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David Caruso

David Stephen Caruso (born January 7, 1956) is an American actor and producer.

Horatio Caine Hudson Hawk Sebastian Bach Hill Street Blues Christopher Walken William Shatner Dennis Franz Gary Sinise Jimmy Smits

I hope you understand David Caruso is saying this over your mangled corpse.
You need the David Caruso sunglasses gif on speed dial
oh whatever shall we do if we can't watch David Caruso remove his sunglasses-- his signature "ACTING" move.
David Caruso (remember him?) with a shaved head and 10 yrs younger.
Nah... "Wonderful Caruso" and "Much David" does it for me... So I know why H's smiling... LOL
A quick sneak peek of our work at another signature event by Dynamic Events by David Caruso. We can't wait to see...
TV PROMO PARODY. A woman is pooping on peoples' lawns in Colorado. Now it's up to David Caruso to find who it is.
NYPD Blue debuted 24 years ago today on ABC with David Caruso, Dennis Franz, James McDaniel, Nicholas Turturro.…
David Caruso and Christopher Walken star in a vampire film about possums.
Anyone tell you that you are spittin image of young David Caruso? Ever see Hudson Hawk movie? Love your music! :)
Lots of good actors in that one: Wesley Snipes, Steve Buscemi, Lawrence Fishburne, David Caruso...
I hope we can we get David Caruso to voice a part. (•_•). ( •_•)>⌐■-■. (⌐■_■). YYEEAAHH!
it sounds like... *David Caruso sunglasses action* ... North Queensland exporters are back on the table
If actor David Caruso and had a child. 😂😂😂
.Like: "I guess we'd say this pirate needed — *david caruso sunglasses* — an ARRR tra…
Maybe I will finally understand the David Caruso reference in The 40-Year-Old Virgin?
David Caruso and Gary Sinise on the set of CSI - Smile
That is David Caruso in this photo and no one can convince me otherwise.
Was the test administered by.(long dramatic pause, puts on sunglasses) David Caruso? ("Who Are You?" blasts lou…
Melodramatic actors like David Caruso put me in mind of divas: they're as melodramatic as Poe
David's, because Caruso is a wee hun ***
David Caruso is prime Elton John impressionist material.
Who's your favorite actor and what was his or her best role? — David Caruso played Horatio Caine on CSI MIAMI
A reasonable assumption, but he was named after David Caruso's character on CSI Miami bec…
David Caruso i work at the hamshere house in new york city and your daddy was a great friend would love to meet you
So the puppet equivalent of David Caruso?
*does a slow motion David Caruso sunglasses removal at meetings to command attention
Want to communicate more effectively? STC Associate Fellow David Caruso tells us how next Thursday (attend online).
No, no, NO. Watch the superior version with Stacy Keach and David Caruso.
Vander Blue, Alex Caruso, David Nwaba and Thomas Bryant played very well last night to give the Lakers there first summer league win!!
Big night for talent, as Alex Caruso, Vander Blue and David Nwaba all shined for the undermanned Lakers:
Oh *** David Caruso just used the phrase 'absconded with the money' on CSI: Miami. He's not playing.
Smh can't believe the Lakers built a superteam consisting of David Nwaba and Alex Caruso in SUMMER LEAGUE. Disgusting.
3 hours ago Kings fans were talking like they have the best young core in hoops. Then Alex Caruso and David Nwaba d…
De'Aaron Fox getting cooked by somebody named Alex Caruso and y'all think Big Baller Lonzo scared
Caruso is the guy who shows up to noonball, gets picked last and roasts everyone's ***
Alex Caruso and David Nwaba...the future is definitely here. These guys are amazing, young but they got everything we need
Vander Blue had 21 points, 6 boards. Alex Caruso had 18 points, 9 assists. David Nwaba had 13 points and 9 rebounds. # LakeShow
No word on where Alex Caruso’s Summer League statue will be erected after this. 18 points (4 3’s), 9 assists, 4 steals,…
Alex Caruso and David Nwaba is the backcourt of the country don't @ me
Alex Caruso and David Nwaba have been impressive today
Alex Caruso is up to nine points, six assists and two steals, most recently a dive to tip the ball to David Nwaba.
If Caruso makes the team, we’re gonna have David Caruso memes all season.
Wait ... did you write this so I would see David Caruso take off his glasses and then "hear" his pause? Because it worked...
I eagerly await all the incoming David Caruso jokes/memes.
David Caruso's acting was a 10. Unfortunately they were only asking for a 4.
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
CSI: Miami David Caruso as Lt. Caine in grey jacket and blue shirt 8 x 10 Inch Photo
Is that Archie or a young David Caruso😂
Was the best serial police on the world.Thanh David Caruso you are the best actor arraund the world
. Is there a worse actor in the world than David Caruso? Not while William Shatner's still kicking. It's close.
That was the least sexy attempt at a sexy movie, and I saw Jade starring David Caruso on a date once.
I wanted to do an aside about how David Caruso should always be Russell Crowe's work partner, but I…
BREAKING: Universal ready to restart Dark Universe with Leprechaun reboot starring David Caruso.
All we need is David Caruso and a pair of sunglasses.
Gotta start pulling your sunglasses off after to make your comments, a la David Carus…
Sort of going the way of David Caruso.
The whole interview I was waiting fo Norah to go David Caruso on Cohn, telling him, "G…
David Caruso blew it big time leaving this show. Not to mention he was perfect. — watching NYPD Blue
I feel like staring down the business end of a David Farentholf interview is the last place I'd ever want to be.
lets pull together! He's currently second in votes. Lets make him vote Michael Caruso David ! Last day to vote!!.
I can imagine it been nice to elbow David Caruso in the face. Did you enjoy it ?
My sweet lord David Caruso I love you and I missing you. Im waiting for you. What are you doing
Looks to me A Nice profile Ma'am. I'm a mother, wife, lover, friend - one daughter, work for BMW, from L…
Kiss Of Death, 1995, lot of star power there and that wacky ginger David Caruso
Emotional intelligence is not the opposite of intelligence.~David Caruso
David Caruso is a hack and you should be ashamed to admit this preference publicly.
David Caruso in "Kiss of Death" - Like the interaction between them so much 😊
On the positive side, he's making me agree with David Otunga about things. This is new and exciting for me!
Tune in Sunday 4 June 21.00 GMT to Radio 3 for "My Own Life," on dying & David Hume.
David Caruso is the worst actor in human history.
Beautiful picture. I too, like Caruso, CSI Miami. I live in Miami Beach. My Dads favorite song w…
"I guess you could say Eric is a. Spicely meat-a-ball" - David Caruso
David Caruso: I made the worst career move in history. Kathy Griffin: Where's my knife?
David Caruso. Not sure that's a big name though
my coworker said i'm gonna look like David Caruso when i'm older and honestly the more I look at this pic the more…
David Caruso gives this move a thumbs up
“Miami is one of the great cultural melting pots in the world. I love working and living here.” - David Caruso
Throwing back to before they were Catherine Willows & Horatio Caine, when Marg starred in Gold Coast with David Caruso (…
is not the opposite of intelligence.~David Caruso
Mydear sweet lord David Caruso this wanderful thesday to wach CSI MIAMI I Love so much from Uruguay Cecilia
Don't know his political views, but he was great in Kiss of Death with David Caruso.
David Caruso was in it. It was horrible.
Need this smile at a Monday morning - David Caruso - Horatio Caine
Clive Palmer is suing the employment minister for $10m. wonder if he wants payment in [David Caruso sunglasses] Cash
Okay but doesn't Chad Michael Murray look like a young version of David Caruso?
Reporter: This summer, the ghost of Sebastian Bach and Bryan Cranston star in "CSI Miami: The Search for David Caruso's Gold". Caruso: 💔
Reporter: Lin Manuel Miranda and the ghost of Sebastian Bach just won a Tony for their Broadway hit "Caruso". David Caruso: Oh come on!
Lawyer: The estate of Sebastian Bach is suing you. David Caruso: Looks like I'll be living on (removes sunglasses) skid row. YEAAA!
I could overcome my aversion to David Caruso in 'NYPD Blue' because of Dennis Franz, but 'CSI: Miami'? Urgh.
I went from a guy, kind of a working actor, a supporting player, to mag...
Looks like someone's in a *takes off sunglasses like David Caruso* fowl mood.
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Had this confused with David Caruso for a moment; that was an episode of CSI: Miami I never saw coming
Team "Be David Caruso in Jade" at this morning's Beer and Pancakes 5k
reading about david caruso's "behavior" & it sounds exactly like this client I used to have who went off the rails & showed up at my apt
At some point I hope we as a city forget about David Caruso and fully embrace Jimmy Smits.
Sorry... David Caruso - infamous in Hollywood for being extremely difficult to work wit…
It's Friday night with David Caruso!Cute picture of David.Might be time for a CSI binge-a-thom
There is one looker Just love David Caruso!
Kiss of Death, Hudson Hawk and Session 9... three great movies that show the range of David Caruso
David Caruso exited ABC’s “NYPD Blue” early in season two on this day in 1994 for what he thought is a career in...
The show is really enjoyable and David Caruso is great.
Thanks to David Caruso for a fabulous Oral History workshop this morning at Atlanta
Please don't take offense Holt I just never cared for David Caruso. Didn't even know you were in it until seeing the photo
Oral history workshop at hss. David Caruso Presenting. "Do you think other sources are not biased?!"
Guy's going to win a Pultizer for his reporting on Trump charities. WaPo's David Fahrenthold will join me…
They should have sprayed David Satanic Duke instead
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
The world needs now is more David Caruso one-liners.
his plastic surgeon should be fired, he looks like a melted david Caruso with a faker hairpiece
Why does look like he got a ton of plastic surgery to look like David Caruso from CSI Miami
If only I was punny enough to insert a David Caruso quote here
I'd rather watch CSI Miami now, just to see David Caruso...certainly not AR and his enormous talent
David Caruso held up CSI Miami. And now AR thinks he's an enormous talent on CM...Please
does this beat David Caruso's CSI Miami signature move?.
Man, David Caruso has really fallen on hard times ...
Only thing that would have made it better is if he'd had a David Caruso pun to go with it.
Can someone complete the picture and start writing David Caruso lines for him? Thanks.
Sophia Anne Caruso: 'I was in awe of David Bowie'
Okay so possibilities to replace Thomas Gibson. Laurence Fishburne (absolute YES), David Caruso, Bill from 24 or Lance Reddick.
David Caruso and Kim Delaney head a team of forenic scientists who sol https…
Integrity and sweetness of Horatio Caine is special for David Caruso.!!!
Horatio Caine interpreted by David Caruso one of the best actors in film, TV and the theatre.!
Didn't nobody care about Hummers till David Caruso aka Horatio Caine did big things in a fly ***
Is Nathan Fillion this generations David Caruso, forgot that he was part of a team? Took years for anyone to trust Caruso again
David Caruso, is more at the Johnny Drama level of acting
David singing can you feel the love tonight via i showed this to Mrs. Caruso
That sweet smile, those blue eyes & that sultry voice of David Caruso. Who could ask for more? 😊💕
Vintage photo of David Caruso and Linda Fiorentino in Robert Evans's film "Jade"
Any story you've heard of my behavior is probably true.
I loved this cover as a kid. Also, since when did David Caruso write cheesy taglines for comics?
You haven't been going to your David Caruso rehab have you?
You've seen what is doing with the David Caruso sunglasses meme?
In Hollywood, if you have any success, you have this fear: What do you have...
BIG PAPI!. David Ortiz with the walk-off hit in the 11th inning against the Astros
I'll make you famous when I pull the trigger in your ear/You'll be dead with a red head, like David Caruso's career.
I this won't be a David Caruso, NYPD BLUE decision.
Today's Feature at My Haiku Pond:. road atlas. the plans we made. in thin, blue ink. David Caruso (USA). Commended at HaikuNow! 2013
Laptop insurance - because accidents happen!
Ouzo and David Caruso sounds like potentially a terrible night!
I had to write a poem at Traverse theatre yrs ago...only thing I could think that would rhyme with Ouzo was...David Caruso 😂
We're furious! How dare you kidnap David Caruso and hold him for ransom?! . (PSA: We will not pay any ransom. Keep him!)
To be fair better that David Caruso goes glasses off rather than jacket off.
With CSI ending, let's revisit all those times David Caruso put on his sunglasses and said a one-liner:
thx you give us Fans our beloved CSI MIAMI every sunday with the best actor David Caruso. Thank you again.
My visibility may have gotten Hollywood to redefine what's attractive.
I like the film, but can never unsee that David Caruso meme.
- I used to love David Caruso so much!
David Caruso is 1 hot red head & holds a special place in many hearts around the world.
LOL Yes..I take my coffee with David Caruso!
2002, the pilot episode of CSI: Miami aired, the world forever changed by David Caruso's one-liners
Damian Lewis, Eric Stoltz, Conan O'Brien, David Caruso : I will never let you down!
Like the way Charles Lucas dramatically takes his glasses off when it's his turn to answer a question, a reverse David Caruso... 😁
Looking to expand your TechComm role? David Caruso and Todd DeLuca will explore some options for technical...
Ya know, I've never seen Anthony Michael Hall and David Caruso in the same room at the same time.
no love for Wentworth miller? The valedictorian of the David Caruso academy for the performing arts?
There's nothing I can say to make Hudson Hawk successful. I mean, David Caruso's in it. Enough said.
My mther shouldn't be allowed the internet. She rang me tonight to tell me David Caruso was dead, she read it on ign forums dated 2009
A great interview by ET with the great David Caruso...
The source of all our troubles is David Caruso? Yes, yes indeed. This post has been fixed for your enjoyment.
This embarrassing and dates the *** out of me, but I actually threw a David Caruso party in college.
Drive swapping is more David Caruso one-liners.
have you ever seen me and David Caruso in the same room?
David Caruso left NYPD thinking he'd be the next Hollywood superstar.Did a film or two then settled back into his level of TV
Karath: Our sphinx can swim?!. Dalius: Of course our sphinx can swim. Vaughan: And she's doing a SPHINX PADDLE
I'm also a big super duper fan of David Caruso( Lt.Horatio Caine) off CSI Miami...
David Caruso is gonna try to blow poor Bob Russo.
no I'm David Caruso and you can't tell me what to do
David Caruso voted in the STC election. Have you? If you're a member, it's not too late. Polls are open until Friday…
It's always so sad to see popular tv stars get humbled when they try and get on the silver screen. Looking at you, too, David Caruso.
Exactly. I tried doing a David Caruso impersonation too, but the DM was having none of it.
I did it for ALL FanGirls of David Caruso. Happy to ALL Women!
I love David Caruso. I know it's not cool, but I do. I watch CSI: Miami. I ...
David Caruso one liners keep me going
Today was the 5th anniversary of when me and Turk met David Caruso on a Ferris wheel... — watching Scrubs
In my universe CSI Miami, New York, and Cyber do not exist. I'm much happier for it. In fact David Caruso doesn't exist at all. 📺📺📺📺
"seems like they...". *David Caruso slides sunglasses on, looks to the horizon*. "...Took out the trash"
David Caruso as Horatio in CSI Miami. That's some funny entertainment. lmao
this movie. oh boy. Kiss of Death really walks the line of really bad/amazing. pleated khakis and david caruso. it's amazing
Would LOVE talk about David Caruso's performance in Proof of Life.
Just today I realized david caruso and william h macy arent the same person
My favorite is the one where Gabriel trapped them in a TV universe and they did their David Caruso imitations.
Finished Hill Street Blues last nite. On to NYPD Blue but I can't stand David Caruso so I'm starting at se2ep5. Bobby Simone!
This *** David Caruso claims he's now writing a book.
Rob Lowe pulled a David Caruso and decided he was too big.
Having a little boy has taken me to a very deep place. I am starting to rea...
An excellent presentation on emotional intelligence by Yale's David Caruso at the OBA's Enterprising Lawyer Series
Rising probate fees are going international (the UK and Australia this week):.
Yale's David Caruso at OBA Enterprising Lawyer: Emotional intelligence enhances your career.
you aren't half the Caruso David is.
When watching early episodes of Hill Street Blues, look out for David Caruso as the world's least likely gang leader
and yeah, that readhead there is a young David Caruso, as possibly the only cop with some sense.
: Looking forward to the upcoming webinar with David Caruso:
Pacioretty has 1 goal while sharing the ice with David Desharnais this season, and Desharnais wasn't involved at all.
It's taken me a long time to get back into the industry. People were not re...
Bought this one for my collection this morning :).
Always good to see Gary Sinise because you know David Caruso didn't get the invite.
Shakespeare or David Caruso?! He's not attractive enough to be David Caruso
(in my David Caruso, CSI:Miami voice) "Well Frank, I guess we now know the cost for... Keeping Up With The Kardashians."
Pres David Caruso: better health and rehabilitation the key to reduce reoffending
Mental, physical and social ill-health is rife among prison populations.
god dammit now I gotta go find a David Caruso CSI Miami montage lmao
At 55:45 you will see a scene with the late Dennis Farina (who was a neighbor of mine) and David Caruso on the...
😆 and thank you for this many amazing 👍 👌 pictures of David Caruso 💖
So that's what happened to David Caruso...
RANCH MIRAGE is WEST CAMP DAVID /secret intel headquarters there too...beautiful weather n golf..
The car chase in JADE is so ridiculous. Mostly the David Caruso reaction shots.
Are you sure that's not Larry David playing Bernie?
we did but ref didn't see it. Caruso was calling for it as well as David
for David Caruso: My Quest for Ryan's Hope ep 378 via
It really comes down to the fact that, because I was perceived as a bad guy...
you know, the guy with the red hair, who was in the show?. David Caruso?. YES
We had a great time on with sharing our Love the Ride package:
a guy named David Caruso, yes like the actor. So you see? You are that girl 1989. Kisses? I love you baby bear. So, much.❤️™
All purpose parts banner
David Caruso needs to do more TV series
Psychologist David Caruso explains how to get better at expressing your feelings
How about a David Caruso from CSI: Miami bitmoji!
*reassuring voice* I put on my sunglasses like david caruso just like everyone else
Instead of mic drop, had you been David Caruso in CSI, the sunglasses come off after "Rubio," and "YEEEAH!" happens after TWIX
Ah, the David Caruso school of emotional responses.
If Renee Russo married David Caruso how fun her hyphenated last name would be to say?
the revolution will be televised... scripted... choreographed... this is... *David Caruso voice* liberal feminism
David Caruso is absolutely irreplaceable on CSI Miami
David Caruso one liners just kill me everytime lmao
I was a guy who abandoned a TV show. I didn't care about people.
We had so much fun today shooting new photos for our website! Thank you Annie Caruso , David Appel and Salon Coco Bond !
David Desharnais has had 0 shots on net in 4 of his last 7 games. He also has 0 points, and is minus 6 in that time.
Such a great time shooting our new website photos yesterday. Thank you David Appel Photography, Salon Coco Bond, and Annie Caruso.
Who is David Caruso in this version?
If given the ability to phone the past, I'm torn between aborting the Challenger launch and telling David Caruso to stay on NYPD Blue.
David Caruso made me do it. You might say my originality is *shot*
Am I the only person that would like "The View" hosts replaced once a week with Jeff Goldblum,William Shatner,David Caruso,and Chris Walken?
Good evening or Good morning to all my followers and David Caruso fans. Hope everyone has a good evening and a good day☺️☺️
I accidentally used garlic butter for my French toast and I blame David Caruso.
David Caruso cannot be the first thing I see on tv. Isn't that a bad omen to my day off?
Happy Birthday,Dear David Caruso,I wish u all the worlds luck,health and love in your live.Your the simply the best http…
another great movie. Christopher Walken. Wesley Snipes. David Caruso. Laurence (back then Larry) Fishburne.
OK come down here and say that to my face David Caruso(aka Horatio Caine)
David Caruso as Irish gang member, Hill Street Blues. On right now.
tyou mean David Caruso right? Jimmy Smits' last season is when I started watching. Looking forward to finally watching it all
Bernard Sumner and David Caruso are the same person now?
Just correctly identified David Caruso in this 'Hill Street Blues' rerun, so you can imagine how much I've grown in stature around my house.
Who doesn't love the opening scene from Rambo? Plus Sly, Richard Crenna and Brian Dennehy and a young David Caruso.
The Oral History Committee is sponsoring a CE course on oral history in Toronto by David Caruso of the Chemical Heritage Foundation
Because he's not played by David Caruso...
Please tell me David Caruso is involved.
I'm not sure clay aiken and david caruso aren't also hobbits who knows how deep this could go
He's like if Clay Aiken and David Caruso had a son. If not, then I think I don't know what Big Ed looks like.
Sorry for the Stupid Question but was is a Global David Caruso Watch?☺
I drew it. To and ALL Fans of David Caruso born under zodiac sign
if David Caruso shows up with his sunglasses I'm going to die
I'm never using tha David Caruso meme. It raises the stakes way too high.
"Inspiring...The students/facilitators are committed to change" Rebecca Caruso h…
//Now that's a tough one! From a quick search, I recommend Danny Bonaduce, David Caruso, and Michael Fassbender.
David Caruso would be desperate, not your dog! That wld be beyond preferable to Betsy
I'd ask abt going back in time, making sure David Caruso doesn't quit NYPD Blue & CSI Miami never exists. *Daltrey scream*
God *** it, how does "Deep Dream David Caruso" not return any Google image results?
I like such comps. The video of David Caruso putting on sunglasses is a shining one.
God, can imagine that. True Detective. Circa 1995. Caruso. Pullman. Fiorentino. I'm telling you.
That said, it's a show that is crying out for Caruso (preferably in the Vaughn role). Only man who could sell a line like 'not my bandwidth'
I'm now imagining David Caruso saying my horrible attempt at a joke in CSI Miami voice. The ellipses is his jam.
Watching CSI: Miami with my parents and I'm happy to report they agree that David Caruso is a terrible actor.
Deep live super long lives with their unique skeletons
Would you say he's gonna be . *puts on shades*. a serious player?. YEEEAH. [this David Caruso meme copyright CSI]
may be weird & different but it's still the best cop show on tv since David Caruso left NYPD Blue
i had forgotten how cheesy David Caruso's lines in CSI: Miami were.
Did you know David Caruso is a Republican?
I Am David by Zach Caruso now playing on
Forgot my glasses at work again today, so tonight it's gonna be all CSI:Miami intro at my house tonight, with me as David Caruso.
David Caruso called. He thinks that pun is terrible.
over the past decade... We thank all the producers... and its talented cast, led by David Caruso, for 10 outstanding seasons."
So excited, David Caruso one of a kind, altime favorite actor. Ready, to watch blue eyes.
my favourite program! I look forward to csi Miami, David Caruso is a legend x
Might be the best cold press I've ever had! Go try the David Caruso at the Lake and Bryant
David Caruso to portray Roger Goodell in upcoming Lifetime Network Bio-Pic.
Congrats to Greater Milwaukee Foundation, Majic Productions, Dynamic Events by David Caruso for 100 years of...
I forgot that David Caruso and Nicolas Cage did a movie together. This sounds like the kind of thing I should watch lmao.
Nic Cage & David Caruso in Kiss of Death, this should be good...
So many now well-known actors in this joint..they're all so young. Larry Fishburne. Wesley Snipes. David Caruso. Giancarlo Esposito
Is it just me or does Brian Jean look like what you'd get if you spliced together William H. Macy, David Caruso & Jason Bateman
I bet David Caruso's internal monologue is even more dramatic than his CSI Miami character.
Heart of Caruso is the name of the band I'm in. My name is Libby. Huge fan of David Caruso so we named band after him.
I want to see CSI: Miami and Arrow. Really just put an arrow in to David Caruso torso
So in short, if you don't hear from me tomorrow morning, imagine a CSI situation. Send David Caruso and the sunglasses.
Really have to get back to Dinner for Five.RTAbout the Time David Caruso Literally Nearly Killed David Milch
David Caruso was doing so much I couldn’t look away.
now I need one with the glassed pushed down just a little, for use in David Caruso/CSI Miami memes. thx.
Governor General David Johnston talks volunteering with me in minutes. We talk with Katie Caruso our US election correspondent after 10!
A special guest on the show today! Governor General David Johnston joins me just after 9 AM. We talk Hillary Clinton with Katie Caruso
About the only movies that I ever felt get under my skin were The 6th Sense and, oddly enough, this one called Session 9 with David Caruso.
I'm wearing these to RF. Just so I can pull a David Caruso
I guess he served life! In your best David Caruso voice. .que the Who
I would love to be David Caruso's co-partner on the team.
Start talking like everything is so important like David Caruso in CSI
Switching from glasses to sunglasses makes me feel like David Caruso 😎
Sometimes when I see David driving I get scared.
Me to myself: why would you say that?. Myself to me: *drops shades* why wouldn't i?. Me to myself: who do you think you are?. *David Caruso*
David Wall has collected Caruso at the final turn. Caruso has rejoined
Sonia does David Caruso follow you sweetie?
VA makes little headway in effort to cut waits for care: . (by David B. Caruso, Associated Pre...
When i read 'it's her turn,' I recall the South Park episode when Ike does his David Caruso impression.
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