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David Cross

David Cross (born April 4, 1964) is an American actor, writer and stand-up comedian perhaps best known for his work on HBO's sketch comedy series Mr.

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Andy Richter and David Cross are arguing about Bernie and Dem politics if you're bored.
The electorate wont forgive the Tories or Labour if they try to degate Brexit. will be millions of spoilt elect forms
ICE’S mission is to protect America from the cross-border crime & illegal immigration that threaten national security & public…
Muhammad, Cross-Dressing, and the London Muslim Patrol (David Wood) via Fun facts about Mo!
Tonight I'll be at The Jazz Standard w David Gilmore celebrating his latest release "Transitions" on Criss Cross...
Mods & Rockers - David Cross discusses (on video) the influence of QUADROPHENIA tonight at Yonge-Dundas.
Torygraph and Express both saying this so It Must Be True .
Happening across the network tonight: 'Modern School of Film: with
We need cross-party Sign the petition if you agree: via
Day 3 of the great cross-country road trip to California. New Orleans, LA --> San Antonio, TX.
There is no mandate for hard Brexit
Behold the Cross of the Lord! . Flee ye adversaries! . The Lion of the Tribe of Judah, . The Root of David has conquer…
Political support grows for cross-party approach to Brexit negotiations
There are two type of Jesus. 1. The one that died on the cross for us.. 2. Another jobless one that comes on your...
Christine Jardine Lib Dem has experience of cross party working. She worked for the Conservatives and reported to…
Theresa May under pressure from Remoaners to pursue cross-party approach to Brexit
Softball Rampage Has A Wide Selection of Products.
Labour & Tories plotting secret pact to coax Theresa May into soft Brexit with EU
Labour & Tory remainers plotting a soft Brexit- they are asking for trouble.
David Cross?! Woah. I bet he had a hot take about how George Bush is just, like, so stupid.
I'll never have as much fun doing anything as Billy Magnussen had impersonating David Cross for Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt.
FYI David Cross pulls of an amazing pratfall in Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt S3.
Two days later and I'm still thinking about that scene in Kimmy Schmidt when David Cross asks prep school kids "so you guys watch Infowars?"
New season of Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt has David Cross with a tick in his beard. Jesus.
Normally replacing David Cross with another actor is a tragedy, but the way Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt did it is amazingly absurd and funny.
David Cross and Ryan Piers Williams attend the 'Can You Forgive Her?' Opening Night at the Vineyar…
If you get David Cross, Brian Posehn, Patton, or some of the other classics I'll literally run back :)
Excited for 2020 when Elizabeth Warren hires David Cross (not that David Cross) and Kenan Tho…
Side update: Small Soldiers actor David Cross is not at icehouse.
David Cross has made multiple jokes with the n…
I'd love to see a comedy tour with Patton Oswalt, David Cross & Zach Galifianakis.
Latest stuff from Louie CK, Chappelle, David Cross, Patton Oswalt is all great. I also recommend Joh…
I actually see David Cross more than Patton Oswalt, but yeah
Wow: it COULD be Patton in an AdamDuritz costume like Noel says OR David Cross doing karaoke like Patton argues & W…
This is a slander. . He looks like David Cross in a wig, not Patton Oswalt.
Holy crap, Michael Stipe looks like a poor man's David Cross
Michael Stipe took home 1st place in the David Cross look-a-like contest the other day.
I'm at a small bar in Brooklyn where David Cross is also drinking and I really wanna go up and say "you look just like Bob Odenkirk"
There's a movie playing in the dispensary and this scene features David Cross, Jay Mohr, and Denis Leary. The least appealing trio ever?
You'll never guess Amber Tamblyn and David Cross' baby name
Amber Tamblyn and David Cross have welcomed a baby girl! Now all she needs is a few sisters and a pair of pants...
Amber Tamblyn and David Cross may have just given their daughter Hollywo.. Related Articles:
I never knew that David Cross and Amber Tamblyn are married .. Well, I'll be damned.
That baby name is PURE Amber Tamblyn and David Cross in every way. She will hopefully get nicknamed Dauphine.
Amber Tamblyn and David Cross have a daughter, and here's what she's not named - Los Angel…
Amber Tamblyn and David Cross have my permission to name all celebrity b.. Related Articles:
David Cross & I ptending we know each other with a jar of something & other stuff.
Can't believe Jason Lee and and David Cross were both in Alvin and the chipmunks that's rock bottom
David Cross, Samantha Bee, Amy Schumer, and who could forget Tom and Cecil
Moses supplies a teasing cross from the right but Diego Costa can't quite get on the end of it.
Your Class 2A girls' cross-country state champion is Anna Fenske of Farmington
David Luiz' cross field passes are spectacular.
Wofford's David Marvin clears the cross bar with a 57-yard FG on the final play of the 1H. Wofford 20, 13.
David Luiz long cross field passing and sharp passing between the lines >>
Marco Alonso arrives late to a dangerous cross to fire his first Chelsea goal through the legs of Stekelenburg. 2-0.
Moses does well to get down the right and his cross is headed over by Diego Costa, well worked by the Blues.
So close! Lovely football - Pedro feeds Alonso and his cross is volleyed against the post by Moses, very unlucky!
The Belgian then feeds Pedro, whose cross fell invitingly for Alonso and he netted his first goal for the club.
Your Class 2A boys' cross-country state champion is Patrick Roos of Edina
David Luiz holds his head in his hands. That could have been 3-0! Hazard, now on the right, sends a cross in that somehow isn't put away.
David Reed finished 111th out of 220 runners in his first state cross country meet today, with a time of 19:14.
Kante picks out Alonso with a lovely cross-field ball and the wing-back's cross is easily claimed by Stekelenburg.
All purpose parts banner
Overheard in the media work room at cross-country..."Constituents. That's my favorite beer!"
VIDEO: GOALLL Aguero scores after stunning assist from De Bruyne.. This guy is unstoppable! 🔥🔥.
my nice home paid off, 0 debt, great blue cross ins. Healthy savings, just hard work. Ex Air Force. I'm happy now
Cross-examination by of Major Phillips and Colonel Morgan-Jones on their decision to dismiss Dr Frost…
Your Class 1A girls' cross-country state champion is Tierney Wolfgram of Math and Science Academy of Woodbury
Dundee keeper David Mitchell falls back over line when catching Scott McDonald cross. No goal given for Motherwell
You gonna mention that cross from De Bruyne?
Super break on Town's right from Lee Holmes delivers an inch-perfect cross but David Wheeler glances wide of the target.
Extraordinary let-off for Dundee against Motherwell. Keeper David Mitchell catches a cross and backpedals well over his line but no goal
Highlights of weaving his way past three Hoffenheim players before an outside-of-the-boot cross to
looks like David Duke and Mustard-wig trAmp with you holding the cross. Klan 2.0 I suppose.
Don’t be afraid to take a big step if one is indicated; you can’t cross a chasm in two small jumps. David Lloyd George
Good luck to David Reed tomorrow morning as he competes in the KHSAA Cross Country State Championship at the KY Horse…
can cross a threshold against David Wunderlich [sets the stage for Gators-Hogs:.
Yeah, that's why we have Patton Oswalt, Stephen Colbert, Lewis Black, Louis CK, Chris Rock, David Cross,
It was hit or miss after that. But "Bible Fruit" is just...I mean, Kristen Schaal, H Jon Benjamin and David Cross do guest voices.
Just watching David Cross special on Netflix. Hits the nail on the head: "Trump rallys are white power rallys without the guilt"
David Cross and Randy Quaid are merging into the same Amish guy who never left rumspringa. Not an insult.
It's sorta like David Cross' Todd Margaret, finding out the reason for all the BS is a spoiled brat messing with you for yuks
Jason Lee and David Cross try their best, but not even Hercules could carry that abomination of a movie. I'm changing the channel!
Seth Rogan, David Cross, Bryan Cranston... Kung Fu Panda 3 has an amazing cast
This guy is a cross between Walter White and David Cross and for some reason he was not pleased with my existence
Congratulations go out to our 4 match officials. Referee Billy Taylor. Assistants David Cross & Matt friend. 4th offical Ross Taylor
David Cross just made Kimmy Schmidt even better.
// David Cross, Clark Duke, or even an active Jason Bateman fake would all be necessary.
Come out and see acclaimed comedian and actor, David Cross! He'll be performing at Wild Horse Pass Hotel &...
David Cross is coming! This Friday, May 6. Don't miss your chance to see him in person at Wild Horse Pass!
I wanna be famous in like a Paul Scheer or David Cross way. I don't need to elaborate, it'd be legit.
I really dug David Cross' skewering of Larry the Cable Guy, on a related note.
"Tripmunks" raises many questions about the films I haven't seen. Particularly, when and why is David Cross in a Harvey Korman chicken suit?
Chaparral Motorsports OEM Parts Up To 25% off
are either of you David Cross fans? Doing the beacon theater on Wednesday and tix on stubhub are sub $40
David Cross returns to stand-up, Saint Patrick's Day celebrations continue, and more things t...
a big thank you to David Cross for coming to Lincoln, NE. We had a great time. He really Larry'd it up. Love, 2nd Show Lincoln
Saw this pic of David Cross from the Todd Margaret reboot. Thought someone was doing a smear biopic on
Are you the love child of David Cross and Greg Fitzsimmons?
David Cross, I hate your stupid fat face and your big bald head. Thank you. Also, your nose is weird.
omg I can't unsee it now! He's cross between David Cameron and Paul Burrell
After 6 weeks of cross training I'm ready to add weight lifting to the schedule 💪🏽 (@ David Barton Gym)
. With respect to street crossings for pedestrians, it's safest for people to cross mid-block, rather than at intersections.
Vote-Leave is a tory pressure group. It's not truly cross-party.
Grassroots out is the most widely supported cross-party campaign. it just my imagination or are Jonathan Davis and David Cross twins separated at birth?
"The gospel demands and enables us to turn from our sin, to take up our cross, to die to ourselves, and to follow Jesus." . -David Platt.
.will Record His 'Making America Great Again' Special at the 2016 Moontower Festival https:…
how about a cross, a star of David and not one, but two pinkie rings!
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
The faces and voices of those who cross who've made the long journey to the US alone
Thank you Thomas Pavlechko, David Benton Cross, St. Martin's Choir and Symphonic Winds. The music was wonderful!
David Wilkerson (1931-2011) - Christian evangelist, best known for his book The Cross and the Switchblade.
David Cross discusses his fastball grip in here:
In today's Sunday Notes post, leads with prospect David Cross:
I cross my fingers that will win an award tonight!
Not for long though...the lively David Faupala draws Manchester City level. Azpilicueta clears Iheanacho's cross on to Faupala and in. 1-1.
Join us at 10:10 for the message "Overcoming Discouragement" - part 2 with Pastor David Cross and Linda M. Cross.
Stay in European Union. It's black and white. There should be cross party talks.
Maybe Cameron is cross over Farage's leftfield move cos Galloway far more effective in 2014 Referendum than he was.
Brie rolls her eyes every time Nikki brings it up. Nikki and Nattie set out to find him in a cross-country road trip.
I'm sure you're practicing atheism on a Sunday just to make God very cross! *wags finger *
LOOL when I got my ID scanned last night it come up with a cross and said 'alert' ?
David Ospina is a Top Goalkeeper, if you think he'd struggle with a cross into the box, You're stupid.
PM done good deeds, he was blackmailed by chap sitting a cross the table
In other news, a girl who proposed to me and recently asked me to move cross-country with her asked me for love advice.
Maybe we think we were too young how old was David when he killed Goliath?. How old was Jesus when he died on the cross.
David Mark has huddles of asset declaration to cross. He must declare all his assets at home & abroad or face CCT.
The hardest thing in life, is to know which bridge to cross and which to burn. -David Russell
Do you like Arrested Development? Then you're don't want to miss David Cross @ Carpenter Theater this Sunday:...
Event Pick: David Cross at the Carpenter Theatre: Feb. 21 On many occasions, David Cross has rendered me useless.…
. Oop. Just got the info. David Cross is 22nd, then Todd Barry, then you.
! Did you see David Cross's show? I just saw him last weekend here in Santa Rosa 😃
Couldn't tell it was David Cross because of the hat he wears in The Increasingly Poor Decisions of Todd Margaret & I'm JUST watching it
David Cross “gets funny people to do very funny things.” reviews (SPOILERS).
Is Bob Odenkirk and David Cross's new show good?
Tony Hale as Eumaeus the swineherd, David Cross as the cyclops
Listen to Jason Paige every week day at 12:15 for your chance to win a pair of tickets to see David Cross's...
Just remembered and I got tickets last night to see David Cross. Because SOMEONE (got just himself a ticket.
Tickets for David Cross' show on sale Friday
Update your maps at Navteq
My dope dude sis just got me tickets to see Tobias Funke- er- David Cross tell some jokes on a stage next month. Currently flippin out.
oh hai, i shot you an invite to David Cross on Feb 6th at Revolution Hall because TOBIAS freaking FUNKE
LIVE on David Cross aka Tobias Funke aka Todd Margaret live at AOL
David Cross is returning to Minnesota! Presale is Live!. Click below, Password: America!.
Tickets for David Cross' show go on sale this Friday
Don’t forget and Todd Margaret Pub Quiz Trivia + Todd Talk with David Cross is today!
David Cross to 'Make America Great Again' at TPAC's Polk Theatre: With all the, you know, militia occupations and…
David Cross plays the Vogue Theatre on his Making America Great Again! tour via
My all time favorite comics are, Bill Hicks, George Carlin, Robin Williams, David Cross , and Christopher Titus
West Ham 1 Man Utd 0. August 1981. Kevin Moran and David Cross go up for the ball at Pittodrie
Client at the counter sounds uncannily like David Cross playing Tobias Funke playing Mrs. Featherbottom.
Is that a cross between David Cross and Alfred Molina?
Bob Odenkirk and David Cross talk reuniting for Netflix's 'W/ Bob and David'. .
The moment I became a man was when I started preferring Bob Odenkirk to David Cross
Had a subway giggle meltdown listening to Bob Odenkirk and David Cross on *** Particularly the cargo shorts convo:
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Scary Movie 2. Dumb, dumb, stupid, Tim Curry, stupid, dumb, gross, David Cross, no, no, no, done. 2/10
Bryan Alvarez is a 100% voice doppleganger for David Cross.
I really want to see improv teams of Colin Mocherie & Ryan Stiles vs Bob Odenkirk & David Cross
oh god netflix suddenly has the new David Cross/Bob Odenkirk show up i didn't even know that was close to release
TT [INFO] Operations underway: do not cross security perimeters, you disturb the work of the police
Do you think will cross the Rs 150 Crore mark today?
It's almost all David saying it and it's like "What's Granpa Cross angry about NOW"
I'ma try my hardest not to cross the line though 😩🔥😂
W/Bob and David is great. So much nostalgia watching and David Cross do their thing. It's just so good to see again.
has David Cross been bald his entire life
PS Netflix's "With Bob and David" seems pretty great. Bob Odenkirk and David Cross are still as good at this as they were on Mr Show.
it might be true that David Cross has been bald my entire life
This Bob Odenkirk and David Cross sketch comedy is hilarious
I'm barely eight minutes into the first episode of and it's already perfect. Good job David Cross
I can't blame David Cross for the goat's death. He was blinded by the sweat from being in that costume during Chipwrecked.
People will never know how glorious the cross is until they know how serious sin is. David Platt
David Cross on Bush and the War on Terror four months after 9/11:
Watching W/Bob & David on & David Cross. Brilliant! Like Mr. Show never ended. Just what I needed.
This show is pretty perfect so far. Who would've thought David Cross was funny ?
Manchester United keeper David De Gea has claimed just one cross this season
With Bob and David episode 2: David Cross tries to touch hands with 3.5 separate times, but Paul's having none of it. Poor fella
Did you ❤️ "Mr. Show"? Well Bob Odenkirk & David Cross are together again for “W/Bob & David”! NetFlix. Check it out
I got a lot of ink done, star of David, Christian cross, war paint, and el Brujo. Where is the love, and freedom, lottery?
Enjoyed this silly interview, hope you like it and are excited about tomorrow's big opening night
Bob Odenkirk and David Cross have landed. is now streaming.
David Beckham rolls back the years with a sensational cross for Paul Scholes.
I'm so pleased that Tufty and the Green Cross Man (David Prowse aka Darth Vader) weren't wasting their time. Road Safety First.
Sophomore David Ribich is set to compete at the NCAA Division II cross country championships in Joplin, Missouri on Saturd…
“Dav­id can’t win,” said Ry­an Cross, who was campaign manager for one of Vitter's GOP rivals in primary. https:…
Look and listen very may not be able to tell the difference between this and a real country song...
Bloody *** did Bob Odenkirk & David Cross just put Jimmy Saville in a sketch for Netflix’s Bob & David?
My thought too. I guess David Cross picked up on UK references when here filming 'Todd Margaret'
Bob Odenkirk and David Cross's show on Netflix is ridiculous
David Cross did a Colton Burpo skit and there's no way that isn't going to be amazing.
Tomorrow's episode is inspired by and apologies to Todd Solondz, David Cross, Brett Easton Ellis, Marconi, 8 Eyes
David Cross the rape of justice by Eustace Mullins that's what i read
Wind Creek Casino Presents the "BB King Club". George visits with David Cross from the Beale Street Blues...
.star joins David Cross for sketch taking on police brutality
i can't believe Peter Russo is David Cross
just put small soldiers on for my daughter and the 1st thing I see is you, Denis Leary, & David Cross, def a pleasant surprise
FYI, David Cross plays one of the toy designers and Jay Mohr the other. Wonder how much they had to drink to forget about those roles
I did two gigs tonight and the first one had David Cross on and the second one had Bobcat Goldthwait and Louis CK on so America is magic.
Michael Caine says he used his "Jaws IV" money to buy house; same w/ David Cross after Chipmunks movie; sorry guys, still doesn't justify it
Reboot of Bob Odenkirk and David Cross' new Netflix sketch comedy show via
Watched Pitch Perfect 2 last night. Basically the same movie as the first one, only not as funny, but David Cross and Reggie Watts showed up
Website Builder 728x90
Bob Odenkirk and David Cross' sketch-comedy series to premiere on Netflix Nov. 13: Karen ButlerLOS ANG...
Michael Stipe, David Cross, Andrew Sullivan. I really cannot tell them apart.
it was Bob Odenkirks and David Cross's show about a decade before anybody knew who they were
The perfect man has Steve Reich's attitude, David Cross's heart & John Cage's unique loyalty
“Shakey Jakey was David Cross the whole time and no one knew. omg …
had jokes created by David Cross and Brian Posehn, none of them were actually used by Bungie:
Larson asleep at the throw in and poor marking from O'Shea on the cross. good start ruined by bad defending. More goals in this yet.
23' McGlashan sends a long ball down the right hand side, but the cross is well cleared by David Davis.
Transitway inquiry resumes, with David Sanders cross-examined by CoW lawyer Denise Pambrun
Honestly one of the worst bit of journalism on Arsenal I've seen since John Cross went on about David Wheater. Why do we even need a CB?
The greatest adventure in life--knowing God--begins at the Cross of Christ and ends with a "Hallelujah! ~David Jeremiah
I met Darth (David Prowse) as he lived local to me. He was also the Green Cross man!
Took half off. Looking for cross/re-cross and breakdown at 192. Stop set at 193.09 for remainder
Yeah, but when was the last time you saw David Cross & Allen Ginsberg in the same room at the same time?
with your loss of Woodhouse, who left you(selfish Woodhouse), but do you think Noah(David Cross) should be your new valet.
Christ. That sounds like David Cross' bit about Henderson Valley Eggs.
Assignment: everyone go watch David Cross in a clip from "Arrested Development" and report back to me on what you're doing with your lives.
Chris Rock, Bill Maher, Dennis Miller, Gary Shandling, David Cross, & John Oliver all went on to better, fresher more innovative stuff
Tomas Ujfalusi believes David de Gea will throw his reputation among Atletico Madrid supporters away if he signs for cross-city rivals
in David Cross' last comedy DVD he has some kid dressed up like him open the show (In reference to IIWY Ep 161)
Arrested Development's David Cross wrote jokes for Destiny, but ...
No. People (a tiny minority) who feel more comfortable with the Tories should cross the floor.
NEW Cross on the Star of David: The Christian World in Israel's Foreign Policy,
Breaking Dawn Part 2 is the cross I am willing to live and die on.
the one with David Cross and the RC airplane?
Haven't watched it yet, was trying to talk Jon & Freddie into it tonight but they opted for Hits, directed by David Cross
It was such a pleasure working with you at Cathy & David's today! Hope our paths cross again!
If a Vampire is Jewish do they still run from a Cross or do you need a Star of David?
Cross the line if you wish you couldn't feel a *** thing.
50' 1 0. David Villa burns down the left side and gets to the byline, but his cross is punched clear by
Little Giant Ladders
I probably sang along at that point and made him more cross. Poor David.
I want an SVU episode where the celebrity guest is David Cross as Tobias Funke
Burn every Cross, every Star of David, and every Crescent-Star
PLS those are so cute my hair looks like a cross between Shailene Woodley's and David Spade's 😑
Now get Jeffrey Tambor as Gordon, Jason Bateman as Two Face and David Cross as The Riddler. Make a reunion of it!
increasingly poor decisions of Todd Margaret. great Will Arnett and David Cross show
Two clicks into IMDb and I discovered that David Cross is married to Amber Tamblyn. WHAT? HOW? WHY? Love really did win.
All I could find is Russ Tamblyn's daughter, Amber Tamblyn, who is married to David Cross, who was in Halo 2.
David Cross 1h1 hour ago. We're pulling the tracks together for the Cross and Jackson quartet...
Bungie hired David Cross (Tobias, Arrested Dev) to write jokes for Destiny, used none |
David Cross's movie "Hits" was on point. Thank you for such a great socio-political and -cultural commentary.
would love to see Bob Odenkirk, David Cross, Richard Wright, Larry Miller, Steve Martin
David Cross voices marines too. Really weird.
Because I love David Cross and don't believe the bad things
"I need to wait until we cross the border" David sounding like a fugitive heading to Mexico
David Wilkerson: The Cross, the Switchblade, and the Man Who Believed by Gary... via kindle $2.99 today
Said when I first saw u play u remind me of a cross between Gazza and David Batty! Skill like Gazza, hard as nails like Batty!
Wow. David Cross' HITS is a must see. Smart and very funny!
He's to soft, not enough depth, not intense enough. David Gandy should be Gideon Cross .
No for Gideon Cross, he's to soft, since we can't have David Gandy, it should be Daniel Do Tomassino.
Midori - Live in Tokyo 2015 - Second Show, by Stick Men featuring David Cross
I can cross getting tazed off my bucket list 😨
Lt. William David Grayson, Regina Rifles, earned the Military Cross on D-Day for courage in clearing enemy positions and …
David Ray has a very special guest tonight at 10 pm central time.Leo Johnston from Cross Country the Band!
absolutely! it'll my first E3 so the hype is definitely real. feels good to cross something off my bucket list early in life!
Has everything. 2 floors of weights. Classes. Cross fit rooms. Adult only pools.
David Cross' Men In Black character probably has some thoughts on Vincent D'Onofrio in Jurassic World.
a pansexual alien voiced by David Cross (beast with a billion backs)
5hours of *** ! The guy in charge was a cross between Alan Partridge and David Brent.
This week in art: Gushing forever re: Maggie Nelson. The Who's definitive history. David Hockney at the opera!
[in David Cross old man newscaster voice] no more theories...
Yes, stay in "your own lane" via but be open to cross sector collaboration ala my friend David Bray
Pastor: have u ever took the time to speak with god?. Me: ive never had the chance to cross paths with david bowie, so no :/
We'd like to give Big thanks to for agreeing to meet a cross-industry delegation of cab drivers on Monday to…
CCFC [0] V [0] Bray Wanderers:Shot at Goal (12') - David Scully - cross from the right but the volley was always rising
I have just found the apartment of my dreams 😭 . Cross your fingers everyone!
Today was a very special day! Sara Goebel, parishioner of St David's, gave a cross in the field at our beloved...
"When I started, all dance music was underground." talks career evolution
going from home on south coast, to cross the coast at widest point St David's to Lowestoft and then home again.
How can help you sell directly through social media with cross platform 'Buy Now' posts
League will top the Super Bowl in no time.
Ready for first actual cross country practice on the 15th already ran 16 miles the other day
Why did the chicken cross the road? To get into to see on Monday. Clever chicken.
Syn has proved you wrong David. Mission failed. No pay for you this week. Guest is cross with you.
Nothing compares to the work of David Cross.
how can we get a film made about The Beats and cast David Cross as Tobias Funke as Allen Ginsberg?
And this is a week I should remember: Stu Goldsmith, Gaiman & Palmer, Alan Davies and guests, then David Cross headlining an excellent bill.
Some seats still available for David Cross, Tony Lowe, Yumi Hara and David Jackson, playing live for the CD...
Just got out of Pitch Perfect 2. I loved David Cross as Zach Galifianakis.
Pitch Perfect 2 was a pretty big letdown. Some great bits from Keegan-Michael Key, Reggie Watts and David Cross but those were isolated bits
---we should all wear a Cross and a Star of David at he same time---really *** off the Muslim pigs
Philip Schofield so looks like cross of David Icke and
David Cross and Ed Aczel performing at London comedy night
My best mate looks like a cross between David Baddiel and Dany Dyer :)
David Warner tried to celebrate prematurely but crosses the line. . For it was Virat Kohli who helped them cross the line.
I watched this thing, and the whole time im like "that sounds like David Cross" I was relieved to find out I was right
The David Cross cameo was the best part of Pitch Perfect 2. The rest was a huge letdown. That hurts my heart to say 😢
well, there's a weird retreat sequence shoehorned in, but I liked it. Also David cross. And so much more.
DAVID CROSS. This movie just gets better and better. Whoever casted this movie deserves millions.
is it me or does Carlos Valdés (actor) from The Flash remind you of a very young David Cross w/ hair?
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
To whom was the "ransom" paid when Jesus 'died' on the cross Dr. Shabir Ally asks Dr. David Shenk
that's fine she can be in the wrong. But don't cross your boundaries.
Well done to our First Years who today qualified for First Year Cup final in Turners Cross on Monday 25/5/15 vs wi…
4ft custom for David and Rosanna's handcrafted by our team! Congrats to them!
David J. O’Brien, professor emeritus of history & Catholic studies at to speak on May 17
David Cross made me love pitch perfect so much more❤️
This FBI guy on TV looks just like David Cross with a fake mustache on.
'Jesus didn’t die on the cross to give us a second chance to get things right. He did it because He knew we never would.'.
I got tattoos, a star of David on my arm, and an ankh on the left arm. Oh yeah, I got a cross on my leg.
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