David Cassidy & Hot Chocolate

David Bruce Cassidy (born April 12, 1950) is an American actor, singer, songwriter and guitarist. Hot chocolate (also known as hot cocoa) is a heated beverage typically consisting of shaved chocolate, melted chocolate or cocoa powder, heated milk or water, and sugar. 3.7/5

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Once in a Lifetime show (again): Leo Sayer, David Cassidy, Hot Chocolate and Smokie join forces this weekend for...
Can't believe we were in the second row watching David Cassidy at Liverpool last night - the three of us were in love - I didn't know I had you in common with so many girlies David. It was truely wonderful - a brilliant lineup with Hot Chocolate too. Magic laddie! x
Blast from the past tonight!! Once in a lifetime concert, Hot Chocolate, Leo Sayer, Smokie and David Cassidy, 1974 memories!
What am I complaining about??? I think I had my arm around David Cassidy and I had Terry Uttley on my right side when the pic was taken! Finally got to hug Terry, talked to the original bassplayer in Hot Chocolate and I got to touch Leo Sayer's hand during the gig :-) He had the flue so he didn't do the M & G but he did a great gig!!!
Had a fab time at the Once in a Life Time concert - Smokie, Hot Chocolate, Leo Sayer and the legend David Cassidy. x
Well saw an awesome concert last night "Once in a liftime" Leo Sayer, Smokie, Hot Chocoate and David Cassidy. Sat 5 rows from the stage. Wow the first 3 were amazing - Leo Sayer was superb, sang all his old numbers, what a trip down memory lane. Smokie - Living next door to Alice said it all., Hot Chocolate - Emily really took me back to parties at the Warmsley's house. David Cassidy a little out of tune- nonthing more to say. Hopefully going to get tickets for Rod Stewart next year.
Sheffield was brilliant. Smokie, Leo Sayer, Hot Chocolate and David Cassidy. Great night out!
Still can't believe I'm going to watch Hot Chocolate, David Cassidy and Leo Sayer tonight. I believe in miracles where're you from, you sexy thing.
Just been to see the "Once in a Lifetime" show in Sheffield for my birthday. Hot Chocolate was fab and Leo Sayer fantastic. Nearly got trampled in the rush as the audience walked out on David Cassidy
Going to see 70s icons David Cassidy, Hot Chocolate, Smokie & Leo Sayer tonight. Hope it takes me back to when life was fun and stress free (at least I think it was)!!
Well just had a fab time with me best mate sue Weller in Cardiff at a blast from the past concert with Smokie, Hot Chocolate, Leo Sayer and David Cassidy. Only DC was slightly disappointing but then again I was a Donny girl!! Great night thanks Sue xx
Been to concert in CIA, Smokie, Hot Chocolate, Leo Sayer and David Cassidy, fab nite, thanks to all the girlies that came, Cath, Carole, Gaynor, Pam, Sue, Neried, Tina. Just having glass wine and some dry roasted nuts, im starving lol. Oh got work in morn lol xx
TONIGHT will see the legendary David Cassidy, Leo Sayer, Hot Chocolate and Smokie perform here at the Motorpoint...
Smokey, Hot Chocolate, Leo Sayer brilliant. Just waiting for David Cassidy now.
Really looking forward to seeing David Cassidy,along with,Hot Chocolate,Leo Sayer & Smokie,tomorrow eve,with some gorgeous people. Back to our teen years ladies.
Had a fab weekend in London went 2 see( once in a life time tour)at Wembley .Smokie,Hot Chocolate, Leo Sayer,and the one and only David Cassidy . Great catching with my friends Especially 2 Cathrine ,Connie ,Charlotte,Crystal, Robert,Lynn,Lesley.Glad we all managed drinks after the show . Also seeing Les ,Carol ,and few other Dc fans .
DAVID CASSIDY TONIGHT YEAH (and Hot Chocolate, Leo Sayer & Smokie) Im like a teenager Im gonna sing my heart out and dance round my handbag.
Does anyone out there want to buy a ticket for the "Once In A Lifetime" concert at Liverpool Echo Arena on Saturday 17th Nov at 7.30. The stars performing are David Cassidy, Leo Sayer, Hot Chocolate and Smokey. The seat is 7 rows from the front and is worth £38 (I will sell it for £30, although offers considered!!)
Well returned from a fantastic weekend in London, Lord Mayors show, Wicked, Cenotaph, and Wembly Arena Smokie, Hot Chocolate, Leo Sayer & David Cassidy fab-u-lous! Thank you to Sally Baskett & Sue Watson and the flowing prosecco over the weekend xx
Had a wonderful time at Wembley Arena last night with a very good friend. Saw David Cassidy, Hot Chocolate, Leo Sawyer & Smokie
Had a great night at Wembley watching Smokie, Hot Chocolate,Leo Sayer and David Cassidy. Pleasantly surprised by all of them!
Had a great day today with Toni . Went to Greenwich market and then on to the Once in a Lifetime Tour concert at Wembley Arena, starring Smokie, Hot Chocolate, Leo Sayer AND DAVID CASSIDY.WO. Brought back some great memories and had a boogie too. Great night.
Brilliant concert, Smokie, Leo Sayer, Hot Chocolate, and David Cassidy up next!
My alternative to X factor and Jungle shinanagins - Hot Chocolate, Leo Sayer, David Cassidy and Smokey
Went to a concert at MEN Arena last night. Strange, bordering on the surreal. First Smokie, then Hot Chocolate, then (a rather porky) Leo Sayer. Finally David Cassidy. he was the one they'd all come to see - except that he wouldn't play ball. His backing band sounded like the Doors; he did his best to play electric guitar like Jimi hendrix. On the 3rd song an audience member cried out 'We want David cassidy, not van Morrison'. By the end, the auditorium was 1/2 empty. i quite enjoyed it. 'If memories are all you need, I'd rather drive a truck' as Rick Nelson said
Sitting in the ibis hotel in Wembley with my m8 hazel sippin wine and having a nibble, waiting to go to the arena to see David Cassidy, Leo Sayer, Smokie and Hot Chocolate. Class.
Off to Wembley 2nite, to see Leo Sayer, David Cassidy, Hot Chocolate & Smokie, can't wait
Off to Wembley Arena tonight to see David Cassidy, Hot Chocolate, Leo Sayer nSmokie in concert. Yay! EReliving my teenage years all over agian and going with my best mate Deb. Having Prezzo meal and vino forst. Can't wait, bring it on!!!
A lovely evening last night, thank you to Diane and Andrew, for a lovely meal. good food and great company, so good having a good catch up. now for wembly tonight, David Cassidy, Leo Sayer, Hot Chocolate and Smokey, can't wait!
Spent last night back in the 70s with Smokie, Leo Sayer, Hot Chocolate and David Cassidy. David was disappointing; so short and his face can't move much. All the others were joyful and I remembered all the words.
Smokie brilliant, Hot Chocolate fantastic, Leo Sayer out of this world and David Cassidy, well in my opinion is a self centred , name dropping old has been, time to pack in I believe!
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
At the MEN with Ricky, Kris & John waiting to see Hot Chocolate, Smokie, Leo Sayer and David Cassidy, excited much :-)
Great 70's gig with Julie, lots of laughs, singing and dancing! Surprise of the night ...Leo Sayer. amazing vocals and still so energetic. Disappointment of the night : David Cassidy. Always preferred Donny anyway :) Hot Chocolate, loads of memorable hits and Smokie well 'who the ***k is Alice' .priceless . Lol
So excited-am going to see my heart throb from my teen years tomorrow -David Cassidy!!! Also that gorgous man Errol in Hot Chocolate. I know they are a little older now but then so am I. I'm sure I will manage a swoon X
Interesting taste in music. Been to see Take That, Barry Manilow, Rihanna, Simply Red, Duran Duran, Sugababes, Tavares, Temptations and Pet Shop Boys Just bought tickets for David Cassidy, Leo Sayer, Smokey, Hot Chocolate and Olivia Newton John. And wanna go to see Madonna too
Have just had my sister phone to tell me we are going to watch David Cassidy, Hot Chocolate, Smokie and Leo Sayer in a couple of weeks time. Can.t work out if we are gettin old or just sad!
Just read in the paper that David Cassidy, Leo Sayer, Hot Chocolate, & Smokie are starting a UK tour. Just *** St Johns Ambulance are on standby, it will your only chance to see Grannies throwing their knickers around.
Who is coming to see Hot Chocolate (Band) along with David Cassidy Leo Sayer & Smokie here at the Motorpoint...
David Cassidy, Hot Chocolate, Leo Sayer and Smokie all on one evening!..Get in there!!!
weve just bought tickets for 'once in a lifetime' concert in november David Cassidy, Hot Chocolate, Smokie & Leo Sayer its gonna be great roll on november
David Cassidy, Leo Sayer, Hot Chocolate and Smokie on tour in the UK
loving this concert that's coming to the uk soon...Leo Sayer, Hot Chocolate, Smokie, and David Cassidy! A...
David Cassidy Leo Sayer Hot Chocolate & Smokie tour now on pre sale for best seats go to for booking information
David Cassidy, Leo Sayer, Hot Chocolate & Smokie now on sale to mailing members if not a member join now & book
Priority tickets for featuring David Cassidy, Leo Sayer, Hot Chocolate & Smokie are available now!
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