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The name of Jesus is a Gift from almighty God.,ISH9:6 - Bishop David Abioye
David Abioye. When Grace comes on you it erases you errors and colours your efforts.
Your circumstance is different from God's plan for your life. . Bishop David Abioye. .
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Those who are in hurry mostly end up in horror. (David Abioye)
Topic: You Can Have Daily Victories! (Part 2) Continue from part 1 Faith begins with how you see life in the...
,. REMEMBER: When you give your life to JESUS, . HE will give you JOY. - Bishop David Abioye
Soul-Winning, commits GOD to be in partnership with us. And this partnership, makes us wiser by the day. - BISHO…
. .. Soul-Winners, are among the most intelligent you can find on the surface of the earth!. - BISHOP DAVID O. ABI…
What God reveals to you is what reveals you to your world, and what He shows u is what makes u a show to ur world. . -Bishop David Abioye
"If you must fall, fall on your knees not on your back"-Bishop David Abioye
To live in the realm of miracle, you have to disobey natural laws. Bishop David Abioye
Hey listen to this! . Those who hear THE VOICE OF GOD cannot be moved by the noise of the devil. -Bishop David Abioye
Prayer brings answers from Heaven but fasting brings them down the speedily. -Bishop David Abioye
Don't injury yourselves.. Don't gather the BREAKFAST, the LUNCH and the DINNER together. Amen. - BISHOP DAVID O. ABIOYE
And please don't injury yourselves, when it is time to breaking your fast. - BISHOP DAVID O. ABIOYE
So also goes for eating... FASTING TIME is denying yourself of food, so don't eat til 2.00am or 3.00am. - BISHOP DAVID…
If you give yourselves to 'prayer and fasting', you stay off any other kind of relationship...- 1 Cor. 7:5. - BISHOP DA…
"Defraud ye not one the other, except it be with consent for a time ..." - 1 Cor. 7:5. This is that time. - BISHOP DAVI…
Nobody needs to go down for you to go up.Soar beyond the cloud,if and be willing to pay a price.Prvb23:7 Bishop.David Abioye
Your cleanliness determines your usefulness to God! -pastor David Abioye
Vision never want to be something it already is" Bishop David Abioye
"Be conscious of the future that awaits you by practicing your old age in your youth"- Bishop David Abioye
Unveiling the Characteristics of Endtime Rescue Agents- Exploring the Power of Vision for...
Without Vision there is no foundation nd without foundation there is no future === Bishop David Abioye
If you want God to be involve, seek his view to secure is support. Proverbs 29 vs 18. ===> by Bishop David Abioye.
A Mission cannot be carried out without Focus.(Philippians 3 vs 13). ===> by Bishop David Abioye
VISION makes you live your life Orderly (Joel 2 vs 7)===> by Bishop David Abioye.
Today service was really wow... Bishop David Abioye is indeed blessed with the knowledge from above
Nobody runs after many goals and succeeds. Bishop David Abioye
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Bishop David Abioye. Vision is your destination, Divine Direction talks about how to get there
what you acquire and learn in your youth stays with you till old age - David Abioye…
Say with me, . "LORD Jesus, I come to you tonight... ". - BISHOP DAVID O. ABIOYE http…
Don't tell your vision to those who will envy you!- David Abioye
Things I was able to grab from Bishop David Abioye at Youth Alive Conference. LET'S TALK VISION... We are...
Start from where you are. Possess a global vision but start local. - Bishop David Abioye.
Nobody runs after many GOALS and succeed,people who do that ends up as GOATS~Bishop David Abioye.discovery
Biological birth entitles you to existence, vision births you to living- Bishop David Abioye
"you don't need to go round to make rounds" Bishop David Abioye
Bishop David Abioye: IMPACTFUL QUOTE S: If you don't know you are different you will never make a difference.
We are 'soldiers'.. We are not 'civilians'. - BISHOP DAVID O. ABIOYE
There is no Divergence but Convergence in Vision ===> by Bishop David Abioye
Take your present day serious if you want the future to be great! Never look down on your present Gen. 13 - – Bishop David Ab…
We are delayed because we lack expectations! Direct from Bishop David Abioye
"You get intervention when you make intercession". Bishop David Abioye.
Bishop David Abioye. Vision is determine from heaven, vision is a concluded thing but Ambition is a starting thing
Bishop David Abioye. Ambition is self driven but Vision is God's driven
Ambition is self driven but vision is God driven- Bishop David Abioye
Bishop David Abioye. Vision does not focus on something but he knows that it is something
Bishop David Abioye. Ambition operate on the platform of man wishes,a desire and it focus on wanting to be something
Bishop David Abioye. Vision will pave way out of no way
Bishop David Abioye. Vision is the picture that makes you exist, vision is the reference point
VISION entitles us to living while biological birth entitles us to existence ===> by Bishop David Abioye
You don't need to move around to go round: You don't need to be everywhere to be heard everywhere. Bishop David Abioye
"Don't wait for your time to come, make move to get into your time". __Bishop David Abioye
Bishop David Abioye. Living comes with fulfillment but Existence birth up frustration
Those who live in the realm of luck are on lock down ===> by Bishop David Abioye
Bishop David Abioye. Not all that exist are living
Bishop David Abioye. Vision is the foundation for living, without foundation. You don't have a future. Ps 11 vs 3
We were called to share the good news not only from the pulpit but beyound the pulpit.Bless you David Abioye
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Capital strength is domiciled in the spirit man. Lk2:40 Bishop.David Abioye
Only ominipotent God can be bring increase. JOHN6:43-48 -Bishop.David Abioye
Faith is a perspective, When Faith is in your heart, it'll your heart to David Abioye.
Show almighty God your in him and God will show you, his might. Mk2:5 - Bishop.David Abioye
I drink the blood of Master Jesus and eat his flesh,to have his Nature. Mtt26:27-29.Jhn6:58 - Bishop.David Abioye
Your determines your fate. Mtt9:29 - Bishop.David Abioye.
Bishop David Oyedepo and David Abioye at The Crossover Service from 2015 2016 Service Prophercy a: via
Giving is living eating is dying. Bishop David Abioye
I wont ever in my life forget Pastor David Abioye of LFC. When he was transferred from Kaduna to Abuja. See people cry like babies.
No matter the circumstances in which you find yourself, never call yourself what God did not call you. - David Abioye
Your dept in God determines your height in life. -Bishop David Abioye
People's level changes depending on the practices they engage in. - David Abioye
Bishop David Abioye is a blessed man with blessed insights that provokes men into positive actions.
You cant listen to Bishop David Abioye's and not be charged. His depth of wisdom is unreal.
Everytime i listen to Bishop David Abioye, i become psychologically charged. I end up inspired. I end up illuminated.
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If you are too big to do small things,then you'll be too small to receive big things. Bishop Davi…
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Never say, there is TIME, the fool says, “There is time” but the wise says, “I am behind schedule” Bishop David Abioye
OPERATING IN THE REALM OF GOD. by Bishop David Abioye . Faith turns you into another...
The best way to reach out to God is to praise Him in ur dialect ~ Bishop David Abioye
"If you want God to fill up, CLEAN up"- David Abioye
Daily Devotional - Bishop David Abioye November 15 Topic: THE POWER OF QUESTION … Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find, knock, and it shall be opened unto you. Matthew 7:7 Answers are provoked through questions. You don’t have a right to know if you don’t have a desire to ask. Questioning is simply an expression of desire to know. It is not a crime to ask questions. It is rather wisdom to do so. Wise men ask questions. Jesus did. Luke. 2.46-49 It is the practice of thinkers. He who asks questions may be a fool once but he who doesn’t ask at all is a fool for life. Question simply means a quest to know about a subject matter, it usually comes with a desire, longing, interest and curiosity. The questions we ask limit the level of answer we *** Matthew.7.7 Ask and ye shall receive. Ask God for revelation. Ask people for counsel. Ask yourself for self examination. Asking question is an expression of curiosity. From questions you move into exploration which leads you into discove ...
To be En-Graceful is more than being Powerful.. Bishop David Abioye.
I added a video to a playlist Winners Chapel Americas 2014 Convention Day 1 by Bishop David Abioye
I added a video to a playlist Bishop David Abioye Ministering
When God promoted Esther, the devil promoted her nemesis, Haman. There's always a new devil for every new level. (Bishop David Abioye)."
"Many suffer not for the evil they did but the company they keep." Bishop David Abioye"
Bishop David Abioye. Don't stand alone if you don't want to fall alone
Bishop David Abioye. Those who pray to God will look like God
Bishop David Abioye. When God calls you, satan marks you, attack you
Bishop David Abioye. Our quest for Godliness is Spiritual warfare
Bishop David Abioye. Temptation is a long life events, it will be ended until you live the planet earth, Holiness is the cure for Temptation
Bishop David Abioye. Godliness is pursing of God. Matt 6 vs 33
Bishop David Abioye. Godliness is pressing for the high calling
Bishop David Abioye. Godliness is not necessary a state of perfection but a craving For perfection. Matt 5 vs 48
If you jump up, you come down. But if you grow up, you stay up. Growth is a process - Bishop David Abioye
Mistakes are raw materials for Improvement. - Mistake means, Missing the Take, so you Retake the Take. ~David Abioye.
The cheapest way to remain a is to keep looking for whom to blame. DAVID Abioye
Bishop David Abioye. Sin is pleasurable but inside it is poison
Bishop David Abioye. Living a Godly life is a warfare
Bishop David Abioye. Righteousness is your soul, Holiness is your life
Bishop David Abioye. Without the attitudes of gratitudes there can never be a change of Altitudes
Godliness is the fountain of wisdom. - David Abioye
"Someone said grace is GOD in a RACE"** Bishop David Abioye**
If you want to be a man of strong impact, have a clear -Bishop David Abioye
will attract some applause but it is a that generates impact -Bishop David Abioye
...Whatever pre occupies a man's thought is what eventually occupies his life - Bishop David Abioye
"No one in life can go beyond the company he keeps." Bishop David Abioye
Boko Haram Republic of Gwoza: Jonathan Abandons Northern Christians Written by Obinna Akukwe The Boko Haram insurgents have finally chased away the predominantly Christian community of Gwoza and hoisted their black and white flag in the conquered territory. Succinctly put, they have captured the Christian community of Gwoza and declared it an Islamic state. This is just the beginning. There are reports that they are transferring most of their kidnapped wives, slaves, concubines and armories from Sambissa Forest to Gwoza. The Catholic Secretariat had issued a statement claiming that the male catholic faithfuls in the town are being beheaded by the murderers while their women are being raped and forced to marry the blood suckers. This is happening at a time when a Christian by name Ebele Azikiwe Jonathan is the Commander-in-Chief of the armed forces of the Federal Republic of Nigeria. I have every reason to be worried because as a gospel minister and missionary who combined various activities to also invol ...
.if you are not grateful you will be a great fool- Dr David Abioye
MORNING QUOTE. Don't look at me now, because I am still under construction, come back tomorrow - Bishop David Abioye
Understanding the Demands of Success (2) - Bishop David Abioye. From last week message,we understand that every...
"Descipline is responding to life as demanded not as convinient" David Abioye.
"The fullfilment of every destiny is at the mercy of descipline" David Abioye.
You are not a succesful king by expertise but by Divine guidance... -David Abioye.
join FGBMFI today for "CITY STORM" at National Christan Center . time - 5pm. speaker : Bishop David Abioye. be there
Today, 5pm @ National Christian Centre, Full Gospel will be doing a special program. Bishop David Abioye. will be speaking. I'll be there!
The test of obedience is the ladder to every man's enthronement - Bishop David Abioye
Drop your beggarly mentality, that is the reason why you are not rich! Behave as a GIVER!. -Bishop David Abioye.
Daily Devotional -Bishop David Abioye. September 21,2014. Topic: KEEP GOD AS YOUR FOCUS Maintaining God as your focus is what turns you to a focus among men. When you dance around God he will make men to dance around you. Place your ultimum value on God and he will enhance your value among men. Don’t let any man take the place of God in your life and he will make you a god among me. Celebrate God and you will end as celebrity among men. Carry God on your head and he will make men carry you on their head.
Speak out and God will back you at the same time. -Don't close your mouth, because a closed mouth is a closed destiny. Bishop David Abioye.
When GRACE is at work, it covers your ERRORS and COLOURS your EFFORT. ~David. O. Abioye.
There is no myth about greatness. Just study those who have become great & follow their examples. Bishop David Abioye
Heavenly father will take you to heaven; but your spiritual fathers will give you ur place on the earth. -David O. Abioye
Motivational Word for the Day! by Bishop David Abioye:. Don't celebrate your fall, as soon as ...
Dear fbk frnds, tell those who are rich in this world not to be proud and not to trust in their money. money cannot be trusted. They shud put their trust in God. he gives us all we need for our happiness. tell them to do good and be rich in good works. They shud give much to those in need & be ready to share. David Oyedepo, David Abioye, and Samuel did the same God didn't disappoint them.
Never struggle to get what God has not given you! When it is ur turn,everything will turn.Bishop. David Abioye
With the privilege givin to me by God I want to use thiz time to xprez my gratitude to some of my fathers in the lord: papa Bishop David Oyedepo, Bishop David Abioye, Bishop Thomas Aremu,pastor Kessi, Pastor David Ibiome, papa Adeboye, papa Paul Enenche,pastor Kelly Agaba,Rev Umar Ukpai, and Bishop Noel Jones. These are the men who have charged my little faith up and also given me many advice. Thank ya all and I pray that God givs you more anointin,grace,strength and wisdom in ya ministries.
i lift up my eyes unto d hills from where dos my help comes from,my help comes from d lord my saviour,my redeemer,my comforter,my all in all d God of Bishop David Oyedepo,God of Bishop David Abioye,God of pastor Segun Oke d God dat send his only begotten son Jesus Christ to die for my sins,he dat is not a man dat he should lie,he dat never slp or slumber,he dat opens d windows of heaven to pour down his blessings in my life, he dat blesses my water and bread,he dat takes away sickness from my midst,he dat will not give me stone if i asked of bread or serpent if i asked of fish,he dat knows my heart desires and is granting them.all i asked this week is to send me the ministry angels to open whatever door dat is shut in my life,roll down whatever stone dat d devil has used to block my destiny helpers to help me this week in the name of Jesus Christ.AMEN and AMEN hapi sunday friends and a blessed week ahead
As kings we enjoy God. As priests God enjoys us. David Abioye.
Discipline may help you to overcome temptation, you need DIVINE power to overcome evil. Bishop David Abioye.
HIGHEST ORDER OF PRAYER - Bishop David Abioye Praying in the Holy Ghost is the highest order of prayer. “Praying always with all prayer and supplication in the Spirit, and watching thereunto with all perseverance and supplication for all saints”. Eph 6:18 It is error free It is all embracing It is contamination free It releases charges to charge the atmosphere. Praying in the language of the Spirit invites and releases the Spirit to work Praying in the Spirit connects the human spirit to the Holy Spirit. It moves the Holy Spirit to interact with the human spirit. Praying in the Spirit releases uncommon energy. “But, ye, beloved, building up yourselves on your most holy faith, praying in the Holy Ghost” Jude 20. Jude 20
Life is not a game of comparison but of individuality!! BY Bishop David Abioye!!
REAL TEST OF LIFE- Bishop David Abioye The real test of a man is when he is under pressure. Just as the strength of metal objects are best discovered when they are subjected to all kinds of tests. You don’t know who you really are until you are under pressure. Pressure certainly will not leave you the way it came to you. It will either shrink you or stretch you. It will either break you or make you. It will either reduce you or increase you. You are therefore either reacting to pressure by giving way to it or you are responding to pressure by building up strength with it.
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RECOVERY OF DESTINY- Bishop David Abioye The recovery of destiny anchors on discovery of the Word. The word is light that makes people live right. It is revelation that birth revolution. Destiny will be ruined and doomed when drawn away from the Word. So, get back to the Word, to take back your destiny. Return to the Word to restore your world. Everything good in the world originates from the good Word of the Lord. True discovery is the path to recovery. 2 Chr 15:1-18, 34:14-33
Reading enhances living when you read you buy over the life of the author to add to your own.-Bishop David O. Abioye
Prosperity is d amplifier of your voice. Bishop David Abioye.
Daniel 11: 32a. (Living Bible). " He will flatter those who hate the things of God and win them over to his side". HEYYY, Somebody wake up. Don't let the devil enter a human and give you sweet words that will *** your destiny. He is only flattering you so that you can be won over to his side. Listen hear, my father Bishop David Abioye said and i quote" Those who hear the voice of God disregard the noise of the enemy." Listen if you don't have what you stand for, somebody will stand on you. But look at the second part of that Scripture. "BUT THEY THAT KNOW THEIR GOD SHALL BE STRONG AND DO EXPLOITS". Number one thing to note here is that the knowledge of God gives strength, to overcome every flattery of the devil and stay firm in the kingdom, secondly, this strength gotten from the word takes you into the miraculous, causing you to do strange works. What are exploits? Signs and wonders that the eye can see but the mouth cant explain. So having the knowledge of God and also the life of Christ, guarantees ...
What makes a man poor or rich is not the Land, but his disposition( Gen26:2-12) Isaac was a very good example. You don't need to go any other nation of the earth to make it in life. If you are in Africa, then know that your being here is not the problem, you're most likely your greatest problem. Says " David Abioye"
Many pastors have left their places of destiny for what they called greener pastures. In a bid to have greater comfort, they have traded their destinies off for hardship and failure. Several of them are also heavily indebted and unable to eat three square meals a day. Stay where God has placed you, and you'll eat the good of the land: Says" Bishop David Abioye"
There is no way an idle man can get to the top... Stop watching people working. What do you do? Do sth and God will make it work for u. The Grace of God is a supplement. This is why Bishop David Abioye says God only 'recognises' those who are working.
'The raw material for decision is information. When your information is adequate, your decision will ever be strong.' Bishop David Abioye
Happy birthday to my teacher bishops david abioye
'Sleepy eyes will birth slippery hands.' Bishop David Abioye
'Invest in your night and you will earn the dividend of a good day. Sow into the night and you will reap it in the day.' Bishop David Abioye
Happy brthday to a great man of God…Bishop David Abioye ! GGMUB Sir !
'Nothing remains standing when faith stands.' Bishop David Abioye
'An encounter is not what you wait for, it is what you hunt for' Bishop David Abioye
'The voice of God is too powerful for the noise of the devil to disturb you' Bishop David Abioye
Thanks Bro Wems. A Servant of a great God...Bishop David Abioye. Man of God.
The big fishes of today celebrating as Marchians are;. Bishop David O. Abioye -One of the highest territorial...
You can never be an accredited LEADER until you are a certified SERVANT. . -Bishop David Abioye
"Happy birthday Bishop David Abioye.May the oil on your life be ever fresh IJN"
Happy birthday 2 my spiritual father, Bishop David Abioye
True 'marshals' in the army of God, are rare to come by these days. Your work is birthing 'marshals'!. Happy Birthday, Bishop David O. Abioye
Happy birthday to a great father & mentor, Bishop David Abioye.Apostle of biblical standard.
HappyBirthday 2 1 of d greatest Men on Earth, Bishop David Abioye, many more Years Bishop
A big birthday shout out to my DADDY in d LORD Bishop David Abioye wish u LLNP and everytin good in life
Happy birthday to my dad in the lord Bishop David Abioye of living faith church.
Happy Birthday to a true man of God, great Prophet and Teacher. Bishop David O. Abioye
When God is infront of you, nobody can confront you When God is by your back, nobody can backbite you. Bishop David Abioye
Bishop David Abioye, Many people don't see good things that is the reason why they lack good things
Bishop David Abioye, Rewards is an investment that you eat from While blessings is a gift given to u
Bishop David Abioye, every growing child accept responsibility of the well being of the family,
Bishop David Abioye, As a child you enjoy you enjoy benefits but as a kingdom stewards you access rewards
Bishop David Abioye. You're saved to enjoy God,after a while God also want to enjoy you as u grow up via your kingdom stewardship .
God has anointed my tongue for you!. The God who advances this Commission, advance your destiny!. - Bishop David O. Abio…
Only goal setters will ever become goal getters. - Bishop David O. Abioye
What you set before your eyes is what you will get with your hands. - Bishop David O. Abioye
If you stand for nothing you will fall for anything. - Bishop David O. Abioye
The more committed you are to life, the more you excel in it. - Bishop David O. Abioye
You don’t get anything out of life except you give it something. - Bishop David O. Abioye
The best things of life demands effort. - Bishop David O. Abioye
The month of March shall be your month of marching forward. - Bishop David O. Abioye
Sickness and disease shall not know the way to your house this month .. in Jesus Name!. - Bishop David O. Abioye
Your life is at the mercy of your mouth. - Bishop David O. Abioye
Your mouth is the rudder of your life. - Bishop David O. Abioye
Your mouth organizes and directs your life. - Bishop David O. Abioye
Life opens in the direction of your mouth. - Bishop David O. Abioye
Don’t use your mouth to describe your situation., Rather use it to declare your expectation. - Bishop David O. Abioye
God is committed to perform only what your mouth releases. - Bishop David O. Abioye
Imagine if David Abioye had wait for Oyedepo to be successful before believing him.
Presbyterian Church Nigeria Mararaba Parish. wrote: -Neva expect much from people and u’ll neva be disappointed or offended in them, if they dnt do as much. -Put ur expectation only on God. He is the only one that can meet ur expectation and go beyond it. Ps.62:1-12. David Abioye
APPRECIATING IS THE APPLICATION FOR Bishop David Abioye. Paraphrased: The more you appreciate, the more You apply for more, why complain when you know it would only bring the worst, appreciate the little things & keep on getting blessed, SELAH.
Be Committed. Someone may bring up or help to order a child in a particular way, but his personal commitment to life is what determines his future. Poem. Someone may help to introduced you, but no body will speak for you. Someone may help to start you off but no man can keep you on. Someone may help to lift you but no one can sustain you. Someone can give you a helping hand but no one can establish you. Someone can invest in your life, yet know one can produce results from it but you. People can give you money to start business but they can't generate the profit for you. You have to work it out yourself. Get committed today and see what God will do in your life. Be Wise. PJO David Abioye. By Scent Of Water Nigeria. Complements of the Season.
John D. Rockerfeller was meant to invest in Titanic but the Holy Spirit stopped him! Not all open doors are God's doors. Learn how to submit yourself to the Guidance of the Holy Spirit. Bishop David Abioye
Divine Direction does not make sense, it makes Great. David Abioye.
Qualifier for the feast . Wedding garment David Abioye
When u pray u war to win but when u Praise God u watch to win.Bishop David Abioye
our master guide is d Holy Spirit..not all open doors are God's is devine guidiance..dat determines..a man's greatness.Bishop David Abioye...
SHİLOH 2013, QUOTES 4RM D LAST 11HRS AGO. Without d word God has no identity.His identity is His words. Jhn 1:1-Bish.Thomas Aremu. There is nothing a man has dat is sufficient. D only thing dat is sufficient 4rm d Scripture is grace. 2Corin. 12:9.-Bish.David Abioye. We carry trans-generational impact. Every child of God carries unlimited potentials dat qualifies d least to be greater in potentials dan Abram.- Gal.3:28-29; Gal.3:14;Matt.11:11; Jhn.14:12.-Bish. Oyedepo. Our understanding makes our standing in life. Prov.15:21.-Pst Ojele. Grace is unquestionable factor in d race of life.-Eph.2:4-7. Joseph by grace, he was above as a slave; As a prisoner he was incharge,Gen39:22 As an ex- convict he was set over.Gen.41:41. David Oyedepo Jnr. Satan steal only Spiritual virtues & not yr properties. Men steal properties not Satan. Grace is d virtue dat determines d value. Where yr health stops is where yr hurt starts.-Bish. Thomas Aremu. U're all wellcome. Jesus d Host is waiting 4 u.
I pray for the type of blessing Almighty God gave to my spiritual fathers Bishop David Oyedepo, pastor E A Adeboye, Bishop David Abioye and bishop Thomas Aremun in Jesus name. Everything will begin to answer for me as it answer for them in Jesus name.
Love is acommand but relationship is achoice David Abioye
all the single preparing to get marriage pls, look for the massage that says preparing for marriage, by Bishop David Abioye, from winners chaple.
If you have been sacked from your job don't put yourself in the sack- Bishop David Abioye
Ever thankfull is ever Buoyant, Progressive, and ever Moving Forward.(Bishop David Abioye)
What you need might be in a man. Elisha hungered so much to meet Elijah because he wanted what Elijah's got! He eventually got twice as much. I am convinced that Benny Hinn would not have been the man of God he is today without Kathryn Kuhlman's influence. Reinhard Bonnke had to meet George Jeffreys just after reading George's life spinning book Healing Rays. Aimee Semple McPherson who made no pretences about her desire to meet her mentor Maria Woodworth Etter, got not just what she wanted but Etter's mantle as well. Bishop Oyedepo many do not know was personally prayed for and commissioned into ministry by Pastor Enoch Adeboye in 1982. Oyedepo himself is a mentor and father to David Abioye, Paul Enenche, David Iboyomie, Sam Adeyemi and a host of others. They are all kingdom shakers for Christ. A.A Allen had to be in an Oral Roberts' meeting to be re-ignited. His impact was legendary. Allen himself was the mentor of R.W Schambach! Schambach was a powerful evangelist all of his days. William Branham mentor ...
Passover night vigil in canaaland. Preacher: Bishop David Abioye..Topic:.Thanksgiving. Ever tthankful is ever willing. Appreciation of God is appreciatn of destiny. Why must we give thanks?it is the debt dt we owe God. Always thankg God is always paying the debt dt u owe him. It is bcs thanksgivg pleases God.[ps 69vs30-32]. Thanksgivg is a spiritual gate fee to God [ps100vs4) when d gate of God is open,the gate of men wl always open. Giving thanks to God is our zeal to prayer [phi4vs6]. It is d platform for multiplicatn. Thanksgiving is d preservative to my blessing. When u pray, God gives and in praise he keeps. What is thanksgiving? It is the acknowledgement of God the doer. It is the celebration of d act of God ps118vs 23. Those who appreciate God don't talk of need. Thinking well makes u to thank God well. When u are afraid of the present and d future, think of what he has done for u in d past. Thank God for what is remaining for the anticipation of what is lost. After thanksgivg, what is next is reco ...
"Don't ask what is this, if you don't want it to remain as it is." ~Bishop.David Abioye
"There are no fatal lost for Thanksgivers." ~Bishop. David Abioye
If you don't tank God for the past,you can't secure the future# passover night 2013 by Bishop David Abioye
Many are calling God for Today's trouble when They've not thanked Him for Yesterdays Deliverance. Bishop David Abioye
Happy new month to my mentors;Dr.Paul Enenche,Bishop David Oyedepo,David Abioye,Pa E.A.Adeboye and those that have contributed immensely to my life.Your anointing will never dry until God finishes what He have for your life's.
INFLUENCES and PRODUCTIVITY: GM! This morning I want to share with you how human influences can change your productivity forever! There is power in influence, my focus this morning is positive influences that I enjoy and still speaking today! In the spirit of my 40th birthday! Below are 3 areas of human influence that I enjoy: 1. Spiritual Influence: Man is basically a spirit, has a soul and lives inside a body suit. Your spirituality is the root to your TRUE Productivity! When you lose your spiritual edge, you lose your productivity "head". You need to find right influence that will catapult your spiritual strength to maximum productivity! In my life I can not forget the influences of Bish. David Abioye, Bish. David Oyedepo, Rev. Sam Adeyemi and Rev. Albert Oduwole! 2. Career Influence: Everyone came to this world to find a career to pursue! Nobody came to this world with any career. Therefore, finding influences that affect your career is very important to your productivity. Your career is your work or ...
# 24yrs IN THE LORD & STILL GOING On STRONG !!! DEAR FATHER GOD, ... Oct. 6th HEKAN CHURCH ( open field ) by Katsina Road in Kaduna State..Deeper Life Bible Church held a Crusade..there as a teenager..YOU reached down to me with YOUR ETERNAL LOVE and made me a BRAND NEW CREATION. Its exactly 24yrs today and it seem like yesterday..because everyday I get to know YOU in brand new ways. You have been FAITHFUL DEAR LORD. I thank you FATHER GOD for all the spiritual fathers and mentors you sent into my life: Pst W.F. Kumuyi (my spiritual father)..Arch Bishop Benson Idahosa..Pst E.A. Adeboye..Bishop David Oyedepo..Bishop David Abioye..Evang. Matthew Owojaiye..Bro. Kenneth E. Hagin..Bro. T.L Osborn..R.W. Shambach..Evang. Reinhard Bonkke..Pst Benny Hinn..Pst Creflo Dollar..E.W. Kenyon..Bro. Watchman Nee..Pst Chris Oyakhilome..Pst Andrew Osakwe..Rev. Tunde Bolanta..Rev. Matt Beemer..Rev. Tokunbo Adejuwon..Dr. Dave Beebe..Bro Segun Apata. These Generals..You sent into me life to shape me..I am eternally i ...
are natural sequence to obedience. David Abioye
Wise men trade the wisdom of others to become wiser- Bishop David Abioye
If you have lost anything, God is the reason why you have not lost everything. David Abioye
David Abioye shared the following link and had this to say about it: You can also watch your Midweek service live from Goshen via these link to Bishop David Abioye Website
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Quotes: Wise Men glo in pride with God at all times for they pray by the second as the go ,beign hopeful that with God ,their lives would be beautiful.David Abioye. The future of many people ,including most Christians are left blank because they are not expecting anything,They aim at nothing and hit at nothing...Bishop David Oyedepo
Ibitomi Funke wrote: David Abioye wrote: PROPHECY FOR THE WEEK: -This week is your week of manifestations -The kind of honour we carry shall follow you this week. -The God of this Commission will give you the testimony you desire as you go this week. -By reason of God's hand upon your life, no evil shall come upon your head or near your dwelling place again. IN JESUS MIGHTY NAME AMEN!!!
From today anything, anybody humiliating you is hereby humiliated in Jesus Name. Bishop David Abioye.
David Abioye wrote: TESTIMONY (SWIMMING IN GOD'S BLESSINGS) Precisely a year ago, i was out of job (no employment, no contract). I am a Civil Engineer. As a living witness to God's faithfulness and blessings, doors have been opening for me everyday since last year January. I have never lacked money or be in need. A Word came to me through the teaching of His servant Bishop Abioye that i may never again seek to b...
Thank you all for taking time out to congratulate me. By the Grace of God of E. A Adeboye, God of David Oyedepo and God of David Abioye, between now and same time next year it shall be for you congratulations in your life and nothing short of that In Jesus’ Name. You shall see the glory of God which will replace all your shame.
Pls join me as i appreciate GOD ALMIGHTY for His grace and power dat is bestowed upon His servants, the prophets of our age (TB JOSHUa, David Oyedepo,Adeboye,Papa Ayo,David Abioye, Kumuyi, Chris of His Embassy, Rev Can.E.A. Ebebeinwe, Johnson Sule, my friends) and all other servants of God too numerous 2mention. By ur devine gift through our Lord and saviour i apply 4d grace of Eternal life be assured 2them that dey may continue in faith doing ur will in Jesus name. Lord lead them into ur place of rest as many that are 2b led in Jesus name i pray. Just comment ur Amen as a sign of an agreement in appreciatn &supplicatn. U shall b blessed
Every problem on earth answers to the authority of faith. Smith Wigglesworth, Kenneth Hagin, Bishop David Oyedepo, K. C Price, Kenneth n Gloria Copland, Enoch Adeboye, Chris Oyakilome, David Abioye, Yongi Cho, Oral Robbert and thousands of other men of God have proven this very fact to be true. They have results (testimonies) to show. I am following their steps. I want those kind of results. That's wat I need "Double Portion" of those kind of result and am getting in this generation.
If you fail you are responsible, if you succeed you are still responsible =Bishop David Abioye
Some people suffer not for the crime they have commited,but for the company they keep..Bishop David Abioye.
mentorship bearing is the cheapest platform to contact inspiration blessed with Bishop David Oyedepo,Bishop David Abioye,pastor DK Olukoya.biographies are also great source of inspiration.the likes of isaac newton,Abraham Lincoln,Michael faraday,Mother Theresa,Albert einstein,George Dartzing,Leonard da Vinci,Alexander Flemming.hv impacted me grealy.. watchout!
Stop announcing what you are going through and start pronouncing where you are going to David Abioye
Blessed be the God of my fathers: Bishop David Oyedepo and Bishop David Abioye.
God goes forth when our praise goes up,until u raise a song,God ll nt rise up to ur needs David Abioye
Praise will make God loose control in ur favour,u can't move God if d praise don't move u.David Abioye
What U know is wot makes u Known; dnt struggle to be known,struggle to KNOW! - Bishop David Abioye
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When u don't have course to thank GOD for physical n material things, thank him for spiritual things.(Bishop: David Abioye)... Glory... Double portion n next levels.
David Abioye wrote: TESTIMONY GOD CONNECTED ME WITH MY COVENANT WIFE I have been believing God for a life partner, a virtuous lady after God's heart for a wife. During last year's prayer and fasting programme, there was a covenant Miracle Marriage Service during which the Bishop asked all eligible singles to dance forward to the altar area as if we were dancing on our wedding day. As a man, I also came out becau...
You don't know what God can do until you start believing. .believe that you are getting married soon .believe that you are rich not poor .believe that you are the head not the tail .believe everything you lay your hands must prosper .believe that miracle jobs will run after you .believe that you CAN NEVER be barren .believe that you can be free from sickness & disease .believe that there shall not be any closed door e.t.c by Bishop David Abioye and I believe it
On the Word & Speak the Word,because We Put GOD to Work When we speak the Word Consistently- Bishop David Abioye
David Abioye wrote: For all eligible singles, it is never too late. For those of you who believe, this year will not pass you by concerning your marital settlement, this testimony shall be replicated, duplicated and multiplied in the lives of those who are believing God for marital speed this year IJN. TESTIMONY Good day Bishop, I have returned like that one leper, Sir I sent you an email on 2nd July 2012 for pr...
AS we celebrate love, i see the people of God having an encounter with Gods love that has no limit and boundaries... happy vals celebration to all of the winners families world wide. much love to our fathers in faith, Bishop David Oyedepo, Bishop David Abioye, Pastor Abraham Ojeme, Pastor Wisdom Irabor,Pastor David Obobah i love you sirs.
God of Abraham,issac and Jacob,the same God is at work in the lives of David Oyedepo and David Abioye and in my life there is a transfer of spirit.
Where you seat determines how you grow. You can not fear and have faith. What you see today was your decision yesterday. By Bishop David Abioye
Bishop. David Abioye. God is not a positional God but a functional God, He is also a definable God not a describable God. He is also a Responsive God. Your understanding of what God can do for you is a major backbone for your answers to prayer.
I know some SURE GUYs!! PAPA bishop oyedepo his my GUYs,paPa Enoch Adeboye his MY GUYs, kenneth couplane is MY Guys,Haggins IS MY GUYs,David Abioye his My GuYs,I replicate D spirit of GOD in all dis MY SURE guys. ** winks** U dey vex say I know Dem go kiss boko haram bomb.
David Abioye wrote: PROPHESY TIP Joseph slept in the prison as a prisoner and over night, he woke up to become a Prime minister, My God will break protocols for your sake this week.Amen
Celebrating the joy and blessing of your marital this past 25 year of bishop&pastor (mrs) David Abioye
People that inspire me everyday David Abioye,Joel Osteen,John Hegee,Paula White,Joyce Mayer,Jesus daily,etc thank YOU so much may the Grace of God continue to abide in YOU all
How well you are made will determine how well you will be paid. By Bishop David Abioye
Until u do what u can do,God wil nt do wat u cant do-Bishop David Abioye
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U dnt knw wat u can do until u begin 2 do what u can do-Bishop David Abioye
"You don't get any blessings by chance. You make a choice to get what belongs to you"- Bishop David Abioye.
"As potent as prophecies are,they cannot fulfil themselves"- Bishop David Abioye.
"It takes a PRESS to see prophecies fulfilled"-Bishop David Abioye.
Every problem in the world has an answer in the "WORD".Bishop.David Abioye.
No matter how great you are ,a time comes when you become hopeless.Bishop David Abioye
LIVE with Bishop David Oyedepo and David Abioye. 24 days to shiloh.
This week my God will remenber me for my good works.if u believe it shout Amen n my God the God of fathers Bishop David Oyedepo,David Abioye,pastor Isreal Olajumoke will surely REMENBER U.
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