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David Essex

David Essex OBE (born David Albert Cook on 23 July 1947) is an English musician, singer-songwriter and actor.

Winters Tale Richard Burton Jeff Wayne Noel Gallagher Michael Praed Hold Me Close Ringo Starr Justin Hayward David Cassidy Alvin Stardust Bay City Rollers Liam Neeson Bristol City

David Essex was no1 with 'Gonna Make You a Star' last time beat back in Nov 1974.
• Archinect: Church Hill Barn by David Nossiter Architects: The site, situated on the Essex…
I am now so old that everything longer ago than about three years just seems the same. Minimal? David Essex? Commodore 64? Same
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Underground with Cricket Pitches.and we will all have David Essex hair.
This subject is of real interest to me but unfortunately I live in Essex... will it be available online?
Hello lovely! Saw David Essex pop up on a Countryfile... wonder who whittled him onto the celeb shortlist? :) xx
You have to realize, they're comparing Bron to Jordan. Who are they comparing Melo to?
LBJ smart not to put outside the line in his play
Yep!! Not a full team player. Bron loves Melo, but knows he's limited.
i must say love has more intangible bec he passed make others better melo more ISO selfish it was his downfall
True. But still wouldn't trade Love for Melo. Love does more dirty work than Melo. Love's *** on the boards.
love no D too but more upside melo on the backend of career overvalued now but in prime maybe equal to love yes?
Very sorry to hear this. A truly great person. BBC News - Human rights 'founding father', Sir Nigel Rodley, dies
did I see david Essex on countryfile sort of think I might have imagined it
Was Essex on enjoying the countryside ..wish he would come here and see beautiful Dorset
What has David Wills been up to lately? Find out here >
I'm a, Unicorn. Marvellously marvellous . In the extreme dream. Silver dream machine by David Essex. My love to you . Adore it.
this is the first time I've seen it too. My mum went to see it with David Essex in, when I was a kid.
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Any luck with David Essex? I suggested him a while a go and then you mentioned him on the show.
David Essexnow singing a song in my head. Thanks for nothing!
Faded Gloryby David Essex Julie tells us, 'I was very lucky enough that Santa got me a copy'
very cool. Another one 70's tune. David Essex
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in the Treehouse : Gonna make you a star by David Essex ... Tune In at
Sigh. I loved Hutch. Posters on my bedroom wall. Along with David Essex. And Alan Alda.
Tuesday Tunesdays. "Hey kid, rock and roll...". The Vindicators take on the classic, "Rock On" by David Essex.
David, never said live in Hornchurch nor complained on behalf of Essex CC. You say you have no answer.
you're never too young for David Essex or Jeff Wayne
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
They're playing 'A Winter's Tale' by David Essex in my local Costa. I remember Rita Fairclough singing that in the Rovers one Christmas.
David Essex - All the fun of the fair Concert Hall, Nottingham 05 11 16: via
I always thought that David Essex track was Gary Glitter. Shame it isn't, as we then wouldn't have to hear it.
This pretty Essex village offers respite from the city - just 15 miles from central London: http…
. It took 6months for *** to publish but we are finally live. See the video we made.
David Essex was from the original concept album with Elaine Paige. My dream cast would be Lupone and Essex.
Do you have a favorite cast for Evita? I love Lupone as Evita, but I adore David Essex as Che. He has raspiness that fits.
We have only two words to say about this year's line up - David Essex !!!
Congratulations to East Essex DA member David Castleman on his bravery award.
38 years ago, Oh What A Circus by David Essex entered the chart... ♫
Hi David. We understand that the Essex County Traveller Unit at are dealing with the encampment
Thanks. Reminds me of David Essex a bit.
I wasn't ever a massive David Essex fan, but I liked a few of his tracks, and Stardust was one
Yeah there are some great street shots in Slade in Flame. Haven't seen the 2 David Essex ones in a long time
The one & only David Essex [is at International Centre in November. Tickets on sale now: https…
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
battle Check out the design our team made for them.
Mama bought me this trendy neckerchief, but I don't like it, it makes me look like that blighter David Essex!
I've just been looking through all my signed cast cards I've got lots of great ones such as Barbara Windsor, Steve Mcfadden, David Essex,
Which do you prefer, David Cassidy or David Essex?
Rock On by David Essex. its time to layout on floats at soak city all day around rivers ♫
See Elvis, David Essex, Alvin Stardust, John Lennon, and many more come to life at Redditch's Palace Theatre:...
A young David Essex in Carry on Henry, sadly this scene ended up on cutting room floor!
LISTEN | David Masters & Jamie Porter talk after bowling Essex into a commanding lead on day 3 -
Ah I c. Yes it is Essex police. No evidence should ever be withheld. Why? Disgraceful. Just leaving work. Have a nice evening David.
Hello from the opening of the University of Essex's Dental Academic Clinic!
would like 2 welcome David 2 our team.He has years of experience all over
Both Essex County Coun. and Windsor City Coun. have committed to a levy. David Musyj explains what happens next.
Only been to 1 gig with my mother () David Essex at the Norwich Theatre Royal in the 70’s still traumatised
can and challenge David Amess and over this?
Now playing: Rock On by David Essex listen at - Buy it
Coming home from a day in London with a pic with David Essex! 😁 pretty chuffed about that!
We love nature and we love Sir David Attenborough! Happy 90th Birthday! Amazing video! https:/…
David Gilmour performing Comfortably Numb last night, with the inclusion of Purple Rain as a tribute to Prince:
David Acfield, champion fencer for England, and Essex cricketer, lived in The Furlongs!
. David Essex - Silver Dream machine '' RighT now on Drive Time !
Southend MP Sir David Amess warns Barack Obama: Stay out of British politics
Ah it's a risk I take, it's like Russian roulette except with David Essex and Backstreet boys. Everyone loves Spice Girls.
Shuffle makes driving in the summer with windows down risky. Can't be seen listening to David Essex.
In Essex we hate snitches so much people even give positive reviews under the condition of anonymity.
Live now on 103.7FM David Amess MP talking about with www.funky/sx/player
Do you remember Gonna Make You A Star - David Essex? WSKIDRadio does...
And, kicking off this week's is 's single choices - David Essex - Stardust
David Essex - Goodbye First Love via Just as gorgeous today
it is a beautiful theatre. My first visit. David Essex 1978. Aaah.
Hear Clacton man David Thompson taking how his dreams have been realised with Willow Park https:…
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
David Masters makes his first appearance of the season for the Essex 1st XI. He replaces Dixon. Browne and Cook open the batting
Funeral held for David Smith, who was killed in a trike motorcycle crash
Feeling spring-like? Get tickets for one of our shows. David Essex, Jools Holland, Elkie Brooks all coming
Loved War of the World's! Vaguely embarrassed by how excited I was to see David Essex... Plus Michael Praed is still a stone cold fox.
Lovely to meet the cast after, Michael Praed, David Essex and the legendary Jeff Wayne :-D
GUVNORS Excellent film with a fine cast Doug Allen, Vas Blackwood, and David Essex
I never thought I'd see Jimmy Nail, David Essex, Daniel Beddingfield, Heidi Range and Michael Praed on the same stage. It's a bit trippy
War of the Worlds, Dominion Theatre. Everything about it was excellent. music, special effects, the cast and not forgetting David Essex.
Been out for a curry. In bed husband playing me David Cassidy and David Essex throwbacks. Good lad!
David Essex - Rock On by Ry Browne and the Sound
End of act 1, and I am completely overwhelmed. Jeff Wayne, Liam Neeson and David Essex are on fire. ❤❤
I didn't know he was in it! When I saw it, it was Russell Watson and Justin Hayward. Did you get David Essex in this one?
how is the David Essex project doing
Classic & New ♫ Now playing on Wavelength Radio: Rock On by Essex Listen to us at
is our most-feared illness, more than heart disease or cancer. - David Perlmutter
Meet Black Singles 300x250
I could never roller skate 😔 Instead I'd watch the girls as I tapped along to David Essex 😎👍🏽Xx
Love David Essex, must come and see WOTW!
David Mooney could change role to secure more starts
Professor David Ormerod QC presenting the 28th Annual law lecture. A new code
When singer David Essex moved to Wakefield, he became known as 'David West Yorkshire'.
They're muckspreading over the back field. So we have to have this on from David Essex.
War of the Worlds Opens Tonight at West End’s Dominion Theatre, with Jimmy Nail, Daniel Bedingfield, -
Loving David Essex on the Mystery Year today .. but what's the year?
BREAKING NEWS: All school buses in Essex County are cancelled this morning but city school buses are running.
David handles the wintery conditions to win seniors medal at the Essex Golf and Country Club: Given the winter...
I'm listening to The Artilleryman and the Fighting Machine by David Essex/Richard Burton.
Witham MP Priti Patel 'has what it takes' to succeed David...
Hold on a sec... isn't that David Essex's brothers?!?
no cos Essex is massive, some parts r debatable
were handing out gongs to the likes of David Essex and Bay City Rollers in 1976 when punk was at its height.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
oh why does everyone say there from London who live in essex then
Watching war of the worlds at dominion Threater London David Essex totally amazing
Very fashionable down in Essex.which kinda backs up your argument 😂😂😂
I'm so ready 2 go 2 Essex them yummy ladies
They couldn't possibly be up there with the two hours of David Essex I once had to endure 😁
'War Of The Worlds' West End pro looks fab! I MUST go see... David Essex plus good line up inc DanIel beddingfield hence my link below
thanks, I will. I think Stardust ends with the David Essex as a kind of Syd Barrett recluse, not sure how well done it is tho
2/2 Michael Elphick and David Essex were high up the list.
Now Playing on Wavelength Gonna Make You A Star by Essex to us at
What on earth is this? No recollection of this as yet. Sounds like a David Essex off-cut
Ha Ha - very good. Love a bit of coconut here in Essex - it is as tropical as we get.
if only. You coulda had a David Essex scarf and as many of these as I could carry (pls make some TFATD ones)
David Essex - Stardust Loved this back in the day, time travel machine PLEASE .
he's a total dream bop to all the teens, kinda like a David Essex of our time, lol aw
beautiful, charming and magical performance of 'The Winter's Tale' this afternoon. Noted lack of David Essex though 😉
Access more than 7.4 million parts at Parts Direct
DJ-Sandyman @ WKDfm is playing David Essex - A Horse with No Name Live, Legal and Loud Internet Radio
2 janv.: David Essex, English singer-songwriter, and actor, was born 600 thousand hours ago (on 23 Jul 1947)
David Essex - Gonna make you a star. . Dance with him too?
Just signed up for this with David Smith raising funds for St Luke's Hospice. We have just sat and worked out a...
im Essex plus i do beauty so its the law to look like David Dickinson lol
"Brave New World" by David Essex was a UK hit in 1978.
And to you two and David S. Can take a woman out of Essex but not Essex out of a woman. HNY. COYI. jd
Answer! Sunderland beat Notts County 3-0 at home on ... 23rd Nov 1974 ... while David Essex reached with "Gonna Make You a Star"
I liked a video David Essex: 'Hold Me Close', Top of the Pops 1975
in Macca , hurst, deegan. Leave david W in. he might drop adam B and bring in prosser or bolger.
My Mum thought Barbie was 'racy'! I had Hutch from Starsky and. And David Essex.
Sounds like a bit part in a David Essex film!
WLYLA thinks if there was ever a song over the yrs of ... David Essex put it out in 1974...
watched a bit, then fireworks and David Essex, now back on jools
Yet another year when no shop does an advert for January reductions using a David Essex hit and has the song "It is only a Winter's sale".
David Essex fabulous i'm in heaven woohoo! xx
Carry big head to Essex because of woman. David cannot be saved 😂😂
...And David Gandy, originally of Billericay, Essex gained fame after his mother entered him into itv contest.
Michael Sheen talks to Jeff Wayne and David Essex about working with Richard Burton on War of the Worlds
I hear David Essex was quite disappointed with Ken Branagh and Judi Dench's latest Shakespeare production.
Lynn Tescos pumping out the Christmas big hitters. Bing & Bowie, David Essex, Mike Oldfield and Steeleye Span. The classics.
David Essex, Jacko from Brush Stokes, Paul Nicholas from Just Good Friends, Peter Duncan & Keith Moon is the definition of "Supergroup".
notables on the album: Richard Burton, Justin Hayward and David Essex
It's time to Wake Up With Mo! Coming up you'll hear Joe Dolce Music Theatre & David Essex
Wrong answers to a question on were David Essex and John Gielgud. Jim Bowen: "You're in the right area." - what area is that?!
Bloke I used to work with was the spit of David Essex. Went mental when you mentioned it.
there's always one kid at school who looks like David Essex . Birthday 9 months after fair left
David Essex, Chris Farlowe & Tony Bennet. Howard can certainly can carry a tune.
Jeff Wayne, David Essex and Richard Burton making The War of the Worlds
Have you noticed that Noel Gallagher's High flying birds song sounds a bit like David Essex ' Rock on '.
Lock All The Doors by Noel Gallagher on my radio. Thought it was a noisy cover of Rock On by David Essex for a minute.
So, I'm told I am listening to the new Noel Gallagher song, so why is Rock On by David Essex in my head?
David Essex sang: "Is he more, too much more than a pretty face? I don't think so..." about Kevin Ayers.
BBC is the YING from ITV trashy The Only Way Is Essex YANG. Keep the BBC as the likes of David Attenborough is inspirational!
Pls donate payrise to project for better mental & physical wellbeing
you have David Beckham's muscular physique and stylish hair, but you also have David Beckham's Essex voice
How is the latest record global temperature affecting Windsor-Essex? Sr. Climatologist David Phillips of tells us at 5:20
CEO David Musyj calls today's tour an introduction to the "transformation of the health care system of Windsor Essex"
1 bed apartment available through resales in Get in touch with David @
Are you also slighting David Dimbleby.Peter Firmin,Annie Lennox,etc? see
I went there twice, seen Bay City Rollers and David Essex those were the days
*goes into bar*. *discovers age of barman*. *dies a little inside*. *walks home listening to David Essex*
I think will be overjoyed to find he's keeping David Essex company : )
David Bruce with a wonderful array at our Farmers' Market Summer Extravaganza
David manning the ice cream booth at our Farmers' Market Summer Extravaganza
All purpose parts banner
Hurry up Saturday! Looking forward to taking to The River ala David Essex and embarking on some barging...
"Rock On" by David Essex is always the answer.
Naw, that's the 'payoff' with Mixcloud. David Essex gets £0.06p and no downloads. It's all streaming these days! :)
I have the Stardust album and love the song WOMAN by David Essex. I think KM was in that film or am I talking mice?
David Essex. Just been listening to it.
15July/1966: David Bowie and The Buzz play at Loughton Youth Centre in Loughton, Essex
David Jackson leaves Southend Saxons for new role in Canada
David Bell will be on the James Whale Show this Thursday from 6am - 7am! Make sure you tune in to BBC Essex!
Make sure you tune into BBC Essex Thursday morning from 6am - 7am to catch David Bell on the James Whale Show!
Listen to David Bell on the BBC Essex Breakfast Show here -
On AHBS: is Hold Me Close by David Essex on Wake up with Webbo
David Essex movie coming from Alan G Parker | TeamRock: via
David Essex - Hold Me Close 1975. This takes me back to a simpler time. He's a cutie. Check out those side burns.
You get David Essex and Catherine Zeta Jones promoting their duet on GMTV with Anthea Turner
I don't remember David Essex' poor man's Bowie phase.
Just watched that'll be the day and stardust, David Essex ,Keith moon , Adam faith , Ringo Starr , Marty Wilde . Loved it
David Essex stars in EastEnders as Alfie Moon's uncle Eddie: via
Liam Neeson instead of Richard Burton, Ricky Wilson as David Essex, Gary Barlow as Justin Hayward. Bit dubsteppy in places too
I really need to clear all the crap music on my fone pmsl.Listening to Shaking Stevens ohhh and David Essex :\ gotta love boomtown rats
i bet on that tape its David Essex ,BayCity Rollers,Alvin Stardust,Slade lololol God they were happy days hated them
Noel Edmunds, David Essex, Danny Dyer, Chris Boom Boom Accers, to add to the list
I just watched an EastEnd gangster film where David Essex was a football hooligan and Richard Blackwood and Spider from Corrie were coppers.
why is David Essex's love child sitting next to Shearer? Wear a shirt you muppet
A seasonal classic from David Essex.It was released on December 11th 1982, and reached number 2 in the UK singles chart. NO COPYRIGHT INFRINGEMENT INTENDED: ...
Commuter gets £1,090 of train delay compensation vouchers in one year - Peter,…
you are number 2 on my list, sorry David Essex is my number one
Controversial? It wouldn't be if you stuck to genuine one hit wonders! David Essex is NOT! Gary Numan is NOT! I could go on.
ayyy David, have u ever seen Isabel when she's drunk?
David Essex - Jim MacLaine rise and fall of a rock star 3 / 3: via
David Casidy, and David Essex, it was good but the only original Roller was Les and the Osmonds were without Donny, my
Half way through the Govnors movie and David Essex has just turned up!
Ross Kemp and David Essex getting it on at the Ally Pally
Great News - I'm proud to announce I'll be extending my Mobile DJ services to the Essex/Hertfordshire region from...
Happy New Year to you and family Please pass on our congrats to David on his knighthood.
in the Treehouse : David Essex - Gonna Make You A Star... Tune In at
Louis van Gaal looks like Niki Lauda doing his best impression of David Essex
Watching guvnors' courtesy of . Ace film. David Essex is class
More on David Worrall's injury. He's 50/50 for the game on Saturday.
Oh What A Circus - David Essex: im obsessed by this song . I can't stop listening to it
in 1813, Capt. David Porter of USS Essex claims Marquesas Islands for US.
Happy new year all. Loving the pub I'm in. Will play anything u want. Just gone Oasis, Fun, David Essex, The Alarm, The Foundations fab xx
Answer! Bristol City beat Charlton 4-0 at home on ... 11th Oct 1975 ... while David Essex reached with "Hold Me Close"
Hoff to Berlin! David Hasslehoff heading to German capital after tonight...
When? Reply or Bristol City beat Charlton 4-0 .. while David Essex topped the charts with "Hold Me Close"
Hope everyone has a great New Year, from the David Lee team!
Now I have my David Essex fridge magnet, what could possibly go wrong in 2015?
David Cook, from Colchester, received an Order of the Bath, for the services to the preparation of legislation
David Amess MP - representing Southend West - received a knighthood for political and public service
Nadia Campaniello of is today's author. Read about her research on economics &
David Essex - A Winters Tale lyrics and translations
I used to fancy David Essex. How odd. I think it was the waistcoat and neckerchief
The Shining Sea: David Porter and the Epic Voyage of the USS Essex during the War of 1812 by George C. Daughan
Essex boy? He'd be up like a shot with "Sir' David Amess. (I still shudder with the memory of Billericay).
David Amess - the MP who hid in a hairdressers to avoid questions from about his expenses receives a knighthood...
Just looked at the cast of and I am a big fan of Doug Allen David Essex and so this should be …
Mine was 10 years earlier - Godspell with David Essex and Jeremy Irons.
How about A Winters' Tale by David Essex or Same Old Lang Syne by Dan Fogelberg, both lovely Christmas songs 🎄🎅🎁
David Essex "only a Winters Tale" only number 46 in the Xmas song chart! that was my favourite as a kid
I heard "A Winters Tale" by David Essex in Sainsburys last night...nearly bawled my bloody eyes out in the cereals aisle!
is A Winters Tale by David Essex on Music of my life
Now playing: A Winters Tale by David Essex on & via TuneIn app
A Winters Tale by David Essex is in RWCMD Students Union. Download it now at
British Army Musicians entertained unsuspecting Christmas shoppers in Gateshead's Metrocentre with a flashmob performance of festive music: "A Winter's Tale" (made famous by David Essex), followed by "Santa Claus is Coming to Town". The 60 professional musicians, Regular and Reserve, were drawn from The Heavy Cavalry and Cambrai Band, The Royal Regiment of Fusiliers Band and The Royal Signals (Northern) Band. The Corps of Army Music is the largest employer of professional musicians in the UK. Read more about what they do, and how to join the professionals, at British Army offers world-class training and the opportunity to travel. Being a musician with the Corps of Army Music is just one of 220 roles available. Visit to find out about becoming a full-time or part-time soldier - and to complete your online application.
Long queue in Clinton Cards, as usual, but at least they're playing Winters Tale by David Essex :-)
You know is around the corner when you hear Greg Lake & David Essex in
Questionable night when you end up doing David Essex karaoke in your old local 20 miles from your new house
David Essex movie coming from Alan G Parker | Classic Rock: via
Today in Music History - Oct. 24 1811 - Composer Ferdinand Hiller was born. 1939 - "Let's Dance" was recorded by Benny Goodman and his orchestra. 1962 - James Brown recorded "Live at the Apollo, Volume I." 1963 - The Beatles left Great Britain for their first tour outside of their homeland. 1970 - U.S. President Richard Nixon appealed to radio broadcasters to screen songs with lyrics that urge drug use. 1971 - In New York, Pablo Casals conducted the premiere of his "Hymn to the United Nations" with text by W.H. Auden. 1973 - Art Garfunkel received his first gold album of his solo career for "Angel Clare." 1974 - In London, "Stardust" premiered starring David Essex. 1978 - In Toronto, Keith Richards (Rolling Stones) pled guilty to heroin possession. He was given a one-year suspended sentence. 1980 - Guinness Book of World Records gave Paul McCartney a rhodium-plated disc for being history's all-time best-selling songwriter and recording artist. 1988 - The John Fogerty vs. Fantasy Records case began. Fantas ...
40 years ago today I saw a preview of STARDUST, the sequel to THAT'LL BE THE DAY, with David Essex & Larry Hagman.
That SBTRKT song is David Essex's 'Rock On', pitched up. I don't think I like it.
Prime Minister David Cameron - Isis are not Muslims, they are monsters. He says UK will employ a counter terrorism strate…
. says no part of Muslim community in Scotland responsible in any way for David Haines' killing by IS
14285 Over the Moon / David Essex fondness for the old twinkler is a bit of a guilty pleasure - and is my blue vinyl album worth owt?
Happy Birthday We're proud that the magic continues after 50 years! Proud David Yates graduated from here in 1987
Life long Essex tennis coach & player Dennis Lloyd, father of John, David & Tony dies at 94 - more
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Met the coolest guy tonight at Sarah's, Alex from Essex
Let's respect the life of David Haines by not printing any execution images. Do not allow murderers to set the agenda.
Los Cognos playing now. Punk versions of David Essex Hold Me Close and of when will I c u again so far
Abba restore again the tabernacle of David, may your praise and worship flood our churches and contries.
I saw David Essex on the stage in a show years ago...*sighs*
We're watching That'll be the Day. A very young, very beautiful David Essex. 😊
GORGEOUS DAVID ESSEX is on That'll Be The Day showing now on True Movies Sky ch 321 now. Print looks absolutely brand new
I am watching That 'll be The Day on True Movies . With a young David Essex. My sister loved him
To be fair though Steve, he's only up against David Essex !
Excellent film now on True Movies 1 starring David Essex...I met him when I was 3 years old, been a fan ever since.
Just been listening to the musical version of "The War of the Worlds",of course featuring the one and only David Essex! :-)
He's just a bit too obvious, I'm working class, I'm from Essex, I'm a bit stupid. Next up is David O'Doherty :)
Just got home to find dad has brought my some more David Essex singles, don't judge my weird…
Love this. It's as if one of the Jeff Wayne produced David Essex singles came out on Ze Records in 1980. And I… ♫
I added a video to a playlist Rock On - David Essex - 1973
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
I like that 8 Out Of 10 balances Joey *should have been aborted* Essex with David Baddiel.
Joey essex: "i cant tell the time". David: "whats the watch for then?". Joey: "to...i dont know, i have loads of watches."
Just saw a very young looking with David Essex in that'll be the day last time I saw it I was about 19!
Oh dear. Proper awful acting from both Ringo Starr & David Essex in some non descript film on sky channel 322. How do I keep finding em?
Really good film it's got Ringo Starr & David Essex in it got to be late 60's it's kinda good never seen it before
Joey Essex would definitely have been the village *** if he lived a few hundred years ago.
my sister's really not a fan of David's puppet mascot, and this handy block is also saving us from Joey Essex's face!
I was looking forward to 8 Out of 10 Cats Does Countdown tonight until I saw that Joey Essex and David Baddiel are on it.
Thatll be the day.david essex.great film
OH WHAT A CIRCUS by DAVID ESSEX was no.5 in the UK charts on 12 September 1978
Donald Sinden sent a saucy best wishes on video when I married (courtesy of David Essex too. Weird but true. RIP
How can we decide where religion sits in public life? David Voas tells how social science could help.
The beginning of this track always reminds me of “Rock on” by Lord David of Essex.
1975 david essex rocked then, met him when he stayed in Lowey i'm too positive to tell you what a numpty he was ;) xx
Oh worse, it's the voice of Essex man-child and bimbo.
Friday's is on and Sweden are banning aerosols, Boney M have twice topped the charts and David Essex stars in Evita...
RIP Donald Sinden: when I saw him in She Stoops to Conquer (with David Essex?!) he told a man in the front row "get your feet off my stage"
just the first day of school the second day I would have swapped all that stuff for a poster of David Essex.
Plz help our project in essex for the survivors or abuse/ trauma/ PTSD. Saves lives!!!
We welcome Fr. David Ssenkaayi from Ugsnda to tomorrow's meeting
Bob Dylan stopped at the James Dean Museum in Fairmount, Indiana after hours. Did he write lyrics for David Essex song?
Oh lord but David Essex just came on! 🙉
Our very own David (Essex) o'Leary had his dreams come true today
Resignation on the cards for David Cameron as he lines up to loose BOTH > SCOTLAND and Clacton, Essex on 18 September 2014.
Out in Essex, can't beat the Sugar Hut
Senior Class of 2016, our Senior Song will be Rock On by David Essex. It's already been decided.
Statement from Leader of the Conservative Group at Essex County Council, Cllr David Finch
Hi David could you please have a look at this video as Essex police have NFA it??
reminds me of Rock On by David Essex, such a good song
where's local? I saw them at the O2 London with Bay City Rollers, David Essex and the Osmonds, great night
RE last RT- when rock royalty David Essex is upset by West Ham, something needs to be done NOW
Bad day for Manchester with City and Essex with United.
Blows my mind to think that Joey Essex is the son of David Essex.
“star James Argent contacts his mother to confirm that he is safe and well Defo on the beak
Great night in the old chestnut - I have never seen a band singing David Essex before!
Call us after "Rock On" by David Essex to win those Boston tickets...5 minutes away.
Threat level raised ...oh is that ink on David Cameron face.
2. Jeremy Bamber trial was unlawful.A letter to the Queen & David Cameron is in order. Essex Police paper trail indicates criminal activiity
Rock On // David Essex will always be an all time favorite
David James Gandy (born 19 February 1980 in Billericay, Essex, England) is a British model. . Photo by :...
Film out this week called The Guvnors about cockney football hooligans that stars David Essex. Cannot think of a worse combination of things
Rizzle Kicks Harley gets a beating from David Essex in Guvnors: Rizzle Kicks Harley gets a beating from David ...
Actually, I have no knowledge of David Essex's catalogue. Might have to investigate. After Chris de Burgh.
I am a fellow in 80s music at Harvard. Please do not lecture me on David Essex.
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