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Dave Weigel

David Dave Weigel (born September 26, 1981), is an American journalist, currently working for Slate magazine and MSNBC.

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Dave Weigel wasn't responsible for the lack of a crowd at the inauguration. Trump called up the head of the Park Se…
Steve has a Dave Weigel article pinned on his profile. He obviously can not discern…
I think Dave Weigel is making a joke.
Fourth recess. No doubt heath care is dominating lawmakers’ time back in their districts. (Ed O’Keefe and Dave Weigel have this report on
Is this the same Dave Weigel who wrote all that B.S. about Prog Rock being dead?
Let's Review the antics of desperation:. Dave CAUGHT LYING & Smearing News. via
Has received 600 Mio from CIA can not be taken as a real news anymore. Dave Weigel Caught Lying
3 yrs. Were has Dave Weigel been. Its been since 2009 but Dems estab was sleep at wheel.No…
Can we get Vance to do the audiobook for Dave Weigel's book?
he and Dave Weigel are giving me whiplash at the moment
Yes!!! And oooh man Dave Weigel I was saying this last year too.
The Post’s Dave Weigel tuned in to Fox News’s Tuesday night broadcasting to get a sense for what issues were...
Seriously? That's your "but Obama did it too!"? Desperation, thy name is Dave Weigel.
a lot of Dave Weigel articles are going to get flagged repeatedly
If anyone knows how to drop irony, it's Dave Weigel
Dave Weigel's 1962 Impala is our car of the week. Show us yours:
It's winning Dave Weigel. Over and over and over again.
Apologies to Dave Weigel for not getting the joke. . But nothing is funny any more. . We…
Dave Weigel misrepresent something to smear the Left? No way. I just don't believe it.
Last week delivered lots of words and pictures about music. Along with Dave Weigel's great history of prog - these…
the same would go for Dave Weigel . The day he leaves the Post is the day i call him "FRIEND"
King Crimson heads to on 6/28. Purchase THE SHOW THAT NEVER ENDS by Dave Weigel for your chance to score tix!
Chaff is no Mike Steele, no Rick Wilson, no Steve Schmidt, no Jennifer Rubin, no Dave Weigel.. Chaff c…
Dave Weigel better pray Delta doesn't start advertising with the Post.
Years later we will discover Dave Weigel is a Russian spy.
That Dave Weigel works at Washington (Pedophile) Compost, what can u expect?
I'm going to read the Dave Weigel book about prog rock. Please roast me
Proud to say ok blocked by thst weasel Dave weigel. He has a hideous face and mind
I think it's about time for Dave Weigel to just come out as a social/econ progressive, who's not keen on abortion.
He did. I remember Dave Weigel making fun of them for it.…
Like we see how much Hillary meant to Peter Alexander, chuck todd and Dave weigel .. and it's .. kinda weird 😐
"In which the role of Susan Collins is played by Rocket, and the role of the AHCA by Dave Weigel"
Dave Weigel hanging out with the DSA!
"The message was that Republicans would feel terrible if they had to watch Democrats celebrate."--Dave Weigel, in
Bernie met Dave Weigel at OUTBACK Steakhouse to talk about Jane being under FBI investigation.
Dave Weigel just yesterday telling us about Trump getting softball treatment from Fox and Friends. Smh.
Dave Weigel is a fascist if that's your reality.
Oliver Darcy and Dave Weigel . The exact opposite of Woodward and Bernstein
Dave Weigel. Our man in Washington. . Does that lovely moustache come with CIA approval Dave?
Growing a moutasche like my hero Dave Weigel
You know who's been really good recently? Dave Weigel.
I realized the other day that Dave Weigel blocked me and I have no idea why.
Politics and Prog Rock with Dave Weigel of the Washington Post
Dang, I just realized Dave Weigel blocked me.., Too funny: Dave is such a crappy writer I never even b…
Unless you're Dave Weigel in the post above.
"Dave Weigel says he's Crucial. But when the crucial hits the road, he isn't crucial." - Paid for by Wa…
Easy for you to say Dave "Lib" Weigel your not under threat from libs-snipers
Dave Weigel's mentions are the worst
Weigel can speak for himself but Politico story doesn't have a source supporting the CBS head…
Point is that unless Weigel has sources in FBI, there's no support for definitively say…
Acc. to Weigel’s logic, CBS is vengeful Clinton supporter “crowing” over investigation that doesn’t exist? Oh, Dave…
The Weigel piece implies that this is all faux outrage pushed by Peter Daou a…
Free Dave Weigel!. Let Dave be Dave. Don't you people have barbs to hurl at Rs?
Just saying I endorsed your remarks wholeheartedly. Dave Weigel's, uh, not so much!
It's a simulated outcome of the interwessonality between Owen Jones and Dave Weigel.
I've said it before, Chris Cillizza just wishes he was Dave Weigel so people would think he's actually clever
u mean Thomas Dewey, who is Dave Weigel?
I forgot Dave blocked me awhile ago...he didn't give me very much weigel room.
Cenk, Ariana, Ed - all former Repubs now Dems. But can we give back David Brock? Trade for Dave Weigel?
You gotta police that moostache, Dave Weigel.
Any comment on the Dave Weigel WaPo piece about TYT&Sanders?   10% Off
"Managing an OkCupid account can feel exactly like your job." moiragweigel in TheAtlantic
"I’ve read and reread Labor of Love, admiring Weigel’s organization and readability" Alexmolotkow on LABOR OF LOVE
"I think we tend to romanticize and forget what was difficult about dating in the past." YahooFinance
Sadly, I did not see The Coward Dave Weigel and could not challenge him to a knife fight on the floor of the convention hall
If I run into Dave Weigel, I’m gonna fashion a basketball out of my dress shirt and dunk on him
marionette-splotch faced boy Dave Weigel came up in my timeline again, i have to unfollow the person who is responsible
Something tells me Dave Weigel is a King Crimson fan. Hard to tell what.
think Dave Weigel's meant to be cool now but idk cuz i'm still blocked from when i objected to his deliberately misgendering Chelsea Manning
When commenting at Reason, I went easy on Dave Weigel because he's obviously the unstable type. I didn't want to push him over the edge.
.one of my many issues with Dave Weigel:
are we talking about Dave Weigel, Trump, Turnip, Walker, or yes?
Thank you Craig Crawford. Too bad Dave Weigel wont correct his reporting . FYI
is Dave Weigel that guy who's obsessed with Alan Parsons Project ?
probably Adam Baldwin, but Dave Weigel ranks pretty far up there just for style
Just your friendly reminder that Dave Weigel is a ***
Collectible Lifelike Baby Dolls, Porcelain Dolls a
Dave Weigel is actually very funny and very clever. Just so you know how wrong you are, Walter.
I'll have to double check. I saw Dave Weigel link to it so I thought it was legit, and the account was posting some selfies...
Audio/transcript: WaPo's on 2016, the debate, and Huma and
Sanders risks losing left over unprogressive views of Palestine — Washington Post: Dave Weigel in the Washingt...
Dave Weigel is back at the WaPo? Link goes to Lisa Mascaro at the L.A. Times...
Dave Weigel puts himself through excruciating arm bar mental contortions over the most trifling of matters.
I have no idea how Dave Weigel is still showing up in my timeline.
I found it hilarious he made it into Dave Weigel's story on libertarianism and abortion.
I didn't think terror was real, until my wife said Dave Weigel is going to stay with us while he writes a prog rock book...
I thought like Dave Weigel got fired from the Washington Post and works at Slate? confusing!
Well one of reporters is Dave Weigel. What can I say.
Hey Dave Weigel wrote article about how GOP hopes to win over black voters. Lol
. He also slanders Dave Weigel, who’s, needless to say, a more reliable journalist than Charles Johnson.
COMMENTARY: "Cuckservative in WaPO" - Dave Weigel is one of the best, and certainly most entertaining, political ...
"Pretty and witty and bright. It's a pity that I'm not Dave Weigel tonight."
Breast Cancer Awareness
and don't forget to read Dave Weigel's HOTTAKE on
... This, kids, is why you follow Dave Weigel.
Did the reporters who showed up for the invitation off-the-record briefing have to present a calling card? "Mr. Dave Weigel."
that loon Joan Walsh was the 2nd person to ever block me. First was Dave Weigel, because I brought up Journolist
LOL Dave Weigel: "I am trying to finish my book about progressive rock, so this blog won't be updated at the usual pace."
The dave weigel broken clock is right twice today
Dave Weigel doesn't stand with Rick Perry. Hard to say where he stands but prolly with the drunken DA that won't resign.
Militarization of law enforcement is concerning, Dave Weigel provides an interesting history. via
Dave Weigel likes the indictment of Rick Perry, he likes it a lot (because partisan moron)
No not discovered by Dave Weigel. Actually published for countless more readers than you have you pedantic, irrelevant fool. Bye
Oh boy, Dave Weigel is quite the apologist for the actions of the police in Ferguson.
Dave Weigel offers some historical background on right-libertarian opposition to militarized police:
"The Rick Perry indictment me of the time he said "oops" and was unable to remember three things." -Dave Weigel
Dave Weigel: Ask yourself when was the last time you saw a left-wing anti-war protest. Who was the president?
The quickly-building outrage at POTUS and Gov. Nixon over
This piece on depression by Dave Weigel articulates almost perfectly my experiences. Especially the three points.
Dave Weigel has always loved white supremacists... This should be no surprise.
False Equivalency in Iowa: Regular readers know how highly I esteem Slate's Dave Weigel as a reporte...
Read this piece by Thanks for writing it Dave.
Dave's openness on this has always been appreciated by me. > Calling All Sad Clowns via
Just an amazing and brave post by Dave Weigel at SLATE on depression.
If you're thank you very much for this. If you're not Dave Weigel, read this:
Dave Weigel, one of the best political reporters out there, is also very good in his description of depression.
Bloggers defeat Kimberlin defamation suit in state court trial: Dave Weigel: Kimberlin says the bloggers will ...
Cheers to Dave Weigel for sharing this... Calling All Sad Clowns via
Good to know that if you reach out for encouragement & advice is there to be dickish abt it
Slate’s Dave Weigel Orchestrates Online Therapy Session: Cue up the violins...
The forgettable liberal politics of Robin Williams. Maybe this criticism could have waited, Dave Weigel??
Pretending Elizabeth Warren will run against Hillary Clinton in 2016 is the Flight 370 coverage of politics. Dave Weigel
"Slate political reporter Dave Weigel speaks with former Governor of Minnesota Jesse Ventura" - sold.
This really isn't a debatable point. Lewis is correct. -- A response to Dave Weigel via
There's a "local paper" I get weekly stories from here in Nevada. I love most of their stories. Sometimes it takes a different vantage point to see the trees from the forest. Take this article; The True Story Of Stockman Vs. Rove By FLOYD BROWN Contributing Editor One of the most laughable stories coming out of this year’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) is the hullabaloo about the “Stockman Party.” In case you missed it, Texas Congressman Steve Stockman supposedly hosted an “awesome” hot tub party on the Saturday night after CPAC concluded. The Washington Post characterized it this way: “The real-life CPAC party, held at a suite in the *** Hotel, where the conference was taking place, featured an expletive-spewing congressman, Rep. Steve Stockman (R-Tex.), offering $20 to whoever would jump into the bathroom’s hot tub, according to Slate’s Dave Weigel. Weigel witnessed Stockman, the quirky challenger who was just crushed by Sen. John Cornyn in the state’s senate R ...
Republicans Take Their Tea Party Frame to the Logical Conclusion: Fight King Obama A new theme is emerging for the November elections, a repeat from the Congressional elections of 1775, had there been some. A king — President Obama — is trying to tell us what to do, and we — Republican patriots — won't allow it. This was predictable. Let us begin by watching this advertisement from Texas candidate for lieutenant governor Todd Staples. This is a pretty zeitgeisty ad (which we saw via Dave Weigel). *** marriage, guns, the whole thing. But it's predicated on this idea that Obama is a king, which, Staples emphatically informs the president, he is not. "Texans bow to no one," Staples says, reminding people that Obama has sort-of-bowed to people in the past, including kings. Oh, and then Staples says he'll "fight Obama's liberal agenda," illustrated by Staples aiming a shotgun at something (a photo of a king??) in a gun store. The ad ends: "So Mr. President, if you still want to mess with Texas: Come an ...
Alex, Karen Finney, Dave Weigel, Joy Reid, David Axelrod on whether Obama's fix for cancelled insurance will work
Dave Weigel is our man on the ground at today's Values Voter Summit of social conservatives in D.C. But above is a clip of the moment that's generating the most headlines from this morning's action. As you'll see, Ted Cruz was repeatedly interrupted by protesters during his speech, something he quic...
Video on Donita Judge, Dave Weigel, former Rep. Brad Miller, and Jim Morrill join Steve Kornacki to discuss the recent move by Republicans in North Carolina to slip in anti-abortion restrictions into an anti-Sharia bill, then talk about what happens when Republicans actually have to run o...
Today, Dave Weigel passes along the non-news that House Republicans don't care—at all—about the Senate immigration reform bill. Rep. Peter Roskam, the Republican deputy whip, outlined the reasons for reporters this morning, and it was mostly the same stuff we've been hearing about forever. But then…
Democrats have a new plan for pushing climate change legislation that would severely damage the US economy: ridiculing climate change opponents. “These people have to ridiculed,” explained Sen. Brian Schatz (D-HI) to Netroots Nation. “They have to be run out of town rhetorically.” Dave Weigel of Sla...
Profiles in October Surprise: Obama's 'Real' Dad Share Print article Email article Comments (27) ELSPETH REEVE 8,936 ViewsOCT 15, 2012 The top ad on the Drudge Report Monday was for Dreams from My Real Father, a conspiracy movie about President Obama that exposes his true genealogy: he's not the son of a Kenyan anti-colonialist, as birthers may have lead you to believe but of an American alleged communist and sexual libertine named Frank Marshall Davis. This is one of many October surprises, stunts designed to throw the presidential election one way or the other. The Atlantic Wire will be profiling them until Election Day. The plan: Director Joel Gilbert sure hopes his film will be a poll-moving surprise -- he's mailed millions of copies to voters in swing states. The mailers are to "bypass the establishment media blackout on his film," birther site World Net Daily reports. "It’s shocking that in the land of the First Amendment, in the ‘information age’ no less, a state of censo ...
Dave Weigel will now solemnly lecture you all as to what journalism is.
'Weigolist' Revealed--and We're Not Invited: Dave Weigel of Slate, who was a central figure in the "JournOlist...
SAN JOSE, Calif. -- House Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi (D-Calif.) drew vocal backlash Saturday for her answers to questions about National Security Agency data surveillance and whistleblower Edward Snowden. Speaking at a gathering of progressive activists at Netroots Nation, Pelosi weighed in on rec...
Dave Weigel is now on our PubQuiz team and he'll bring some friends! Hooray!
.you are making me feel jilted Dave Weigel!
Inbox: "Would you be interested in a pic of Dave Weigel napping in the sun?"
Come annotate the hacked emails on Rap Genius/News Genius!
Dave Weigel seems to be the only media person I follow with a sense of humor. Most of them are utterly humorless. Robots.
You cannot make this stuff up if you tried. [h/t Dave Weigel] Apparently among the welcome packet for attendees at the liberal Netroots Nation 2013 conference was a two-par...
Great sign at Netroots Nation, published by Slate's Dave Weigel ()
“"We got outsmarted by Nancy Pelosi again" is a great message” - Dave Weigel
Dave Weigel's had enough of you noticing the Defense Secretary is a buffoon.
Dec 2009: Dave Weigel not fully honest about tea party, Kochtopus link ("Top Ten Conservatives of 2009"):
SAN BERNARDINO - Exactly six months after 20 children and six adults were killed at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., a small group from Organizing for Action stood here Friday with 26 flags and signs calling for stricter gun control.
Are Young People Souring on Obama?: Is Obama losing the young? Dave Weigel once quipped that if a. headline is ...
Google will not tell me that in the mind of Dave Weigel.
Even the left-wing Dave Weigel of MSNBC thought the only thing this demonstrated was liberal news media bias. He...
But we can stop talking about TNC. It's all me. Dave Weigel is an unreconstructed racist. Signed, Kurt.
I don't agree to disagree. "Dave Weigel is one of my favorite reporters" is unambiguous and nothing in the piece contradicts
Poll: Support for Intervening in Syria Falls From Really Low to Mind-Bogglingly Low via Dave Weigel
Two questions for Dave Weigel: why do you so like modern-day eugenicst Charles Murray, and lol can you even play drums on Rock Band bro
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Reminder: this is the photo portrait Dave Weigel WANTED to have appear in his slobbering NY Times profile
With Sarah "Blood Libel" Palin calling the terminology racist, Jeb Bush and Dave Weigel oughta go back to the dictionary.
Video on Sen. Marco Rubio, one of the authors of controversial immigration bill currently being considered, said he will rescind his support if it ends up containing a provision allowing *** undocumented immigrants to claim foreign same-sex partners as family. Jack and Jill Politics' Cher...
Dave Weigel you have to admit it's kinda funny.
There's a new app that regularly reminds you that Dave Weigel is a terrible person. It's called
Dave Weigel hasn't reached the 1970's in his pop-up book of Chinese history yet. Don't spoil it for him.
Dave Weigel looks at the robots that replaced auto workers then looks at the Snowden Q&A and realizes what he already knew.
Dave Weigel is less than a year older than me but sounds like a baby boomer whining that kids these days don't fall for red-baiting
do u have a pic of Dave Weigel in his american flag jammies
laughs... Dave weigel has a special spot reserved to him in the anarcho-communist gulags
Okay. Just like it's back to bed for me. But not with Dave Weigel, of course. Unless he's cleverly disguised as one of our cats
And here's another photo from our cake foodie friends. Gosh they've been busy with their orders. Looks great Ashleigh, and it's always good to support our cakey friends, especially when they're trying to start a new business. just how much work goes into making cakes that look this good is unbelievable. Another HUGE THUMBS UP from us here for sure!
Happy Father's Day Carl Callsen. It was wonderful to see your face light up at the Frank Lloyd Wright exhibit. We love you.
Slate writer Dave Weigel, who was scared & alarmed to see so many black people in the Charlotte airport last year, doesn't like black president & his family going on safari in Africa. Was not concerned about white presidents and their families going on safari in Africa.
Rand Paul says no more aid to Egypt "until they recognize the right of Israel to exist." Err, Camp David Accord, anyone? Dave Weigel. Some right wing Republican nuts will say just about anything.
Maybe it's not so hard to teach an old dog new tricks. At least, that's what some were thinking after Texas Rep. Ralph Hall showed up at an LGBT event for the Victory Fund last week, as the Rockwal...
"I welcome this public debate" is code for *** it, you caught me." – Dave Weigel’s take on Obama and his spin teams' reaction to leaks the media is willing to press him on.
Imagine this, we live in the U.S.A. and a respected U.S. Senator that ran for President and had a large following has a good reason to say this.
Hoop class with Lauren Hill then drinks with Edgar Lennin Pastrana then food and more hoops and drinks with Charlotte Weigel Nicki Dubin Weigel and Dave. Then playing in parking lot with Lauren Hills kids for ab hour and ice cream with Jorge Rivas. And finally a shower! I love summer!
After headlines & crew chat, Award winning journalist, David Cay Johnston later this hour on the IRS’s issues. In the second hour, we talk political ignorance with Ilya Somin of George Mason. Then Dave Weigel of Slate reports discusses the various scandals on Capitol Hill. In the third hour, former assistant Secretary of Education, Diane Ravitch talks schools. Plus a big congratulations to my former producer Aaron and Alexandra Hodges who got married on Saturday.
Joe Scarbourough looks like Mathew Perry. and Dave Weigel looks like Charlie Sheen's older brother.Joan Walsh looks like young Lynn Redgrave
Dave Weigel had GF Alex something that worked at Dutch Harbor radio station. When he got fired from WaPo over Journlist
Mainstream media downplays, ignores jihad threat The mainstream media's complicity with the jihad and Islamic supremacism is nothing new. I have frequently noted how hopelessly compromised pro-jihad pseudo-journalists in the U.S., such as Christiane Amanpour, Manya Brachear, Bob Smietana, Kari Huus, Dave Weigel, Michael Kruse, Eli Clifton, Alex Kane, Adam Serwer, Max Blumenthal, etc., are cutting their own throats by propagandizing for Sharia and defaming freedom fighters. This piece shows the other side: they ignore jihad activity and even crimes committed by Muslims, out of an immovable conviction that Muslims are and can only be victims, not perpetrators of violence. "Jihad? What Jihad? Media Shrug At Islamic Threat," from Investor's Business Daily, March 1: Homeland Insecurity: The attorney general says the threat from local jihadists is now worse than terrorist plots hatched overseas. He warned Americans not to grow "complacent." Tell it to the media. The major news gatekeepers have ignored the jihad ...
I don't always agree with Slate's Dave Weigel, but his withering piece on the willful
Woodward Right About Obama Moving Sequester Goal Posts - There are two stories circulating around Bob Woodward this morning. One is relatively easy to resolve and the other is more difficult. The first is the the claim being made by numerous media personalities, both left and right, that what Woodward received from the White House wasn't really a "threat." Ben Smith, Dave Weigel, and Greg Sargent have all taken up this argument in various ways. Erick Erickson of Red Stat...
To get to that Dave Weigel level I need to mix in more reporting into my columns. A lot more. Done it before. Up for this challenge.
This is how the far right of the GOP is functioning in today's world: "On Thursday, Senate sources told Breitbart News exclusively that they have been informed that one of the reasons that President Barack Obama’s nominee for Secretary of Defense, Chuck Hagel, has not turned over requested documents on his sources of foreign funding is that one of the names listed is a group purportedly called “Friends of Hamas.” Hey, guess what, that is just a totally made-up group that does not exist. Dave Weigel did this crazy thing where he actually spent some time looking into the claim and it turns out, whoops,’s Ben Shapiro published a made-up, untrue thing, because’s Ben Shapiro is both a liar and a moron. (Mostly moron.) Hint No. 1 should probably have been that a pro-Hamas front group would not call itself “Friends of Hamas.” Despite (or because of) the fact that this “Friends of Hamas” thing was a not terribly convincing lie, it was repeated all over the conservativ ...
Video on MSNBC's Ezra Klein argues that the grown-ups are beating the tea party in the Republican Party civil war. Klein provides analysis with Slate's Dave Weigel and The Atlantic's Molly Ball.
Dave Weigel describes the GOP approach to Hillary Clinton's long-awaited testimony on the Benghazi attacks: Watching it, I'm struck by the division between two kinds of Republicans. Group One has questions about the timing of the Benghazi attack, what the State Department could have done to prevent it, what it can do now. Group Two wants the truth, *** it, about the talking points that Susan Rice used on the Sunday shows after the attacks. Group One basically consisted of Marco Rubio. Group Two was everybody else. I only watched a few bits and pieces of the testimony, and I missed Rubio. All I saw was Rand Paul grandstanding about how he would have fired Hillary, Ron Johnson being an obvious *** and John McCain practicing his glower. All together, I didn't hear a single question that wasn't a transparent partisan attack. Apparently Republican senators are still consumed with rage that their concocted stories about Susan Rice somehow failed to resonate with the public and produce an epic defeat for Bar ...
Rand Paul: A Bottom Line: He, Marco Rubio, and Ted Cruz owned GOP criticism of Obama this week. Republicans wanted these guys to step up (well, wanted Rubio and Cruz), and they're immediately making an impact. Paul's only miss? His son's arrest. Will there be ongoing familial drama? But his take on Israel -- more nuanced and mainstream than his dad's -- emerged, and sets him up as a more viable electoral option. Also, in Dave Weigel's interview with him, Rand Paul said "If I'm the mayor of Jerusalem", which is way funnier a sentence than he probably intended. a. Rand: Christie's NRA slam won't "play well in a Republican primary". b. RIPS Christie for throwing a "tantrum" over Sandy relief. c. Isn't like his dad on Israel, impresses hawks. d. Arm teachers. e. Accepts CPAC invite. f. Links ObamaCare with gun control (how brilliant is that for a primary?). g. Warns Obama that he'll introduce legislation to nullify any executive action on guns that he feels goes too far. h. Implies Obama wants to be "king." . ...
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In a similar vein, here's a great post today from Slate by one of my favorite commenters, a guy named "Malone." He was posting in response to a Dave Weigel piece about the agenda for the Republican "retreat" being held in Williamsburg. It's so freaking funny (and spot-on) that I had to share: "I have the list of panels left out of Dave's post: (1) WHY DO THE NEGROES HATE US? Moderator: David Duke. An in-depth analysis of why the Party of Lincoln has been largely abandoned by Negroes, who, our research has shown, mostly drive Lincolns when they head off to spend their welfare checks. (2) MAKE THEM FEEL SPECIAL: GETTING THE GIRL VOTE. Moderator: Phyllis Schlafly. As everyone knows, girls want to feel cherished and protected by men who are strong enough to control them but smart enough to know milk chocolate from dark chocolate. A discussion of how to leverage these facts electorally. Also: break-out sessions on chocolate. (3) WHAT HAPPENED WITH THE POLLS? Co-Moderators: *** Morris and Karl Rove. A look at . ...
John Derbyshire: "here's advice on how best to discriminate against black people" Dave Weigel: "I'll follow only some parts of that advice"
R.I.P. Daniel Inouye, 1924-2012 - Source: - Tuesday, December 18, 2012 (via Dave Weigel) Dave Weigel, at Slate : Tonight, for the first time , the state of Hawaii is not represented by Daniel Inuoye. The 88-year old senator entered politics in the 1950s, joining the territorial legislature, and waiting for statehood. When Hawaii became the 50th state, Inuoye ran for, and won, its sole seat in Congress. He was representing the state wh...
The only good thing ever did was get Dave Weigel fired
Those arguing that President Obama's victory in the election a few weeks back was due to fraud may have found a dubious ally in their quest to argue that Mitt Romney's rightful victory was stolen from under his nose. That ally is the much-mocked Dean Chambers, creator of...
Dave Weigel complains today that too many rich people have no idea how income taxes work. They've heard that Obama wants to raise tax rates on people who make more than $250,000, so they're working on ways to keep their income right at $249,000. After all, if they go over the threshold, they'd sudde...
Dave Weigel on MSNBC with Ezra Klein now. Honestly, I'm more compelled to pay attention to Weigel. Appears more natural.
DK but Dave Weigel nailed his 'look:' “Kibbe…looks and talks like Billy Bob Thornton cleaned up for a job interview."
Should People Who Make $ 250 a Year Worry About Obama's Tax Proposals?Daily BeastKevin Drum and Dave Weigel take off after rich people...
Hangin out for a while before work. With Matthew Jones. Dave Weigel. Michael Ormond. And gabby *** you aren't on my fb yet
Dave Weigel wrote about it. I'll find you the link.
Molly Ball's fun story about the leftward shift in the Senate reminds us of a fact forgotten five minutes into election night. Bob Kerrey, the two-term Nebraska senator, lost his comeback bid. While Ohio's Sherrod Brown was promising to hike taxes on the rich and save entitlements from the "grand...
Jan 2009: Senator David Vitter misleads about Obama certificate issue (and Dave Weigel helps):
Dana Bash, Matt Lauer, Soledad O'Brien, Anderson Cooper, Wolf Blitzer, Politico Chuck Todd, Dave Weigel, the New York Times… This is just a short list of mainstream media members who apparently don't want the truth to come out about Libya. No doubt, they would argue against that statement point, but...
Nov. 5: Jon Husted told MSNBC’s Chris Jansing he never tried to limit early voting in Ohio and insists he wants more voters to cast ballots. The Cleveland Plain Dealer’s Mark Naymik and Slate’s Dave Weigel join to talk about the 1.6 million people who have voted early in Ohio.
Get excited - a big SPECIAL Jansing and Co. - live from Cleveland today at Tower City Center in Cleveland! Stop by and see us - our guests are Mark Naymik, Dave Weigel, Jon Husted, Stuart Garson and Rob Frost (cuyahoga county chairs) Sherrod Brown, Josh Mandel, Debbie Wasserman Schultz, Christine Todd Whitman, Nina Turner and Lee Saunders!
Over at Slate, Dave Weigel had some nice things to say about my Stuart Stevens profile before raising an objection about how the liberal-industrial-complex has changed campaigns since 2000: Absolutely
If it’s accurate, it’s a28-point swing since July, which unofficially makes Love the single biggest beneficiary of the GOP convention. Normally I wouldn’t pay attention to an internal poll, but (a) her national profile’s soared since that speech, (b) as Dave Weigel notes, this is aheavily Republican...
I concede there is updated reporting by Dave Weigel here:
Can't wait to hear Dave Weigel's take on Dems
Media Bias and Two RNC Racist Incidents Two racial incidents occurred within the context of the Republican National Convention. In one incident the Wikipedia page for Mia Love was defaced with slurs such as “House N***er” and “dirty, worthless wh**e.”Wikipedia is the first search result on Google and with an explosion of searches for her name after her convention speech, millions of people may have seen the slurs. The only major media outlet to report on this racist incident is FOX News. A few local Utah outlets also mentioned the story. Dave Weigel at Slate sneered that the racist vandalism was a ploy to raise money for Love. The media instead chose to give widespread coverage to a report of two individuals at the convention who threw peanuts at an unnamed African-American CNN camerawoman and was quickly thrown out. The incident isn’t completely surprising given the large number of Ron Paul supporters who had come to the convention and their disruptive behavior there. The peanuts incident has ...
Dave Weigel has a lengthy history of Prog. He appears to blame Rick Wakeman for its demise. via
Via the Daily Rushbo, belated reaction to the media’s latest attempt to bash a square peg into a round narrative hole. Over at Slate, Dave Weigel says it’s unfair to equate Brian Ross with “the media” because Ross isn’t really a partisan, just a guy so hungry for sensational scoops that he’ll happil...
Greg Block is a firearms instructor in California. Dave Weigel at Slate interviewed him regarding the shootings in Aurora, Colorado, Friday: "I ...
Photo from Slate's Dave Weigel shows a small crowd for "Cain's Revolution on the Hill."
"You know, the very powerful and the very stupid have one thing in common: they don't alter their views to fit the facts, they alter the facts to fit the views, which can be uncomfortable, if you happen to be one of the facts that needs altering." - The Doctor (Tom Baker), "Doctor Who" (h/t Dave Weigel)
The Congress Insider Trading Scandal Is Outrageous By Henry Blodget You cannot read the description of the personal stock trading allegedly conducted by Rep. Spencer Bachus and other members of Congress during the financial crisis and conclude anything other than the following: Our government is completely corrupt. Yes, this behavior may be technically legal, because of an absurd loophole that makes insider-trading rules not apply to Congress. Yes, this behavior may be widespread on Capitol Hill. But there is no universe in which a reasonable person would consider this behavior ethical or okay. And for the 300+ million Americans who aren't members of Congress, it would be just plain illegal Many members of Congress seem guilty here, including John Kerry, *** Durbin, and Jim Moran. But Spencer Bachus takes the cake. According to a new book called Throw Them All Out by Peter Schweizer, as relayed by Dave Weigel at Slate, Rep. Bachus made more than 40 trades in his personal account in the summer and fall of ...
At least Dave Weigel plays Progressive Card to get laid. What kind of chick goes for Chris Hayes
I just worked up a pretty good impression of Bette Davis saying 'Shut up' while watching Dave Weigel on
Jonah Goldberg writes on NRO: Dave Weigel should be commended for trying to be fair to Stan’s book. And I’ll leave it to Stan to respond to the point-by-point stuff. But there’s one aspect of Weigel’s review that bothers me. It’s a common tendency and I’m only singling Weigel out because I just read...
Slate's Dave Weigel noticed a paradox at the heart of a statement Senator Mitch McConnell released Friday afternoon.
The Washington Independent's Dave Weigel was one of several media commenters who back in 2009 picked up this remarkable but now largely forgotten story, in a post noting that Texas governor Rick Perry had cited Skousen's book The 5,000 Year Leap while speaking at the 2009 Family Research Council 'Vo...
Obama's Tough Nut To Crack: John Dickerson and Dave Weigel talk with readers about the start of the general elec...
That's the headline right now at Slate where Dave Weigel writes: A few weeks back, when Rick Santorum was arguing that he could power out delegate wins
How Herman Cain is Getting Rich: Dave Weigel attended Herman Cain’s event at the capitol last...
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