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David Ford

David Ford (born 24 February 1951) is a politician who is a member of the Northern Ireland Assembly. Ford has been leader of the Alliance Party of Northern Ireland since 2001 and has been Northern Ireland Minister of Justice since April 2010.

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NI Alliance Party claim that abortion is a matter of “conscience” yet they all support David Ford’s abortion Bill. https:/…
Abortion could be legalised in Northern Ireland as early as February 2017 if David Ford's (Alliance Party)...
FINAL UPDATE: Tyler Harry David Ford is now in his new home with his family!👶🏽
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NEB boys top Canton 47-40. David Ford and Zak Smith had 12 each for NEB, Austin Senn-Bishop had 11 & Garret Smith 10.
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African American leaders from across the US to create positive social change during
We are so grateful for this quote from Prof. David Ford of about -…
David Ford on role of SAIL is removing barriers to data access; Andy Boyd from on data sampling ma…
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this exact day last year we were in for David Ford, Jarrod Dickenson & Emily Grove
clergy David Ford makes plea for new reception history for reading John with Jews to address its anti Semitic Reputation.
David Ford points clergy to Griffiths' reading like a sensual lover...50 shades of John
David Ford's coupon as the Justice Minister spoke about abortion law was like a grumpy gorilla
David Ford asks for update on paramilitarism action plan, Justice Minister says "work is ongoing, sure of "outcomes in very near future"
Coping with God and His generosity is the central task of Christian faith, and what is given stretches all capacities:. DW Hardy & David Ford
David Ford: new vision inextricably bound with new Foundation for Educational Leadership
Writer/Director David Ford really wants to make this film!
I'm happy the Phillies won. But David Wright almost just made the craziest throw
Turquoise waters and red cliffs off the coast of Portugal | Photography by ©Chris Ford
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In interests of truth & decency who slandered as ISIS supporter, must apologise.
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1st place in the 4x100. Qualified for regionals. Dylan David, Davion Ford, Jaqualyn Crawford, and Cristian Lara.
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David Ford: 'This is a working document and contains no gimmicks or empty promises'. Access the full manifesto here: htt…
Talk to David Ford about our mussel services/qualifications and how to avoid costly project delays!
Well, at least Konami got David Hayter back to voicing Snake in the Ford Fusion commercials
Reading Zygmunt Bauman and David Ford's reflections on Levinas. Great stuff, loosely translated: love your neighbour as (if) yourself
David Ford is such a woose he fails to comprehend justified abuse but if he quickly left the field I'm sure that Long more votes would yield
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"who would play David Ford in a movie?" "Sir John Gielgud!" "but he's been dead for years!" "yeah. David needs a rest" :P
You were doing your job and very good job you did. I am sure Rob Ford knew this.
David ford like sdlp is electioneering and trying to appeal to unionists for support.
David Dawson is wearing a sling on his left arm here at open practice at Ford Field.
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Great column by David Ford misguided & politics the only way forward. Well worth a read.
Six years of devolved justice in NI.
Congrats to the Henry Ford Trojans. Back to back finals appearances!
Mice were implanted with Rob Ford's tumor in bid to save him
been soaking up some delicious Good Friday beers followed by a fruity bottle of Malbec.
B3 Beauty Alia Dunnill won the David Ford award at the LBMC!!! Cant wait to see the pics from this shoot!!
great job on keeping ford in the USA! That's what a leader does!
David Prowse and Harrison Ford on the set of ESB.
David Menzies: Rob Ford's 'respect for taxpayers' legacy will live on
Eyewear has that essence that makes her feel your every step. . David Ford Collections…
clown David Ford says he won't attend Easter rising commemoration in due violent nature, so the Somm…
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David Ford delivered that speech at a speed Translink can only dream of for the Enterprise train ;)
Kind words for out-going MLAs Kieran McCarthy, Anna Lo & from David Ford.
David Ford stresses key principle is to build United Communities. https…
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welcomes author David Preston to discuss his latest book on 3/23:
What about harrison ford in air force 1?"My best fictional president still remains David Palmer."
Yes we must. A pint of Oystercatcher in the is always a treat.
The last strike cost David Miller his mayoralty (and gave us Rob Ford).
We must have a wander down there, snow buntings, pub lunch, pint of Woodforde etc.
Sure do. One of the finest beaches in the kingdom.
You know that stretch of real estate?
Magnificent! Almost as good as one of your Norfolk beach shots. And you're the Dean of Dramatic Skies.
David, could you go to Ford's theater in my place tonight? Oh and put this stovepipe hat on.
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A on animal cruelty sentences delivered by Alliance Justice Minister David Ford.
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David Ford announced closure of Lisburn Court House today. Decision deals a hammer blow to the City and will disadvantage lo…
It looks like a 50s era Ford dash. I'm gonna hand this off to 50s Ford expert he will know
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Signs of Sky Blue around Coventry ready for the Jimmy Hill celebration
Good for Good for This auto expansion cycle continues and will here in the US as well.
i can see lee taking off and David just sorta grabs ford like "ok hi where we goin?"
The house that clothed Downton Abbey, Indiana Jones and Star Wars – in pictures
Another flying this time a MkI driven, we think, by David Stokes.
David has been on this thing about how Ford vs. Reagan begat the rightward shift in Congressional GOP.
Thank you to David A. of Claresholm, AB for planning to donate a 1996 Ford Escort to Heart & Stroke Foundation.
Jimmy Carter in 1976 debate told Gerald Ford that “as far as foreign policy goes, Mr. Kissinger has been the President of …
I swear they always make me laugh it doesn't matter how bad my day is 😂😂
Fatal foetal abnormality not a term in law says Mental health not a term in law either retorts David Ford.
Danny, son of David Berry, Assistant Director at the National Department, competes in
Wouldn't be the first time that David Ford and Alliance have made a mess of legal guidelines because they don't understand them
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One thing about David Ford he doesn't Play Politics and doesn't like it when the others do . (Mr S)
Amendment 61 could have been improved at later stages says David Ford. "All part of the subterfuge" to vote it down.
Not messing about - David Ford launches attack on "underhand" DUP re: abortion issue saying it's a stalling tactic ahead of election..
Keys to the city given out by: . John Tory: 1. Rob Ford: 3 . David Miller: 2. Mel Lastman: 52 (incl Celine Dion, Nickelback +Sylvester Stallone)
Alliance Justice Minister David Ford introducing legislation to increase max sentence for animal cruelty to 5 years.
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will add four new SUVs by 2020. Is one of them the
I'd rather not imagine David Ford in spandex if that's quite all right with you.
Star Wars prosecuted over Harrison Ford injury -
As David Ford said last night, your comments re: rape were not befitting of a barrister and QC. Your contempt…
David Tomblin, Steven Spielberg & Harrison Ford on the set of "Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom."
"If you ask me why do I love her, well tell me now what's not to love?" David Ford - What's Not To Love
Jim Wells doesn’t and now neither does David Ford. Are we in the 60s still? So depressing and patriarchal
If result of forced bum sex on men was pregnancy, would David Ford, Jim Allister et al still not support abortion for victims of rape?
Glad that David Ford has called Jim Allister out: his speeches tonight are not appropriate for a barrister and QC.
Alliance leader David Ford tells Assembly he disagrees with amendment tabled by party colleague Anna Lo to allow abortion in cases of rape
David Ford also says he will not oppose Paul Frew's amendment to bring in new laws around attacks on staff in the emerg…
CRTL features Michael S. Dukakis on moral standards in politics and Dr. David Ford on Saint Anna of Novgorod.
'David Ford added he has made it clear to Secretary of State Theresa Villiers several times since the so-called...
Magical night at Bush Hall with David Ford. Impassioned, eloquent plea to help raise money for pls give
Somebody tell me why David Ford has not been sacked yet please?? The Justice Ministry is a catalogue of errors & human right…
An amazing evening seeing David Ford at Bush Hall.
David Ford & Jim Allister both describe today's deal as a 'false dawn'
Stormont rumour that David Ford to get peerage & Alliance keep Justice ministry if they support the deal, rather than leave…
Something In The Woods Distribution Journey to L.A.: Stuart Miller and David Ford are heading to L.A. for the ...
David Ford (Alliance Party leader) seems most calm here - seems to have his head on straight. He appears to be talking sense.
The majority of electric vehicle owners will not go back to traditional gas-powered cars, according to Ford survey:
Ford Field in Detroit is ready for Jets-Lions. . (📷
Be constantly overwhelmed by God's desire for us and ours for God. Then other desires become harmonised in dynamic balance. David Ford
you look considerably thicker than David Ford.
DCI McVea do I look as thick as David Ford. Don't *** on my leg and tell me its raining, it was the provos.
. "Oyelowo is not the first black actor to portray Bond. That honour goes to...".
I keep saying there's no way he'll be elected, but Toronto ended up with Rob Ford so I dunno
New print available on - '1957 Ford Crown Victoria Tail Light' by David and Carol Kelly -
Britain's Mr and Mrs Average are called Susan and David and drive a Ford Focus
Harrison Ford has had some great lines, but this may be my favorite at the 1:39 mark. Worth two minutes of your day.
Average Joe is called David...or Susan: IF you live in a three-bedroom, semi-detached home with a Ford F...
David Oyelowo will voice James Bond in 'Trigger Mortis' audiobook:
New to David Ford Collections, "The Uptowns" our first full optical frames which will be available in…
Lawyers will bring court system to its knees over legal aid cuts, David Ford is warned
Britain’s Mr and Mrs Average drive a Ford Focus and called Susan and David ...
David B, Ford salesman at The Autoplaza for 39 years says 'enthusiasm to build the best cars hasn't changed" htt…
Britain’s Mr and Mrs Average: A typical UK couple are most likely to be called Susan and David, live in a thre...
David Ford criticises low rates of Castlereagh Council. Ask those residents now in Belfast higher rates bill delivers better services!
Yeah- I'm not interested in seeing men writing about abortion, unless its David Ford saying its legal
Saw Al Pacino, Paul McCartney and David Ford live this weekend. Plus and (both). It has been one to remember.
> David Ford criticises parties who blocked Welfare Reform Bill on
"I've had many insults tonight but not that one" - David Ford says when referred to as DUP leader
David Ford at Valley Leisure Centre in Newtownabbey to show support to Alliance candidate Stewart Dickson
Our Phi Beta Lambda future-leaders won big honors in 25-plus State Conference categories. Kudos to David Ford & entire team!
From social worker to politician: A look at the career of Alliance leader David Ford.
Reading "The Home as a Little Church" by David Ford, about St John Chrysostom's vision for marriages. Beautiful. via
Tune into WXPN 88.5FM today at noon to hear David Ford's free/live show at World Cafe Live...
Are our prisons fit for purpose? That's our discussion after 12 with David Ford, Prof Phil Scraton, Les Allamby and ex-prisoner Cathy Conway
David Ford has a show on 2015-03-05 at 18:30 @ World Cafe Live Phil... in Philadelphia, PA, US
M'learned friends are angry at David Ford's plans to cut NI's legal aid bill. Some may withdraw services. Join us after
Please don't let this topic with David Ford go in the upcoming weeks Rick. This bigger than Katy Perry or Richard Z.
Revs A. Macdonald and David Ford look too young and fresh to be retired!
David Ford has launched a new Charter for victims of crime
David Ford ? Really ? A man to strike fear into terrorists or would be terrorists, get off the radio you waste of oxygen ?
Yes, you don't think a piece on Gregory Campbell's nose is a good idea?! You could follow up with David Ford's beard.
there is less peace walls now than when David Ford took over as Justice Minister.
"Alliance leader David Ford said Mr Adams “has actually damaged equality legislation with his remarks”."
See below for the text of a message I sent to John Barry of the Green Party NI, based on the discussions in Ballymena tonight. I hope he and colleagues can challenge David Ford on the decision he has taken. I am posting this because there was a fair amount of discussion on what questions and pressure we can exert through our MLAs on the DOJ and DOH to ensure Railway St stays open, maybe the below will help others to formulate their own letters/messages/emails: 'Hi John, sorry for slow reply. The pioneering Railway Street service in Ballymena for the treatment of heroin addiction is likely to close end Feb 15 as DOJ has pulled out; £360,000pa (70% of it's funding, rest is DOH funded). Although addiction is primarily a health issue, heroin addiction has a big impact on crime and the justice system and the rationale for the funding split was based on that. Whether this is the correct split or not is semantics now as the service will have to close and the impact will be horrendous; ironically costing much m ...
David Ford calls for inquiry on Sinn Féin expenses in North - NI Minister for Justice says public ‘have a right to...
Want to do something more fun at lunch than just eat?Join WFDD's David Ford for Triad Arts Live at Hanesbrands Theatre on 11/6 at noon!
Another try for the visitors - this time replacement David Sis going over, converted by George Ford. 29-19
Wouldn't mind a trip up to Westfield London soon ??
David Ford tells £30m money for justice 'will be used wisely'.
David Ford thinks the solution to the financial crisis is to pass it onto the poor through welfare reform. No.
Well done Stephen. Richly deserved. Your interview on Friday with David Ford should be an early front runner for next year
Can't wait to get this final round underway!
Keep fireworks legal and safe – Ford: Justice Minister David Ford has reminded the public that anyone wishing ...
Macbeth - Julia Ford and David Morrissey, “From this time Such I account thy love.”:
David Ford has described today's Executive decision a farcical
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David Russell now leads the race ahead of Dean Canto and Steven Johnson. Nissan Ford, Ford
Steve Owen now leads in the FPR Ford ahead of the Nissan of David Russel and the FPR of Chaz Mostert
David came from Georgetown for a on a 2009 Ford Mustang GT sold by Jason Barnett.
No way I'll be able to absorb David Fincher's Gone Girl tonight as Herrera and his missing of the bag haunts me like a sullen past regret
Shawn Kittridge Timothy Ford David Lidstone lets hope we get among a few of these this winter!
Anthony Joshua still believe he needs a bigger test to prove himself 👊 what a champ!
Business leaders can help defeat organised crime: Justice Minister David Ford has highlighted the important ro... http:…
aww mate I didn't really mind, glad I didn't bother in the end 😊👍
true, regardless of those last two I think we should be able to at least get back to Ford Field. Gotta win these gimmies.
Saturday nights in... I could get use to this!
Cong. Gerald Ford gives Pres. Richard Nixon his recommendations to succeed VP Spiro Agnew, today 1973:
“Georgia Tech falls from the ranks of the unbeatens as Duke upsets Yellow Jackets 31-25. 😭😭😭😭
+5 over for a 77. Could of been better but gotta go out and improve tomorrow!
. When I bought my 36 Ford all the original safety glass was deteriorated like that.
today we lost another Spring Ford classmate. that's 3 in the past month. my heart goes out to the David family.
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
(BBC) VIDEO: Weapons were threat says Ford: Justice Minister David Ford congratulates the police after they di...
David ford not using his hands now for the rest of this match
Nation Ford swimmer David Sweezer is state champion and actually beat fort mill
Thank you & congrats to David N. from League City, TX seen here picking up his new Ford F-150 from Ronell! Drive...
I think david ford may go for a duffer coat going ta catch a cold
It's race day!! Love night races. Hope to move our ford forward!! Lot of work to do!!
Good luck to today against Duke! Let's get to 6-0! Can't wait to watch the game when I get home tonight
Ready to get this tournament started
Legal aid is not about David Ford; in same way NHS is not about Edwin Poots/ Jim Wells. This is an unnecessary political dig!
I'm so excited about my upcoming gigs/this weekend! Friday- I'm going to be recording some tunes with David Ford for his upcoming album! Saturday- I'm going to be joining David Ford for his show at Rockwood 3! We go on at 10pm! Saturday 9/20- I'm going to be opening up for Paula Cole as a part of Candlelight Concerts for Epilepsy Awareness! It's at Trinity UMC, 1985 Pennington Road Ewing, New Jersey 08534 and doors are at 7pm!
David Ford plan ensures British FBI will be answerable to Policing Board via
David Ford plan ensures &FBI&will be answerable to Policing Board via
David Ford plan ensures 'British FBI' will be answerable to Policing Board
BBC News - Up to 30 people helped out of slavery in NI each year says David Ford
Then I'm in the air with Eric Decker , Jacoby Ford , Kellen Winslow , and David Nelson
Reconnecting with admissions friend lil David Ford
Congratulations to Larry Mendoza of Sunnyvale, CA on his new 2014 Ford C-Maz Energi from David Valencia!
I've just fallen in love with this car.
David Lee, owner of Ford of Murfreesboro, presents an engraved watch to School Resource Officer Matt Powell as...
Jose Mourinho when he received a call from PSG, offering £50m for David Luiz.
Gutted to be missing next weeks game away to the Bridgwater due to injury, such a huge game for the lads and hitting form at the right time
David & Annette took home a 2010 Dodge Caravan yesterday! Thank you for choosing Tri-State Ford! Sold by Robert...
One of the great tunes by David Sanborn with Robben Ford and Marcus Miller
Irrelevant to me,moving house.Usual corporate guff.Try not paying Harrison Ford and David Beckham!
On page 83 of 196 of Women in the Films of John Ford, by David Meuel
Bruce Walters Ford would like to thank David & Tara Little of Bypro, KY for their purchase of a New 2014 Ford...
let's thank David miller and the FCM for lobbying for this many years ago the *** Ford deserves no credit
Grip changes are from the devil himself
50 years of Mustang at the 2014 Fleetwood Country
If it was David Miller or Adam Vaughan instead of Rob Ford would the have printed the article regarding his behavior in rehab
NI Justice Minister David Ford is concerned about the radicalisation of the protestant youth.
David that last quote on confidence was by Henry Ford. ▶️Take the objective by storm👍
Love watching thunderstorms at night
Well that was an eventful night of work😳
“A Faster Horse, a documentary by David Gelb is on the way!
. Hey sweetie, I'm just getting ready to leave for the Model T Ford Club dinner. . I took that drug test today so we'll see.
I gotta stay until they come in too😠
Don't understand why people stay on a golf course when it's lightning really close by😒
If this storm could go away so I could finish my job that'd be greaat😑😑
. Thanks Polly. . It's a 1926 Model T Ford. . The most fun one can have at 40 MPH. LOL :-)
Oh we remember them, along with J. Bender. Tj Ford, David Harrison, Austin Croshere, and a few years with Al Harrington.
. Yes. . I'm going to my Model T Ford Club dinner tonight. . I went & took a drug test for the FEDX job earlier today.
549kfmx1v1 - Field Buy Jordan 3 5lab3 Reflective Shoe 2014 will be on the left It's said that David practiced...
I ran into David Soknacki on the edge of a Ford scrum today.
I adored David Ford's 1st cd.Had an Arcade Fire's Funeral phase but my longest love affair now is with Half Moon Run's Dark Eyes
this is why I love Ford trucks! Built Ford Tough! Kevin Go Fast Woodard Michael Weston
Alec Baldwin developing possible television show on clownish Rob Ford, but Toronto has stopped laughing
David thanks Jonathan Barrera for his purchase of a new 2014 Ford Explorer Sport.
David is a top-notch musician and a classy guy all around. I would totally recommend him if you're looking for a...
Homosexuality: so expensive. MT "I save taxpayers money" Rob Ford says when asked if he is homophobic.
Tune in to Triad Arts with David Ford to hear about Korner's Folly and the Homegrown Arts & Crafts Festival!
Its a sad day at Downey Ford as David Adams is moving on to become Used Car Manager at Saint John Hyundai. Dave...
. You did well with gears, Christine. On pater's bran(d)-new Ford (1962) his column change jammed!. David Lorriman . Pontefract
Justice Minister David Ford has called on everyone with influence to work for a peaceful marching season
David Ford really is onto something!
Test drive the Ford Transit Courier Van - Call Iain or David on 01463 230430.
Boy, Henry Ford nipped that one in the bud.
Great to catch up with CEO David Thodey and good friend Kim Ford CEO of and…
Does David want to become one of the Raging Nannies on the a Ford team?
Hey Everybody!!! What can I say.. Great Show!!! We brought 15 Club Cars but fell 1 short of the Club Participation.. So here is what the score is at this time. 1. Derby City Club 16 Cars. 2. Indy Club. 14 Cars & 1 truck. 3. Queen City Club 14 Cars. 4. Falls City Club 0 reminder they hosted the show so their cars did not count this time however they will be in full force this coming weekend. So has you can see, it is a very tight race for the Traveling Trophy Series 2014. This year we are off to a great start than the last 2 years so lets keep it up!! Congrats to all who did receive awards. It was kind of different on how they did the awards but when their computer crashed, they did the best they could. I have attached photos so click on 1 of the photos has they're several attached. However alot of photos that I did take did not come out..bummer.. bringing camera next weekend. Thanks to Frostang Mustang, Jennifer Brown, Tony Delk, David Ford, Colin Ford, Jerry Sullivan, Steve Zipoff. Patricia Zipoff, Chr . ...
David Ford thanks Chris and Mary and the communities for their hard work.
William Humphrey MLA responds to David Ford's call for an end to the Twaddell protest, Nolan Show 11-6-2014
"Restorative justice is about meeting people where they're at, at their most human." -David Ford, Minister of Justice, …
impressed with support for by Minister of David Ford "a very human response to the harm caused"…
David Ford predicts that Anna Lo's transfers will go to SDLP and UUP. Enough of them will go to UUP to secure a seat for Jim Nicholson.
David Ford predicts: transfers from Anna Lo to Jim Nicholson should get him though to the third MEP seat.
It gets more interesting by the minute. Henry Reilly and David Ford say Jim Allister is either very close to or ahead of Jim Nicholson.
Owensboro High graduation watching David Ford and Anthony Little cross the line — at Owensboro Sportscenter
This week several of the men at Williams Road Free Will Baptist Church have been prepping the entry and hallway for a fresh coat of paint. I would like to thank the following for their priceless help; Roven Blake, Jim Acton, Dan Barker, Jim Steele, Christian Acton, Dylan Goodall and David Ford. We are raising up a new work force to tend to the Church Building. Glory to God!
Listening to David Ford followed by a bit of Matt Corby and Benjamin Francis Leftwich with a pint of Adnams Broadside. I'm sure my fellow FB music man Paul Youdan would approve :)
Jeffrey Donaldson & David Ford both fuming on radio 5 like they turned up wearing the same dress but Gerry looks stunning without trying
Get your tickets for David Ford with TONIGHT at
Tomorrow, Thursday April 17th 2014. The Greene Turtle will proudly be holding a party/ fundraiser event in honor of DA David Ford. Everything kicks off at 11am and will run all day and evening till close at 2am if necessary. Live Band Pirahnahs will be playing around 1pm followed by Justin Miles around 2pm or so. Southern Md's own the DJ PJ will be spinning live from 530pm for the rest of the night. Donation tables, awesome raffle baskets and a few really high end silent auction prizes will be going on throughout the event. Please come support our beloved friend who's life was cut short to cancer and donate if you haven't already. The Greene Turtle will be donating %10 of the days total sales towards the cause and all raffle, t-shirt, silent auction etc...proceeds will go directly to David's parents to distribute as needed with outstanding bills, burial costs and his two surviving children. So please, take the time to support a true friend and show up for awhile. ill update from the Turtle in the mo ...
Thank You to all of the contestants of 2014 for showing up, being professional and classy, being supportive of each other, and making this event a world class event!!! YOU ROCKED! Thank You to the stage and theatre crew to making the vision happen with such a top level production - the lights and music were best to date. Thank You to the amazing photo crew of David Ford, Dan Galic for Status Fitness Magazine and Fit & Firm Mag unbelievable professionalism and Joel Sheveck for Social Images and Stephan and the VIP Red Carpet team along with Loriann Marchese and Jon Gallo. SPECIAL "Thank You to our judges (you know who you are without tags) and our Backstage Expeditors who make it all happen plus the trophy presenters." Thank You Shaun T and the Shauntourage for working out with 600 and being such a motivation with your workouts! Can't Wait for the next Fitness Atlantic!
Great night/afternoon at thanks David Ford and Phil Jones for the invite
I'm truly appalled at the recent news that one of my primary opponents, David Ford, has been attending recent Tea Party events. I've always been shocked at some of the remarks made by David at various candidate forums(i.e. his strong support for right to work) but this recent news disgusts me. Indiana doesn't need leaders guided by their own interests, rather we need leaders who work for the PEOPLE! So please LIKE and SHARE my page and let your friends know that Shawn Denney is interested in representing THEIR interests!
Don't know where you're going? Destination Mastery, 6pm tonight Kevin Hunter & David Ford on TBFS
As a Media Development and Creative Design Firm, we embrace and adhere to a very important truth: "GOOD DESIGN is making something intelligible and memorable. . . GREAT DESIGN is making something memorable and MEANINGFUL!" J David Ford & Associates, Inc.
David Ford is absolutely correct in defending Anna Lo, she has every right to support a United Ireland. Alliance is a party for all!
David Ford reacts to criticism of Anna Lo from party member saying he is "elderly". Many of a similar age group at Alliance conference
David Ford's on the Sunday Politics next. I'm not even joking, has anyone seen Anna Lo since that Irish News story? Like, seriously?
Lo has right to belief in says Alliance Party leader 'David Ford says Chinese-born politicia...
David Ford...didnt Dennis Healey say that Geoffrey Howe tearing into him was like being savaged by a dead sheep.
David Ford wants to smash Unionism will he be more successful than pope Lundys smash Sinn Fein.
So after *** broke loose on poor Anna Lo, no one cares that David Ford says N Ireland is better within the Union!
David Ford: Northern Ireland is better off within the Union - Regional - Belfast Newsletter
Northern Ireland, Wales & Scotland are better off within the Union, says Alliance leader David Ford
David Ford says that regardless of inquiries, responsibility comes back to the assembly to deal with the outstanding issues
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