David Cassidy & Donny Osmond

David Bruce Cassidy (born April 12, 1950) is an American actor, singer, songwriter and guitarist. Donald Clark Donny Osmond (born December 9, 1957) is an American singer, musician, actor, dancer, radio personality, and former teen idol. 5.0/5

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When you were a teenager in the 70’s you practised being in love with Donny Osmond, Michael Jackson or David Cassidy- they…
It was either Donny Osmond or David Cassidy. Us mature 12 yr olds preferred David cos his music was better
£15 -- New Musical 'Jackie' in Blackpool, up to 49% Off: Hits from Donny Osmond, David Cassidy & Marc Bolan al...
I had a crush on Donny Osmond, Bobby Sherman, Andy Gibb, Shaun, David Cassidy, Davy Jones, and Leif Garrett.
OMG can't believe I'm still up watching TOP2 with David Cassidy, Donny Osmond, Jimmy Page and Robert Plant. Where are you Debra McAteer xx
I had Donny Osmond and David Cassidy stuck on my bedroom wall with blu-tak; sadly it didn't work out ..
Check out the new Jackie album! Long Hot Summer! 63 Sizzling Sunshine Hits. Featuring Donny Osmond, David Essex OBE, Bay City Rollers, David Cassidy, Elton John, Queen, The Beach Boys and more!!. Out now. Order on Amazon: on iTunes:
What posters were on your wall, or the inside of your cupboard? Mine ... Gary Glitter, David Cassidy, Donny Osmond and David Essex
Just for SnGs name your favorite band from the 80s or 90s or 50s or 60s or 70s ? or any one that turned you on as a Kid ? no Limits Here ? Donny Osmond ? David Cassidy ? Frankie Valley ? KISS ? NO LIMITS HERE ! Speek your piece and Peace !
On Spotify and saving some of my favourites :-) so far Cat Steven's The Chocolate Box. Neil Diamond Greatest hits. Diana Ross, Carole King, Cher, Celine Dion. Don't laugh had to slip in Donny Osmond and David Cassidy for a trip down memory lane. lol!! Still adding. What would you add ??? ;-)
How come when I saw that hyperlink of "David Cassidy" that it would've had something to do with DUI or rehab? Seeing all your teen idols bite the dust and never recover (except for Donny Osmond) ***
Money, World In A Bottle, Your Mama Don't Mind were amongst the others that were removed in order to falsify a story that there were, 'musical differences.' I was blamed for those tracks being substandard. It was entirely my fault, apparently. If you still don't understand that a conspiracy was going on, try this:Bear in mind the track list that was removed as being substandard product. Now rationalise that it was my fault and also that I apparently wanted to leave of my own volition so that I could change my rock persona for one of tennybop bubblegum, such as The Partridge Family, David Cassidy or Donny Osmond. Apparently, I don't like rock music?!!!Within very few weeks, Waite is posing in magazines with Leif Garrett and the band are singing songs about girls who are. 15, 16, 17, etc. Get it yet?NB: At the time of my, 'OUSTING,' Waite had only just been informed that I was intending to audit Chrysalis records on behalf of the band as we had never seen so much as one single royalty statement since signin ...
Sam bought the Jackie cd for xmas , Donny Osmond , David Cassidy, Michael Jackson etc etc .the memories are floodin back :) got it blastin lol :) xx
Being true to yourself as illustrated by Donny Osmond and David Cassidy with on
The guys in One Direction are real cutie pies. Can see why the young girls are crazy for them. David Cassidy & Donny Osmond were my crushes!
Ha, does Donny Osmond or David Cassidy come down for Juan Pablo?
David Cassidy & Donny Osmond - NewzBreaker Music Video of the Day - Music News.
Just watching CSI and one of my teenage heart throbs was in it for about 30seconds David Cassidy! Remember him on my bedroom wall along side Donny Osmond, Michael Jackson and David Essex brings bacl memories of the 70's x
About 40,000 pilgrims..arriving in shifts - assaulted the Spectrum on Sunday to have themselves a good scream.Elvis Presley was the lure, the spark. The 'King' of rock'n'roll was back and the crowd was on hand to witness a whole lot of shakin'. No-one was disappointed.each show was a solid sell-out and, in all fairness, it must be pointed out that quite a few of the Elvis fanatics at the Spectrum were still being taught proper use of the potty back in 1955! As for the audience..well ..those teenyboppers who get so worked up over the antics of David Cassidy and Donny Osmond, could have learned a few things about going bananas. Jack Lloyd,The Philadelphia Inquirer. 23rd June, 1974.
You just made me feel really, really old. Teen heartthrobs in my day were Donny Osmond & David Cassidy. Now get off my lawn.
I loved Bobby Sherman too...and David Cassidy and Donny Osmond. Had posters all over my walls. lol
I went through phases Donny Osmond, David Cassidy, George Michael (oh the shame!) but my longest & I SO would is Mr Jon Bon Jovi
Who is going to attend the 70s heart throb night on 29th March with tributes to Rod Stewart, Donny Osmond, David Essex and David Cassidy?
When I was that age it was David Cassidy and Donny Osmond. They were entertainers in case you're extremely young
the girls screamed for David Cassidy, Donny Osmond, and Michael Jackson
So do you remember when you were young the singers and tv stars you would have crushes on -- like Peter Brady or David Cassidy --- it makes me smile seeing the young ones and their crushes and remember buying the teen magazines -- I remember Laura High loving Donny Osmond and Tommy Davenport loving Farrah Fawcett -- Just so you know -- even grown up have crushes -- like the awesome guys on Criminal Minds - LOLOLOLOLOLOL
when I was a kid it was David Cassidy donny osmond Micky Jackson only one family wasn't real. Discuss
Donny Osmond, David Cassidy, The Bay City Rollers and David Essex posters were plastered all around my bedroom when I was a teenager.
awww my little heart just melted then I can just imagine Donny osmond or David Cassidy
Profpanglos-and Non-Rabbit shared the following link and had this to say about it: Back in the early seventies girls on my school bus were giggling, eating" potato puffs" and tearing pictures of David Cassidy, Donny Osmond and Marc Bolan out of this magazine, all ready to be stuck on their bedroom walls after school. It was about this era when I heard the opening guitar sequence to "thick as a brick" ...
For me it was Donny Osmond, David Cassidy, Jackson 5. I had every one of the Partridge Family albums.
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Hey ladies, at least those over the age of let's say 35 LOL.who is your favorite Donny Osmond or David Cassidy?
I listened to Donny Osmond, David Cassidy, The Jackson Five and the Beatles
What do Donny Osmond, Justin Beiber, and Lord Byron have in common? Intrigued? Then please read my latest blog at I'd love you to leave comments, especially if you were an Osmond or David Cassidy fan ; )
When I was a kid it was all Donny Osmond vs MJ, David Cassidy, Bay City Rollers, Leif Garrett. Pot sucked back then too.
Here is my birthday wish, Can anyone fill it I will love it. Dinner with Danny Bonaduce, and David Cassidy, and having Donny Osmond, Rod Stewart , singing during dinner. You have til Dec 17th for this wish to fill. NOw if you want more time I will wait til Dec 17, 2013 for this as it is my 50th. Who can fill this wish first!
I was a David Cassidy guy. “Now, be nice. Remember when you had a Donny Osmond poster? :)”
Bay City Rollers, Donny Osmond, The Partridge Family, Shaun Cassidy, David Cassidy, Andy Gibb and other great idols from the '70s.I'm listening to them all and enjoying them all :)
Gracious! Donny Osmond is still going! As for me, I was on Team David Cassidy. Aah, happy memories!
Yup, David Cassidy, Donny Osmond, The Jackson 5. They were all up there!
Oh golly gee - I hope Santa Claus brings me a bottle of Justin Bebers new perfume! lol Be Your Girlfriend!! How the times have changed! Can you imagine Bobby Sherman, Jackson Five, David Cassidy or even Donny Osmond with a perfume!
David Cassidy ANYTHING. (What he wasn't on, Donny Osmond was.)
So my sister, Kelly and I drive to St. Charles to see David Cassidy. We went to see Barry Williams this summer, so it was only fitting we get tickets for David Cassidy. Anyway, they sat the entire audience and then out walks David Cassidy in a fleece pullover and proceeds to tell us he has the flu and how bad he feels. He actually said, "its scary" when you can hardly breathe. Then there was some talk about a Christmas concert which he said he has never done. At least we got our money back. Just driving in the car with my sister is fun, so it was still a great girls night out. Now, if only Donny Osmond could leave Vegas and come to St. Louis.
I'm not exactly sure what is compelling me to post this on my page other than the fact that I grew up watching "The Partridge Family" on TV and that just about every girl that I knew back in the early 70s either had a crush on David Cassidy or Donny Osmond.
Do U think it's,while I think it's funny .Like I like ,anything that do with Peace Signs ,and music like The Beatles ,The Monkees and David Cassidy and with The Partridge Family and Donny Osmond and The Osmond Brothers I was born 1982 .But hey I ,I think that's pretty cool
Q: Who was cuter, David Cassidy or Donny Osmond? A: That's a stupid question, everyone knows that Bobby Sherman was cuter than either of them.
I don't care how old I am, I'm still a sucker for boy bands! Donny Osmond, Bobby Sherman and David Cassidy started it all!
Good Night, Dear Friends. Somehow I ended up watching some clips of my two teenage heartthrobs Donny Osmond and David Cassidy on You Tube. It made me nostalgic for those innocent days. But then I found this quote which put it in perspective. I leave you with this message to keep in your heart every time you look back and wish you could do it again. "Don't cry because it's over. Smile because it happened." - Dr. Seuss
observed Olivia tonight as she was watching a TV special on the teen group One Direction, and I had a flashback to my preteen years when I would swoon over Donny Osmond, David Cassidy, and yes, even Tony DeFranco. Now why can I remember those names and faces and even their songs, but I had trouble remembering one of my neighbor's names today? Freud was right when he said the mind is a strange thing.
True confessions. Don Grady - played Robbie Douglas on My Three Sons - has passed away at 68 from cancer. Ladies, who was your TV heartthrob growing up? Robbie, David Cassidy, Donny Osmond. Fill me in?
I watched Justin Beiber's Never Say Never last night with the girls and I have a very strong like for him adn admire his family values. Sophia used to be a hater and now she is a Belieber. What a great story and I could watch him dance forever...just wish he would pick up his pants! Maybe he's changed that since he is older. I love his updated hair style. Brings back memories of David Cassidy, Donny Osmond seeing all those girls scream at his concerts.
Ok Ladies born in the "60's".Who's up to see David Casssidy July 20th?? Tanner Park copiague.Just saw Donny Osmond, making the rounds of teenage heart trobs! Park, wine,cheese, David Cassidy!!! You know you want to!
Justin Bieber, ew. I'm so glad I was born when I was. I'll take Donny Osmond, David Cassidy, and Tony DeFranco anyday over the hot messes these poor little girls have as teen heart throbs now. NONE of them ever grabbed their crotch in front of us...So sad for this generation of young people.
TGIF.what a way to get this morning started...Justin Bieber on the today show.to be a teeny bopper again, if only it were Donny Osmond or David Cassidy...my faves from days gone by! Have a great Friday all!
Come on...who did you listen to? Donny Osmond, Michael Jackson or David Cassidy? Or perhaps you weren't even born...sorry. E
today i came up with the top 3 hearthrobs of my generation it was tough but here they are David Cassidy Donny Osmond and Scott Baio. what do you think i need some votes people! and the 3 runners up were Jason Patric Rob Lowe and Willie Aames. I have way too much time on my hands lol!
Ok so on Wednesday nights I teach 5th and 6th grade girls. I began tonights class asking them this question: What famous person do you think is cool, or is like a hero to you? Some of the kids answered with Justin Bieber, Selena Gomez, or Taylor Swift. Then I said that when I was young I had several favorite stars that I liked... (I'm thinking Donny Osmond, David Cassidy) but before I say what I was thinking of a little girl in class said, "Who, Betty White!".She must think I'm really old!
I'm so sorry for the younger kids that have Justin Bieber and Lana Del Rey as musical inspirations.ew. I'd take Donny Osmond and David Cassidy any day! They at least weren't posers and actually COULD sing.
I wonder if my Mother found David Cassidy & Donny Osmond to be as annoying as I do Justin Bieber...
I notice said used to fancy David Cassidy. Ashamed I've seen him with a friend. I didn't scream but Ahh Donny Osmond.
I've just been feeling quite smug about the fact that I never fancied David Cassidy (tho' I did fancy Donny Osmond. Oh dear)
Just watching Donny Osmond and David Cassidy on tv ...1972 Cor
I think we could send in a whole army. Bieber, One Direction, J Bros and so on. Generals would be Donny Osmond, David Cassidy.
I know! lol!!! I used to use a record player myself to play Donny Osmond & David Cassidy, lol!! I just couldn't belev that was
I look at him and don`t see what they see but my parents thought the same about Donny Osmond and David Cassidy
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