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David Freese

David Richard Freese (born April 28, 1983) is an American third baseman for the St.

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If having better stats during part of your career means you used PEDs and "cheated" then David Freese needs to be banned for game 6
Adams walk off home run first for the Cardinals since David Freese's. Before that Pujols in July. They don't play here anymore
Our old friend David Freese is on a tear, batting .533 in July, .307 in the last month.
Last walk off was David Freese in WS Game 6 2011?!?!?!? . Fair enough.
I still get the chills when I watch the walk off homerun by David Freese in game 6 of the World Series
They really just showed highlights of David Freese walking off in game 6 of the 2011 World Series on SportsCenter.
That David Freese walk off bomb in 2011 vs the Rangers in the World Series..
Crazy to think the last time the Cards hit a walk off homer until tonight it was in the World Series with David Freese. Dang.
The last St. Louis Cardinals walk off home run before Matt Adams' blast on Monday was David Freese's World Series... ht…
Matt Adams: 1st walk-off HR by Cardinals since Game 6 of 2011 World Series vs Rangers (David Freese).
The fact that Matt Adams's walk off homer tonight is the 1st walkoff homer by a cardinal since david freese's game 6 blast is crazy!
First Cardinal with a walk-off home run since David Freese became a household name.
David Freese is key in the Angels' 5-2 victory over the...
That's the Cardinals' first walk-off homer since David Freese in Game 6 of the 2011 World Series. Seriously.
Matt Adams' game-winner is the first walkoff home run since David Freese' in the 2011 World Series.
Freese’s big hit lifts Angels over Astros 5-2 ANAHEIM, Calif. (AP) — David Freese is st...
I hope Stastny is more like 2012 David Freese than 1995 Scott Cooper.
David Freese loves playing against the Indians.
Justin Upton hits one up the line, in and out of David Freese's glove, to bring home another run & chase Hector Santiago. down 3-2.
David Freese has also remembered he is David Freese in addition to Hector Santiago remembering he is Hector Santiago
David Freese has grounded into as many double plays as he has extra-base hits (six) in 2014.
Jim Johnson gets David Freese looking to end the bottom of the 7th. The lead 3-1 with Sogard, Crisp and Jaso due up.
Jim Johnson strikes out David Freese to keep deficit to at 3-1. Joe Smith in to pitch for Halos.
Fernando Abad strikes out Josh Hamilton, Jim Johnson takes over with 2 out, men on 1st and 2nd & David Freese up for
Back-to-back singles from Pujols and Hamilton setup David Freese with RISP situation for with two outs.
Ugh. Every time I see David Freese all I can think of is World Series game 6. Nelson Cruz. Missed ball. Hopes crushed. 😪
I just learned that David Freese, in Anaheim, is wearing in honor of Stan Musial.
get leadoff single by David Freese in 10th, perfect sac bunt by John McDonald. Aybar up.
David Freese, leadoff single in the tenth, John McDonald pinch hitting for Raul Ibanez
Raul Ibanez doubles, is followed by a Howie Kendrick single, followed by David Freese reaching on an error, Ibanez comes home, 6-1
Gotta give Mozeliak credit here. He dealt David Freese for a pretty good outfielder and Peter Bourjos.
With GB pitching Joe Smith as the closer now, are using John McDonald as defensive sub for David Freese. Didn'…
Cardinals send down Kolten Wong and Shane Robinson and bring up Greg Garcia and Randall Grichuk. Grichuk acquired in the David Freese deal.
Per calling up former prospect Randal Grichuk (dealt in David Freese trade). Hitting .313/.356/.542 in Triple-A.
Whoa. David Freese's "production" up to this point for LAA: .149/.213/.209 over 19 games. Bourjos has been bad too, hence Grichuk.
Angels David Freese hit 2nd HR of season
I like how the bat says David freese ?
And he was a "throw in" for David Freese. is about to give life to the offense in St. Louis.
I guess Game 6 is a nightmare. 1st it was David Freese, Now it's Anaheim's rookie whose name I can't say right.
This game reminded me of my hate for David Freese.
Had no idea David Freese played for the angels now
Add bonino to that list too. Joining David freese and Landry jones(twice)
Didn't know that the Cardinals got David Freese for Edmonds.
OKAY So I'm watching the New York Yankees from the Bronx my hometown you know play the California Angels and I see David Freese get up from the 2010 world champion Cardinals who was the outstanding player in that series and ask myself: SO WHEN DID THE ST. LOUIS CARDINALS TRADE DAVID FREESE? when and how did I miss this? when did the Cardinals trade David Freese?now he's on the same side as Sir Albert Pujols his old teammate somebody clue me in,please.
since when did David freese go to the angels?
David Freese... God bless you babe, God bless you🔥
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It is childish of me to be happy every time David Freese strikes out. I admit that. I DON'T CARE.
David Freese is literally only known for his 2011 postseason with the Cardinals
Hey look its david freese! I havent seen him since the cardinals World Series run!
So strange to see former MVP David Freese in the AL...
David Freese is still living off of his 2011 World Series
David Freese. Game 6. 2011 World Series. Chris Carpenter pitching a one hitter at Philly in Game 6 in the 2011 NLCS.
David Freese hits a home run the announcers act like theyre sitting in a 3 hour lecture class...teixeira hits one? FIRST DAY OF SUMMER!
This is weird watching the and game and seeing David Freese wearing a red jersey and it's not a cardinal uniform 😢
David freese is just a *** of a hitter and has been for awhile now
Since when was David Freese on the angels?
Great to see David Freese step up to the plate!!
This video after David Freese hit a homer against the NYY 😂😂
David Freese hit a home run to give the Angels the lead. He's hitting a buck 57. People he had one good October, and that is it!
The only difference between David Freese and some of those guys sitting in prison is he hit 3 trees and not a person
I cant stop laughing...Unstoppable Tanaka gets taken deep by the coldest hitter in baseball David Freese
Tanaka is takin out in the 7th after 11 SO, his only mistake was the David Freese HR
David Freese hits the Angels MLB-best 37th HR of the season. He entered the day hitting .149
David freaking Freese hit a home run tonight...We better win guys
David Freese sighting for the first time since the 2011 World Series lmaoo
How have the Angels sucked the last couple years. Mike Trout, Albert Pujols, Josh Hamilton, David Freese, Eric Aybar. And more. Stars galore
David Freese belts a solo shot to lead off the 6th and the take a 2-1 lead.
Not sure what was more awesome, David Freese's homerun or Hank Conger's reaction
David Freese, in 25 plate appearances before that home run: 1 2B, 1 1B, 1 BB, 8 SO.
David Freese crushes Tanaka's first pitch of top sixth for a HR to RCF, giving 2-1 lead over
Angels lead 2-1 on David Freese's homer in the sixth. Let's get some runs.
Yankees fans make fun of David Freese, David Freese homers. Lol. Yankees. Lol.
HR David Freese! Cards' fans will always root for him, he's our 2011 great hero.
David Freese hits a homer in the top of the 6th, giving the a 2-1 lead over the
Jeff Mathis, I mean David Freese, hits a HR against Tanaka and the Yankees.
Finally David Freese, your bats not freezing!
David freese is hitting in the DH spot for LA with a .147 BA smh hometown hero is not looking good out there in the big city
Up to this point David Freese has really sucked ***
Tommy Gilligan-USA TODAY SportsThis is the type of production the Los Angeles Angels were looking for from Albert Pujols when they signed him to a 10-year, $254 million contract in December of 2011.Pujols is swinging the bat the way they were hoping he would in a Angels’ uniform, as he blasted a pair of home runs that included his 500th career home run in the Halos’ 7-2 win over the Washington Nationals on Tuesday night that brought them back to a .500 record at 10-10 on the season. The 34 year old has been everything and more for the Halos, as he leads the league with eight home runs, tied for second in the American League with 19 RBIs, and has the highest slugging percentage (.619) in the entire MLB through 20 games played.His high level of production this early on in the season has been an encouraging sign, given that Pujols had missed the last two months of last year due to a torn plantar fascia in his left foot. He had initially struggled at the plate to start the year, as he was batting .167 (2- ...
The angels should bench david freese
I am out of the baseball loop; I had no idea until today that the Cardinals traded David Freese. *** ? I'm saddened by this news. Gol' D**N IT!
NEW YORK -- Third base is beginning to look like a platoon position for the Angels , with the left-handed-hitting Ian Stewart getting the start over struggling David Freese against New York Yankees right-hander Hiroki Kuroda on Friday night, the third time in six games Manager Mike Scioscia has gone…
David Freese stops running just like El Pato
Why are St. Louis news stations still reporting to us what Albert Pujols is doing? Did they continue to report on Ryan Ludwick, Scott Rolen, David Eckstein or David Freese when they were gone? Just a reminder, baseball is a business, trades happen, get over it already!
Paul Stastny is from Missouri and he got a last second tying performance in regulation and an OT winner he is truly the David Freese equival
Steener might have just filled that David Freese hole for the day
David Freese went to my high school.
I love David Freese and was wondering does anyone know if he has a fan club to join or where to write to him? HE is with the Angels now :) Any feed back would be truly appreciated and thanks so much. David's Fan Debbie
Cue David Freese to skate on the ice
Pretty awesome of St.Louis fans to find that goal impressive seeing as they all witnessed David Freese's magic.
Seriously being home this weekend is about as clutch as David Freese in game 6
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"Dear baseball players, thank you for existing." Aka David Freese?(:
Mike Trout eats Subway sandwiches. He doesn't like to share with David Freese, who can't afford his own and brings PB & Js from home.
who's gonna be the Blues David Freese? Hopefully can do it.
David Freese baseball stats with batting stats, pitching stats and fielding stats, along with uniform numbers, salaries, quotes, career stats and biographical data presented by Baseball Almanac.
could be worse. Nats home commentators have called Matt Carpenter David Freese twice now.
Throwback(s) from when I met David Freese and Jason Motte.
Can all you St. Louis Cardinals fans please take back David Freese?!?!? I want Bourjos back!!
David Freese's Game 6 walkoff homer to send the series to a game 7.
David Freese's game 6 comeback against the Texas Rangers in the World Series in 2011.
David Freese hitting a triple with 2 strikes and 2 outs in the bottom of the ninth to tie game six 2011 Series
would you drop David freese to pick up Kevin kouzmanoff? Other 3b in dynasty league is lawrie, but both are cold. Thanks!
Game 6 of the 2011 World Series, capped with David Freese's walkoff HR in the 11th!
David Freese. Simple. Comes up huge not once, but twice.
David Freese game tying triple in game 6
David Freese tying and Walking off in game 6 of 2011
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David Freese two out triple in bottom of ninth and walk off Home Run in eleventh in Game 6 of 2011 WS
David Freese game winning Homer in Game 6 of World Series #
hometown kid David Freese saves the day not once.. But twice! Ending it with a walk-off to send it to game 7
David Freese sends everybody home and forces Game 7 in an instant classic
David Freese's Game 6 homer in one of the craziest games you could have ever seen. UNFORGETTABLE
David Freese gets hurt so often he should just be cryogenically frozen and then thawed and auctioned to the highest bidder in October.
Many players would be thrilled if even a few weeks of their career mirrored that of probable Hall of Fame member Albert Pujols , but David Freese might be following one part of the script a little too closely.
Is it weird that i watch the replay of David Freese's walk off in 2011 at least twice a week? Not at all.
Attorney fees in the Moore v. Tangipahoa Parish schools desegregation case have come to a total of $2.6 million. This breaks down to $1.7 million for the school board attorneys and $942,000 for the plaintiffs' attorneys. The $1.7 million paid to the school board attorneys is almost twice as much as the $942,000 pay to the plaintiff attorneys. The headline in today's Daily Star incorrectly stated the total $2.6 went to the defense attorneys. The story by Reporter David Freese gives the correct amounts.
David Freese is hitting .151 and went 0-6 last night. I hate seeing that guy struggle
Angels' David Freese is trying to get his bat...
Angels' David Freese is trying to get his...
Honestly, I might cry if I see David Freese wearing an Angels jersey because then it becomes reality that he's not a Cardinal anymore. 😭
Third baseman David Freese looks to bring Cardinal virtues to Angels - He...
When the *** did the Angels get David Freese? And why aren't they as good as they should be?
David freese only has 8 hits bro, another free agent bust?
David Freese is really struggling this season.
Apr 16, AB 6: Yoenis Cespedes grounds out, third baseman David Freese to first baseman Albert Pujols.
David Freese is now 0 for his number. Figure it out.
hey David Freese is trying his hardest too.
It's time to call up Lucho. David Freese is up there swinging with his eyes closed
How big of a bust has david freese been?!! 😑
David freese gonna come through jst like the World Series?
David freese looks ugly in a angels uni. should stayed in STL
Pretend you’re hitting against Texas, David Freese.
Kendrick steals second, putting David Freese in position to win game with a base hit. Freese one of two w/o a hit tonight.
Kendrick steals second. Winning run standing out there for David Freese.
David Freese needs to go back to STL👎
Has David Freese gotten on base yet this season?
can't turn double play on Howie Kendrick slow groudner to third, We're tied at 4-all, 2 out, bot/9, David Freese u…
David freese is gonna win it for the angels!!
David Freese began the 2014 season, his first in Anaheim, as the Angels' No. 5 hitter.
David Freese single scores Kendrick, but Ian Stewart strikes out swinging pinch hitting for Iannetta with runners on 1B & 2B, and Aybar follows by striking out looking. Going to the 9th inning trailing 9-7.
Minny a players would be thrillet if'n eve a few weeks othar care'r mirreret at oprobabull Hall oFame memb'r Albert Pujols, but David Freese mite be a'followin one part ot' script a lil too closelee.
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Mike Trout ties it in 9th, but Athletics trump Angels in 11 Associated Press ANAHEIM, Calif. -- Josh Donaldson drove in Jed Lowrie with an 11th-inning double, and the Oakland Athletics overcame Mike Trout's tying homer in the ninth for a 10-9 victory against the Los Angeles Angels on Tuesday night. Lowrie led off the 11th with a single against Yoslan Herrera (0-1), the Angels' seventh pitcher. Donaldson hit a sharp grounder inside third base for the AL-leading A's, who have won four straight and eight of nine. Jim Johnson (2-2) pitched two innings for Oakland, getting Howie Kendrick on a groundout with Trout and Albert Pujols in scoring position to end it. Trout hit a two-run shot in the ninth for the Angels, who have lost three of four. Both teams erased late three-run deficits during two dismal bullpen performances. The Angels trailed 9-6 in the eighth after leading 6-3 heading to the seventh. Brandon Moss, Alberto Callaspo and pinch-hitter Derek Norris had RBI singles during a four-run eighth for the A ...
Jeff Fletcher Albert Pujols draws his first walk of the year. He's only 5 behind Josh Hamilton DiGiovanna threaten in T6, put two on with one out, but David Freese grounds into an inning-ending 5-4-3 DP. still lead, 4-3.
Harrison is gonna turn out like David Freese. Outrageously clutch in postseason, terrible next regular season.
David Freese (left hand) and Albert Pujols (right arm) were dinged up today, but were fine postgame. Both should start tomorrow.
David Freese just hit into a 9-6 fielder's choice. :: was a shift on? No Albert's just that slow.
John Rooney on KMOX: "Matt Carpenter at third base gives the more range than David Freese did there."
Albert Pujols is batting ,167. David Freese is batting .100. Looks like the Angels are loving those ex Cardinals lol.
I hope our boy David Freese is doing well. When they go to the American league its like they fall into a black hole...not much info
LH Joe Biemel enters the game to get Raul Ibanez, and picks off David Freese before throwing his first pitch. Unreal.
David Freese with the double play ball and getting picked off first down 3 in the eighth. Wonder why the Cards traded him.
*shakes hands with Peter Bourjos while making eye contact with David Freese*
Good luck to David Freese and Albert Pujols in Anaheim this year. I hope you get to lose to us in the World Series.
While driving on 91 and 15N last night traffic was so bad that I decided to create a post of what I think the 2014 MLB season will turn out. Jeremy Dobashi's PREDICTIONS and Notes: My 2014 MLB Predictions. West: Los Angeles Angels 93 69 -Josh Hamilton will bounce back. Solid pick up with David Freese at third base. Subtract Bourjos and Trumbo. Oakland Athletics 91 71- Rotation took a step back with major arm injuries, Eric O' Flaherty now in the pen. Texas Rangers 88 74- Subtract Ian Add Prince, Feliz to start at AAA. Seattle Mariners 75 87- They need to resign Kendrys Morales, even Robbie Cano said they need another bat. Houston Astros 68 94- More big league experience-like Dexter in Center. Central Detroit Tigers 90 72 Would have given them more wins a week ago but with SS Jose Igelsias to miss about half the season, its hard and Max Scherzer won't go 21-3 again. Cleveland Indians 89 73-Michael Bourn to start on DL, another year with Terry Francona equals SUCCESS. Kansas City Royals 84 78- Still not the ...
Based on my 1st baseball draft, I'd determine the best late rd "steals" to be Avisail Garcia, Grady Sizemore & David Freese.
David Freese going to LA to rot just like Wish him the best tho.
David Freese was acquired by St. Louis in '07 for Jim Edmonds. Freese was a 9th round pick by San Diego.
It's gonna be so weird seeing David Freese in an Angels uniform this season.
pujols hamilton and now david freese.. If they don't make the playoffs they are the most embarrassing team of all time.
David Freese is wearing with the angels to honor Stan Musial. What a classy guy. Will always be one of my favorite Cardinals
With this new technology, we'll finally know whether this was a good route or not.
"Interesting comments from David Freese in LATimes today from : Fantastic article
Interesting comments from David Freese in LA Times today from :
TEMPE, Ariz. — The Angels hope for great things from David Freese, their new third baseman. What they cannot hope for are the best days of Freese's baseball life. He already had them. In 2011, he saved the St. Louis Cardinals from extinction...
David Freese in an Angels uniform is the most upsetting thing I've seen in months.
has David Freese ever been arrested for DUI on the base paths?
The might have thought playing in his hometown took a toll on David Freese, but the new 3B scoffs:
David Freese, 2011 World Series hero for St. Louis, was traded by his hometown team two years later. But he sa...
Watching some Cactus League replay on tv. So so so good to see David Freese as an Angel. Welcome to the American League, David, we are so glad you're here.
Once upon a time I bought Denise a Pujols shirt and he jumped ship, then I bought her a big David freese bobble head and he got traded... I just gave her a Molina shirt, hmmm, I wonder what will happen ???
Not necessarily a big Angels fan, but this could be a scary team this year IF they can get production from Pujols and Hamilton...David Freese should be a great addition a well...
Would anyone be interested in a David Freese 2011 World Series jersey with tags? Sz Lg.
The Angels guys seem more interested in acquiring David Freese than Tyler Skaggs.
Former South Alabama baseball star David Freese is no longer playing for his hometown St. Louis Cardinals, but he still might be keeping a little of St. Louis close to his heart. Since his trade to the Los Angeles Angels, Freese has changed his uniform number from 23 to 6. The number 6 has been...
Some auction items I am offering to raise money for the event shown below. Let me know if you would like to make a bid. Auction ends March 10, 2014 @ 5 PM. I will post daily updates on bid totals. Here are current bids: $0 on David Freese Ball, $25 on Sam Bradford Helmet, $50 on Foursome of Golf at Pevely Farms. I will contact winners and send items.
Today's 30 for 30 team is the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim: The Angels should be a contender with the amount of money they spend every year. I mean the last few years they have signed Albert Pujols Josh Hamilton CJ Wilson and this year David Freese. If they can put it together the Angels could be the surprise team in the AL this season. The pitching staff is solid for the top 3 but the 4 and 5 starters will be suspect. The bullpen is a question mark but if they can come together the Angels could finish in 2nd the AL West but as for now I'll call for them to finish 3rd with a record of 77-85
Jose Mota and Alex Curry break down what David Freese will bring to the Angels and what can be expected of the 3B this season.
Autographed cardinals Caravan poster signed by Jon Jay and David Freese and others.
CJ Wilson and David Freese put on their game face.
Thank you everyone for the birthday wishes, cards, calls, gifts and fun times spent! You have all made this a very special birthday for me!! You know who you are and I love you all! And thanks to my friend for getting the one & only David Freese to say happy birthday to me! Wow. Happy girl!! =)
Why is David Freese still doing Imo's commercials?
David Freese Belts Walk-off HR to help Cardinals Win Game 6 of the World Series 2011. This may go down in history as the greatest competition ever played, an ...
TEMPE, Ariz. -- David Freese couldn't help but smile at the thought of Stan Musial when asked if he'd changed his uniform number from 23 to 6 in honor of the late St. Louis Cardinals legend. "It's obviously something that crossed my mind, being a Cardinal and being around Stan," said the new Angels third baseman, who played for St. Louis for the last five seasons. "It's just an honor to kind of wear his number. I don't think I look at it and not think about him for sure." Freese has a special connection to the Hall of Famer known to many as "Stan the Man," who passed away in January of last year. He's close friends with a grandson of Musial and recalls seeing Musial often at Busch Stadium. Musial enjoyed coming to talk baseball with players and staff, Freese said Friday. "Just to wear his number is an honor and I was fortunate enough to have the opportunity to be around him when he'd come to the field. Going to his wake, that was a tough thing ... it was a blessing to be around a guy like Stan and underst ...
Albert Pujols rolled out the welcome mat for David Freese, who hopes to reemerge as an impact hitter for the Los Angeles Angels.
Obviously the biggest off season move for the St. Louis Cardinals was the trade of home town hero and 2011 World Series MVP David Freese to the Angels in exchange for Peter Bourjous. On paper the deal looks to benefit the Birds over the Halos! Bourjous has speed at the top of the lineup that they have been lacking for quite sometime, and as long as he can stay healthy can get enough AB's, he will challenge John Jay for time in CF for sure. He's a Cardinals kind of guy..."gritty gutty white guy", and he will help the fans to put Freese in their rear view mirrors! Matt Carpenter moves to his "natural" position of 3B to take the place of Freese.
The Angels have avoided arbitration with third baseman David Freese, signing him to a one-year deal with $5.05 million. What type of initial season will the former Cardinals third baseman enjoy on the West Coast?
Former St. Louis Cardinal 3rd baseman David Freese has been traded to the Los Angeles Angels. Boy, this new Pope is great! Ever since he took over the Catholic Church, very few Cardinals have become Angels.
Boutique Realty's agent aka rockstar Lynne Steinert put this Luxury Condo at Park East Tower under contract, her client beat out several offers! This condo was also called home to the World Series MVP Mr. David Freese :)
Detroit Tigers have avoided arbitration with RHP Max Scherzer. The deal is worth $15.5 million dollars. Scherzer went 21-3 with a 2.90 ERA in 32 starts with the Tigers in 2013 while winning the AL Cy Young Award. Miami Marlins have avoided arbitration with outfielder Giancarlo Stanton. Stanton will make $6.5 million dollars next year. Stanton hit .249 (106-425) with 24 home runs & 62 RBI in 116 games with the Marlins in 2013. Baltimore Orioles & first baseman Chris Davis have avoided arbitration. Davis is set to make $10.35 million dollars next season. Davis hit .286 (167-584) with 53 home runs & 138 RBI in 160 games with the Orioles in 2013. Los Angeles Angels & RHP Fernando Salas have avoided arbitration. Details of the contract have not been released just yet. Salas went 0-3 with a 4.50 ERA in 27 relief appearances with the Cardinals in 2013, Salas was traded to the Angels on November 22 along with David Freese for Peter Bourjos & Randal Grichuk. New York Mets infielder Daniel Murphy has avoided arbitr ...
ST. LOUIS, MO (KTVI)-- Cardinal Glennon Children's Medical Center is reacting to news that David Freese has been traded from the Cardinals.Officials said he visited dozens of children at the hospit...
Jon Jay's sacrifice fly brings David Freese home! Cards 1, Dodgers 0 in the 5th.
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