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David Attenborough

Sir David Frederick Attenborough OM, CH, CVO, CBE, FRS, FZS, FSA (born 8 May 1926) is a British broadcaster and naturalist.

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I say this multiple times a year, but I really wish David Attenborough could narrate my life. He would make it seem…
Me watching some David Attenborough special with caterpillars: I can't believe TF is real
David Attenborough is legit even at a billion years old his voice still reels you in as you watch cuttlefish eat little fish
The Great Barrier Reef will be dead by 2100 due to human "maltreatment of the oceans", says David Attenborough ~>…
“David Attenborough is the white gucci mane”
"“Surely we have a responsibility to care for our Blue Planet. The future of humanity, and indeed all life on Earth, n…
what i'd give to be part of a David Attenborough film crew..
The impact of plastic on wildlife is heartbreaking. Just listen to what David Attenborough has to say about it
David Attenborough is a hypocrite. I don’t believe he cares about protecting wildlife or nature.…
To get the full effect, you have to imagine this being spoken by David Attenborough . .
David Attenborough narration *here is a rare sighting of human sisters who have migrated to a coastal habitat for S…
I’m acc so terrified of anything that crawls, fully need my own home personal David Attenborough to clarify whether…
Oh David Attenborough and your witty nature puns
*David Attenborough voice* During their winter migration, snowbirds are faced with their first deadly obstacle: Florida traffic
“What humans do over the next 50 years will determine the fate of all life on the planet.”. [Sir David Attenborough].
This boy is the next David Attenborough
You will abandon your false prophets and worship the one true God. David Attenborough
Idc what happens in 2018 but I swear to god if 2018 takes David Attenborough I will kill everybody
David Attenborough is my fav person ever idc
under greatest in history, warns Sir David |
What David Attenborough should have said at the end of Blue Planet | Patrick Barkham
David Attenborough calls on Chinese president to end ivory trade
REALLY IS BACK BOIZZ LETS WIN AUSTRALIA!! finally take your heater is great time maching david attenborough
Whether it's Ant and Dec, Claudia Winkleman or David Attenborough - Vote for your favourite TV presenter of 2017 in…
Jeff Stelling is to sport what David Attenborough is to the environment
Sarah millican how to be a champion and David Attenborough adventures of a young naturalist
Bf's Dream last night: Thomas the Tank engine(played by Thomas Jane)'s Life Story, told by David Attenborough.. Inc…
I have these guys and David Attenborough behind me... I'm all good.
[David Attenborough voice] the cars drink thirstily from the waterhole, while the train keeps a lookout from above for pre…
Love Morgan Freeman, but David Attenborough does a *** fine narration of wildlife programmes.
Yet the world is not listening... Too ambivalent and ignorant... David Attenborough has a warning for the world abo…
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*extremely David Attenborough voice* . The Piers Morgan blinks slowly in the sunlight as it emerges from its host Trump's ar…
It’s so amazing. May even beat the first one to become my favourite David Attenborough doc of all.
Eating a jam scone and listening to David Attenborough narrate things. Is this the most British thing I’ve ever done?
I vote David Attenborough for voice over 😂
Amazing 4 episodes of The Blue Planet 2 so far.. sir David Attenborough's narration is like music to the ears.. Planet Ea…
feel so guilty after watching David Attenborough 😭🐳 humans are so rubbish!
If you listened properly David Attenborough said that, "2/3 of the Great Barrier Reef has being damaged"…
If you watched tonight and didn't quote finding nemo when David Attenborough said 'the drop off' you're not…
Why don't we just make David Attenborough ruler of the world, abide by his laws and I'm sure it would be a wonderful pl…
'Now is her time to strike.' 😂 ❤️️ David Attenborough narrating 'Hello' video never gets old. Via
There is always a part in a documentary where David Attenborough makes me feel real guilty for global warming
Just because it would make me laugh, I'd do Tom Lehrer's Poisoning Pigeons in the Park with David Attenborough. 😝
Conspiracy theory: David Attenborough knows everything about animals because he is God and created all of them in the fir…
So my 10 watching has decided seeing 6 gill sharks bit is David Attenborough is just making it all up! 😂😂
🌍 The Earth is 4.543 billion years old, but somehow we managed to exist at the same time as David Attenborough.
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Television review: David Attenborough trawls the sea for more surprises in Blue Planet II
Why the hype with David Attenborough? He got a nice voice & thats it? Dale Winton got a nice voice but we dun hold him in such great esteem
David Attenborough and Louis Theroux in the same night is my kink
If there is a God, he would provide us with a David Attenborough and Louis Theroux documentary collab. . Polar bears addicte…
Also the TV today has been on point, David Attenborough, Louis Theroux, Lewis Hamilton winning a world title 🔥
David Attenborough could put his voice to the bible and make it interesting...animal lover at his finest!
For the first time on film, cubs in the wild - David Attenborough - Spy In The Jungle -
*In a David Attenborough style voice* “And if you look closely and quietly you will see a rare sighting of a Michael Turner”…
I would like to watch it, but don't think I can spare 140 hrs. Edit down to 60min with some David Attenborough narration please!
Duke of Cambridge pays tribute to 'national treasure' David Attenborough
I just had a vision of David Attenborough in the jungle quietly stalking the wild titpuffin
Hate the tone Phil Neville commentates in. Sounds like a cross between David Bellamy and David Attenborough. You’re not in a jungle wuss 🙄😡
Omg Blue Planet 2 narrated by David Attenborough is coming and I AM SO REDDI
Morgan Freeman should just be the official narrator of EVERYTHING. . Ok. Him and David…
What does David Attenborough sound like when he's cumming
Caption this to a copy of Sir David Attenborough's on Blu-ray. . Shop BBC offers this
David Attenborough: The young male prances in front of his potential partners in a wild display of prowess, chest o…
David Attenborough: See the male, unable to reach the cheese stuck to his back, flailing helplessly. Me: You just film me…
Sir David Attenborough: Sea plastic's impact on albatross is 'heartbreaking'
HRH greets presenter and narrator Sir David Attenborough & Blue Planet II producers at the Premiere. htt…
David Attenborough calls the impact of plastic waste on wildlife "heartbreaking"
Yes! When I die I want David Attenborough to be the only person that speaks at my funeral.
Museum Alive 3D, narrated by David Attenborough, starts Sat! When darkness falls, museum specimens come to life! https…
We're so excited about Stunning footage AND narrated by Sir David Attenborough.
David Attenborough calls the impacts of ocean plastics "heartbreaking" .
This is the finest idea I've seen on the Internet since A.O.L. I love David Attenborough and the animals…
I'm quite into it, find it very beautiful, and anyways I'd watch anything with David Attenborough in it 😋 so needles to say I loved it.
Because I was JUST complaining about too little bio in my life, I started thinking of a doc with sir David Attenborough on
David Attenborough just accused Brexiteers of spitting in the faces of ordinary people.
CBS needs to go live to the spectacle at the concession stands. Get David Attenborough to narrate.   10% Off
Kudos to the next winners of Wild Expectations,David Attenborough's Great Barrier Ree…
Radiohead + composer Hans Zimmer to work on soundtrack for BBC's +Sir David Attenborough's Blue Planet II. https…
Kudos to the next winners of David Attenborough's: Light On Earth, Pangolin, I Am Ra…
In Showbuzz, find out which sports star Bear Grylls takes on a big adventure.
Reporting from the "blue carpet" at the royal premiere of Blue Planet II in London, attended by Prince William. Got the c…
One of my very favorite people -Best of David Attenborough on Science Religion and Politics via
Portholes ahoy! The the RRS Sir David Attenborough is taking shape on World Maritime Day!
David Attenborough says the decision to call a referendum was an abrogation of parliamentary democracy. I 100% agree http…
David Attenborough on what the rise of nationalism means for climate change: "We need more talking, not less. More agreements, not…
David Attenborough trending. Phew. I love how he raises awareness!
There's a lot of talent in your family Alex.You the next David Attenborough and Soph…
Recently I've just been obsessed with documentaries about animals. I think it's mainly because of David Attenborough 👌🏻
Radiohead and Hans Zimmer collaborating on a documentary narrated by David Attenborough? Whose been stalking my hea…
Sorry friends, this autumn I'm going to be watching all this great-sounding telly...
David Attenborough is bae of all baes
Honestly snap had me in fits of giggles... forget David Attenborough or Samuel L Jackson.. I need Sam narrating my life 😂😂😂
The David Attenborough Building is a finalist at the ... winners announced tonight!
Extremely pleased the David Attenborough Building won best Office 2,000 - 10,000m²
The future is much too important to be left to chance (Sir David Attenborough).
Radiohead and Hans Zimmer working together on music for new David Attenborough documentary https:…
Took a documentary DVD of David attenborough and threw it so hard i hit the producer filming in Africa ...
Looking forward to this autumn of Ian McEwan adaptations? 🍂😱🤢
I can assure you you're not dreaming this, really does think she knows better than David Attenborough.…
Sir David Attenborough on how museum collections help us learn more about—and protect—the natural world:…
Who's ready for them long winter nights?! 🙋.
David Attenborough really just pronounced agave like uh-gawhv.
as if i couldn't wait for Blue Planet II even more... .
We are delighted Sir David Attenborough has donated his voice for our VR app for pain management! Read more here . https…
In good company... 'Mustwatch TV autumn 2017, from Blue Planet to Stranger Things'
The BBC: a world-leading and treasured broadcasting institution. Home of David Attenborough, The World Service, and…
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* voice of Sir David Attenborough*. And here we see the wild crane in its natural habitat.
Some very exciting television coming this autumn, and lots of hidden gems still to arrive too!
Who knew ... Well, David Attenborough, of course, but who else?. Scary ...
*in whispered hushed tone "She's eating that sandwich like a lioness on a kill.". I'm now David Attenborough of the office.
Take a look at The Guardian's list of must-watch autumn TV including: Blue Planet, The Crown and She's Gotta Have I…
[dressing for work]. David Attenborough: abandoning hope of mating, the male adopts drab coloration late in life . Me: ther…
The must-watch TV fo autumn 2017, from Blue Planet to Stranger nhiTgs
Can the reef be saved? Watch David Attenborough's 3-part series online for a limited time.
[David Attenborough watching footage of me in a bar slowly realizing my jeans are on backwards] Quite extraordinary
I might be late to this excellent news, but an adaptation of Alias Grace starts on Netflix in Nov. https:/…
Had my 1st VR experience at today, so delighted to read about this from
Hans Zimmer, Radiohead and... David Attenborough. This isn't a collaboration, this alchemy
I'm such a nerd, David Attenborough could do a documentary on making a hamburger and I'd watch it.
It's impression Thursday! Today, the real King of reality TV, Sir David Attenborough...
It's not that I don't like him .. would just prefer there was less of him. You don't s…
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sometimes u just have to say to urself : WWDAD?. what would David Attenborough do . 🌱🌱🌱
Thursday suddenly looks better: record new music for David Attenborough's Blue Planet 2 via
The must-watch TV of autumn 2017, from Blue Planet to Stranger Things.
Supposed to go to a wedding but David Attenborough is on the tv explaining how flying fish spawn & it feels critical that I listen to him.
Loosing John Motson from football commentary, is like loosing sir David Attenborough from animal documentarie…
scored, someone send an ambulance and the royal guard to watch over David Attenborough
*David Attenborough voice*. Then in late August to early September as the emperor begins his migratio…
Only one alive out of the British legends... Bruce Forsyth, David Attenborough and Cilla Black.
David Attenborough?? Dennis Lillee and Michael Holding maybe but not dear old David. How very dare you sir.
What did David Attenborough say about you?
"Canals and rivers are fantastic locations for many species of butterfly" - David Attenborough
Michael Palin, David Attenborough - the Queen - the world will just seem wrong without them in it
Face the Music premiered 50 years ago today. David Attenborough and Joyce Grenfell were regular panellists…
I realise it's different mediums but I tend to knit/cross-stitch with stuff like David Attenborough or Ia…
Scots athletics star treasures her signed David Attenborough picture
*David Attenborough "Planet Earth" voice* This is not how massive infrastructure projects work.
I watched that beautifully filmed "Planet Earth" narrated by David Attenborough but I worried about the animals; I got an anxiety attack.
There is only one David Attenborough, no one else compares when it comes to documentaries. Fact
Whatever they pay David Attenborough he's worth it. . Can't think of anyone else who is though.
Man your popularity has grown to a point you're a national treasure, you're on par with David Attenbo…
Some political news you just hear in your head read by David Attenborough. "The dominant male will now pick a pantr…
*David Attenborough voice*. And here we see two beautiful creatures, in the foreground we have the great Momoa and i…
- Sir David Attenborough: Britain's butterflies are on brink, This year's warm ...
DAVID ATTENBOROUGH:. Here we see the weakest of the herd in its natural habitat. [camera pans to me laying in bed eating c…
Can you help Sir David Attenborough save the butterflies? 🦋 Here's how👉
I hope it emerges David Attenborough earns a billion pounds and everyone shrugs and says yeah that's pretty much where I…
Anything narrated by David Attenborough! Failing that, Monsters Inside Me is always good for a laugh!
Got freaked out momentarily bc I thought someone was watching me on this train but it was just a window sticker of Dav…
Only David Attenborough can get you to sit on the edge of your seat and cheer for an ant
numbers in facing 'vital' period following a worrying decline - Sir David has warned
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Our butterflies need you! Join Sir David Attenborough & take part in the Big to help save them.
I want a David Attenborough commentary over this
We can destroy, or we can cherish. The choice is ours. - Sir David Attenborough
I need David Attenborough to explain to me why T Rex walked like a gang member from West Side Story.
Should of been going mad at the Foo Fighters and Royal Blood tonight. Now I'm watching David Attenborough instead.
UK has Kem . UK has Chris . UK has Philip Schofield . UK has Jeremy Kyle . UK has David Attenborough . UK has Harvey Pri…
Duchess Catherine and David Attenborough talk Michael Dixon during the opening of Hintze Hall at the Natural Histor…
Kate Middleton & David Attenborough spent some time together at the today!
Joanna Lumley seems to have the same effect as David Attenborough... sooo calming 😌
😂😂, all its missing is David Attenborough doing the voice over
*David Attenborough voice* Listen to the snores of this contented South County Dublin cat. 😴…
Brian Cant was the David Attenborough of kids tv. A genuine national treasure.
I can just imagine David Attenborough sniping Donald Trump with a Barrett 50 cal on top of a crane tbh
David Attenborough, Philip Schofield, Holly Willoughby, Rylan, Harry Styles. This should cover all demographics!
Happy birthday to the James Bond of wildlife broadcasting, David Attenborough!
. *David Attenborough voice*. as the pack uses its camouflage to avoid the roving band of teenagers...
I'm Ross Kemp and I'm at Gary Neville's hotel to meet David Attenborough
David Attenborough and Tim Flannery on Climate Change. Some inspiring thoughts , have you heard of C02 absorbing...
David Attenborough narrating the Premier League is the best thing you will watch today! 😂. (Via:
Planet Earth announce THIRD series amid hopes David Attenborough will still be with us'
I liked a video The capercaillie bird defends its territory - David Attenborough - BBC wildlife
Don't worry, here's why David Attenborough is trending today 🎉
Happy birthday David Attenborough, 91 today. Here he is, being observed by an iguana studying the many amusing quirks…
A list of people the Queen could marry should anything happen to Prince Phillip:. - Alan Titchmarsh. - Roger Moore. - David Attenborough
Right I'm listing my legends down. Jocky Wilson, David Attenborough, David Jason, Billy Connolly, Elvis and my family. All made me who I am
David Attenborough 'coming to terms' with memory loss (but no, he's not retiring) | MNN - Mother Nature Network
I'm devastated to hear that David Attenborough has started to lose his memory 😢😢😢😢
David Attenborough makes heartbreaking revelation about his health while filming new series of Blue Planet.
Thank you David Attenborough. With so many endangered species, it makes even less sense to hunt them for 'sport'
Just found out from David Attenborough that a cheetahs top speed is 58mph and it's a myth that they can go 70. My whole life has been a lie.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
Tour London's Natural History Museum in VR with David Attenborough - by RO Water Filter…
It was an absolute privilege to hear talks from two of my heroes: David Attenborough and Steven Pinker at…
David Attenborough narrates us around our remarkable planet
Exactly this. Just a single opposition party please, the "Not Tory Party" with David Attenborough as leader. Or Pat…
perhaps ask Bindi, Terri, Robert Irwin. Ask David Attenborough to publicise the GBR more worldwide.
The play-by-play man for sounds less Ian Darke and more David Attenborough.
Wise leaders add value. Clive James and David Attenborough are living legends in their fields. . Are you?.
David Attenborough, the confusing early years
Failed Writer Joe Papp thinks he's in a David Attenborough special. You should b…
Also when did Damien Lewis morph into David Attenborough
Are you two auditioning to take over from David Attenborough when he finally hangs up his hat? Prof Brian Cox?
Phillip Schofield, David Attenborough and Stephen Fry is all we've got really
I really want David Attenborough narrating my life
Some people like to imagine Morgan Freeman or David Attenborough narrating things. I personally like to imagine
Ffs, get David Attenborough nd Barack Obama on Noah's ark cause this planet needs wiped out
happy 18th birthday to this absolute angel!! I hope you have the best day, me & David Attenborough love you💫 (…
Idea for documentary series: . David Attenborough narrates the dietary decisions and life of Travis Yost.
Morgan Freeman, David Attenborough, and Eddie Butler - the holy triumvirate of epic voices, surely?
New species of discovered in Peru, named after David Attenborough
How has Nathan just called David Attenborough "Wilfred Hancock that old man who presents stuff" WHAT ?
David Attenborough: 90 and 'still fighting the good fight'. At the vanguard of conservation and a British nation
Martin tyler used to be the David Attenborough of commentating now he's just the jason cundy of sky sports
I will also accept polar explorers, bass players with 100k+ album sales, and David Attenborough.
presented by David Attenborough. Coming to BBC One in Autumn 2017. 💙
Oh lord I'm so relieved, saw sir David Attenborough trending and almost had a heart attack
Here's one to look forward to! The Beeb branding the next marine series
How do you dub over David Attenborough? The man is a living legend.
BREAKING Ocean news: Sir David Attenborough to present our BBC -a labour of love over the last 4 years htt…
Sir David Attenborough to present Blue Planet sequel by via
Can we maybe not make David Attenborough trend I like not having a heart attack at 7am thanks
Sir David Attenborough Bae is to present Blue Planet sequel. .
What fab news to wake up to on a Monday morning! Great way to start the week! 🌍❤. -
Phew. Got worried when Sir David Attenborough was trending, but it's good news, can't wait for this series
Sir David Attenborough is back, and 2017 is looking up. .
Great news for Monday morning - Sir David Attenborough to present Blue Planet 2 16 yrs after original
I could actually listen to David Attenborough talk about almost anything and he entertained for hours on end
BBC announce a second series of Blue Planet and reveal Sir David Attenborough will return as narrator
Sir David Attenborough to present Blue Planet sequel. at its best. Just incredible
Blue Planet to return to BBC this year as David Attenborough reveals crew has spent four years filming new…
Return to the Blue Planet as new David Attenborough set to voice new series.
Our gift of the day: Sir David Attenborough is set to return with Blue Planet II
Just when I thought good news was no longer possible... Sir David Attenborough to present Blue Planet sequel
you hear the nations favourite Sir David Attenborough will be back for the Blue Planet sequel…
Big news: David Attenborough returns to the oceans with Blue Planet II.
Got scared when Sir David Attenborough was trending 😅
Sir David Attenborough will present the sequel to 2001's The Blue Planet on the BBC later this year
Awesome: Sir David Attenborough to present Blue Planet sequel. This is a and co-production https:/…
Our award-winning Natural History Unit is making with Sir David Attenborough:
Cherish the natural world because you're a part of it and you depend on it. ~Sir David Attenborough . ht…
This might be dream. James Earl Jones voice is like David Attenborough to me
What a privilege to hear the stories of the inspiring David Attenborough in person today!
Would love it if David Attenborough narrated some of the scenes down the Bigg Market on a Saturday night
Turtle-tastic - see David Attenborough's Great Barrier Reef at WFFS see for pics, info and links…
Yup one of the best, along with Morgan Freeman, Ken Burns, David Attenborough, The Captain, etc. etc.
We need to clone Dennis Skinner and David Attenborough.
Watching racing without the voice of Simon Holt is like watching a nature program without the voice of David Attenborough
David Attenborough, Isaac Hayes, and Cheech Marin. I'm covering all bases.
I feel like David Attenborough needs to ride in on Boaty McBoatface and have a stern word with politicians today
That's putting me up there with David Attenborough and Benedict Cumberbatch, I can't compete with that.
David Attenborough would study Piers Morgan, and conclude that his species is actually 100% Toad.
proves competition for David Attenborough in Spy In The Wild via
David Tennant's given David Attenborough a run for his money on Spy In The Wild
probably David Attenborough so I could listen to his soothing voice, Ozzy Osbourne and Jim Carrey
I got asked who would narrate my life doco? Samuel Jackson, Morgan Freeman, David Attenborough? I said none, I want Alan Carr to!
now I remember Claire Foy and Matt Smith on Graham Norton show few months ago. because they're there with Ben Affleck & David Attenborough.
FFS wrap Bruce Forsyth and David Attenborough up in cotton wool for while until the celebrity grim reaper goes on holiday...
Watching a video and David Attenborough walks on and saffys says 'is that donald trump' two years of nothing hay 😂😂😂
David Attenborough's Planet Earth II is 'a disaster for wildlife', says rival producer . Relatable or Debatable?
Someone like David Attenborough would have a blue tick!
David Attenborough has no faith in this little crane flying over K2. 🙄
...Roger Moore and David Attenborough are checking in with me hourly...
Someone look after David Attenborough, Angela Landsbury and Snoop Dog/Lion we don't need anymore deaths thank you 2016
BBC robot animals to go undercover to film nature even David Attenborough cannot reach
The train scene in Wallace & Gromit's The Wrong Trousers is nearly as good as those David Attenborough shows with all the birdies 🚂👖📺🐦 ~Jack
Can we all please form a protective circle around David Attenborough, Ian McKellen, Patrick Stewart and Morgan Freeman 😩
Queen to pop her clogs today, David Attenborough tomorrow, and Cliff Richard on NYE, get on that treble
I did but I'll fix the ones that are obvious - just not Richard to David Attenborough
thank you David Attenborough 🐼🚫😴 .yeah I know that's a panda but badger emoji I out foraging
I have this feeling Sir David Attenborough is going to die 1st Jan just to spite us
Someone literally has to hide Julie Andrews and David Attenborough for the next few days bc that really will be the cherry on top of 2016
what even is 2016; someone put Julie Andrews and David Attenborough in a box. Protect them. ✨
Watching David Attenborough's Great Barrier Reef. . Me to wife: I'd like to caress YOUR back with my front cephalic…
For goodness sake, hide Maggie Smith and David Attenborough
The rate that celebrities are dying we need to put David Attenborough in bubble wrap and have him watched 24 hours a day
Great Barrier Reef with David Attenborough, review: a joy to...
Can someone please check on David Attenborough?
the only acceptable narrators of Planet Earth after David Attenborough are Snoop Dogg or MC Devvo
Hey if you want the live streaming to look sexy ask David Attenborough to narrate, he has documented Swamps too
Ugh NO. I'm sorry, I think David Attenborough is the only serious candidate.
Is someone wrapping David Attenborough up in bubble wrap?? I'll be in turmoil if he kicks the bucket
me too! I've just said to me Mum I want me faves like Julie Walters, The queen and David Attenborough wrapped in bubble wrap
Maggie Smith and David Attenborough better be tucked away safely forever
There's only two days left. Somebody find David Attenborough and hide him!
yes same! Him and David Attenborough... ugh I'd be in heaven 🙌🏻 lol
There is still time left in 2016. We need to guard and have 20 medical staff each on Stan Lee and David Attenborough.
Can someone please encase Stevie Wonder, Macca, *** Jagger, Elton John, David Attenborough and the Queen in bubble wrap…
can someone please check in on David Attenborough and don't let him out of sight!?
Yes he is. A national treasure - him and Sir David Attenborough both living legends.
Hamilton Island: following in the footsteps of David Attenborough on the Great
Sir David Attenborough makes heartfelt plea for the Reef...
Today, as if to mock me, they were circling and whooping. David Attenborough, I know your pain.
Not even joking someone needs wrap the Queen, David Attenborough and Bruce Forsyth up in cotton wool! Can't lose them too!
someone hide Stan and David Attenborough please
Just watched David Attenborough. A big challenge for us all in 2017 is to stop the putrid LNP financing Adani wrecking our Reef.
Are you watching David Attenborough on Seriously great.
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honestly, can we all protect Maggie Smith, David Attenborough and June Brown at all costs please thanks
But can we keep David Attenborough for a little bit longer?
Someone needs to pump David Attenborough with formaldehyde to preserve him for at least 100 years to stop the world imploding... and fast!
David Attenborough: environmentalism is a duty, not an interest – video interview.
2016 isn't over yet, so I want Julie Andrews, Maggie Smith and David Attenborough to join The Queen in the anti-death bun…
Wouldn't it be funny if we make it through 2016 and in the first week of 2017 David Attenborough died.
David Attenborough is a National Treasure. Protect at all costs. He needs 24/7 security, if the man sneezes we need to know he'…
Tickets to Sir David Attenborough's lecture increase due to unprecedented
narrated by David Attenborough so you know it's 👌 and of course deep ocean has the coolest footage 🦑
Can someone wrap Stan Lee, David Attenborough, Alex Ferguson and Bobby charlton in bubble wrap till the New Years please.. No more deaths 😤
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