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David Beckham

David Robert Joseph Beckham, OBE (born 2 May 1975) is an English association football player, who currently plays for Los Angeles Galaxy.

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Victoria and David Beckham wear coordinating outfits for Brooklyn’s photography book launch
There are just some couples who make you believe:. Victoria & David Beckham. Kathryn & Daniel Ford. *flips the universe…
Victoria Beckham at the 2017 Glastonbury Music Festival with David Beckham and Brooklyn Beckham - Vogue
.and David Beckham are all of us, dancing along to Glastonbury performance.
Throwback to when David Beckham and Ryan Giggs both took the same free kick.
Am I the only one who thinks David Beckham turned up tonight thinking he was gonna be watching Alan Shearer sing?
David Beckham opens social housing Maggie's Farm - built on land - with Michael Eavis and his grandchildren…
David Beckham in Chippenham McDonald's earlier. Bet the useless *** didn't screw up his order 😂😂
Find out more about the houses David Beckham unveiled today in
Doing an illustration of David Beckham. If it goes *** up, at least I can change the skin tone and make it into Ba…
David Beckham went to McDonald's in Chippenham today what 🤔
David Beckham's at after helping founder Michael Eavis to officially open a social housing project near…
David Beckham and his son Romeo watched a tennis match together today - see the cute photos!
David Beckham visits Glastonbury for the first time - to plant a tree and watch Radiohead -
All the best grams just in time to give you (-->
David Beckham sharing stories about Brooklyn’s first date on national television much to his embarrassment.
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- and my wifey is a spice word to David Beckham
Look at what happened when David Beckham went on loan there. Good luck
David Beckham has made his first festival at the age of 42. He tells that he won't be sleep…
David Beckham was a World Class Winger. Can't tell me otherwise. One of the best in his position in his prime.
Hold the front page - David Beckham is opening the brilliant Maggie's Farm this afternoon in Pilton
14-year-old Romeo Beckham is a straight up carbon copy of his dad, David.
& my wifey is a spice like I'm David Beckham
"I'd like to make a complaint about the Jack Wilshere and David Beckham lookalikes I booked for my son's birthday party..."…
David Beckham began a 4-year spell at Real Madrid today in 2003. These games defined his time there | https:/…
David Beckham on Ronaldo: "I’d never advise anyone not to come back to United... I’d have crawled back if I could."
A brilliant picture of Terry Venables with a young David Beckham.
Winston Churchill, David Beckham, Bruce Forsyth, The Chuckle Brothers, your boys took one *** of a beating.…
Andy Murray & Jess Ennis are ones that shocked me! What does David Beckham have to do? Th…
Harry with James Corden, David Beckham, and Emily Blunt on the set of the Late Late Show (June 8th)
I still think David Beckham should've had a larger role in the King Arthur movie
Ben Winston posted this picture of Harry, James Corden, David Beckham, and Emily Blunt on his instagram
Emily Blunt with James Corden, Harry Styles and David Beckham at the Late Late Show today - June 8.
| Harry with James Corden, Emily Blunt and David Beckham on the Late Late Show!
James, Emily Blunt and David Beckham look back at some of David's more questionable fashion choices.
UPDATE || They didn't introduce Harry as a guest for tonight's show! Only Emily Blunt and David Beckham.
Less than an hour until the finale of with Emily Blunt, David Beckham and music from ht…
"I'm David Beckham,and Harper 7 was my idea"
📸 | Harry with James, David Beckham, and Emily Blunt at the Late Late Show in London today. • June 08, 2017
Miami-Dade County Commission has voted to sell a parcel of land for David Beckham's soccer stadium in Overtown.…
This Photo of David Beckham and Daughter Harper is Sparking a Heated Debate -
David Beckham kissed his daughter on the lips and sparked huge debate
David Beckham, Novak Djokovic Thalía and Chris Weidman- among stars who have joined our movement on good parenting.…
David Beckham has sparked controversy after sharing a photo of him and his daughter on Instagram:…
explores the difference in the physics of Roberto Carlos’ free kick & David Beckham’s: http…
What's your opinion, wrong or totally A-Ok?
Details on what's next for David Beckham and Miami MLS team.
Excellent piece from on the David Beckham/Miami situation
David Beckham&Miami team edges closer to MLS deal after land deal approval Miami-Dade County commissione…
After a four-year quest, David Beckham on Tuesday finally secured land to build a soccer stadium in Miami…
Miami commissioners approve sale of land to David Beckham ownership group:
Tbt to 6th grade when I had my adidas x David Beckham high tops.. those kicks were rad
David Beckham secures massive victory in quest to own MLS team
David Beckham is a step closer to bringing an MLS team to Miami.
David Beckham is (finally) one step closer to his Miami MLS franchise.
Miami-Dade County Commission to sell land for MLS stadium to David Beckham group Beckham United - South Florida...
David Beckham sparks debate by kissing daughter Harper, 5, on the lips
David Beckham criticised over Instagram snap with Harper
David Beckham kissed Harper on the lips & y'all trippin well guess what? Go off while we deal w bigger problems like climate change and all
David Beckham posted a photo of himself kissing his daughter Harper on the lips and people are NOT happy:…
David Beckham kissing harper on the lips is not weird or inappropriate, it's a gorgeous picture of a dad who love…
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David Beckham has caused a stir for kissing his five year old daughter on the lips. Is this...
Do you think David Beckham is in the wrong?
What crap nonsense is outrage about David Beckham kissing his daughter Harper! May more Dads be this loving +caring. Sick minds people have.
David Beckham has just caused controversy with this Instagram post
.invites Nicole Kidman, David Beckham, Emily Blunt, and Kit Harrington to The UK fro…
Would love to hear Marty,s thoughts...:-) David Beckham has sparked a parenting debate over this photo
People need to stop attacking David Beckham for kissing his daughter Harper. If you think that this is sexual then you s…
"(Manchester's) people are some of the most special I have ever met in my life.". David Beckham sends a message to
David Beckham can't be there in case Ferguson kicks a boot in anger again.
Can Louis Tomlinson get to hang out with David Beckham too ? He was David's fan from the dawn of time…
David Beckham and Gary Lineker lost court bid to overturn £700 million tax bill
David Beckham and Wayne Rooney lose legal bid to overturn £700million tax bill Greed for money motivates them
Days ahead of county commission vote, David Beckham reps back in Overtown
David Beckham enjoys quality time with children in Africa - Daily Mail
David and Victoria Beckham with children travel around Africa and share impressions in a social net...…
BBC News - David Beckham and other celebrities lose £700m tax case
Sir Alex speaking about David Beckham and the relentless practice hours he put in. . Practice, practice, practice ⚽️ https…
The Late late show:" David Beckham and Harry Styles are our guest next week ". Louis:
Harry Styles and David Beckham in the same room oh wow LIFE LOVES ME
harry: louis i'm going to be on the latelateshow with david beckham. louis: i'M gOiNg To Be On ThE lAtElAtE sHoW wItH dA…
Odd that Saint Lineker ain't keen on paying his fair share, innit?.
Every single free kick that David Beckham has scored for Manchester United.
forever getting designated the Posh Spice of the group, do I get my own David Beckham?
So Robert Rinder, David Beckham, Gideon Osborne, Guy Ritchie and Harry Styles go to the same gym? I hope this comes up in my exam tomorrow
David Beckham is a Taurus. George Clooney is a Taurus. Adele is a Taurus. Chris Brown is a Taurus . Queen Elizabeth is…
Do you think David Beckham belongs in the National Soccer Hall of Fame? and tackle it.…
ExtraTime Radio: David Beckham&Hall of Fame case | Chris Wondolowski 1v1 portland timbers
Listen to the pod while you wait for to start! We debate David Beckham's HoF case and Wondo goes 1v1.…
No the triple pack was 30.- GBP but the guy sent me 3 and copies and the David Beckham name tag was broken ;( x
Was good to see David Beckham channel his inner Roger Lloyd Pack in
📸 New/Old Picture of Charlie Hunnam,David Beckham and Guy Ritchie on the set of King Arthur
4 years ago today David Beckham played his last professional game. ⚽️
David Beckham soccer stadium will cost $500M to develop, per partner Tim Leiweke. "Every penny spent will be ours."
Aspiring Miami soccer-team owner David Beckham makes acting debut in new King Arthur movie. No, seriously:
England heroes Wayne Rooney and David Beckham among stars hit by £700m bill from tax-relief film scheme
David Beckham suddenly looks like an actor
I'm no film critic or pretend to be an expert but it's fair to say I'm a better actor than David Beckham.
Piers Morgan unimpressed with David Beckham's acting debut: 'The Oscars are looming'
Cutyexpress: David Beckham acts in fantasy movie — but fans are...
David Beckham poses on the red carpet with his look-alike son at the premiere.
From David Beckham's new role, to Gucci's newest art project, catch up with the week's headlines in pictorial form: https…
David Beckham has been ridiculed for his performance in What do you think about…
Breaking: David Beckham ready to buy last parcel for Miami soccer stadium. Possible county vote next week.
David Beckham targeted online over King Arthur acting
David Beckham signs his first professional contract at Man Utd.
Hamilton Collection
Gordon Ramsey the *** thinks he's the David Beckham of the Kitchen,Only thing they have in common is there Limelight slags
.The last goal David Beckham scored for Man Utd... ...and Marcus Rashford's tonight! 😱. (via SemperFiUn…
📹 | Rashford free-kick had a touch of David Beckham about it.
Today 21 years ago in 1995, David Beckham made his Premier League debut for Man Utd vs Leeds. The Rest is history.. http…
Adidas and David Beckham team up to relaunch the Predator Mania boots 🔥. (📸 IG/
Happy birthday to an icon of the game, David Beckham! 🎂
4 – David Beckham is the only player in history to provide 10+ assists in 4 consecutive seasons (97/98 to 00/01…
Diane Abbott has just wished David Beckham a Happy 79th Birthday.
.tribute to birthday boy David Beckham defines couple 😍:
Today we celebrate a legend of the game - Happy Birthday David Beckham!. 🙌🏽 ⚽️ 🎉 🎂
Happy 42nd Birthday to legend of the game, David Beckham.
Oiya btw, happy birthday my future father in law, david beckham. Wkwkwk
.David Beckham's boots down the years. 😍. Favourite?
Birthday boy David Beckham doing what he does best!
You realise David Beckham has turned 42 and Deigo Costa is 28. 😳😂
domain names
I keep forgetting David Beckham is in King Arthur lol
David Beckham makes his acting debut in King Arthur. See pics - Hindustan Times
David Beckham shares the BEST video with son Cruz
David Beckham shares the moment he was BEATEN in boxing match by 12-year-old son Cruz as……
David Beckham with a superb strike to beat Liverpool in 1996
David Beckham played with some real legends.
Snoop Dogg plans Vegas party with David Beckham and Simon Cowell - Daily Star
Snoop Dogg wants to party in Vegas with David Beckham and Simon Cowell
Diego Simeone turns 47 today. Remember the time he got David Beckham sent off?. Brian Moore on commentary 😍
David Beckham has hailed Dele Alli and his arrogant playing style.
David Beckham: Why this Chelsea star is so good (Source: Daily & Sunday Express)
Congratulations to David Beckham on being awarded the Merit Award. Legend!
David Beckham speaking about N’Golo Kante, winner of the PFA Player of the Year. Full interview linked in the video htt…
Ryan Giggs won it last year, and it's David Beckham's turn this time
Barcelona news: David Beckham backs Neymar to overtake Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo - Metro
If you could give any celebrity a lift, who would it be? Top choices at WWAC HQ are David Beckham, Mary Berry & Brian Cox!
Victoria & David Beckham by Steven Klein for // davidbeckham victoriabeckham
I just woke up and Instagram glitched and for real I thought David Beckham was in the banc last night.
DYK? David Beckham discovered the largest US Senator in the Western Hemisphere.
When you're a Barcelona fan but how a Real Madrid ball ever since you were a kid becsuse David Beckham and you're t…
Video - David Beckham branches out from football as he watches son Cruz climbing trees in Hyde Park -…
Charlie Hunnam developed man crush on David Beckham shooting for https…
She is like David Beckham of figure skating in Japan. Such an elegant lady & superstar. A bright future awaits you. https:/…
Gordon Ramsay made his children PROMISE not to date the Beckham kids.
Why Brooklyn Beckham's first tattoo is an homage to David:
Gordon Ramsay and David Beckham's kids will never date - Daily Mail
Moving on to the legs! David Beckham adds to his huge tattoo collection as he shares photo of his new shin inking…
David Beckham rocks cardigan as he steps out with Victoria
Conor McGregor is up there with David Beckham cool
David Beckham just told us he loves Go24/7! Ok not really but he did tell PEOPLE MAGAZINE HE IS A "FAN OF THE...
Can David Beckham teach you about Failure and Leadership?
"Klate is the David Beckham yaseSouth Africa..." such a wow 😅
Antoine Griezmann: "I wear the number 7 shirt because of David Beckham. He is my idol!"
Cristiano Ronaldo, David Beckham and more. These are the 8 worst statues of sports legends https:…
Antoine Griezmann says he wears 7 on his back because that was David Beckham’s shirt number at Manchester United https…
Who made this map? Is David Beckham about to make an announcement?
8 Worst Statues of Sports Legends: Cristiano Ronaldo joins the likes of Wayne Gretzky, David Beckham and Andy Murray http…
Alli (40) has had a hand in as many PL goals before turning 21 as Frank Lampard (15) Steven Gerrard (13) & David Beckham (12) combined
Victoria Beckham reveals how she keeps her marriage to David strong
Goodbye work week!! . -from David Beckham's daughter Harper
David Beckham enjoys a pamper day with his kids Harper and Cruz at a salon in Beverley Hills
22 years ago today, a baby faced David Beckham made his Premier League debut.
Gordon Ramsay, Jacqueline Jossa and David Beckham lead the celebrities celebrating Mother's Day with sweet family…
David Beckham blows a kiss to a Chelsea fan giving him abuse back in 1999.
David and Victoria Beckham is clearly raising his sons in the right way.
David Beckham bails out wife's fashion empire
Happy birthday to Walter Samuel who turns 39 years old today. The man who did this to David Beckham.
If I were a boy kinda wanna cut my hair like David Beckham & stay like that forever
03-24 David Beckham bails out wife's fashion
"I have always believed that if you want to achieve anything special in life you have to work, work, and then work som…
Everybody thinks that David Beckham is very gentlement, not because his face or style, but because he knows one woman is enough
the only adidas I ever had were baseball cleats and David Beckham soccer cleats lol
Thierry Henry with David Beckham. Legends of the beautiful game.
"Islamic beard" ??. Why of course, here we see David Beckham, Ryan Reynolds, and the most Islamic of them all, Paul Ryan, s…
Celebrity Vacations: Danielle Brooks hits the beach, David Beckham takes a selfie in Shanghai and more!…
he was excellent in the David Beckham charity match at Old Trafford
Just aspiring to be Victoria and David Beckham no biggie
What is David Beckham's net worth and what endorsements does he have?
have you got the next David Beckham, Ryan Giggs or Robbie Fowler? - you may have!
if this was David Beckham we never hear the end of it... well done Craig Bellamy .. he has made a difference
| Jenkins slams David Beckham over nasty comment: London,…
Even more delays for David Beckham's Miami franchise but hope for a deal
Turn back the 🕰 with David Beckham's first LaLiga ⚽!. MORE: https…
remembering how much I idolised David Beckham in 1996
Soccer problems-Girlie Sport?! I dare you to say that to David Beckham!!!
I think I was created to marry David Beckham's son
London, March 12 (IANS) Singer Katherine Jenkins has hit back at former footballer David Beckham over his comment...
Jenkins slams David Beckham over nasty comment
Find it so funny that in hacking David Beckham's emails the best thing they found was him slagging off Katherine Jenkins
Katherine Jenkins has spoken for the first time about those 'hurtful' David Beckham emails...…
Katherine Jenkins speaks out over hacked David Beckham emails
Katherine Jenkins hasn't really forgiven David Beckham then..
(International Business Times):star Jenkins claims David Beckham knows 'nothing' about her..
Opera star Katherine Jenkins claims David Beckham knows 'nothing' about her in BeckiLeaks resposte via
Katherine Jenkins reacts to alleged David Beckham emails reputedly critical of her OBE
Katherine Jenkins Slams David Beckham Over Vicious Emails. Katherine Jenkins has slammed David Beckham after he ma…
Katherine Jenkins has finally addressed those David Beckham emails
Who is Katherine Jenkins, what is her role in musical Carousel and how was she involved in the David Beckham email…
Aww how cute! David Beckham honors Victoria Beckham on See the pic:
Who remembers David Bentley lol that guy was the next David Beckham apparently 😂 myth
Get back to me when Emma Watson showing a bit of flesh is met with the same indifference as David Beckham posing in his underpants.
Olivier Giroud, Santi Cazorla and Robert Pires with David Beckham at the global gift gala
David Beckham links up with former Manchester United and England pals Gary and Phil Neville for dinner…
Owen Hargreaves, David Beckham and Roy Keane all found themselves in Fergie's cross hairs. And he was as abrasive as he was on the pitch.
Four years ago today, David Beckham made his debut for PSG. The beginning of the end.
David Beckham leaves the gym with personal trainer Bobby Rich... after the minder led Brooklyn home following BRITs…
Still haven't quite got over the fact that Craig Bellamy and Micah Richards were selected over David Beckham for th…
. speaks to on the signing of David Beckham & the Designated Player rule:…
lagalaxy​.com >> Alexi Lalas speaks to ExtraTime Radio on the signing of David Beckham and the Designated
ICYMI: called in yesterday to talk DPs, David Beckham's legacy and
Paul Scholes on squad numbers: "I can imagine David Beckham being unhappy about taking the number seven off him, or…
Everybody just needs a David Beckham in their livef 👅😂💕
David Beckham is doting dad as he takes the whole family to Victoria's fashion show in New York
David Beckham and his kids make their way to Victoria's NYFW show via WHY CAN'T SHE SMILE ???
no David Beckham does not deserve either of them..!!
Well worth reading but protected. David Beckham is just a narcissist looking for a knighthood
Can't see why David Beckham wants a gong so bad, he's played for Preston North End, there is no greater honour
Sir Alex Ferguson with David Beckham as he signs his first ever contract with Manchester United.
Publication of hacked David Beckham emails renders injunction worthless in globalised internet based society
Piers Morgan blasts David Beckham, "real heroes don't use charity work to get knighthoods".
David Beckham email hackers 'demanded one million euros' from his agents
David Beckham has rocketed in my estimations. This Malcolm Tucker-inspired version is far more entertaining than the dullard of yore.
On a scale 1-10 how much would you cry if Drake and idk David Beckham followed you?
David Beckham has done a vast amount for the cause of sport in Britain in the last 20 years. A man to be admired, not pill…
Anger at claim David Beckham backed ‘No’ camp to help win knighthood
[Daily Mail]However, the public seems to believe that the tireless hours Beckham has po…
David Beckham defended by Unicef following fury over 'hacked' emails
PICTURED: Support grows for Sir David Beckham after hacked emails | UK Daily Mail Online
If David Beckham had a steady diet of cocaine and fresh grilled tiger meat, I'd still prefer him to Piers Morgan
Got to say that David Beckham drawing the ire of The Sun and Piers Morgan makes him more of a hero in my eyes than I ever t…
Memo to The scumbag Sun:. Here's why we'll always love David Beckham.
David Beckham versus Murdoch press and criminal hackers? No contest. Beckham all the way.
David Beckham has been more generous with his time, money and status than anyone associated with The Sun ever has -
David and Victoria Beckham at the GQ Men Of The Year Awards in 2013.
Always back David Beckham. 25 years of press scrutiny, he's obviously going to make some mistakes. 300x the Englishman
British exposed as craven Sycophants . David Beckham backed in to try&grovel for knighthood.
Poor David Beckham the victim of a Russian dossier now?
After nearly 18 years of marriage, David and Victoria Beckham have renewed their... by via
The presenter hit out at him after comments he allegedly made about Katherine Jenkins were leaked...
Low key !!"David and Victoria Beckham has to be my fav celeb couple!!"
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Listening to the radio I though David Beckham would be trending, ole Piers must be gutted
David Beckham could murder my first born and I would still love the guy.
And that goes for all celebs not just David Beckham. if you cant help people without expecting a gong... Well words fail me.
Emails said to be written by Beckham alleged that his charity work was a strategic move to become a knight
David Beckham's private little rant about knighthood disappointment brands him "repulsive" by - who phone hacke…
David Beckham and UNICEF fight back over alleged hacked emails: ‘Let the facts speak for themselves’:
Any team including Stefano Torrisi, David Beckham and Nigel Martyn would win the league.
If there isn't a David Beckham commercial with him shirtless and in his Calvin Klein undies. can we really say it's Super B…
//Alrighty then, hmmm gives me a dam good list to look for.hmmm David Beckham lol no he sounds very *** when talking.
David Beckham admits ‘wrong decisions’ led to rift with Alex Ferguson. I think his PR agent told him about Bechet!
David Beckham eat your heart out. Ryman Premier is full of pure quality.
What do Victoria Wood, David Beckham, Martin Sorrell and Marvin Hamlisch have in common?
David Beckham reveals he has a huge shoe collection: Beckham has a touch of Imelda Marcos…
David Beckham reveals funny dances at Manchester United -
David Beckham reveals intimate details of how he wooed Victoria on Desert Island Discs
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Beckham: United youngsters had to dance - ESPN FC
Jamie honestly walks around the house thinking he's David Beckham when in reality he looks like a potato
David Beckham: 'We're a strong family unit'
Another claim occurred in Hornpours County Medical Center in David Beckham that led to a couple of months later.
David Beckham posts wonderful tribute to Wayne Rooney after 250th Man Ut.. Related Articles:
, how impressive would it be if David beckham said come through my keyhole lol 😱
"David Beckham could raise the roof here with a goal" goes down as the greatest English National team commentator moment of all time⚽️
I'm only interested if it's in a garage: David Beckham: 'We're a strong family unit'
BBC - David Beckham: 'We're a strong family unit'
David Beckham: 'We're a strong family unit': David Beckham has rubbished claims that he and wife Victoria…
David Beckham reveals he has huge shoe collection
Shocking news again this morning but then this to look forward to: David Beckham on Desert Island Discs
Can't wait to listen to David Beckham on Desert Island Discs today 🎉😬
Here are our predictions for David Beckham's Desert Island Discs
William Hague hailed as 'David Beckham of toasting'
Proud of my Mum for her work on Desert Island Discs. And she met David Beckham so she wins life...
David Beckham hilariously trolls his son Brooklyn on Instagram live
Imagine waiting for your train at Crewe and David Beckham walks past 😩😩😩
Played for 6 different clubs ... still hated by no one. -David Beckham
Someone's finally agreed with me that Ashley Banjo looks like David Beckham! 😁
A brilliant picture of David Beckham signing his first ever contract with Manchester United with Alex Ferguson.
Here is a Haifa Wehbe video that ends with her crashing off a chandelier to confront a David Beckham look-alike
.Kate Moss and David Beckham sing Supreme’s praises while front row at
David Beckham to be expel divided to applaud Desert Island Discs’ 75th anniversary
"There's no one to blame - they're just individual mistakes. David Beckham.
How Supreme went from outsider to insider.
David Beckham signs up as castaway to help celebrate Desert Island Discs’ 75th anniversary
'David Beckham is the only man that if he came straight up to me and said "You're losing your v-card today" I'd be like "Yes I am."'
David Beckham literally has won at life... Dam
David Beckham to be castaway on 75th anniversary Desert Island Discs
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David Beckham at the Fashion Show by Watch the show now at
Griezmann - “I liked David Beckham a lot. He was my idol. That’s why I wear a long-sleeved jersey and wear the No7.” https…
David Beckham to reveal his Desert Island Discs for show's 75th anniversary
My wifey is a spice like I'm David Beckham/
Kate Moss and David Beckham snapped in fits of giggles at Paris fashion show -
We he is Goldenballs: David Beckham has become the surprise choice to join Kirsty Young for Des…
Desert Island Discs at 75: David Beckham is anniversary show castaway: David…
David Beckham chooses his favourite eight songs for BBC Radio 4's Desert Island Discs, as it celebrates turning 75.
David Beckham to guest on 75th anniversary Desert Island Discs
David Beckham attended Louis Vuitton’s show today in a look deserving of Victoria Beckham’s approval.
David Beckham channeled his better half in shades of mauve and brown.
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