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David Ginola

David Desire Marc Ginola (born 25 January 1967) is a French former international football player who has also worked as an actor and model.

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shows he's still got it with this nutmeg on poor old the Red!...
I have shaved my head. My flowing locks are now quite a bit shorter...
Football will always be my foremost passion.
The prospect of going home is very appealing.-David Ginola
David Ginola: Newcastle United must be relegated to rebuild for a better future
I have been keeping myself fit. I am going on holiday next week in...
The Centre is very important to me it's about trust - about truth. ~David Ginola
That Jeff Hendrick SRIKE had David Ginola written all over it😅
when I was a baby I met David Ginola while he was at Newcastle. He ruffled my hair and kissed my mam apparently
"You (Parents) need to take away the pressure, because kids don’t understand pressure."
The good and bad sides of David Ginola! 😂😂
90s Heroes, No.7: David Ginola and his late-career Premier League love affair.
I'd have went with David GINola as my brand.
"Imagine all the people, sharing all the world". -John Lennon
I haven't learned the names of football players since about 1990, but pretty sure I just walked past David Ginola. Is he still alive?
I have been inundated with offers to move into a career in televisi...
if only David Ginola had played for Fulham
I know the game wasn't a classic, but the night was about more than ...
in/from his generation, the David Ginola camp might disagree. Always at odds because they each believed themselves better
I am hoping to film another ad in the summer for Carte Noire.
me too & thought how'll she keep it nice til Xmas? Maybe not wash it - like me when I touched David Ginola!
Grandad: what match is this?. The Genoa match a think . Grandad: what match David Ginola?. Aye sure grandad 😂😂😂😂
list was my gimmick first. My list was Olly hills Matt vauuhdn women drivers and David Ginola
David Ginola finished off a brilliant PSG team move with a powerful strike against Real Madrid, 1993.
happy birthday, to 1 of my most favourite footballers ever, well, he is up against David Ginola,;] Gary knows xx
Hasn't she seen Billy Elliott? Not just that. Dance will help him be a better footballer - look at David Ginola.
Legendary player David Ginola's advice for young aspiring soccer players and more importantly, the ambitious...
Have to feel for who gets Alan Shearer while David Ginola gets Nathalie
Update on former Aston Villa winger David Ginola after heart surgery - Birmingham Mail
David Ginola is doing 'fine' after undergoing a quadruple heart bypass operation
Former French international star David Ginola was described as "awake and improving" after undergoing a quadr... featured in NBC s Science of Love
Ginola has quadruple heart bypass: Former France winger David Ginola, 49, is recovering in hospital after quadruple heart bypass surgery.
What kind of world do we live in, where David Ginola has had a heart attack, but Phil Taylor hasn't
The individual understood to have potentially saved David Ginola's life is Matt Pokora, according to the reporter
Sad to hear about David Ginola. Hope he gets through L'Ordéal. Because he's worth it.
Reports that David Ginola has been rushed to hospital. via
Ex-Everton player David Ginola taken ill amid heart attack fears - Liverpool Echo. He looks like El Tel in that pic
David Ginola suffers cardiac arrest in France | Daily Star
No no! David Ginola, is in hospital in Monaco unconscious. I hope he will be ok and I send my best wishes to him.
Sad news coming through that NUFC legend David Ginola has been taken to a hospital with a suspected heart attack. https…
Shocked to hear that David Ginola has reportedly suffered a heart attack. Bon rétablissement.
Sorry to hear that French ex-footballer David Ginola has reportedly suffered a heart attack. Hope he makes a speedy recove…
Reports that David Ginola is in hospital after suffering cardiac arrest. Our thoughts are with him.
Unclear but worrying reports re: David Ginola's health. Regardless, get well soon to one of my childhood heroes!
French media: David Ginola had a heart attack during a golf tournament. He was taken by helicopter to hospital in Monac…
Sending prayers to one of my favourite ever footballers: David Ginola (Get well soon David!
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BREAKING: Football legend David Ginola has suffered a heart attack in Nice, according to French media. Unconscious but st…
David Ginola offers his opinion on Ronald Koeman&future - HITC
David Ginola offers his opinion on Ronald Koeman’s future
I watched an interview where David Ginola talked about investing in a pension plan and signed for Everton 8 weeks later.
The guys has hot got some amazing hair, giving David Ginola a run for his money
Peter Sagan; oft referred to as the 'Rockstar of pro cycling' but he is legit the David Ginola of pro cycling 🙈
David Ginola's nephew trialled for PSG but had to fall back on his music. FRA
David Ginola is still looking great for his age!
This fella is a mix between David Ginola and Stan Boardman
She definitely sang no David ginola
Disappointed seeing Gary Neville on Sky Sports essentially confess to kicking & injuring David Ginola out of a Match. Here's to Gary.
Keegan, David Ginola and your good self. Fantastically entertaining days!
Look at me and this handsome silver fox, David Ginola, at the wrap party last night! He smelt…
Tonight I told David Ginola he was 'still rocking it'... He stroked me on the face and I melted. The end.
BT Sports football tonight show with George lamb and special guest david Ginola has been entertaining - well worth the watch.
David Ginola tells BT Sport why he turned down Barcelona to play for Newcastle!
David Ginola is one of the special guests on Football Tonight later on - lock up your menopausal ladies!
I'm still upset about Idris. But I did get stroked by David Ginola this morning so still have a big smile on my face
David Ginola taking Alan Brazil to task with regard sexist remark about woman's football was refreshing to hear this morning.
Listening to David Ginola rapping in French to fellow countrymans song on
thankfully it seems that Brian Moore and Dominic Cork have been dropped! David Ginola is a brilliant guest presenter!
David Ginola worst interviewer ever sport Get him off. Loves the sound of his own voice
today at 07:03 David Ginola giving the moose French lesson
David Ginola: ‘Relegation would be good for Newcastle...
loved in '88. Loved David Ginola on the wing for in '95 too. But everything has a time and a place. Leave it there...
David gives the wanker sign live on TV!!
The prospect of going home is very appealing.
David Ginola appeared on the FIFA 97 cover. Well done
With a very special guest for our next Euro 2016 special: David Ginola! Soon on with
I had skin like leather and the diamond-hard look of a cobra / I was born blue and white in the days of David Ginola
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I have found a flat on Merseyside and am settling down here. If I can keep ...
I am still feeling my calf strain, so I have been unable to train this week...
yeah sorry forgot about darren anderton and david ginola, legends of the game. oh also Sol Campbell
Nice, the club where I started my career in 1983, want me to see out my pla...
How do we follow Carlton Cole and Marvin Harewood, let's see.., Cliff Jones, Glen Hoddle, Ledley King, David Ginola, Luka Modric,Gareth Bale
David Ginola has let himself go.. Never new he was a Hammer
David ginola has let himself go abit
different alphabets and different languages and that. I prefer the Ginola "David" for future reference.
REF Watch - doesn't he look a lot like a young David Ginola?
I once dreamt I had tea with David Ginola, he was very particular about blends...
It never ceases to amaze me the lengths that some people will go to to try ...
David Ginola with the greatest miss you'll ever see.
David Ginola. Finding touch. Because he's worth it.
David Ginola with the greatest miss you'll see today. (via
Press conference day at Rafa updates to come at 1. Before that, David Ginola on relegation battle + more
When won Treble in 1999 Stam, Keane, Beckham and Yorke spilt vote and allowed David Ginola to win it. Ferguson still annoyed by that!
Bloody *** last time I saw a Spurs team attack like this David Ginola and Les Ferdinand were playing
David Ginola served on the rocks or with a little Bryan 'pop' Robson
Here is the City: David Ginola predicts a big move from Tottenham chairman Levy
David Ginola predicts a big move from Tottenham Hotspur chairman Daniel Levy
Spurs star David Ginola allegedly told Tottenham Chairman Daniel Levy to sign Dimitri Payet when he was at Lille. He should have listened!
Former Newcastle United and Tottenham Hotspur forward David Ginola believes Wayne Rooney should make a big-money move to China.
Ginola: I urged Levy to sign Payet before West Ham move: David Ginola admits he urge...
West Ham star ‘could have been a Spurs player’ had Levy listened to club hero: David Ginola has revealed that ...
David Ginola: “Should Wayne Rooney move to China? I don’t see why not. He’s done everything he can for Man United and …
Richie Gray is the David Ginola of the rugby world!
'The new David Ginola?'. Here's an alternative transfer round-up...
Happy 49th Birthday to David Ginola! The guy clearly enjoyed this a little too much ... https:…
David Ginola: Aston Villa and Remi Garde are the perfect fit
imagine if he joined Tottenham. Hugo Lloris, David Ginola, Andrea Pirlo, Nacer Chadli. 👌
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Fantastic to see David Ginola and Hugo Lloris talking so positively about Spurs' future.
This is really great, Hugo Lloris meets David Ginola:
Just watched the Hugo Lloris and David Ginola interview. Well worth the watch, Two Spurs legends. Ginola still loves Spurs, COYS😀
David Ginola's interview about Hugo Lloris' life at Tottenham via
. alright guys, get that video of David Ginola on Stars in their Eyes on YouTube, it was a classic and I feel mental tal…
David Ginola tells anecdote revealing how crazy Faustino Asprilla’s lifestyle was (Video)
22 years later, David Ginola and Daniel Bravo recall how they helped PSG beat Real Madrid
Was that Alan Shearer having a dig at David Ginola for having a dig at Shearer having a dig at Thauvin?
Years ago i became so disillusioned with Spurs i took a two season hiatus from football. Only signing Ginola reignited my interest.
My favourite Spurs striker is probably David Ginola.
So spurs have had David ginola, Chris waddle and the one and only off us and now there after perez!!! Feck off spurs
Back in the day! Maybe it was all about that iconic shirt. David Ginola on target to help sink Gunners
David Ginola has words with Alan Shearer during a league match against Newcastle in 1999
Newcastle United Magic Moments: Ginola on target to help sink Gunners
Florian Thauvin can provide Newcastle United’s x-factor, just like David Ginola
Florian Thauvin can provide Newcastle United's x-factor, just like David Ginola: Chronicle columnist and former…
Dimitri Payet: 'One day I might be as good as Thierry Henry, David Ginola'
Henry, Cantona and Ginola inspired me to join West Ham, reveals Payet via
SAMI MOKBEL: Whether Dimitri Payet can illuminate England like his fellow countryman Thierry Henry, Eric Cantona and David Ginola is
Footballer gives first interview since joining . via
I insist you employ the gorgeous David Ginola as your glamorous assistant.
David Ginola's Premier League show on Canal Plus is actually called 'Match of Ze Day'. No word of a lie.
So David Ginola is defintely taller than glad we've settled that argument
Whose the good looking guy with David Ginola ?
David Ginola saying on FR TV that OG would have scored Theo's chance... then says Theo is faster, so maybe OG wouldn't have got to the ball.
Dimitri Payet: I'm no Thierry Henry, but he is my idol |
I always thought that with the beard Giles Simon had a look of David Ginola about him. More so now he's fallen over.
Today marks 20 years since the signing of the flamboyant frenchman, David Ginola from PSG for £2.5m
Watching cult 70s movie Two-Lane Blacktop and one of the characters is a ringer for David Ginola
David Ginola running for FIFA presidency, he was out on the lash with Sol Campbell and Mista Ifsta in Newport the other night 😂
I think the last time I watched a Villa match Lee Hendrie, Paul Merson and David Ginola were all playing.
Cannot believe that the Magpies once had the likes of Alan Shearer, David Ginola, Jonathan Woodgate and Peter Beardsley in their squad
yes its funny how they can live by football rules tribal actually did enjoy watching David Ginola very much indeed tho
Just walked past David Ginola casually smokin a cig with his mate lol
David Ginola plans to run for FIFA presidency | TWND
► Video: Eden Hazard, David Ginola and the best ever FA Cup sixth round goals
Looking forward to a kick around later but I'm more gagging to score a David ginola thunderbolt in the joint of the goal
The first time I saw leg-over! chivaneze and there was a certain David Ginola."
and there was a certain David Ginola.
just one, the adorable David Ginola!!
David Ginola has been left out or has he dropped out of the race
And David Ginola says "because she's worth it". Bless her & all who sail away with her. Eventually.
Got all your old favourites: Nick Barmby, Alan Smith, Thomas Graveson, Juninho, James Beattie, Jay Jay Okacha, David Ginola and the rest!
😂😂😂😂 like David ginola up and down the wing
I remember enjoying the evolution of David Ginola to Dafeed Jeenala as he went about his business promoting hairdos.
Butting in but one of the best was by David Ginola in 1996, when he was at Newcastle, vs Ferencvaros
ur top 5, with them two, the Rock and David ginola
football on tv i wish i have someone to explain me what football is all about...i stopped with a cruch on ♡David Ginola.sorry.much lov xx
" David Ginola plans to run for Fifa presidency against Sepp Blatter on
Ludicrous 48-team World Cup plan shows Luis Figo Fifa presidency than David Ginola, according to Kris Voakes.
was out last night, jumping Spurs fans with a horribly confused David Ginola and Cilla Black on ket.
Not like David Ginola to promise much and deliver so little. Preening goon.
Ginola out of Fifa presidential race: Ex-Premier League player David Ginola is out of the Fifa presidential el...
David Ginola and Luis Figo running for FIFA President, I'm a Pavel Nedved away from caring more about this than the UK general election.
The former Sporting Lisbon, Barcelona, Real Madrid and Inter Milan forward joins former French star David Ginola in the race to repla...
- Paddy Power pays David Ginola $380,000 to run for FIFA president...
NEWS Pellegrini: Glory can be had at City Van Gaal backs decision to drop Falcao Mourinho: Different rules apply to Chelsea Sources: Man United target Clyne Arsenal confirm Bielik agreement Sunderland complete Defoe deal Suso's deal to AC Milan '99.9 percent done' Moyes receives two-match touchline ban Cordoba 1-1 Eibar: Goal inside 10 seconds Mourinho: No pressure for title rivals David Ginola paid £250,000 to run for FIFA Muller: Bayern training harder than games Asian Cup: Japan, Jordan win in Group D Reus agent: No Real agreement Laudrup warns Odegaard over Real move Pepe out with rib injury Barca to play February friendly in Qatar Rodgers: Reds want Origi in Jan Wenger hopes to sign one or two Arteta, Debuchy 3 months out Liverpool: Gerrard loan possible Defoe ready for Prem return
David Ginola in colours, Andy Johnson abandons a car & Samuel Eto'o confuses us all. Time for Baggie Shorts
Might be a good idea for David Ginola to extend his campaign beyond these isles at some point.
David Ginola is the smoothest man alive
Ginola: Not a publicity stunt: David Ginola has told Sky Sports News HQ that his bid to...
Visiting Cardiff, David Ginola makes policy pledge that FIFA should pay tax in country where it holds World Cup
David Ginola, your a footballer not a movie star. Oh and don't hold out on that Fifa presidency...
. back David Ginola candidacy for president
David Ginola's journey from football pin-up to potential Fifa president
David Ginola launches audacious bid for FIFA Presidency - and is paid £250,000 for it
David Ginola paid £250 by bookmaker in FIFA presidency bid
David Ginola to run for FIFA presidency... One of my fav player those days
Ginola launches his FIFA presidency campaign video! Can't argue with his ideas!..
David Ginola PR campaign will not bring the change Fifa needs | Owen Gibson
All of this article is spot on about everything. Well done!.
yes Clint for USA and David Ginola for FIFA. Top of the gorgeous stakes!
David Ginola running for FIFA president in a Paddy Power PR stunt. Come on sports industry, we're all better than this
Don't know who new FIFA presidential candidate David Ginola is? Don't worry about it.
Wouldn't fancy being on the receiving end of that! MT Danny Taylor rips apart the Ginola debacle:
Excellent read, getting to the nub of a badly misjudged campaign. MT Ginola & pals taking us for fools http…
"a deal... with the Sun, which is always a good way to start a new era of transparency and openness with the media."
The consistently excellent and increasingly spiky on l'affaire Ginola
David Ginola paid $380k by bookmaker to seek FIFA presidency (The Associated Press)
From football pin-up to potential Fifa president? Get the full lowdown on David Ginola:
Matt just wondering if you're still fully behind the campaign? Maybe read this from
Right call It isn’t difficult to imagine raising a toast to what a hopeless lot we are
David Ginola has benefitted from dodgy elections in the past, witness the way he robbed Roy Keane of Player of the Year …
David Ginola launches video for his campaign to become FIFA President [Video]
you look like Greg Davies, sorry but not my fav comparison. Then I saw david ginola with his grey hair! Greg we've arrived
Danny Taylor rips apart the Ginola debacle as only Danny Taylor again:
Ex-France star David Ginola to challenge Blatter for FIFA presidency.
Fifa needs a roots and branches change starting with getting David Ginola elected
David Ginola’s election publicity stunt just adds to Fifa stench (Pic: Reuters) http…
Weekend column on David Ginola and his new friends, taking us for fools with barely a fig leaf of credibility
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Brilliant column by on David Ginola and his wretched campaign
DTN World Cup 2014 Ginola, from pin-up to Fifa chief?: BBC Sport looks at David Ginola's journey from the foot...
David Ginola or John Delaney to challenge Sepp Blatter, I know who Id be backing .
Ginola to run for Fifa presidency: Former France international David Ginola is being paid £250,000 to run agai...
David Ginola has announced he will stand with his hands on his hips and wait for the Fifa presidency to come to him.
David Moyes has just texted David Ginola all the best in his quest to become FIFA president
Clifford Davies: champion of the Hobnob Quiz. Here he is with his prize, a David Ginola biography
We need him and Asprilla and Les Ferdinand and Felipe Albert and David Ginola and Bobby Robson in charge. We're average at best
David Ginola's advice for new players 😄
This lad could become one of our greats who loves it here like David Ginola or Olivier Bernard... He loves the...
Former Newcastle United star David Ginola insists there is no chance of Louis van Gaal losing the plot with mi...
David Ginola insists Louis van Gaal will not struggle with mind games at Manchester United like ex-Newcastle boss…
EXCLUSIVE: Remy Cabella hopes to be like David Ginola at – by
Former Newcastle United favourite played with David Ginola and says that the Magpies must harness Remy Cabella's talent in a similar way
David Ginola close to signing on a free, Lee Carsley joining from blackburn
do you get xmas cards from David Ginola? John Motson said your not on each others lists,does he get access to players xmas lists?
wouldn't mind cloning a young Eric or a David Ginola clone. Not a Frog just two freaks that come to mind
Summer Sport from 2pm -- Wembley send off, Ben Mansford, David Ginola, Howard Webb, Rugby, Hockey, F1 -- join us on
Former Newcastle and Tottenham winger David Ginola loves England because, unlike in France, people like to 'work hard and play hard'. Full story: Channel 5 I remember seeing his 'work hard' work ethic at Roker Park back in the day, especially when he got a meat pie to the neck, Cheers for the memories Simon
Meet the amateur winger who dazzled Ginola at Wembley Mykel Beckley scored two goals and earned the man of the match award in the Budweiser Open Trials' showpiece finale. Now he has lined up trials with professional clubs David Ginola scanned the table, frowned and pointed. "That was my..." "Steve picked him first," Alex McLeish cut in. The Frenchman turned to the camera. "How did you manage that, without talking to us?" He had not been in the room when McLeish and Steve Clarke, the former head coach of West Brom, had taken turns to select their teams for the showpiece Wembley finale of the Budweiser Open Trials and was finding out for the first time which players he would be working with as McLeish's assistant. Clarke picked first and wasted no time in choosing Ginola's favourite, Mykel Beckley. He did not regret it. A tall, lightning-quick left winger, he had impressed all four of the coaches - the fourth being Clarke's right-hand man, Ray Parlour - during the second stage of the trials at St George's P ...
In an interview, Former Newcastle United & French footballer, David Ginola, revealed how, in 2002, he turned down an invitation from Stade Francais President, Max Guazzini, to sign professional terms at the Parisian club, upon his retirement from football. Citing fears that he would "end up in hospital every day", the Frenchman said he had to renege on the prospective deal. As a publicity stunt, I bet Toulon attempt something similar in the coming years. Watch this space...
Well excited to see spurs v spurs tonight. Honour t king. And also see David Ginola and Edgar Davids!!!
Going to the Ledly King testimonial on the 12th of may.Teddy Sheringham,Dimatar Berbatov,David Ginola,Darren Anderton to name a few against the current Spurs Team.I think the old boys could beat the current crop.Well done Westham once again you escaped relegation and finished low down in the table.The battle may have been won but,you will never win the war.
David Ginola looks like an old Rick Danko with a different nose.
Great to see Gee Atherton reping DH racing on BT Sport this morning. Best thing on there aside from David Ginola...
We are proud to announce our list of most wanted at MUFC. David Ginola, AVB, Roberto Di Matteo, our list is based on looks alone!
Hats off to David Ginola and Paolo Di Canio for resisting big money moves and staying loyal to the scum and West Ham!
happy days. On the French theme.. David Ginola?
David Ginola is still a fox. But I may be biased.
Actually not even laughing at my mam talking football. She's still living in the Kevin Keegan/David Ginola days. . I wonder why!
Breast Cancer Awareness
Famous Sporting Quotes "I would not say he (David Ginola) is the best left winger in the Premiership, but there are none better" (Ron Atkinson - Footballer) "Julian *** is everywhere. It's like they've got 11 *** on the field" (Metro Radio) "For those of you watching in black and white, Spurs are in the all-yellow strip" (John Motson - Football Commentator)
TOP TEN BEST FOREIGN PLAYERS TO EVER PLAYED IN THE Premier League 10. Jurgen Klinsmann - Germany - Tottenham Hotspur The German international was one of the first international megastars to head over the the Premier League in 1994 and he quickly set about setting the league alight with 30 goals in 50 appearances during his first spell with the club. He returned briefly four years later for a loan spell and made a modest but commendable return of nine goals in 15 games. He also started the trend for young boys to fling themselves face down into the dirt at top speeds after scoring. 9. David Ginola - France - Newcastle United, Tottenham Hotspur, Aston Villa, Everton The Gallic genius was one of the most electrifying.performers during the '90s, and was central to Newcastle's challenges for the Premier League title under Kevin Keegan. A stint at Spurs shortly after confirmed him as one of the best players that the Premier League has ever seen and he capped off his stay there with a Player of the Year award. S ...
Chelsea boss Jose Mourinho was interested in signing the likes of Radamel Falcao and Edinson Cavani in the summer - but claims he did not go through with deals to keep the Blues in line with the new Financial Fair Play rules. Tim Sherwood admits Tottenham could lose their top stars if they fail to qualify for next season's Champions League, with the club lining up a new contract offer for Jan Vertonghen to ward off European giants. David Ginola reckons Tottenham midfielder Nabil Bentaleb has an outside chance of making France's World Cup squad if he decides to pledge his allegiance to Les Bleus. Ravel Morrison looks likely to move to Queens Park Rangers on loan as West Ham run out of patience with the midfielder. Everton boss Roberto Martinez is keen to keep Gareth Barry beyond the end of his season-long loan stay. Sergio Aguero and Fernandinho appear unlikely to feature in City's first-leg meeting with Barcelona, Manuel Pellegrini has revealed. United veteran Rio Ferdinand has hit back at a report in The ...
9 - Joey Barton spent 9 months in France and now thinks he's David Ginola. ***
Kok gambar latarnya David Ginola, bukan Alan Shearer? Because DG is the most handsome player ever from Newcastle ?
Monaco striker Radamel Falcao, 27, could still make a sensational move to one of Chelsea, Arsenal or Manchester United, according to David Ginola.
Have you had David Ginola on for your "Murray Meets" series Colin?
Alan Brazil on has just explained the word 'cuisine' to the FRENCH man David Ginola. That happened.
David Ginola, spoils a great breakfast show wi Alan Brazil, he's crap !!!
Alan Brazil asked David Ginola how he thought the Murray Federer "game" was going to go on Talksport this morning.
18:00 This Week: Andrew Neil is joined by Michael Portillo, Diane Abbott, David Ginola and Ross Kemp.
Just want to thank Paul Heron for the opportunity to DJ at his amazing party last night. LOVED IT. Ended up DJing to a room which included Frank Lampard, Christine Bleakley, David Gandy, David Ginola and many more :)
Anyone who knows me well knows that I have an amazing memory for events but not for people’s names. Interestingly though I can remember just about every name of the various people I’ve been likened to over the years. The following is a list of those people, all of which look nothing alike - This can only mean that I’m either a chameleon or that people see things very differently to each other? I swear that I haven’t just made all of this up: My Scottish Granddad. Ryan Giggs. Perry Farrell. Christopher Eccleston. Michael Bolton. Christopher Lambert. Phil Collins. Steve Vai. Ivan Doroschuk. Joe Gilgun. Daniel Day-Lewis. Sean Lock. Freddie Mercury. Tim Booth. Tim Farriss. Billy Connolly. Michael Stipe. Peter Andre. Trent Rezner. Chris Barrie. John Parr. David Essex. Henry Rollins. David Ginola. Bob Geldof. Craig McLachlan. Sylvester Stallone. Charlton Heston. Ben Kingsley. Bruce Willis. Phillip Schofield. Louis Theroux. Paul Hewson Aka Bono. Stuart Goddard Aka Adam Ant. Paul King Aka King. Bin Laden. ...
Things I did today 1. Played catch with David Ginola and Owen Hargreaves 2. Acted like a little kid when David Ginola walked out of a room a few paces in front of us and stopped to chat (absolute legend btw) 3. Had a cuddle and a picture with Lawrence Dallaglio. 4. Stood in a studio not sure where to look as Jake Humphries, David Ginola, Owen Hargreaves and Neil Warnock were rehearsing to my left and Lawrence Dallaglio, Craig Doyle and Alex Sanderson were rehearsing to my right. All in all a good day.
Listen back to the highlights of Wednesday's show as Alan Brazil is joined by special guest host David Ginola and an array of guests, including Kevin Bond and Danny Higginbotham.
Good game of football with Matt, David Ginola, Vinnie Jones.
Just listening to David Ginola on the radio there and it was quite a way he pronounced the name of the former tennis player Henri Leconte!
Afredo di stephano, George best, George Weah, Ryan Giggs, Eric Cantona, Abedi Pele, David Ginola, and Possible Karim Benzema are great players who have never played in the World Cup finals.
Jean-Pierre Papin, David Ginola, Eric Cantona, Didier Deschamps and Marcel Desailly, required just one point from their last two home games
Here is a list of Tottenham Legends we have designed wallpaper for to date. - FJ * David Ginola * Jurgen Klinsmann * Paul Gascoigne * Glenn Hoddle * Gareth Bale * Ledley King * Bill Nicholson * Jermain Defoe Who would you like to see us to do next?
Wonder how many times David Ginola has made the hand gesture when he's on the Alan Brazil TalkSport show ??
Most offensive thing about the clip of David Ginola's wanker gesture was realizing that Tim Lovejoy is talking about football on TV again.
BT Sport: new sport channel, new ways of getting publicity.
My opinion of David Ginola has gone through the roof today.
I think you have a friend for life in david ginola! Brilliant!
Must have missed this earlier on BT Sport. David Ginola clearly not pals with Jake Humphrey.
BT Sport sorry for Ginola's rude gesture: BT Sport has apologised after ex-footballer and pundit David Ginola ...
BT Sport has been forced to apologised after football pundit David Ginola was caught on camera making made a rude hand gesture. The former French internation...
"David Ginola calls Jake Humphrey a wanker!. too right
David ginola thinks your a tommy tanker- thoughts?
BT Sport sorry for David Ginola’s rude hand gesture at Jake Humphrey
David ginola making the wanker gesture on
David Ginola you fine specimen, get back in your box Humphrey!
Come home to find out grabbed a great point away from home. And David Ginola looks effortlessly cool even when doing 'wanker' gestures
David Ginola swears at Jake Humphrey's live on TV - FULL HD:
David Ginola giving the wanker sign behind Jake Humphreys back on live TV was hilarious what a legend he is!
Because he's worth it! David Ginola didn't take too kindly to Jake Humphrey's fashion critique on BT Sport today: http…
david ginola les mis and dave myers (strictly) all on telly in one afternoon what more could I want. I need a night out please help or il shortly be sitting in the corner in my favourite wrap around jacket the white one with the extra long sleeves rocking back an forth.
David Ginola wasn't too happy with Jake Humphries making fun of his outfit: (HT
David ginola swears at Jake Humphrey Gallic genius
David Ginola giving the wanker sign to What a hero!
"David Ginola just called Jake Humphries a wanker on live tv...
David Ginola caught on camera sharing some thoughts on BT Sport's Jake Humphrey: (via
Tee hee.David Ginola hand gesture forces BT Sport to apologise to viewers via
This is priceless! David Ginola objects to Jake Humphrey's sartorial criticism on BT Sport!! Superb!
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VIDEO: BT Sport forced to apologise after David Ginola was caught swearing at Jake Humphrey on air...
of the season“Ah, David Ginola. The sophisticated former player.
David Ginola gives the wanker sign on BT Sport. Absolutely brilliant. (via
David Ginola forced to apologise for not beating Jake Humphrey to death with the chair he was sat on.
VIDEO: David Ginola swears at Jake Humphrey live on BT Sport
BT Sport apologise after David Ginola's hand gesture at Jake Humphrey is caught on camera (with
I can't help but love David Ginola for doing that.
David Ginola calls Jake Humphrey a wanker for making fun of what he's wearing!.
David Ginola not appreciating Jake Humphrey questioning his outfit:
BT Sport & David Ginola forced to apologise after W* gesture to Jake Humphrey [video] .
Ex-footballer David Ginola has been a very naughty boy on live TV.
Just saw the David Ginola video on BT Sport. Very funny.
BT Sport has apologised after David Ginola was captured making an offensive hand gesture during the buildup to Liverpool's visit to Newcastle
Highly sought youngster Adnan Januzaj has committed his future to Manchester United by signing a new five-year deal at the club. Januzaj hit the headlines after scoring two goals on his first Premier League start against Sunderland start earlier this month, and was rumoured to have attracted the attentions of Juventus and Barcelona. However, the winger has now agreed a new contract with the Premier League champions and, speaking to the club’s official website, says he hopes to establish himself in the first team in the coming months: “It’s a great thrill to be able to sign for Manchester United. Since arriving here I have always felt like this was the right club for me. “This season has been great for me – going on the pre-season tour, making my debut in the Community Shield win at Wembley and then breaking into the team at Sunderland – it’s like a dream. “I want to work hard now and establish myself as a Manchester United player.” Manager David Moyes also said he is thrilled to have sec ...
VIDEO: Ex-Newcastle United player David Ginola makes rude gesture on TV after the match today
Did anybody see David ginola doing the wanker sign on btsports this morning thinking he was off camera?? Priceless!
BT Sport says sorry after David Ginola is caught on camera making obscene hand gesture about Jake Humphrey
David Ginola doesn't take banter too well ;)
BT Sport were forced to issue an apology after pundit David Ginola could be seen making a gesture we are all familiar with behind presenter Jake Humphreys
Well done David Ginola for putting Jake ( no idea how to interview) Humphrey in his place on BT Sport . Preceding the Newcastle v Liverpool live match. David always had talent, Jake none, even when he was on BBC Grand Prix programmes.
Ah David Ginola, you are a true legend...
David Ginola on the panel for BT sport. Greatest French player in the Premier League for me
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