David Axelrod & Cory Booker

David M. Axelrod (born February 22, 1955) is an American political consultant based in Chicago, Illinois. Cory Anthony Booker (born April 27, 1969) is the Mayor of Newark, New Jersey. 3.3/5

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Against my better judgement, I watched Piers Morgan tonight on CNN regarding last night's debate. His first "guest," believe or not was that political pundit, David Axelrod, introduced at a "Former Senior Campaign adviser to Pres. Obama." Low and behold, he lauded the President's performance and slammed Romney . . .surprise! His very next guest was Cory Booker, the Dem. mayor of Newark, NJ. And I was shocked that he too, supported Obama and said he was masterful last evening, thromping Mitt Romney. I think we should applaud CNN for if nothing else, doing what they were expected to do. I have a hard time believing that any one still considers CNN a viable "News" source.
Newark, NJ, Mayor Cory Booker talked in support of Bain Capital Sunday on Meet the Press. The next day he was back tracking his remarks. David Axelrod was outraged over the remarks and I know the Mayor was threatened to recount his remarks. Can you "the left can't handle the truth!"
African American Genealogy with Fallon Green: David Axelrod takes Cory Booker to the Woodshed
Here is how things work in the Obama campaign.On meet the press, Newark Mayor and Obama supporter Cory Booker, called repeated criticisms of Bain Capital and Romneys role there as "nauseating" and "Crap". Never fear though...Obama's top strategy thug David Axelrod straightened Booker out. Axelrod told MSNBC's Andrea Mitchell that Booker was "Just wrong" when he made that statement. After having his thought process realigned Booker now say's that looking into Bain Capital is a good idea! How pathetic is that?! They say the truth will set you free.but in the case of Obama any truth that has a negative effect on him MUST be adjusted to fit the story Obama and his spin doctors are selling!!!
David Axelrod, Pres. Obama's Senior Campaign Adviser out of Chicago, said that Cory Booker was Wrong for criticizing the Obama's Re-election campaign over its efforts to attack Mitt Romney's Job creation record at Bain Capital. Mayor Booker simply offered Constructive Criticism NOT Negative, Divisive Criticism.
In an unusually sharp public rebuke, Obama campaign strategist David Axelrod took his own campaign surrogate Cory Booker to task — saying that Booker was "wrong" to criticize the campaign's latest broadside against Mitt Romney. "In this particular instance, he was just wrong" Axelrod told MSNBC's An...
Why is David Axelrod not calling me? They need surrogates for the cause not 'against' the cause. Cory Booker has landed in a quagmire of controversy..He should know how the media would spin chosen parts of his remarks. POTUS says this is not a distractor.
Joe Biden might have simply spoke without thinking but what Cory Booker said in attacking the Obama ads against Mitt Romney's time at Bain Capital seemed to be intentional. Speculation in the media is that he was trying to position himself for a future run at higher office by showing himself as a Democrat friendly towards Wall Street and the business community. Later reportedly under extreme pressure from Democratic Party leaders, he said that Obama should challenge Romney's record at Bain since Romney is running on it. This instance seemed much closer to the analogy from the 2000 Democratic Vice presidential candidate Joe Lieberman's assertion that unstamped veterans votes should be counted. It was said about Lieberman "He just ended the 2004 primaries". Similar things are being said by David Axelrod (officially representing the president) and left leaning commentators: Cory Booker is a great mayor and a great guy to be living next door to when you need your driveway shoveled but he might also be trying ...
It seems Roose Bolton nailed Cory Booker's hand to the desk and sent his brother's children to be cup bearers and squires for David Axelrod
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