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David Duke

David Ernest Duke (born July 1, 1950) is a former Grand Wizard of the Knights of the Ku Klux Klan an American activist and writer, and former Republican Louisiana State Representative.

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Thank you David Duke for believing. You making Classical HS and all of RI proud. Now everybody knows you one of the best…
He actually ranks above David Duke in the vaunted "person I'd never have heard of if the people agai…
A waste of time...hardcore racists don't change...they just change their stripes..KKK David Duk…
1/31/17, former Klansman David Duke: “everything I’ve been talking about for decades is coming true and the ideas I’ve fought for have won.”
Wow, you got David Duke in your contacts?
"If the left doesn't say something nice about David Duke, the republic will crumble."
I never thought I would see a President hold a KKK, Neo-Nazi, White Supremacist Clan meeting. david Duk…
"U still up?" -David Duke to his girlfriend, a confederate monument
I heard my alma mater only got paid $2500 for the debate David duke came to. I screamed.
Can't wait until he says the same for David Duke.
So if you're against color blindness, you're against Dr. MLK Jr's message. And really, you're saying…
Side note: David Duke left the KKK in 1i980.
mentioning what he did in 2000. Fast forward to approx 22:00…
about David Duke he either didn't hear well or forgot who he…
Oh for God's sake, he repeatedly said so. He even left the Re…
Legendary Olympic swimming medalist and surfing star Duke Kahanamoku, left, and his brother Sam in 1924.
David Duke loved Donald's campaign rally. Donald is really firing up his White Supremacist base.
Let's don't forget they also wore White Sheets and were murderers of black people! They have such a nice track reco…
Hi guys this is my Point Guard and he's 6'5 Legit 😂 David Duke just scratching the Surface
David Duke is savage like only an old white man can be
"I spoke to a guy doing a Heil Hitler salute w/ David Duke in some photo, but he said he was waving, so, total misunderstand…
No better starting guards in the country than the combination of AJ Reeves, David Duke & Alex Rivera. Incredible perform…
When given the opportunity to disavow David Duke's endorsement…
Got proof of that claim? David Duke and Spencer verbalized the…
really? David Duke ran against Clinton in 1992 as a Republican!
The NRA talks about the integrity of Jeff Sessions. Jeff Sessions has as much integrity as David Duke, except he's less…
Today on the David Duke show guest Mark Collette. Starts at 11am Est.
Today on the David Duke show guest Eric Striker from Daily Stormer discuss the NYT supporting ISIS!
David Duke talks 100% about Zionists. He knows that the majority of the Se…
You know who else gets a lot of negative publicity? Hitler, Stalin, David Duke, Kanye West, Bill Cosby, etc... Trump fits right in.
Pls. Alt-R has Alex Jones and James Woods & David Duke and Cernovich who denied Newt…
Sorry Glenn, I have to agree, Nugent is just a David Duke with a guitar...
Jeffrey, calling a black woman David Duke is never a good idea.
45 is the MLK of healthcare and Jeffrey Lord is the David Duke of alt-right pundits.
Wondering why CNN doesn't replace Jeffrey Lord with David Duke in the interest of driving up ratings?
David Duke is updating his resume. .
He should just put David Duke in charge of Homeland Security.
this man is revolting. Rubin's worst guest, I really think so. A black man who *** up to David Duke & d…
In an interview with an anti-Semite who likes David Duke & Farrakhan ... Rubin calls liberals racists.
Latest crazy Rubin nods along to is someone who has spent hours pushing anti-Semitic conspiracies with David Duke.
My pleasure:)) I remembered.. David Duke was the guest who mentioned Jared Kushner going to the MidEast.
Democrats are the party of George Wallace, Jim Crow, David Duke, the KKK, and Keith Ellison.
"He's honestly saying what he believes." Yeah, just like David Duke and Gov. George Wallace did. 🙄
it's okay he's a klans men, you know the white hoods who lynch. David Duke deserves death.
if the White House welcomed David Duke, it would be a big deal. apparent visit today should be too https:/…
Christy Clark Alt-right campaign team player/Uber lobbyist channels KKK David Duke.
when did u last talk to ur leader David Duke? maybe he can find u a safe home. cause if there is an *** here. its u and him
CBO says 24 million could lose coverage under Trumpcare, David Duke praises Steve King, Hosni Mubarak may be released, and it's just Monday.
May I also suggest you hire David Duke and Mike Flynn as human rights advocates.
default is IDK. About Flynn, Russia, David Duke, reporters and everything else of consequence. @ what point is he just a dimwit
David Duke is praising Steve King's white nationalist comments.
Yikes. David Duke celebrating Steve King's comments. This is why we need organized
David Duke was widely condemned for his political career. Steve King much more successful w/ many of same ideas https:/…
16.David Duke:. Here are some of David Duke’s statements:. “Putin and the Russian people dare to defend themselves from…
Well, maybe David Duke should move to Russia, and take Trump, Bannon, Pence, Ryan, Flynn, Sessions, and with h…
u should do an expose on David Duke & PJ Watson. Theyve got millions of gullible racist bigot whites misled.
...that said, there are limits to any freedom. Perhaps not Charles Murray, but what about David Duke?
what, did you get your info from Prager University? ugh, David Duke fans
if Jeff Sessions is dropped trump will 100% replace him with someone like Lew Rockwell or David Duke
Wondering why pundits and reporters are gushing over a Trump speech David Duke loved? It's because he spent little time att…, David Duke will deliver a speech on Holocaust Rememberance Day followed by Mike Huckabee for the ASPCA.
David Duke of KKK fame endorses our own Nigel Farage for PM. How endearing our world has become.
I love Breitbart news. It's as American as David Duke, Joseph McCarthy, and apple pie!
Tariq Nasheed & David Duke...There is no difference in their hatred & evil besides the color of skin they attack
started by buying a KKK membership list from David Duke for $85K
good people don't get endorsed by David Duke. Heck, I don't even trust Daisy anymore, isn't she Kelley Ann now?
Run By who started with a KKK membership list from David Duke
Yeah I'm sure he would bee the grand Marshall of the KKK parade honoring Trump with David Duke
. I'm sure the media will ask Keith Allison about his David Duke endorsement immediately.
David Duke definitely looks like Fire Marshall Bill after he blows himself up
This is where Jeffrey Lord compares the Congressional Black Caucus to David Duke setting up a white caucus.
Donald Trump claimed he is the "least racist person" in the US. If true then David Duke is the 2nd "least racist person…
Jeffrey Lord: There shouldn't be a Cong Black Caucus anymore, imagine if David Duke tried to start a white caucus.
where's steve? Probably too busy sucking off Satan or David Duke.
NAACP prez reaction to Lord saying that the Congressional Black Caucus is equivalent to if David Duke started a Con…
"I'm the least racist, anti-Semitic person ever. EVER. Just ask David Duke. Who I do not know. David who? Microphone. Dogs…
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This is all Bannon: continuation of his "week in black on white crime" shtick. It's David Duke politics only w/backing of…
David Duke did NOT endorse fact. medialiesagain. Look up Robert Byrd and…
No. I know of David Duke's past. He's not anything new he's been around for a long time. Duke is a racist who likes…
My head hurts from the stupidity of people. David Duke said he supports Keith Ellison (African American Muslim rep of MN) for DNC Chair.
.responds to another attack by former KKK leader David Duke
Why do democrats forgive Robert Byrd, but not David Duke?
what about Hillary Clinton and her mentor Robert Byrd??? Trump never said a good thing about David Duke!
No they didn't...Robert Byrd was KKK until his DEATH! David Duke disavowed the KKK 35 yrs ago!
Stephen Miller is Dylann Roof in a cheap suit, David Duke with a receding hairline, and Lester Maddox without the accent. GOP racists suck!
Really? No one the voted for Don is deplorable?? David Duke? Mack the partisan hack.
Dems to Trump: David Duke is the face of yours. We win.
wait, people are defending David Duke because Robert C. Byrd was in the KKK in WV as a young man?
Trying to think of succinct way to describe that "Robert Byrd" response people have when David Duke is mentioned.
Show this to your snowflake friends & ask them why their heros stood with David Duke & Robert Byrd. .
You'd likely choose a radical Islamist and America hater as AG. Who cares what David Duke thinks? Robert Byrd was a Democrat.
Thanks. BTW, did you see the David Duke statement after Sessions confirmation? "Taking back our country. .."
So did David Duke, but you don't seem to believe him. R Byrd never stopped using the N word, but you all still give him a pass
Chris Evans is what white supremacists believe themselves to be. David Duke is what they are.
There is a huge *** difference from Robert Byrd and David Duke right?
David Duke looks like how getting chopped by 1989 Ric Flair feels
I criticized David Duke, told him that if black people were such thugs, why hadn't one killed him already. ~shrugs
Why did David Duke run as a Democrat before he ran as a Republican? Je m'en fiche, David Puke. Robert Byrd actually was a KKK Sen
Why did Robert Byrd and Hillary close?? Why did David Duke support Hillary??
There's no real difference between Joe Walsh and David Duke. The lesson of these sad times.
Sen. Strom Thurman (D) was kkk as was Sent Robt Byrd also a (D). So I ask, who is David Duke? Certainly not a senator
Couldn't have said it better, Considering received David Duke's endorsement, evil lies ahead.…
AG is supported by David Duke. The sort of endorsement that explains why was silenced…
what about hillarys now deceased buddy Robert Byrd?u also do know David Duke was a dem when he was still kkk
David Duke is now a "Doctor"? Must be following in the footsteps of his hero, Josef Mengele.
Dear when the Anne Frank Center calls you out on the same day David Duke praises you, maybe you're doing every f…
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yeah! I always thought Sen. Byrd and David Duke were exactly the same..
Senator Byrd renounced that David Duke has not
Byrd was never a grand dragon. but Trump supporter David Duke was the Grand Wizard of the KKK
if you're going to refer to David Duke,you should also reference Robert Byrd!
come on MARINE,either you lack reading capability's or just didn't read it. person mentioned is David Duke,not byrd
Robert Byrd for starters and don't forget "friend and mentor," David Duke.
Pretty sure "Dr." David Duke got his doctorate from the same place that "Doctor" David Pepper got his.
No. I'm glad that she calls out people like David Duke and HRC's buddy Senator Gran Wizard Robert Byrd as actual racists!
David Duke is a white supremacist, holocaust denier and former Imperial Wizard of the KKK.
Also v scary. I've been sent anti-semitic videos with David Duke (the KKK guy) and "News" anchors from FOX arguing against f…
Trump promised Muslim Ban. Rudy who says he collaborated, called it a ban. David Duke celebrated the ban. Flynn Jr. hash ta…
No lie, I had a physical sick reaction hearing him say that David Duke is a white Martin Luther King.
Think worse. David Duke possessed by an insane Roman centurion.
I guess some tension is inevitable when Sheldon Adelson and David Duke endorse the same candidate for president
I am proud to say that my beliefs do not align with David Duke and Vladimir Putin. Weird that the US president can't say…
Hey "nice normal" GOPers; David Duke is THRILLED by the Muslim Ban, even used Muslim Ban hashtag. Doesn't that raise any r…
*** Cheney's criticism of politicians should be treated exactly the same as David Duke's endorsements and ignored completely.
Nice to see that David Duke dressed for the occasion.
please show me where he disavowed them? He claimed not to know who David Duke was- but he did.
David Duke--Medal of Freedom candidate in a Trump White House?
David Duke, the former head of the KKK.
David Duke is having a grand old time today, posting a picture of Hillary Clinton with a "kosher" symbol on her forehe…
why don't you get a brain? Slams CIA, FBI, Women, Disabled, POWs, Gold Star Families, ignites hope in the KKK and David Duke.
Donald Trump has expended more energy attacking John Lewis than he ever did disavowing David Duke.
Donald Trump was quicker to denounce John Lewis, a leader of the civil rights movement than David Duke, the head of th…
If Trump were as quick to denounce David Duke, alt-right & Putin as he is John Lewis, we might be looking at him differe…
Trump has barbs for civil rights heroes, POWs, Gold Star Families, various minority groups. Adulation for Putin, stutters over David Duke.
Appointing RFK Jr. to head vaccine safety panel is like appointing David Duke to head panel on race relations. Disgusting…
"The Year of David Duke!" - Zionist: Duke's white landslides showed trump the way!Trump won on David Duke Platform! https:…
I don't want to hear another *** word about the KKK or David Duke until every single Democrat publicly disavows BL…
David Duke, a few years back: Russia holds the "key to white survival."
Let us be clear. The hiring of Steve Bannon as a WH policy adviser is exactly the same as hiring David Duke. Please don…
well read some books by William Pierce and David Duke and discover your heritage
Kim Burrell if you dislike the *** community so much why go on Ellen? That's like David Duke going on the breakfast club 🙄
what about Ted Nugent, Scott Baio, David Duke and other famous racists..Come on now!
2017 Kennedy Center honors. Kid Rock. Larry the Cable Guy and David Duke. USA. USA. USA. Make it happen
.alternatively, Mr Potter's vote didn't count as much as David Duke's
David Duke? But wasn't Jim Crowe, the KKK, and Slavery all DNC? Robert Byrd KKK grand ragon
6/ I guess the hints were there, the leanings, but it took a demagogue like Trump to unite David Duke & Paul Ryan in com…
I suspect David Duke, Sean Hannity, James Comey, and Vladmir Putin, share your joy.
Dylann Roof was crazy. David Duke is hateful
He said she was endorsed by David Duke and conveniently ignored the fact that she denounced him. Allan is a lying little weasel
Police and protesters clash as David Duke joins Senate debate
Nightline, really? Ted Koppel would have never done this interview. Whose next, David Duke and Alex Jones??
Trump met with Kayne, Ray Lewis, & Jim Brown today? Was this a distraction from appointing David Duke to his cabinet that…
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Louisiana GOP, who brought us clowns David Duke, Mike Foster, Woody Jenkins, David Vitter, go with Santorum.
David Duke as the new Director of the NAACP.
Kanye met with Trump but David Duke doesn't want to sit down w/ me over Starbucks & a cigar, I can't wait till I'm famous fa…
We know racists can wear suits & use soap, what is this? Stop. Nixon wore suits, Wallace wore suits. David Duke. They were clean. . SO?!?
David Duke phenomenal tonight for Cushing Academy with 23 pts in 72-52 win over Macduffie. another HIgh Major & more Rivals PG.
Remaining silent now is allowing the Party of Abraham Lincoln to drift towards the Party of David Duke.
Robert Byrd, Democrat senator from WV, a former Grand Wizard in the KKK. David Duke has never held office.
Theres a difference between KKK m. David Duke who DT Denounced to HRC calling KKK m. Robert Byrd her mentor you arrogant ***
I wonder if could write about the positives of David Duke and Robert Byrd, both senior officers in the KKK.
2018 Cushing Academy guard David Duke took an unofficial visit to Rhode Island today, per source
Pamela Geller is a contributor to The Hill now. David Duke must be so jealous.
I know you just try to be funny about David Duke & Trump, but what about Killary and Robert Byrd? CN…
Watching Obama giving Presidential Medal of Freedom to Ellen DeGeneres, and realizing Trump will be giving one to David Duke
Trump didn't even know David Duke and Byrd never repented. I know some members of his fam.
when trump hands these out it will be to David Duke, Mel Gibson, and the white power ranger.
help mentally ill person. Byrd apologized and disavowed his time as a racist for decades. David Duke hasn't. Simple.
So u think what, him and David Duke have coffee every day?Hillary worshipped Robert Byrd in HER WORDS. He was a KKK grandmaster
. Trump's choices: Pepe, David Duke, Ann Coulter, Scott Baio, and the people who hosed down Standing Rock protesters
Will be weird next time when it's Ted Nugent, David Duke, Mel Gibson & Don Sterling receiving the from ...
In a way, you might say that David Duke is the son of Willie Horton. Du...
Donald Trump names David Duke as Attorney General. Oops, I mean Jeff Sessions. Hard to tell them apart with their white ***
Robert Byrd denounced the KKK 4 decades ago. 😂 trump wouldn't even denounce David Duke and he had multiple chances !
& He apologized 4 what he did, it haunted him till his death. David Duke isnt ashamed
like David Duke donating to HC. Did she refuse the money? Byrd was a good friend of hers. Mr. KKK Grand Wizard. UR a sucker
"Mr President, China just declared war on the USA". Trump - "that can wait. David Duke just got heckled at Shrek on ice"
Echoes of Trump, "I don’t know anything about David Duke. Okay? ...did he endorse me...because, you know, I know no…
Can't wait until the trump musical. David Duke as trump. Scott Baio as don jr. Mel Gibson as Steve Bannon.
6 arrested in David Duke protest at Dillard University
Many are terrified by cabinet picks, but former KKK leader, David Duke, is thrilled. (White people hav…
Mike Lazzo sees people upset over swastika and David Duke references, gives a smug smile, says "Racism is good, actual…
sounds like former Arizona governor Jan Brewer should be dating David Duke.
Raging white voters were too dense to care, so they handed the WH to the man ISIS, Putin, Kim Jong Un, David Duke,…
I'll see your David Duke and raise you a Reverend Wright, Jesse Jackson, Al Sharpton and Van Jones.
Who are promoting for it, David Duke or Kim Kardasian?
On tonight's episode of Ben Carson turns down Sec of Inner Cities. Also David Duke nom as Sec of Sheets.
David Duke quotes aren't made up. If DD says I love Sam doesn't make Sam a horrible person. . If Sam says DD is great, it does.
Donald Trump could name David Duke as Homeland Security Secretary and the media would still pretend like we need to hear…
Toni Morrison on whites who elected a "candidate who is beloved by David Duke and endorsed by the Ku Klux Klan."
Here's why white supremacist groups love Stephen Bannon: To former Ku Klux Klan boss David Duke,……
Great former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke is happy about Trump. naming Steve Bannon as his Chief Strategist.
"'I think that's excellent,' former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke said of Bannon joining Trump's team.
People praising Trump's selection of Steve Bannon as Chief Strategist to the President:. 1. David Duke. 2. The KKK. 3. Ameri…
Why hiring Steve Bannon is the same as hiring David Duke
David Duke just made his public statement on how proud he is of the appointment of Steve Bannon as Trump's Chief Strategist.…
Steve Bannon is a proud and vocal white supremacist. You wonder why David Duke is celebrating? Own your Trump vote. Own i…
Little Giant Ladders
If white supremacy is such a widespread problem, you'd think after 35 years they'd find someone other than David Duke to ci…
David Duke, a former Imperial Wizard of the KKK, hailed Trump's election "one of the most exciting nights of my...
Trumpland. David Duke takes a bow in big thumbs up white supremacist support of president elect Trump https…
I wonder why David Duke and his folks have been such passionate supporters of DT.
Former KKK leader David Duke: 'Our people have played a HUGE role in electing Trump!' via
you are wrong, the media has instilled fear and pain! How can he be compared to Jim Crowe and David Duke?
David Duke looks like a lizard with a bowl cut and a $12 Joseph A Bank suit
Bet money Trump will appoint David Duke, the Imperial Wizard of the kkk, to the Supreme Court
David duke endorsed this man and people voted for him... it's time for war. This is the time for revolution.
58k+ Louisiana residents voted David Duke for the Senate. FIFTY! EIGHT! THOUSAND! PEOPLE! in your backyards supporting…
"racism didn't play a part in this election" when we have KKK rallies in NC and david duke celebrating victory for his people
Do we share values, really?. David Duke is celebrating victory for the candidate KKK (and 59M+ Americans) endorsed.
Good morning everyone except anyone who voted for the same person as david duke
Duke coach David Cutcliffe said he did not know about the changes to the Victory Bell until yesterday.
"Our people" David Duke is affiliated with the KKK. Sad times are ahead.
That's what gets me. At least David Duke would call me a *** to my face, not whisper it in a voting booth.
So that there is no confusion: this, from David Duke.
good to know everything is coming up Milhouse for David Duke
Here is David Duke, former head of the Ku-Klux-Klan. Do you get it now?
Reviled white supremacist loses his Louisiana Senate bid by wide margin
"David Duke: Trump win a great victory for 'our people'" -
I'm still trynna see who of the 60,000 people voted for David Duke... now that's some unbelievable stuff
David Duke former leader of the KKK: Trump win a great victory for 'our people' https…
white supremacists like David Duke and Steve Bannon flocked to the banner because nationalism is…
Im so serious when i say go look up who david duke is and you will understand why this is so serious
David Duke & Putin are first major voices lauding trump's victory. The people he emboldens are one of the nastiest parts of…
The last 24 hours have probably been the best of David Duke's life. That's 2016, baby
Hopefully everyone knows who David Duke is
.if serious about healing the nation, you must disavow David Duke. Yes, again. Louder and clearer. https…
I want every single black person that comes across this to take 2 min out your day and look up who David Duke is.
Gandalf the White Power himself, David Duke, endorses a candidate and he wins the election. Welcome to AmeriKKKa
Nearly 60,000 people in Louisiana voted for David Duke. Ridiculous. For perspective, that's almost the population of Bossier City.
what kind of Supreme Court Justice will David Duke be?
And congratulations extended to Trump from Klu Klux Klan member David Duke. If there is justice where is it now, Ma…
I am currently in David Duke's home city. 5 miles away from where he lives. At least he lost his senate race.
David Duke for Supreme Court Justice and Lucifer for Secretary of Education
Bright spots tonight for people who don't like racists and bigots: Joe Arpaio and David Duke both lost.
real quick, how you go from knowing your jersey city roots to supporting Trump & RTing David Duke?
Trump wins, so now what? David Duke for Supreme Court Justice?
Now that the Repubs control the presidency, the house and the senate. Does that mean that David Duke will be the new Supreme Court Justice?
Thinking about David Duke and Klan sponsored street promotions for Trump. Imagining how much ground they covered campaigni…
. Kind of a David Duke take on the Patty Duke Show kinda thing?
David Duke will be a quality Supreme Court Justice. Used to wearing robes, wigs, etc.
David Duke looks like he was drawn by Howard Chaykin as a dare and then willed to life by some mischief-demon.
Just got a robocall: "Foster Campbell said he's 'a litle bit like David Duke and that he has a little bit of Donald Trump in him.'"
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C. Matthews just stated that the KKK does not exist.Maybe not in his hood.David Duke exists.Matthew's head is in the sand.
In article on David Duke, an ad for treating Albright's hereditary osteo dystrophy - "stop living with small hands." Well played.
What do rogue FBI agents, Vladimir Putin, the National Enquirer, KKK, David Duke and the RNC have in common? https:…
I'll add Steve Bannon, Reince Priebus, David Duke, Chris Christie, Jon Voigt & Susan Sarandon (again, just to make sure).
looks like David Duke and Mustard-wig trAmp with you holding the cross. Klan 2.0 I suppose.
David Duke's closing ad: "vote for Donald Trump for president"
Yo Talib. Donald Trump left a political party in 2000 because David Duke joined it. He does not like Duke.
Just seen your inteviews of people at Dillard about David Duke. I'm saddened to learn that you have left Flint, Michigan & WJRT.
Eric Trump: 'I'm laying low' after David Duke bullet comment 😳if a gun solves YOUR problem look out for those who want to shut U up ???
All, Eric Trump's comment that David Duke of the KKK "deserves a bullet. These are not good people" is extreemly troublin…
If Eric Trump is really so opposed to David Duke, why did he appear on white nationalist radio last month?
Eric Trump just said David Duke should be assassinated. I can't stand Duke, but if I said this I'd be arrested.
Eric Trump says "David Duke deserves a bullet", makin' it clear there's only room for one Grand Wizard in the Trump organiz…
Hardball with Chris Matthews 11/3/16 | David Duke, race and the 2016 election. Hardball with Chris Matthews 11/...
Why doesn't Chris Matthews ask Trump to give David Duke his $1,500.00 back?
Melania Trump: "Our culture has become too mean and too rough.". Eric Trump: "David Duke deserves a bullet."
Watching Chris Matthews: I agree. David Duke isn't anti-anything. He's just pro-white man.
"Do I have to say David Duke? Can't I just pretend he doesn't exist. Vote Trump." Chris Matthews just now.
If you want to make David Duke go away, Eric, best way is to make stop his minority voter supp…
ERIC: David Duke is the greatest man who ever lived?. TRUMP: You're not a levels guy, huh?. ERIC:. TRUMP: We tried you talking. Did…
Not 2 be outdone by Melania Trump, David Duke's wife says he wants to end racism, homophobia, and anti-semitism.
Pretty much Louisiana style politics-as-usual. Recalling Edwin"Fast Eddie"Edwards & David Duke from the mid 1980s :).
Only in the USA can black ppl be so disrespected that KKK terrorist David Duke be allowed to debate at an HBCU.
Louisiana Senate debate: KKK’s David Duke has screaming meltdown in defense of Donald Trump via
I am still amazed that a known terrorist -- David Duke-- is allowed to run for U. S. Senate. ugh. But, there ya go, Louisiana.
Protesters object to former KKK wiz David Duke at Louisiana Senate debate on campus of Dillard Univ.
David Duke melts down, protesters get pepper sprayed at Louisiana Senate debate
David Duke debate appearance marked by protest
Good morning. It's 2016 in America and David Duke spent last night railing against Jews in a debate for high office. https:…
During a Louisiana Senate debate, former KKK leader David Duke proclaims that the Jews are dominating our media:
David Duke turned up for a senate debate. It went horribly wrong.
Police pepper spray protesters at Louisiana Senate debate featuring David Duke via the app
look what has been normalized this election. David Duke was in a televised debate for Senate ffs.
This was less about David Duke than it was about Dillard University belonging to the students and their voices not being…
It's not just David Duke and the alt-right who believe and express ugly things about Jews:
There is nothing to debate here sir, David Duke is a former Grand Wizard for the Ku Klux Klan, enough said
25 years ago this month Tim Russert asked David Duke: "What was it about this country, this society, that you chose to be…
‘No Duke, no KKK, no fascist USA’: Students arrested at Louisiana university protest of David Duke visit…
Amazing coverage by tonight on the protests outside the US Senate debates
David Duke appealed to voters in senate race debate tonight using racism and attacks Jews. 10pm
A candidate for Senate said tonight that Hillary should get the chair and that he’s not “opposed to all Jews”
Inclusion of white supremacist David Duke derails the Louisiana Senate debate
Please can we do Cory a favour and send him on a one-way ticket to the US so he can live wi…
Students protest as former KKK member David Duke debates at historic black university -
Police and protesters clash as former joins
unlimited calling, voip, $14.95 per month
"I will be Donald Trump's most loyal advocate" -- David Duke, just now . This is the Republican Party in 2016, y'all.
Historically black college hosts U.S. Senate debate. Organizers ban students to create safe space for David Duke.
Trump backer David Duke: "problem with powerful, tribal group that dominates media and int. banking" Another reason to vote
David Duke onstage at US Senate debate talking about "tribalist" Jewish "cabal" control of banking, media, government.…
The KKK and David Duke are working to get out the vote for Donald Trump
Ex-KKK grand dragon David Duke is one of Trump's biggest supporters.
Did you enjoy Alex Jones' phony debate with Piers Morgan?. How about his phony debate with David Duke?
"Voting against Trump is a treason to your heritage" - David Duke.
David Duke calls for electric chair. Burr jokes abt shooting Clinton. is an embarrassment to American democracy.
David Duke's suggestion to give Hillary Clinton the electric chair for treason might need some tweaking -.
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