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Dave Winfield

David Mark Winfield (born October 3, 1951) is an American former Major League Baseball outfielder.

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Congrats to Ichiro on . He joins former Tribe players Tris Speaker, Nap Lajoie, Eddie Murray and Dave Winfield in…
Also 15 years ago today Kirby Puckett, Dave Winfield, Bill Mazeroski, Hilton Smith were enshrined in the Baseball Hall of Fame
Hall of Famers Paul Molitor and Dave Winfield to be honored before St. Paul Saints game August 11 at CHS Field.
Solid lineup at this baseball clinic, including Dave Winfield, Bobby Bonilla, Javier Vazquez and Heath Bell.
Best 4 players in Padres team history (must be on team more than 2 years). Trevor Hoffman. Tony Gwynn. Dave Winfield. Adrian Gonzalez
Dave Winfield had to beg his college coach to hit. Finally let him hit as a senior in college. Hall of famer as a hitter.
Dave Winfield, Russell Penn, Luke Summerfield and Michael Ingham offered new contracts at…
George Steinbrenner was also banned in 1990 for trying to dig up dirt on Dave Winfield but was reinstated in 1993.
My man, was on the scene as Dave Winfield and Trevor Hoffman were named All-Star Game spokespeople
greats Trevor Hoffman and Dave Winfield named 2016 representatives.
Trevor Hoffman, Dave Winfield named spokespeople for 2016 All-Star Game in San Diego.
Trevor Hoffman and Dave Winfield have been named as the 2016 All-Star Game spokespeople.
legends Dave Winfield and Trevor Hoffman are the spokespersons for the 2016 MLB All-Star…
Thrilling to be in the presences of these baseball legends Trevor Hoffman and Dave Winfield!
have announced their ambassadors; 2 men with retired numbers: Dave Winfield (and Trevor Hoffman (
legends Trevor Hoffman and Dave Winfield will be official All-Star spokespeople.
legends Trevor Hoffman & Dave Winfield have been selected as official spokespeople of the 2016 pres. by
+++ so thank u, Don Mattingly, Dave Winfield, Dwight Gooden, and Rickey Henderson for allowing me to see the beauty in this game.
Dave Winfield had that Adonis build that he could play 3 sports. The pre-Bo.
Ken Burns' PBS doc suggested Jackie Robinson might be best athlete ever. He's close, but there are others. Dave Winfield comes to mind.
Football was Dave Winfield's weakest sport too, and he was drafted by NFL. Greatness is just obvious.
Sounds like a plan to me.Dave Winfield was a Padre too :)
It was a dove, so somewhere in the middle. Dave Winfield's seagull all the way in the upper-right quadrant.
Dave Winfield arriving to see Kobe Bryant's final game at Staples Center in Los Angeles
A wild Dave Winfield suddenly appears on my timeline
I mean, if Dave Winfield and Josh Harnett are already in, you have to imagine Swardson is in on the next ballot.
hated them earlier but dam they kinda nice. AlI I can think about is Dave Winfield.
First full season of Golden Gopher legend Dave Winfield.
Guess who is in Hall of famers Joe Torre and Dave Winfield, former New York Yankees captain Derek Jeter and more. …
Not about the careers or Dave Winfield or Randy Jones or Trevor Hoffman. No, I'm going to think about going to a casino.
Players who got a HBP off Rightnowar:. Dave Winfield. Jim Thome. Gary Disarcina. Albert Belle. Bernie Williams
what do HOF players Piazza Joe Morgan Frank Thomas and Dave Winfield have in common?
Dave Winfield also gets manager's vote as double Press Player of the Month winner...
Mike Piazza could be the fourth Hall of Famer who primarily wore # 31. The others are Fergie Jenkins, Dave Winfield and Greg Maddux.
Dave Winfield was born the day Bobby Thomson hit the "Shot Heard Round the World" - Oct 3, 1951
The 1992 Blue Jays signed Dave Winfield and traded for David Cone when Dave Stieb and David Wells were ineffective.
since you call me a racist, yet two of my heroes growing up were Lou Brock and Dave Winfield. Reply
Nori Aoki has the same career OBP as Jason Heyward. (And Bobby Bonds, Jose Canseco, and Dave Winfield.)
On this day in 1979, Dave Winfield (became the first player to ever win a Gold Glove Award.
There were some extremely amusing anecdotes, like the Dave Winfield/seagull incident and the Johnny Mac Father's Day HR (which made me cry)
Why is it *** Perry and not Dave Winfield towering over the rest? But look at young Ozzie Smith rocking the 'fro.
HOFers Ozzie Smith and Dave Winfield. I didn't know about the Zoo pic. Cool cross promotion.
The uniform won by Dave Winfield, Ozzie Smith, Rollie Fingers *** Perry, Steve Garvey, etc when they were Padres
Dave Winfield, & emcee Joe Piscopo had a great time at the Rawlings Gold Glove Award Ceremony at The...
Turns out my 6'6" rule would mean extra strikes for Dave Winfield, Darryl Strawberry, and Richie Sexson so it might need some refining.
Stacey and Bo Porter foundation to honor Dave Winfield on Nov. 19 .
When I was 8yrs old...Dave Winfield hit a ground rule double right into my glove, in the cheap seats, at Royals Stadium.
Dave Winfield's double down the line in 1992.
This Thursday, we'll give Dave Winfield all the noise he can handle.
we had Dave Winfield as the only positive lmao
Dave Winfield had the game-winning double in 11th inning vs Braves!!
When you're a fan of a certain age & watching a game you see think is Dave Winfield, is Dave Righetti & is Fred Stanley
McCann needs to watch the "f" word in dugout. I miss Dave Winfield. A true gentleman player. Love u on Centerstage.
did McCann ever watch Dave Winfield? Never saw an "f" from him
Greg Bird is living proof that the Yankees have not retired Dave Winfield's number.
- time to summon a little Dave Winfield for the Rogers Centre!! Being the noise and will bring the rain! :)
throwback to the great Dave Winfield kicking off tonight for World Series
Exciting! Never thought I'd see another post season game. Was lucky to be at 1st series against Braves in 92! Oh, Dave Winfield.
Throw back to the great Dave Winfield with our CEO Christopher Guerrera kicking off the NY YANKEES journey...
Vols are the football equivalent of Dave Winfield.
Dave Winfield, ye worthless, sorry hornswaggler, you're meddlin' has sunk the good ship vdc-trunk_general-parent
Because when Dave Winfield told me to "GET LOUD" I had Laryngitis! So I still owe him one!
fans may recall a bird being killed, not above the field but on it, in See
York pair Vadaine Oliver and Dave Winfield will both return to contention for the Johnstone's Paint Trophy tie against Doncaste...
Doncaster: York welcome Vadaine Oliver and Dave Winfield back into squad
why didn't you mention Dave Winfield on your multiple sport players of being drafted? He was drafted to play NBA, NFL and MLB
Bunch of *** I saw Dave Winfield kill a seagull with a baseball.
I'm older so I thought of Dave Winfield
Drafted by four pro leagues, skipped the minors, became a to http:/…
Lmfao look at Dave Winfield's lining in that pic, good gotdamn
Dave Winfield and Paul Molitor both recorded there 3,000th hit on this day with
OTD in Twins history, I had a great seat in 1993 and 1996 for Dave Winfield's and Paul Molitor's 3000th hit,and I was born in St. Paul too!.
On this date in 1993, Dave Winfield collected his 3,000th MLB hit. Also on this date in 1996, Paul Molitor collect…
Fun trivia: St. Paul natives Dave Winfield and Paul Molitor both recorded their 3,000 hit today. (Dave in 93, Paul in 96)
A day like today September 16, both Paul Molitor and Dave Winfield hit their MLB Hits!.
On this day in 1993 & 1996, Dave Winfield & Paul Molitor collect their 3,000th career hits.
Memorable day in history as both Paul Molitor (1996) and Dave Winfield (1993) join the 3,000 hit club on 9/16
We cut school to sneak into the Blue Jays World Series... I begged Dave Winfield to marry me( he…
Like Alex Rodriguez, Dave Winfield missed a year and came back strong
they're on roll, like 92~93 teams with Devon white, Joe Carter,alomar, dave Winfield.
I want noise in The Nest like Dave Winfield wanted in '93! "C'mon Toronto make some noise!"
... Dave Winfield wasn't the last MLBer to never play MiLB. John Olerud was unless you count a minor league rehab assignment.
saw Dave Winfield do that to Al Bumbry once when I was a kid. Nothing wrong with a little hustle.
When I think of what an athlete is, it's Dave Winfield.
1 of us had Bryant in RF. (conventional thinking was a possible LF move) Your Dave Winfield 2.0 might not have a gig, soon.
Something very Dave Winfield about Longoria's swing last night on his HR. Kinda loopy and jerky and it worked
Agreed! I'd also love it if Dave Winfield cuts a "Winfield Wants Noise" promo. Crowd would go nuts!
Have the Blue Jays signed Dave Winfield, Paul Molitor and Ricky Henderson yet?
Getting Dave Stewart, Paul Molitar and Dave Winfield and Rick Henderson in 1992-1993 was big news: These three days are bigger.
There was a time when the Jays signed/acquired Paul Molitor, Dave Winfield, Rickey Henderson, David Cone, Dave Stewart and Jack Morris.
Sitting by *** Perry, Dave Winfield, and Lou Brock right now. Three Hall of Famers
The stadium is right by Lake Ontario 30 years since Dave Winfield a Yankee at the time killed a seagull with a baseball at game
.guys that missed a year and came back well ARod, Dave Winfield. How about TED WILLIAMS? You know didn't play because of WAR.
Dave Winfield, John Olerud, et al. never played in MiLB; Paco Rodriguez & Brandon Finnegan were in MLB same year as draft.
Which of today's athletes would you compare to Dave Winfield, Dave Righetti, Wayne Gretzky, Jimmy Snuka and Don Muraco?
Aaron Boone just nailed his Dave Winfield & Rod Carew impersonations. Excellent work.
So Tim Kurkjian just said "he's got the butt action". I don't want to hear about Aaron Boone or Dave Winfield's butts Tim.
Only one I ever saw was a Dave Winfield hr at the k. He hit 2 that day and so did George with Brett gw dong in bottom 8th
My Tony Gwynn, Randy Jones, Jerry Coleman, Ray Kroc but if it has to be players then add Nate Colbert, Dave Winfield
I understand that.don't like the Yankees either...not since the Dave Winfield...Ricky Henderson yrs. wow I'm old. Lol
.and by Dave Winfield housing frozen yogurt like a champ
Baseball time machine (1970's) -Its another day in the baseball time machine. It travels thru the decades and decades of baseball history. Currently is traveling thru the decade of the 1970's and the year of 1979. It reports the top 4 National League hitters in slugging % 1. Dave Kingman - Chicago - .613 (photo with Lou Boudeau) 2. Mike Schmidt -Philadelphia - .564 3. George Foster -Cincinnati - .561 4. Dave Winfield - San Diego -.558
Dave Winfield and US Ambassador to Japan participate in pregame ceremony.
No resolution to Sgt Bancroft? "The sun was up as they slipped through a back door and into their bunks."
Dave Winfield probably couldn't wait to don Yankee pinstripes over these duds.
legend is alive and well in Japan via
Winfield's legend is alive and well in Japan:
Winfield's legend is alive and well in Japan: He used this seven-game showcase as an opportunity to get to kno...
Winfield's legend is alive and well in
Got my picture with Hall of Fame player, Dave Winfield, before tonight's final game of the
| | Winfield's legend is alive and well in Japan: At 6-foot-6 and still strongly built at…
Winfield's legend is alive and well in Japan
Wire: Winfield's legend is alive and well in Japan
FYI Sports fact Did you know : Dave Winfield ,Dave Logan, Mickey McCarty were the only three athletes…
Baseball hall of famer, Dave Winfield was arrested in 1983 for killing a seagull during a game.
I grew up with the Rickey Henderson, Dave Winfield, Willie Randolph, Don Mattingly
PAPI passed Dave Winfield(465)on the all time HR list w/his 35th of the season, 466th career. Next on the list, Chipper Jones w/468.
“Can you Tune in to at 6 p.m. on YES to see if you're right! Winfield
Sure, on a good kosher sweet sausage (not an oxymoron). Not on Dave Winfield, circa '76.
Have you ran a speed test hardwired? What were the results? ^DMC
I had the honor of selling snacks to Hall of Fame outfielder Dave Winfield @ my job.
Gorilla Monsoon hanging out with Dave Righetti and Dave Winfield. This isn’t going to get better, so I’m going back to Netflix.
.DH David Ortiz is 2 HR from tying former OF Dave Winfield for 33rd all time (465)
Data science is the better term for big data - Dave Gephardt, WinField.
Why is my download speed being restricted?
You and Casey share a birthday? Neat. I share mine with Dave Winfield, which is also pretty cool.
looking at Mayberry in the batters box, reminds me of Dave Winfield. Here's hoping he has the same career.
Lou Pinella and Dave Winfield, my uncle is the best man😜
Did you know that the Dave Winfield Seagull incident also made Time magazine in 1983
hey josh my blue jay days were the greatest memories especially the Dave Winfield seagull incident
Tony Gwynn leads the Padres. He has more then double the WAR then numer 2 on the list (Dave Winfield).
Wow! I just won this for free, 6 card lot Yanks Lot on Mattingly Dave Winfield and more
“HS Advisor..2 days w/o pay for "insubordination." too bad SB couldn't set better exmpl
Latest in HS paper refusing to print "Redskins." Advisor gets 2 days w/o pay for "insubordination."
When Dave Winfield, Cal Ripken and Michael Jordan come out to honor you, you have reached the pinnacle of your...
1993: Dave Winfield of the Twins became the 19th player in ML history to get 3,000 hits with a single off Oakland's Dennis Eckersley.
Little Giant Ladders
On this day in '96 & '93, St. Paul, MN natives Paul Molitor & Dave Winfield collect their 3,000th hits, as Twins!
I got to meet Dave Winfield today! The man is a giant no wonder he hit line drives for home runs
A few of our biggest fans at the Dave Winfield signing!
New post: A look at Dave Winfield's sunset cards on the 21st anniversary of his 3,000th hit.
0wned by DodePersie ~ Baseball hall of famer Dave Winfield was once traded for dinner.
On this day in Baseball History September 16, 1996: Three years to the day when Dave Winfield hit his 3000th hit,...
On this day in 1993 - Minnesota Twins Dave Winfield, is 19th to get 3,000 hits.
Today in 1993, Dave Winfield collects his 3,000th hit and 3 years later, Paul Molitor does the same
in 1981, the Yankees signed Dave Winfield for 10 years, $20mm
Clayton Kershaw, bored with his usual warm-up routine, just went back in time and struck out 1979 Dave Winfield twelve times.
Awww Dave Winfield. Makes me miss my dad.
Our own Matt Nadel of analyzes the athletic prowess of Hall of Famer Dave Winfield.
I've argued with someone that thought Mookie Wilson was a better Hall of Fame candidate than Dave Winfield.
Derek Jeter receives praise from Hall of Famers Dave Winfield and Cal Ripken Jr. -
Dave Winfield, Cal Ripken Jr. say Derek Jeter is nothing short of great: In the summer of 2020, Dave Winfield and Cal Ripken Jr. figu...
Michael Jordan, Cal Ripken Jr. and Dave Winfield talked about Jeter's career.
By mlb via repostwhiz app:. Cal Ripken Jr., Dave Winfield and Michael Jordan look on as The Captain…
Dave Winfield is in the house today. How cool is it to knowing that your idol is watching and applauding a day dedicated to you
it was probably cool to see the ceremony there. Was big Dave Winfield there?!
Dave Winfield lived around the corner from my dad in Teaneck. Can you imagine how cool that is?
Any word on this outage in Tredyffrin? Nobody to talk to.
Cal with Dave Winfield and Michael Jordan before Jeter Day ceremonies at Yankee Stadium today.
Cal, Dave Winfield & Michael Jordan meet with the press on Derek Jeter Day at Yankee Stadium.
Its still a DISGRACE to me that Dave Winfield's Yankee uniform number is not retired all because THE BOSS didn't like him SMH
Pulling out all the stops for Derek today. . . Cal Ripken, Dave Winfield, Michael Jordan … IN THE HOUSE.
God you know you're special when Cal Ripken Jr, Dave Winfield, and Michael Jordan ASK to be a part of your ceremony.
Jose Bautista doing his best Dave Winfield in the 1992 World Series
: BGates says 6 tools look really promising:
"Hi, my name is Matty Fridays, and my favorite player is Dave Winfield" . "Sir, you need to get off the set."
I wrote an article on my experience w/ youth baseball website when I attended Opening ceremonies. Check it out
Come meet legend Dave Winfield on September 16th right here at the Steiner Store! . Call…
I remember when Dave Winfield hit that walk-off homer to win the CWS for Creighton...
KJ with Hall of Famer Dave Winfield at the Golden Glove Awards
Seth Smith: could join Dave Winfield only to lead team in 2B, 3B, HR in same season.
WinField is going to continue to develop tools to add value to products its retail network already sells - Dave Gebhardt
Dave Gebhardt, WinField director of data and technology, polled audience on challenges with precision ag. Biggest one was value capture.
Two subs for at half-time. Ingham for Mooney in goal and Dave Winfield for John McCombe. lead 2-1
I added a video to a playlist 2014 LLWS - Dave Winfield throws out the first pitch opening the LLWS
There are a few defensive numbers I struggle with. I have a hard time believing Dave Winfield was 91 runs below avg, for ex.
To the people out there, baseball is a simple sport. But it is complex. It is never easy. -Dave Winfield
You know Dave Winfield was once traded for dinner I wonder if we could get that for Pedro lol Ouch I'm bad I know
Dave Winfield signing autographs on 9/16/2014 . For details & 100s more listings click on via
On this date in 1988, Dave Winfield rifled a 478 foot shot over the monuments in left centerfield in old Stadium
“Amazing Jupiter and Venus this morning, from Stefano De Rosa in Italy ...
I'm giving away: Nice Dave Winfield LOT 8 cards. Check it out -
unlimited calling, voip, phone service
Wow! I just won this for free, 1986 Quaker Dave Winfield Yankees
am an loyal player pls unlike Dave Winfield
Life size Dave Winfield bobblehead @ TCF Bank with for Cards-Vikes preseason
I heard that Dave Winfield would have been there as well if it wasn't for. know...
"Personal Autograph from baseball legend . dave winfield
Personal Autograph from baseball legend . dave winfield
Dave Winfield is the only player to be drafted by 4 professional leagues across 3 sports.
Dave Winfield is spreading some actual knowledge on LLWS! Playing multiple sports is a great thing! I just hope kids get b…
Who on the present Yankee team has the fire of Billy Martin or Dr. Bobby Cox, Hank Bauer, Moose S, Dave Winfield, Dave Cash?
Dave Winfield played all sports spectacularly, including basketball with the
Dave Winfield said Frank Thomas was a "scary" hitter, just like him.
My brother just met Dave Winfield and Frank Thomas. His response: "My life is complete."
Key is St. Paul. Big baseball city. Mauer, Molitor, and Dave Winfield. Cretin's the Mater Dei (So. Cal) of the area.
I'll give credit to Jeter. No one in the history of the game, has come in as an average shortstop, solidified themselves as slightly above average and then descended to mediocrity and to being below average as quickly as he has and yet have had 3,000 hits. Yay, to having amazing like-ability, in the world's biggest market and on the world's most internationally recognizable sports brand. If New York loves you, you can stay as long as you'd like, even 5 or 6 years too long, to achieve numbers only true Hall of Famers earn in far lesser desirable circumstances, i.e. Rod Carew, Paul Molitor, Robin Yount, Dave Winfield, George Brett, Craig Biggio... All better players on very small market teams that would have been cut long before achieving such success due to popularity and marketing. TRUTH HURTS.
Jack Morris, Paul Molitor and Dave Winfield. Sorry Minnesota, this is a Blue Jays 92-93 World Series
“Iconic Jack Morris, Paul Molitor, Dave Winfield and Joe Mauer threw out ceremonial first pitches before
Dave Winfield, Paul Molitor, Jack Morris and Joe Mauer combining to throw out first pitches before HR Derby. The Twin Citi…
Announcers earlier: "Dave Winfield, Paul Molitor, Joe Mauer...not all Twins, but all from Minnesota." Well, they were all Twins.
If Taxes and Canada were the issue how come Paul Molitor signed here, Dave Winfield, Dave Stewart, Roger Clemens
Dave Winfield, Jim Thorpe, Kenny Lofton, Deion Sanders maybe would have a shot
Dave Winfield famously played all 13 innings in 1987 to George Steinbrenner's loud dissatisfaction.
what? So sad, him, Gary Carter & Dave Winfield were my baseball heroes growing up & now only Winfield left
New signing Dave Winfield up for challenge of breaking York City's solid centre-back pairing
"Dave Winfield's friends are here." - Jack Morris, on the seagulls in Rogers Centre
To all the Yankee fans who screamed "Sell Out!" at Robinson Cano last night, what a joke. You're whole franchise started with the biggest sell out of all time, Babe Ruth! That's right, I said it. And in case you hipocrates all forgot, let me remind you. Reggie Jackson, Dave Winfield, Ricky Henderson, Jim "Catfish" Hunter, Phil Niekro, *** Perry, Randy Johnson, Jason Giambi, Don Baylor, Wade Boggs, Jose Canseco, Rick Cerone, ROGER FRIGGIN CLEMENS, Bartolo Colon, David Cone, Johnny Damon, Jacoby Ellsbury, Derek Lowe, Jim Leyritz, John Olerud, Lee Smith, Luis Tiant and David Wells just to name a few. I'm sure I forgot some and interestingly, those last 15 players were just the ones from the Red Sox. So the next time you want to scream "Sell Out!", you might want to look in the mirror as Mark Texeira tosses the ball back to C.C. Sabathia. P.S. ARod!
Today in Baseball History -- April 30 -- from Mary Landers ... 1887 -- In the first game played at the Baker Bowl, the Phillies beat the Giants, 19-10. Philadelphia's newest ballpark is located at the corner of Broad and Huntingdon Street Park. 1887 -- In front of nearly 10,000 at Recreation Park, the Alleghenies (later to be known as the Pirates) defeat the defending league-champion Chicago White Stockings, 6-2. 1903 -- The Highlanders (to be renamed the Yankees) beat Washington, 6-2, in the first game ever played at Hilltop Park. The fourth-place club will compile a remarkable 41-26 record at home in their inaugural season in New York. 1922 -- Charlie Robertson, in only his fourth career start, becomes the third modern pitcher to throw a perfect no-hit, no-run game as he beats the Tigers at Navin Field, 2-0. The White Sox hurler, thanks to Johnny Mostil's two outstanding catches in the outfield, is also the fourth rookie to throw a no-hitter. 1939 -- At Yankee Stadium, Lou Gehrig's streak and career com ...
so, have you really been paying attention? The most famous ownership exile involved George Steinbrenner, the longtime principal owner of the Yankees. In 1990, he made a bizarre choice, agreeing to have baseball’s commissioner, Fay Vincent, bar him for life as an alternative to a two-year suspension. Steinbrenner was being disciplined by Vincent for paying $40,000 to a gambler, Howard Spira, to provide information to discredit Dave Winfield, then a Yankees star. Steinbrenner believed that a suspension would make it more difficult for him to hold onto his role as a vice president of the United States Olympic Committee because he had already been suspended once before by baseball, in 1974, for illegal contributions to Richard M. Nixon’s re-election campaign. Somehow, an agreement to accept a lifetime ban sounded better to him and, he hoped, to the U.S.O.C. In any case, Steinbrenner was not forced to sell the Yankees under the terms of the ban and several years later, Vincent did agree to lift it and allo ...
On This Date: Ex-hoopster Dave Winfield of tied MLB mark for RBI in April.
N.B.A. BARS CLIPPERS OWNER Donald Sterling FOR LIFE- The National Basketball Association on Tuesday handed a lifetime ban to the longtime Los Angeles Clippers owner Donald Sterling, an extraordinary step in professional sports and one intended to rid the league of Mr. Sterling after he was recorded making racist comments. Commissioner Adam Silver said the N.B.A. would try to force Mr. Sterling to sell the Clippers, fully expecting to get the necessary three-quarters approval from other team owners. It would be a rare, if not unprecedented, move for a North American professional sports league — made even more unusual by the fact that the N.B.A. is punishing Mr. Sterling for comments he made in a private conversation. Mr. Sterling was also fined $2.5 million, the largest that league bylaws would allow, but a small percentage of his estimated $1.9 billion fortune. It is unclear how Mr. Sterling, who is believed to be 80, will respond. He has made no public comments in his defense since the episode began. ...
Kobe Bryant rapes some girl, calls a ref a *** signed a 30 mil a yr contract. Folks *** hot, what happens. Rape and drugs are illegal and nothing happens. Donald Sterling didn't comment a crime. Look at Stienbriner giving illegally to an election campaign and hiring a private detective to dig up dirt on Dave Winfield. I don't agree w Donald Sterling comments but there was no crime.
Ex-Twin Dave Winfield collects 3,000th hit at the Dome. -
Hall of Famer & former Indian Dave Winfield visits with the Tribe pre-game in Anaheim
"I had no idea George Steinbrenner was given a ban before." For consorting with a gambler to dig up dirt on Dave Winfield.
Steinbrenner conspired with a gambler "in an effort to defame Dave Winfield"? New York you are so weird and perfect
The Yankees invented getting people to take the $$$ & sell out. Dave Winfield anyone?
only player of his stature that i can remember to get this kind of treatment was Dave Winfield and imo Winfield was better
Notable punishments handed down to major professional sports owners: • November 1974: George Steinbrenner, Yankees (MLB). Indicted on 14 criminal counts for making illegal contributions to Richard Nixon's presidential campaign in 1972. Pleaded guilty to two -- making illegal campaign contributions and obstruction -- and was fined $20,000. Commissioner Bowie Kuhn suspended him from baseball for two years, but the punishment was later reduced by nine months, allowing Steinbrenner back for the 1976 season. • January 1977: Ted Turner, Braves (MLB). Fined and suspended for one year (Turner appealed the suspension) for tampering with pending free agent Gary Matthews. • July 1990: Steinbrenner. Outfielder Dave Winfield sued Steinbrenner for failing to pay the Winfield Foundation the $300,000 guaranteed in his contract. Steinbrenner then paid notorious gambler Howie Spira $40,000 for information on Winfield. On July 30, 1990, Commissioner Fay Vincent banned Steinbrenner from running the Yankees for life. Tw ...
Okay- I am in no way supporting what the man said. Frankly I could care less about basketball in general... My question to the fb world is how does an owner of an organization get banned over SAYING something racist? I was all for George Steinbrenner getting banned for paying howie spira (for trying to dig up garbage on Dave Winfield) back in the day but all this guy did was TALK... If the world can come down on this guy for his bigoted remarks, they can come after you for one day liking the wrong color crayon. And the march to *** continues...
George tried to dig up dirt on Dave Winfield. He never made comments like this nut
.George Steinbrenner was originally banned for life for spying on Dave Winfield, but was reinstated a couple of years later
consorted with gamblers to get dirt on. Dave Winfield.
hired a PI to undercut Dave Winfield?
Owners never learn man, from Steinbrenner trying to hire a guy to dig up dirt in Dave Winfield, to Marge Schott and her hitler love affair
He was banned for hiring a shady PI to dig up dirt on Dave Winfield. Contributions were WAY before.
Y'all remember when George Steinbrenner paid a dude 40,000 to dig up dirt on Dave Winfield
Dave Winfield stated that in the 15-20 years he has known Donald Sterling he never got the impression he was racist. Said he was shocked.
I think it'll be more. Steinbrenner got a 3 year suspension for what he did with the mafia & Dave Winfield. This will be longer
Match report for Sunday's game courtesy of everyone's favourite wannabe tabloid journo, Steve Graham. Eastonians away (27/4/2014) 40 over match lost the toss (as usual) sent into the field We started in the traditional fashion by borrowing two players from the opposition to add to the eight from Myddleton. Omar and Kieron, both had played a bit so we were quite fortunate. Weather was not to bad, warm in the sun and a little cooler when the cloud came over. Outfield was lush and slow and the wicket was a little two paced with a variable bounce. Our new skipper had obviously been studying the recent world cup statistics when he opened with John Nelson who bowled extremely well in a first game 8 over spell of 8 – 3 – 16 – 0, Omar at the other end bowled pretty well as well for his 8 over finishing with a 5 wicket haul for about 20 runs, reasonable bowler but probably about all, wrong again, he also took a couple of catches, one of them with one hand that was travelling at pace, probably can’t bat the ...
April 28,2014 College Baseball : Sunday's USC Comeback Victory Recalls the Miracle Against Minnesota in 1973 Reposted and edited an article from March 05, 1986|Bob Cuomo USC has staged many exciting comeback victories, particularly during the 1970s when the Trojans won 6 of their 11 national championships. The most dramatic one, given the circumstances and the setting, occurred in the semifinals of the 1973 College World Series. The Trojans went to bat in the bottom of ninth inning trailing Minnesota, 7-0. The Gophers' pitcher, a hard-throwing right-hander named Dave Winfield, had allowed only an infield single in the sixth inning while striking out 15. Needless to say, the situation looked hopeless. But the Trojans used eight singles, a passed ball, a sacrifice fly and a stolen base to score eight runs, the decisive one coming with two out. Winfield, incidentally, didn't get the loss. He was removed with one out after yielding four hits and the first three runs. USC went on to defeat Arizona State, 4-3, ...
George Steinbrenner got suspended for the Dave Winfield scandal and he wasn't forced to sell his team.
Winfield also said he'd love to see Corey Tate (Mineral Area College) or Kelly Thames (Pattonville HS) get a look to join Anderson's staff
Former Mizzou player Julian Winfield tells me Reggie Smith started text stream after Anderson news broke, with at least 9 former MU players
Lol so Dave Winfield retired from MLB to become the president of the NAACP ayy?
April 28, 2014 JUST ANOTHER DAY AT THE BALL YARD In the history of college baseball there is no greater tradition than that of USC. The records speak for themselves. But what I witnessed last Saturday will go down in Trojan lore as one of the most memorable. USC, UCLA, every contest between these two rivals is an event. So it wasn’t surprising that after losing the first two games of the 3 game series, UCLA jumps to a 4 run lead. Heck, you’re the defending national champions. You can’t be swept at your home field by a Trojan team you’ve handled convincingly the past ten years. It’s the ninth inning, three more outs and, as they say in sports, you go home a winner. The coach can breathe a sigh of relief and half the stadium crowd is happy again. Well my friends something happened during those last 3 outs that will live in my mind for a very long time. I’ve been a Trojan fan ever since the Jon Arnett days and I’ve experienced exciting moments, but this will go down in my memory invento ...
Dave Winfield was drafted by the (NBA), & the NFL's Pick baseball, kids. Longer career. http:/…
for those old enough to remember Dave Winfield , Cano will be remembered the same way, Really good player that never did enough
Dave Winfield and Joe Mauer to host All-Star children's fundraiser golf tournament July 16 at Windsong Farm in Independence.
nah man, it's Dave Winfield's number
or when Steinbrenner was banned for checking up on Dave Winfield
Hanging with Magic and Dave Winfield at Cedric the Entertainers bday!
MLB also suspended Steinbrenner for illegal contribs to Nixon and banned him for hiring a PI to discredit Dave Winfield.
He hired an informant to try to dig up dirt on Dave Winfield. Hang on.
Dave Winfield is a disgrace to wear the shirt terminate his contract immediately
The sight of a grown man in full STFC kit clapping Dave Winfield for his efforts this season has done me! I'm off!
Everth Cabrera has 30 hits in April with 5 games/days to go. Club record is 37 by Ken Caminiti in '96 and Dave Winfield in '79.
Dave Winfield giving away the most stupid penalty I've ever seen. A sliding tackle with his head!
Dave Winfield is a total moron. Awful defending and then a diving header foul to give pen away. Another who can go please
and the day Dave Winfield was born.
I thought Dave Winfield, Dave Parker and Paul Molitor were amazing. Ibanez is joining that group.
Best Blue Ever??? You gotta go Carter for just the one play. He single handedly won the championship. (And made the final out on the other championship. Stein, Jimmy Key, Tom Henke, Roger Clemons are all honourable mentions, but Doc was by far the best pitcher. George Bell. Barfield, Fielder, McGriff were all amazing sluggers, but nobody can touch Carlos Delgado. Not even close. Fernandez and Alomar are neck and neck for best fielder. But overall I'll give it to Robbie as he was better at the plate. Borders for catcher and Gruber for 3rd. Dave Winfield was out best DH ever. And Paul Molitor may be the best free agent signing ever.
The best players I've Ever played with was Rickey Henderson,Barry Bonds,Barry Larkin,Don Mattingly and Dave Winfield. I 4got sum1
I told u wrong. Dave Winfield was one and chuck conners was the other. But he didn't do 3 sports it was 2.
Watching the '81 World Series like it's new. Reggie Jackson, Dave Winfield, Ron Cey, Steve Garvey, Dusty Baker, Rick Monday, Tommy John, Craig Nettles, Willie what a series.
Toronto Blue Jays 4 at Atlanta Braves 3, F/11 -- Dave Winfield picked the perfect moment for his first extra-base hit in twelve career World Series games. Wi...
Astros players are meeting this morning with MLBPA head Tony Clark and several of his reps, including Dave Winfield, Bobby Bonilla...
I have a bunch of cards from 90s and 2000s in team lots if anyone is interested in trading. I PC Peyton Manning, Tom Brady, Vincent Jackson, Eddie George, Herschel Walker, Earl Campbell, Billy Sims, Chipper Jones, Greg Maddux, Dave Winfield, Moses Malone, Dominique Wilkins, and 76ers from 80 to 83. Also collect Buccaneers base/inserts etc. Heisman winner autos and Buckeyes alumni rookie cards. Interested in base/inserts, whatever.
more rings than bonds, Ted Williams, mark mcgwire, Dave Winfield, and thousands others
Athletes Blog Sport Specialization Why limit an athlete to a single athletic path? When people discuss the great athletes of the past century, the names that usually come to mind are not the players that are known for a single sport, but those who excelled in multiple sports. Athletes such as Bo Jackson, Deion Sanders, John Elway, Dave Winfield, Tony Gwynn, Marion Jones and Lebron James, all starred in multiple sports before hitting the professional ranks. When an athlete participates in different sports, certain skills carry over. The girl who plays basketball in the winter will likely have greater hand eye coordination for spring softball. The boy who runs track in the spring is likely to be faster on the gridiron when football season starts in the fall. There are tremendous benefits to challenging your body through various sports. By participating in numerous sports, a young athlete can develop other athletic skills that transfer to their primary activity. Quickness, balance, strength and mental toughn ...
Jerry Coleman funny: " Dave Winfield goes back ,his head hits the fence, it's rolling back towards second base."
Hall of Fame wording is electee selects cap "in conjuction with the Hall of Fame" -- meaning no more Dave Winfield as a …
Noticed that Larry Speakes died. He was press secretary for Ronald Reagan. He joins my list of people whose names fit their jobs - Speakes was a spokesman. Also on my list is Margaret Spellings, Education Secretary for Bush Administration (aka Miss Spellings), Grant Balfour, pitcher for Oakland A's ("grants" walks), and Dave Winfield (baseball outfielder who "won" a World Series)! Anyone else?
Line up was awful. Maddux not there yet. Blue Jays had Dave Winfield, Roberto Alomar, Joe Carter, Jack Morris and David Cone
Let us all take a moment to remember the Hubert H. Humphrey Metrodome in Minneapolis, MN. The stadium will host its last game this Sunday when the Vikings take on the Bears. Tear down will begin immediately following the game to make way for the new Vikings stadium. Opened in 1982, the Metrodome served as an eclectic host to the National Football League, SuperBowl XXVI, Major League Baseball, 1987 & 1991 World Series, 1985 MLB All Star game, National Basketball Association, 2001 NCAA Final Four, NCAA Football, College Baseball, professional soccer, professional wrestling, Monster Jams, and numerous concerts and marching band competitions. No other stadium in the world has hosted as many different sports and events. The Metrodome was the scene of several players joining the 3000 hit club including Eddie Murray, Dave Winfield, and Cal Ripken Jr. The Longest College Homerun was hit by MSM Stetson Olson off of UMC Richie Navartalillalala, with the ball going approximately 500 ft on March 25, 2013. The Timberw ...
shape and have John Olerud, Roberto Alomar, Dave Winfield, Joe Carter, Devon White, and Candy Maldonado ur gonna be fine
Dave Winfield joins MLBPA as special assistant: According to the Associated Press, Hall of Fame...
HardballTalk: Dave Winfield joins MLBPA as special assistant
Dave Winfield joins MLBPA as special assistant
Dave Winfield's new role with the MLBPA
Ex-Padre Great Dave Winfield to Help Lead MLB Players Association: Hall of Famer and longtime Padres great Dave...
Comparing signing Dave Winfield to a 1 year deal and Paul Molitar to a 3 year deal to Robinson Cano is idiotic.
you just keep on usin me,til you use me up". I remember Dave Winfield wanted my headset to hear what I had on-in flight-Withers
Only Organized Labor could figure out a way to inspire the headline, "Dave Winfield named assistant to Tony Clark."
“Shopping search engines are an embarrassing disaster...” could not agree more
Dave Winfield's new role with the MLBPA -
Excited about new challenge and I thank and appreciate the &
I've been quite busy, but here's the latest news:
Dave Winfield is much better suited to a role with the MLBPA than he was with the Padres front office. Best of luck to him.
Winfield joins MLBPA staff as special assistant
Dave Winfield accepts role with MLBPA. [from U-T San Diego]
Dave Winfield accepts role with MLBPA: Dave Winfield has accepted a new role as a special assistant to Tony Clark.
Dave Winfield, Hall of Famer and former front office exec, has accepted a new role with the MLBPA:
Dave Winfield joins union as special assistant to Clark
Former Blue Jay Dave Winfield has been hired as a special assistant to the MLBPA's new executive director, Tony Clark.
Hall of Famer Dave Winfield leaves front-office role with to become special assistant to players' union boss Tony…
Hall of Famer Dave Winfield has joined the staff as a special assistant to Executive Director Tony Clark.
Congratulations to former Padres player, and former teammate Tony Clark on being voted the new Executive Director of the MLB Players Association. He is 6th director, and the first former player to hold the position. Extremely bright, focused, and engaging with experience in the past 3 rounds of negotiations he should do an excellent job in leading the players. Additionally it was just announced that former Padre Dave WInfield will join his staff at the MLBPA.
MLBPA name Dave Winfield special assistant to Tony Clark
Hey, Richard Turner, Dave Winfield is back in baseball
We are so Proud of you Woody! A HUGE Shout out to you from the Kan DO Headquarters! Keep up the Good work, YOU have made your FAMILY Proud! Woody Sankey has been chosen as one of the Minnesota Jaycees 10 Most Outstanding Minnesotans in 2013! Woooho!! Please read article below! November 22, 2013 Dear Simply Outdoor Experiences Supporters and Community, I am writing to you to announce the selection of Woody Sankey, Executive Director of Simply Outdoor Experiences, as one of the Minnesota Jaycees Ten Outstanding Young Minnesotans in 2013. Woody and the other nine honorees will be celebrated at a banquet on December 7, 2013. Started in 1950, the Ten Outstanding Young Minnesotans (TOYM) program is Minnesota’s only statewide recognition program for outstanding young leaders between the ages of 18-40 who have devoted themselves to improving their community. The program acknowledges the efforts and accomplishments of young adults who have contributed to our state through their service, thought and influence, .. ...
So much win on this clip. Rickey as a Yankee, the Hit Man (Mattingly), Kong (Dave Kingman), Dave Winfield, Billy Martin, Mel Allen on the call and the old Oakland Alameda County Coliseum
My son Dave Winfield brought me a pointless poinsettia (( really hate them)) and everyday it loses a's lost 2 today whoop whoop.cant wait for it to DIE.
Thank You to the Boston Pops, Fender Musical Instruments, Legendary Pictures, Peanuts/Charles Schulz, Yes Network, Sandy Koufax and Dave Winfield, as well as the Baseball Hall Of Fame, the pre-Christmas HOF Concert silent auction is now underway !!
Look-a-likes (for the older crowd): Michael Strahan and Dave Winfield. (Got nothing on Kelly Ripa.)
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