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David Duke

David Ernest Duke (born July 1, 1950) is a former Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan an American activist and writer, and former Republican Louisiana State Representative.

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what kind of Supreme Court Justice will David Duke be?
And congratulations extended to Trump from Klu Klux Klan member David Duke. If there is justice where is it now, Ma…
David Duke for Supreme Court Justice and Lucifer for Secretary of Education
Bright spots tonight for people who don't like racists and bigots: Joe Arpaio and David Duke both lost.
Trump wins, so now what? David Duke for Supreme Court Justice?
Now that the Repubs control the presidency, the house and the senate. Does that mean that David Duke will be the new Supreme Court Justice?
David Duke will be a quality Supreme Court Justice. Used to wearing robes, wigs, etc.
Just got a robocall: "Foster Campbell said he's 'a litle bit like David Duke and that he has a little bit of Donald Trump in him.'"
C. Matthews just stated that the KKK does not exist.Maybe not in his hood.David Duke exists.Matthew's head is in the sand.
What do rogue FBI agents, Vladimir Putin, the National Enquirer, KKK, David Duke and the RNC have in common? https:…
I'll add Steve Bannon, Reince Priebus, David Duke, Chris Christie, Jon Voigt & Susan Sarandon (again, just to make sure).
looks like David Duke and Mustard-wig trAmp with you holding the cross. Klan 2.0 I suppose.
David Duke's closing ad: "vote for Donald Trump for president"
Yo Talib. Donald Trump left a political party in 2000 because David Duke joined it. He does not like Duke.
Just seen your inteviews of people at Dillard about David Duke. I'm saddened to learn that you have left Flint, Michigan & WJRT.
Eric Trump: 'I'm laying low' after David Duke bullet comment 😳if a gun solves YOUR problem look out for those who want to shut U up ???
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All, Eric Trump's comment that David Duke of the KKK "deserves a bullet. These are not good people" is extreemly troublin…
If Eric Trump is really so opposed to David Duke, why did he appear on white nationalist radio last month?
Eric Trump just said David Duke should be assassinated. I can't stand Duke, but if I said this I'd be arrested.
Eric Trump says "David Duke deserves a bullet", makin' it clear there's only room for one Grand Wizard in the Trump organiz…
Hardball with Chris Matthews 11/3/16 | David Duke, race and the 2016 election. Hardball with Chris Matthews 11/...
Why doesn't Chris Matthews ask Trump to give David Duke his $1,500.00 back?
Melania Trump: "Our culture has become too mean and too rough.". Eric Trump: "David Duke deserves a bullet."
Watching Chris Matthews: I agree. David Duke isn't anti-anything. He's just pro-white man.
"Do I have to say David Duke? Can't I just pretend he doesn't exist. Vote Trump." Chris Matthews just now.
If you want to make David Duke go away, Eric, best way is to make stop his minority voter supp…
ERIC: David Duke is the greatest man who ever lived?. TRUMP: You're not a levels guy, huh?. ERIC:. TRUMP: We tried you talking. Did…
Not 2 be outdone by Melania Trump, David Duke's wife says he wants to end racism, homophobia, and anti-semitism.
Pretty much Louisiana style politics-as-usual. Recalling Edwin"Fast Eddie"Edwards & David Duke from the mid 1980s :).
Only in the USA can black ppl be so disrespected that KKK terrorist David Duke be allowed to debate at an HBCU.
Louisiana Senate debate: KKK’s David Duke has screaming meltdown in defense of Donald Trump via
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I am still amazed that a known terrorist -- David Duke-- is allowed to run for U. S. Senate. ugh. But, there ya go, Louisiana.
Protesters object to former KKK wiz David Duke at Louisiana Senate debate on campus of Dillard Univ.
David Duke melts down, protesters get pepper sprayed at Louisiana Senate debate
David Duke debate appearance marked by protest
Good morning. It's 2016 in America and David Duke spent last night railing against Jews in a debate for high office. https:…
During a Louisiana Senate debate, former KKK leader David Duke proclaims that the Jews are dominating our media:
David Duke turned up for a senate debate. It went horribly wrong.
Police pepper spray protesters at Louisiana Senate debate featuring David Duke via the app
look what has been normalized this election. David Duke was in a televised debate for Senate ffs.
This was less about David Duke than it was about Dillard University belonging to the students and their voices not being…
It's not just David Duke and the alt-right who believe and express ugly things about Jews:
There is nothing to debate here sir, David Duke is a former Grand Wizard for the Ku Klux Klan, enough said
25 years ago this month Tim Russert asked David Duke: "What was it about this country, this society, that you chose to be…
‘No Duke, no KKK, no fascist USA’: Students arrested at Louisiana university protest of David Duke visit…
Amazing coverage by tonight on the protests outside the US Senate debates
David Duke appealed to voters in senate race debate tonight using racism and attacks Jews. 10pm
A candidate for Senate said tonight that Hillary should get the chair and that he’s not “opposed to all Jews”
Inclusion of white supremacist David Duke derails the Louisiana Senate debate
Please can we do Cory a favour and send him on a one-way ticket to the US so he can live wi…
Students protest as former KKK member David Duke debates at historic black university -
Police and protesters clash as former joins
"I will be Donald Trump's most loyal advocate" -- David Duke, just now . This is the Republican Party in 2016, y'all.
Historically black college hosts U.S. Senate debate. Organizers ban students to create safe space for David Duke.
Trump backer David Duke: "problem with powerful, tribal group that dominates media and int. banking" Another reason to vote
David Duke onstage at US Senate debate talking about "tribalist" Jewish "cabal" control of banking, media, government.…
The KKK and David Duke are working to get out the vote for Donald Trump
Ex-KKK grand dragon David Duke is one of Trump's biggest supporters.
Did you enjoy Alex Jones' phony debate with Piers Morgan?. How about his phony debate with David Duke?
"Voting against Trump is a treason to your heritage" - David Duke.
David Duke calls for electric chair. Burr jokes abt shooting Clinton. is an embarrassment to American democracy.
David Duke's suggestion to give Hillary Clinton the electric chair for treason might need some tweaking -.
Trump Supporter David Duke aysnot all Jews are bad.
Weird to see David Duke stealing mainstream GOP rhetoric
Ex-Klan head David Duke goes bonkers at raucous senate debate: ‘Hillary should get the electric chair!’
Violence erupts at protest against former KKK leader David Duke at La. historic black college
Now go read awesome piece on David Duke campaigning and people wishing he would just go away
REMINDER: David Duke participated in the Louisiana Senate debate tonight because that's where we are as a nation.
“Police pepper-spray black students peacefully protesting David Duke” by
Dillard University stands by decision to host debate, even when David Duke is candidate
David Duke and KKK support Trump and that doesn't raise a red flag!
David Duke's meltdown from moments ago
David Duke is a former KKK leader. He's running for the U.S. Senate. He's debating tonight... At an HBCU. Levels to this…
The only shekels David Duke is concerned with - are the shekels stolen from the American people - it's time redistribute t…
David Duke & his like act so entitled to anger you'd think it were their grandfathers hanged for sport, their grandmothers…
THESE ARE MY FRIENDS 😱David Duke needs to be as far from any position of power as possible. If you're there to talk…
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This week:. KKK endorses Trump. David Duke calls for execution of Clinton in debate. Black church in MS torched. Confederat…
David Duke would be proud of those morons.
Protests at Dillard University over former KKK Grand Wizard David Duke coming to campus for Senate debate
People...David Duke is on fire lately.
Dillard (An HBCU) allowed David Duke to promote white supremacy in a black safe space, yet this dude was almost killed…
Police and protesters clash as David Duke joins Senate debate - USA TODAY
WATCH: Protests turn violent over inclusion of David Duke in Louisiana debate
She should face a trial by jury first. David Duke.
David Duke as Senator will be worse than Bobby Jindal's time as Governor.
former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke there! he's in a debate at their school
Protest at Dillard University over debate appearance by former Ku Klux Klan Grand Wizard David Duke at the historic…
Trump supporter David Duke jokes about black church burnt down by Trump supporters.
Here's David Duke ranting about Jews and how oppressed he is as a white man in America. This is Trump's base.
Dem candidate Foster Campbell: "I have nothing in common with David Duke except that probably we're breathing."
I guess this is what David Duke considers a "moderate" position.
Did a major university actually host David Duke to share conspiracy theories about Jewish "cabals" controlling the media tonight?
David Duke will debate other Louisiana Senate candidates in an empty auditorium: report
The KKK, Kim Jong Un, Vladimir Putin, and David Duke all endorse/support Trump. Show me who you run with and I'll show you…
Lil Wayne: "Black Lives Matter Don't Matter to Me." (It's like Trump saying David Duke & KKK don't matter to him!) http…
In news I think all of us (and if you don't ur following the wrong guy) can agree is good, David Duke @ 2% in LA-Sen h…
Also, apparently David Duke was at the Louisiana Book Festival with his Drump/pence hat and that made me nauseous.
.Talks A Lot about Geo.Wallace & David Duke but NEVER talks about Segregationist Barry Goldwater, because H…
David Duke will debate at an historically black college in Louisiana
Six days before Election Day, Trump will get to respond to David Duke praising him at a televised debate:
WikiLeaks praised by Sean Hannity and David Duke after Clinton revelations
David Duke im so through with you I phoned Congress declaring steve scalise is my boy in blue now a show on (cont)
Remember that time when David Duke, Julian Assange & Vladimir Putin all worked to put Donald Trump in the White House?
Reminder that the Republicans and *** like David Duke wanted to drone Assange for releasing the info Chelsea Manning stole.
David Duke thinks he's manning the naval destroyer in the photo in the ensuing civil after Trump gets blown out of…
Lindsey, I hope to GOD David Duke isn't elected in Louisiana.
Anyone else think David Duke looks like Jack Nicholson's Joker?
.Let me turn it around on U: shld a Jewish baker be FORCED to bake a "David Duke for President" cake?
According to several evidences,of who plan sep 11 attack(including David Duke,s) should use Against
It's good trump is not prez... b/c yeah, Hillary would be in jail, and David Duke would be attending state dinners
now in the company of OJ,Casey Anthony,George Zimmermann,David Duke,KKK,et al.
Trump campaign is historic, but not in a good way. More like George Wallace/David Duke way. Save the bumper stickers & buttons.
Safe bet that some of the people with deplorable in their names supported George Wallace, David Duke, maybe some Nazis...
Yea Trump got the old George Wallace vote sewed up. Being nice to David Duke helped rhere.
Some of your alternate reality clones are so anti black they make David Duke look like Jessie Jackson in comparison
Electing ppl that don't believe in government is like picking David Duke to run NAACP
Hi John, please support David Duke for Senate. The media has lied about him. The media has been immoral. Duke is an honorable man.
BTW, Trump supporter and KKK icon David Duke is attacking Lester Holt for marrying a Jewish person:
The only times in history when USA Today has disendorsed a candidate are when David Duke ran for Gov & when Trump ran for Pres.…
This is a good ad. But Trump can counter with Newt, Rudy, Scott Walker & David Duke
Jackie Walker. The chief financiers slave trade thing was made up by David Duke
David Duke is popular. It would only help Trump.
Who are you working for next, David Duke, Isis, maybe you can get Charles Manson released?
Vladimir Putin, Don King and David Duke walked into a bar. Putin and King siezed control of the bar. Then Duke segregat…
GHW Bush, Barack Obama, and Bernie Sanders are all voting for David Duke, Steve Bannon, and Roger Ailes are on team
Thanks for having Halloween a little early this year when you had that Witch Marsha Blackburn on,who`s next Louie Gomer,David Duke
Pence compares David Duke to father of Orlando shooter
because David Duke is a Democrat? Ok. well sir I wish you and your family all the best and continued blessings!
Trump, Pence have NEVER praised David Duke but the Clintons have praised KKK Grand Wizard Robert Byrd, even gave…
Next on Fallon: Jimmy sings a hilarious duet of "Light my Fire" w/David Duke. Burning crosses & everything!
David Duke is say his stuff alone, but Paul Ryan and Scott Walker will work with Hillary to gut social security and medicaid
Somebody needs to ask Jimmy Fallon why he isn't having David Duke on and if he'd reconsider if it guaranteed ratings.
"Dean Obeidallah: VP candidate Mike Pence declined to call white supremacist David Duke deplorable" by CNN
Because of this delicious watch the MSM to bring up David Duke again😂 . Let's keep the rounds of punishment co…
Yet media, all day: 'Pence refuses to call David Duke deplorable.' Clever Clinton strategy, with press assist.
Mike Pence on David Duke: 'We don't want his support, and we don't want the support of people who think like him.'
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if you don't think David Duke and KKK and banning Muslims are deplorable, you ARE deplorable
Mike Pence refuses to call KKKer David Duke "deplorable." Pence is the sides of fries that comes with the
David Duke is a disgusting human being. The only thing deplorable is the media trying to relate him to your supporters.
60% of Americans think Trump is biased toward women and minorities, and U REFUSED to call David Duke "DEPLORABLE "
Hey, um, ... David Duke's appreciative of your support. You might wanna think about that.
When Mike Pence won't denounce KKK leader David Duke as "deplorable" just what principle is Pence upholding?
Mike Pence: "Donald Trump and I have denounced David Duke repeatedly"
Just to clarify:. 1. David Duke is deplorable. 2. Pols who can't bring themselves to condemn Duke are deplorable. https…
.I would draw no more conclusion of David Duke's expression of support than that of Omar Mateen's father at a Cli…
LOL. You know who has praise for Mike Pence's CNN interview today? David Duke.
Most Trump supporters aren't racist. If can't call David Duke & the alt-right deplorable, t…
asks Donald Trump to condemn David Duke and the KKK
Will you and , unequivocally call David Duke and other White Supremacist Deplorable? https:…
David Duke appreciates you and Mike Pence not calling him 'deplorable'
David Duke's vote counts as much as Alec Baldwin's. You don't win elections by telling people not to vote for you.
This is sick. There is actually a coordinated campaign by Hillary's staff to make scumbag David Duke trend. Sick.
Hillary:. >was embarrassed at a forum. >insulted millions. >coughed/collapsed. But CNN wants to talk about David Duke. htt…
Rare behind the scenes footage captures YUUUGE David Duke fan Mike Pence without his TV makeup on...
.so did David Duke. Any reason you ignore that?
Wow... Just that fast, anything about or possible need to replace her drops off & David Duke is trending N…
Media is obsessed w David Duke yet they never question why Hillary takes millions from a country who beheads women?🤔 ht…
Another protester punched at a Trump rally. Not the America we want. David Duke
Refusing to call David Duke "deplorable" because you're not into "name-calling" seems like political correctness run amok.
Wolf tries to get Pence to call David Duke "Deplorable," an attempt to validate what Hillary said. BACKFIRE!!! -VJ. htt…
How sick is CNN asking republicans to go through people one by one calling them deplorable. David Duke
When David Duke says something about Trump being Hitler, libs flock to him. It's scary that they're making David Duke the voice of reason.
This David Duke crap is 100% designed to suppress Hillary’s health collapse. It didn’t matter how Pence answered the questi…
Mainstream media loves to mention Dr. David Duke but fails to mention Senator Robert C. Byrd, an ex-KKK member & frien…
Meet the Real Person: A Short Biography of Dr. David Duke | David its trending.
When I saw David Duke was trending, I knew there had to be more bad news for Hillary. Too funny. h…
The media is desperately trying to distract the public from so they bring up David Duke, who has no ties to…
Whenever the media digs up David Duke... Just remember...
Remember the words had at the gate entry of his hunting lease? "David Duke" was so proud of him…
After defaming Obama&flirting with David Duke,wants support from African Americans. Good luck with that!
Mike Pence refuses to call ex-KKK leader David Duke 'deplorable' Good for him. Let the left play 2nd…
David Duke is deplorable. Just look at what he did to my pillow cases the last time he stayed at Mar-a-lago.
Mike Pence refuses to call David Duke ‘deplorable’ – but denounces him, rejects his support http…
This idea that Trump and Pence have to disavow David Duke when Hillary doesn't have to disavow radical left-wing group…
David Duke may "like" Trump but That doesn't mean Trump likes him. Did the liberals forget about Clinton Love story? ht…
If you can't say David Duke is deplorable you have no business being POTUS or VP. Mike Pence is a c…
if you think David Duke is deplorable
Here's a quick guide to Hillary Clinton supporters she hasn't been asked to call deplorable. Why David Duke?
Q for Trump trolls: do you see yourself in the same basket as David Duke and the anti-semetic Alt-Right?.
Thank you for the glorious line of "Mike Pence sold his soul cheap to Trump" in regards to not calling D…
Clinton using the david duke racism card to deflect from not only thinks americans are deplorable but s…   10% Off
The man who wants to be VP won't say anything negative about David Duke. He's either brainless, cowardly, servile, or a mor…
.target of Hillary CTR bots. Orchestrated and paid for David Duke smear
Mike Pence just refused to call David Duke, former Grand Wizard of the KKK, "deplorable":
Trump disavowed DAVID Duke's comments any reason you ignore that?
Reminder: David Duke is running for Senate in Louisiana. Not irrelevant, you puke.
No bigger softball in the world then calling dirt bag racist David Duke deplorable. And Mike Pence wouldn't do it. Inc…
"Do you disavow this obscure character?" - Media. Who?. Media will build brand of David Duke to rig this election.
Former KKK leader David Duke praises Pence for refusing to call him 'deplorable'
Mike Pence CLEARLY said "We DO NOT want the support of David Duke!" Media lies & distorts the truth! Hillary's mentor was KKK…
David Duke was irrelevant until the media PROMOTED him. Media happy to give millions in free PR to score points.
Sick Hillary Clinton has ties to the KKK, like David Duke!
Pence is fine with David Duke. Sounds are at it again.
David Duke called Jews "the real problem" and African Americans "primitive.". In whose world is that not deplorable?
It's not the that's keeping David Duke relevant... It's the liberal alphabet soup media
Trump and Pence disavow David Duke--end of story. But She's ENDORSED by the KKK in California!
Mike Pence to Wolf Blitzer "I'm really not sure why the media keeps dropping David Duke's name." Hm.
Wolf Blitzer: Would you call David Duke "deplorable"?. Pence: "I'm not in the name calling business..."
You have a known high ranking Klan member David Duke and he's endorse Trump .
Every time Trump talks about our Christian heritage, I can't help but think of David Duke and all the White Supremacists who support him
Are you aware of David Duke, Frank Ancona, Jared Taylor, Richard Spencer? These are white supremacists endorsing Trump
aligns immigration position with David Duke and Alt-Right.
aligns immigration position to David Duke.
aligns immigration stand to David Duke.
& aligns immigration position to David Duke.
aligns immigration position to David Duke. .
aligns immigration position with David Duke.
David Duke and his pals loved Trump's immigration speech ➡️ by
And last night Trump praised Operation *** David Duke, Jared Taylor praised him. U.S. is living thru nightmare.
No, but why does David Duke look like Fire Marshall Bill now?
Their saying Trumps disavowing David Duke is that like denying who he is? All you have to do is look who surrounds him its not hard to see!
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Trump campaign disavows robocall by David Duke |
guest Mark Thomson just sd 'David Duke wouldn't be (endorsing) if he wasn't saying things that David Duke agrees with!'
David Duke Continues Bromance With Donald Trump. "In a robocall, the former KKK Grand Wizard said he and Trump...
David Duke should've disvowed plastic surgery.
playing footsie with David Duke, banning Muslims, a judge can't be fair because of his mexican heritage. . .
Oh man, David Duke is running against Beyonce. I know how this ends.
KKK cooperated with Killary and endorsed Trump he disavowed them! Killary still didn't! Doesn't want to return $20K.
Trump campaign disavows robocall by David Duke -
.can't prevent David Duke from using his name in robocalls... by via
Hey, wasn't David Duke the Nazi guy on Indiana Jones Raiders of the Lost Ark?
David Duke is a disgusting animal that is not part of the GOP. But, the Democrats hero including Hillary was Robert
Won't rule out supporting David Duke's candidacy.
Are you being paid by the Trump family? Dr David Duke? Manafort? really embarrassing weak cheapshot. Generalization
I don’t know anything about David Duke. OK?.
Trump campaign disavows David Duke's robocall as a "message of hate", even though it's identical to every stump speech Trum…
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. Josh: David Duke makes many compelling points, however... KEK1488: You're name is Reek now. Reek:…
FYI- David Duke is ex Grand Dragon of the KKK.
David Duke records robocall urging voters to back both him and Trump (AUDIO)
Donald Trump suggests Colin Kaepernick should leave the U.S. - New York Daily News.
LISTEN: David Duke robocalls urge voters to cast their ballots for both him and Trump
Well, I can. David Duke is a racist and so is Donald Trump. On that note, good night.
Former KKK leader sent out robocalls urging voters to back him and Trump.
congrats mister trump. Former KKK leader David Duke urges voters to vote for Trump.
u are a opportunists. a disgrace to your race, u uncle TOM. U must be the Black David duke.(grab your 30.pieces of silver.
KKK Leader David Duke Urges His Supporters To Vote For Trump: 'Voting against Trump is treason to your heritage'
Former KKK leader David Duke: Vote for me and Donald Trump.
David Duke endorsed me... . My sheets in the cleaners. Vote Trump, or Duke will bring the cross.
I got a call from Robo-David Duke today. Very Terminator like.
Ain't heard a peep from you about David Duke...
David Duke endorses Trump and is running for office because of him. The connection is strong w…
New David Duke robocall asks voters to support "Duke and Trump" in 2016
Donald Trump has made people like David Duke feel as if they’re no longer on the fringes. https:…
Nah. Don-the-con, private messages David Duke. "Keep dialing! Am funneling a FORTUNE to my family from the RNC."
When you have white supremacists on your side, you've left America behind:
campaign disavows robocall by David Duke
David Duke continues bromance with Donald Trump via
David Duke stumping for we say more?!
Skeltor surrogate David Duke sends out robo calls supporting Trump by dissing Beyoncé-
he erased it, he said the klan and David Duke I asked him what does he know about the klan.
The GOP's tarbaby is and Trump's tarbaby is KKK's David Duke.
"Without Trump, the alt-right is just David Duke with Pepe the frog memes."
Where's David Duke? Hilary mention him too. Dr David Duke knows a whole lot more then Alex Jones
David Duke asks voters to support 'Duke and Trump' in campaign robocall: Gabby Morrongiello Former Klu Klux Klan…
Trump refused to disavow the support of David Duke, a notorious former leader of the Ku Klux Klan.
Longtime Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke supports Donald Trump because they share so many of the same values.
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I wonder will Donald bring David Duke with him to the inner cities?
are you celebrating with your supporters David Duke and Charles Manson?
Charles Krauthammer talking race equals about as much as David Duke discussing race! LOL
Dr Duke destroyed Alex Jones in a debate. Look it up. David Duke was slammed by Hilary Clinton because
I saw on Adult Swim last. When Sam Hyde looked at the camera and said David Duke with a dead pan expression, I almost died.
Guy accused of assaulting female reporter to Putin's spy to anti-semitic wife-beater, what's next? David Duke? Charles Manson?
Or Tony Perkins being the head of an SPLC certified hate group started with a KKK membership list bought from David Duke
OMG forgot to have David Duke at the Republican National Convention
David Duke, Donald Trump and the dog whistle: Kirby Goidel, Texas A&M University ; Charles S. Bullock III, University of Georgia, and...
Trump is endorsed by David Duke, Charles Manson, Vladimir Putin & alt-right racists. If you like that, it's on YOU.
Don' lie. Trump disavowed David Duke. Denounce your hero Margaret Sanger and her The *** Project and call it even.
Trump is running for Grand Wizard. Thinks David Duke is Ray Bolger.
David Duke gave me this comment on being in Clinton's ad and her alt-right speech:
. David Duke speaking on anybody hating America is as relevant as a Charles Manson condemning the Son Of Sam.
Clinton's campaign previews her Reno speech: Drawing a line between the KKK, David Duke, Breitbart - and Trump.
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From Charles Bullock, and me. "David Duke, Donald Trump and the dog whistle" via
Trump's connection to KKK just got shorter thru church is Perkins 504c started w/David Duke membership 1/2
Perkins started FRC with an $80K payment to David Duke 4 KKK membership list. Yes, that one.
TBH it probably went to David Duke through the laundry room of the fake church this bigot Perkins runs.
Probably a small amount was funneled to David Duke for his campaign. Tony Perkins is suspect as being credible.
best guess is that it's because Perkins has the David Duke ma idling list.
Won't disavow David Duke and then gives $100K to Tony Perkins - way to keep spreading the hate
He went to La. 4 meeting with David Duke. Decided to funnel money to him through Tony Perkins and there you have it
Tony Perkins, David Vitter, Steve Scalise, Bobby Jindal, or even David Duke. Either of whom could benefit from this
Former KKK leader David Duke weighs in on Trump campaign's latest moves
Has anyone seen David Duke and Tony Perkins at the same time ?
Church led by Perkins just got 100K from Trump. Will it go to flood relief, the FRC, anti LGBTQ work or David Duke?
and Trump just gave money to church led by Tony Perkins who has done political deals with David Duke
same Perkins who has had business and political dealings with David Duke?
David Duke: 'We've 'Taken Over the Republican Party!'. So ends the party of Thaddeus Stevens.
That Perkins can then turn right around and use to get David Duke polling.
Trump's in bed with Soros, the KKKlintons, Alex Jones, David Duke, and FoKKKs News(aka Valerie Jarrett's people).
David Duke is doing better than the birtherNchief .
talking about David Duke, but not about Bill Ayers and Soros and Saudi family backing hillary
she was adopted by Lt Gov Dan Patrick's sister and her husband David Duke at birth. (People are saying)
Republican Party acts like it can't figure out how it spawned both Donald Trump and David Duke
Father of Orlando Muslim terrorist was at Hillary rally but the media will tell Trump to disavow David Duke (again). ht…
You actually used 'call a spade a spade' in reference to David Duke?
is friends with david duke and other white separatists.He claims to be for law and order yet encourage violence at his rallies
David Duke rates higher than Donald Trump with black voters 😂
How can you lead all Americans when you have offended every1 except David Duke & the like? We don't trust you at all.
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