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David Brooks

David Brooks (born August 11, 1961) is a political and cultural commentator who writes for The New York Times.

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Could it finally be time to put away self-absorption? Good article by David Brooks "When Life Asks for Everything" \https:…
If I shout David Brooks Schoolboy Looks on Sunday and nobody joins in, I'm walking out.
David Brooks highlights the problems w| Maslow's hierarchy of needs (We can't always obsess about the "self."
David Brooks with his School boy looks
supporter David Brooks plays his cards right, even 11,705 miles from home Read more in this week's News & Mail.
Obama on wiretapping evidence: "There's not even a smidgen of corruption".
"experiencing a joy that is greater than anything you could feel as a “self”" David Brooks on happiness
It certainly should not be "anti-semitic" to quote the leading pundit Zio David Brooks in the completely Zionist owned and…
good gravy why is David Brooks giving marriage advice?
According to who?. YOU? The expert in Hussein's pant's crease? Or was that your buddy David Brooks?. Same thing.
A la David Brooks... A married man was having an affair with his secretary. One day, their passions overcame them...
The Republic totters, and meanwhile David Brooks has excitedly discovered Maslow's hierarchy of needs.
David Brooks' columns make way more sense if you picture him as one of those ice robots from the last scene in AI
We're thrilled to be participating on David Brooks' (panel at this Oct 18th in
And they show it by continuing to publish hypocritical screeds by David Brooks?
Humility is freedom from the need to prove you are superior all the time - David Brooks
Softball Rampage - Free Return Shipping
David Brooks, retreating to critique self actualization, while avoiding the hard narcissist in the White House!
Navigating new foods with good manners: by
David Brooks wi' his schoolboy looks.
"You should choose the spouse who will help you elicit the best version of yourself." David Brooks with another NYT must…
FUN FACT! Young Welsh prospect David Brooks starts alongside Ched Evans at Brooks was 14 last time Ev…
1/2 moose may have gone unnoticed last night"but an outstanding young talent (David Brooks) born in England -
David Brooks, bless his heart. Nicholas forever telling us to empathize with a deplorable; the poor white men diatribes from the white dude.
but think about what David Brooks would say
if it turns out David Brooks leaked the emails I may die laughing
Great session at Demarco School of Music! Freddy DeMarco, David Brooks, and Kara Jones made my…
"Modesty and moderation are superior to the spiraling purity movements we see today". --David Brooks
Conservative David Brooks writes best 'infantalist' Trump take down to date
I was thinking David Brooks. But there's no folksy anecdote about his lesser friends.
Time to reread Our Stolen Future?. Once confronted David Brooks. on endocrine disruption. & was completely d…
God help that friend of David Brooks when she enters a boba shop.
Simple, but fairly brilliant, prophetic words from David Brooks. "How to Roll Back Fanaticism"
Excellent title of blogpost is excellent
But Damore, who unlike Miller is not an evolutionary psychologist, was fired for his error. The respected NYT columnist David Brooks 11/
Today's Turning Point with Dr. David Jeremiah . Thursday, August 17. Dried Up Brooks . And it happened after a...
I know that David Brooks is not great but this article from early 2016 was good.
LOL David Brooks thinks we're anxious because we have too MUCH freedom. LOL. LOL. LOL. kill me now
internalized homophobia and shame". So maybe when David Brooks lured me to get raped, that was a hate crime. I was different so (4/12)
“Humility is the awareness that there’s a lot you don’t know and that a lot of what you think you know is distorted or wrong.” David Brooks
who the *** gave David Brooks a copy of Being and Time
"These confederate statues are leaving without saying goodbye, and that's the real problem with America today." - David Brooks, probably
“This is not about rewriting history. It’s about shaping the culture going forward.”-David Brooks (regarding removing confederate monuments)
Is David Brooks taking his country cousins out on the town again? You'd think he'd have learned after the Italian deli debacle.
How to Roll Back Fanaticism, via - well put, earning back my respect for David Brooks
Opinion | How to Roll Back Fanaticism David Brooks writes to the heart of the matter this time.
TODAY! Do you have legal questions? David Sar of Brooks Pierce will be at HQ Greensboro to answer all inquir…
David Brooks needs to expand his vocabulary because he really means "humility." "Modesty" is wearing a…
Last time at for Eagles game. Terrance Brooks INT off Eli Manning.
He has to say the N-word. And even then, David Brooks would say, "Well, black people get to say it,…
Good reflections from David Brooks, it goes much beyond Trump "How to Roll Back Fanaticism"
Overruled. is instructed to disregard the witness's testimony that Richard Dawkins is buying David Brooks a latte ☕.
David Brooks traces the 40-year journey of two former Louisiana football players once divided by history and race.
David Brooks:. 'If you don't develop a coherent character, life will fall to pieces sooner or later. You'll become a slave to your passions'
David Brooks:. 'If you make selfish and cruel choices, then you slowly turn this core thing inside yourself into something degraded'
David Brooks to i suppose funny how all the real conservatives have left trump the only ones left are wingnuts and bigots
David Brooks:. 'You become more disciplined, considerate, and loving through a thousand small acts of self-control, service and sharing'
David Brooks:. 'Character is a set of dispositions, desires and habits, slowly engraved during the struggle against ones own weaknesses'
How to Roll Back Fanaticism via David Brooks is worth reading.
Fully expect to see a David Brooks column on the alt center very soon!
If you didn't get the right life, don't worry. You can go to *** not pass go, and even have David Cameron and Reb…
David Brooks writes about character. Aaron Sorkin writes about characters. The opinionator and consummate...   10% Off
Brilliant piece by David Brooks in today's The New York Times. " It seems like a good time for assertive modesty...
Wise words from David Brooks on the satisfaction of working on something, with all your heart, that aligns with your perso…
Just an FYI posting online is not organizing. Unless it's dunking on David Brooks. That can be organizing and important.
I rarely agree with David Brooks on anything and he goes too far here. But I agree that Google acted in haste/panic.
I think they have in mind anyone right of David Brooks.
Now that David Brooks endorsed it, can we declare evolutionary psychology brain-dead and pull the plug? via
Also true if you imagine all quotes in a David Brooks helium voice, which is now my SOP.
I am proof that God's favor is not earned. I am unworthy of the salvation I have received, the church I serve, and my family & friends.
OH: "Can you imagine what David Brooks will write next? There should be a parody account for him.”. "There is, it’s Jon…
both-sizdeism has gone from a David Brooks meal ticket to a Nazi propaganda technique. it's insane
May your children be so shallow as to find David Brooks deep!
Speaking of liberals posing as conservatives. David Brooks. Jeff Flake. Michael Gerson
Don't be fooled (like David Brooks) by the faux-reasonable tone of the Google memo.
David Brooks once wrote a piece where he said women's "power is in the kitchen" so excuse me if I don't listen to a fuc…
Is there an option to subscribe to the NYTimes without David Brooks?
Excellent analysis of the Google affair & its larger implications by David Brooks.
Nadia Murad is changing us. Meet with her, David Brooks. She will come to Middlebury College in October, we hope..
GoalCam: David Brooks' winner vs Stoke Full match & 6mins action on
David Brooks explains how yuppie *** are made: Moral Vacuum in the House of Trump, via
I wonder what David Brooks would make of a gas station breakfast at 5:00am with a bunch of oil field workers in south Mississippi?
Not to defend David Brooks, but the obvious answer is that barre, Pilates, baby carriers & child-rearing are only s…
If every NYC deli isn't serving a sandwich called the "David Brooks" by end of week...
David Brooks is right. I have no college degree so the last time I was in a gourmet sandwich shop I panicked and tried t…
Haven't read this David Brooks column yet, but sources tell me it's going to be a treat. ("I wish I could see your face when you read it.")
ICYMI: NY Times columnist David Brooks ordeal of "lunching with the 'unwashed...'...
Lmao, you think David Brooks is a liberal.
Everyone can go home. This David Brooks spoof quote wins the internet today. h/t
I know Carnegie Deli closed but I hope there are others out there christening their David Brooks specials. Defonte's?
David Brooks: This sandwich has lettuce. It's leaves you can eat. *** friend (went to non-Ivy League college): ME NO E…
If you read carefully, there are telltale signs that David Brooks made up this story about the deli
Take every David Brooks oped with a grain of "he made his wife convert, change her last AND FIRST name, and then left her when she got old."
Ooh, are we all trashing David Brooks, cause I am here for it
NY Times’ David Brooks describes ordeal of lunching with a rube. I despise people like Brooks.
Isn't this entire David Brooks thing him basically describing a similar scenario as put in The Wire?.
If motivation were enough for class mobility, the fear that David Brooks or Jonathan Franzen might try to relate to you…
Every time a genuine insight starts to take shape in David Brooks's brain, it triggers a minor stroke & he starts chantin…
After this supercilious weak-headed column I shall always think of David Brooks as Mr. Collins - a…
Are we all going to ignore the fact that David Brooks is clearly dating a 19 year old
great stuff in the latest David Brooks column
"We'll go beyond American deli meats like ham and turkey, and learn more about the classic Italian cured meats."
Now I have had my fun with David Brooks, but now is the time to realize that the "friend" exists only…
David Brooks: wanna get a burger?. Me, a simpleton Midwesterner, weighing the costs of being used as anecdote for societal de…
David brooks is all about that HLJ preorder life
Why David Brooks is right about sandwiches:
stop reading David Brooks and demand the Times support copy editors instead of columnists
So, I think David Brooks' column is ridiculously stupid.
Re: David Brooks: Isn't thinking that people with less formal education are scared of big words the height of elitism?
As David Brooks is to Pierre Bourdieu, Richard Reeves is to Charles Tilly
When David Brooks condescendingly explains deli meats to you that's called hamsplaining.
today's David Brooks column is worth reading
people complain about women writing bad personal essays when men like David Brooks have been on that beat for years now
Shorter David Brooks: . I'm an *** who eats fancy ham, not tacos like poor people.
My problem with David Brooks is that his imagined audience is always a strawman at the cocktail party he didn't get an invitation to.
In what world do informal social barriers outweigh structural barriers? David Brooks' world, apparently. His piece:
I can't believe the David Brooks column about sandwiches was 30 years ago
Strangely, the person who wins the most in today's busy news cycle: David Brooks.
wow remember, like, 2 hours ago when we were joking about David Brooks and his moronic lunch date column (defund NYT c…
If Hallmark makes a "Thank you for making sure I didn't publish the dumbest thing today" card, David Brooks should send on…
Then there the time I was having a panic attack inside a Jersey Mike's, but David Brooks was there to help...
David Brooks only shops at Sprouts cause "whole foods" has let the poors in
Morrissey asserting that David Brooks is really just that guy from Billy Madison with the weird looking balls.
Everybody making fun of David Brooks but I think it's pretty sweet he took his retarded friend out to eat
*Ray Davies voice* . 🎼 And I wish I could have all he has got. Wish I could be like David Brooks
The best part of Paul Kelly's Oswald Spengler bit this week is the heavy quoting from David Brooks, who got everything in…
NYT is firing 100 copy editors but they're paying David Brooks six figures to write about people flaking on him.
Next thing you know, he'll replace Maddow and Lawrence with Ross Douthat and David Brooks.
Everton buying Onyekuru. Bidding for David Brooks & Josh Bowler. They are just so busy this summer.
They lost David Brooks on the health bill? This means they're down to what, just Chris Cillizza and Hugh Hewitt?
Nathangelo Markelo, David Brooks and Josh Bowler nice to see Everton still picking up talented youngsters focused on the future and now
Josh Bowler and David Brooks mooted. Glad we're sticking to our ethos, looking to the future and not just settling…
"Why does David Brooks still have a job?" is one of the most exuberant pieces of spot-on snark I've read in weeks. http…
We also would have accepted Margaret Wente, David Brooks, or Norman Lebrecht.
how can David Brooks say there is less and less evidence? it doesn't go away - it never existed.
Whoa. David Brooks is bothered by the Trump witch hunt I mean investigation.
David Brooks at asking the right question SIX MONTHS TOO LATE!!!
I was thinking the same thing. Just in, you know, more PG language.
So legally speaking—and we *are* talking the law—we have "proof of collusion" regarding Trump and Russia right now. Full…
It's a waste of time to read David Brooks.
David Brooks is right on Russia "scandal." 11 months of FBI investigating and nothing there. This is a .
David Brooks on Meet the Press is on point there is NO Trump Russia! Meanwhile you're NOT talking about the real issues i…
David Brooks sagely advises us there's no evidence of collusion when his definition of "collusion" bears no relationship…
When the David Brooks start jumping ship, it's a warning the Democrats have overplayed their hand.
David Brooks NYT: "I'm bothered by the lack of evidence of an underlying crime, this has become an investigation of an inv…
David Brooks’s hot take today is that the Clinton whitewater scandal was a bigger deal than potential Trump Russia coll…
Whitewater versus Russia: Which is worse? offers rebuttal to David Brooks column arguing Trump Russia issue is overblown.
Many more Clinton scandals since the Whitewater, but since David Brooks has not been a Trump supporter, guess this…
Why David Brooks is wrong about Trump-Russia investigation - CNN
my take on Brooks's new piece on Russia
my on D. Brooks, the media and Russia investigation
"What the country really needs," David Brooks explained as the Trumpian Guard marched him to the gallo…
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
Ignore David Brooks; this NEWSWEEK article begins a *serious* conversation about what Russian collusion ACTUALLY is. http…
David Brooks: Whitewater scandal was 'far more substantive' than Trump-Russia scandal by
David Brooks didn't do the reading. Look what happened:
Is the never ending story of trying to deligitimize with the Bernie Bros story line from David Brooks
Chesterfield are set to sign Sheffield United midfielder David Brooks, who was named Player of the Toulon Tournament f…
If you missed David Brooks on yesterday morning you can catch the full interview here.
At Day honoring .. David Brooks shares a few stories and a few laughs and notes we all tho…
Rhys Norrington-Davies, Mitchell Clark and David Brooks have withdrawn from the Wales squad. Replacement call-ups will follow…
David Brooks on Trump..."too incompetent to know how incompetent he is." How perfect is that?
"He is thus the all-time record-holder of the Dunning-Kruger effect, the phenomenon in which the incompetent...
NY TIMES David Brooks says" Trump is an "infantalist" unable to "handle adult IQ tasks" How can he with a 3rd Grader IQ in…
The Trump WH has become a "Human Resources disaster area" & it's only going to get worse, writes David Brooks.
Nobody is going to want to join a self-cannibalizing piranha squad whose main activity is lawyering up ~David Brooks https:/…
Is Donald a as David Brooks suggested in the NYT? | |…
"Mel Brooks hasn't made a movie in 20 years" is my "David Lynch hasn't made a movie in 10 years"
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
I lied: Part 3: Hire David Brooks and Bret Stephens for balance
We’ve got . a guy whose thoughts are often just six fireflies beeping randomly in a jar. — David Brooks
New post: "David Brooks Whacks Trump on Taxpayer-Funded NPR: 'We Used to Have a Better Class of Criminal'"
Anderson Long will play a game against Button, Brooks and David Kamini, who has signed with Means of New Actress.
David Lynch: "Everybody loves to laugh. Larry David is great. Albert Brooks. Mel Brooks. I like girls that cry."
David Brooks: When the world is led by a child via
DEFUND NPR: David Brooks mocks Trump as a "criminal," slams Trump team as "crew of vipers." Waste of radio waves.
David Brooks's great column today puts me in mind of this Neil Young classic:
The definitive summary of the current "perverse situation" by David Brooks, NYT.
David Brooks writes a devastating column about Donald Trump: When the World Is Led by a Child.
David Brooks: "Berry & Thread glassware exemplifies the kind of strength and transparency I'd like to see in today's youth."
i want David Brooks to write a column about how strong and resilient Berry & Thread glassware is
David Brooks, Ross Douhat, Bret Stephens, David Frum, and a gun with four bullets.
I find Ross *** as unbearable as David Brooks, who only has that column because someone's elderly aunt…
David Brooks is a patronizing elitist (married a very rich lady) and says he's Repub to keep his job.Trump made his OWN $!
Why is PBS keeping Mark Shields and David Brooks? They are horrible to listen to & negative as *** about our President Trump also
Cons David Brooks and Dem Mark Shields on PBS - tonite David Brooks was talking abt Chump as if he…
Mark Shields and David Brooks analyze the first 100 days of the Trump administration:
My new sounds: 358: Book Reflections - The Road to Character by David Brooks on
Aaron Brooks has Olympic and MMA aspirations..People need to keep an eye on this young man..He's a monster on the mat!
People are members of thick organizations so they can collectively serve the same higher good -->
David Brooks---The Sorrow and the Pity. . "Donald Trump violated every norm of statesmanship" . Well, ok. So did...
David Brooks on the self-inflicted Crisis of Western Civilization
Leaders as well as collaborators, debating David Brooks, & c. This week's newsletter is OUT:
The Crisis of Western Civ. David Brooks unfortunately gets it very right. Be afraid.
(re. latest David Brooks garbage but obviously applies more broadly)
In Road to Character,David Brooks compares solemn expression of victory after WWII to self puffing dance after 2 yard TD
Time to plan your ski vacations in *** David Brooks is 100% correct in this Op Ed.
please check out wrestler Aaron Brooks he just won the Journeyman World Classic in N.Y. he's gonna be an olympian!
the belief that certain values are inherently "western" is something David Brooks has in common with insane Russian nationa…
David Brooks could have a transorbital lobotomy and continue writing his column, and I cannot disprove that this has not already happened.
He is. The article is David Brooks from Nytimes, he's very good as well.
David Brooks spot-on with Western Civ piece but really, how many colleges even require western Civ. Anymore?
Just in case you skipped the reading this week like David, Rousseau would've put David Brooks in a locker and yelled "shu…
Great crowd and great presentation from David Brooks on "Essentials of Effective Speaking".
David Brooks articulates an important problem but there's no going back. How do we tell a new liberal…
You must not read David Brooks much then 😉. But yes this is a horrible, lazy piece.
Where were the protests & marches when Obama's EPA dumped toxic waste into Animas river poisoning brown people?.
I don't always agree with David Brooks but this is spot-on.
David Brooks' latest reads as well as a freshman essay in Intro to Philosophy, creating endless amusement across th…
This David Brooks passage is the funniest read on Rousseau and Socrates I have ever seen.
Trump Derangement Syndrome sends NYT's David Brooks off the deep end ---
David Brooks has never had an original thought or made an unmuddled argument. Lots of biz people who read…
David Brooks' essential read of the day:. The Crisis of Western Civ
This seems dumb at first but I can see David brooks giving this to his editor at the NYT and getting no comments back https:…
Update your maps at Navteq
"In America today you can murder land for private profit, leave the corpse for all to see, & nobody calls the cops." P. Brook…
Wise words about apartheid and No Time for a Negative Peace | Michael Brooks and David Slavick
lol, David Brooks has literally never read Rousseau
There is no better argument for teaching intellectual history than reading David Brooks butcher it so badly every week in NYT
What I am reminded of re. David Brooks:
David Brooks issues a warning in the New York Times
David Brooks blaming us for terrorism is totally cool and also it is the woman's fault she gets raped by an oppressed raper :(
Memo to David Brooks: Rousseau was one of the very first to question that Western civilization narrative.
Blog: Trump Derangement Syndrome sends NYT’s David Brooks off the deep end
In other words, David Brooks' narrative of "Western Civilization" ends with David Brooks, and that seems to make perfect sense to him.
With respect to David Brooks, Tony Judt said it best: "Men like Brooks know, literally, nothing."
I don't think Mark Shields and David Brooks comprehend how outraged progressive Democrats are about Trump and his minions.
Already looking ahead to an evening with and the Mark Shields-David Brooks segment, which says, "It's Friday."
I'm no hater Mike, but being listed as "reliable" as David Brooks & Mona Charen kind of infers you're bought
David Brooks made a great point on Meet The Press. Members of administration go on shows to try and persuade Trump, not commu…
David Brooks is on why ? Some random person. What authority does he have ? All these talking heads BS ing each week are ridiculous
David Brooks calls the Senate’s use of the “nuclear option” “the 967th nail in the coffin of bipartisanship.”
I often disagree with David Brooks but this was really good:
Deep thought: OMG. Maybe they misread my colleague David Brooks -- you're supposed to seek humility, not humiliation https…
Apparently, the Obama Admin surveilled the Trump campaign after all. Obama wanted to see what a campain with an actua…
"Donald Trump doesn’t really care about domestic policy; he mostly cares about testosterone. He wants to cut any...
Donna Brazile regrets furnishing Hillary with debate questions and really, really regrets not furnishing Hillary with…
Game pieces will include David Brooks, Ron Fournier and Matt Dowd which never actually move but somehow collect piles of $
Actually it isn't has been. Conflicting reports say Trevor Brooks, the suspect is actually serving prison
I never see David Brooks stuff in my timeline anymore. Or on Fox. Did he just fade away?
Can we heal the fractured political conversation? A talk with Gretchen Carlson and David Brooks…
"Morality is like a politeness of the soul, an etiquette of inner life, a code of duties." David Brooks —The Road to Character
Celebrity Vacations: Danielle Brooks hits the beach, David Beckham takes a selfie in Shanghai and more!…
Confirmed from multiple sources - official and community - that Trevor Brooks NOT attacker. He's still in jail despite what ot…
New from Sermon video and transcript from on revolt, resistance and repair.
Perhaps you'd be interested in a sane version of David Brooks's "telos crisis" column:
update: David Brooks' telos is to cram the word "telos" into as many columns as possible
NUNES: Surveillance reports of Trump transition team ended up at Obama's White House UNRELATED to Russian investigation.…
Not the ending we wanted, but it was close. Here’s to our Seniors, whose leadership & hard work helped get us there. https:/…
Recapping and reflecting on a notable season for Georgia club ice hockey. By | h…
One of 2 informative source of information this morning. The 2nd will be above, when I find it.
Channel 4 News says it has confirmed the attacker was Trevor Brooks aka Abu Izzadeen, well known to the security services and t…
"Which comes first, winning or chemistry? I think it's chemistry. Offseason is big because thats where chemistry starts…
I thought he was done when he lost David Brooks, the heart & soul of the populist conservative movement, but this cements it.
I have never been in favor of Shock Therapy until I heard Nancy Pelosi speak.
SURVEILLANCE CONFIRMED: Rep reveals ‘incidental collection’ of Trump team communications
House Intel chairman: Trump's personal communications may have been collected - CNN
Proud Americans aren't as delusional as David Brooks, writes
David Brooks thinks Donald Trump will be impeached.
David Brooks is George Will for the composting class.
Curious to see if David Brat and Mo Brooks change their mind...
David Brooks: "We've lost the unifying American story." Steve Bannon: "We are a nation with a culture and reason for being." Not far apart.
NY Times' David Brooks "one of the dumbest of all sense of the real world" (03/19/2016)
I'll confess: I LOVE David Brooks. If all Republicans were like David Brooks, I would become a Republican.
David Brooks: Should you live for your résumé ... or your eulogy? by…
Storytime with David Brooks: In Which the Liberals’ Favorite Conservative Gets Lost in a Lily-White History
Slamming David Brooks, says it's time to stop glorifying Founding Fathers.
with Lord Jonathan Finding a Compass in Challenging Times - 92Y On Demand
Lots of conservatives didn't display courage: Mankiw, Mulligan, David Brooks, GOP think tanks...all preferred to th…
TFW David Brooks becomes the voice of reason. RE: healthcare, "If you are pro-market, you have to be pro-state."
Dear David Brooks,. A gracious surrender of your NYT acreage to the common good. would surely speed the spring of America…
How are they relaxed? As David Davis admitted, they haven't modelled what it means.
David Brooks on how America lost the unifying and welcoming Exodus narrative:
Steve Harvey and David Brooks are kind of the same person
[once more with feeling] Pity poor David Brooks, doomed to wake every day in a world he helped create.
David Brooks is the Bill Kristol of the NYT - never right about anything.
David Brooks is the world's most well-read moron
Collin Levy of and David Brooks of were both fans of Wyden-Bennett. via
When did David Brooks become a speaker at ?
David Brooks in interview saying the GOP "has become an ethnic nationalist party". Mark Shields- "Ronald Reagan is gon…
Idea for Politics Monday: Shields joins the dream team with you & Walters, and David Brooks plays bartender ala
Great to see Mark Shields and David Brooks throwing down tonight. Victory goes to. The Amazing Mark Shields. Great Job Guys!!
Go Mark Shields. Thanks for calling out the unqualified cabinet, particularly DeVos. And to David Brooks -
Ok- David Brooks calling out existential danger of T's admin. & R's who fail 2 stop the train wreck they're on w/us.
There should be term limits for David Brooks and Mark Shields. Blah, blah, blah
WATCH on Mark Shields and David Brooks discuss the week in politics.
David Brooks said "Nativist" policies on the immigration ban. He should have said "white supremacist"
Whoa. The first letter of each paragraph of this David Brooks piece spells "impeachment.".
David Brooks: "Things will get really hairy when the world's problems are incoming" via
"It's interesting that the people who are hardest on identity politics are white men." - David Remnick on David Brooks
David Brooks is not pulling his punches:
David Brooks: Mitch McConnell and other GOP leaders are like Faust, they've made a deal with the Devil.
David Brooks’ Column About the Women’s Marches Should Be Dumped in Acid and Set on Fire
Excellent response to David Brooks' myopic, condescending analysis of the epic, galvanizing March. Nice!
Brooks, Elliott, Vicchitto call: why is a great platform for fruits of join us
These have to be the worst sentences David Brooks has ever written. Which is really saying something.
Dillon Brooks is starting for Oregon. David Collette is starting for Utah.
[Salt Lake Tribune] Live blog: Dillion Brooks starts for Oregon at Utah, which gets David Collette back from a
Shocker: David Collette is starting. Double shocker: Dillon Brooks is starting.
After the Women’s March Really interesting piece by David Brooks.
yeah but the NYT has david brooks, that's a pretty even fight
star Dillon Brooks & key big David Collette both cleared to play tonight in huge battle. Ducks now -1.5. Total up to 145
"David Brooks is to genuine intellectual inquiry as vitamins are to the polio vaccine." Stop reading y…
Both David Collette and Dillon Brooks are still going at it in warmups.
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