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David Diaz

David Dangerous Díaz (born June 7, 1976 in Chicago, Illinois, United States) is an American boxer in the lightweight (135 lb) division.

Miguel Cotto Ricky Hatton Manny Pacquiao Antonio Margarito Juan Manuel Marquez Brandon Rios Las Vegas Shane Mosley Erik Morales

Kala is a *competent* woman in STEM. she is a role model for millions!
She knows how to fight. And so do we.
We're more than a little excited to see what magic & have come up with 😍🎵.
David can be on sc but can't answer me back 💁🙃
David told me ages ago that Edwin Diaz was going to have a +40 HBP but I didn't want to believe him.
Dallas Keuchel has been scratched due to illness. Dayan Diaz will get the start tonight.
RiME video game soundtrack by David Garcia Diaz!
Always tell the truth - it's the easiest thing to remember.– David Mamet
All vital truth contains the memory of all that for which it is not true.– David Herbert Lawrence
One of David Cameron's key advisors today called for the resignation of Theresa May over her disastrous failures on nation…
The Diaz Family amazed me with their kindness! They are celebrating David's High School Graduation! Congrats,...
Carmen Gomez Zuniga. 1 hr · Venus · . For my aunt Maria Elena Diaz (D) and my cousin David Ramirez fighting and...
B. Díaz: "David tells me to work, to enjoy my football, and that everything comes with humility."
B. Díaz: "I watch many players – I have David Silva next. I have trained several times with the biggest players at City."
"Can we were directly behind a sort of my full name: Daniel Diaz, Khris Kempis, Colin Devane, David Sanchez, for Markus Popp (b. (cont)
Sports - Hot Tip: Backes excels at deflections for Blues: David Backes stood tall in fron... Martin Diaz Alvarez
David Alfaro Siqueiros.From the Dictatorship of Porfirio Diaz to the Revolution – The People in Arms.
It seems that blessings keep falling on my lap
David Feeney is fast becoming the Jaymes Diaz equivalent of the 2016 election
David banner looks like someone great grandpa
Listening to David Diaz speak about his beautiful wife & her end of life fight. Beyond moved!
There will be a funeral held for David Diaz on Thursday, May 19, 2016 in the Chapel at 3:00pm. Eternal rest grant...
for me I'm not a Dr but if I had to say what I think, the David Diaz fight to the last Marquez fight.
Sports - Baseball Capsules: BOSTON (AP) David Ortiz doubled with two outs in the 11th inn... Martin Diaz Alvarez
RL & Woodley r fighting next! Why Maia & Diaz does make some sense... rather see that than a Condit rematch
Day two of the Cow Pile Trials started with breakfast from the MCMA. Members David Diaz, Mike Barbagelata, and...
David Diaz former lightweight champion of the world! via Grueling Truth
My goal by this winter is to squat 4 plates
Illustrator intensive with Caldecott medalist Illustrator David Diaz and the critique group going on next door.
My chapter hosted an workshop today, taught by Caldecott winner David Diaz. Here's the piece I…
David Ortiz has an 1.100 OPS, tied for best in the majors with Aledmys Diaz, who's only 14.5 years his junior.
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Working again thanks God and also thanks to the beautiful Diaz David family
Thank you Karla Diaz for all you do for our wonderful Latino community!
Sports - Excite me and I'll return, David Moyes tells Everton: Former boss open to offers... Martin Diaz Alvarez
Errors are subjective, but it still seems worth noting that Diaz has more errors at short (9) than Peralta did (8) in 148…
Travel - Rent David Bowie's former Mustique home for $40,000 a week: Standout features in... Martin Diaz Alvarez
David west is somewhere cussing himself out for turning down that 12 mill form Indiana 😂
David West on the way home tonight thinking about that 12 million he left in Indiana
Pt4 David Diaz is taking us to Moonbot Studios to meet Bill Joyce and has set up Skype-ing with ADs, etc. WOW!
A tattoo for Jonatan David Morales-Diaz wife. Its there sons name! Lettering is what I can do best. I have some...
Excited to bring our music to Europe again. David Virelles MBOKO features Roman Diaz, Thomas Morgan and Eric...
David Limbaugh:Further, Trump seems to change his stance on issues every other day. How can anyone feel comfortable with that?
It's time for the to move Aledmys Diaz up in the order, says PODCAST:
David Diaz, of Day One El Monte, quoted in the La Times on the lack of parks in El Monte! A very important read!...
Is it true Philippine Airlines do Lav Diaz movies for long haul?
Why is everyone getting hurt in the champions league
Like Chris Algeri and Brandon Rios and David Diaz. Murderers row right there boy.
IMF voices its confidence in Finland's recovery: David Hofman, the head of a delegation from the International...
my buddy heavyweight boxer David Rodriguez blog
NSAC suspending Nick Diaz for 5 years for pot is an irresponsible abuse of power. It's callous, idiotic and sickening.
one step below that you have the Abel Sanchez, John David Jackson, maybe Pedro Diaz
Join us this Monday at our SF office for a dev meetup with guest speaker David Diaz from
I had a mentor named David Diaz. He was my TV journalism professor at CUNY City College. Trying to find him to say thank you. Can you help?
5years for smoking a natural plant.. Then all the juice heads get a slap on the wrist.
Nick Diaz suspended 5 years, fined $165,000 by NSAC for not cocaine, not PEDs, but marijuana. http:/…
What do Nick Diaz and David Chappelle have in common – they both believe in taking the Fifth Amendment.
especially when it comes to someone like Diaz, who we could see in Cleveland next season.
UPDATE: Nick Diaz responds to the 5 year ban handed down from the Nevada Commission
David, thanks for adding me to your list. That's great! 👍
David, thank you for the listing. I'm looking forward to adding value
David, thanks for including me to your list. Have a great day!
.will be 5th opponent who fought at Olympics (Miguel Cotto, Jorge Julio, Oscar De La Hoya and David Diaz)
Actor Ramiro Rodriguez of McFarland USA & David Diaz are inspiring students to pursue a higher education.
listen to the commentary in the David Diaz fight. R.. Emmanuel and Jim were shocked. Alex Ariza 1st camp with him
This has been the best Christmas 😀😀😀With Rita Barreto, Makayla Quinones,Marcus Quinones, David Diaz, Carmen Casiano, Ayee Breanna, Valeria Matranga and Morales Morales just missing my man but I love you baby can't wait until you are home
Visiting my niece and my families bringing the gifts that santa left in my home also distributing the gifts Santa left from Irma V. Diaz home. 1st picture Martha and me. 2.My nephew David Diaz and my brother Carlos Diaz shocking news a check .Lol. 3 .Martha and her mom. Carmen Delrio. 4. gas station every Christmas they decorate the gas station very nice.
“So does anyone want to do something lol” if you don't go to sleep soon Santa won't come David
'8 is a lot of legs David'. Here's 5SOS in Christmas films courtesy of our dodgy Photoshopping http:…
As an offensive linemen I would love for us to be able to bring in David Diaz-Infante as an offensive line coach from the Arizona Cardinals
Nice to relax and have some fun on some days off.
David James Diaz waiting my xmas gift :D
If Cameron Diaz married David Cameron, she will become . Mrs Cameron Cameron!
Jump into this holiday season for a Festive Surprise.
Girl: "Block this kick and I'll let you hit" . Me:
9 year old David Diaz was evacuated with his family when the Belmont Mobile Home Park flooded. Everyone is now...
Enjoying some alpha amino fruit punch from
Worked out with the homie since day one today Happy 18th Birthday 🎊🎉🎁
David Martell just won a game against Amy-Linn Diaz in Trivia Crack!
"Panda Oreo Cupcakes 😋 Saw this thought you might like it.
his destruction of David Diaz was easy to call. Diaz was an immobile light hitting lefty tailor made for Manny.
Norton had Ben Stiller and Cameron Diaz on last night. Jonathan Ross has David Walliams and Barbara Windsor on tonight. Up your game, ITV.
Thanks to David for making me feel much better don't know what I'll do without him 💕
omigod there's a teacher this year that teaches sixth grade and his name is DAVID MIRALES
but you don't know where I live at 😩
Happy 32nd birthday to David Wright, who dazzles us throughout the season.
I liked a video from Wiz Khalifa Makes a Sex Tape with Playboy Model! ft. ClaraC & David So
Yes "Also, in the spirit of excellent video, one of my favorite Junot Diaz quotes:
Mark Neely, David Diaz-Infante, & will be on the call for the Dec 20 at 2 PM on ESPN
I love you Kimberly Diaz, Robert Reid, David Diaz, Ronny Pool, Sean Diaz, Leinaala Lutu you guys have no idea how much i appreciate you guys,you all mean alot to me im so lucky to have supportive aunts and uncles you guys are awesome my role models :D cant wait to see you guys hugs and kisses from me and the boys xoxoxoxoxo
David Diaz is not available at the moment he's too busy building brick houses in Las Vegas.
Went to go see The Full Monty at the Melbourne Civic Theater!! It was freaking fantastic!!! David Diaz you rocked it up on stage!!!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
A media helicopter crashed at the Vuelta a El Salvador on Friday, killing a radio journalist. RIP. David Diaz.
This dolphin getting high on puffer fish!!
David Diaz/Erik Morales, August 4, 2007, Allstate Arena should be on this.others also missed
first climb neutralised and peloton with black armbands for David Diaz
A Scholarship for Students Affected When Cancer Strikes the Family. Rutgers grads David Pal and Elizabeth Diaz...
Vuelta Ciclista a El Salvador Statement from organisers about yesterdays fatal helicopter crash in which a journalist died. "The organizing committee of the Vuelta Ciclista El Salvador and his entire staff of employees deeply regrets the death of journalist David Diaz, Stereo Radio Group, who died this day exercising their reporting. Condolences to his family and friends, especially staff. Women's Radio 102.5 accompanying him this day. " The race will continue, but teams are unhappy with the organisation, some saying worst ever!
In God's Name: An Investigation Into the Murder of Pope John Paul I by David Yallop via cc
Fantastic news the Rocket's organization now has a new catchers Trainer Coach David Diaz. Coach David Diaz catches for Edward Waters College.
How every Spanish grandma will react when Don Francisco dies
Very sad to hear the news that lost journalist David Diaz in a helicopter accident. Sincere condolences to family & friends
Sad & tragic day Helicopter crashed, David Diaz is dead. All my thoughts go to his family & friends today!.
so sad about the news coming out of Condolences to the family of journalist David Diaz.
Am i single:nope Have i been cheated on:yes Girls i trust: Alexandra Solorzano, Kathy Andrea Boys i trust: Angel Rojas David Diaz nasir Miss my last relationship:no My crush:he already knows who Something i hate: ?? Who has my heart:someone Jealous type:yup Best friends: Arely Lily,kathy andrea Ex i will take back: no one Last hug: Aurelio Marin Jr.
Thoughts today are with the family of David Diaz Radio Fiesta killed in a helicopter crash following the race in El Salvador
Watching the Graham Norton show. Cameron Diaz is hitting on David Attenborough. Enjoyable.
Sad day at Vuelta El Salvador today,a radio speaker David Diaz died in a helicopter crash
Yo David Diaz how does it feel to be outdanced by the King?
Serioucly love the way Nick Diaz fights
Holy *** I've never seen a girl as ripped as the one I just saw running down 7th st. It must be David Diaz's future wife.
Lmao this shows how much girls over react 😳
I liked a video from THE DIAZ BROTHERS COACH TUF!!!
I bought everything i needed today lol
What time is dress rehearsal tomorrow??
"There is only one person who could ever make you happy, and that person is you." . - David Burns
Great information and details on all things cigars and great opinions too! David 'Doc' Diaz knows his stuff!
Alternative phrases to “calm your *** :. soothe your boobs. de-stress your breasts. adjust your bust before it combusts
All the stuff I enjoy is increasing in price: coffee, Brazil's coffee crop not yielding what it did last year.
On July 14, 2005, Mr. David Jolly took this photo of Tasha and Diaz Farrell in the office of the Great Bill Young,...
Looking forward to the new picture.
"Traditional clock faces will paint the Cameron Diaz,David Beckham,Daniel Craig Tom Cruise picture.Model the LCD!!"
Yes! Princess and The Frog is on! That thick white girl mmm they drew her RIGHT! Lol
When she give you head then try to kiss you...
Everyone fretting about where Aledmys Diaz fits next year should recall the Brett Wallace/David Freese/Allen Craig logjam of aught-nine.
Just finished watching vs David Diaz and vs Matthew hatton
Mr Diaz, what about if Scotland will join Russia and Crimea will become part of the UK?
if we are honest. Barrera Morales Marquez Pacquiao, even David Diaz would have stopped Burns. Crawford didn't impress.
I also have the results from the Warhammer 40k scenario all fought valiantly but Necrons eeked out total victory by 1 point, always fun to watch and can't wait to see more..I will have your awards at the store for you to pick up 1st Place- David Diaz (Necron) 2nd Place-William Anderson 3rd Place-Yimer Ortiz Thanks to everyone who participated and see you this week.
A yo Feroz correct me if I'm wrong but didn't David Diaz beat Super Zab in the Olympic Trials to be in the Olympic Team w/u
FROM BEYOND THE ARC By: Police Chief Inspector Rico C Santotome Jr (OS), RN, MPM Next For Manny: Floyd Jr, Amir Or Ruslan? Barely two months after disposing of American Brandon Rios in Macau in his comeback bid for world boxing supremacy, Manny Pacquiao's value has soared a bit while resurrecting his seemingly deteriorating punch-for-pay career following two bitter defeats suffered at the hands of Timothy Bradley and Juan Manuel Marquez. His stock crashing and his boxing career evidently on a tailspin following that knockout loss to Marquez in their fourth meeting last 2012, Manny had an impressive unanimous decision triumph against the bigger Rios albeit the fight registered only 470, 000 buys on pay-per-view. This was the lowest in five years for Pacman since his June 2008 match versus David Diaz where the bout registered only 250, 000 buys in their 'Lethal Combination' duel. Against Marquez in their fourth meeting, the title fight had 1.15 million buys and was slightly lower than the 1.4 million regist ...
Manny Pacquiao The Greatest Boxer of the Decade Manny Pacquiao the current pound for pound king, the only boxer to win eight titles in eight different divisions and current World Boxing Organization welterweight champion of the world will again prove his status as the world’s number one boxer against Shane Mosley on May 7. Manny “Pacman” Pacquiao is on a thirteen fight winning streak since losing to Erik Morales in 2005. He knocked out David Diaz to win a lightweight belt. In the Dream Match against Oscar Dela Hoya, he made the Golden Boy quitted on his stool to earn the respect of millions of boxing fans around the world. After that match, he was challenged by Ricky Hatton in the Battle of East and West and scored a sensational second round knocked out against the boxer called Hitman. In 2009, he fought Miguel Cotto in Firepower and dominated the fight by scoring a late twelve round technical knocked out against the native of Puerto Rico. He knocked down Cotto in round three and four. Pacman contin ...
Pacquiao’s accounts frozen over P2.2 B tax evasion case ANC – 20 hours ago Just after winning in his match against boxer Brandon Rios, Manny Pacquiao is now bracing for his latest fight. This time, it's a bout outside the boxing ring. In an interview with ANC's Topstory, Pacquiao said the Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) has issued a warrant of garnishment to the banks, freezing all his bank deposits over his P2.2 billion tax evasion case. The Bureau of Internal Revenue (BIR) is going after the Sarangani Representative for back taxes from 2008 and 2009. During the period, Pacquiao reportedly earned tens of millions of dollars in five fights against the likes of Juan Manuel Marquez, David Diaz, Oscar dela Hoya, Ricky Hatton, and Miguel Cotto. All of the fights were held in Las Vegas, Nevada in US. Pacquiao’s lawyers argue that remittances to the US Internal Revenue Service (IRS) were not included in his tax returns in the Philippines because a tax treaty between the two countries stipulates that inco ...
Between 2008 and 2009, Manny Pacquiao earned a total of $27.5 million from his boxing bouts excluding his pay-per-view earnings: -- $3 million against Juan Manuel Marquez in March 2008 -- $3 million against David Diaz in June 2008 -- $6.6 million against Oscar de la Hoya in December 2008 -- $7.4 million against Ricky Hatton in May 2009 -- $7.5 million against Miguel Cotto in November 2009 If my simple calculation is right, Pacquiao paid an estimated $9,625,000 in U.S. federal taxes or more than P421 million pesos. Minus the tax payment, he had roughly $17,875,000 left to pay his Team Pacquiao members. In the Philippines, he would have had over P782,000,000. If he will be taxed (again!) for about 32% by "THE GREAT TAX GURU KIM HENARES" and her Legion of Obsessive Compulsive tax collectors, Pacquiao must pay over P250 million pesos more. So, Pacquiao earned a net income of more than P531 million pesos or an average of P106.2 million pesos per fight. WOW. That is just a fraction when compared to the 10-billi ...
Manny Pacquiao vs Antonio Margarito Boxing Fight Preview & Predictions Pacquiao: Even his critics struggle to find fault in his recent run. His loss to Morales (a setback he twice avenged) is his only since 1999. Since moving up and beating lightweight titlist David Diaz in 2008, Pacquiao has shown improved form while beating the best at 140 and 147 pounds. His right hand has become better and he's now more difficult to hit. For a 4-division champion to have a mid-career renaissance is highly unusual and has put Pacquiao in rarefied air. He actually stepped up his game significantly during a time when most top fighters flatten out in their careers. Margarito: Antonio was moving along quite well before the Mosley fight. His stirring win over Miguel Cotto had Margarito at the top of the sport. No one could have predicted the disaster that became the Shane Mosley encounter, however. Has a fighter ever had more fallout from one fight? Not only did he get shellacked by the 4-1 underdog, but the loaded gloves c ...
TRIVIA: Eric Morales, David Diaz, Miguel Cotto, Antonio Margarito, Joshua Clottey , Ricky Hatton and Brandon Rios Received Highest Payday of their Career in facing Pacman in the ring... Consequently, these matchup with Pacquiao are also the worst performance of their life in Boxing...
Just wanted to get this up for anybody that sees this or that watches the fight tonight so that I can say it ahead of time. Pacquiao is going to THRASH Rios! Come forward pressure type fighters have never had the style to beat Pacquiao and he's always successful again them (see David Diaz, Ricky Hatton and Antonio Margarito fights). I think it'll be a 7th or 8th round TKO, that's the time in the fight where it'll become super one-sided. To me the only slim chance that Rios might have is if Manny is really affected by the KO in his last fight but I don't think that is going to be the case at all. Rios gets hit way too easily and Manny still has way too much hand speed and movement for a guy like Rios!
Manny better be on fire. like to see him do Brandon Rios in like he did David Diaz
For those of you already IN, we can have our own music on the Pedaler, so are there any songs you want to hear for me to add to the playlist? ALSO, looks like we should be having a full house, so I'm thinking 20 bucks a person and I'll cover the rest. IF you want to chip in more, it's welcome. Gonna reserve the tour very soon, so I'm gonna need your money soon also. AND, still waiting to hear from David Diaz, Cardo Diaz, Roberto Diaz, Joe Fellers and Tim Schritter - you guys get first dibs on the remaining seats 'cause I really want you guys there!
Today BISD named Tina Tompkins special education director and Mr. David Diaz principal at Sam Rayburn MS. Mr. Alford Scott was named asst. principal of Rayburn. Congratulations to these three fine administrators.
like when Pacquiao ducked Prime Nate Campbell to pick up a cheap title vs. David Diaz?
great to catch up with David Diaz tonight, two years after we met in nz, never would have thought we'd be living in the same city again! the world is a giant, magical place, but also quite small at the end of the day...
Our chapter just finished our 5th Mock Belpre Award discussion. We had people participating in Northwest,Southwest, South Central and Northeast Kansas. Our results are: Illustrator: Winner Martin de Porres: The Rose of the Desert. Illustrated by David Diaz, written by Gary Schmidt Honors: The Poet Upstairs. Illustrated by Oscar Ortiz,written by Judith Ortiz Cofer Dolores Huerta: A Hero to Migrant Workers. Illustrated by Robert Casilla, written by Sarah Warren Alicia's Fruity Drinks. Illustrated by Laura Lacamara, written by Lupe Ruiz-Flores Author: Winner: The Wild Book by Margarita Engle Honor Books: The Girl Who Could Silence the Wind by Meg Medina Love, Amalia by Alma Flor Ada
It reminded me when David Diaz kissed the floor after receiving a left hook from Manny Pacquiao.
Marquez would pick him apart, yes, but Manny v Rios reminds me of him v Margs or David Diaz. Two fights he won, easily.
Dearest Family and Friends :) For those that do not know, I am making a road trip from Pender Islands to Houston, Texas! Leaving November 11 and plan on being there through February. During that time, my Son James Hanson had the most wonderful (as in full of wonder) idea to have a visual and performing arts benefit for cancer research! So, I am bringing driftwood sculptures -both in the making and completed. We have just begun to organize this exciting event, so we need help with all levels! Pamela Johnson and David Diaz have already jumped on board! THANK YOU! We are honoring all cancer survivors, those that are living with cancer-like Richard Patt, and those we have lost to this devastating illness. Visual and performing Artist Friends and Family that would like to participate, let us know! The more the merrier! Let's celebrate life together by creatively helping put a stop to cancer!
Pizza and putt at Albert Park - PRO golfers Craig Spence and David Diaz will join amateurs in an 18-hole shootout at...
Top row, L to R: "Old Ellicott City Bridge" by Paul Bertholet,"Main Street" by Andrei Kushnir, "To the Brewpub" by Jeff Wilson. Bottom Row, L to R: "Silos from Cao Cao Lane" by Duane Lutsko,"Overlook" by David Diaz, "Main Street Storefront" by Stewart White
This Friday, Sept 14, 6-9 pm, come to our Artists Reception, see dozens of new original "Historic Ellicott City" paintings and meet the six top local artists who painted them- Duane Lutsko, Paul Bertholet, Andrei Kushnir, Stewart White, David Diaz and Jeff Wilson
Myles Jones is mad at Jay Be Killin Em cuz he didn't give him gum ! Andy Said to meh that he *** and he likes bob Johnson . Christian Hernandez and Ryan Abreu are my friends. David Diaz is not funny ! John Diaz is a noob just like Stephen Owusu ! Wow I'm done
Returned from an Amazing trip in Estes Park!!! Thank you David Diaz and Aomi Alvarez Diaz for treating us and your awesome children!! Judi Diaz Bonacquisti and Paul Bonacquisti for your wonderful children and company and Lorraine Diaz for always treating us well!!! Had a wonderful time in the mountains with the family!! Ran trails in the morning followed by a long 3 hour hike(the kids thought we were walking in circles LOL) ending with a night on the patio reading good books, grandma telling Stories, hots tubes, good wine and food, and a picture perfect sky filled with Stars!! Favorite memory of the trip...enjoying abundance with loving family! oh yeah and the Chupacabra!
Fun Fact: Zab Judah defeated Ishe Smith and Hector Comacho Jr. But loss to David Diaz x2 in the amateurs
Interviewed ex-World champ David Diaz this morning. Abt Pacquiao-Bradley, he won't watch rematch "just to make a statement".
The Boxing Match between Pacquiao and Bradley was surrounded by controversy... Almost all boxing analyst felt it was Pacquiao who won. Even the father of Pretty Boy Floyd felt it was Pacquiao who won the fight... I guess after all the buzz and controversies i just observed one thing... It should not have happened if Pacquiao was still in his prime... The old Pacquiao knocks this guy off in 6 rounds. Bradley was merely standing in front of Manny... The Killer right hand that took David Diaz out was nowhere to be found... the left straight that put Marquez to the canvass 3x was not there... the 5,6,7 punch combo that Manny is known for is no longer visible... He hit Bradley with hard lefts but Bradley took it, the old Pacquiao kills this guy with those kind of shots! For me it explains one thing. Manny may have won the fight, but he must think of calling it a day... He already put our country on top of the world, and for that we are surely proud of him... Manny Pacquiao you are one great FILIPINO warrior! W ...
In this installment of The Diaz Show comedian David Diaz lip syncs for his life to Call Me Maybe by Carly Rae Jepson
Ever since joining Manny Pacquiao’s camp on a hands-on role prior to his June 2008 thrashing of David Diaz, strength and conditioning coach Alex Ariza has been
Hello to all my Dallas County voters. There is a man, Mr. David Diaz, whom I know and respect. He is running for judge of the 162nd District Court here in Dallas County. Please give this man your vote. He's an intelligent and dedicated individual who truly works hard for the citizens in his community. He's honest and fair. Most of us never really know who these people are that are running in local elections outside of what we see on a yard sign or in the local paper. I can tell you that this man deserves your vote. Visit his Web page at David Diaz for Thanks!
We are dedicating a mass for Our beloved David Diaz, one of our BATA family members. It will be May 20th at Valley Catholic Church at 7pm. David's birthday is May 21 so this is a true celebration of his life. Please come!
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