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David Davis

David Michael Davis (born 23 December 1948) is a British Conservative Party politician who is the current elected Member of Parliament (MP) for the parliamentary constituency of Haltemprice and Howden.

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Will Self ripping into David Davis,Liam Fox&Boris Johnson for being the sly,grubby con men they are&they're taking UK to a d…
One day soon we'll find out quite how much David Davis's lazy, childish and egotistical approach to the EU talks has cos…
And Boris Johnson and David Davis and Michael Fallon and tbh I can do without Amber Rudd and J…
Boris Johnson and David Davis warn of 'chaos' if Brexit bill is defeated ^ITV
David Davis, author of chaotic Brexit, says blocking EU W'drawal bill is voting for chaotic Brexit. Paradox, chutzpah or Hobson's choice?
WATCH: Today is the day David Davis said we'd be halfway through a large round of 'global trade deals'. Pls RT:
It is likely that David Davis will carry the can for the bad behaviour, lies and deceit of his fellow ministers:
Well it will be able to join the vacuum between David Davis' ears.
David Davis confirms Government will use the EU (Withdrawal) Bill to change policy. Watch out for workers' rights, environ…
'Masters of our owns laws' Britain will take back control, vows David Davis .
David Davis there, laughing like a drain as he attempts to lessen the protection of people's rights. Laughing.
David Davis seems to have forgotten the importance of the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights!
Personally I think it'll be Phillip Hammond, but expect to see: David Davis, Liam Fox, Amber Rudd, Michae…
Jean-Claude Juncker has reportedly 'expressed his concern about the stability' of David Davis. What about his own sta…
"Backseat driver" Juncker's "bar room insults" about David Davis expose Brussels is on the defensive
Do you remember the time David Davis triggered a by-election to protest government overreach, because he doesn't
Take a moment to watch a hugely impressive absolutely rip David Davis to bits. Priceless.
Every time David Davis has a whinge about schedule of talks, remind him: HE AGREED the sequence in June!
David Davis mocked after attacking EU charter he previously praised
Theresa May and David Davis 'selectively' quoted report to justify sweeping cabinet Brexit powers
Theresa May and David Davis urge MPs to back key Brexit Bill ahead of Commons showdown
David Davis confirms that concrete progress has been made in talks.
David Davis just said in the Commons that nobody pretended that Brexit would be easy. That will be news to the Trade Secre…
David Davis lists the EU nations set to suffer most from Brexit no deal
Incredible that David Davis, who demonstrates the negotiating skills of a Brian Rix Farce, is allowed to continue. http…
David Davis: "No-one said it would be easy" concerning negotiating. Actually he & repeatedly said T…
David Davis is a curious combination of Fathers Ted, Dougal and Jack, all rolled into one.
I’m trying to rant about David Davis in Parliament, give me a break! 😉
David Davis says he has difficulty briefing the NI Exec on Brexit talks "as it doesn't exist"
What have the UK and EU agreed and disagreed on in negotiations, so far? Brexit Secretary David Davis gave…
David Davis' statement - not answering important questions and thinks the economy is booming - delusional. Thinks it's all a big joke.
David Davis, in parliament, effectively trying to make very little work look like he’s moved mountains.
David Davis who told those close to him that if he had known how difficult Brexit would b…
David Davis very solid again. He's got the measure of the EU. Keep calm and carry on...
David Davis big on delusional answers - “It won’t be hard to find a new trading relationship.”
David Davis updates MPs on Brexit talks - Politics live
David Davis waffling on unintelligibly about transition periods. You can almost see him dreaming of how he thought thi…
David Davis: "Nobody pretended this would be simple or easy." Pretty sure that's not true.
Feeling a bit sorry for David Davis now. Whatever next?
David Davis: “The transition or implementation period may be a sort of homogeneous extension of what we have now."
David Davis "confident" that Irish border question can be resolved with "non-visible..light-touch" border
MPs to grill David Davis on what he's achieved so far. In how many ways can you say 'bugger al…
No, no, no, my Tory constituency voted Remain, David Davis. My MP is ignoring her constituents.
David Davis: "I only have to negotiate with Brussels, he (Starmer) has to negotiate with his entire frontbench.". Starmer crac…
David Davis up in the Commons for Brexit questions
Perhaps someone should stress-test the claim from David Davis that "no one ever pretended this (Brexit) would be simple or e…
Stoney faces from Tory MPs as david Davis laughing at himself making no sense on the state of Brexit negotiations ...
"No-one has ever pretended that [Brexit] would be simple or easy," David Davis tells MPs. Here's what Davis wrote just las…
It's a 78 playing at 45, mind you, because David Davis
Is it just me or does David Davis come across as an arrogant buffoon?
David Davis in statement on EU negotiations 'No-one said it would be easy'. er, except he did repeatedly during whole r…
On whether David Davis called Michel Barnier silly or called the Commission silly. Here is exactly what he said on…
David Davis wouldn't answer this question -clock is ticking as airlines need agreement to be able to sell tickets in adva…
David Davis trying to deliver a worthwhile is like watching a chimp trying to wire a plug safely. It's possible but…
David Davis claimed that nobody said Brexit was 'going to be simple & easy'...
But will the EU consider rolling negotiations with May?
absolutely no one, David, apart from you in this article in February 2016
David Davis suggests Brexit negotiations will get “very stormy” at some point. Possibly because he’s simply not willin…
David Davis no longer agrees with himself that the British people should be able to approve a new EU negotiated relationsh…
WATCH | David Davis: 'EU Commission stalling is tactic to get UK money. Does Labour want to pay €100bn in the next mon…
David Davis says he has told the EU to be more "imaginative" in their approach to Brexit.
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Possibly the dullest tool in the box even allowing for David Davis!
Theresa May can't get rid of David Davis cause he'll pull the plug on her, either way she's finished and even better s…
Asked a sculptor mate to carve me an effigy of David Davis but he had to scrap the project as he couldn't find a piece of wood thick enough.
You should dedicate the song Ca Plane Pour Moi by Plastic Bertrand for David Davis and Michel Barnier
Another Thomas Edison quote from James (where is he / super injunction) Chapman for drunk 3 day week David Davis
David Davis's election by the good people of Haltemprice and Howden no more entitles him to speak for Br…
David Davis is an enigma. Is he Bernie Winters or Freddie "Parrot Face" Davies?
"I was never a big fan of David Davis. But the more I see of him dealing with Brexit, the more…" — Jim McMillan
David Davis ruled out that figure on Andrew Marr show this morning
David Davis, imagining himself to be a portable Winston Churchill, when in fact he's barely a portable Ted Rogers.
Liam Fox, Boris Johnson, David Davis & Theresa May now realise that the global influence we had was due to our EU membership.
Only a fool would put the disgraced Liam Fox, notorious liar Boris Johnson & grinning *** David Davis in charge of leavin…
should sack incompetent David Davis, Boris Johnson, and Liam Fox. What's she got to lose, for goodness' sak…
David Davis was asked if Tony Blair was interfering in Brexit talks...Watch his response TRAITOROU…
Barniers attitude towards the UK is very tetchy today. David Davis had the better of the press conference.
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Owen Bradley and Steve Nicholson are hearing Derby County have had a bid rejected for David Davis...any moment.NOW.
Love or hate Tony Blair he's the one running tings around the Brexit table, as anyone told David Davis yet ? Blair is…
I'd like to make it very clear the suggestion that David Davis likes a drink & turns up for work unfit to do his job didn't…
progress slow, warns EU Parliament's Verhofstadt "it's impossible to get David Davis out the pub' he added . https:…
Is it rude to ask what, if anything, David Davis & his army of lawyers & civil servants have been doing to prepare for…
I've got this vision of David Davis as Del Boy, Theresa as Raquel, Gove as Rodney & Boris as Uncle Albert...
'Make a moderate proposal & EU react with blank stares as if you were reciting the Swedish National Anthem!'. http…
quote:UK does NOT have to pay a divorce EU treaties make NO provision for monetary Brexit "leaving present" h…
As soon as they stop behaving as though they're our masters and we're their serfs, serious negotiations can start.
The UK is "ready to roll up its sleeves and get down to work" on a mutually beneficial deal, says David Davis
It’s time to deploy tough tactics in talks with Brussels, says CHRIS ROYCROFT-DAVIS
1. I don't want Brexit at all. . 2. I don't trust this goverment at all. 3. I have no confidence in David Davis.
Love Taylor Davis! I know Wade and Jody David are cousins. Is somehow related?
Why do they continue this farce just walk away and do us all a favour.
Click for detailed information DAVID DAVIS - DAVID DAVIS TRUCKING
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Congratulations to David Davis! Feeling so upbeat now. In my opinion, things can . only get better.
David Freese lines out to Albert Almora in center as Wade Davis retires the Pirates 1-2-3 in the 9th beat the Pirates 6-1
David Davis. How one man can use so many words without saying anything is beyond me...
Nickolas David Mantle. You wanna try that again?
Labour should be disbanded if they cannot accept the democratic Brexit vote. Outrageous to overrule the vote
David Davis Address to MPs after Supreme Court – Bill to be published within days
David Brady: "The Red Cross, rallying around, and getting corporations to support us."
David Brady: "We are doing everything we can, and we will accept everyone who comes to this shelter."
David Davis looks like he's aged 10 years so far these brexit negotiations
David Davis calls for “flexibility & imagination” to break Brexit negotiation deadlock - he exhibits neither.
You must pay! Verhofstadt demands the UK pays a brexit bill before trade talks start- we must walk away
David Davis's constructive ambiguity is in fact a policy of destructive obduracy. His unwillingness to talk money puts tal…
Papers 11.30pm with who traitorously backs Barnier against David Davis in EU negotiations
Barnier tells David Davis: "To be honest I’m concerned as time passes quickly... We must start negotiating seriously"
Top story: Michael Russell warns David Davis: 'No deal' with the EU is not an o… see more
The EU's chief Brexit negotiator says he is concerned over UK 'ambiguity'
Why does UKGov continue to waste precious negotiating time with empty, self-defeating sabre rattling? 1/
Brexit tensions soar as 'unhelpful' Michel Barnier clashes with David Davis on EU divorce
Keir Starmer (QC and ex-director of DPP) vs. David Davis (charlatan and clown out of his depth) Who to trust? Hmmm ...
Watch David Davis as he arrived in Brussels today and reiterated his call for a deal that works in the best interests of the…
Is David Davis doing a good job of negotiating The UK's exit from the EU?
Martin Rowson on David Davis and Brexit talks – cartoon
David Davis with your crack pipe teeth and frying panned nose.
David Davis will refuse to discuss divorce bill until 'stubborn' EU chiefs discuss how they will treat UK
'Dream on' EU negotiators mock David Davis' Brexit stance -
Your agenda missed out:. Monday 28th August. 17.15 David Davis leaves for an aperitif.
EU policy: spin it out and bleed us to death. BREXIT: David Davis to DEMAND Eurocrats 'show some imagination and GET
David Davis to demand more flexibility from Brussels in Brexit negotitations. Brexit Secretary David...
David Davis's new clothes - cartoon The Guardian World News. Chris Riddell on the Brexit secretary’s negotiations …
: David Davis, the UK’s Brexit attack dog . Just as Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson appeared to have fou…
All purpose parts banner
As government admits EU judges may still have a say post-Brexit, David Davis releases summary of where we are so far. htt…
This will help speed things up 🙄David Davis to avoid putting Brexit payment on table in Brussels
Brexit Secretary David Davis will today publish a position paper outlining Britain’s position on dispute resolution.
David Davis declares Britain will 'take back control of its laws' after Britain leaves the EU
Barnier launches astonishing attack on David Davis and GOADS Brexit Secretary over demands
David, your memes aren't even that good.
Brexit means Brexit. EU control must end when we leave, not come back through the back door.
If David Lynch was hungry he would be called Davis Lunch lol
David Davis in panic mode: begging the EU to rethink agenda as not enough progress has been made on key factors.
Only gotta wait til 2024. Maybe next time
Hammond and Fox Brexit piece not cleared with David Davis...
David Davis inspires! Appreciate the great start to our year
EU Membership is fee to access the Single Market not a Licence Fee to build products for it, Mr David Davis
Well according to David Davis, we haven't lost any of our sovereignty.…
David Davis: We're ready to discuss post-Brexit trade deal now.
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Britain 'careering towards the edge of an economic precipice'
David Davis' latest Brexit statement in the form of interpretive dance
David Davis warns EU: Stall on Brexit talks and lose out | Daily Mail Online
This appalling Brexit govt gets more unreasonable by the day. Is anyone else as embarrassed as I am?.
demands British goods be sold in at no extra cost after cc
Follow and support . Let's save this country while there is still something left to save
David Davis said the Brexit process was going "incredibly well". Incredibly may be correct; well is surely less so https:…
David Davis is living, breathing proof that 'meritocracy' means promoting stupid white men.
David Davis reminds EU that it exports £257bn goods to UK (more than Brazil, Russia, India & China combined) as he pushes…
David Davis: "..give businesses& consumers certainty& confidence in UK’s status as an economic powerhouse after we…
The Cabinet needs to forget their petulant rivalries and focus on securing free trade deals for the UK .
David Davis does not represent us. Please ignore him. We will seek another referendum and we will wi…
Constant reports of cabinet spats show our government cannot even agree a position between themselves.
David Davis on "...building a truly global Britain that can forge new relationships with fast-growing economies aro…
Theresa May's Brexit plans ridiculed as 'foolish' by former government legal chief
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Davis trolls EU over trade: 'The clock is ticking'
Tory MPs warn David Davis that UK must make a clean break from European Court of Justice after Brexit
UK demands British goods be sold in EU at no extra cost after Brexit - More demands, less realism
I heard David Davis is being coached to be able to look intelligent. It will be an arduous task for the coach
Very funny story from of when a researcher on his show confused David Davis with a blind man
Can they please interview Theresa May, Boris Johnson, David Davis, Michael Gove & the rest of the clueless, snivell…
In which is taken down by listeners, David Davis misidentified & Sir Terry is kept waiting by royalty
Prof Hawking already has David Davis on his back to explain Schrödinger's cat after Barnier laughed at him
Here's why James Chapman has been attacking David Davis - he's launching a new anti-Brexit party via
David Davis set to clash with EU after insisting UK will sign trade deals while remaining in a Customs Union
David Davis is openly provoking the EU: 'They're getting quite cross with us' It's not a game anymo…
The UK will be FREE! David Davis promises Brussels payments will end 'soon.
'Better than Corbyn!' David Davis ridicules Labour leader as he presents UK's Brexit plans.
'No Brexit bill!' David Davis refuses to bow down to EU deadline on divorce settlement
Former UKIP leader Nigel Farage has attacked David Davis for comments about a transitional deal during the negotiation perio…
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MUST WATCH: David Davis used to claim that we'd have trade deal ready for 2019 - but not anymore. Please RT:
John Humphrys holidays with David Davis? I'm sure it's a jolly jaunt, but this is the national broadcaster. Conflict of int…
Outburst against David Davis by former chief-of-staff: Why now? via
would be incredibly hard to pull off with competent people in charge. We have Boris, David Davis & Liam Fox
Are we going to get any straight answers from David Davis? Put Alistair Darling on next & we all might learn something!
David Davis reveals UK will seek sector-by-sector transitional deal with Edinburgh Festival. Extraordinary. ht…
David Davis ribs Theresa May and himself. [The media are struggling to report any meaningful or important news]
David Davis will use Northern Ireland to secure a good Brexit deal - -
David Davis to tell EU divorce bill is off the table until future relations deal is agreed
David Davis ribs May in surprise Edinburgh appearance. Glad they think it's funny
Brexit minister mocks PM in shock Edinburgh show - Split of Theresa May and David Davis
Speculation steps up as "sounds out" whether he should challenge David Davis for PM. . Is he your pre…
Trader who donated to Amber Rudd - David Davis linked to City trader fined for insider dealing
"the activities of David Davis and Liam Fox show that your concerns are well founded".
I think you need to send positive thoughts to David Davis or something. Perhaps the power of prayer helps?
He was David Davis' chief of staff in DexEU
Ha! So there is a huge bonus/upside to the disaster that is after all:
yet more evidence govt seems determined to go out of its way to annoy Parliament on to Davis
House of Lords reminding about accountability -JMC EN) with devolved Gov's not met since February tho
Might well prove true but history shouldn't forget the culpability also of Labour/Corbyn in getting UK to this point
David Davis after the delivery of Brexit . (Spray-paint on MDF, St Albans, 2037AD)
Despite challenges of July talks, progress has been made, says David Davis
Boris Johnson should be jailed over Brexit claims, says ex-David Davis aide
David Davis' ex-chief of staff calls Brexit a 'catastrophe' Very wise man - unlike his former boss
Former chief of staff to David Davis: Brexit is a catastrophe
As was stated prior to GE2017 David Davis & other Tories are a poor negotiating team. LAB has strength & negotiating skills i…
Arron Banks, David Davis, Taxpayers Alliance... all linked by sugar.
Yeah baron davis, cp3, AD, David West, are their best players! Everyone else are good role players at best!
.And our most read this week was former Tory spad call for a new anti…
David Davis accuses EU of failing to match Britain's offer on the rights of citizens after Brexit - The Telegraph
if you agree! . Ex-David Davis aide calls for new party to reverse the 'catastrophe' of Brexit
"Brexit is a CATASTROPHE" - James Chapman, former advisor to chief Brexiteer David Davies. Stop the htt…
Boris Johnson should be in prison over Brexit mistruths, says former chief of staff to David Davis
Looks like is going to offer FoM for EU citizens as he demands it for
Brexit will destroy Tory party chances of ever winning again, former chief of staff to Secretary warns
David Davis' ex-aide lashes Brexiteers...this is the moment Rees-Mogg confronts him
Impending Brexit disaster 'will stop Tories ever winning power again'
Berk. Used to be David Davis' aide. Now going around ranting in prime Grayling-Maughan style about Brexi…
The former chief of staff to the Brexit secretary has gone rogue and it's incredible
I agree with David Davis' ex chief of staff. The public should have a chance to exit from Brexit.
Brilliant calls out Remoaner plans for an Oligarch party
Unshackled James confirms many people's fears: is a nightmare for the UK via
Is there any real need for a transistional period, or is it the course for the spineless?
Boris Johnson should be prosecuted for Brexit lies says David Davis' former chief of staff:
He wrote for Daily Mail, worked for George Osborne then David Davis. Thinks is pants & want to s…
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One more time, for the numpties: "A democracy ceases to be a democracy if it cannot changr it's mi…
Conservatives will never win power again after Brexit 'disaster', former Tory government adviser says
Forget hard or soft Brexit: May and D Davis back a THIRD way Looks like a farse to ram through a tra…
The people want Brexit- keep going remoaners you only look more undemocratic & bitter
David Davis' ex-aide James Chapman has lashed Brexiteers -this is the moment Jacob Rees-Mogg confronted him…
David Davis must call the EU’s bluff over Brexit and tell Brussels they won’t get a single Euro from Britain
David Davis is wandering round an empty Whitehall with a sheet of A4 in his hand pretending he is doing something.
UK needs new party to stop 'catastrophic' Brexit, says former David Davis aide
Brexit is a 'catastrophe', says David Davis' former chief of staff via
HAMMOND HAMMERED. - Remoaner's popularity in freefall. - David Davis remains top Tory choice
But we can rely on master negotiator David Davis to drive it up. Legend.
David Davis. "If a democracy cannot change its mind, it ceases to be a dem…
David Davis is the lead exponent of tripe, Sir Norman would never let the TMB have anything to do with him.
David Davis hiding behind internet anonymity there. Wait till Amber Rudd catches up with him!
The House of Lords EU Committee vs David Davis. Ensuring proper scrutiny of the process is critical.
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UK News: Border lions - Boris Johnson, Liam Fox and David Davis have been racking up the air miles as they make...
Philip Hammond is in charge of the coffers. David Davis in charge of EU talks. Liam Fox in charge of the BIG ONE: inter…
David Davis's camp declare war on Philip Hammond-good it is about time eurosceptics took a stand & fought for Brexit h…
I guess you didn't read the FT article then, & didn't watch any of David Davis'…
Nonsense on stilts. Dennis Skinner gets on well with Nicholas Soames. Tony Benn got on with David Davis. It's iss…
Reminder that as recently as March, David Davis told HoC committee that he hadn't looked at the EHIC issue.
David Davis met Czech Minister of Foreign Affairs to discuss continuing the close relations between our countries…
David Davis continues his attack on BBC bias with plans for an overhaul of Dr. Who
Eddie Grant. 'I don't wanna David Davis' . 'Michael Gove with you baby no more'
Slow motion clown car crash. Didn't expect anything else with a genius like David Davis in charge.
David Davis, Liam Fox and Boris Johnson struggle to overcome the first hurdle on their way to EU Brexit negotiations. https…
Q: Remain or Leave ... do you have confidence that David Davis is up to the job of negotiating a good Brexit? (please RT)
Mmhmm ... and what about David Davis' James Bond briefcase & watch ...
Who breaks first? Corbyn or David Davis? - whichever does - saves their party. Other destroys theirs for 20 years.
If we replaced David Davis with Cleo Laine would anyone notice the difference?.
David Davis was from a council estate. Is that more diverse than Welsh or Scottish public school bo…
Now I thought that was Corporal Jones alias David Davis!
I'm very happy. Russel T Davis wrote for David Tennant before he wrote for him in Dr. who and he was…
Clever of to use a spy-proof briefcase. No way must the EU find out it's entirely empty.
THE EU CANNOT SURVIVE WITHOUT UK MONEY - They are now desperate and will try anything to stop us leaving .
Theresa May, Boris Johnson, David Davis, Liam Fox … could hardly have had a less impressive three months …
‘We need someone who can take control’ Tory plot to oust Theresa May by CHRISTMAS revealed
Still in the dark on his neg. stance, but 007 David Davis is happy to tell us he has spy-proof his Brexit briefcase
David Davis warns Brussels: You can't pick referee for legal disputes after Brexit  via
It is time the UK has a true brexiteer PM who will stand up to the EU & is willing to walk away
IDS like David Davis appears to find everything so amusing. Perhaps he's looking forward to his tax cut after Brexi…
David Davis says the UK negotiations on Brexit are completely under control
David Davis has just ordered a Trimphone...
The only thing David Davis has to hide is that he's got nothing to hide. He is out of his depth.…
David Davis prepares for the next round of Brexit negotiations
David Davis will tell the European Union this week it cannot “pick the referee” for legal disputes after Brexit
David Davis branded Boris Johnson "a failure" and "toxic to his own sister" when the met at Spectator party. See Sunda…
David Davis using spy-proof briefcase to ensure EU diplomats don't find out that the UK has no plan whatsoever.
David Davis is going to attack the EU this week over plans to keep the UK subject to the European court of Justice. https:/…
"I've had cast iron assurances from David Davis" that Gibraltar will be included in trade deal, says Fabian Pica…
Seems bit over the top for an egg and cress sandwich and Wickes catalogue.
My dear David Davis, retreat. No competing for Downing Street. If this you pursue,. I'll run over you. like I ran through…
Mays farcical regime must come to an end. The 30 MPs supporting David Davis are right. Let's get done and restore goddamned sanity🇬🇧
But Croatia and Bosnia don't have magical high tech solution like Ireland and NI will have (acording to David Davis).
REVEALED: Ministers in talks with Efta court as May seeks post-Brexit alternatives to ECJ
David Davis: Britain will continue making payments to the EU after Brexit:
David Davis starts wearing tin foil on his head so EU negotiators can't tell it's empty
If the UK is still ruled by EU courts after Brexit it is not Brexit at all. David Davis is right to reject EU courts h…
We don't need David Davis' 'promises' to Brexit, we need legally binding protection of laws.
You can spot David Davis third from right.
Allies of David Davis are claiming that Philip May wants his wife to stand down. May friends say it's a "black ops and…
Exclusive: 30 Tory MPs would back David Davis in leadership bid, his allies claim.
This was basically a crime when David Davis and Boris Johnson said the same.
It's wat happens a few days after that worries people. Boris Johnson, David Davis et al with Henry VIII powers.
David Davis won't let EU courts boss us around after Brexit
asks David Davis about the sweeping powers the European Union (Withdrawal) Bill gives Ministers.
Blimey, this does not make for pleasant reading for David Davis or Theresa May. Front page of the Telegraph via ht…
David Davis denies Brexit will have a "Domino effect" although he is expected to deliver something soggy, late and not wh…
David Davis asked how many women are on the Brexit negotiating team: "I can't remember. I don't know." He literally can't…
David Davis laughs off Boris Johnson's 'go whistle' remark over Brexit bill
Govt in chaos as Boris Johnson says there is ‘no plan’ for 'no deal' Brexit, but David Davis said there was
Bo jo is not negotiating David Davis is . Sky are terrible remoaners. I hope Murdoch closes it down.
Who would you rather have negotiating Brexit? Keir Starmer, or David Davis?
Both Philip Hammond and Theresa May should go and be replaced by Jacob Rees-Mogg and David Davis.
Looking ast this pic, I can't help thinking of Boris Johnson, Michael Gove and David Davis ... jostling for positio…
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David Davis and Boris Johnson 'want PM to loosen Brexit stance'
BBC News - Theresa May has 'hamstrung' David Davis in Brexit talks
"Neil, Buzz, you'll be guided onto the lunar surface by David Davis.". "Is he experienced?". "No.". "Highly trained?". "No. B…
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