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David Freese

David Richard Freese (born April 28, 1983) is an American third baseman for the St.

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As usual, the Cardinals emerge as winners in the Randal Grichuk-David Freese trade
David Freese coming here is more likely.Ironically if this happened, Freese's team won 2011 WS beat Murphy's team
do you see him like a David freese like comp?
he's a beast!I went to 2 Angels games when they were in KC last summer to see him, AP &David Freese. Trout hit massive HR
Recommendation by :David A broken finger from a Mike Pe...
News Alarm: David Freese (3B - LAA) David Freese timetable to return still remains at 2-3 weeks.
David Freese's timetable is still same f/fractured right index finger. 2-3 weeks ideally. Scioscia says much of inflammation is gone
I'm sure he'll live up to the class standards of Mark McGuire and David Freese
On me they got the best training staff in the sport, thats, thats how David Freese got so good
Mom: Des come watch this show with me. Me: No. Mom: But this guy looks like David Freese! Please come watch it!!
Let the David Freese less reign begin
2nd career home run allowed by Noe Ramirez. 1st came vs David Freese on July 20.
David Freese breaks finger in Angels' win over Twins - LA Times
Angels 3B David Freese leaves after getting hit by pitch
Angels place Freese on DL one day after HBP
One of my favorite pieces was his salute to David Freese after being traded:
well a David Freese walk off in game 6 forced game 7 and we smashed the rangers in game 7 to win the ship
sorry to break it to you but it's 2015. David Freese plays for the Angels.
be happy to loan you my David Freese jersey any time you like.
David Freese placed on DL with fractured finger
Randal has the same number of home runs and is batting 38 points higher with 100 fewer at bats than David Freese
Randal Grichuk has been the best part of the David Freese trade. What a steal.
Dates I will never forget: Birthdays, holidays, & the day David Freese got traded.
You're welcome. He'd be nice in LF for us but, hey, DAVID FREESE!
I think we can safely say that the "won" the David Freese trade.
Los Angeles Angels MLB 2015 roster news: David Freese placed on 15-day disabled list with ...
So glad my Angels traded him for David Freese.
“Still can't believe we got Grichuk for David Freese. Grichuk is the new bae.
What if I told you in back in 2012 that trading David Freese for Grichuk and Borjous would be an amazing trade
I think it's safe to say that we won easily won the David Freese trade. That throw in player, Randal Grichuk, is pretty good.
The Angels have needed a left fielder badly all season and they traded 2 outfielders for David freese lol
Remember when Grichuk was considered the throw in/add on piece to the David Freese trade?
Interesting bit of irony here: Cruz's diving catch robbed David Freese in T1. Freese hit the ball Cruz missed in 2011 World Series for Tex.
Nelson Cruz with the tiniest form of redemption for the 2011 world series right there getting David Freese to overthrow first base.
Dan Johnson looks like a mix between Shelby Miller and David Freese.
Defensive changes for LA: Efren Navarro in for Albert Pujols, Taylor Featherston(TCU ex) in for David Freese, Daniel Robertson for Joyce
In 2011 when my top four favorites were David Freese, Yadier Molina, Jon Jay, and Rafael Furcal life was much simpler
Helluva season Albert Pujols is having right? Guess who his protection is? None other than David Freese. Imagine if he had better.
Angels, fans witnessing the Albert Pujols they thought they were getting: ANAHEIM – David Freese has a front-row…
David Freese, who has spent most of the year batting behind Albert Pujols, leads the in PAs with RISP with 72. He's batting .226.
What happens when your offense is struggling: Mike Scioscia has sent David Freese & Albert Pujols on a hit-&-run. Both have been thrown out.
David Freese left Tuesday's game with a tight right hamstring, the Orange County Register's Jeff Fletcher reports.
ana, 3, David Freese flies into a double play, right fielder Carlos Beltran to shortstop Didi Gregorius. Mike Trout out at 2nd.
David Freese and Albert Pujols (Our Old Friends on the Angels) are competing for home runs. Both with 6 currently.
The revolving door at OF continues for me. David Freese dropped Torii Hunter added. Josh Hamilton & George Springer please come back.
FROZEN IN TIME: David Freese ends incredible Game 6 with walk-off shot in 11th, giving Cards 10-9 win and forcing a
David Freese homered against Texas last night.
Richards was strong, Freese was clutch, Street persevered and the won again. Gamer with http:…
I wake up find the lose to late . . . on a David Freese HR?!! Need to go back to bed. No nightmares in sleep.
David Freese homered off the to take the lead... Ah memories :(
David Freese delivers winning blast for Los Angeles Angels
I just woke up from a nightmare. I was pitching to David freese in game 7 of the world series, the rest is history
Rangers get Hamilton, revisit 2011, lose to Freese
Recommendation by :David After a very slow start, Frees...
David Freese, Garrett Richards lead Angels to 3-2 win over Rangers
Hey. It's 3:13 AM on April 25, 2015 and I still really hate David Freese.
David Freese, two-run shot to left-center field with two outs in the 7th. up, 3-2.
David Freese gives the a 3-2 leas; this place is shaking! that dude is on fire, literally, made fire come from…
check this out Angels 3, Rangers 2: ANAHEIM, Calif. -- David Freese's two-run home run in the se...
small sample size, but David Freese has a .563 slugging percentage beyond the 5th inning of games, including nine of his 11 RBI
SOS help can't sleep because David Freese still haunts my life
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David Freese with the game winning homerun and it was a awesome game loved it! And nice ice bath!
Rangers: RECAP: Freese's HR in 7th helps Richards, Angels top Rangers 3-2: David Freese hit a go...
How often do late inning go ahead home runs on 3-2 counts with 2 outs occur? What David Freese did tonight was freaking awesome.
Freese's HR carries Los Angeles Angels over Texas Rangers: David Freese belted the go-ahead two-r...
6-10 - Stop me if you've heard this one: David Freese home run bea...
FINAL - 3, Rangers 2. David Freese provided the big blast for the Halos with a go-ahead two-run homer …
Josh Hamilton is a ranger and David Freese hits a clutch home run. Familiar feelings
Today feels like Game 6 all over again Good Hamilton news, just to be kicked in the nuts by David Freese
Somehow I knew Josh Hamilton was gonna be a Ranger again, always been a supporter, should've won a ring, thanks David Freese
Collin Cowgill, David Freese lead Angels to 6-3 win over Texas [Sale ]
Just spotted an Albert Pujols, David Freese, and RICK ANKIEL jersey all in one camera shot
Still shed a tear for seeing David Freese in the wrong red
A sac fly by David Freese brings home Albert Pujols and the take a 5-0 lead in the 3rd inning.
David Freese started 119 games last year & finished 69 of them on the bench. That probably won't happen this year:
Opposite-field two-run homer for David Freese, right above JB Shuck's head, for his first of the spring.
Notes: David Freese at shortstop, next step for Garrett Richards, Mike Scioscia's wheels
Looks a little like David Freese. So I'll predict a World Series MVP for this guy.
| | Around the Horn: Corner infield: The Angels know Albert Pujols and David Freese will…
Jose Altuve last 3 yrs has lower OBP than Miguel Montero, Andrew Ethier and David Freese.
from earlier today; avoid arbitration w/ David Freese, ink $6.425 deal... arbitration hearing for Garrett Richards will be Feb. 11th
have signed David Freese to a 1-year deal for $6.425M, avoiding arb. That was the midpoint between the two fig…
that is super awesome! 1 time David Freese caught the ball then turned around and gave it to me on TV
TD in '07 trade long-time center fielder Jim Edmonds to the San Diego Padres for about $1 million and David Freese.
Remember when the Padres traded David Freese for Jim Edmonds?
Remember when the traded future World Series MVP David Freese for the carcass of Jim Edmonds? Pepperidge Farm remembers.
Padres traded David Freese for Jim Edmonds this day in 2007
Since 2008 the Padres have traded Jake Peavy, Adrian Gonzalez, Mat Latos, David Freese, Anthony Rizzo, Corey Kluber. Little return on all
SD Padres have traded a World Series MVP (David Freese) for an over-the-hill Jim Edmonds & a Cy Young winner (Corey Kluber) for Ryan Ludwick
David Freese won MVP of NLCS & world series in 2011... Gave a stellar interview too...
I sent one to David Freese it came back saying "offseason"
Cards fans said the same thing about David Freese back in the day
Jason Vargas gave up 3 homeruns this postseason. Chris Iannetta, David Freese and Ryan Flaherty
Saw David Freese at Kaldi's today. Gonna go home and watch game 6.
There is always a way to get Joe Kelly, David Freese, or even Albert Pujols back- but Oscar is gone, and that's what h…
by a pitcher, yes, but there have been some good offensive MVPs; e.g. David Freese in 2011.
Come on, Chevy. David Freese got a ZL1 Camaro, David Ortiz a top of the line custom Silverado, but Bumgarner gets a COLORADO!?
I'm still annoyed with all the praise gave David Freese after Game 6 of the 2011 World Series. WHY DON'T YOU JUST MARRY HIM?!?
so if postseason decides who the best is, David Freese is better than Mike Trout? That's going off your logic
Bungarner is another David Freese. Average till the post season.
Saying Madison Bumgarner is better than Clayton Kershaw is like saying David Freese is better than Mike Trout
.Pablo Sandoval of 2014 Giants had most hits (26) in a single postseason since David Freese (25) of 2011
Next round I placed second in kills and total score. I am the David Freese of Destiny; bipolar so hard it’s annoying.
😒 they had one good game when David freese when off. That's it. All 7 games this year were crazy.
wait was that the All David Freese game? Lol
Bumgarner's performance was the best I've seen since David Freese in the 2011 World Series.
"To this day I HATE the names hideki Matsui, Cody Ross, & David Freese.." joe carter n mitch williams
In 2011 David Freese got a brand new Corvette. This year, MadBum only gets a Chevy Colorado with technology and stuff.
theres A big difference between David Freese and Miguel Cabrera
Alex Gordon should have been David Freese part 2...if only he were faster than Dzugan
David Freese wins a new corvette... Bumgardner has the best series EVER and wins a Chevy Colorado. But as he said, it has stuff
1st since David Freese in 2011. 1st pitcher since Hamels in 2008
no. But David Freese needed it more. Wrecked his in a DWI incident.
Breaking: David Freese calling Joey Greco as we speak.
When I was 12 I thought David Freese was ugly but I had the hots for Lance Berkman bye
David Freese got a Corvette and Bumgarner gets a Colorado? C'mon
This will definitely break both David Freese's and Troy-Girls heart.
lol...would much rather go back to 2011 and take David Freese's corvette.
Man, I hate the Giants. Now they just need to sign David Freese and usher in the birth of the Antichrist.
Ok that's a nice truck but David Freese got a Corvette for being MVP.
Madison Bumgarner gets a mid-size pickup truck for his MVP... David Freese got a $60,000 corvette.
Joe Carter's home run in 1993 and David Freese's home run in 2011, are still my 2 favourite World Series moments.
grammatical errors aside, I think David Freese's 2 run triple in the 9th and then the walk off homerun in the 11th was cool.
Imo Bumgarner was hot at the right time, like David Freese but actually decent in regular season, Bumgarner still far from Kershaw
Which post season performance was better? Madison Bumgarner or David Freese?
The Royals needed David Freese batting in that 9th inning. Guaranteed walk off shot to center
David freese walk off has me feeling a type of way Everytime I watch it
*** of a run royals. Props on a great season. The only thing you were missing was David Freese in the ninth
The last time we had a David Freese sent us there and sent his jersey to Cooperstown.
Watching the World Series, I'm reminded that it's 2014 and I still hate Allen Craig and David Freese.
Kolten Wong's walk-off HR is 4th in Cardinals playoff history, 1st since David Freese in 2011 World Series.
David Freese just struck out on a 102-mph fastball. And no, the stadium gun is not hot. PITCHf/x had it at 102, as well.
Randal Grichuk, the guy who was drafted ahead of Mike Trout and went to the Cardinals in the David Freese trade, just homered off Kershaw.
Colby Rasmus, David Freese, Allen Craig playing WAY over their heads is luck. It'll run.
i'll be Alexi Ogando did David Freese hit another homer? lol
David Freese blows in the regular season but *** he is good in the postseason
David Freese was born for the postseason spotlight.
David Freese in the postseason of course! Solo home run to left ties it, 2-2 in the bottom of the 5th.
KEY MOMENT: Within a span of 10 pitches in the second inning, Angels ace Jered Weaver gave up a solo homer to Kendrys Morales, a single to Logan Morrison and a two-run homer to Michael Saunders. Dustin Ackley's fifth-inning homer made it 4-0 Seattle. It was the career-high 27th homer allowed by Weaver in a season, topping the 26 homers he allowed in 2009. AT THE PLATE: Kole Calhoun (17th) and Mike Trout (36th) hit back-to-back homers off starter Hisashi Iwakuma in the sixth. The Angels cut the deficit to 4-3 in the ninth when Howie Kendrick reached on an infield single, pinch-runner Shawn O'Malley stole second and Erick Aybar hit an RBI double off closer Fernando Rodney. But Rodney got David Freese to fly to right and Brennan Boesch to ground to short for his 48th save. ON THE MOUND: Angels left-hander Joe Thatcher, who missed most of August and September because of a left-ankle sprain, enhanced his chances of making the playoff roster by retiring left-handed-hitting Ackley, Robinson Cano and Kyle Seager ...
Friendly reminder that the Cardinals got Randal Grichuk and Peter Bourjos for David Freese and Fernando Salas
So far I've seen a Yu Darvish, Cliff Lee, Gerrit Cole and David Freese jersey. What the *** is going on?
Did John Kruk just say if not for David Freese, Nelson Cruz is 2011 World Series MVP? How would Cruz win that over Mike Napoli?
David Freese has six hits in his last nine at-bats.
David Freese leads off T9 with ground-rule 2B to LF. Campana in to run. John McDonald in to bunt.
Fourth-inning RBI double by David Freese snaps an 0-for-21. lead, 4-0.
Cory Rasmus gets the nod for Saturday, David Freese back in the lineup, Joe Thatcher takes a step forward:
Scioscia: "There’s still that confidence in David Freese. This guy’s an RBI machine when he gets going, and he’s a good hitter."
hey we got David Freese. We needed somebody to make the last out of the inning.
Why so much David Freese snubbing lately? I thought he started to come on this past month or two
His name was Joe Kelly. His name was Allen Craig. His name was David Freese. His name was Albert Pujols.
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