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David Barksdale

David Barksdale (May 24, 1947 – September 2, 1974), also known as King David, was the original leader of the Chicago-based street gangs the Black Disciples, Devil's Disciples, Gangster Disciples, Maniac Latin Disciples, Black Gangster Disciples and Satan's Disciples.

Larry Hoover Gangster Disciples Black Disciples King David Latin Kings Young Lords Black Panthers South Side Jeff Fort Rapper Rick Ross Maybach Music Group La Raza

I’m from Brooklyn where *** like Aladdin Xantander really think David barksdale died over Choking over a fish bone 😂🤣😭
Jeff Fort leader of the black p stones, david barksdale Aka King David leader of the BD's & willie…
Sending well wishes to David Barksdale on his retirement from Such a great career, Dave; wishing you health and fun!
they got him like D'Angelo Barksdale
Business has changed; it is no longer B2B or B2C. It is now H2H; Human to Human.
The 2017 Texas Trailblazer award winners are Kathi and David Barksdale! Congratulations!
Before the Panthers could recruit in areas controlled by "street gangs", they had to meet with leaders. Fred Hampton knew David Barksdale.
David Trego says new advanced, or smart, electric meters have sped up restoration efforts.
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David Trego of says they'll test water Tues; will take 2 days to get results, before boil water advisory can be lifted.
I thank God for my living mentor Lawrence Barksdale,David Boyle RIP, My Big brothers too many to name, and my colleagues I bless God for you
all of them lol but seriously finishing up barksdale and David Johnson
Emma Barksdale of David Arden Racing Team, with strong back half, crushes heat 8 of w200IM in 2:15.85. Takes over lead
Right on lil folk right on...Free King Larry and also rest in peace David Barksdale
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Aye sexy *** droppin on King David Barksdale birthday
my roommates dog is named Avon Barksdale & I think he could give Younger Jeezy a run for his money
*** I wish David Simon would make The Wire: the prequel to show how the Barksdale came into power.. Omar and his brother.. Prop joe
10 yr's is a long time,Best lawers canbe found anywhere,i would try out David o'Barksdale'
y'all remember that one night Korn was like "On Larry Hoover and David Barksdale I did not touch that girl" 😂💀
Program today for Barksdale Honors College abt 'Why Study Art?, Showed them too
Interested in learning more about New Albany's historic homes? This month, authors David C. Barksdale and Gregory...
King David barksdale is king I follow law
for example David Barksdale the founder of the disciple nation was making business for the community had food programs for the needy kids
David Barksdale ain't try to force the Black Panthers in his gang that was another gang leader
They need to make a movie about Larry Hoover and David Barksdale
West: "It wasn't really a difficult decision." Happy to be a David West on media day
Behold...I will raise unto David a righteous Branch, and a King...he shall be called, THE LORD OUR RIGHTEOUSNESS.
*** be in the streets saying not even knowing who David Barksdale is
These niggaz are the goat on david barksdale
Photo is from Barksdale field (not sure if same name after 30 years and campus construction!) Go Tribe!
David Barksdale 's new hot single. Listen like share!
on David Barksdale im comin ova this weekend
[linux] David Barksdale - IIO: add si7020 driver This patch adds support to the Industrial IO subsystem for the S...
“What does “On Dave” mean? Tryna keep up with the new slang… 😂” 😳somebody merching on David Barksdale 😂 on bd
David Barksdale 28 times he’s been arrested :O wow this guy was 100% criminal.
Larry Hoover & David Barksdale both born in Mississippi. Gang rivalries in MS prisons:
Somebody need ta come over on King David Barksdale
David Simon's original pitch for had characters named Aaron Barksdale and Stringy Bell.
I want to try the Avon Barksdale cocktail:
I'm sure I'll think of more, but for now: Jack Bauer, Larry David, Michael Scott, Avon Barksdale, Tyrion Lannister.
no that's the actual Dave you refering to Avery King David barksdale of the Black Disciples
The Gangster Disciple is a gang which was formed on the South-side of Chicago in the late 1960s, by Larry Hoover, leader of the High Supreme Gangsters, and David Barksdale, leader of the Black Disciples. The two groups united to form the Black Gangster Disciple Nation (BGDN). The gang has made several attempts to legitimize their image. Some members dropped the "B" and began to call themselves GDs or Gangster Disciples. In the 1990s the Gangster Disciples entered into politics in the Chicago tradition of Black Panthers, Black Stone Rangers, Latin Kings, Vice Lords, Black Disciples and Young Lords through the formation of the "Growth and Development" movement. Outside of Chicago some gangs will still go by the old name of BGD. Gangster Disciples have been documented in the U.S. military, found in both U.S. and overseas bases. Graffiti characteristic of the Gangster Disciples has been reportedly seen in U.S. military bases in Iraq and Afghanistan. They've branched out to other states and cities such as NC, ...
THE MIXTAPE REPORT Born in Jackson, Mississippi, Hoover's parents moved the family north to Chicago, Illinois, when Hoover was four years old. By the time he was 12 years old, Hoover was on the streets with his friends. Calling themselves "supreme gangsters," the group would often ditch school together and ride the train around the city.[3] As the gang grew, Hoover emerged as the natural leader. Known as "Prince Larry," Hoover, along with rival gang leader David Barksdale, decided to merge their gangs into one: the Black Gangster Disciple Nation. In 1974, after Barksdale died from kidney failure due to an earlier shooting, Hoover took the reins of the Gangster Disciples Nation, which now had control of Chicago's South Side. Under Hoover's rule, the Gangster Disciples took over the South Side drug trade. While incarcerated, Hoover helped form the Folks Nation, which added other gangs such as: Black Disciples, Gangster Disciples, Imperial Gangsters, La Raza, Spanish Cobras, Latin Eagles, Maniac Latin Discip ...
David Simon had to of come up with iconic criminal family name of Barksdale while watching "Air Bud."
On david barksdale You still got that big *** gap tho
I am what I am, and what I am not I could never be. King David Barksdale
David Stern owe's the the number 1 pick for the CP3 veto. Now that he is retiring we will consider it even. h…
Avon Barksdale is on Justified. A fantastic show by the way.
This is what has gotten on my last nerve, you so called GD's and and so called BD's making up your own teaching when there is one history and and one law that exist for both. GD means Growth & Development and not gangster disciple; has nothing to do with guns, drugs or violence, as clear as the paperwork that reflects the Blueprint title the only symbol that represents it is the Six Point Star. It is disrespect to law and concept to disrespect any member or who are not especially saying Killer of any other group especially those who also recognize the Six Point Star, that David Barksdale put between the Disciples and Gangsters to unite them. No one can rearrange or alterate that. BD's have to also stop destroying the beautiful progress collectively we cam make; David carried the pitchforks and knew nothing of the Treys or the Gates yet its not recognized by them which is wrong so he can never rest in peace to any who say that to him memory. Don Dirk, not King Shorty brought the Treys and the Gates yet its ...
“Craig David going in again! 😊” lol no way he's a Friday night Miami nights nicca 😂😉
you don't even know David barksdale
"BLACK GANGSTER CREED" (6 PLEDGE) The night I was born Folks was the night I died. As my brethren cast my body into the lake of Fire and Knowledge I was baptized. One with my nation by my Kings blessed. With a Pitchfork in my hand and a Six on my chest. Others will speak my name and know the name of Death. I live by the Nations laws, die by the Disciples Creed. Loyal to my Nation, loyal to my breed. The day my Flag falls then so does my body fall. But my Nation will always stand in the shine of the Six. All is One, One is All! ( I PLEDGE) I look up and see a full moon in the sky, I look around and see a 24 brick pyrmid burning. I see a "G" sticking his Pitchfork in the fake allahs eye. I close my eyes and I see the 3rd world turning. I took David's hand to lead me for I was blind. And he took me to the pit of snakes. He spoke Knowledge and showed me signs. And when he spoke I saw a burning lake. But my heart passed away, and now I'm led by mind. Following the footsteps of the real "G's" Walking behind the ...
I wish to Thank the Honorable Don Dirk & Chief Whitey Michael White Mike of BETTER DEVELOPMENT for gracing the Mic at P.O.P.S. Movement Radio Networks this evening. We was blessed to hear from Honorable Wallace "Gator" Bradley and gain the his/tory from these historical and monumental Figures in Love, Life, & Loyalty. We wish to thank you all for tuning into this blessed opportunity to know more and hear it from the voices that walked and talked, learned and stood firm since the Glorious Days of Honorable David Barksdale and Larry B. Hoover. We send Love and Service to our wonderful callin audience, Brotha RaQim Salahuddin, Golatte Ernest, ShaultBody McCray, Prince A.K., Ken Gonzalez-Haamid, Orlando Henry, Flame-On Buffett, and the awaiting callers...S.P., Thadeous, Doug, and Astro. We love you and strive to be what has the ability to give God the glory! Antwan Jones & Yan Gusinsky...I am honored to stand beside you Brothas. . .in Love & Service
All the movements have become gangs. In that case, where are the Afrika Bambataas, Jeff Forts, and David Barksdales?? Because we need UNITY.
someone mention me OTHER than David Barksdale
Just got back from Memphis yesterday... I Love all of the positive energy and can't wait till BOS Weekend. To the Honorable Chairman Larry Hoover, Sr., King David Barksdale (RIP) and numerous elders and others who have paved the way... I am very honored to be one of the leaders to let u see ur STRUGGLE was NOT and is NOT in vain... I thank JESUS for ur very lives. If u ARE not living in The Vision... Step back and stay out of the way. POSITIVE AND PRODUCTIVE, THAT WHICH WE ARE! I LOVE U ALL AND GOD BLESS. PML. CHURCH
Barksdale who claimed to inspire 'The Wire' charged in federal court - Baltimore Sun via
This is a threat to Jim and David Barksdale's Spread Network.
This could be the premise for season 6. Avon returns! (via
'Bodie' Barksdale--the real-life Avon--arrested on federal drug and gun charges
Miche s Extended Cyber Weekend Event - Savings up to 75%
I thought you'd appreciate this Jamal David Barksdale
who's your founding King? King David Barksdale who's your newly crowned King? King Hoover what does he Pitchfork mean? mind, body, soul. who's in it? Devil and Folk how long have you been Folk? Since day one how many steps to Gangsta City? 63 how many steps back? 36 why? you are looking in a mirror what's under the dragons right foot? 6 point star where is Gangsta City located? in the sky beyond the North Star how do you kill the dragon? with a blue sword where did the lamb come from that King David dropped on Chicago? Russia
Main dese lame *** *** round here dat call themselves GD's do u *** even no wat a disciple is? Go to Chicago where it originated and call urself a GD them ole GDs goin set u strait. The Gangster Disciple Laws include silence and secrecy regarding the group and showing sportsmanship. Other laws include no consuming of drugs, no breaking and entering and no stealing. Members must also have a form of education. There are a total of 17 laws. Not 1 *** I no dat call himself a GD obide by any of the rules. The major symbol Gangster Disciples make use of is the six-pointed star (identical in appearance to the Star of David) The fact that this star is known as the Star of David pays homage to founder David Barksdale, and the six points are said to represent love, life, loyalty, understanding, knowledge, and wisdom (respect). *** u can think u hard cus u call urself a GD but no this I aint fukd up bout u or none ur fake *** wanna be GD homebois
I thought it was a legitimate question to ask if David Barksdale's b-day party was an official bicentennial event. Apparently it's not.
Cannibal Cop: Conspiracy or thought crime? _ Savagelight 02-26-2013, 08:48 AM NEW YORK — Jurors at the trial of a New York police officer COP accused of plotting to kill and eat women have been introduced to another alleged target. On Tuesday, Elizabeth Sauer became the third woman to testify at the trial of Officer Gilberto Valle (VAL'-ee). She's Valle's former college classmate. Prosecutors say Valle used a law enforcement database to build files on women, including his wife, and that his plotting was real. Valle's defense lawyer said in opening statements Monday that the government had evidence only that Valle sought out sadistic sexual fantasies on the Internet and that no women were in danger. If convicted, Valle could be sentenced to life in prison. To view links or images in this forum your post count must be 2 or greater. You currently have 0 posts. More The wife of the New York City police officer on trial for conspiring to kidnap, torture, kill and eat women is adamantly denouncing the defense ...
Only the real know what's up free Larry rest in peace David Barksdale 💯
i bett i got more money than you and lol on David barksdale
on David barksdale i ain't scared off a soul on this universe with yo woopy goburger looking *** stop talking to me!
MLK overrated.Tookie Williams, David Barksdale and Larry Hoover all realer *** than MLK
My ponna devon a BD . and when i start sing Jojo , Lil Jay , or P.Rico . He be like " Bra on David barksdale If i see dem opps its ova" Lmao
by Rod Emery From Chapter One: "The Gangster Disciples" pp 10-15; permission requested from Morris Publishers The Black Gangster Disciple Nation was born out of two organizations. In the beginning, there were two separate organizations: The Disciple Nation, whose President was David Barksdale, and the Gangster Nation, whose President was Larry Hoover. There were many branches of both organizations. Some of the Disciple Nation under David Barksdale’s leadership were: Devit’s Disciples, Falcon Disciples, Royal Disciples, Renegade Disciples, Executioner Disciples, Boss Pimp disciples, East Side Disciples, Sircon Disciples, Motown Disciples, Dutchtown Disciples, Gonzato Disciples, Six-Tray Disciples, Maniac Disciples and four-Tray Disciples. Also during this period of time, David Barksdale controlled the Del Vikings, the Black Souls, and the West Side Cobras. Some of the branches of the Gangster Nation under Larry Hoover’s leadership were: The Supreme Gangsters (the first branch was considered to be the ...
I like yours to bestfriend on King David Barksdale Lmao !
It is amazing how people impact one's life and soul yet they may never know that they made a difference. I know have people who have made me a better person. A better man by their simple friendship. Even just knowing them. I have made it an effort to tell those who have made me elevate my persons of how much they mattered. How much what they did still matters. I can even remember the moments, gestures and more importantly, their faces. Take the time to let people know they matter.
You can put lipstick on a pig. its still a pig!
Happy fathers day to my dad Lee foster, uncle jacob mr earl hunt,Kent McKenzie, dion brown, dez griffin, Joseph Foster, Jacob Foster, my bro felixco willis reco brown, Daniel Brown, Leonard Geechie Evans, cuz cepada,and son rah rah, david woody ,dj woody, David Brown,Steven Duice,Wayne brown, Jamie Byrd, Jamie& Darren. Therain Ballard, Kolsum Ballard, avery barksdale. There are so many more good fathers that I didnt name, if I did forget anyone please let me know and happy fathers day to you all just thought some names should be reconized
S/o to King David Barksdale.. happy father day boss.
Happy Fathers Day to my wonderful husband Earl Oliver Barksdale. You are such a wonderful daddy and David says I wuv Dad!
Barksdale david, Rose Nyambura and me are the most blessed children to have such a wise and loving dad as Mr.Kimaku... God bless you dad may you live to see the fruits of your sweat and hardwork.
He played me. He cheated. He made me cry. He broke up with me. He lied. He pushed me away. He ignored me. He broke my heart . . & through that looong year, I still loved him ... WHY ?!
I just signed, as has Dave Eggers, Diane Ravitch, Jonathan Kozol, and many more. It lays forth a vision for education that treats students - and teachers - like humans, rather than products. Dan Archer Beau Meau Kimberly Barbosa Soeiro Jessica Barksdale Inclan Christina Inferrera-Davies Jennifer Dowdy Jamila Demby Darren Keast David Gill Emily Pilloton
I'm 6'1 217lbs of Trayvon Martin,Mutulu Shakur, Tupac Shakur, Malcolm X,Nelson Mandala,Marcus Gravey,Halie Selassie I,David Barksdale,Jerome Freeman and Larry Hoover rolled into one Massive Dreadhead Rasta so Babylon don't trend on me!PML
Who says, m, I have to have my morning coffee to help me wake up today??? Meanwhile, that person drinks Decaf.Answers?
stranger stranger stranger lol David Barksdale
Ok I know someone knows someone or something about skydiving, who do I need to talk to?!?!? 1 2 3 go.
Our prayers and love go out to all the Randazzo family. We are very sorry for your loss. John Ferrari, Denise Nelson, David Barksdale, Sergio Ferrari, & Giovanni Ferrari.
A STANDING OVATION June 4th, 2013 from Virtual Dave Marsh (thousand miles from home and not so fresh from a midnight discussion of drastically under appreciated soul genius — mainly Luther, Teddy and Donnie — I entered my hotel room and snapped up the iPad to check the headlines from home. Something whispered not to forget the obits, so I checked. And then I crashed. A long time ago, the night that Teddy Pendergrass told me flat out “Marvin Junior is my father,” I vowed to myself that when the great Chicago master of rasp and shout passed, I’d do my part to shout the hosannas that Marvin Junior deserved. That moment has come. January 31, 1936, Arkansas – May 29, 2013 “Iron Throat” as another of his progeny, David Ruffin called him, died in Chicago last week. (That the world at that moment busied itself missing Ray Manzarek does not escape my bitter notice.) You who don’t know who the *** I’m mourning, bend an ear, not just to “Oh What a Night,” “There Is” and “Stay in My Cor ...
Donald Duck has the same birthday day as David
Man i tossed and turned last night first time i felt uncomfortable bout sleepin in a long time had to pray and ask God to take the pain away i'm still hurt and as i look at my nephew i cry because i'm not there for him the way i should've been there for his daddy. I won't fail lil Greg the way i did LilBoone much love to my Father up in the sky GANGSTA PARADISE. Save a young Bos a seat next to you and David Barksdale cause i know ya'll keeping it GANGSTA FAMILY GD NATION FOR NOW AND ALL TIMES LOYALTY OVER LOVE 6RE6 6OONE RIL
This Walmart is terrible. David Glass and The big wigs in Bentonville should take note and hire more staff. Seven people waiting in every line! Locals tell me this is an everyday occurrence. Cashier won't check someone out because she doesn't have a cash drawer and can't give change for cash. Very disappointed!
David Barksdale , also known as King David, was the original leader of the Chicago-based street gangs the Black Disciples, Devil's Disciples, Gangster Disciples, Maniac Latin Disciples, Black Gangster Disciples and Satan's Disciples.
The Black Disciples is a large black street gang based in Chicago Illinois.
Members and supporters of the Black Disciple Nation (BD), sometimes referred to as Black Disciples, recently gathered to celebrate the 66th birthday of its founder, David Barksdale at the Inner…
These Are The Good Old Days is the story of the Stephan Day family of builders. Their legacy is documented from Bernkastel, Germany to their participation in the growth of New Albany, Indiana. Here you will read of their joys and successes, their trials and tribulations, and their constant faith in…
Kelsey your are a beautiful gift. While we celebrate your birthday we could never shower you with gifts that would measure up to the gift this world was given when you were born. As tears flow down my face"My wish for you." Happy Birthday It seems like the biggest struggle in life is having the courage to be who we truly are and to motivate ourselves to fulfill our destiny. It is through this struggle that we truly find happiness. Love Dad
One of the bright sides going on in New Albany are all the changes taking place downtown. It seems every week another new business is opening up. I drive through or visit downtown on a daily bases, and it is always a plus for me. I don't know what excites me more, the entrepreneurial spirit of the business owners, or the aesthetic pleasure of each new business. I'm always excited for each new business opening up, and their willingness not to participate in the national recession. The American spirit is still alive and well in New Albany. Throw in the success of the Farmers Market and the collective community spirit, and you have something special. And New Albany needs to build the bridge over Silver Creek linking the Riverfront Park Now!!! Think, if we could just have better governmental policies regarding the surrounding neighborhoods New Albany could do no wrong.
Ty'zeanna sariyah Barksdale..she came on my grandma b day (r.i.p joyce barksdale)1:06 she was 5pounds 9ounces an 18 1/2 inches I'm spoiling her already...:)
My reporting the recent graffiti tag at the neighborhood pool complex - honoring Southside Chicago's long dead gangleader, David Barksdale - might've been more encouraging had the reporting officer not been chaw'in and spittin' a plug of tobacco the size of Montana ..
**INCIDENTS**   Armed Robbery | Attempted Malicious Wounding – On June 6th at 12:58AM, police responded to the 5600 block of 5628 Reardon Ln in Woodbridge (22193) for a shooting. The victim, a 21 year old man of Woodbridge, reported to police that he had just returned home when he was approached from behind by a man that he recognized as a known acquaintance. The man, identified as the PHOENIX suspect, displayed a handgun and demanded narcotics. During the encounter, the victim assaulted the accused. The accused then fired a gunshot towards the victim before taking his car keys and a pair of sunglasses from the victim’s vehicle. The accused then fled the area on foot. No injuries were reported. The investigation revealed that after the accused had fled, the victim called another acquaintance, ZINDA, before calling police. Prior to police arrival, the victim removed marijuana from his vehicle and placed it in the vehicle belonging to ZINDA. Officers were able to determine that the victim, MOSSEY, was ...
sell a little weed and mfs think they David Barksdale
World: Prime Minister David Cameron and Queen Elizabeth II led the tributes to Britain's "Iron Lady," former P...
Opinion: Do they think the U.S. is soft?: David Rothkopf says saber-rattling might reflect a notion among Amer...
Other symbolism include the clenching of the fist, which represents two swords protecting the gates of David Barksdale "King David", the Six Pointed Star representing "Love, Life, Loyalty, Wisdom, Knowledge and Understanding", and is usually accompanied with the abbreviation BDN (Black Disciple Nation). Their colors are black, blue, white & red
It's a good thing David Simon saw Larry Gillard Jr. and knew he was perfect for DeAngelo Barksdale.
Jessica you really can stfu on David Barksdale
lol On David BarksDale I Do mfk u just needa come Fck wit us ona G
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Tell him To put that on DAVID BARKSDALE
I just completed a two day Dangerous Game course with the SAAM (Sportsman's all-weather all-terrain marksmanship) hunter training by FTW. Amazing course. We also did some precision rifle shooting as well that was incredible. Way too much fun and so valuable. I'll will post some pics etc. soon. Charging elephants, buffalo etc.
much to the chagrin of one David Barksdale. That I do remember.
David Barksdale started the bd's and the gd's. I wonder how they fell out ?
Said he partied with David barksdale and Black Panthers.(David barksdale help start gd..folks)
Can anyone recommend a dentist in Baton Rouge?
Sooo... today was my introduction to CrossFit training. I figured I would give you a glimpse of my session. Let me start by saying I haven't done cardio in 16 years... since I got out of the Corps. I am in great muscular condition, but not so much cardio condition... so we begin. Started off great, instructor demo'd all the exercises on the board, which worried me a little as there were about 20! None the less, I held my poker face and my head high as I have been through intense training in my past... waaay past as it was soon to hit home. We started the warm up with some jumping jacks, running in place with knees and elbows high (when did my legs get so heavy and unflexible?) onto crawl out pushups (why does it feel like my collar bone is cutting off circulation to my brain and man, my breathing has become labored) and finally introduced to Burpees which after about 5, my butt never saw parallel again and had the instructor yelling out... "get your butt down" to which I WOULD have replied if I wasn't suc ...
Dreams are subjective, unreliable and unauthoritative. Only God's Word is! Saiko Woods
I sure did enjoy getting to be with the little ones in class again today. I really enjoyed the worship service, too. Just when I thought things were getting back to normal and we were all getting well, Chase is running fever again today. He felt bad this morning, complained of a sore throat and went to bed as soon as we got home. When I checked on him, he felt warm. So, I checked to see if he had a fever and it was 101.4. Kasey was also running a fever of 102. But, he just took some Motrin and decided to go ahead and preach tonight anyway. I don't think he ever got over what he had because he has not stopped long enough to get well. Hopefully, we can get both of them to the doctor tomorrow to see what is going on.
Sipping on a vanilla blonde roast from Starbucks waiting for Jamal David Barksdale. At rittenhouse square.
Thank you Nicole Rush Apollonia DeLeon Cedric Hrtbrkkid Barksdale Temitope Shode Raymo Stackz Marcus Parker David Fatokun Christine Watkins Damany Molock Busi Ogunleye for helping me celebrate my Birthday weekend. It was a great time
They said come sing with us at 905 Barksdale Blvd.
Wow I share a vid and y'all don't and willfully won't have an open mind because Beyonce is connected to it. Smh
Rapper Rick Ross, founder of Maybach Music Group, is being targeted by the Gangster Disciples (GD’s), a gang that was formed by the late David Barksdale, and GD’s imprisoned Chairman of the Board, Larry Hoover, on the South Side of Chicago in the late 1960s. But why are the GD’s targeting Rapper Rick Ross? In one out of several GD's affiliated YouTube videos circulating around the Internet, 6 Tre Gangsta, a member of the GD’s, calmly clarifies the main reasons why Rapper Rick Ross is being targeted by GD’s nationwide. “We have laws and policies that prohibits us from acting in a certain mannerism,” stated 6 Tre Gangsta, in his message to Rapper Rick Ross. “We try to observe those laws and policies when you exploited the Chairman’s name for your own personal gain.” 6 Tre Gangsta is referring to “B.M.F. (Blowing Money Fast),” the biggest hit-song recorded by Rapper Rick Ross, where the rapper raps, “I think I’m Big Meech, Larry Hoover, whipping work, hallelujah.” “Pretty much ...
Anyone in New York/Chicago trading biz know/use Spread Networks? Run by David Barksdale ( guy), son of 1st Netscape CEO Jim Barksdale.
David Barksdale and Larry Hoover the founders of Black Gangster Disciples. So if you GD or BD its supposed to UNITY.
Well, she's here. At 7:44 this morning our newest addition to the family was born. Brookelyn Rayne Barksdale is 8 lbs 2 oz and 19 1/2 inches long. Big Brother Harley loves her and was kissing and hugging her earlier before Gomie and Pawpaw took him home. Here alone at the moment. Jeremy went to get food so they took Brookelyn back to the nursery. I guess I'll sneak a nap in.
I think they should make a movie bout Larry Hoover an david barksdale everybody tawks about frank lucas but never bout bumpy johnson ! Mane I got ideas out da yang if u steal my idea gimme a percentage real spit I got it written as of today an gettin it notarized
Larry Hoover, David Barksdale, Jeff Fort and every other chief all have this in common. They understood that READERS are LEADERS.
Algeria launches push to free hostages: British Prime Minister David Cameron warned his compatriots to prepare f...
Gangster Disciple Nation / Growth & Developement D.R.I.P King David Barksdale The BluePrint "From Gangster Disciple To Growth & Developement" "Freedom means Free Your Dome" Chairman Larry Hoover Alliance: Folks Colors: Black and Blue Ethnicity: All, mostly African American Symbols: 6 point star, pitchforks, heart w/wings, tail, and horns, three point crown Alias: GDN, Brothers of the Struggle, B.O.S., S.O.S., Growth and Development Previously known as: Supreme Gangsters , Black Gangster Disciples Renegade off-shoots: Insanes, Outlaws, Boss Pimps, Gambinos, Lawless, others Founders: "King" David Barksdale and "The Chairman" Larry Hoover Gangster Disciple History The Gangsters Disciples have roots that date back to the 1960s. Larry Hoover is the current leader of the GDs and has been since 1974. The story starts when Larry Hoover was born in 1950. He was born in Jackson, Mississippi on November 30, 1950. In 1955, when Larry was 4 he moved to Chicago with his family. In 1964 when Hoover was 13, he wanted to ...
Opinion: A lucky day for Susan Rice: David Rothkopf says Rice didn't achieve her dream of becoming secretary of ...
Love that David Walsh is quoting Barksdale from the Wire. Amazing.
A Rapper can't ever think they're Larry Hoover, Jeff Fort, Walter Wheat, Neal Wallace, Willie Loyd, or David Barksdale!
All I needed was 17 more yds from Andre Johnson to beat this week and jump to make the playoffs
My older uncle use to be around "David Barksdale" Aka "King David" he said he died from a herion overdose.
Happy Thanksgiving to my brothers and sisters of the struggle! I would like to give thanks to God for letting me make it this far. And I also wanna give thanks to Larry Hoover, David Barksdale, and Jerome "Shorty" Freeman for making this Gangsta Nation what it is today! 74 til da world blows! GD FOLKS!
Especially after revelations like this one: You guys really need to get off your Gmail dependency.
Geez up...pml all my fellow Brothers of da struggle...lets take a time out to reflect upon our late great deceased King David Barksdale...Rip K.D.B.,Larry Hoover
If you a GD talking about David Barksdale you obiously don't know Yo history
Comment on Dear Mrs. Richmond by G.I.Joe - David Barksdale. Really, Lamb of God?
Yea I no that B ,But I still respect king shorty part that he played for the organization ,But I rock wit David Barksdale
Comment on Dear Mrs. Richmond by Boom - Civil suit? How about criminal? She is a danger to society as far as I'm c...
Stupid Lil *** if King Shorty Larry Hoover And David Barksdale was on these streets more then half y'all *** would b in a VIOLATION
Walt my uncle "home of the real chiefs Jeff Forte,walter wheat,Larry Hoover,willie llyod,david barksdale etc"
Look At This This All The Bd Gangs N Chicago Lol They On Point On Mee Iconography: The six-pointed star was adopted to honor “King” David Barksdale. The 6 points of the star are Love Life Loyalty Knowledge Wisdom and Understanding. The Gates (III) symbolizing the keeping of David Barksdale out of *** and also represents a "third world" philosophy, in which they considered themselves victim of imperialism and opression. The three stands for “mind,” “body,” and “soul.” In their literature (or “lit”) the BDs also use the heart with wings and tail but rarely tag these symbols. Also, in their original lit, their symbols included the pitchforks, however they not only don't use these symbols, they seldom “drop the forks,” both in graffiti as hand-signs as a sign of disrespect to the GDN. Factions: We’re still trying to obtain more information about the Black Disciple factions which include the Corleons and Blue Fin (Five) Black Disciples. It is said that "Fat Reggie" founded the Black ...
"On David" means "You're a BD, you're telling the truth, and you swear on your Chief 'King David Barksdale'"!
Where does Google actually say that they won’t read Gmail messages or Google Docs?
Your location 'extremely valuable' to Google - International Business Times
My idea is a prequel! We see how stringer and barksdale took over the game. David thinks we are all a little long in the tooth ) ie too old)
Epic film. was Wood Harris's big start. He was credited as Sherwin David Harris tho. He's Avon Barksdale now and thus a legend
New Google privacy czar might have its hardest job
I'm looking to get in touch with ex-Googler David Barksdale to tell his side of the story in Computerworld mitch
Google Silent on Stalking: Google says it learned important lessons from David Barksdale, the engineer...
Google engineer fired for snooping on underage teens Scary Stuff
Google had at least two creepy stalker engineers: Google confirmed that it's fired at least two engineers for viol...
Your data is safe in the Google cloud right?
When a Google employee spies on the GMail accounts of children, it raises more than the usual questions about
Google sacks engineer for violating privacy policies - Economic Times
Google Fired Two Employees For Breaching Google User Privacy: Gawker wrote a story on how one Googler was fired f...
Google engineer fired for privacy breach after 'stalking and harrassing teenagers' -
- A rogue Google engineer... an argument for trusted computing and unalterable audit logs.
Google fired engineer for privacy breach - David Barksdale, a Google engineer, was sacked earlier this year for impr...
CNET: Google fired engineer for privacy breach
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