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David Cassidy

David Bruce Cassidy (born April 12, 1950) is an American actor, singer, songwriter and guitarist.

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Wikipedia says David Cassidy, Shaun is her uncle
Swooned over David Cassidy. I was too old for Shaun but I had a crush on him, too. 😄
David Cassidy set to retire from playing. FOX's reports:
Wow, I had the biggest crush on Shaun when I was little, my sister had a crush on David Cassidy. :)
I liked David Cassidy's version of this.
. father of David Cassidy. Bit of a co-incidence as I've been looking into his life. I don't believe he had "Manic Depression"
There has to be a Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid remake surely
Coming up, 2016 Christmas songs from David Cassidy, Leigh Nash and Oh, Hush!
Think - David Cassidy meets Andy Gibb. Parted down the middle, feathered back, styling.
In the immortal words of David Cassidy...I think I love you. ❤️
Don't miss a very special musical performance by the one and only David Cassidy! TMRW at 10a/9c on
Are you SURE you weren't talking about David Cassidy? I kind of think you were. No matter what you say. :)
What was your topic, Sally? Why David Cassidy was the cutest teen heartthrob EVER? :)
♥ David Cassidy with ' I'll Have To Go Away '.. tribute to ♥Suzanne Crough♥ via
♥ David Cassidy with a medley from ..The Glen Campbell Show ♥ via
please god, let puka shell necklaces come back before David Cassidy dies.
NCC Group’s David Cassidy discusses the uses, benefits & drawbacks of Agile in our recent Read more here
🚫 Anti-LNP 🚫 . Mr Cassidy says, "It's as simple as this: Do you believe the climate experts, or Malcolm Turnbull?". htt…
We've bonded over David Cassidy in the past, Julie, so gutted re your hatred of panettone. WWDD?
12 Dec 1976:. Jack Cassidy died,. West Hollywood, California. The father of onetime teen heartthrobs David and...
1941, Born on this day, Terry Kirkman, vocals, The Association, who scored the 1966 hit 'Cherish' (also covered by David Cassidy)
My life has flourished in so many ways both personally and profession...
oh man David Cassidy, what a hottie
"You will marry Shaun Cassidy and cheat with David" "Well, good for me."
Today in 1970 I THINK I LOVE YOU was performed on THE Partridge Family Vocals by David Cassidy & Shirley Jones (Her…
I talked to last night, and she explained why she's not swimming this weekend at the Invite.
Still haven't turned into David Cassidy. That is a tragedy.
yeah i had a hard time making a real-life equivalent to who he could be -- David Cassidy? Bobby Darin? T-Rex?
But what about all the A-list stars on Celebrity Apprentice who would do anything for him. David Cassidy anyone?
When I was working with David Cassidy at the Rio, I made an album ...
That seat was held by David Vitter, the seat Bill Cassidy, was held by Landrieu.
that was like 70s? thought you'd be more David Cassidy type?
My mother gave up a good part of her career to look after me.
I just used Shazam to discover I Think I Love You by David Cassidy & The Partridge Family.
Hi Which David Cassidy LPs did you recommend? I saw some in the record shop today, but the names escaped me. Thanks!
OMG David Cassidy , how cool is that ?☺
I wrote that after hearing about Florence Henderson and IMMEDIATELY googling Shirley Jones and David Cassidy. I have priorities.
Death Certificate of Jack Cassidy. Sorry. David Cassidy's lying. This man faked his death
Had a dream Keith Partridge beat the crap outta me. How do I know it wasn't David Cassidy? The crushed velvet blue/purple suit he wore.
I would have thought Duran Duran would have been the go-to for most of you. Color me disappointed. David Cassidy?!
All I had done for five years was work 18 hours a day all over the world. I needed to step ba
My massive David Cassidy cutout to promote Alison Pearson's I think I love you book.
David Cassidy was the most gorgeous man in the world
I wanted to marry Bobby Sherman or David Cassidy. lol
David Cassidy at Canyon High School in Canyon Country, CA. Filming Police Story in the late 70's.
Was it a bit David Cassidy on This Morning with Eamonn Holmes?
I have awesome 70's hair. . It's David Cassidy hair, but what can you do?
* David Cassidy - How Can I Be Sure * was top of the UK charts this week 44 years ago (1972)
I was in love but David Cassidy spoiled it by the song "How can I be sure" putting doubt in my mind.
Answer! Peterboro beat Northampton 3-0 at home on ... 17th Nov 1973 ... while David Cassidy reached with "Daydreamer"
Answer! Bolton beat Swansea 3-0 at home on ... 11th Oct 1972 ... while David Cassidy reached with "How Can I Be Sure"
EXTREMELY BIG DEAL for us: Playing at the opening for David Cassidy on 10/27. Join us. Tix:
When? Reply or Peterboro beat Northampton 3-0 .. while David Cassidy topped the charts with "Daydreamer"
Oh my!!! I remember this so well!! Still have my David Cassidy giant Fan Club Photo Badge!
I think i love you~ ♫ I Think I Love You by David Cassidy —
I've had a great metamorphosis i n my life. I struggled for a number of years becaus—
No.1 on this day in 1972: David Cassidy- How Can I Be Sure?.
My music was never considered co ol, but I've always felt that connection with the a—
After singing in Las Vegas, Broadway, & London, David comes to the Paramount! Don't miss him & Oct.28!
Or if you wanted to be David Cassidy, because girls.
I played in garage bands and roc k and roll bands when I was in junior high and high—
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
omg I'm so excited I can hardly stand waiting,i sound like a 13 yr old waiting to see David Cassidy & the P…
David Cassidy and Donnie Osmond. I am dating myself.
Plus David Cassidy and Bobby Sherman were popular when I was 12. Not you because I am 9 yrs older than u. Be accurate.
Cassidy was at on the UK singles chart, with "How Can I Be Sure".
In a very short period of time, actors can become kind of relevant and hot.—
A new favorite: Cassidy - Greatful Dead Tribute ft. Tompazjam [*free dl] by on
It's been the work that has carr ied me and I never wanted to rest on my laurels —
Oscar-winner Shirley Jones and her stepson, David Cassidy starred in The Partridge Family which debuted on ABC-TV...
46 years ago the first episode of The Partridge Family aired, featuring Shirley Jones, David Cassidy & Danny Bonaduce.
Um, Rumple, David Cassidy called...he wants his Partridge Family hair back.
White Canary was a backup dancer for Beyonce and Gaga, and Black Canary is David Cassidy's daughter. Oh and Malcolm Merlyn is JOHN BARROWMAN
David Cassidy was just lecturing audience about peace & love & John Lennon while he's been rude entire show.
Big Brother 2016: Did Rylan Clark confirm David Cassidy is going in? - Metro
70's heartthrob David Cassidy is heading into the house in a £100,000 deal. This could be crazy!!
Which do you prefer, David Cassidy or David Essex?
My wife wearing her Woodhaven Historians T-Shirt meeting David Cassidy (Jack Cassidy was from Richmond Hill)
Shaun Cassidy WAS cute, but I was (retroactively) more in love with David Cassidy (Keith Partridge was a stone cold fox!)
I especially enjoyed the David Cassidy song. 😂
TBT Things seemed so much simpler then, and there was David Cassidy lol :)
David Cassidy... Or was it PF? Nowhere near as good as Summer Breeze :) xx
I practice kissing on my David Cassidy record cover so if I ever get the chance to kiss a real boy I'll be so ready.
Everything in my life was about performance when I was doing 'The Partridge...
can do some sort of protection spell? For the time being. Maybe possibly doing like Mary Margaret and David and split +
I understand the rock star deal having been one and still going out strappi...
Another song from the on David Cassidy - How Can I Be Sure.
nothing wrong with that. David Cassidy is HAWT! 😍
The difference now is that the paparazzi get paid fortunes. That's what mot...
My nanny tapestried David Cassidy's face on her handbag
My hair is going full David Cassidy right now.
Is David Cassidy's daughter really dead? Is anyone on this show ever really dead?
Breast Cancer Awareness
David Cassidy is now available for adoption! This male Domestic Short Hair is 2yrs 6mths old. Learn more at
It's impossible to break David Cassidy's balls- has a ***
David Cassidy, on probation in reckless driving case, gets divorce from wife of 24 years
David Cassidy: Man Undercover, The Cosby Show etc. - stars whose names are in the title of a show in which they play someone else.
Remember you took this pic of me and David Cassidy. You kept breaking his balls..1988
C'mon Get Happy. David Cassidy's bitter divorce finally done. Bankruptcy case continues.
What a heartthrob Aaron,, David Cassidy and Matt are. Oh Stamos. He was in a soap opera before Full House lol.
David Cassidy. What ever happened to the Partridge Family ? Lol...x
1973. 3yrs old. Reynolds Records in Ilkeston. Daydreamer by David Cassidy on Bell Records.
never knew Jack Cassidy was the father of David Cassidy. He died in a fire and had a *** relationship with Cole Porter. Who knew?
David Cassidy and Donnie Osmond, my wife's two heros!
True. But there will be others to come. with their own brand of cuteness and perfection. Remember Bobby Sherman, or David Cassidy
I thought David Cassidy was a great singer when I was 16, lol. We all grow up!
lol my sister swooned over David Cassidy.was funny her room was plastered with his pictures.all googley eyed and nuts
Remember the Partridge Family? David Cassidy and Danny Bonaduce once swooned their way int…
I had my hair cut like David Cassidy's in first grade. You're on to something there.
I suppose it might be a bit like David Cassidy. He and Dudley had similar haircuts and I guess were just not for me.
Cameron says Britain must 'proudly' defend Christian values in face of Islamic extremists
The David Cassidy special, 'Do You Think You Love Me?' will be repeated today at 1 pm. Don't miss Léa and Norm...
Been out for a curry. In bed husband playing me David Cassidy and David Essex throwbacks. Good lad!
every time I c u I remember that interview with the wasted bankrupt singer out in the states! David Cassidy was it?
I added a video to a playlist David Cassidy - I am a clown
ugh he's much superior to David Cassidy :P
He should have joined the Partridge Family and become David Cassidy:)!
I have an audience that goes from kids to seventy year olds.
I'm not sure if people realize just how amazing The Partridge Family and David Cassidy always will be
I'm so excited!!I was born in the wrong era.I just love David Cassidy.Have forever
Event Co-Chair David Cassidy thanks all those who made tonight a reality.
hope you'll be ridiculing Paul Gascoine as you did David Cassidy in the interests of balanced reporting,
I don't play nostalgia acts. I don't play nostalgia shows.
Find out more about director David Cassidy on
£15 -- New Musical 'Jackie' in Blackpool, up to 49% Off: Hits from Donny Osmond, David Cassidy & Marc Bolan al...
On this day - March 13th,1973, David Cassidy performed the first of 10 sold out UK shows at The Kings Hall, Belle...
"Top 40 Classic Song of the Day". "Cherish" by David Cassidy. Written by Terry Kirkman. Produced by Wes Farrell.
on Affinity:David Cassidy and the Partridge Family - Its One of those Nights tunein at
Max wants to turn the von Trapp's into the Partridge Family, but Friedrich is no David Cassidy.
Some serious signings in the First Division the last few days with Aaron Greene to Limerick and now David Cassidy to Athlone
Further in March 1974, David Cassidy's car side-swipes the famous MCG fence in post-concert farce
I loved Pam and Bobby. My first crush was David Cassidy (I remember I was like 10 and just thought he was IT) 😂😚
David Cassidy unloading his Corvette in fire sale
DAVID CASSIDY - I TANK I LOVE YOU (creo que te amo)YOU TUBE via he invited me on set of PF in 72
Love ALL kinds of music! Larry Gatlin/OakRidgeBoys to Bill Gaither. Boy George to David Cassidy. You want to unfollow/block that's ok Lol xx
had the biggest crush on David Cassidy and those pooka shells 😗😊
David Cassidy unloading his Corvette in fire sale: Oh no, not the Vette! After being forced…
remember the time David Cassidy was a jackals?
My fave board games are Life and Careers. Loved Mystery Date with David Cassidy's pic on dream date's face!
I sent David to handle my light work
Singing in the car with my granddaughter. – ♫I Think I Love You by David Cassidy, The Partridge Family
Playing David Cassidy live now with on
I found myself very lost after 'The Partridge Family,' and I lost my dad an...
I think it's cause his name is David Cassidy and people mistake him for the celebrity lol
it says David Cassidy that day. R u performing or hosting? Don't mean to be a bother, just want to be sure I'm gettin the right day
A hit with David Cassidy and the song Rock Me Baby.
My mother, Evelyn, was an actress and singer, and my father, Jack, was an a...
David de Gea is limping, grimacing and walking off the pitch with the physio. He is taking his gloves off. This is a s…
16 y/o Cassidy Hayes from Rogersville,NB hasn't been seen in 2.5 weeks.Anyone with information asked to contact RCMP https…
I saw it a few days ago. Katie Cassidy and David Ramsey took pictures of it too. David is a DET fan and Katie is a TB fan.
Vintage '70s: David Cassidy, in his beautiful Partridge prime! 1972
Hillary has the same hair as David Cassidy.
Hi, why am I just now realizing that Kate Cassidy is David Cassidy's daughter? Oh wow.
Electronic Device Insurance
yikes David Cassidy should probably get this pic sorted out
I had posters of David Cassidy & Michael Jackson side by side ... my parents raised me right https:…
Just overheard in the newsroom about David Cassidy: "I wonder what his tour bus will look like?"
Channeling my inner David Cassidy back in the day at Friends with Claudia Benn singing harmony. Fun times!
I liked a video Daydream Believer w/ Chip Douglas, Henry Diltz, and David Cassidy
neither! David Cassidy! and Chris Knight who played Peter Brady! Peter Tork/Monkees!
Here's to hoping if your true love gives you a Partridge in a pear tree, it's a David Cassidy, not a Danny Bonaduce.
A third grader with a crush on David Cassidy.🎄😄
David Cassidy signs autographs before a gig at Shawfield Stadium, Glasgow (1974)
JOHN WATERS: My favorite poem would have to be “David Cassidy Then,” by Dennis Cooper, from his early book “Tiger Beat.”
me too by the way David Cassidy lives by lasolas fortlauder
Everything horror fiction fans want' 5* review for THE DARK
The 29-year-old is the star of Arrow. She is the daughter of actor-singer David Cassidy.
If enjoy dark novels reward yourself with, VELVET RAIN
I didn't know her dad was David Cassidy omg!!
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
I loved the Partridge Family!!! Had a crush on David Cassidy until came along and stole my heart ❤️
This is how much the Beckham 'family brand' made in the past year...
Had they used David Cassidy, it might've had gained some momentum here in the US, but instead it fizzled.
Ever wondered how much David and Victoria Beckham earned last year? Prepare to be very jealous...
Is it David Cassidy when he was still in The Partridge Family?
David Cassidy wanted the lead in "The Dove" very badly, but couldn't get out of his Screen Gems contract.
I used to love to watch that! Anything for a glimpse of a Hardy Boy,David Cassidy,or best of all - a LEIF G…
Former teen idol David Cassidy's home sells for $2 million
David Cassidy charged with DUI David, why? Just external influence.
People MAY have known David Cassidy from Nreruns. Even I had no clue who Leif Garrett was as a 12 year old.
1941: Hitler orders Jews to wear stars of David. 21st century: orders Muslims to wear ID badges
❤ this pic! My dad ❤ Sinatra. Dean was my 1st crush when I was 3. Then in 70' when I was 5 I turned 2 David Cassidy. ☺
One more pic and the cast of added to the post
That's called 'pinning them up' bet you're on her ceiling when she wakes. (Like David Cassidy)
Singer and songwriter son to David Cassidy and Sue Cassidy . Congratulations Beau :)
.Is it just me or does a young David Cassidy bear a striking resemblance to
reminds me of girls in my class fawning over Donny and David Cassidy pics in Jackie, while us boys studied NME.
New video : Cris Cassidy, Mimi Morgan, David Morris in classic xxx site has been published on Teen tube
David LP Dreams Are Nuthin' More ... selling on ebay today 99p bid
David Beckham named Must be the briefs.
I think was an amazing change of character for David Tennant. I've never thought the Doctor was creepy but... CREEPY.
"David Beckham's right foot... David Beckham's left foot!"
John Edwards (D) won the race tonight by nearly the same margin David Cassidy (R) won the 2014 runoff
Louisiana voters pick Democrat John Bel Edwards as next governor, in stunning rebuke to David Vitter:
Vitter's share of the vote will likely be closer to David Duke in 91 than Bill Cassidy in 2014. That is...not good...
36% in, and both Landry and Nungesser are both holding 56-44 leads. Seems to follow the typical party line, like Cassidy last year.
My father expected me to be a doctor or lawyer while I was mooning over David Cassidy. Expectations set far too high.
listener request and : Cassidy, David - The Last Kiss at
Cherish - David Cassidy via this week in 1971
Maryland doctor pays $2.067 million for David Cassidy home
Select Miche Styles are 50% off - MONDAY ONLY!
Think I'm thru for the eve - ran thru Emmaus worship songs, and looking forward to being with David Cassidy and CCC flock. Overandout.
In the past few days, Donald Trump "has moved from rabble rousing to demagoguery, or something even uglier."
I played plastic electric guitar as David Cassidy. Would put on the album. Come on band, sing along! Mum had to be Shirley Jones.
Is Carl slowly turning into David Cassidy or into Davey Jones?
she is 1 totally awesome little girl! My mum was a David Cassidy fan so I had 2 find donny, Joseph did it 4 me!
A great profile on David Cassidy. See him tomorrow @ the BCPA!
Last time I saw that kid's hair it was on David Cassidy in the Partridge Family.
lol I SO agree! I'm 54 and I think Capt may be my "elderly" David Cassidy celebrity crush. (Partridge Family)
Once again, David Cassidy has found himself on the wrong side of the law. The Partridge Family star was given a criminal citation and
Rock Calendar 10-5-11: David Cassidy sues Sony for non-payment of royalties for sales of Partridge Family lunchboxes, magazines, games, etc.
now its Tie A Yellow Ribbon Round Old Oak Tree,& she's telling me I'm t double of David Cassidy, or is that me wishful thinking?
David Cassidy charged with leaving scene of crash
David Cassidy of "Partridge Family" is facing charges after leaving the scene of an accident
Eamonn Holmes & Ruth Langsford speak out about how David Cassidy 'tousled' throughout automotive crash interview http:/…
Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford speak out against David Cassidy following awkward interview http…
Ruth and Eamonn speak out over THAT awk David Cassidy interview
Those birds remind me of The Partridge Family, where are u David Cassidy, I Think I💟U
... Bobby Sherman, David Cassidy, and Shaun Cassidy, who burst quickly onto the teen scene...
Another media fail, Eamon Holmes trying to extract lurid divorce info re. bankruptcy from David Cassidy
I'm not mad about Eamon Holmes as an interviewer but he wasn't to blame for David Cassidy making such a *** of himself onThis Morning.
Thought Eamon Holmes behaved like a total jerkoff in his interview with David Cassidy.
No wonder David Cassidy was abrupt in his interview on Eamon Holmes was a *** Totally provoked him. HE was the rude one!
David Cassidy, 65, refused to discuss his finances and told Ruth Langsford to 'wait' nine times during a testy...
Here is the interview with David Cassidy that everyone is talking about...
Not sure why David Cassidy is being slated, given the interviewing "technique" of Eamonn Holmes. Another Krishnan Guru-Murthy style ambush.
Google Eamonn Holmes and David Cassidy it comes up on you tube 😊
This Morning's Eamonn Holmes and Ruth Langsford endure an awkward interview with David Cassidy via Digital Spy
'Are you trying to rubbish me?': Seventies heartthrob David Cassidy reacts angrily as Eamonn Holmes asks him about…
David Cassidy gives excruciatingly awkward interview to This Morning
From concerned to outraged, David Cassidy's interview has broken the internet
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
David Cassidy in most awkward interview EVER on This Morning as he argues with Eamonn Holmes
Eamonn Holmes impersonates David Cassidy after car crash interview as he holds a glass of wine
Seventies heartthrob David Cassidy argues with Eamonn Holmes in mega-awkward This ... -
David Cassidy to Eamonn Holmes: Are you trying to rubbish me?
David Cassidy gives excruciating interview on This Morning with Eamonn Holmes: David Cassidy proved a tough in...
This was the brilliant! ,Eamonn Holmes, has wine, after interview with David Cassidy via
David Cassidy in awkward interview with Eamonn Holmes on This Morning
Eamonn Holmes turns to drink after the most AWKWARD interview with David Cassidy - snap-pa-yahoopartner:...
Never really liked Eamon Holmes to much. After seeing this mornings interview with David Cassidy. My views on him are cemented even more.
David Cassidy may have just given the most excruciatingly awkward interview ever
This Morning's Eamonn Holmes hits out after awkward David Cassidy interview: Presenter accuses 70s singer of ‘...
I'd love to see Eamon Holmes interview David Blaine and David Cassidy at the same time.
David Cassidy such a prat speaking to Ruth like that!!
Eamon Holmes grilling David Cassidy on has made my Friday 🙈😂
Did you SEE the David Cassidy interview? All the awkward. Never thought I'd feel sorry for Eamon Holmes
crying laughing at Eamon Holmes on that David Cassidy interview was something else😐🍷
Eamon Holmes you are a legend proper belly laughed what the *** was David Cassidy on !
Eamon Holmes has gone up in my estimation. David Cassidy was rude and plain drunk and deserved to be shred in that interview
Eamon Holmes hasn't taken this David Cassidy interview personally at all...
Car crash tv on David Cassidy intv with Eamon Holmes - worth a watch - maybe that's why they set up the intv
Is anyone else watching a confused David Cassidy furiously explaining bankruptcy at Eamon Holmes on This Morning at the moment?
David Cassidy is bankrupt and he's put his house up for auction
I've never seen the Partridge Family and I was born in 1991 and even I know who David Cassidy is
you don't know who David Cassidy is?
Couple of decent chances for a few minutes ago - David Cassidy and a Chris Lyons, twice
This is extraordinary. Glen Campbell, David Cassidy, and then Little Richard turns up 4 mins ish.
Walking In The Rain - / cover by The Top of the Poppers. David Cassidy David...
I Really Want To Know You - (but not David Cassidy or Shirley Jones) cover the . The...
Good read from Rob Cassidy on David Beaty and recruiting
I think David Cassidy is wonderful actor and doesn't deserve to be broke either. Lisa weiner
help honor legend 45yrs great music Follow, RT
Thx so much! Not sure what problem is but here it is brand new!
Compromise? It can happen; just ask David Vitter and Tom Udall: Meet members of Cassidy's $100,000 club Citizens…
David Cassidy's Fort Lauderdale home headed for bankruptcy auction (30 photos) via find this very sad,
Susan Dey and David Cassidy, stars of The Partridge Family - 70's
I recently saw a Taylor Swift on a magazine cover and I didn't recognize her. I thought it was David Cassidy from The Partridge Family.
David Cassidy and Bobby Sherman will b crushed u dumped them for Taylor Swift
.are weighing up a move for Patrick McEleney with Bray’s David Cassidy on the radar
St Pat's eyeing up transfer window move for Patrick McEleney with David Cassidy another potential target …
Rhx 4 RT! Will u Pls help us by signi g petition 4 Thx
Me on the other hand, My favorite part of Top Gun is When he sings the David Cassidy song...clearly you're both cooler than me
Thx. Will U help is by signing petition 4
we understand! WillU help by signing our petition? Here's link:Thx❤
Free movies and David Cassidy show among top 50 - The Desert Sun
AMBER Alert: Have you seen this child? Cassidy Hayes
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
Worried about losing your assets? Call a bankruptcy attorney and get the help you need! (305) 443-4217
Meet Larry the leprechaun! The latest beer bottle opening addition to the summerhouse! Thanks Kim and David!!
David Cassidy was the Justin Bieber back in the 70's
My, how times have changed. When I was a teen, I crushed on David Cassidy. Now, girls have “prayerful” sex fantasies about
INSIDE LOOK: David Cassidy's South Florida home up for auction .
novel, THE DARK by won the IPBA Bronze.
Celebrity bankruptcy news! David Cassidy's Ft Lauderdale house is up for auction per bk court order; check it out:
most likely. As my crush on David Cassidy does.
David with his beautiful boy Henry before he died said a broken man since he lost Henry xx
Has gone from Quaddy Park to David Cassidy to Damien Rice and it's still early o'clock wa
Weekend best bets: Preservation Hall Jazz Band, Hank Williams Jr. and David Cassidy: Whether it's blues, country... htt…
(2/2) Seaside Heights, Asbury Park and all those places that I went back and revisited. - David Cassidy
On the other hand, Rick(y) Nelson, Fabian, David Cassidy, Monkees, etc.. All started out as teen idols ;-) Twit & run. Shut-eye
Former teen idol David Cassidy files for bankruptcy via
I had a crush on Donny Osmond, Bobby Sherman, Andy Gibb, Shaun, David Cassidy, Davy Jones, and Leif Garrett.
David Cassidy hat-trick earns points for new Bray Wanderers manager
Piers Morgan interviews David Cassidy- I love this interview! He is a gem!
Here's David Cassidy pitching up one of his best with Brian Johnston - Get It Up For Love: via
FAITH: Dr. David Cassidy talks about the power of words ..
Bloody David Cassidy in my chuffing head, Gr!
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