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David Caruso

David Stephen Caruso (born January 7, 1956) is an American actor and producer.

Horatio Caine Shorty Award Jim Carrey Martin Landau Roger Goodell Luke Perry Mark Harmon Rick Astley Scott Bakula

Please tell me David Caruso is involved.
I'm not sure clay aiken and david caruso aren't also hobbits who knows how deep this could go
He's like if Clay Aiken and David Caruso had a son. If not, then I think I don't know what Big Ed looks like.
Sorry for the Stupid Question but was is a Global David Caruso Watch?☺
I drew it. To and ALL Fans of David Caruso born under zodiac sign
if David Caruso shows up with his sunglasses I'm going to die
I'm never using tha David Caruso meme. It raises the stakes way too high.
"Inspiring...The students/facilitators are committed to change" Rebecca Caruso h…
//Now that's a tough one! From a quick search, I recommend Danny Bonaduce, David Caruso, and Michael Fassbender.
David Caruso would be desperate, not your dog! That wld be beyond preferable to Betsy
I'd ask abt going back in time, making sure David Caruso doesn't quit NYPD Blue & CSI Miami never exists. *Daltrey scream*
God *** it, how does "Deep Dream David Caruso" not return any Google image results?
I like such comps. The video of David Caruso putting on sunglasses is a shining one.
God, can imagine that. True Detective. Circa 1995. Caruso. Pullman. Fiorentino. I'm telling you.
That said, it's a show that is crying out for Caruso (preferably in the Vaughn role). Only man who could sell a line like 'not my bandwidth'
I'm now imagining David Caruso saying my horrible attempt at a joke in CSI Miami voice. The ellipses is his jam.
Electronic Device Insurance
Watching CSI: Miami with my parents and I'm happy to report they agree that David Caruso is a terrible actor.
Deep live super long lives with their unique skeletons
Would you say he's gonna be . *puts on shades*. a serious player?. YEEEAH. [this David Caruso meme copyright CSI]
may be weird & different but it's still the best cop show on tv since David Caruso left NYPD Blue
i had forgotten how cheesy David Caruso's lines in CSI: Miami were.
Did you know David Caruso is a Republican?
I Am David by Zach Caruso now playing on
Forgot my glasses at work again today, so tonight it's gonna be all CSI:Miami intro at my house tonight, with me as David Caruso.
David Caruso called. He thinks that pun is terrible.
over the past decade... We thank all the producers... and its talented cast, led by David Caruso, for 10 outstanding seasons."
So excited, David Caruso one of a kind, altime favorite actor. Ready, to watch blue eyes.
my favourite program! I look forward to csi Miami, David Caruso is a legend x
Might be the best cold press I've ever had! Go try the David Caruso at the Lake and Bryant
David Caruso to portray Roger Goodell in upcoming Lifetime Network Bio-Pic.
Congrats to Greater Milwaukee Foundation, Majic Productions, Dynamic Events by David Caruso for 100 years of...
I forgot that David Caruso and Nicolas Cage did a movie together. This sounds like the kind of thing I should watch lmao.
Nic Cage & David Caruso in Kiss of Death, this should be good...
So many now well-known actors in this joint..they're all so young. Larry Fishburne. Wesley Snipes. David Caruso. Giancarlo Esposito
Is it just me or does Brian Jean look like what you'd get if you spliced together William H. Macy, David Caruso & Jason Bateman
I bet David Caruso's internal monologue is even more dramatic than his CSI Miami character.
Heart of Caruso is the name of the band I'm in. My name is Libby. Huge fan of David Caruso so we named band after him.
I want to see CSI: Miami and Arrow. Really just put an arrow in to David Caruso torso
So in short, if you don't hear from me tomorrow morning, imagine a CSI situation. Send David Caruso and the sunglasses.
Really have to get back to Dinner for Five.RTAbout the Time David Caruso Literally Nearly Killed David Milch
David Caruso was doing so much I couldn’t look away.
now I need one with the glassed pushed down just a little, for use in David Caruso/CSI Miami memes. thx.
Governor General David Johnston talks volunteering with me in minutes. We talk with Katie Caruso our US election correspondent after 10!
A special guest on the show today! Governor General David Johnston joins me just after 9 AM. We talk Hillary Clinton with Katie Caruso
About the only movies that I ever felt get under my skin were The 6th Sense and, oddly enough, this one called Session 9 with David Caruso.
I'm wearing these to RF. Just so I can pull a David Caruso
I guess he served life! In your best David Caruso voice. .que the Who
I would love to be David Caruso's co-partner on the team.
Start talking like everything is so important like David Caruso in CSI
Switching from glasses to sunglasses makes me feel like David Caruso 😎
Sometimes when I see David driving I get scared.
Me to myself: why would you say that?. Myself to me: *drops shades* why wouldn't i?. Me to myself: who do you think you are?. *David Caruso*
David Wall has collected Caruso at the final turn. Caruso has rejoined
Sonia does David Caruso follow you sweetie?
VA makes little headway in effort to cut waits for care: . (by David B. Caruso, Associated Pre...
When i read 'it's her turn,' I recall the South Park episode when Ike does his David Caruso impression.
Movies starring David Caruso with 3 titles to watch.
"Collateral Damage" the wonderful role of David Caruso and Nikki Hahn (Horatio and Maggie) :)
Boston: "Ike, do your impersonation of David Caruso's career"
It seems Google has... a new emoticon.
That read like a David Caruso line on CSI Miami.
This Sheriff bot is great. He's named Ruso for David Caruso, right?? Yeah!!!
Mark Canha: A doppelgänger for David Caruso or Dennis Leary? Or both? It's hard for me look at him but he's fun to watch.
All these ladies want a piece of David Caruso. The 90s were weird
David Caruso and Rick Astley merged to give us and a fine job Saturday
Catching up on last week's . Why does sound like David Caruso from ? "Finch, this takeover just got hostile"
Remember when David Caruso gave that wedding speech at Teddy's? Which film?
It costs a lot to remove David Caruso's horse body in post, so it's cheaper to film from the waist up http…
don't remember Jade. Only movie that I remember David Caruso in was one with Uma Thurman and Robert DeNiro.
david caruso our life time hero: For al my fans hope you like it made by me
Is she. That is great news I never saw forever. Wish David Caruso was back on TV.
Find color inspiration from Milwaukee event planner and designer David Caruso in our March/April issue! http:/…
I posted a YOUTUBE yesterday...tribute to David. It's on my site . ATribute to David Caruso on behalf of his Fans
baddest! Loved the way he shot David Caruso when he was forming vex in the car at funeral. Poor Larry Fishbourne tho
Didn't know David Caruso stated off as the leader of an Irish street gang in Hill Street Blues, love the look btw
If I started a Kickstarter for David Caruso to be the lead in season 3 of True Detective, how many millions would you all give me
A Tribute to David Caruso on behalf of his Fans: via
VA makes little headway in fight to shorten waits for care. By AP's David Caruso with lovely pics by Patrick Semansky
Just thought of more: Liam Neeson, Patrick Warburton (Puddy), Kyle Chandler as Coach Taylor from FNL, David Caruso as Horatio
oohh I don't know. Holt's reminds me of David Caruso and I just can't get past that!
“Hollywood would run smoother if David Caruso, Mark Harmon, Scott Bakula had the same agent.” assumed they did,
Hollywood could run so much smoother if David Caruso, Mark Harmon, and Scott Bakula all had the same agent.
More convincing than Madame Tussaud's. Sesame Street has totally nailed David Caruso.
ugh but David Caruso's acting is so over the top
The warmth of David Caruso shines upon your day.
Watching CSI Miami and thinking that David Caruso needs to be back on tv.
David Caruso as a Ferret. Just add sunglasses and the CSI Miami theme.
My friend said David Caruso from CSI: Miami looks like a foot and the rest of the cast look like super models ☺️ so random. lol
Caruso: When David Lee Roths runs out of cocaine.he goes to Panama. .
I am not going to be rude about David Caruso.
It makes me think about a David Caruso inspired game mechanic that requires putting on and taking off sunglasses.
And then he'd put on a pair of David Caruso sunglasses and The Who would start playing as he walked away from the podium.
What about a shot for shot remake but with David Caruso as Esther?
Wanda, do you know where I could get a copy of David Caruso's 2nd TV series called "Michael Hayes" 1997-1998???
History will regard our nation as inevitable. *David Caruso voice* It wasn't.
hi David caruso i m rose do u have csi miami dvds if u do can u make copies for me
Dynamic Events by David Caruso is in DC for the NACE Leadership Summit. Hmm...I need to ...
Hey look, the first Rambo movie is on. Holy crap is that a baby David Caruso?
corrie just got followed by David Caruso & she's well happy
Usually HE puts his shades on the neck, but today HE made an exception. GOOD SUNDAY to All Fans of David Caruso.
Isn't that funny? I didn't know till yesterday, that I live near "David Caruso" :).
From "Kill zone" for our Blue-Eyes-Dreams. GoodNight to All Fans of David Caruso.
The brooding father William Peterson type or the sultry ginger David Caruso type?
Austria Loves David Caruso❤ . Austria Loves Miranda Cosgrove❤. Austria hope one time you come to Austria ❤❤
sooo sweet❤😌 and here we see the sweet future David Caruso Fan😌❤
I've often said the same thing about David Caruso and Vincent D'onofrio.
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Coming this Fall - CSI : NFL, Wednesdays at 8PM EST. David Caruso is back as Roger Goodell.
I nominate for a Shorty Award in vote only goes to David Caruso
Like as much as I do? Join me in nominating David Caruso for a Shorty Award vía
Did not expect to read the phrase "blazing red thatch" about David Caruso on a film blog today, but I'm just gonna roll with it.
ok ed. MT CSI poster with Bill Belichick wearing David Caruso sunglasses and the title "PSI: New England"
Breaking: hires David Caruso to look at a football and put on his sunglasses dramatically.
I nominate for a Shorty Award in because... oui voter pour david caruso
A big apology to all David Caruso&Miranda Cosgrove fans, the two were not nominated for the Shorty Awards😢
I nominate for a Shorty Award in because...There is no other actor like David Caruso
I nominate for a Shorty Award in because..Fan de David Caruso
the title just sounds like a david caruso one-liner!!! "looks like this attraction was. fatal" why did I watch this movie
My vote is for David Caruso in Shorty Awards!
We need CSI for PSI to get to the bottom of this. Someone wake up David Caruso and his sunglasses!
like when David Caruso left NYPD Blue or when speech let Dionne Farris leave Arrested Development
Please vote and nominate David Caruso for and ❤❤❤ Please all DC fans ❤❤❤
David Liebman's arrangement to Poinciana, Tonight. Recorded Nov. 29th, 2005 at Caruso Jazz Café in Florence, Italy.
Laurence (pictured with David Caruso, Wesley Snipes and Gary Landon Mills) in "King of New York"
I just wish Hoechlin was in it more and I realized that David Caruso over acted on the show lol
He is David Jason. David Caruso is this one, charming and talented:
Not sure if David Caruso is the worst actor in the world or not. Does he purposely act painfully bad or is that the act itself...?
Nothing like watching CSI: Miami to rehash my intense love for David Caruso's dramatic ***
David Caruso must be the coolest ginger alive
I wonder if David Caruso's children would mind if he told them a dadjoke. via /r/Showerthoughts
I did it. With "My David" I wish you HAPPY BIRTHDAY MR. CARUSO!!!
Holy Father please send a special blessing to David Caruso His birthday is today
I want to wish actor David Caruso a Happy 59TH Birthday.
Happy Birthday David Stephen Caruso we all love you very much
Happy Birthtime to blue acting DAVID CARUSO! 97 today! Happy Birthtime Clouseau! Miami Vice!
The happiest of birthdays to our Horatio Caine, John Kelly, Jimmy Kilmartin... to our DAVID CARUSO!
HaPpy Birthday David Caruso have a beautiful day. All the best for you 🎂
Intel's spending money to increase diversity in their workforce. I guess this means they're trying to be more... PC
Happy Birthday to David Caruso. May your year overflow with blessings and joy. :)
Well Jay I guess you could say happy birthday to David Caruso today.
Dear David Caruso, my name is Flip Nascimento I'm from Brasil, but live in Orlando. My aunt is here from Brasil visiting
TODAY'S BIRTHDAYS | In 1956, David Caruso was born on this date in Forest Hills, New York, USA
I am extremely excited for Backstrom. Loving the David Caruso vibes.
Guys say girls are stupid, just wait until you *** us off then we turn into Einstein mixed with David Caruso
It is really weird to see David Caruso emote
I wonder how much it costs to get David Caruso to come to a party, take his sunglasses off a la CSI and leave.
That's the only film David Caruso has not been annoying in. It's pretty good.
The Elf is back..on the shelf. (Cue CSI Miami music and put on shades David Caruso style)
I liked a video Justin Bieber shot dead on CSI Miami with David Caruso
Still betta than David Caruso! Sunglasses on, sunglasses off, hands on hips, hands off hips and simper
- Alright Mr. President, this gesture is like David Caruso of CSI Miami 'Horachio' Cane
"Licking David Caruso" is an interest in my life. Except that pic is from 2005!
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Finally figured out what That Thing is about David Caruso as Horatio Caine. He talks like Rod Serling.
I always fill in an extra panel at the end with the David Caruso AOW and Hensley wearing sunglasses.
Pelini cooly leaving the offices one last time:
David Caruso is the greatest actor ever.
Let the record show that if I die under mysterious circumstances, probably murdered me for my (awesome) David Caruso jokes.
Hey last night I had a dream and you were in it. You were played by a young David Caruso. It was awful
He's gonna have a ... hard time with that.
It is forbidden to make a CSI Miami / David Caruso reference without the Yeah
It's even funnier when you realize he's spoofing David Caruso from CSI Miami.
YOU have to watch Sara Ganim's report on CNN about "Rolling Stone" story and Jackie.LIKE something from David Caruso and CSI.
David Caruso, because of his great performance as Mercury in Abel Ferrara's CHINA GIRL.
Every time my dog finds another dog's pee spot, she imagines the opening credits to "CSI: Miami" with her as David Caruso
Please tell me that The Walking Dead Miami is going to star David Caruso.
"With a...shocking ending!" COLE says as David Caruso rolls in his grave.
LOL, he was like a dark haired David Caruso!
Love this man too.David Caruso and CSI Miami.
I'll be there to celebrate with honor David Caruso's Bday
I want David Caruso putting his shades on and then "Wont Get Fooled Again." blasting out.
In the words of David Caruso's character on CSI Miami, regarding the Kings getting back on winning track - Here We Go.
The big boy is indeed Stephen "Flounder" Furst. David Caruso, who appears in one scene lighting tires…
Why does David Caruso have to try and make a pun every CSI MIAMI episode.
would be ironic if he left becuz of the number of times he's cited David Caruso leaving NYPD Blue as worst career move ever
I just saw David Caruso smile on TV and then I woke up six hours later and it was night time
I need more David Caruso fans to follow this David Caruso fan!
God morning to all of the lovely & biggest David Caruso fans out here!
[David Caruso surveys the aftermath of an explosion at the Rockefeller Tree Lighting]. "Oh Tannen--. [sunglasses]. ...bomb.". YYYEAHHH
My is still the lovely n' gorgeous Horatio Caine aka David Caruso!!! 😎😊💙
Who do I want to be prom date?.let's see:. Ryan Stiles, David Caruso, Jonathan Mangum, Sean Murray or Logan Henderson!! 😊😍❤️
Alright I've hit my David Caruso quota for today. Thanks for putting up with me folks
Oh my god that's a young David Caruso. And Jack Palance and Martin Landau as the ones giving teens the warnings they won't heed.
Watching "Rambo: First Blood" (1982) on CMT right now. Sylvester Stallone, Richard Crenna, David Caruso and Brian Dennehy.
.I want Russell Crowe and David Caruso from that movie proof of life and I want ttchopper too! It's in the breakout plan!!
Emily just pulled a David Caruso taking her sunglasses off
For the past hour now Ive been messing around in front of a mirror doing David Caruso impressions
There comes a point in the night when you're sleep deprived enough that David Caruso's acting in CSI Miami actually seems decent
I'll see your Luke Perry and raise you a David Caruso (is he too good to audition for Sharknado3?)
I'll raise your Luke Perry with a David Caruso (or is he too esteemed to try out for Sharknado2? )
Goodnight all David Caruso fans more pics from will follow
sam did a particularly hilarious impression of David Caruso in the crime channel part
I feel like you just David Caruso'd us.
The staple of any David Caruso work.
I first saw MIAMI season1.David Caruso ,who plays Horatio great👍
u know about a head on David Low Way, Marcoola?
Homework to do. David Caruso will not get me my A
Palance. Landau. HALLOWEEN's DP and synth wrangler. David Caruso in short shorts. I'm fifteen minutes in and transfixed.
Nice to see Ian Ziering graduated from the David Caruso school of dialogue
Mine sweeper guy voiced by David Caruso.
This movie is begging for David Caruso
Why is he talking like David Caruso?
I'd go with Carrot top, David Caruso and Chuck Norris
Somewhere David Caruso is giving a toast to a gal named Iris.
Dear David Caruso - I sincerely hope the money is worth it. Sincerely.
David Caruso and The Who...solid afternoon in studio.
So now they just have to convince he is David Caruso?!
Is it me or is Jim Caviezel this era's David Caruso?
I wish I looked as cool as David Caruso does when I put on my sunglasses. 😅
It's an odd and unsettling thing when David Caruso is a sorce of comfort.
Make the case like Perry Mason, Sam Waterson or David Caruso?
me too, I have a thing for David Caruso
Something tell me is David Caruso just meme'd Don Garber to death to get Miami a team
I can't make out who that is with the mega head and the stubby little guess would be David Caruso
how can you hate David Caruso's corny one liners?
Yes he is. People shld grab Seas 1 DVD of NYPD Blue 2 understand why David Caruso became a break-out star. Tremendous actor.
Who told david caruso,who plays horatio cane in csi miami that he is the koo of all koo's. Now I see why the sho wus cancell'd.
David Caruso in csi Miami has the best hair flip of all time lol
David Caruso will always be horacio in my book
How do people take David Caruso seriously? I've tried numerous times to watch CSI: Miami but I jut can't. He's just so cheesy!
Got Jade from 1995 on on Netflix. If David Caruso doesn't keep taking off his sunglasses and saying sassy quips then I will be disappointed
that deserves the David Caruso with the sunglasses from CSI: Miami meme
David Doel and Miss Caruso have won the Horse Sport Ireland CCI2* at Camphire International. Final results can...
Why is Renner wearing sunglasses indoors in all these panel pics? Does he think he's David Caruso or something? lol
I keep waiting for David Caruso to pop out on 331...Style
Needs the The Who start playing, have David Caruso lower his sunglasses, and THEN "For Forrest Hayes, heroin was the killer app"
Haven't seen and I'm eager to, but you, me and know this shoulda been David Caruso.
David Caruso wanted for role of Detective Ziegler in the movie version of PUNK'd.
good afternoon doctor, TY. I'll assume u don't drop awful one liners at ur crime scenes like david Caruso lol...
I love David Caruso. I know it's not cool, but I do. I watch CSI: Miami. I think he's interesting.
David Doel and Miss Caruso maintain their lead in the Horse Sport Ireland CCI2* after the xc. CIC2*YR xc to start shortly.
(David Caruso voice) "Well Mr. Goldman, sounds like some investors are in for a crude- awaking~"
CSI:M was mostly good for the comedic value of David Caruso and the "Sunglasses Of Justice™!"
Is overdosing on David Caruso a BAD thing?
That movies has an overlooked Crazy Cage performance. And a David Caruso performance that is appropriately ignored.
They were dead on with their CSI Miami parody! David Caruso is a no talent ***
Heat beats the Heat , creates need for David Caruso memes | Rumors and Rants
that explains why David Caruso is staring at me
And this is Jim Carrey does David Caruso's Horatio Caine ingeniously.. . 😂😂😂.
siriusxm is playing a cruel joke by airing some off your best material the last 3 days. David Caruso soundbites. GOLD, JERRY!
"Be kind of a *** Y'know what, be David Caruso in 'Jade.'"
how about David Caruso coming back to TV with CSI:Miami
Transition lenses are great if your goal is to be David Caruso in every opening scene from CSI Miami but inside.
Look someone just tell me whether or not he says this is like if David Caruso came back to NYPD Blue.
leaving. Miami so shocked, David Caruso kept sunglasses on.
there's the Dolphins or the U or the AAA Marlins or or or... David Caruso. WON'T GET FOOLED AGAIN
In essence he chose Betty White over David Caruso
I was going for David Caruso in CSI Miami. Define 'moonlighting', please
Check out Dynamic Events by David Caruso! A newly launched website designed by Mindspike.
(David Caruso voice) I guess you could say 's attack just got a little more bite. YEAH.
And David Caruso was way cooler in NYPD Blue than he is in CSI: Miami.
I guess now David Caruso aka Horatio Caine gotta be my boo 😂😂😂😂
And for those who read the David Caruso Message Board, the chapt 1 - John Kelly NYPD story will be posted there, too!
Just saw an emoticon version of David Caruso's sunglasses pun from "CSI: Miami." The internet is an amazing place.
calling joe mangienello as Mark Harmon/David Caruso. We here he's free :)
Though back then I mainly watched because of David Caruso, but Chris raised the level of hotness even more. :D
Admit did the David Caruso thing where you paused and put on sunglasses half way through typing that, didn't you?
I tried acting like David Caruso in 'Jade' while trying to hit on a girl and got kicked in the balls. Any other suggestions?
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
My most favourite place in my room... the CSI Miami/David Caruso corner :D
avi lookin' like David Caruso on CSI: Miami 😎
"At the end of the day, if we don't hang together we will die alone." - Horatio Caine, David Caruso. CSI Miami.👏
.Just out of frame in this photo: David Caruso putting on sunglasses and making an awful pun.
*whimper*...Oh..god...*thud* Yep. Dead. Death by David Caruso Pic Overdose. My parents will be so proud...
Somebody call David Caruso he'll get to the bottom of it in Miami
David Caruso up for anything? RT2014 Emmy Nominations: What to Expect
That Folsom call girl murder sounds like something right out of CSI Miami - sans David Caruso and his sunglasses.
hey David Caruso how are you Hope you keeping well
Wowsers, David Caruso really was the center of attention in the first season of NYPD Blue. Much more ensemble after he left!
Bella,Peyton List and David Caruso for sure,I don't remember the other lmao
For some reason, I have David Caruso saying this line in my head.
your emoticon sequence just shifted David Caruso from myth to legend
Discover fun facts about David Caruso via
"If you're not willing to risk, there are no rewards." - David Caruso
By "meet", if you mean follow, I already do. Still think David Caruso saying "stay frosty" would be hilarious.
I don't know about you but *I* think we've found our next project *Does David Caruso sunglasses move*
Was David Caruso once Rick Astley? I would've changed my name too...and probably my hair color.
Alan really is the David Caruso of ROBLOX. Nice job!
Last bit about David Caruso goes unsaid obviously, since it's clear that by this point she's like in a coma of love.
William H. Macy and David Caruso are the same person.
*David Caruso removing his sunglasses as he walks into his house and softly saying "yeaah!" then wiping a tear off his cheek*
Be David Caruso in Jade, get all the ***
David Caruso reminds me of my uncle so much🙈
Guy Pearce in THE ROVER is my David Caruso in JADE
dreams. Hope to hear from you soon David Caruso?
Peter Canova My friend, Tony Dennison, is a star of the hit TV show, THE CLOSER. But in the mid-eighties, Tony starred in one of best limited-run crime series ever on the small screen. It was called CRIME STORY. It was full of up and coming stars like Steven Lang (Terra Nova), Dennis Farina (Law nd Order) and David Caruso (CSI Miami). This series was so good that it is the ONLY boxed DVD set I ever purchased in my life. What made it special? The music for one thing. The opening theme was Del Shannon's Runaway, the perfect compliment to a period piece set in the late fifities. That was another great attribute of the show that all you Mad Men fans will recognize-- the props and scenery evoking that halcyon time period of American history when the American dream was still alive. Tony played an up and coming gangster named Raymond Anthony Luca. Farina played the head of the Chicago task force assigned to bring him down. The first season started in Chicago and then switched to Las Vegas. Tony's minion, Pauli T ...
this is what I was telling you about ages ago, Jim Carrey doing a David Caruso (C.S.I)
Since Jack Palance, Martin Landau, Larry Storch and David Caruso were all in one movie, why didn't the celluloid didn't erupt into flames?
There's a David Caruso on my flight. YEA.
David CARUSO the ginger haired smooth talker I love him👄
I've missed having david caruso yell at me through my headphones
Settling in for a CSI Miami with my favorite ginger haired detective David Caruso.
Today is MCM so today I choose David Caruso as my MCM!! ❤️
"Oh you can have as many tiny boxes of Altoids as you would like, 'cause you are the best looking man in Hollywood, CSI Miami star, David Caruso." -Fabrice Fabrice
David Caruso in the Louvre of Paris 2011. Spleen of little. Which disappointment :((...
Just watching an old episode of CSI miami on 5USA. Horatio Caine so *** cool under pressure love 'H'. David Caruso we love you
Hello everybody!!!, Hello Mr. Well.. I like Mr. N. Cage..., but for me DAVID CARUSO is better.. EVER!!
I love CSI Miami but I can't stand it when David Caruso talks !!! Your trying too hard !
I just have to say David Caruso is a horrible actor ... Worse than Keanu Reeves
I love David Caruso :) CSI Miami will always be a favorite
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