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David Carr

David Duke Carr (born July 21, 1979) is an American football quarterback for the New York Giants of the National Football League.

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Nate Peterman is young QB and reminds me of David Carr but with growth and experience will become a future MVP of this league
Former Giants backup QB David Carr has some things to say about New York benching Eli Manning
I really miss you, Michael Kelly, David Carr, and Christopher Hitchens.
Derek Carr loser brother David Carr is big mad 😂😂😂😂
If this were true, then David Carr or Ken Auletta would've been able to confirm stories of sexual assault sixteen y…
Browns passed on Russell Wilson, David Carr, Kirk Cousins, Dak Prescott, why all the focus now by passing on Wentz & Watson?
In some alternate offensive line universe Joey Harrington and David Carr were the manning v brady rivalry
Julius Peppers and Dwight Freeney were drafted same year as David Carr and Joey Harrington. Peppers is on pace for ~15 sacks.
The last time the Browns played without Joe Thomas, they lost to David Carr: I bet ol David Carr would have loved him some Joe Thomas.
They’re sufficiently loser-ish that they didn’t notice. David Carr would have noticed.
That is not correct, though. Derek Anderson beat the Bills in 2009 with two completions and David Carr beat…
And David Carr completed 3 passes against Houston in the weirdest game e…
Derek Carr doesn’t just have football know-how. He has the attitude, too, and it comes out on the basketball court…
. D. Carr, david johnson, McKinnon for dez and Adrian peterson . Who wins?
An unprecedented football education turned QB Derek Carr into one of the best in football
"Mozart could never check into a man-beating route if he got a good look" Brilliant from on Derek Carr
"First of all, he'll dunk on my little son. He had absolutely no remorse," David Carr talking about Derek Carr. God I love being a raider.
Eh on second thought it might be David Carr working on a comeback tour
Not sure red Louis Carr y/b going for Peter schroeck and David Walsh at the back
He could’ve easily ended up like David Carr with the Texans. Throwing a qb into the fire can ruin a good qb and make it moot
Can Derek Carr save the Raiders' season? An examination of a very modern quarterback:
Wentz would become David Carr 2.0, and again, Cousins is leaving
“David Carr once took me to the page one meeting. Was a slow news day, but still fascinating.” by
And David Carr is the consummate qb his arm never varied fr…
Honestly Lmaoo wentzcock had a good game but don’t say he’s mvp just cuz of one game lmao David Carr *** ***
Thanks to my Spiritual Father Rev'd David Carr for visiting us this morning. We prepared English Tea. We both wearing similar colour shirts.
Ricky Gervais, David Mitchell, Jimmy Carr, Lee Mack and the list goes on!
Simply sublime 😱 . star David Foley grabs our Goal of the Weekend with this outrageous strike from dist…
If you have video proof ill believe ya. I said they would go 10-6 with wentz having a David carr like 2nd year.
Tbf, I'm not placing blame solely on Tim Couch (much like…
What could he win in Houston with no D and David Carr and Matt Schaub as his QB's? Still those guys put up numbers.
David Carr my brother in law took a pic wit u right b4 he die I would like 2 get it signed by u for his son please
Still hanging with pal Jeffery Lord? Kills me that David Carr picked you.
Watching the media tiptoe around its decades long silence on makes me miss David Carr even more ferociously
Even David Carr's coworkers confuse the two
David Carr is the MAN wears those sneakers well with every suit
David Carr wasn't a bust, he was nearly beaten to death when Tony Boselli hurt his back and left his blindside vuln…
I love that Tom Coughlin quote that David Carr just dropped on NFL Network. "Your actions speak so loud, I can't hear what you're saying."
should I sir David Carr for DeShawb Watson and or sit him for another quarterbak Carson Palmer, Wentz, or Dalton who are available
started David Carr instead of Russell Wilson & Sproles instead of Jordan Howard in my flex. I literally quit football.
I say Russell Wilson in one league fo Carson Wentz and in another for David Carr so I am clearly a fantasy football…
David Carr announces the five schools he will take official visits to. .
Raider fans be like: "David Carr is already better than Drew Brees foo.."
Click on that link. The Texans won 24-3 despite 26 carries for 37 yards and David Carr having more s…
The Sun will burn your eyes out from 92 million miles away, and you expect to casually stroll into the presence of its creator?. ~ David Carr
Dalton is gonna learn what it was like to be David Carr.
Jimmy Clausen, Matt Moore, David Carr, Vinny T, Chris Weinke and he STILL put up HOF numbers...
Just remember Brian Westbrook was once a great corner that came cheap too until David Carr shredded him
OR they start Mitchell game 3, he goes down the David Carr route and I officially convert to a Broncos fan. BOOK IT!
It's a shame George Rogers and David Carr keep LT and Julius Peppers off this list
David Carr went Vince Young went and it was clear Young was not a prototype NFL QB you could see it miles away
“Amanda Hess is a David Carr fellow at The New York Times.”
Jordan Hicks will have him looking like David Carr
theres 3... Eric fisher and Alex Smith and David Carr
David Carr and Eric Fisher although Utah wasn't Power 5 when Smith went
David Carr (and Owen Daniels) think Zack Snyder should keep directing movies. 🚮
Eisen, Mayock, DJ, Irvin, Charles Davis, Kim Jones all terrific as always. Thought Greg Olsen, Steve Smith, and David Carr were home runs.
David Carr passed away 2 years ago. Here's one of his inspiring articles on and
Or does David Carr put up a fight? We not counting Lorenzo Neal right?
David carr_ we must plan practically for scotland's nuclear-free future _ commonspace ... -
Boy, David Carr really has a face for television. Yessir. Just gonna watch NFL Network for a minute if you'll excuse me...
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they watch from the NFL that's all ... like some *** don't know David Carr was that *** 😭
would have probably destroyed Dak's confidence never to be regained again (see David Carr).
You cannot have zeke in this conversation if david johnson isnt in it. You cannot have dak in this conversation is…
The Raiders NEED to sign David Carr to play against Houston this weekend.
Couldn't have hurt. At least the next guy would have him. Assuming he didn't go all David Carr.
Glad Houston fans aren't this way. I still love David Carr😂
he's not. Brady, Ryan, Carr, Zeke, and David Johnson didn't suck for 5 weeks.
Sam is the man reminds me pf arron rogers and david carr
David Carr looks like an oil can fell on his head...
No disrespect to David Wesley but Austin Carr is still my favorite local pbp guy.
David Carr should just go in his brother's stead
look at David Carr ...was not ready.but made sure his brutha was .everybody knocked his brutha 4 it
I know his offense is pretty non existent but Jared Goff had an all time stinker of a season. . To put it in perspe…
Del Rio compares Carr's absence to losing Charles Woodson. Has leadership qualities that can't be replaced by one person.
I love how David Carr is described in interview: 'Seriousness of purpose, unending sense of fun.' …
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The Raiders, especially given opponent, should sign David Carr for the playoff game
Rams boo boo, USC boo boo, David Carr hurt now the Raiders boo boo.
[NFL: Videos] - David Carr: Connor Cook or Matt McGloin have to step up - NFL Videos
I also think David Carr is a top candidate. Maybe 1 or 2. That team is no…
I forgot David Carr won a 💍 as Eli's backup. he still shows bitterness towards the Texans but he's pretty good on commentary.
We need to embrace being hated, being the outsider, being so *** good at job none can dismiss. e.g., David Carr
They're better off finding other pieces first WR1, building OL first anyways so the QB doesn't get killed like David Carr.
When David Carr's season ended so did the season, they just don't know it yet.
they punked my Raiders real good. Not sure we can even win another game without David Carr.
Remember David Carr's rookie year where he set the record for sacks taken? That was a 14.6%. Cunningham '86 was 25.6%.
OPOY is stats, MVP is valuable. Pats going 3-1 w/o TB prov…
Sorta random, but Carr in the Shallows quoted David Foster Wallace and then went on to call him troubled in re: his…
The only real MVP candidates are tom Brady, AROd, Matt Ryan, maybe Carr, and OPOY should be David Johnson
David Moyes will do anything to try and get his hands on a trophy.
I understand that, Dak, ARod, Brady, Carr, Ryan, and David Johnson are tough to debate IMO.
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Derek and David Carr – hilarious outtakes from EECU commercials
So is Matt Ryan. So is Russell Wilson and David Carr before he was injured. But not interested in arguing. They are…
David Y R U being such a hater?I don't know any Chiefs fan that celebrated when Carr got hurt. Lay off my QB
without a decent line, Carson will be David Carr, instead of Carson Palmer
would it kill the media to ask some player related questions. How about Doug what was you evaluation of David carr. that matters
Eli Manning was the worst. Mcadoo an *** Easily could of been david carr and ended giants season. Esp against a rival
Luck cut down on turnovers only to get sacked like he David Carr smfh
It SHOULD be David Johnson bro honestly but maybe he can get offensive player oty. Carr was going off too i would h…
HR 41 - Congratulating David Carr on his retirement as superintendent of the Stanton Independent School D...
Raiders should sign David Carr to take them to the ship
Here’s the closest I can come. Remember how insane David Carr’s rookie year was when he set the sack record? That w…
We gonna need DAVID CARR!! Game up ur bro to the playbook and let the CARRs roll!!
David Carr plays for the Raiders now?
They should sign DAVID CARR to be starting qb. Would be a ratings monster.
See what David Carr had to say about Derek's recovery and more. LISTEN --->
*** ruined the careers of Gary Kubiak and David Carr, making them both exit the game sooner than they should.
Team has no backbone without Carr, PIT and CIN lost QB last year did fine, we lose Carr and were a crappy team again.
Steve Smith prime was wasted with David Carr, Jimmy Clausen, Matt Moore, Vinny Testeverde.
Derek, David Carr lobby for Bakersfield WR prospect to attend
Where was this support when McMoney was unfairly jumped by Matt Schaub & David Carr's lil brother?. Sorry. Bandwago…
Feel bad for David Carr and the Raiders. Was looking forward to them giving Brady and the N.E. Cheaters a run for their money for AFC title
in honor of Simms calling the game guys have 'David Carr' listed on your podcast. Cheers!
One more show before the holiday break! Rene Rivera, David Carr, and a pair of opening week Tix to giveaway tomorrow night 6-9
me and Carmen are shaking our heads at David Carr
Todd Gurley fooled everyone his rookie year. He's going to be the David Carr of RBs. Completely hollowed out into a shell of what he was.
Rolling Stone's story by Sean Penn is "hot flaming mess," explains , longing for David Carr
Would you geniuses stop referring to Derek Carr as David Carr. Do you job please!
CDHS Xmas *** Mulled wine and talk by Dr David Carr, Medicine on Combe Down over the years. CD School Hall, Summer Lane, 14 Dec, 1930
Working on your grand plan is like shoveling snow that hasn't fallen yet. Just do the next right thing -David Carr
How I just put my arm around David carr and pulled him close 😂😍
A crowd favorite tonight . David Carr stayed for awhile and signed many autographs.
David Carr's Night of the Gun is a fantastic read so far, and just keeps getting better. Definitely recommend it.
He's kind of a big deal. David Carr stayed a long time after tonight's game, shaking hands and taking pictures.…
Just watched David Lynch's The Elephant Man and all I can say is wow.
David Carr beat his wife. I'm sure he would have been on top of this story.
What will it mean to be human in the age of machine learning and artificial intelligence? Call for submissions
Defending champ and Cadet world bronze medalist David Carr in the hole on mat 8.
My Wife: Is Derek Carr related to David Carr?. Me: Yup, they're brothers. My Wife: Huh... good looking family. Me: 😳
LOL suggesting David Carr went full "Luke Skywalker" and just cut the hand off in order to get back in the game. Too funny!! 😂
David Carr territory, plus having a starting QB that you essentially pay no money to? That's gold
Asked a Director of Player Personnel why so many teams missed on Derek Carr. Reply: "David Carr"
David Carr, not Derek Carr. Look him up. It's his brother who started too soon on a garbage team and got his career ruined.
A favourite guilty pleasure. I wish we had a David Carr or David Foster Wallace writing about them. Come back to Ja…
Jim Caldwell has managed to take Dan Marino and turn him into David Carr in just 3 years
Jim Harbaugh tried to disrespect Derek Carr by accepting that penalty...that is not David Carr out there bruh
Okay scratch that, Fitzpatrick is complete *** cheeks. He's like.. David Carr had
Congrats to Kurt McHenry, Vito Arujau, David Carr, Jacob Warner and coach Brandon Slay, who was inducted as a...
David Carr really wrote a fantastic story about Hoffman. The story conveys an impressive image of the actor…
Y'all wasn't riding with the Panthers when David Carr and Jimmy Clausen was starting at QB 😭
why does David Carr look like George Hamilton?
the kid David Carr wore his ring during games and he turned out so well that he won a Super Bowl.
In the last 18 months, two deaths have knocked the wind out of me: David Carr and now Bill Cunningham.
David Carr might be drunk on the network rn... jus said Rivers & Stafford are 2 of the most UNDERRATED QBs? & Stafford is a sneaky SB pick
Here’s one TV show where it will be hard to top reality. Jeez, I miss David Carr.
TV series about Twin Cities writer, editor David Carr in the works: via
TV series about Twin Cities native David Carr in the works, based on his best-selling memoir
in football would you trade Davonte Freeman and David Carr for lamer Miller, I have Cam Newton
Cody Kessler's mentor David Carr: 'He can absolutely be the ...
NFL network: "tune in Monday night as tim Tebow and David Carr settle the great all time QB debate". 1. Neither of them are good. . 2. Brady.
Tonight I've been re-watching David Carr videos. The man was a genius
All purpose parts banner
Fans cheered for Courtney Brown, JRussell, David Carr, but boo'd Mario Williams and Cam Newton? 😂😂
NFL Busts Jamrcus Russel,David Carr,Ryan Leaf , Manziel,Mallett if they were at a party here's what would happen lol.
Eli Manning, Peyton Manning, Trent Dilfer, David Carr & Drew Bledsoe were drafted in the Top 10 and won the Super Bowl.
The scene from the NY Times docu "Page One" where David Carr rips the Vice guy a new one is one of the most satisfying things ever.
The offensive line is coming together and picking up a unique nickname. Carr Insurance:
David Carr of the New York writers, and too little about the numbers. This would have been our standard of newsworthy.
they just put a vid up on yahoo sports of you telling David Carr to sit Derek Carr
idk but I hope he's not related to David Carr or Derek
If you're interested in that backstory, you'll find it here. Written by the late David Carr, naturally:
>> Elliot Harrison and David Carr discuss sitting Derek Carr in fantasy
I wish David Carr was alive to voice his thoughts on Trump & the GOP collapse . ❤️
I wish David Carr would've quit when the Texans told him his pops couldn't come around all the time.
Hey quick question fellas. I am trying the David Carr hairstyle and people look at me weird. Is that normal?
"I shine when I rhyme, like a mother nature star. You *** always backing up like you was David Carr"
Making it easier to fire teachers won't fix American education
"Kubiak would definitely know what to do with [Paxton Lynch]". Could Denver go QB in 1st rd?. https:…
Ritual Abuse and the Luciferian Connection Exposed- David and Donna Carr... via
Thrilled to hear my old neighbor is taking on David Carr's column Hope all his stories are exposés on Brooklyn lofts
Book of the Moment: THE MURDERS AT ASTAIRE CASTLE-an excellent & love story w/ touch of h…
Book Review: Grab this & trust me, U’ll be hooked! Lauren Carr's THREE DAYS TO FOREVER: http…
Dave Chappelle narrowly beat David Hume and David Carr to face off David Lynch in the finals, after Lynch narrowly took Foster Wallace.
Proud of all the winners, but especially so of own David Carr. David is retiring this month. …
Ya, just like he thought David Carr was the one. Nice first rd. pick Charlie
This is the guy who drafted Heath Shuler and David Carr. I get why he'd say that.
Gary Define, David Carr, and Emil Soehnlen all win and are in the quarters tomorrow
I always enjoyed the work of David Carr. Here's a sampling of his best writing.
Newton's Duncan Lee will face sixth-ranked David Carr of Pleasant Valley in the next round of 182 consolation action tonigh…
When I said put that boy in the paper I did not mean my nephew Gary I was asking for Nick or Logon or David Carr. Thanks
Business news from AARA Inc! David Carr's daughter posts tender tribute on anniversary of his death
. QB coach -- David Carr. OL coach -- Logan Mankins. DB coach -- Ricky Manning. They had the whole thing filled out
Loving the David Carr playlist on spotify.
This is cherry-picking. David Carr and Joey Harrington don't count as 02 starters for what reason?
is it fair to say John McPhee, David Carr and Bill Simmons are the Bill Walsh/Bill Parcells of today's non-fiction world?
liked your Wentz COW article. Chad Pennington wasn't great but I don't think he was JP Losman, Rex Grossman, David Carr etc bad
After a long search, named the paper's media columnist to replace the late David Carr.
Former Texans QB David Carr calls out Brian Hoyer, says team should have drafted brother.
If doesn't send Sean Penn to interview Miguel Herrera then I guess journalism really is deader than David Carr.
you had David Carr, he as Texans first QB. Think you meant Derek Carr, his brother with the Raiders.
you're team hasn't won anything.. Ever.. Cept one of the major 1st rd draft pick busts in David Carr and Clowney. Lol!
Reminds me of when Gary Kubiak benched David Carr and put in Sage Rosenfels.
To trade David Carr for Mark Sanchez and Latavius Murray for Bronko Nagurski (at $50 mil).
MIT final results- David Carr first place Gary Define and Emil Soehnlen finish third and Zach Blackiston takes 6th
Copley's Antwon Pugh ejected at MIT after semi loss to national No. 1 David Carr of Massillon Perry.
So... how is that Jadeveon Clowney doing it? not even a 5 sack guy? still worth it more than Teddy Bridgewater or David Carr??
From media lessons learned in 2015, including what I learned from David Carr https:…
OTOH David Carr is one of our paper's main "Northern Lights" but only a sidebar in the NYT's "The Lives They Lived"
Had a blast tonight with my sister Ashley Carr and brother in law.. David Carr and Debbie Bomar Dale and Chris...
David Carr is as good as Joe Montana and drew brees
Jarod Verkleeren-David Carr meet in an OT thriller with an Ironman title on the line! https…
Men from Otter Tail Co, MN who enlisted in forces David Carr, Henry Comstock, Jimmy Robinson, Harrison Webster, Wright
My man David Carr making moves, congrats bro!
Acclaimed writer David Carr died this year alongside his beloved investigative journalism
have you heard of Blaine Gabbert? Manziel, Bortles, Cutler, David Carr, JRussell, Akili Smith, Leaf, Jason Campbell, RG3, Tannehill
Watching "Page One: Inside the New York Times" with my journalism students, and I'm missing David Carr and his observations all over again.
Derek Carr has only 4 points for the first half so I'm gonna call him David Carr until he shapes up.
David Carr,Martavis Bryant,Carlos Hyde..That's only a few we passed on..WHEN IS RAY FARMER GOING?
David Carr, Todd Gurley, Chris Ivory, and Stefon Diggs on my fantasy team and I'm about to be 2-7 ☺
One time I, with the backing of 90% of Candlestick Park, cheered for David Carr to replace A. Smith. He got in...
JT O'Sullivan, Troy Smith and David Carr beg to differ
let's hope we can start getting him used to it. I really hope we don't ruin him with crap OL like David Carr
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if you don't know the Jimmy Clausen, Matt Moore, and David Carr years you don't understand what these wins mean.
Our last QBs was Matt Moore, Jimmy Clausen, and David Carr breh Cam Newton is a blessing
if had the choice from this point forward David Carr, Andrew Luck franchise QB, It's not a lock that I'd choose the later
Did not know David Carr got a ring...thats wussup
Ouch! One of life's greatest ironies. David Carr has a Super Bowl ring.
This consecutive completions records shouldn’t count if it spans multiple games. David Carr is the NFL’s Roger Maris.
I added a video to a playlist Kara Swisher, Jonah Peretti, Shane Smith, and David Carr on New and Old
draft a qb in the first round. We haven't drafted one in the first round since David Carr
These Royals hits are coming like David Carr sacks back in the day in H-Town. Fast, furious and frequent.
With 22 sacks so far, Russell Wilson is on pace to finish the season with over 70, surpassing David Carr in '…
help! David Carr was hit low by Von Miller. Flag was tossed. Roughing the passer. Where was this call for Big Ben?
are there any waiver wire qbs you like this week over David Carr? Streaming qbs until Big Ben comes back.
I'm using David Carr with Big Ben on shelf. Blake Bortles is available. Would he be a better start?
David Carr vs Denver or Mariota vs Buffalo (I had Big Ben) who would u start? I need some input on this one.
Denver has given up the fewest fantasy points to QBs this season. And has a league-leading 18 sacks. Guess I'm sitting David Carr.
This is topical today. From the late David Carr:
Alex Smith is getting sacked at a David Carr expansion Texans-like pace
Alex Smith has been benched for David Carr, JT O'Sullivan, and Shaun Hill...
morning mark. One of the "lucky" ones with luck as qb. Who do I roll with, David Carr or Phillip rivers? Thanks!
David Carr looks like Bo Dallas with a haircut
Isn't this about the time Bill O'Brien pulls Mallett for David Carr?
If you remember David Carr at Fresno State, you'll see a lot of his game in Jared Goff.
In September 17, 2001 issue of SI with Fresno State's David Carr on the cover
.announces a fellowship named for David Carr for a storytelling journalist w/ "unusual background"
!!! launches David Carr fellowship to promote journalism that holds power accountable http…
Doesnt sound good on David Carr, or on Charles Woodson. If those two are gone for any amount of time, season is lost -- in one day.
I can name so many QBs who have flamed out after starting day one: Jamarcus Russell, Matt Leinart, Vince Young, David Carr, Alex Smith, etc.
Texans QBs I have been forced to cheer for. David Carr. Sage Rosenfels. Tony Banks. Matt Schaub. Ryan Fitzpatrick . Ryan Mallett. Brian Hoyer.
is & isn't working. What they've done to Hack since BOB left is criminal. He is becoming the college version of David Carr
From Heath Shuler to Tom Carter to Micheal Westbrook to Desmond Howard to Andre Johnson. Even David Carr in Houston!
David Carr was vastly more talented than Derrick Carr is.
I'm excited to see what David Carr and the Raiders do this year with Amari Cooper. Should be fun!
Just for you Coming up tonight on PBS: "Remembering David Carr" at 10:30pm
Did he go David Carr with one glove?
To recap, only TD of game came on 6-yard run by David Carr 3:05 into the game
David Carr, who has only TD of the game, blocked the punt
PV takes 7-0 lead on David Carr 6 run and Nick Schwake kick -- 8:55 to go in first
Why didn't we draft Julius Peppers instead of David Carr?? This franchise *** !! See you at the tailgate!
If David Carr plays solid this year the raiders may have a chance at the playoffs
I'd like to see more from Nassib in terms of making touch throws. Too often, to me, he looks like David Carr.
New today: Walter Brueggemann reviews David Carr, the virtues of getting angry, blogging the lectionary
perfect actor for live action Snapper Carr
Walter Brueggemann reviews David Carr's book on the Bible & trauma:
tired of this. David Carr was hit more his first years than this guy. was pampered by Briles at Baylor and it shows
Brilliant, eerie, David-Carr-worthy essay. on Virginia shooting + socialmedia . by Farjhad Manjoo .
Lovely to see David Carr's face at talk If you're not familiar:
Hero n.2 of : late David Carr of the
Aaron, I'm thinking about you today. Hope next year we can share the moment when you blow out your birthday beers. BC ht…
.apparently saying you shouldn't make fun of David Carr's death is frowned upon
Are you also looking for DAVID J CARR in CA you can also search the electoral roll for free on Marlzee...
I went 20-23 with Rodgers. David Carr went 21/23. You have to be kidding me. He can't do that without a defense on the field.
I've been ur joe Montana as u been my David Carr 😂😂💀
How when they give him NO HELP! He has the WORST supporting cast. Prolly worse than David Carr
David Carr had 76 and he worked it.never mind bad example.
David Carr doesn't seem to ever have a break, and he seems to really care about each of his stories, I admire hi…
David Carr: Our friends in the north - will Scotland really be joining Scandinavia?
Search the electoral registers for DAVID J CARR in CA they were searched on Marlzee with the following results...
Truth! Suzanne, Tracy, Trevor, David Carr & I lived on that pier for a good 10 years. There was A LOT of mischief making. ☺💩😅
Gotta be some frustration when David Carr is the 2nd best QB your team has ever had.
I feel like it's like David Carr. He took all those hits then never felt comfort again
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Wow is this even the same guy? I think he is shell shocked like David Carr or Patrick Ramsey where . No confidence, to many hits
Seems like he had time to throw most times also. I'm worried that he is becoming David Carr...
Advice David Carr gave me when I got to NYT: Nobody knows you feel like an imposter unless you tell them; Don't.
.Real conversation reaches places online media can't - we must keep talking http…
David Carr, Tony Banks, Matt Schuab, TJ Yates, Sage Rosenfels, now f ing Brian Hoyer Texans have never had real true QB in franchise history
David Carr to Amari Cooper gonna b a swet combo for years to come
David Carr: Amari Cooper will be a productive player for us
Hindsight: Could have David Carr and Amari Cooper and maybe more, only if...
Yeah.the David Carr to Amari Cooper connection is gonna nice to watch
n weapons don't matter too much if u don't have time 2 get them the ball ask David Carr or Jay Cutler
. Aren't all top picks?. Since most top pick team pick 1st because they are bad?. David Carr, Rick Mirer, Achiles Smith, Klingler
no QB can take that kind of beating. He'll end up like David Carr if that OLine doesn't hold for . - Eric
Robert just not cut to be a redskin QB he's basically Michael Vick mix with David Carr
Fully expect the ghost of David Carr to visit Robert Griffin tonight
Robert Griffin starting to look like David Carr back there 😕
No performance by Cube or Dre but still, *** of a night. Saw Snoop Dogg through a cloud of pot smoke & talked to Tom Arnold abt David Carr.
Say what you will, I believed in Joey Harrington AND David Carr, yet their porous OL's both made them gunshy & scared.
The full David Carr article on Gawker & the outing of private citizens: (via
195 Niagara Street in old River Heights. Contact David Carr for more details.
Bert Jones to David Carr and Lydell Mitchell running the ball. How did they not win more?
David Carr gone turn the raiders around mark my words
Congrats to District 5 chair David Carr on his MDAT award!
David Carr on if the QBs had to do the nutcracker drill under Mike Singletary "We did not have to, but I liked my chances vs Alex."
This year, the world lost Nimoy, Nash, James Salter, Vinod Mehta, David Carr, etc. ...and now James Horner. Sad. RIP.
Easy to see how that happened when previous four were Dilfer, Akili Smith, David Carr, Joey Harrington. Ouch.
Jay Cutler a bum but he better than David Carr
This has 2 be one of the worst list i have ever seen.Josh Freeman, David Carr,Jay Cutler,Bobby Herbert
Latest to pump up WR Amari Cooper: NFL analyst David Carr: "Wait until you see this guy ... He gets 10-yard separation."
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