about the workers of an apartheid tribal homeland for blacks, KwaNdebele, which has no industry, very few opportunities for jobs, and is a long way from the nearest industrial-commercial activity of white-controlled Pretoria. Workers from KwaNdebele catch buses in the very early morning, some as early as 2:45 am, in order to be at their workplaces in Pretoria by 7:00. At the end of the day they repeat the journey in the other direction, to get home at between 8 and 10 pm. Goldblatt takes us on their bone-jarring journeys through the night, which is a metapho ...
Spread the word! 11/5 Noon EST David Goldblatt on 2014 World Cup in Brazil. Livestream:
The purpose of photography Two great quotes from David Goldblatt and Vanessa Winship that say it all.
Great rehearsal today! Gig is tomorrow, Saturday from 8-11pm. Paul Mazzio, John Nastos, Mike Snyder, David Goldblatt, and Mike Horsfall are on board. Hope to see you there!
Yip, I listen every week👍 Have ye read The ball is round by David Goldblatt? Great book with loads of worldwide footie stuff
This is my son Warren, husband David and Leah
David Goldblatt: Photographs: Hasselblad Award 2006 - David Goldblatt's work is a life long observation of the social and political developments within South African society. He has been concerned to explore the relationship between individual subjects and the structures within which they live. His…
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The gig at Ivories with my sextet is coming up on June 22nd. We're hoping to pack the place like last time so, toward that end, I'll be bugging you regularly as the gig approaches. Wide mix of styles from straight ahead jazz to latin to funky fusion. 98% original tunes with a couple of tricky arrangements of standards thrown in. And, no, I don't pay the guys nearly enough for the work they put in to it. Thanks in advance to Paul Mazzio, John Nastos, Mike Snyder, Mike Horsfall and David Goldblatt.
David Goldblatt - as curated by Pieter Hugo for the 3rd iJusi Portfolio
Two writers upset the widely held belief that Jews and sport don’t mix: Anthony Clavane celebrates the unsung pioneers who played a key role in English football’s transformation from working-class pursuit to global entertainment industry, and David Dee shows the impact British Jews have had on sport...
Music Matters would like to congratulate the five MM scholarship winners in the graduating class. Jerry Driscoll, Moriah Goldblatt, Brian Manning, Dan Manning and David Tracy.
Reasons to attend the Exhibition and Art Auction next week: * Amazing art by some incredible kids * An art auction of over 40 works including New York and South African artists (with a beautiful piece by world-renowned photographer, David Goldblatt) * Soulful singing by M'Balia Singley * A photo booth * Take part in a video in which we tell our young artists what we think of their work * A great crowd of supporters * Book Court will be on hand selling books from our Library Wish List * And the launch of a new documentary about our Academic Support program. Have you put your name on our guest list yet?
Lifetime Achievement recipient David Goldblatt tells us how his interest in photography started in this video…
Why is David Goldblatt's work so important? And why isn't he better known? John Edwin Mason explains.
David Goldblatt into the light..thanks John..important.
David Goldblatt, Meeting of the worker-management Liaison Committee of the Colgate-Palmolive Company, 1980; gelatin silver print; Courtesy of the artist and Goodman Gallery, South Africa; © David Goldblatt
LightBox presents exclusive images from the re-release of David Goldblatt's 'On the Mines,' the prolific South African photographer's documentation of the mining industry during apartheid.
Exhibition of photographs by David Goldblatt being exhibited at
Please all go to the Goodman Gallery. There a dope David Goldblatt exhibition happening as we as some Brazilian photographer
J Brooks Spector Reflects on the Reissue of David Goldblatt and Nadine Gordimer's On the Mines
well done Dominic Murphy and David Goldblatt talking about last nights hustings on Ujima radio this lunchtime and...
J. Brooks on David Goldblatt and Nadine Gordimer’s classic book, On the Mines. Its new release and relevance today|
Alfredo Jar, David Goldblatt and Nadine Gordimer in conversation at the Goodman Gallery. Great start to a Saturday
one last, Simon on falsely convicted made me think of David Goldblatt's powerful project on past convicts
David Goldblatt's pic of white & black people going in opposite directions is a defining apartheid image for me:
I'm interviewing photographers David Goldblatt and Li Zhensheng for today. Any Qs you'd like asked?
David Goldblatt the best writer on this. His "The Ball is Round" is astonishing range of cultural, political, social history.
As a matter of crude shorthand, the South African photographer David Goldblatt might be described as his country’s Walker Evans. Though Evans was one of Goldblatt’s models when he was starting out more than a half century ago, the comparison at this point serves only to hint at the moral clarity of ...
Steve's guests are Justin Bieber and Olympic experts David Goldblatt and Johnny Acton.
The 17 photographers featured are some of the most exciting and inventive living and working in South Africa today. They range from established practitioners such as David Goldblatt, Santu Mofokeng, Pieter Hugo and Zwelethu Mthethwa, to a new generation including Zanele Muholi and Hassan and Husain Essop.
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