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David Bailey

David Royston Bailey CBE (born 2 January 1938) is an iconic figure who is regarded as one of the best British photographers.

Jean Shrimpton Tim Marlow Catherine Deneuve Buckingham Palace Jerry Hall Marie Helvin

I like the David Bailey picture of released for 65th but slightly strange it was taken two years ago.
Buckingham Palace has authorised the reissuing of this portrait taken by David Bailey to mark The Queen's
Released to mark 65 years on the throne, this Queen Elizabeth portrait shot by David Bailey is worth a look.
65 yrs since her accession to the throne, what an incredible moment in history. Happy 👑👑👑 Po…
Queen Elizabeth II becomes Britain's first ever monarch to mark her Sapphire Jubilee today (06/02). (Image: David Bailey C…
Long may she reign: Queen becomes first monarch to celebrate 65 years on the throne:
📷 tiny-librarian: A David Bailey portrait of the Queen has been re-issued to commemorate the 65th...
Congratulations to HM the Queen. 65 glorious years as Head of state and Commonwealth.
Stunning Queen portrait by David Bailey re-issued to commemorate 65th anniversary of the monarch's accession to the throne …
Legendary photographer David Bailey has released a special portrait of the Queen for her Sapphire Jubilee…
A portrait of the Queen by British photographer David Bailey has been reissued for her Sapphire Jubilee, marking 65 yea…
Wildlife Wanderer - Thurs 27th April here in Chepstow.
Something about the Queen's eyebrows in this newly released David Bailey photo doesn't look right...
Buckingham Palace has re-released a David Bailey portrait of the Queen as she becomes the 1st British monarch to mark…
THE QUEEN by David Bailey, 2014. Buckingham Palace has authorised the use of the image to mark the 65th anniversary of…
The Queen wears jewellery of the 65th anniversary gemstone, sapphire, in a portrait taken by David Bailey.
The Queen has become the first British monarch to reach a Sapphire Jubilee, 65 years on the throne. Wearing sapphires here by…
Love this portrait by David Bailey of our beloved Queen. The first British monarch to have reigned 65 years!
Queen's portrait by David Bailey reissued for monarch's anniversary
Video Verdict: Our Norwich City correspondents Michael Bailey and David Freezer give their take on the Canaries’ Champi…
Bob Hannah, youngster. I got to ride with him, David Bailey and Ron Lechien at our practice track before Red Bud National.
David Bailey Thanks for following. We also have blog at that has interesting articles about IT in b …
My dude knocks it out of the park here,
Don't be ridiculous David, it shouldn't even need 1 day. The electorate are contemptuous of the way you try stall democracy
Why would stopping terrorists 'anger' Muslims?. Is David Muir seriously arguing that we shouldn't offend terrorists? http…
You can't complain about the David's son when the Bailey is loveless.
Hello David Bailey . Would you help & guide me on German conversation?
'I’d probably get on with Kim Jong-Un as well.' – The photographer, the legend at 79.…
"I don't think my work does reflect my nationality - I don't like the idea of nationalism." - David Bailey
Imagine waiting for your train at Crewe and David Beckham walks past 😩😩😩
Training officer Sam Olhausen and he will be assisted by Kieran Bailey & David Cox, so bring along your match incidents (2/2) ⚽
When I climb walls and he's got sick, we may say, is health care, health and healing. -David Bailey
🐌can be a great photographer if they zoom in enough on what they love. 👉David Bailey
Hope You like my Cyprien ;) and that Champ Bailey Milestone is a beast
Sonia Boyce and David A Bailey were huge influences on art students in the 1980's. I recorded this programme- will watch again!
📷 classicmclennon: Outtakes for the photoshoot by David Bailey
who'd have thought Tir Prince was in a music video lol David Bailey Ant Jepson
🐌trendy is dangerous. I've never been trendy, which is why I've never really fallen out of favou…
Jimmy Wilson has 7 points, David Duncan & Eric Dortch-Jones both have 6 points, and Emarri Bailey has 4 points.
Valentino Men’s Ad Campaign - Check out Glasgow band BABY STRANGE photographed by David Bailey for the new Vale...
David A. Bailey, fingers crossed for Roger Federer. Let's hope he can beat brutally tough Wawrinka and move on to...
We welcome Shirley Bailey of Chanute to the Merle Kelly Ford family with her purchase of a 2012 from…
Love this photo of Jane Shrimpton and Celia Hammond by David Bailey, 1967.
2nd Q off to good start w/ baskets from David Marquez and Bailey Lozada-Canbage and a 20-6 lead
Shout out to Helene Zazz Bailey Barnes for purchasing her copy of the Revised Edition of Cocktail Conversations...
I liked a video If I ain't got you x Let it go (Cover) - Bailey Stowers x David Taafua
David Bailey on how the internet made everything mediocre via
David - Blind, Jones, Bailey, Young- Mata, Fellanie, Herrera Pogba - Martial, Rashford. Manu fans how this Look for 2Marrow?
how old are you maniya..i think your Father name was mark Henry or David Bailey 😁😁
"The best advice I ever got was that knowledge is power and to keep reading."- David Bailey
"Tim? Tim Cahill? It's David Moyes. We're putting the band back together!"
“I never tried to revolutionise photography. I just do what I do and keep my fingers crossed that people will like it.” David Bailey.
Our lines are open. Wellness Coordinator, Melanie-Anne Atkins, is taking over at 9:30am. ht…
I told a guy I was interested in once that I struggled with anxiety and he never talked to me again. Opening up can be sc…
Many people including farmers suffer mental illness so let's spread the word
Sharon Tate (1943–1969), seen here in London in 1969 with her husband Roman Polanski. Photos by David Bailey.
Aneurin Barnard as David Bailey does stuff to me 💋
Queen Elizabeth II, by David Bailey (born this day, January 2, 1938)
In the last two years I have met David Bailey and Don McCullin at Somerset House
David Bailey lenses London & the interior world of Rick Owens – we round up what to see this week...…
New listing on 133 Lansdowne Ave by David Bailey for $689,000. See
Top Christian Dating Scroller 728x90
David Bailey and Phil Daniels :) I have this camera, but a later model :(
NWAA's CEO David Bailey with Edwin Booth, opening the new Advanced Manufacturing and Automation Centre in Blackburn. https…
Fascinating & very amusing chat between Tim Marlow from and David Bailey, Friday night
Witty & wittier with Tim Marlow & David Bailey earlier this evening at
David Bailey in conversation with Tim Marlow. Best interview ever!
H.S. Football: North Caroline's David Bailey had 210 yards and 4 TDs rushing and a TD reception last night vs. Easton.
Our October cover star: wearing and photographed by David Bailey 👌
David Bailey in conversation with the Royal Academy's Artistic Director Tim Marlow - Friday 9th September -...
A rare opportunity to hear photographer David Bailey discuss his influential work with the RA's Tim Marlow:
SU has good young RBs but clearly need a bigger, short yardage back. David Bailey is an '18 recruit but is 6-1, 225. He fits the bill.
'You should put scent. where you like to be kissed.'. Catherine Deneuve. with David Bowie. By David Bailey
It was on "is It Bill Bailey?" I believe it can be found on YT. Also, David has just caught the last & enjoyed it
Bailey just got out the shower and puts his *** on my face and says "fresh *** to the face" so that's how my morning i…
A8: Body shaming can lead to isolation. Reach out if you start to notice someone "hiding" or ignoring invites.
Too man times has this happened with us 😂
Monica Vitti David Bailey shoots for Vogue from their studios in Hanover Square, 1975
You are becoming a right David Bailey
Catherine Deneuve and then husband David Bailey on the set of “Les demoiselles de Rochefort”
DONUT BOY by David Bailey. Our new exhibition opens Wednesday 6pm w/ free donuts and free beer
Bayern Munich have rejected a €50m offer from Real Madrid for David Alaba. Bayern don't want to sell for less than €80…
Man City are set to confirm the signing of Dortmund's İlkay Gündoğan. Clubs have agreed a fee, deal imminent. (Source:…
The fee for İlkay Gündoğan's move to Manchester City will be £20m. Sounds like a Billy Bargain. (Source:
[My sister came home and gave me a David Bowie CD, Bailey's Irish cream, an adventure time DVD, a tablet case, and a coffee. So nice of her♡
ICYMI: RV's fast five headed to state via
His name is David “Tigger” Bailey, he’s IML 2016 ! Soon he will be bouncing to a city near you! https:/…
😊 he did a wonderful job! I love That Bailey is in the banner!
I was ten when I got my first serious beating. It was rough.
Chester Bailey is the best play I've seen for very long time. David Strathairn shines.
Why do keep pushing a 'reformed' EU? failed with his attempted reforms!
David Bailey threatened to unzip his flies while taking my portrait
David Strathairn and Dan Clegg star in the world premiere of opening tonight at
Actors are hard to photograph because they never want to reveal who th...
You know you've been on YouTube for too long when you end up on a video called "David Stern funniest moments"
A positive attitude can really make dreams come true - it did for me. . - David Bailey
Military veterans TURN on Cameron for using war heroes in pro-EU video
to Marshall and your 2013 2500Hd from David Bailey at Britain Chevrolet...
Check out the Sneak Peek of Celebrations for my daughter Sweet 16 airing Fri on 😘 h…
David Bailey: "unquestionably the greatest British portrait photographer of the past 50 years"...
The man was smooth as butter. David Bailey V2. perfect for a bit of mud!
Crumbling remains of legend expandeded under the hubris of decay:
One semifinal complete at the District 3 boys tennis finals. Dan Trifoi of Wyomissing beat Bailey Boyer of Schuylkill Valley 6-1, 6-0 in AA.
Image: Walmersley Golf Club stone: from Andy B: A photo sent in by David Bailey who writes: Golfing in the R...
ha ha .. I think he has a future as a David Bailey . (Old skool)
ReadersGazette: BLOG Mindblogging by David L Bishop A look inside my mind 22
Congrats to Gamer of the Week Mary Zulauf of WHS, pictured with TPTC's Marcus Reynolds and Coach David Bailey, right
FOW Post Trade this Wednesday. Opening keynote from David Bailey, Bank of England. Check out our full agenda here:
A new app marking David Attenborough's 90th birthday will see the largest ever digital release of... via
Marie Helvin, photographed by David Bailey for Vogue’s January 1975 issue. Buy…
It always amazes me when people ask you to do something and then tell you h...
Can anyone set out 3 tangible things David Cameron achieved in the deal that would be significant improvement fo…
I'm literally texting David right now Bailey...they arnt waiting on him
suing homeowner who shot him after he robbed his home. David Bailey files his lawsuit in . http…
How David Bailey’s Portrait of Jean Shrimpton Changed His Life Ah, the lovely Miss Shrimpton, in this iconic image.
yes but they get stuff on Christmas
One has not experienced true happiness until David Bailey tells you you look awful and hands you a beer
If I have any sexist feelings they are aimed at men: I hate manly men.
First time singing with in 12 years to honor producer David Stone. So many memories!.
Doesn't make them right though. In fact Mr Gove, Justice Minister, refuted what they said brilliantly.
First members of the Hall of Fame-Mo McHone, Tommy Smith, Kasib Powell and David Bailey. 🎉
Penelope Tree and David Bailey at the 200th anniversary of Madame Tussauds in London, 1970.…
Kim Bailey+David Bass when united never ignore them in any race.They are deadly combination. I always backed them
GT leads NCAA with 52 double plays. Connor Justus & Wade Bailey have turned 31...more than 238 teams. https:…
swingin round Milano (credit to mum for taking pic bc she insisted she was David Bailey lol) x
I added a video to a playlist Dr. David Anderson and Herman Bailey "Contending for the Faith"
A.C.T. favorite and Academy Award nominee David Strathairn returns to A.C.T. in Chester Bailey at The Strand Theater.
Can someone tell David Bailey no one wants one of his subpar, overpriced eateries moving into any space in the Shaw neighborhood? .
Good camera on new phone but my technique needs work! David Bailey 😄📷
YOUNEVERCALL wins the first at Huntingdon for David Bass and Kim Bailey... The yard is in great heart at present. Anyone on?
Our Fellow, David Bishop-Bailey, writes about gene in the latest Pharmacology Matters
Jeff Bauman & Jake Gylllenhaal just threw out the 1st pitch at Fenway to Hanley Ramirez & David Ortiz.
Bailey was right, John Isner, Smarta Marta, George Stein, firefighter David and more on today's podcast!
just what you need a competition for your budding David Bailey's
Director Jean-Luc Godard with a Sony Monitor, 1980s. Photo by David Bailey.
RIP David Bailey, a humble, generous, kind man who is much missed one year on .
Announcement from David Bailey, Archdeacon. We are delighted to announce the appointment of the Revd Jo McKee as...
Order Miche Bag Online!
The colors remind me of the old David Bailey photos of the Stones.
David Bailey and his American girlfriend Penelope Tree, visit his mother in East Ham, London.
1978 UK TV Advert for the Olympus Trip 35 featuring the incredible Eric Idle, James Hunt & David Bailey
David Bailey owner of and is working on a plan to open a burger bar in the Shaw neighborhood,
David Bailey and Josh are the realiest friends I have without a doubt.
Fashion and portrait photographer David Bailey arrives for the private ceremony at St Bride's C…
I bet David Bailey didn’t have as much trouble with all those models as I have getting Tim to pose.
78-year-old David Bailey photographed in London arriving at the Rupert Murdoch/Jerry Hall wedding
David Bailey stunting at the Murdoch / Hall wedding -
In a shocking turn of events, the Wild have traded the untradable. Niklas Backstrom is going to the Flames for David J…
Delighted to announce Dr Christine Bailey as speaker at 'Leap of Faith' event.
New listing on 27 Brock Ave by David Bailey for $539,900. See
I never set out to be a photographer.
Are you working on the pier by any chance.David Bailey.
no problem. I am defiantly hoping to be be there. Just gutted missed out on David Bailey talk. Any other recommendations?
Free Shipping with Free Returns - Baseball Rampage
New listing on 101 O'hara Ave by David Bailey for $1,149,000. See
I am honored to have the support of a great businessman and voice for religious liberty like David Green:
Fashion photographer David Bailey famously photographed the London gangsters in a Box of Pin Ups published in 1965
Delightful surprise to see cover by David Wardle up for a Award
I left school on my 15th birthday. Bailey
Took this picture of and our daughter on the steam train at van hagues. Move over David Bailey!
New artwork for sale! - "Old Footbridge Over the Moose River" -
There are like 12 crims outside, I'm not gonna stand at my window and go full on David Bailey...
“David Bailey’s house in Primrose Hill was crammed with souvenirs of his travels and doubled up as his studio.”
I am, and new cabinet already lined up to see through the 2 years of negotiations
of the ref'dum.if you're saying that DC is finished if IN wins, party will be too
- irrespective of my personal viewpoint, the people of UK will decide result 1/2
All I could do at school was paint and draw and that was the only time I ev...
was thinking more along the lines of Liza Minelli to your David Gest, but too obvs!
David Bailey once said "The face of the eighties" To me you are the face of now, still as beautiful.
The reason I did fashion was it was the only way to get paid to do anything...
Fantastic bridal showcase in Philadelphia today! So excited that our team got to meet Preston Bailey and David Tutera!
You are known by the company you keep-or fail to disavow, in the case of Donald Trump and David Duke!
Great times shared with great people. Had a great night with David Fagan, and Josh Bailey.
What a team! London to Paris on the eurostar with James Bay (aka ) David Bailey…
David Bailey stressing need for legal advice on premises issues - remember commercial companies exist to make a p…
GP is the 'Boxer' of George Orwell's animal farm, says Dr David Bailey - leaves it to others to guess who Nap…
"It's not about the smile on your face, but the joy that's in your heart. This is something that even cancer can't take away." ~David Bailey
I hate men who are in touch with their feminine side.
Sen. David Johnson and district Judge Rita Bailey vie for new district judge post in Pulaski County
This one may have legs: refusing on to renounce the support of David Duke, and pleading ignoran…
I had a terrible time with feminists in the Seventies. They hated me, those...
Well David Bailey needs to start worrying! XX
Excellent news. Both on the operation you're doing and David Bailey based artistic licence. 👍
yes indeed m8 David Bailey has noffing on ya geez 📷
Great to appear w/ Del. Mark Dudenhefer on "This Week in Richmond" with host David Bailey. Watch for local listings!
"It was the January 1974 cover by David Bailey that broke the rules," Terry Jones:
New listing on 76 Mavety St by David Bailey for $949,900. See
I'm a loyal Tory, always have been, but David Cameron let us all down today with his Calais nonsense. He's putting the …
we would like to see David Bailey and Lara Jade do we need tickets for them?
In loving memory of David Bailey, who first taught me the art of lounge singing and provided me with a repertoire...
I don't feel very optimistic in London.
What? David Bailey is now shooting with an iPhone!? Best get him some walls at NPG.
I was a terrible father. The most I ever did for my children was to teach t...
*** Jagger David Baileyand white photography and white…
Appreciate these aren't exactly gonna give David Bailey a run for his money(don't worry we did hire a pro as...
I never cared for fashion much, amusing little seams and witty little pleat...
ODI debacle: George Bailey says he told David Warner to review
Henry dismissed David Warner, George Bailey and Mitchell March as Australia bowled out for 191 in reply to NZ's 246
Video: Bailey consulted on DRS shocker: JUST days after washing his hands of culpability in David Warner’s lbw dismissal, George Bail...
How is this not a conflict of interest?
morning David Bailey and twiggy .looking forward to more pics..videos...stuff to make me smile or think x
I know everything should be photographed. It helps me make sense of my existence. - David Bailey (Photographer).
In the shops now ! (19 years ago). Weller and Kate Moss photographed by David Bailey.
oooh who's playing David Bailey on the A1 near Selby Fork? ;-)
Deep into soul family representing hard. Big up David Bailey and the Rhemi music duo Neil Pierce Zaydee Kay with...
Good luck to 40 year old David Bailey cycling 5000km to help find a cure his Parkinson's disease!
David Bailey Thank you for following me! I look forward to connecting.
yes the slide! I remember David was to afraid to go down it
Christine Keeler, David Bailey, Penelope Tree & Marianne faithfull, 1969 @ the publication of goodbye baby and amen
Bailey McAlpin and David Earhart First to Complete 2X2 Reading Club at DC Cannon...Way to Go Students!. DC Cannon …
Data vs Theory: The Mathematical Battle for the Soul of Physics via
do u guys do a veggie food option? Thinking of popping in before Bill Bailey tonight for a few ales with veggie sis in tow.
Watch return to the ring exclusively on Dave. Live from the O2, Jan 16th. David. on Dave. Yes. https:/…
Karen Gillan photographed by David Bailey for VOGUE magazine UK edition 2011.
David Bailey was a scowling, socially mobile rude boy
Jerry Hall and Helmut Newton in Cannes photographed by David Bailey (1983)
Hoping David does get this new position since he promised me we could get a dog for Bailey if I was ok with moving 😬
David Villa will always be one of the best to play the game
Jean Shrimpton in Vogue UK. Shot by David Bailey. Hair by Alexandre de Paris (1965)
David Bundy just won a game against Joni Bailey Ingle in Trivia Crack!
Ralph Fiennes is directing a film about Rudolph Nureyev? Nureyev is so redolent of Cillian Murphy, Yes/Yes?
Bailey Nurseries hires David Roberts to run Watkinsville facility
A few places still available at David's class on the 13th Jan. Veggie cooking for the New Year!
David Bailey born this month 1938, fashion who first began working with magazine in 1960 h…
Model and actress Tania Mallet photographed by David Bailey . the60sbazaar
Exciting! David Bailey to open event space in former space, via htt…
Jean Shrimpton modeling Karl Lagerfeld for Chloe... Photo by David Bailey for British Vogue, 1970…
Jean Shrimpton photographed by David Bailey for Jardin des Modes January 1962
Italian Vogue, 1966. Photographed by David Bailey in Venice, Italy. A Part of the Rest Vintage Inspi
Getting the Picture Tim Marlow talks to celebrated photographer David Bailey about his work...
Didn't we have a vote on David Cameron six months ago? Didn't he win that, conclusively?
Allison Thompson in conversation with David Bailey at the ICA, London. David was talking about the legacy of his...
What an picture taken by super talented student Mohammed. Watch this space David Bailey!!
How sweet of Bailey to say that to Ylona.. Feels like love is in the air! .
Check out the sweet member deals for opening day!
Congrats for placing 2nd in the SW Regional Envirothon: Kennedy Liggett, Emi Juchems, Sydney Martin, Bailey Clark, and Dav…
I was younger & scored 18 in a game where David Bailey was my primary defender.. (You couldn't tell me anything for the rest of the week!)
Photographer David Bailey was spotted looking exhausted and a far cry from his 60s heyday as he wrapped up warm while wor…
Photographer David Bailey is still snapping at 77, SEBASTIAN SHAKESPEARE writes
For all who've battled a brain tumour, a cure will be found. David M. Bailey, Keep on Walking:
He’s bagged some of the most beautiful women in the world, including Julie Christie and Marie Helvin, but photographer David Bailey (left
David Cameron is our parliamentarian of the year at the Spectator awards
Throwback Thursday with these legends David Bailey and Oshow
Nice weather again today for my lunch time walk around Ogden park, stop in and said hello to David bailey! ...
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
It takes a lot of looking before you learn to see the extraordinary. --David Bailey
Join for a Sexual Ethics Theology conference on November 28th
Jake Bugg shot by David Bailey for Numéro Homme musician series
Come see David Bailey of at our Social Media Marketing 2.0 session this coming Tuesday! is only 5 days away!
Our own Colan Schwartz session on Remote Entity Integration and with David Bailey.
Web-Op CEO David Bailey with supermodel, actress, and health guru Carol Alt!
Psyched to announce that Dave Gerard & David Bailey (Truffle) will be Kickin off the Steve Miller Band show. Only 40 tickets left.
Pharrell Williams and Cara Delevingne photographed by David Bailey and styled by Kate Phelan for the
Sure, photographers like David Bailey and James Nachtwey are great, but even they pale compared to pictures of newly-bought iPhone 6Ss.
Fuzzy Glowy Blob is a more accurate description. David Bailey, eat your heart out.
New listing on 168 Dunn Ave by David Bailey for $924,900. See
for some reason that reminds me of this Jean Shrimpton photo taken by David Bailey. Both beautiful.
Transsexual Models in the Haute Couture world: TS Lea T for Givenchy, TS April Ashley for David Bailey, TS Andreja Pejic for Giles... VIVA!
Catherine Deneuve and David Bailey, arrive at the Royal Premiere of Born Free, March 12th, 1966
Photoset: mlikemarcel: Daniel Craig, by David Bailey for DuJour *sighs happily* 
We decided whilst in Edinburgh to view the David Bailey photographic exhibition. Nice to see his old Pentax slr. He does paint too. And 3D.
David Bailey exhibition at Edinburgh Festival a must: a bit like reading your own diaries.
Cosmic shades of blue. Men’s campaign shot by David Bailey in East End London.
Cosmic shades of blue. Men's campaign shot by David Bailey …
Has David Bailey taken his award winning snaps yet.
ha... I tried to get a sneaky shot 😢 but alas I'm no David Bailey
Man United are demanding that Real Madrid pay £29m for Spanish goalkeeper David De Gea, or £22m plus Keylor Navas. (So…
“For the first time in my career, a bag is the lead character in my work”
Louis van Gaal says Manchester United will NOT sell David de Gea this summer
Real Madrid are still confident of signing wantaway Manchester United keeper David De Gea. (Source: Sun Sport)
“Enjoying Read our interview with the legendary David Bailey, from June 1979.
Great pic of Yoko Ono & John Lennon in 1971 by David Bailey, yesterday would have been their 45th wedding anniversary http:…
David De Gea's agent is planning crunch talks with Manchester United to force through a transfer to Real Madrid. (Sour…
How did I miss the arrival of the David Bailey exhibition ht…
If you're curious, London's an amazing place. David Bailey
All purpose parts banner
Anyone in Edinburgh this summer should drop in on the stellar David Bailey Stardust exhibition. Inspiration for a snap happy generation. 📷
BMI Healthcare has been accused of making a 'scapegoat' out of surgeon David Sellu, who was jailed at the Old Bailey for gross negligence
lol, not exactly David Bailey standard!
I do have one but I find it a hit much doing both I think I'm David Bailey when I take them 😂😂 turns out not
The Professor and The Little Professor were how Gary, and son David Bailey were known. David is also often called The Icon.
Soz about the qualitae 'o the pic David Bailey...
We are all made of stardust, The World of David Bailey. Think I'm going to go see this exhibition today. Time to be inspired.
David Bailey shoots the new Jaeger A/W '15 campaign:
Recently married Catherine Deneuve and David Bailey at the first Annacat fashion show in Chelsea, 1965.
Great night of shrimpin with my baby. Ft David?¿ 😊🍤
I love this Article .I'll leave it at that .
We'll Take Manhattan - David Bailey and Jean Shrimpton. 😏 this guy is smooth. not to mention good looking.
David Bailey: 'Most fashion photography is pretty *!'
Just finished 'We'll Take Manhattan' and I must say its a beautiful insight into the life's of David Bailey and Jean Shrimpton! ☺️
West Brom are set to sign Arsenal youngster Chuba Akpom on a season-long loan deal. (Source:
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
Jean Shrimpton by David Bailey for Vogue: New York, 1962.| I love her hair in this. She was only 20
New York Street Style Fashion 1962 - Jean Shrimpton - wow - that David Bailey feller knew what he w
Upstairs hanging out my brothers velux windows so that I can photograph the moon... just call me David Bailey
David: bye bailey. You'll forever be in our hearts. Hannah: you sound like she's dying. RIP bailey.
It would be awesome to see David Bailey back in the booth for supercross in 2016 paired up with
Chelsea are closing in on the signing of Jamaican striker Leon Bailey of Slovakian side Trencin.
Got J to take pic David Bailey he ain't lol 😁 x 🐾
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