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David Cameron

David William Donald Cameron (born 9 October 1966) is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, First Lord of the Treasury, Minister for the Civil Service and Leader of the Conservative Party.

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Labour attacks David Cameron for "reckless" referendum and putting his and party's interests before country. "W…
I remember David Cameron saying something like that when he first was PM remember Dave?
Dear British People, you did not vote for David Cameron. You voted for the Conservative Party. Theresa May is now the leader of the party.
I texted David Cameron because it bombed Dave.
I flicked David Cameron because it bombed Dave.
- you criticise me! Why? You should have a word with David Cameron - he deemed the referendum not me!
I flicked David Cameron because it rigged Dave.
David Cameron cashes in on Brexit as advisor to hedge fund managers on consequences of leaving the EU
THE BROTHERHOOD: David Cameron's infatuation with Barack Obama and open borders drove UK's and ended his political c…
All MPs may not have realised, but you can bet your life David Cameron & George Osborne both knew.
so much then for David Cameron, George Osborne and Mark Carney doom & gloom forecasts. We still have one lemon left to go !
Plus a David Cameron & George Osborne to come in to bat at two and three. It would also help to have a few modernis…
Did you put David Cameron in there for killing loads of innocent people who benefits he removed
guess you voted Remain, with David Cameron & George Osborne.
A terrible choice. David Cameron helped destroy the health service, but now he's getting rewarded for it.
David Cameron is 100% responsible for Notification of Withdrawal. Ukip-promoting BBC will lay the blame squarely at Je…
Families furious and 'insulted' as Alzheimer's charity makes David Cameron president
New president of Alzheimers Research UK David Cameron vows that is not inevitable
George Osborne & David Cameron should be strung up for misleading the British public over Brexit. Thank God for the…
.talks to Bill Cash - "The predictions of David Cameron and George Osborne have all been dispatched.”
First, David Cameron, now Douglas Brinkley? I left trinity too soon!
I blame Labour because obviously George Osborne and David Cameron knew what they were doing.
David Cameron, George Osborne and Theresa May led the Conservative government who designed the referendum bill. They lied to us.
Down to the supreme arrogance of David Cameron & George Osborne who thought their formula for winning elections was immutable.
My word, David Cameron and George Osborne's lovechild is clever!
Agreed. I am commenting on the fact, the old PM I think David Cameron? Put oil first. Rather than his country & Ppl
make statements anyone can DO ! LEAD to LEAVE from the FRONT! ha how was INDIAN enjoyed with Backstabber?
So David Cameron didn't think it was in our interests to know about the trident test, but msm are off again, trying to make it major story😡😡
"Young People will be a celebrated case," waffles David Cameron.
Cameron spksmn tells me:"Entirely false to suggest David Cameron's media team covered up or tried to cover up the Trident mi…
Political nonce & mate of David Cameron, Patrick Rock: 'sentence given was too lenient & there's nothing that can be done'…
Another comment from Team David Cameron. 3rd or 4th I've heard of today. Bit strange. Lots gets thrown at previous PMs so why react to this?
Exactly four years since David Cameron made his Bloomberg speech, on his plan to keep the UK in the EU and silence…
Cameron back for next Terminator -- PLEASE bring back the practical effects and stop motion!:
Then Cameron set the agenda on 24th June by saying 52% was a "mandate", though he could have said…
former British PM Mr.David Cameron,that will be an example of God's control.The irony is that the plots who played with God & His messenger
.spokesman: "It would not be appropriate to comment further on such military tests for obvious reasons of national security."
Howdy-do associate, you could rub against David Cameron.
If David Cameron ordered the cover-up of the Trident missile failure, he should be hauled before Parliament to explain…
I referr you to the 1st interview that the David Cameron gave on the show after he announced the
Hello .I'm trying to find contact details for David Cameron, relating to a story on Can you h…
Patrick Rock should of got longer, judge says
David Cameron another one, family involved in jewish run slave trade
David Cameron and parliament never put down a goal post that could be moved & left it for ppl to define after the Ref
David Cameron's former aide Patrick Rock 'should have got tougher sentence' for child sex abuse images
I feel like I've been raped by David Cameron
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So knew about missile failure, failed to tell Parliament, but Tories try to blame it on Stil…
The 2017 Flora Cameron Lecture on Politics and Public Affairs will be given by 1/31 @ 7:30 More info:
This was the *** saying that we are all in this together,"boy cavalier.
David Cameron has let slip just how much he hates Boris and Michael Gove via
David Cameron reveals he relaxes by killing birds for fun. And that he names after Boris Johnson & Michael Gove... https…
Ireland did not support David Cameron negotiations & hence You couldn't make it up!
Britain's war in Libya in 2011 was illegal, as is clear from David Cameron's parliament statement at the time
: 😢! Well after rain der is sunshine. Don't worry things ll get better!
Lord Ashcroft 'to begin donating to Conservatives again'
David Cameron says he names birds after Boris Johnson before shooting them THIS IS SOO FUNNY LMFAO
Thank God, David Cameron is... no longer! Not as a threat to our country, anyway. Are u a patriot, Theresa May?
Former Cameron aide 'should have got tougher sentence' for images > nice to have friends in high places!
Should Parliament have a new vote on renewing Trident? 796 users have voted. Share your opinion!
David Cameron is going to love the title of Star Wars: Episode VIII.
Selfies of Barack Obama, David Cameron and Benedict Cumberbatch will feature in a new art exhibition.
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Theresa May's Trident interview on Marr still doesn't top Jon Snow asking David Cameron about Saudi Arabia and human rights.
Theresa May is a LIAR just like her predecessor... David Cameron. And why is Tony Blair still walking around in the free world.
It's already privatised, c. ourtesy of Tony Blair and then David Cameron!
Did he actually become PM in the end? All I remember is Tony Blair, then David Cameron.
Theresa May now making all the same mistakes that David Cameron did when he attempted to negotiate a deal with the EU.
Tony Blair and David Cameron will have to go into exile next.
David Cameron faces probe over letter blasting local council cuts in his constituency | Politics | Express -
Would Chris Evans be banging on about David Cameron's attire if he delivered the Brexit speech? No, I think not 😡
as David Cameron like his wife Samantha are both beneficiaries individually of this compensation paid by Britain to those whites involved
David Cameron and George Osborne cash in by making speeches for leading financial institutions at
I’m told David Cameron & George Osborne are both being paid tens of thousands of pounds to speak at private dinners at Dav…
David Cameron did say this would be happening before the referendum, you know.
David Cameron avoids bacon butty moment but wife Samantha digs in on vis...
David Cameron and his wife Samantha crying
When historians write up the decline of Britain, David Cameron's pole position as worst eve…
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David Cameron should not lead Nato, says senior Tory.To right he was crap at being Prime Minister!
David Cameron is unfit to be NATO chief. People say he was the worst British Prime Minister ever. Too many strategic errors. Unfit!
MG: "I like David Cameron as well. Not as much as you, though.". DT: "No, I can see that. He’s losing the battle for wall…
Why didn't Mark carney say any of this during the EU referendum? he should be fired, a David Cameron mouthpiece https:…
David Cameron was a really useless Prime Minister but the Tories are now ran by a group who are clueless & absolutely inept in every way!
David Cameron 'had someone who cut the crusts off his toast for him'
Worse than what he did to a pig, here a pre-Prime Minister David Cameron representing Sweden at 1990.…
Imagine coming to office after David Cameron and still end up being a worse Prime Minister.
Looks like David Cameron will only go down in history as the second worst British Prime Minister ever:
I used to say that David Cameron was the worst Prime Minister of all time. I think he's about to be eclipsed
Don't remember all these Tory juros complaining about Stephen Phillips or David Cameron "abandoning" their constituents.
BDO is the gift that keeps on giving. Here's David Cameron with a superb visit to the oche. (Via
As if I didn't hate David Cameron enough, I hate him even more for leaving us with Theresa May taking us on road to nowhere
It turned out that Theresa May was just reading out what David Cameron said last year, but still managed to sound sket…
kick the *** off the sofa, he is an annoying *** reminds me of David Cameron, George Osbourne
. David Cameron and George Osbourne said a vote to leave was also to leave the single market .
We expected this The Red Cross helping with a humanitarian crisis in the NHS is what David Cameron would cal…
We all know David Cameron only offered an EU referendum because of UKIP, Le Pen vows a Frexit vote
One of TfLs absolute finest David Cameron should give him a gong in the new years honours list
Hay you think the U.S administration had problems with David Cameron wait until you have to deal with
FFS. Can someone explain why we need the lengthy news items on Farage's next career move? David Cameron got less of a send-off than this.
Former PM David Cameron blew his EU renegotiation by rushing into a deal, his own advisor ...
The David Cameron 'special deal' is now off the table due to rejection by a voting major…
I think Theresa May watched David Cameron for 6 years and thought, “Well if that ham mannequin can do it...”
I kept thinking David Cameron had under wraps a cunning twist & would declare he would lead us to Brexit on the eve of
Cameron: 'a country where you can support Man Utd, the Windies and Team GB all at the same time'
"She said she preferred to stay in the EU and would call for a referendum after her negotiation." huh, isn't that what Davi…
Just David Cameron in a dress.Same old spin " I got a great deal " she is betraying 17.4 Million You can see it a mile off. NO!
I realised today that this week I have worked in both David Cameron's and Theresa May's constituencies. Bit spooky, eh?
I remember The Economist endorsing David Cameron though, so whoop-tee-do.
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.Why do you guys got BIG MUSCLES from doing too much FUN!!
really ? Like David Cameron did "the best deal possible " can't remember your constant whinging then ?
Brushed David Cameron's manhood...wonder if it smelt a little piggy.
Cameron " am comfortable taking tax credits off sick and disabled people and make them pay bedroom tax.
thank you for expanding Thorney Island Mr Cameron. Thankyou for getting our navy defense underway too :)
I could have secured a better deal with the EU than the half-arsed effort (and I'm being generous there)…
David Cameron - News, views, gossip, pictures, video - Mirror Online
I liked a video from Turbo Dismount Funny Moments - David Cameron's A Skater
It's right that David Cameron has said he wouldn't give David Cameron can deny it all their own….
Good insider account of why we lost Brexit vote. Long but well worth a read (Not good reading for Comrade Corbyn). https…
Yes: 1/2I think we are in a constitutional, domestic & international crisis. Tory mandate didn't cover this.
"Doubt and fear are the only enemies of your DREAMS and VISIONS". -David Cameron Gikandi .
Ok, confession time, who else has brushed David Cameron's manhood?
David Cameron was the first post-war British Prime Minster to govern the UK in such a way that life expectancies fell under his watch.
When David Cameron said Nigeria is fantastically corrupt you all went for his jugular.
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Think this needs to be said, David Cameron and to an extent GB have at least ensured protection of lower incomes-mi…
Would lie to you? Oh yes he would. Project Fear was fabrication via via
The number of private renters being made homeless has trebled under the Conservatives
A former trade envoy for David Cameron says Whitehall doesn't have the "skillset" to deliver Brexit negotiations.
David Cameron could have secured a better deal from Europe, his own EU…
Daniel Korski : Why we lost the Brexit vote via
Former pm David Cameron said if he was asked he would do Celebrity big brother
Theresa May's crackdown on migrant benefits after Brexit could be pretty similar to David Cameron's…
CBE for Tory crony who let David Cameron stay at his house after leaving Downing Street. Honours system is broken. ht…
David Cameron was backstabbed by his right hand man, Boris Johnson who was backstabbed by his right hand man, Michael Gove.…
French president, Obama, David Cameron have all spoken about the shooting in france.GEJ- speak nah, at all at all drop s…
Who spun off at the Cenotaph? Lewis Hamilton, Matt LeBlanc - or David Cameron? Find out in STEVE PUNT'S hilarious …
The queen, David Cameron and Ian Duncan Smith are all still alive. 2016, you have failed us.
Really worth a read:. 'Farewell Barack Obama, David Cameron and Europe: how will this year go down in history?'
Text from David Cameron: "Happy Christmas Ma'am. Just to say, sorry I buggered up the world this year"
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And Yvette Cooper pressed David Cameron to take more children when he exercised principle on the subject.
Theresea May is going to be worse than David Cameron after brexit.
Because of David Cameron. Duh. man the BBC is so dense it really pisses me off.
The reform that he spent months negotiating before the referendum. :-).
David Cameron MP: All domesticated animals injured or killed on roads to be reported. - Sign the Pe... via
to miss the news stories of 2015 such as David Cameron putting his nob in a pig and Ed Miliband eating a bacon sandwich?
I texted David Cameron because it killed my puffle on club penguin.
21 February – Mayor of London Boris Johnson announces he will defy David Cameron & campaign for the UK to leave the EU.
Sorting out the shopping for my Christmas dinner. Christ, I wonder how literal David Cameron will make his pigs-in-blanke…
David Cameron signs up to lucrative speech agency via
*** this is the yoda me and saw protesting at the anti David Cameron march holding a sign lmfao
Theresa May's advisers earn almost the same as Cabinet ministers after their pay was doubled  via
Cameron told world leaders that he expected a 70-30 victory in the referendum. No wonder the EU made no concessions. htt…
I hope he's not taking lessons from David Cameron or anything. 🐷🍆😱
What a out of touch Mummy's boy clown,
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Because that was such a successful negotiating tactic for David Cameron...
Does David Cameron count? His mistake in the referendum campaign was asking for Obama's help; not sure how you score that
the thumbnail on a smartphone looked like David Cameron.
Obama doesn't get stairs off Air Force One in China, and used to tap Angela Merkel's private phone calls. Let's not mentio…
I wondered what David and Samantha Cameron were up to now.
Who says Muslim women are traditionally submissive? . *cough* it was David Cameron *cough*
David Cameron will be remembered, assuming he's remembered at all, as the worst, least effective Prime Minister in mod…
David Cameron may not have been right man to lead Remain, admits former spin doctor -
2. Brexit, UK exiting from EU. David Cameron resigned and Theresa May replaced him and currently wanting to trigger Article 50 of the EU.
Safer in the EU . ??? Bit of a laugh eh? You couldnt have got it more wrong. . .
So the terrorist found & killed in Milan...safer in the EU eh? No borders no ID needed... who were you kidding .
Canada going to be next hub of Sharia Islamic Finance?. What David Cameron already tried in London!. https:/…
what's David Cameron's favourite christmas song? All I want for Christmas is EU!
So you could say David Cameron was always Bumming *** then? 😂😂😂
why have you used a photo of David Cameron ?
Update your maps at Navteq
Nigel Farage says David Cameron used to steal cigarettes off him.
we must expect more outrages may be Merkel will realise if she had helped David Cameron
It's so nice to see David Cameron's '50,000 moderates' making an effort to get along with the rest of the boys and girls...…
No more talk. This scandal should be wrapped around David Cameron's neck. He should be publicly castigated as a waster &…
David Cameron 'not right messenger' for Remain, admits former spin doctor
Banks, who has also talked of his hatred of David Cameron, finds Theresa May “uninspiring.”
Trivial good things fade when you think no more Bowie, Prince, Victoria Woods, Ronnie Corbett, Alan Rickman, David Cameron.
Even if names like; David Cameron, Andrew Mitchell, Jo Cox & Matthew Rycroft start flying about?
David Cameron blames popularism for his downfall, and not his Tory policies that continue to destroy everyday lives. Pe…
David Cameron just watched a basketball match with George W. Bush
Did by eney chance David Cameron's father buy you a pint at the SUN INN if not I'm sure Robert Will
Which comment will David Cameron be remembered for? 'No Stone Unturned', 'Conspiracy Theorists Look Elsewhere' or 'Lily-Livered Cowards'?
Chinese firm buys British pub where Xi Jinping and David Cameron had a pint
I've always been the Ph Anti Cyber Crime Law. However I think Politicians are very @ LEVEL w/ David Cameron. Remember I worked in a Club.
Glorious rant from the indomitable Betty Boothroyd in the Lords tonight, aimed at David Cameron and his shameless 'dis…
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and the decline of the Irish language is sad. Many parallels with Ireland and Quebec actually
I'm going to republic of Ireland and they said oh we consider that the UK. . Tell them that. Dare ya
leaving Heathrow for Shannon they asked if I was staying in the UK. I said no on my form and said
I found it odd how people in the UK try to force the impression that the republic is part of the UK
some of the nicest people I met. Was in a tiny town Ballina. On the list of places to travel back to
did some work in Ireland and met many great people and heard some very interesting stories
oh I'm sure there are many a stories of English Irish relations regardless of the PM.
seems a tad harsh for the best PM since Thatcher.
I ate David Cameron because it bombed my brother
I really miss watching in question period. Great PM.
Remember how loathsome was privileged David Cameron's self righteous rant after Moatie had been shot.
Wrong to call ref so soon. Wrong to take sides. Wrong to step down & not imm trigger article 50. Britain must leave EU
Have a question for David Cameron when he visits DePauw Thursday? Submit it to UbbenQuestions
David Pastrnak with the beauty of a winner in OT
Even if wins, the dream of federal Europe is gone. If (hopefully) Le Pen wins, is dead!.
PerfectMatch - Fall In Love Today
If Marine Le Pen wins the French election the EU is finished
Dave if you need a decent marketing guru these are dark days u nd one!the breakfast was a bad man
David Cameron plan to axe benefits from obese people is ditched by Theresa May via
you're too David Cameron. He focussed more on "pleasure". Figure it out. "Mentally Ill"
Hey - what? David Cameron has been suspended by his party after accepting cash for access to a 8-year old.
What?! My friend David Cameron thought it was a good idea…
When CM of Gujrat he was declared "Terrorist" by US and UK. How can you label him a peace loving man now?
Surprised! How can u be delighted to see a beast whose hands r stained with blood of Muslims. Double standards.
Chinese buy pub visited by Xi and David Cameron - BBC News
Chinese buy President Xi and David Cameron visit pub
David Cameron, Hilary Clinton and Matteo Renzi now have a quorum for a club. The bad call club! - note they accepted the vote!
Former Witney MP and Prime Minister David Cameron in India... helping to smooth the way for UK trade, post-Brexit? https:/…
I was getting on so well with Gillian Welch. Then David Cameron butts in | Stewart Lee
David Cameron says will pull Britain out of single market if there is a vote to leave the European Union in
Will Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi go down in history alongside David Cameron? via
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
This is even worse than that time when Gary Barlow was onstage with David Cameron.
Omg I was just in the way of David Cameron
Margaret Thatcher named the worst Prime Minister in 100 years • David Cameron close, in 2nd place
I was surprised that David Cameron had nothing to say about Castro, seeing as he's the bae of pigs.
David Cameron defends flag tributes to late King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia
I never EVER thought I would say this but I miss seeing David Cameron at Ms May is awful - & what's with the Marge Simpson's pearls?
The Tories just quietly ditched one of David Cameron's most hated policies
NEWSFLASH: "gov minister insists on being sober when negotiating -more than David Cameron was when he wrote the bill
The Ark Royal was sent to Turkey for breaking. It should have gone to a British ship yard but David Cameron support…
It was David Cameron who offered a referendum on the EU. Republicans couldn't stop Trump being their candidate. But sure, liberals, eh?
Meeting my local MP Richard Fuller and David Cameron this morning .
day 48, Mohammad Ali Taheri is protesting against ongoing delay in his release.
I licked David Cameron because it sneezed at Peter Ondre.
I want the following people killed John O. Brennan, John G. Roberts, Jr. David Cameron, Christy a/k/a,
This by is such a breath of fresh air. Why is sane, dispassionate commentary such a rarity these days?. https:…
He ate David Cameron because it gassed my puffle on club penguin.
Muslim Syrians will exterminate the NHS unless David Cameron makes feminism illegal.
Updates: Whatever became of David Cameron? Former Prime Minister's life after Downing Street
Our Life without Limits Star Award recognizes the support and dedication David Cameron has given us over the past 16 years! Thank you!!
... David Cameron has to be persecuted as well. Do research on him - all files are here.
Theresa May DUMPS David Cameron's plans to strip powers from peers via
David Cameron wants to dismantle Net Neutrality, after EXPLICITLY ENDORSING IT.
David Icke doesn't know what to think. Alex Jones says Trump is legit, but...lizard people control the elite...
ask someone who our Prime Minister is and they will prob say david cameron. But they can recite all the L&HH cast members 🙃
I am sorry Cameron! You must be equally disappointed! I've replied to David with some next steps. Thanks - Steph
Thought election expenses scandal went in the skip along with David Cameron!
David Cameron should kinda have ensured a vocal LEAVE campaigner became PM and watch him/her stutter on exit strategies.
hang on Will even David Cameron said we would leave the single market. And Switzerland? Not part of the EU!
She ate David Cameron because it rigged Bob.
David Cameron wouldn't know Christian or British values if they hit him in the face
Newspaper: The game between Woodville and Cameron Yoe is quite literally a 'David and Goliath' story. . Me: I get it. Woodville is Goliath.
"Scots are calling on Ms Sturgeon to go the same way as David Cameron" Is that anatomical possible?
The people failed the government. None of you helped them realised their error. David Cameron's incompotency didnt help!
your from the u.k. right? you guys elected David Cameron and he put his *** in a dead pig head
Hmm. How much taxpayer money did David Cameron spend on his LIE-flet. £9m was it?
I actually miss David Cameron. This was May's doing - she pushed this for years and now she's in a position of power as an unelected PM.
Nicola Sturgeon: David Cameron told me not to be silly when I warned he could lose Brexit vote - The National
God, David Cameron left some unholy mess. Bet he's glad he's out of it
So apparently David Cameron "imposed" a referendum on which the people didn't want. Well we did want it polls show.
David Cameron 'charging £120,000 per hour for talks to Wall Street bankers'
Do you all need a wee hug? I know; David Cameron was a pure hero and Theresa is supah. You must be so proud.
I’ll pull UK out of the single market after Brexit'. via
David Cameron caught in suidae liaison again?
Politics what even is that I'm here still thinking David Cameron is president, someone donate a bit of their common sense to me ¿?
LNP President Gary, Vice Presidents Cameron and David and Regional Chair Cynthia arrive in…
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TelePolitics: "You cannot have neverendums. You have referendums." -David Cameron
Simon Hart, Neil Parish, David Cameron the list goes on
I added a video to a playlist Jonathan Pie: Reporter gets angry about Matt Damon, David Cameron, Alan
Due to both David Cameron & Gideon Osborne's damaging elitist rhetoric about Mr. Trump, Theresa May is now toast.
don't let them do this Cameron .remember me
It's interesting to see global leaders like David Cameron, Donald Trump etc using name of for connecting with NRIs..
Barack Obama and David Cameron gave this terrorist leader power to kill all Biafrans because they are all Christian https:…
Greetings comrade, you should try to kill David Cameron.
The Internet has let us live in bubble worlds. If you don’t know why someone voted trump or brexit or David Cameron, talk…
David Cameron and voted in the referendum on the EU
I rang David Cameron because it bombed Dan.
4. Too many politicians, David Cameron to name one, responded to populism with populism, with ugly rhetoric, and short…
I'm mostly talking about David Cameron, literally THIS YEAR, but it's tragically common.
Nor I when David Cameron became PM plus living through the Poll Tax Riots of the Thatcher twilight, Majors awful reign too
"Call the Queen of England, David Cameron, of Britain, Xi Jinping of China, President- Or how about North Korea on a bomb scare"
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I've had David Bowie song This not America pop in my head today
I dont respect demigogs and racists, david cameron wasnt bad but the most honest i have seen is corbyn
Theresa May for Jeremy Corbyn. David Cameron fo a nag of crisps. Alcohol for cannabis. Osborne's cocainw…
Slightly (read very) small fry this morning, but this Politico essay on the EU referendum is worth a read.
.should as Brit David Cameron did..demand Capitalism is proudly taught in schools as the Greatest System in developed World
We had that problem with David Cameron. But Pence is American Taliban.
Baffling: David been preparing himself be shrunk to size of the Glastonbury festival.
Justice for defenceless doggy tortured by criminals! Plz sign:
Son of called on David Cameron to save his cousin from death sentence
When David Cameron promised to activate Article 50 on 28th June, can anyone remember Remainers rushing to Court to stop h…
I licked David Cameron because it raped my brother
If u stand against & what happened to David Cameron, Barack Obama, John Kerry & Crooked Killary Clinton will happen to u.
All d enemies of I meant those standing will fall like Barack Obama, Crooked Killary Clinton & David Cameron bcos God is with us.
Brit lefties were outraged at David Cameron interfering with a pig & tax scandal. But they cheered on his/NATOs destruct…
Aj Reed, Tony Kemp, Daz Cameron(or)Kyle Tucker, David Paulino, JD Davis, and see if that will do maybe pay salary f…
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All those who oppose easily failed. They never prosper. David Cameron & Barack Obama supported in killing
David. Can I ask, what is your opinion on the current Brexit situation? I follow you because of your devotion to Britain.
Every enemy of starting from David Cameron, Barack Hussein Obama, John Kerry & Crooked Killary Clinton re always failures.
2 minutes silence for who insulted Trump to appease Muslims. Today,Trump became Pres,cameron cudn't even re…
Dean David Cameron on place & possibility: is a great diverse urban laboratory
With Barack Obama and David Cameron gone, I would say that amongst the world's major democracies, Narendra Modi is pro…
David Cameron finally understands what's meant by the Domino Theory...
David Cameron vs PM met with Sony execs to stop Scottish rebel drama before referendum vote
The choice the USA had? . Like the UK choosing between Nigel Farage and David Cameron. . Who would you vote for? . Dumbed down politics.
David Cameron's legacy was destroyed by his own reckless folly . Obama overcame huge obstacles to forge a successful presi…
David Cameron/wife Sam UK Prime Minister, families made money from slavery, rich families compensated, but not slaves
Jeremy Paxman launches stunning take down of David Cameron over Brexit
Naive of Jeremy Paxman to say David Cameron created Brexit situation. I'd say was more the years of lies/expenses & London-centric economy
i don't think so.. The lady plan by David Cameron was meant to buy doubt think anything has come off it yet
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