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David Axelrod

David M. Axelrod (born February 22, 1955) is an American political consultant based in Chicago, Illinois.

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While Trump is at Prayer; he has HRC, Andrea Mitchell, David Yankovich, Matthew Vines & David Axelrod, Sabbotaging POTUS job
I'm running against a woman who's got David Axelrod and Rahm Emanuel ru...
So was Rahm Emanuel. Of course neither of them was actually on it. Neither was David Axelrod.
Funk Gets Stronger Week 36, spinning some Oneness of Juju, David Axelrod, Isaac Hayes and James Brown
I LOVE that David Axelrod is wearing a Rizzo/Bryant 2016 tshirt
This just in: former WH press secretary Robert Gibbs will be joining David Axelrod and Sean Spicer at tonight's event
This Axe Files episode w/Father Mike Pfleger is so grounding and inspiring:
finally got ahold of the David Axelrod interview with Pres. Obama. It disappeared for a sec. Good talk. Listened 2x.
David Axelrod would block all nominees and TALK TO HIS FRIENDS to THREATEN NUSA's alliances. He will stop at NOTHIN…
Podcast for the ride to Memphis : Ep. 108 - President Barack Obama | The Axe Files with David Axelrod
1/2 Obama advisor David Axelrod guarantees another black president Ed to David: Maybe not. Hispanics already 17%,
David Axelrod interview with President is really inspiring
people like,DAVID AXELROD ,VALERIE JARRET and SAMANTHA powers should be ASHAMED of themselves,the REAL PROBLEM is"t…
I'm late to the party, but interview w/ is very informative, humanizing
Interesting interview by sneaking foreign policy questions would've been nice.
I wish everyone would listen to interview with aside from just the part about
This is a great podcast. Check out this cool episode:
Daily shade from Axelrod about Hillary. He's disgusting. I think David should STFU forever
David Axelrod "the dog hit me even after I made a big contribution to his charity" (02/10/2015)
.is an extraordinary guy with a remarkable story. To hear more of it:
David Axelrod: Trump's Win was not a 'Verdict' on Obama's Vision [VIDEO]
About that time Randi Weingarten emailed Rahm Emanuel ... and Peter Cunningham & David Axelrod
David Axelrod really? So why didn't Dave run for president?
Listen to POTUS, well worth your time. David Axelrod interviews President Obama for The Axe Files
Obama connects to Bill Clinton via David Axelrod and Vernon Jordan, etc (
I have the names from David Plouffe's book about getting Obama elected. I don't have David Axelr…
This is NOT what said!! In fact, he argued the opposite! Listen for yourself. Here is podcast:
Catch me playing Zoo Tycoon while listening to David Axelrod's interview with President Obama
David Axelrod: There "absolutely" will be another black president after Barack Obama
PolticsNewz: David Axelrod: There 'absolutely' will be another black president after Obama - WJXT Jacksonville…
Lots written & said in past 24 hrs about podcast w/BarackObama. Hope you'll listen to whole convo. http…
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Obama with David Axelrod. Worth the listen. Integrity & intelligence personified
Pres. Obama and David Axelrod (AB'76) discussing nerdy pickup lines on is the most thing ever
Check out this cool episode of the Axe Files. Great interview of President O!!
Just 8 years before his election as wrestled w/whether he had a future in politics. https…
Where are the Obama Jews to speak up for ? Jack Lew, David Axelrod, , Wendy Sherman, ? Silent!
adalberto CNN commentator David Axelrod said President Barack Obama had a few examples in mind for how he should handle life after the pres…
I didn't expect to have such an affirming experience listening to Van Jones be interviewed by David Axelrod. Terrif…
C'mon guys. Remember all those mtgs David Axelrod had w/the Red Army Brigade and Hugo Chavez right after the 2008 election? Me neither!
Steve Kerr in conversation with David Axelrod, on his amazing life, basketball, and his perspective on the election
If anyone gets a chance, the David Axelrod podcast with Steve Kerr is worth a listen. Kerr talks candidly about his father's assassination.
calls out unfair media reporting on Trump transition timeliness
Even David Axelrod thinks the media isn't being fair to Trump on this one.
David Axelrod defends Trump against the biased media making up false narratives:
Two years before the last election you nor anyone else would have p...
Who is David Axelrod? Who does he work for? Big question .A lot of people know the awnser. Do you?
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Axelrod scolds critics of Trump's transition progress via
We keep working to make people's lives better. David Axelrod There's another election around the corner.
David Axelrod is a very bad wicked man!
David Axelrod is pretty easily the best and most interesting lefty talking head on tv.
David Axelrod says His Trump supporting neighbors are good people & technology is throwing people out of work
When even David Axelrod is calling you out for blatant bias, you in the MSM have a problem.
residents abuzz at Gala as they await former Obama adviser and guest speaker David Axelrod
Europe's high anxiety about Former senior British MP
What any of you FAIL to appreciate...Romney's advisor since 2012 has been DAVID AXELROD.
David Axelrod, David Simas, and Nicolle Wallace will all be at Tufts, as part of Civic Life Lunches
WOW! Even David Axelrod is defending Trump transition from media bias….
John Legend shuts down David Axelrod's claim that Donald Trump is not a racist:
David Axelrod - stuttering and shaken . Can we have our money back? You're Owen Smith in disguise.
Jon Stewart on Donald Trump with David Axelrod. Brilliant.
Live Taping of “The Axe Files” with Jon Stewart, hosted by David Axelrod
Donna Brazile, Newt Gingrich, David Axelrod and are coming to Colorado College in Colorado Springs this fall
So I guess David Axelrod's spending a lot of time in comment sections. Wang.
Clinton ally David Axelrod says it was “foolish” for Bill Clinton to meet with Attorney Gen.
LOL No siree, but you do seem to have some David Axelrod DNA … you gotta believe or right off a wasted life.
homie literally put me on a list with Dilla & David Axelrod. thats legendary.
One of your buddies, David Axelrod, called it a "weapon of war", and wants it banned.
A mind like Larry David, money hungry like Bobby Axelrod.
An Invitation from David Axelrod: NEPALI POET FEATURED IN DAYTONA BEACH - Yuyutsu RD Sharma will be the...
imposed brain damaged poppet on Black people in Africa, Buhari is poppet, cc david axelrod is involve
David Axelrod is complicity in murder of Biafra people, by imposing Neo hitler Buhari us
I think the millions of people who had been able to renegotiate their ...
Giving him charge of Punjab, was it masterstroke of India's Karl Rove+David Axelrod rolled into 1, Pareshan Kissor?
Excellent video with David Axelrod and Jon Stewart -
Listen, I have a great affection and respect for Joe Biden. I think he...
Obie is part of problem. He learned How 2 scam well from David Axelrod another Communist
Meet the kick *** Republican operative who got her 1st prez-cmpgn gig while bartending at a rock bar in Central Sq:
A: Hey, did you guys listen to the new David Axelrod podcast with Beth Myers? (2/3)
"We are in the business of saving lives, not just improving post-transplant outcomes.' -David Axelrod
And now says he told David Axelrod he'd spend $100 million to build great ballroom next to WH and did not hear back.
Trump said he spoke to David Axelrod & offered to build the WH a free ballroom for state dinners. They never called back.
Trump says he talked to David Axelrod about building a ballroom at the White House and paying for it. “I never heard back."
One thing I do know from 2012. David Axelrod is the smartest Democratic operative there is - the best. Beware Gopers!
Surprised to hear that Mrs. Beth Myers thinks Mr. Donald Trump is equipped to be president (via Axe Files with David Axelrod)
One of my advisors know David Axelrod personally. Omg
We have to deal with the world as we find it. The world of what it tak...
Listening to The Axe Files with David Axelrod Ep. 58 - Beth Myers. via iCatcher!
and the greatest of them all remains David Axelrod.
and David axelrod who should be in prison for aiding and abedding Hillary Clinton wasted his time interviewing him!
Ex-aide Beth Myers on why he won't stand down on https:/…
Political strategist David Axelrod and alum Beth Myers analyze the current election season with Tufts students:
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
between Robert Gibbs shilling for McDonald's and David Axelrod for Hillary Clinton... Enuff to want to make u barf!
Learn how to win elections with David Axelrod and Beth Myers on April 13, part of the Series:
Democratic Sen. Claire McCaskill tells former Obama advisor David Axelrod about one of the president's shortcomings…
Join on 4/13 for an election-year discussion with political strategists Beth Myers & David Axelrod:
April 13 at Tufts: Alum Beth Myers and fellow political strategist David Axelrod discuss “How to Win an Election”
Top political strategists David Axelrod & alum Beth Myers will speak at Tufts on Wednesday, April 13:
So I guess David Axelrod and Paul Begala special gift is 'bag of tricks Gurus to deceive folks of truth'?
Anytime James Carville, Paul Begala and David Axelrod hold hands and jump f...
plz play some Yusef Lateef, Maynard Ferguson, David Axelrod, Carmen McRae, some Flying Dutchman, and some Madlib
We're going octave crazy!! Doing vocals w David Axelrod and Troy Johnson.
So, Mike Bolsinger blocks me, but David Axelrod does not.
The CNN panel right now has plus David Axelrod (dem), Peter Beinart (dem), Van Jones (dem), Donna Brazile (dem) + 1 more dem
We even got Trump to contribute $100,000 to David Axelrod's epilepsy charity when he worked at NBC.
Could it be that John Huntsman humiliated the GOP & why they're mad?
Not after today, Romney is GOPe,he even lined up Rubio,Bush,etc at his house w David Axelrod(Dem) lecture them. Party Elites
David Axelrod 😂 on CNN claiming Trump's popularity with those with postgraduate degrees is due to the 'bandwagon effect.'
was a loser even at losing. Axelrod: Romney '12 concession call 'irritated' Obama
didn't realize looked this much like David Axelrod
We are seeing the old battle: Romneys vs. Huntsman. We saw it coming after this statement
trump gonna let Cruz eek out a victory in TX to keep him in the race like David Axelrod said
Maybe Cruz winning Texas is good! It will keep him in the race and hurt Rubio just like David Axelrod said last night.
On the stump she’s flat, unfunny. Trump is dynamic and comical. Obama adviser David Axelrod has noted the contrast.from Matthew Continetti
Distinguished Lectures Committee will host Ari Fleisher and David Axelrod in Bud Walton Arena tomorrow. South Entrance Doors open at 6 p.m.
still no mention of $100k trump gave to morning joe fundraiser with David Axelrod few yrs ago
CNN is now distributing David Axelrod’s politics podcast
although, regarding Jon Huntsman, there is this, which isn’t exactly encouraging
(Thinking about my daughter) Makes my blood boil to have describe Hillary as "shrieking" her speeches.
Well, that's disappointing. "Jon Huntsman: I could get behind Donald"
A Clinton-Huntsman ticket makes more sense. If you're going to be crazy.
.I expected better of you than backing a protectionist islamophobe xenophobe. Srsly, you can do better.
We've got ballots flying around, being counted by hand, arriving by truck a...
The Axe Files: Huntsman tells he could get behind Trump via
No one wants to go back to a situation where, if you have a pre-existing me...
I actually had CNN on with David Axelrod,Van Jones and other leftist cretins.Yuk .No alternative,very sad indeed.
Huntsman says he could back Trump. No doubt wants to be Trump’s man in those upcoming China negotiations.
Jon Huntsman, advocate for political civility and centrism, says he would probably back Trump in general election > https…
Check out this article! Jon Huntsman: I could get behind Trump Article posted at... February 24, 2016 at 05:17AM
. This is the infamous "Snidely Whiplash". I always think of David Axelrod just add. a waxed moustache Rod is a Showbiz. Villian
People who should always have mustaches: Keith Hernandez, David Axelrod, Fran Dunphy, Alex Trebek. Others?
Justice Scalia commented to David Axelrod upon the retirement of Justice Souter 7 years ago: "I have no illusions...
A beautiful tribute to Justice Scalia from President Obama’s senior advisor, David Axelrod.
David Axelrod continues to show his fear of Marco Rubio; along w/his juvenile attempt @ Saul Alinsky tactics. Pa.the.tic.
Axelrod on Clintons: Maybe it's you: David Axelrod, the former top political adviser to President Barack Obama...
David Axelrod mocked Hillary press sec. Brian Fallon after the debate: Ouch. The post David Axelrod mocked Hil...
And when Chris Matthews, Andrea Mitchell, David Axelrod and Van Jones loved your speech?
When Andrea Mitchell, Van Jones, Chris Matthews and David Axelrod all love a speech, it's not a conservative speech.
Van Jones, Chris Matthews, Andrea Mitchell and David Axelrod would not love a speech from a conservative.
I suppose sane means a speech that David Axelrod, Andrea Mitchell, Van Jones and Chris Matthews all loved?
just look who loved her speech...David Axelrod, Chris Matthews, Andrea Mitchell, Van Jones. The woman is no conservative.
so "middle american" that David Axelrod, Chuck Todd, Chris Matthews, and Andrea Mitchell loved it
Chris Matthews, David Axelrod, Andrea Mitchell, Van Jones and Chuck Todd all loved it. She was tone deaf.
David Axelrod reminds us that Hillary lost big in Iowa 8 years ago today
The Axe Files with David Axelrod: 14 - Sheriff Tom Dart - this is very good.
Did you listen to latest David Axelrod podcast? I'm pretty down with all advice/analogies being Hamilton quotes.
Last night poetry and politics with Gary Snyder and David Axelrod
I've been listening to a podcast that David Axelrod does, The Axe Files, & it's great.
David Axelrod: ‘I attended The University of Chicago, I was educated at the Chicago Tribune’ | Poynter.
# David Axelrod Shut the *** up. There is NO discrimination for " legal immigrants" We the people are just against "Illegals"
New post (Boom! Here’s some Obamacare ‘irony,’ David Axelrod, summed up in one video) has been published on Walzar
New post (1994 video shows David Axelrod doesn’t follow his past advice) has been published on Walzar
And Mitt Romney thanks Obama for mocking him by way of criticizing the GOP & giving interviews to David Axelrod.
Gee. Jon Stewart AND Bill Maher? HBO really doesn't want me to subscribe. When does David Axelrod get his own show?
In Feb 2016, I'll go to see David Axelrod + The Iowa Caucus Bounce: Will It Matter? at the City Club of Chicago.
I added a video to a playlist David Axelrod - the school boy
"The division of Washington is resulting from the division of the entire country" and in
what will you say about the racial remarks by David Axelrod of Dr Carson your silence will be noted
Interesting, constructive conversation with and - definitely worth a listen.
I listened to a podcast of David Axelrod talking with Eliot Spitzer while out for a run today. I might need help.
A FREUDIAN REQUEST: Actually I think Obama here may be expressing one of his most secret desires
Blumenthal Peppered Clinton With Advice, Emails Show. Sid had critical words for David Axelrod.
I'm confident that the first call Obama made after learning abt was to David Axelrod...damage control for 2012 campaign
SP is so down in the dumps that even a combine force of Karl rove & David axelrod won't be able to save them
You can be the Jade Butterfield to my David Axelrod
David Axelrod just called Ben Carson a monkey.
Now Playing: House Of Mirrors by David Axelrod at - Buy it
Lied: said he didn't know anything abt pvt server
The Modern Man:Mitt Romney yet again reveals the moderate not the campaign fighter needed to win.
Mitt Romney with Obama campaign David Axelrod thinks that divisiveness leads to Washington not getting things done.
David Axelrod has strange fascination with monkey butts [screenshot]
Axe interviews Romney and it's pretty extraordinary.
On the day between Games 2 & 3 of the NLCS, I watched Fargo & listened to David Axelrod interview Mitt Romney. I'm in a good head space.
"I saw little tonight that would push him towards a candidacy," said David Axelrod. From .
Donald Trump has agenda to win nomination. He just need to hires David Axelrod and David Plouffe to win the White House.
Kerry is half-Jewish. Wendy Sherman is Jewish. David Axelrod is Jewish. The New York Times has just gone off the rails.
David Axelrod and David Maraniss coming to Madison for charity fundraiser.
Podcast for America!: No More Fire Metaphors with David Axelrod: Mark Leibovich and Alex Wagner welcome their ...
David Axelrod: Hillary Clinton and Democrats can win the Iran debate
between aides to Clinton and then-White House chief of staff Rahm Emanuel and then-senior adviser David Axelrod. (Boston Herald Editorial)
David Axelrod ratted out Obama as being FOR in 1990 *** Marriage but lied to get votes. Calls AMericans STUPID.Mentor Communist Frank Davis
Chicago prediction: cameras will spend almost no time on Bill Walton because they'll be busy getting shots of David Axelrod tripping balls.
AND, he lied about SSM to Pastor Rick Warren in 2008 in front of a group of Evangelicals. David Axelrod wrote abt it!!
The "Bernie is a great date" nonsense banter was David Axelrod on Harball w/Chris Matthews. (at 04:58)
Axe knows the game about Mrs Clinton inauthenticity: Clinton's top challenge is showing she's authentic
.report on Bill Clinton's future with CGI and possible role in Hillary's White House interviewed one non-Clinton: David Axelrod.
If you love the funky work of David Axelrod, it's impossible to not appreciate the easy listening aspects of those albums.
Halprin chatting up Seattle cab driver on GOP politics is like taking advice from David Axelrod on best way to appeal to conservative voters
U miss David Axelrod has been with UK Labour Party like Messina. Parties v similar -not surprised if a joint op..
Check out the new books at ACDL "Twenty Dinners by Ithai Schori & Chris Taylor" & Believer: My Forty Years in Politics by David Axelrod."
would love to see some debates early and often especially between Bernie and Hillary!
In the 2015 elections, Buhari’s team successfully pulled off this sloganeering stunt with the help of David Axelrod from the United States.
David Axelrod further said dems & labor leaders knew everything was short term & done to get them through next election cycle
David Axelrod's recent talk is revealing,he said "Dems & labor leaders knew what they were doing & made deals they knew would never work out
Mutahi Ngunyi should read the 'Prince' by Nicollo Machiavelli. He can also use the wisdom of David Axelrod, Obama's former campaign adviser
How perceptions change when you no longer need someone.
David Axelrod mocks Hillary's lack of campaign message: "At the end of the day, you have to stand for something."
Who was that misinformed *** on before David Axelrod> I can't believe Chris didn't challenge him on his lies.
The Bullet Catch. Murder by Misadventure. Amy & David Axelrod set their tale of illusion in the golden age of magic.
Former Obama Advisor Axelrod has Hillary in Sights: David Axelrod, a f... Via
First and foremost supports David Axelrod. Who comes in at no. 2 depends on Rule 1.
Holy Thursday by David Axelrod is in Duke of Edinburgh Hotel, Barrow-in-Furness. Download it now at
If only the were smart enough to hire Either way, funny stuff.
Barry Soetoro (jokingly): "I'm pretty good at killing" (said to David Axelrod). Translation: I'm good at killing whitey.
David Axelrod, thank you for signing your new book and our conversation about Weed Out Hate: Sow the Seeds of Peace
Guess who Dana Perino worked for. Also: Ari Fleischer, David Axelrod, Roger Ailes... The list is long.
BREAKING: David Cameron spotted passing large brown envelope to David Axelrod in the car park of a South Thanet pub.
UK: David Axelrod earns $500K for bad advice and even worse predictions. Miliband is toast
Just saw David Axelrod slip out of the Thompson Center. Must be having a happy hour with the Gov.
Donny Deutsch to David Axelrod: "But you're talking about SUBSTANCE." Er, yes, Donny. What are YOU talking about?
Tinubu was the one who got David Axelrod (Obama, Tony Blair and Gordon Brown's Campaign consultant) for Buhari's campaign. . …
Just did my taxes. They played David Axelrod and Missy Elliott for me, gave me a wood cover Field…
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
David Axelrod: 'Podesta has to get control of the Clinton operation'...
David Axelrod's ringtone is "Jessica' by the Allman Brothers Band.
It's almost time for Linton Crosby vs David Axelrod as and an try to determine the winner of the UK
David Axelrod predicts uphill battles for Perry and Cruz to get GOP presidential nomination
2016: David Axelrod offers advice to Hillary Clinton via
Ex advisor David Axelrod speaks out about controversial Rudy comment that Obama doesn't love America
Checking out "David Axelrod claims 'there hasn't been a major scandal' in the " on Tea Party Command Center:
Axelrod: Working on Bill Clinton's campaign would've 'destroyed my family'
David Axelrod was caught off guard by Christiane Amanpour on CNN and asked about Ed Miliband. Watch his face fall:
On the air, Letters and Politics with Mitch Jerserich In conversation with David Axelrod, Former Senior Advisor to President Obama.
Axelrod Speaks: Guru Luke Warm About Miliband on CNN: David Axelrod was caught off guard by Christiane Amanpou...
David Axelrod talks shop: Hillary Clinton, Obama and race
David Axelrod, Svengali for the bamster–caught in a lie about his communist background
"Wisdom and experience have their place, but campaigns demand the energy and mental acuity of youth" - David Axelrod
You're one to talk, dude. MT Axelrod: Growing ‘Cult of Personality’ Around Hillary is ‘Dangerous’
"Come 2006, Axelrod advised Obama to be the antithesis of George W. Bush, whom voters saw as “hyper-partisan,...
Latest Book News... Believer: My 40 Years in Politics by David Axelrod - book review: The man who made Obama finall
David Axelrod is a liar when he says 99.9% of n the world are no threat to the West. 80% support
Amanpour puts to David Axelrod: intrv: ht…
David Axelrod said Obama lied about his religion, media silent
Not sometimes, more like all the time!. David Axelrod argued that Obama sometimes exhibits an air of moral superiority…
You've gotta be kidding | David Axelrod: Growing 'Cult of Personality' Around Hillary Clinton is 'Dangerous'
David Axelrod on Rudy Giuliani: "a fading politician, kind of lighting himself on fire and trying to get some attention."
David Axelrod on 'There's an air of moral superiority' -
Two people I admire that one day I wish to meet:. 1 David Axelrod and Condoleezza Rice One day, just one day
David Axelrod: Rudy Giuliani is a 'fading politician lighting himself on fire'
David Axelrod says Obama actively lied about his religious views as not to alienate black voters. Walker says “dunno” a…
Former Senior Advisor to President Obama, David Axelrod, on the government’s healthcare reforms …
David Axelrod at the What a fitting guest just after @ Jewish Community…
Bouncers at U Street bars reading David Axelrod's new book. Love it.
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On ATV Tires
David Axelrod talks with Amy Chozick about campaign promises and life inside the Obama White House.
on Daily Show: Former Senior Advisor to Obama, David Axelrod, on healthcare reform
Good call, Nostradamus! David Axelrod would also have advised Pete Carroll to run the ball.
"When he walks out of that building, I don’t think he’s gonna look back." My Q&A with David Axelrod in
20/32 With what we've learnt recently about how AKPD, the organization run by David Axelrod, Obama's chief
David Axelrod doesn't see Valerie Jarrett leaving the White House before the end of Obama's presidency
David Axelrod gets candid on Obama presidency ...
I had to do a double take looking at this update. It lists one David B. Axelrod as a poet, absolutely no relation to Senior Advisor Axelrod
David who RAN 20088 campaign, says Obama lied about his position on same-sexto get votes.
Fellow discusses his new book on Monday. RSVP now: htt…
David Axelrod: better believer than author? - Christian Science Monitor
Why David Axelrod still believes in the political process
David Axelrod on I would have nixed paid speeches, book tour:
That new Curren$y track sampled David Axelrod, same sample for Centurion. Dope.
Lexington: A true believer meets reality - IT DID not take long for David Axelrod, the rumpled campaign genius who...
serves up an interview with and posts the audio for free. Don't miss it.
"asked you to put him in charge of cleaning up the BP oil spill."
.solution to infighting in Hillaryland? “has to get control of the Clinton operation."
Audio for conversation w. about his new book "Believer: My Forty Years in Politics":
David Axelrod: better 'believer' than author?
David Axelrod memoir 'Believer' offers inside glimpse of Obama ...
Former Obama White House advisor David Axelrod speaking about his new book "Believer" last night at 6th & I.
Axelrod explains: 'great leaders work this way'...
VIDEO: Race-obsessed Matthews asks David Axelrod why he likes working for black candidates (via
Richie Blackmore is a genius. Herbie Hancock is a genius. Rod Temperton is a genius. Quincy Jones is a genius. David Axelrod is a genius.
Obama Had Statement to Read if Terror Halted Inauguration: Rahm Emanuel instructed David Axelrod to draft a statement that could be r...
Obama's David AXELROD responsible for the Buhari's transformation over night
David Axelrod is lying about Mitt Romney's concession call to Obama. I knew him to be the worst kind of Washington DC sleaze.
I really like Axelrod. I want to get this book!
Axelrod: Clinton needs to run like a challenger
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
The Spinster Spins in the No Spin Zone. That *** David Axelrod enters the 'No Spin Zone' |
Was right that statement on the postponement is tantamount to meddling in Nigerian elections. Now I see the Dav…
So the US is involved in our elections & supporting GMB not cos of any foreign policy but just to make David Axelrod money. S…
19/50 "A political consulting firm founded by Obama administration confidante David Axelrod has been far more
Sweet: David Axelrod sent Obama new memoir only after it was printed
Here's what newly elected Obama said when he learned the depth of the economic crisis
David Axelrod: Hillary Clinton needs to run like a challenger . DA in DC to start Biden's presidential campaign.
Mr Trump, Obama's campaign chief David Axelrod just took a shot at you, comparing you to Al Shapton owing $$
Wow...Natalie Morales of "Today" asked David Axelrod, "...was this a 'dis'..." What's happened to REAL journalism?
David Axelrod is on Sunday Morning with Charles Osgood tomorrow so set your DVR... on fire. Guess Brian Williams will be on soon.
David Axelrod at US President Barack Obama (C) walks to t
Attend author talk with David Axelrod on Mar. 3.
David Axelrod discusses new memoir with Tribune Editorial Board's Clarence Page, 3/3.
case studies of companies, entrepreneurs: John Osher, David Axelrod via
and I somehow turned chess into a drinking game
Tablet insurance available.  Get yours today!
"Ed Miliband calls in election guru David Axelrod via
Wow. Labour lead on NHS down to 3 points. Where do Miliband and Axelrod go from here?.
David Axelrod: Cop Killer Provoked By Video of Unarmed Man Choked To Death File this under Benghazi result of a video
The Democrat Sharpton Party all on same page-blame, lie and deny the real problem...
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