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David Cameron

David William Donald Cameron (born 9 October 1966) is the Prime Minister of the United Kingdom, First Lord of the Treasury, Minister for the Civil Service and Leader of the Conservative Party.

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Never forget that without Nick and his damnable coalition with David Cameron's Tories there probably wouldn't b…
Theresa May, David Cameron & Jeremy Corbyn will be remembered as the triumvirate of destruction of the Union of the United Ki…
There are calls for a public inquiry into claims David Cameron's government lobbied on behalf of Uber. What would such an inquiry…
Do they think David Cameron, Theresa May, Tony Blair, Prince William & Richard Scudamore are Putin stooges too?
Jeremy Hunt is so bad at his job that it makes you wonder what he has on Theresa May and what he had on David Cameron
'Selling off NHS for profit'. David Cameron, Jeremy Hunt, Nick Clegg, Vince Cable . rt
NEW: Boris Johnson suggests that David Cameron consider a job at NATO according to the FT
Do you think Ukip deserve more seats in Parliament? Yes, they speak for ordinary people. What do you think?
MPs griped about 'ugly' security barriers at parly in 2014 and said armed guards at gates created bad 'atmosphere'.
David Cameron resigned after Brexit loss; will Ryan ?
Get ready! I'll be chatting with former adviser to next Friday at 2:00 pm EST. Looking forward to it.
you should see what they called David Brady...
the idea of Cameron and BoJo in Red Lobster "bopping along to the music" has made my Friday.
gov one law for pleb gate another David Cameron cronies
Boris Johnson & David Cameron criticized for New York night out in wake of Westminster...
Boris Johnson and David Cameron spotted ‘dad dancing’ in New York hours after Westminster attack vigil…
“Everyone realised they were important, but had no idea who they were:" diners in New York catch BOJO & DC
Gordon Brown thanks a lot for rolling over like a dead David Cameron will take away my job! Politcians are idio…
The UK never has been a leading player in the EU, hence;. There will be no future EU Reforms;.
TFL,David Cameron,George Osborne Boris Johnson , Goldman Sachs , you must be so proud to be partners with UBER surge 3x…
03-24 David Cameron: Londoners will become Corbyn 'lab rats' if becomes Mayor
- yes what a mess. David Cameron is the reason why we're in this mess. A gamble gone horribly wrong.
Best of Brexit pals as Tory toffs David Cameron and Boris Johnson kiss and make up after EU fall out…
as soon as FBI Comey told Obama about Gen.Flynn.Obama secretly contacted UK David Cameron to spy on Flynn Dossier.
Arron Banks and David Cameron's former adviser to unseat 103 Remainers | UK | News |
Jean-Claude Juncker really sticking the boot in on David Cameron:
He doth like the ape, that the higher he climbes the more he shows his ***
Stop mislabelled Cat and Dog fur and all real furs/skin sold in the UK!
"God I wish I ran a small country." UK PM David Cameron on getting hold of John Key just as he landed a tuna a mile off Ma…
"God I wish I ran a small country" - David Cameron to Key on the phone while he was catching tuna at sea in the Marshall Islan…
Must watch...David Cameron slapping Aiyyar !!. Thank u bcoz of ppl like u Cong is loosing 😂😂😂
David Cameron jokes: 'I don't have to listen any more to wiretaps of Donald Trump'
David Cameron. Son of a Scot. Granted SNP demands for first (joyous) . Don't tell Mr Malky.
thats his new tactic you cant legislate unless you have sole majority, need tae tell David Cameron and Nick
David Cameron buggered a weasel but Edwina Currie forgave him
David Cameron questioned on Conservative breaches of election law via
David Cameron made a liar out of Gordon Brown in 2014. If he doesn't acknowledge and address that, he'll just sound pitiful.
Remember Gordon Brown, the guy David Cameron thought was incompetent.
Remember UK absolute shock even David Cameron's clear disbelief when they won the majority 2015 GE do…
Just bumped into David Cameron in Whole Foods. Asked him if he'd congratulated George Osborne. He said yes it was a 'gre…
Tell us what concessions David Cameron got last year and really take a look at the records at of Britain.
Trump, never trust the British SOBs what they tell you.David Cameron got Obama's green light to bring you down
In my dream I was inhaling some wood in the living room and David Cameron drained me of my blood, eyes wide.
David Cameron was convinced the whole of Scotland looked like the inside of the Scottish Widows buil…
Excellent from Owen Jones. As its consequences unfold, David Cameron's tenure as PM now make even Lord North look a…
David Cameron's National Citizen Service vanity project blew a whopping £600 million right in the midst of austerity https:…
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
David Cameron must be breathing a sigh of relief. He may have set us on course for Brexit, but if will be Theresa...
Spare an (angry, unforgiving) thought for David Cameron today who has gotten away scot-free (no pun intended cos crushin…
David Cameron told ex Australian PM to keep quiet during the EU referendum campaign & not to show his Brexit support h…
have hours of recordings proving that David Cameron sent Andy Coulson to lie on oath to protect rapist police spy Chris Bambery.
Truck drivers still under threat from immigrants in Calais- Theresa May has been just as useless as David Cameron http…
I dont want anyone who looks like David Cameron, Nigel Farage, Donald Trump or Grandpa Munster making any decisions about my future.
We pulled off a stunning victory last night in David Cameron's old seat. Congrats Kieran Mullins!
David Cameron hopes he wakes up in the No. 10 shower as Sam calls to him and he realises it was all a terrible dream.
Sorry AC, but I beg to differ. The worst 'Tory' government in history was David Cameron's woeful of 201…
Bit by bit they sell off David Cameron sold this to Bain Capital. He did an after-dinner speech for them rece…
1/ David Cameron would approve. Recall him visiting + praising Bulgaria’s border operation >
How come disgraced politicians like David Cameron and Andrew Mitchell turn to international aid as their cause?
Sam Armstrong, 23, chief of staff to Kent MP Craig MacKinlay, (pictured with David Cameron) is accused of two co...
David Cameron pressed on Maria Miller's resignation at PMQs 'terrible error of judgment' it didn't STOP thighOcracy
02-26 Lily Allen continues to doubt David Cameron after PM makes his tax returns public…
Wrecking rocks on which parliamentary democracy has run aground - Ed Milliband, David Cameron, Johnson.
David Cameron announces that the 39th G8 summit will be held in Lough Erne, County Fermanagh, Northern Ireland on June 2013. (Iris [1/2]
This is David Cameron's late night viewing... Babe(the pig) Station.
Jane Price members Kevin Stafford, David Cameron and former chief executive Chris Matthews are voting for will market support.
David Cameron, Edward Kennedy and Phelis Palmer will rival attention to the group's administration has failed in the constitution.
We are leaving the EU because David Cameron was scared of UKIP. The party now led by Paul Nuttall. Nice work, David Cameron.
Currently reading The Battle of Long Tan by David Cameron. A must read to understand what some 20 yr olds endured in the 60's
Theresa May might make the same mistake as David Cameron over Germany via
Photo: England, 2017. . Do you know, I'm not 100% convinced that this was commonplace before David Cameron became Prime Min…
UK: Michael Gove set to be justice secretary in David Cameron's new government
have you heard of David Cameron and George Osborne?.
David Cameron's mother wins award for smartening up Jeremy Corbyn
With the blithely ineffectual but ultimately, accidentally damaging mr Poe - played by David Cameron
BBC: How did Paul Dacre know David Cameron tried to get him fired?. Alastair Campbell: He hacked a phone 😈. BBC: 😱😱😱.
David Cameron tried to get Daily Mail editor fired for backing Brexit-so much for a free press,total abuse of power ht…
David Cameron 'asked Daily Mail owner to sack Paul Dacre over Brexit'
David Cameron asked Daily Mail owner to sack Paul Dacre over Brexit Mail needed to be reined in during
David Cameron allegedly tried to oust the Daily Mail Editor over his Brexit coverage
I texted David Cameron because it touched Bob.
In Mr. Trump, the powerful person changes with power. I feel that light and shadow are interchangeable.
I agree with you on this on 100%, yet I wonder what David Cameron is thinking. He is the man. Not.
The details of all the leave campaigners history with family links to europe should be…
David Cameron might be looking for a job! He can't be worse than Trump? At least ACA will survive.
this was a government leaflet NOT a parliamentary leaflet - referendum was advisory per statute
David Cameron spoke on the future of Western politics, emphasizing unity and democracy in his visit to
.said last night: social media can't keep being "the pipe" for content like this. Thanks for closing…
I'd like to know how many were sent back to Conservatives. Someone must know.
actually it's more like chuckling at seeing our version of David Cameron get brutally owned, while also shuddering
So who now believes you can trust the government to regulate news?
Former PM 'tried to get Daily Mail editor sacked' over support.
The blame for this whole sorry mess lies firmly at David Cameron's door.
Didn't think it was possibly for someone to annoy me more than David Cameron did but Theresa May has topped it
I hold you personally responsible for wrecking my children's future. Hang your head in shame.
You know what I can't stand? 😂. "Theresa May makes me miss David Cameron". Oh do stfu. Yeah ISIS makes me miss Al-Qaeda...
David Cameron's accountability was done by their parliament but our parliament failed at it
When David Cameron was called dodgy dave by the opposition, he gave explanations himself & didn't put it on his father
Did you try and get any of them sacked?
Rioting because Trump is stopping people entering the US, yet everyone was silent when Obama and David Cameron gave weapons to terrorists
I growled at David Cameron because it rigged Dan.
David Cameron 'tried to get Daily Mail editor sacked' over Brexit | The Independent
should never be allowed to practice politics again! The man is the anti-Christ of democracy...
Spineless David Cameron should have known better not to meddle with the free press! . Pod Two with
NEWS! Daily Mail editor has David Cameron’s *** on display at home
David Cameron 'tried to get Mail editor sacked' over Brexit stance.
See David Cameron is enjoying his retirement
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When Article 50 is triggered, don't forget who started the breakup of the UK. David Cameron, Boris Johnson and the Tor…
I ate David Cameron because it hugged Dan.
Theresa May is nowhere near as dishonest as David Cameron was, but her lie ratio is starting to increase. She told 3 lies t…
.tells Gaunty - David Cameron's attempt to fire Paul Dacre was an attack on the free press! . Pod Two
Claims David Cameron tried to get Paul Dacre fired are worrying. The press shouldn't be silenced because politicians don'…
Tiger Nation really enjoyed visit to by Former UK Prime Minister Core values: freedom, democ…
loling at free movement cheers Merkel
You know what David Cameron is thinking about though eh
Can't believe I've found a reason to like David Cameron:.
Hey just looking at the £9million leaflet sent out.. I suggest you do the same
erm. ... free movement is plus to the UK.. .why?
in short: because David Cameron is a bloody *** :-)
I think we can thank David Cameron for this one
Just because she's not David Cameron doesn't mean she's Margaret Thatcher. She's weak... period.
Labour attacks David Cameron for "reckless" referendum and putting his and party's interests before country. "W…
I remember David Cameron saying something like that when he first was PM remember Dave?
Dear British People, you did not vote for David Cameron. You voted for the Conservative Party. Theresa May is now the leader of the party.
I texted David Cameron because it bombed Dave.
I flicked David Cameron because it bombed Dave.
- you criticise me! Why? You should have a word with David Cameron - he deemed the referendum not me!
I flicked David Cameron because it rigged Dave.
David Cameron cashes in on Brexit as advisor to hedge fund managers on consequences of leaving the EU
THE BROTHERHOOD: David Cameron's infatuation with Barack Obama and open borders drove UK's and ended his political c…
All MPs may not have realised, but you can bet your life David Cameron & George Osborne both knew.
so much then for David Cameron, George Osborne and Mark Carney doom & gloom forecasts. We still have one lemon left to go !
Plus a David Cameron & George Osborne to come in to bat at two and three. It would also help to have a few modernis…
Did you put David Cameron in there for killing loads of innocent people who benefits he removed
guess you voted Remain, with David Cameron & George Osborne.
A terrible choice. David Cameron helped destroy the health service, but now he's getting rewarded for it.
David Cameron is 100% responsible for Notification of Withdrawal. Ukip-promoting BBC will lay the blame squarely at Je…
Families furious and 'insulted' as Alzheimer's charity makes David Cameron president
New president of Alzheimers Research UK David Cameron vows that is not inevitable
George Osborne & David Cameron should be strung up for misleading the British public over Brexit. Thank God for the…
.talks to Bill Cash - "The predictions of David Cameron and George Osborne have all been dispatched.”
First, David Cameron, now Douglas Brinkley? I left trinity too soon!
I blame Labour because obviously George Osborne and David Cameron knew what they were doing.
David Cameron, George Osborne and Theresa May led the Conservative government who designed the referendum bill. They lied to us.
Down to the supreme arrogance of David Cameron & George Osborne who thought their formula for winning elections was immutable.
My word, David Cameron and George Osborne's lovechild is clever!
Agreed. I am commenting on the fact, the old PM I think David Cameron? Put oil first. Rather than his country & Ppl
make statements anyone can DO ! LEAD to LEAVE from the FRONT! ha how was INDIAN enjoyed with Backstabber?
So David Cameron didn't think it was in our interests to know about the trident test, but msm are off again, trying to make it major story😡😡
"Young People will be a celebrated case," waffles David Cameron.
Cameron spksmn tells me:"Entirely false to suggest David Cameron's media team covered up or tried to cover up the Trident mi…
Political nonce & mate of David Cameron, Patrick Rock: 'sentence given was too lenient & there's nothing that can be done'…
Get your iPhone insurance today!
Another comment from Team David Cameron. 3rd or 4th I've heard of today. Bit strange. Lots gets thrown at previous PMs so why react to this?
Exactly four years since David Cameron made his Bloomberg speech, on his plan to keep the UK in the EU and silence…
Cameron back for next Terminator -- PLEASE bring back the practical effects and stop motion!:
Then Cameron set the agenda on 24th June by saying 52% was a "mandate", though he could have said…
former British PM Mr.David Cameron,that will be an example of God's control.The irony is that the plots who played with God & His messenger
.spokesman: "It would not be appropriate to comment further on such military tests for obvious reasons of national security."
Howdy-do associate, you could rub against David Cameron.
If David Cameron ordered the cover-up of the Trident missile failure, he should be hauled before Parliament to explain…
I referr you to the 1st interview that the David Cameron gave on the show after he announced the
Hello .I'm trying to find contact details for David Cameron, relating to a story on Can you h…
Patrick Rock should of got longer, judge says
David Cameron another one, family involved in jewish run slave trade
David Cameron and parliament never put down a goal post that could be moved & left it for ppl to define after the Ref
David Cameron's former aide Patrick Rock 'should have got tougher sentence' for child sex abuse images
I feel like I've been raped by David Cameron
So knew about missile failure, failed to tell Parliament, but Tories try to blame it on Stil…
The 2017 Flora Cameron Lecture on Politics and Public Affairs will be given by 1/31 @ 7:30 More info:
This was the *** saying that we are all in this together,"boy cavalier.
David Cameron has let slip just how much he hates Boris and Michael Gove via
David Cameron reveals he relaxes by killing birds for fun. And that he names after Boris Johnson & Michael Gove... https…
Ireland did not support David Cameron negotiations & hence You couldn't make it up!
Britain's war in Libya in 2011 was illegal, as is clear from David Cameron's parliament statement at the time
: 😢! Well after rain der is sunshine. Don't worry things ll get better!
Lord Ashcroft 'to begin donating to Conservatives again'
David Cameron says he names birds after Boris Johnson before shooting them THIS IS SOO FUNNY LMFAO
Thank God, David Cameron is... no longer! Not as a threat to our country, anyway. Are u a patriot, Theresa May?
Former Cameron aide 'should have got tougher sentence' for images > nice to have friends in high places!
Should Parliament have a new vote on renewing Trident? 796 users have voted. Share your opinion!
David Cameron is going to love the title of Star Wars: Episode VIII.
Selfies of Barack Obama, David Cameron and Benedict Cumberbatch will feature in a new art exhibition.
Theresa May's Trident interview on Marr still doesn't top Jon Snow asking David Cameron about Saudi Arabia and human rights.
Theresa May is a LIAR just like her predecessor... David Cameron. And why is Tony Blair still walking around in the free world.
It's already privatised, c. ourtesy of Tony Blair and then David Cameron!
Did he actually become PM in the end? All I remember is Tony Blair, then David Cameron.
Theresa May now making all the same mistakes that David Cameron did when he attempted to negotiate a deal with the EU.
Tony Blair and David Cameron will have to go into exile next.
David Cameron faces probe over letter blasting local council cuts in his constituency | Politics | Express -
Would Chris Evans be banging on about David Cameron's attire if he delivered the Brexit speech? No, I think not 😡
as David Cameron like his wife Samantha are both beneficiaries individually of this compensation paid by Britain to those whites involved
David Cameron and George Osborne cash in by making speeches for leading financial institutions at
I’m told David Cameron & George Osborne are both being paid tens of thousands of pounds to speak at private dinners at Dav…
David Cameron did say this would be happening before the referendum, you know.
David Cameron avoids bacon butty moment but wife Samantha digs in on vis...
David Cameron and his wife Samantha crying
When historians write up the decline of Britain, David Cameron's pole position as worst eve…
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David Cameron should not lead Nato, says senior Tory.To right he was crap at being Prime Minister!
David Cameron is unfit to be NATO chief. People say he was the worst British Prime Minister ever. Too many strategic errors. Unfit!
MG: "I like David Cameron as well. Not as much as you, though.". DT: "No, I can see that. He’s losing the battle for wall…
Why didn't Mark carney say any of this during the EU referendum? he should be fired, a David Cameron mouthpiece https:…
David Cameron was a really useless Prime Minister but the Tories are now ran by a group who are clueless & absolutely inept in every way!
David Cameron 'had someone who cut the crusts off his toast for him'
Worse than what he did to a pig, here a pre-Prime Minister David Cameron representing Sweden at 1990.…
Imagine coming to office after David Cameron and still end up being a worse Prime Minister.
Looks like David Cameron will only go down in history as the second worst British Prime Minister ever:
I used to say that David Cameron was the worst Prime Minister of all time. I think he's about to be eclipsed
Don't remember all these Tory juros complaining about Stephen Phillips or David Cameron "abandoning" their constituents.
BDO is the gift that keeps on giving. Here's David Cameron with a superb visit to the oche. (Via
As if I didn't hate David Cameron enough, I hate him even more for leaving us with Theresa May taking us on road to nowhere
It turned out that Theresa May was just reading out what David Cameron said last year, but still managed to sound sket…
kick the *** off the sofa, he is an annoying *** reminds me of David Cameron, George Osbourne
Little Giant Ladders
. David Cameron and George Osbourne said a vote to leave was also to leave the single market .
We expected this The Red Cross helping with a humanitarian crisis in the NHS is what David Cameron would cal…
We all know David Cameron only offered an EU referendum because of UKIP, Le Pen vows a Frexit vote
One of TfLs absolute finest David Cameron should give him a gong in the new years honours list
Hay you think the U.S administration had problems with David Cameron wait until you have to deal with
FFS. Can someone explain why we need the lengthy news items on Farage's next career move? David Cameron got less of a send-off than this.
Former PM David Cameron blew his EU renegotiation by rushing into a deal, his own advisor ...
The David Cameron 'special deal' is now off the table due to rejection by a voting major…
I think Theresa May watched David Cameron for 6 years and thought, “Well if that ham mannequin can do it...”
I kept thinking David Cameron had under wraps a cunning twist & would declare he would lead us to Brexit on the eve of
Cameron: 'a country where you can support Man Utd, the Windies and Team GB all at the same time'
"She said she preferred to stay in the EU and would call for a referendum after her negotiation." huh, isn't that what Davi…
Just David Cameron in a dress.Same old spin " I got a great deal " she is betraying 17.4 Million You can see it a mile off. NO!
I realised today that this week I have worked in both David Cameron's and Theresa May's constituencies. Bit spooky, eh?
I remember The Economist endorsing David Cameron though, so whoop-tee-do.
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.Why do you guys got BIG MUSCLES from doing too much FUN!!
really ? Like David Cameron did "the best deal possible " can't remember your constant whinging then ?
Brushed David Cameron's manhood...wonder if it smelt a little piggy.
Cameron " am comfortable taking tax credits off sick and disabled people and make them pay bedroom tax.
thank you for expanding Thorney Island Mr Cameron. Thankyou for getting our navy defense underway too :)
I could have secured a better deal with the EU than the half-arsed effort (and I'm being generous there)…
David Cameron - News, views, gossip, pictures, video - Mirror Online
I liked a video from Turbo Dismount Funny Moments - David Cameron's A Skater
It's right that David Cameron has said he wouldn't give David Cameron can deny it all their own….
Good insider account of why we lost Brexit vote. Long but well worth a read (Not good reading for Comrade Corbyn). https…
Yes: 1/2I think we are in a constitutional, domestic & international crisis. Tory mandate didn't cover this.
"Doubt and fear are the only enemies of your DREAMS and VISIONS". -David Cameron Gikandi .
Ok, confession time, who else has brushed David Cameron's manhood?
David Cameron was the first post-war British Prime Minster to govern the UK in such a way that life expectancies fell under his watch.
When David Cameron said Nigeria is fantastically corrupt you all went for his jugular.
Think this needs to be said, David Cameron and to an extent GB have at least ensured protection of lower incomes-mi…
Would lie to you? Oh yes he would. Project Fear was fabrication via via
The number of private renters being made homeless has trebled under the Conservatives
A former trade envoy for David Cameron says Whitehall doesn't have the "skillset" to deliver Brexit negotiations.
David Cameron could have secured a better deal from Europe, his own EU…
Daniel Korski : Why we lost the Brexit vote via
Former pm David Cameron said if he was asked he would do Celebrity big brother
Theresa May's crackdown on migrant benefits after Brexit could be pretty similar to David Cameron's…
CBE for Tory crony who let David Cameron stay at his house after leaving Downing Street. Honours system is broken. ht…
David Cameron was backstabbed by his right hand man, Boris Johnson who was backstabbed by his right hand man, Michael Gove.…
French president, Obama, David Cameron have all spoken about the shooting in france.GEJ- speak nah, at all at all drop s…
Who spun off at the Cenotaph? Lewis Hamilton, Matt LeBlanc - or David Cameron? Find out in STEVE PUNT'S hilarious …
The queen, David Cameron and Ian Duncan Smith are all still alive. 2016, you have failed us.
Really worth a read:. 'Farewell Barack Obama, David Cameron and Europe: how will this year go down in history?'
Text from David Cameron: "Happy Christmas Ma'am. Just to say, sorry I buggered up the world this year"
And Yvette Cooper pressed David Cameron to take more children when he exercised principle on the subject.
Theresea May is going to be worse than David Cameron after brexit.
Because of David Cameron. Duh. man the BBC is so dense it really pisses me off.
The reform that he spent months negotiating before the referendum. :-).
David Cameron MP: All domesticated animals injured or killed on roads to be reported. - Sign the Pe... via
to miss the news stories of 2015 such as David Cameron putting his nob in a pig and Ed Miliband eating a bacon sandwich?
I texted David Cameron because it killed my puffle on club penguin.
21 February – Mayor of London Boris Johnson announces he will defy David Cameron & campaign for the UK to leave the EU.
Sorting out the shopping for my Christmas dinner. Christ, I wonder how literal David Cameron will make his pigs-in-blanke…
David Cameron signs up to lucrative speech agency via
*** this is the yoda me and saw protesting at the anti David Cameron march holding a sign lmfao
Theresa May's advisers earn almost the same as Cabinet ministers after their pay was doubled  via
Cameron told world leaders that he expected a 70-30 victory in the referendum. No wonder the EU made no concessions. htt…
I hope he's not taking lessons from David Cameron or anything. 🐷🍆😱
What a out of touch Mummy's boy clown,
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Because that was such a successful negotiating tactic for David Cameron...
Does David Cameron count? His mistake in the referendum campaign was asking for Obama's help; not sure how you score that
the thumbnail on a smartphone looked like David Cameron.
Obama doesn't get stairs off Air Force One in China, and used to tap Angela Merkel's private phone calls. Let's not mentio…
I wondered what David and Samantha Cameron were up to now.
Who says Muslim women are traditionally submissive? . *cough* it was David Cameron *cough*
David Cameron will be remembered, assuming he's remembered at all, as the worst, least effective Prime Minister in mod…
David Cameron may not have been right man to lead Remain, admits former spin doctor -
2. Brexit, UK exiting from EU. David Cameron resigned and Theresa May replaced him and currently wanting to trigger Article 50 of the EU.
Safer in the EU . ??? Bit of a laugh eh? You couldnt have got it more wrong. . .
So the terrorist found & killed in Milan...safer in the EU eh? No borders no ID needed... who were you kidding .
Canada going to be next hub of Sharia Islamic Finance?. What David Cameron already tried in London!. https:/…
what's David Cameron's favourite christmas song? All I want for Christmas is EU!
So you could say David Cameron was always Bumming *** then? 😂😂😂
why have you used a photo of David Cameron ?
Nigel Farage says David Cameron used to steal cigarettes off him.
we must expect more outrages may be Merkel will realise if she had helped David Cameron
It's so nice to see David Cameron's '50,000 moderates' making an effort to get along with the rest of the boys and girls...…
No more talk. This scandal should be wrapped around David Cameron's neck. He should be publicly castigated as a waster &…
David Cameron 'not right messenger' for Remain, admits former spin doctor
Banks, who has also talked of his hatred of David Cameron, finds Theresa May “uninspiring.”
Trivial good things fade when you think no more Bowie, Prince, Victoria Woods, Ronnie Corbett, Alan Rickman, David Cameron.
Even if names like; David Cameron, Andrew Mitchell, Jo Cox & Matthew Rycroft start flying about?
David Cameron blames popularism for his downfall, and not his Tory policies that continue to destroy everyday lives. Pe…
David Cameron just watched a basketball match with George W. Bush
Did by eney chance David Cameron's father buy you a pint at the SUN INN if not I'm sure Robert Will
Which comment will David Cameron be remembered for? 'No Stone Unturned', 'Conspiracy Theorists Look Elsewhere' or 'Lily-Livered Cowards'?
Chinese firm buys British pub where Xi Jinping and David Cameron had a pint
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