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David Freese

David Richard Freese (born April 28, 1983) is an American third baseman for the St.

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Only David Freese gets my good side😎 Thanks for the pic tonight…
David Freese is going to end up being a godsend for the Pirates.
The David Freese extension is looking even better now.
David freese is at parkview and I want to shake his hand bad
.Heyward makes base $21+ mill. Cutch isn't even close to that. By that argument David Freese is too much money
David Freese was WS MVP in 2011, so Nats should give the Pirates Strasburg
The idea that they had to ship prospects to move Liriano's salary so they could give David Freese $6 mil is ludicrous
They re-signed David Freese. And they said part of the Liriano savings went to that move.
This video gives you chills for 10 straight minutes. David Freese in games 6 and 7. And Ray Allens shot. Two of the…
it's kinda like David freese.. He fell off the face of the earth after his signing. But was hot before..
If Andrew McCutchen at 14 million is a backbreaking expense what on Earth are you doing paying David Freese and Antonio Bastardo
If 14 million for McCutchen is unaffordable why on Earth are they giving David Freese 6.5
Every time this video pops up I watch the David freese portion to start it and then turn it off that's all I need…
they still have a John Jaso/David Freese platoon option for first base already
And as pointed out, David Freese already turned 1yr/$3m into a similar two-year, $11m deal with the Pirates.
signed David Freese, Sean Rodriguez, and Matt Joyce for $6.5 M total in 2016. They all turned big years into around 2/$11 M.
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David Freese plays 2nd if Harrison is traded.
I always wonder where the Cardinals would be right now if Nelson Cruz catches David Freese' triple in Game 6. Interesting to think about.
David Freese cheers for JD McCoy on Friday Night Rangers games.
wonders if could trade David Freese or John Jaso
"Good Guy" and "David Freese" should never get tired of 70 pitches.
Where does Zobrist's double (and Rajai Davis' HR) land in the 15 biggest plays in baseball history?
The Rangers also won the 2011 World Series if you deduct David Freese.
Now Diane is dead again thought to have been killed by Mario (again?) when Mario was David Freese aka Ozzie Guillen but
2015 David Freese til its over St Louis baseball insert
2013– Cardinals traded David Freese and Fernando Salas to the LAAngels of Anaheim for Peter Bourjos and Randal Grichuk.
Looking back on Game 6: The night 'that should not have happened': It’s been five years since David Freese’s ...
10/27/2011: The night David Freese cemented his status as a Cardinals legend. looks back on Game 6: … |
David Eckstein and David Freese were World Series MVPs and were never superstars. You're not just baseball stupid. You're stupid.
all he's saying is David Freese is way better in the playoffs than the Cubs.
That's really cute...try to match David Freese's mark he had IN ONE SEASON.
David Freese had 21 in a SINGLE postseason.
or David Freese for washed up Jim Edmonds or Anthony Rizzo for never was Andrew Cashner.
2011 has to go on red, since the David Freese game 6 miracle happened at Busch
Roberto Perez is the Indians David Freese of the World Series so far lol
You have to go and find the wall FIRST before you can make an attempt to catch! Looked the same as David Freese 2B in 2013 WS
That looked eerily similar to David Freese's triple in '11
Contreras just hit the same exact ball David Freese hit and Chissenhall made the exact leap/play that Nelly Cruz made. Lololll
shades of David Freese's triple to right fielder Nelson Cruz in game 6...
That was the exact replica of the David Freese triple over Nelson Cruz's head in Game 6 of the 2011 World Series.
That had a resemblance to Nelson Cruz trying to catch David Freese's triple🤔
David Freese would be on 3rd. But... 🐸☕️
I've seen that ball before. Only it was Nelson Cruz instead of Lonnie Chisenhall, and David Freese instead of Willson Contreras.
Roberto Perez is going to be the David Freese of this postseason. Does fantastic in October, does nothing the previous six months.
David Freese is the first name that pops into my mind.
It's the phenomenon that explains why David Freese still gets paid to play baseball.
Joe Buck figuring out how to work David Freese into the broadcast
Maybe Cogs will be David Freese or Travis Ishikawa or Kurt Bevacqua or Mickey Hatcher. All had unlikely, big postseason moments.
Ex: Steve Bartman, Billy Buckner, David Freese in '11, Mariano Riveras blown save in '04 all were plays that shifted the whole series
What do David Freese, Pete Kozma, Daniel Descalso & Adam Wainwright have in common? Inflicting postseason misery on opponents.…
I would rather have Joe West, Angel Hernandez, David Freese, Ian Kinsler, Jose Bautista, and the Super Devil but oh well.
Former Bees Sean Rodriguez (3) and David Freese (23) stand for the Anthem in Pittsburgh.
Hector Rondon gives up back to back jacks to Matt Joyce & David Freese it's now 12 Pirates 2 bottom 8
Trevor Williams will enter the game for Jaso. David Freese takes over at first base, batting ninth.
Mark Lowe gave up the HR to David Freese in Game 6 of the 2011 WS. Two fanbases say "give me Star Wars."
Pirates announce they have reached an agreement on a two-year contract extension with David Freese that includes club opt…
That GameDay image is of David Freese's swinging strikeout against Joe Blanton. The source of the stat is here:
Joe Blanton strikes out David Freese! 2 away still 2 on.
David Freese will pinch-hit for Jaso. Dodgers bringing in old friend Joe Blanton to face him.
Move Rendon to 3B, Murphy to 1B and keep Turner in CF. Like a Chase Headley/David Freese type.
For every David Freese, there are three Corey Harts. The Pirates have been very lucky this season.
at least it's not as bad as the Cardinals having David Freese or Daniel Descalso win the WS for them
Jul 9, AB 5: Kris Bryant grounds out, shortstop Jordy Mercer to first baseman David Freese.
STL [SB Nation: Viva El Birdos] - I will never stop cheering for David Freese - A Hunt and Peck
David Freese homers (8) on a line drive to right field. Jordy Mercer scores. . PIT 6, OAK 3
RBI single for David Freese scores Erik Kratz shutting up about Mercer bunting up 2-0 in count. 3-2 Pirates T10
BUT..Arrieta proceeds to strike out David Freese and Matt Joyce to get out of it.Still 2-0 to bottom 6.
Jake Arrieta just went 3-0 to David Freese and 3-1 to Matt Joyce with the bases loaded and struck both guys out. He's downright filthy.
Matt Joyce and David Freese took 2 fastballs right down the middle.
Jake Arrieta is ridiculous. Walked the bases loaded, went to three-ball counts on David Freese and Matt Joyce, and struck both of them out.
I know the Pirates lineup has David Freese and Matt Joyce hitting 4-5, but still, Arrieta pitches like he has cheat codes.
David Freese got ahead 3-0 and struck out. Matt Joyce up with the bases loaded, two outs.
Gregory Polanco had 3 hits, Sean Rodriguez and David Freese homered and the beat the Diamondbacks 5-4 Wednesday night at PNC Park.
Carlos Estevez strikes out David Freese in the 8th inning and pitched 1 1/3.. 🎥Vía MLB
(10/27/11) David Freese hits a Walk Off homer to win the unforgettable Game 6 of the 2011 World Series.
Pirates to use. INF Kelby Tomlinson. 3B David Freese. on the 25-man roster. Sending Down. 1B Jason Rogers. OF Seth Smith. to AAA Indianapolis.
Just realized Neftali Feliz and David Freese are on the same team now.
Neftali Feliz pitching at Busch Stadium and David Freese could get an extra innings at bat at this rate.
Neftali Feliz pitching for the Pirates. Anyone remember the last time he pitched here? David Freese does:
David Freese back in St. Louis tonight. He and pitcher off whom he tripled in 2011 WS G6 are teammates:
May 3, AB 1: Kris Bryant grounds out, third baseman David Freese to first baseman John Jaso.
We traded Adam Kennedy + for Jim Edmonds. Who we then traded for David Freese. Who we then traded for Grichuk
- 12 team mixed - Would u drop Justin Turner for either David Freese, Brandon Drury or Yunel Escobar?
Pirates (7-7) take early lead but can't hold on. Francisco Liriano 4.1 IP, 4 ER, 5 BB. RBIs from David Freese, John Jaso and Liriano.
Starling Marte homers (2) on a fly ball to left field. David Freese scores. 2-4; top 6
Tribe could have acquired Jay Bruce and David Freese for less money than Davis and Uribe.
David Freese is going to kill us all year. He'll be the new Aramis Ramirez. But I will still love him.
When did David Freese turn into Scott Rolen defensively?
John Jaso hits leadoff, David Freese third and Francisco Cervelli fifth, and the are going to win 90 games this season.
Your Bucs are on the board early as David Freese drives in John Jaso to give us a 1-0 lead in the first! .
Good news: I’ll be using Arnold-as-Mr.-Freeze quotes all year now that David Freese is a Pirate.
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I can think of 3 former players that were good with St. Louis and not with other clubs. Albert Pujols, David Freese, and Rasmus.
David Freese changed the narrative of the Cardinals. Just ask the Rangers about it!
The case for David Freese over Mike Morse at 1B
NEW: The case for David Freese over Mike Morse in the 1B platoon -
Steve Blass might know the answer to this . are Gene Freese and David Freese related ?
No offense, but if David Freese homers vs. Cards this year I have no choice but to block you immediately. 😂
How do the let David Freese go when he was willing to sign for $3MM/year?! Unbelievable. Eppler & Moreno are ***
Not gonna get too excited about David Freese being a pirate, remember how excited we were last year when we got Corey hart?
John Jaso and David Freese, the Pirates’ first-base platoon, combined have 26 innings of regular-season MLB experience at first base.
Tim Lincecum, Justin Masterson, Alfredo Simon, and David Freese are still unsigned too, but doubtful they're retiring.
If Billy Butler didn't exist, I'd kinda think David Freese as a buy-low one year DH type would be a good idea.
Spring Training is here and the following players are unemployed: Dexter Fowler, Juan Uribe, Ian Desmond, David Freese, Pedro Alvarez
And he doesn't have to be done: would still like to see him sign David Freese.
David Freese still makes sense for the Brewers
If I can't have David Freese you can't have Ryan Raburn.
This is an old article, but I just discovered it going through the Grantland archives and it's pretty cool:
INF Yunel Escobar will instead wear number 6. Last worn by 3B David Freese in 2015.
2011 World Series Game 6 David Freese. That's how Big League that ending was
Quick follow-up on this to note David Freese and Juan Uribe have been slightly better than avg vs RHP over the last 2-3 yrs.
if they didn't trade Randal grickek to St. Louis for David freese we would have a stud left fielder.
David Freese at 3rd Valbuena at 1st, why the *** not.
David Freese is my guess. Luhnow loves re-living the glory days
I clean up dog puke only to find out my head coach is chillin with David Freese right now.. 😩😒😭
I won't marry Brittany until she appreciates David Freese and Seabuscuit.
Tell him the day David freese becomes loved in Texas is the day you'll be with him
if we get a rainout I'm blaming it on David Freese already
yes David Freese lost his mind that game
Bored without MLB round one of baseball players who look like country music singers. David Freese and Cole Swindell
Hey ya know who could play first base and is pretty good? David Freese.
One juicy reason to think about David Freese in a pinch-He shreds LHP. Lifetime .459 SLUG and .826 OPS. And nostalgia.
The David freese walk off in game 6 vs the Rangers will always be one of the greatest moments I ever watched in sports histo…
RANGERS WIN THE DIVISION! It took until game 162, but they did it! And poetic justice for David Freese to be the last o…
.call of last out of Game 162: "David Freese makes the 27th out! And the Rangers are the champions of the American L…
"david freese makes the 27th out, and the American League West has been won by the Texas Rangers."
I will vomit if David Freese becomes a ranger
Not too late to add difference-makers via Pads have interest in David Freese? First I've heard that connection
best options for free agency. Ian Desmond, David Freese, Casey McGee, Chris Denorfia, Matt Joyc, Dexter Fowler, Will Venable.
Edmonds was traded 2x in his career for eventual postseason heroes: Adam Kennedy & David Freese. But he's the HOF contender.
Matt Adams, Ted Simmons for David Freese, and Curt Flood for Allen Craig, and you'll be right!!
Jacob Wilson, Lance Lynn, Peter Bourjos & David Freese for Abreu & Sale would work right?
wonder if they bring back David Freese. I think you said they might trade Wong?
Teams going dumpster diving should look at: Doug Fister, Alexei Ramirez, David Freese
any chance they sign David Freese and move Justin Turner back to second? I understand he can turn 2.
I could see Brewers benefiting from David Freese, Doug Fister, and Trevor Cahill.
I honestly don't think they'll do much in free agency. Maybe a David Freese or Alex Avila type. Nothing substantial.
Ben Zobrist tied a postseason record with his 8th double this October. Albert Pujols and David Freese also did it, for the 2011 Cardinals.
Ben Zobrist's eighth double of postseason ties MLB record shared by Albert Pujols and David Freese.
think of the Scott Brosius's or David Freese's and the like- good players made immortal in the playoffs.
Pitching change in Toronto means it's the perfect time to read on the and David Freese:
Daniel Murphy is taking a page out of the David Freese and Matt Carpenter playbook. Unreal.
Dang, Skip Schumaker, David Freese, Brendan Ryan, Colby Rasmus, & Kyle Loshe are all free agents after this season.
Angels have decision to make with David Freese
players who are now free agents:. David Freese. Shane Victorino . Chris Iannetta. Wesley Wright. Mat Latos. Matt Joyce
Family picture day...apparently Tucker is a David Freese fan even though he doesn't play for the…
I've had about enough of David Freese
David Freese is one of the most hated players in Ranger Nation
I haven't read any stories about Murphy hiding a rabid possum in David Freese's locker...don't know what he's waiting for.
David Freese (go ahead run) is on first following single, Mike Trout is on third (tying run), Daniel Robertson pinch hitting
In the most important game of the season, David Freese had his biggest moment as an Angel
I guess unintentionally taunting you. David Freese has significance to Rangers fans/my readers
ICYMI: David Freese could price himself out of the Angels' plans thanks to a weak FA class at 3B ...
David Freese is probably the best option of a weak FA class at 3B. How much has he thought about it? "ZERO times."
Bottom 4th . Erick Aybar grounds out to first base. 1 out. . David Freese lines out to left field. Nice running...
Back-to-back doubles by Erick Aybar and David Freese have tied up the game at 1 in the 2nd inning!
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