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Dave Weckl

Dave Weckl (born January 8, 1960) is a highly acclaimed jazz fusion drummer. Weckl attended Francis Howell High School in St.

Dave Weckl Band Oz Noy Steve Gadd Vinnie Colaiuta Tom Kennedy Chris Coleman Jay Oliver Virgil Donati Billy Cobham Chick Corea Steve Smith Aaron Spears Dennis Chambers Bill Evans John Patitucci Thomas Lang Jojo Mayer New York

Dave Weckl Band plays funky with the Mission Impossible groove in 6/8 on "Access Denied"
Peart is a top 10 all-time drummer. Along with Dave Weckl, Buddy Rich, Steve Gadd, Keith Moon, and Carter Beauford, among others.
I don't think I ever played it this well - Spur Of The Moment - Dave Weckl (Cover) via
THIS IS THE BEST! The first instrument I ever learned was drums and Dave Weckl was one of my all time...
Awesome: Dave Weckl may be one of the most underrated drummers around. Always amazing in my book.
I liked a video Dave Weckl came over to take a lesson with the great Changuito.
Boy checking out Jeff Pocaro, Steve Gadd, Dave Weckl, and Vinnie Colaiuta videos on make me want to get good a drums again.
Now i'm understand why Steve Gadd was called "the singing drummer" 😅. Dave Weckl, Vinnie Colaiuta, Steve Gadd
Got a Match? Dave Weckl with the Chick Corea Elektric Band 2017 via
>>>. ・・・. My new drum cover is only. Island Magic by Dave Weckl. . Visit my…
Gotta transcribe this Dave Weckl for tonight
Song of the Day: Just Groove Me, Dave Weckl with Oz Noy --
In MI Throwback Thursdays YouTube archive, please recover the remainder of the corrupt second track in Dave Weckl Band? Thanks!
New blog post with on using the Touchmix!
"if you stop wanting to learn, you're dead." ~ Dave Weckl
I added a video to a playlist Dave Weckl Demo Players Choice 720P MP4
Huge Selection of Helmets at Low Prices
Playing some Dave Weckl Master Plan, before the Judge gets here.
For those who enjoy Dave Weckl, from the Vic Firth Vault in Montreal.
I will be playing tomorrow with Jay Oliver (Dave Weckl's producer) at for Jay's Master Class.
Oh yeah, he's great too. There's also Steve Gadd, Dave Weckl, Alex Acuña, Omar Hakim…
on 5280 Light Jazz The Dave Weckl Band - Wake Up from Transition - Tune in now
Preview: Buddy Rich Big Band at Ronnie's - six nights to mark his centenary, with Dave Weckl, Nigel Hitchcock et al
I liked a video from Dave Weckl TamTam DrumFest 2010
Can't get enough of today's featured artist? Check out this funky clip of Chick Corea playing with Dave Weckl
Check out my new drums cover video of the track Convergence by Dave Weckl & Jay Oliver. Thank you .
I wish someone would cut Dave Weckl's hair.
The original Elektric Band with the legends Chick Corea, Frank Gambale, Dave Weckl, Eric Marienthal and John...
Check out this awesome round robin with Dave Weckl, Steve Smith, Mike Mangini, Benny Greb & Jojo Mayer!
Standard has never been higher, but after 30 yrs of considered opinion is Dave Weckl or Vinnie Colaiuta
Dave Weckl joins Barker-led big band for Buddy Rich tribute at Royal College of Music
Gostei de um vídeo de Dave Weckl drum solo with Oz Noy and Jimmy Haslip cover of
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Saya suka video Dave Weckl with Oz Noy - Just Groove Me
I added a video to a playlist Performance Spotlight: Dave Weckl
Dave Weckl July UK clinics and masterclass's to be announced soon 😉
My drummer boy and I are going to the Dave Weckl show! @ Dimitriou's…
Drum solo ideas for Big B little b by Dave Weckl Band . .
Oz Noy with Jimmy Haslip and Dave Weckl I'm going, are you?
"The mullet of Dave [Weckl] was exceptional by any standards. But thankfully he denounced it."
A commenter said of Dave Weckl, "I feel really stupid for ignoring this guy for so long cause he had a mullet"
Dave Weckl Play-Along Drum Book / CD a Truly Exceptional Package Allowing the Beginner to Intermediate Drummer to
The way that the drums are tuned and recorded have to represent the vision.
Chick Corea Akoustic Band with John Patitucci and Dave Weckl - 1989 album so perfect for tonight it looks timeless.
No, it was an ensemble exam and we had to play The Chicken. It was easier than the Dave Weckl's band version.
I have been told that Steve Gadd taught Dave Weckl how to play drums, or was one of his primary teachers. . So if...
Herbie and Snoop !!! Unidentified Flying Project by Simon Wood Harris have had Dave Weckl & Pino Palladino -...
Got some new tasty jamz from Dave Weckl & Jay Oliver entitled "Convergence". A collaboration…
Playing at Yoshi's the week after The Dave Weckl Band... Totally not having anxiety attacks about it.
Spending the night playing Madden 25 and FIFA 15 and watching Dave Weckl Band videos. . I'm home for sure
I liked a video from Message from Dave Weckl
Working on the Dave Weckl Acoustic Band live DVD! Tour dates coming up:
Dave Weckl playing double bass with his heels on the side of a cajon. Dag nab you, sir.
The most annoying thing on YouTube are those "How to play like Dave Weckl" etc videos smh... Just stop it
The Dave Weckl Signature is slowly but surely becoming my favourite snare drum... The only snare that gives me 3...
tap those skins like Dave Weckl reincarnated into a hummingbird tonight!
Thanks to all of Dave's friends in Dubai!
Dave Weckl | My Drum Lessons Do you observe the top players?
Always a great time hanging with the one and only Dave Weckl
Man-O-Man... Dave Weckl providing some inspiration here:
Don’t forget to register for the Dave Weckl Drum clinic by visiting any Mozart Chahine branch or completing the...
I liked a video Jam Night 2012: Keith Carlock and Dave Weckl
Hi,. I need help to learn dave weckl garden wall on drums. could u please send me ur vídeo ? or re-upload it to utube ? thanks
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Another nice video for today. Anyone a fan of Dave Weckl?
I liked a video The Zone by Dave Weckl por Hélio Coelho
You guessed it right! We are organizing a drum clinic with the world-renowned drummer, Dave Weckl on November...
I liked a video from Dave Weckl: The Big Drum Solo (with Mike Stern in Hamburg 1996)
I liked a video Dave Weckl and Chris Coleman: Drum Fantasy Camp '11
Back to the "BLUENOTE TOKYO" for 3 nights. with Dave Weckl, Tom Kennedy and Gary Meek!!👍
Rhythm Retreat, Aug 30 - Sept 4, in Ithaca, NY, with Billy Cobham, Dave Weckl, and Steve Holmes.
That'll be Dave Weckl putting his expensive acoustic kit thought a Simmons, or some such...
Chain Reaction by Dave Weckl Band from the album: Multiplicity
What It Is by Dave Weckl Band from the album: Multiplicity
Vuelo by Dave Weckl Band from the album: Multiplicity
Dave Weckl and Chris Coleman rhythm section... yeah, the DRUMMER Chris Coleman!
Such a good time playing music and talking life with my good friend Dave Weckl this week in Chicago! We play...
Watch Your Step by Dave Weckl Band from the album: Multiplicity
Tho the rerecordings are the stars, the 2 new cuts also solid. Including 7-min jam band session w/ Dave Weckl, Makoto Ozone, & Tom Kennedy.
Listen as Dave Weckl invites you to join him at the Rhythm Retreat getaway in New York's Finger Lakes! via
Inner Vision by Dave Weckl Band from the album: Multiplicity
Elements Of Surprise by Dave Weckl Band from the album: Multiplicity
You can stay at this lakefront mansion when you sign up to study with Billy Cobham, Dave Weckl and Steve Holmes! http:/…
Thanks all followers!Your the best! :)My inspiration as a drummer are these guys!. Virgil Donati,Tomas Lang,Dave Weckl,and many moore :)
Dave Weckl Acoustic Band - Raw Footage: Great performance from Dave here with the...
Rhythm Retreat is open for business! Study with Billy Cobham, Dave Weckl, Steve Holmes in New York's Finger Lakes! http…
THE best compositional drummer in all of music since DeJohnette
If you like the Vater 8A, try out 85A, SSM (Stanton Moore), SKC(Keith Carlock) or SDW (Dave Weckl) (2 of 3)
Dave Weckl ready to take the stage with Oz Noy for the evening concert at PASIC. With Joe Testa, Jeff Hartsough... http:/…
Nova 5A and the ones with Dave Weckl signature... Why? Because Vic Firth!
10 ALBUMS THAT HAD AN IMPACT ON ME & INLFUENCED ME: As I see everyone doing a top 10 influential album list, I hate limiting myself though I have more but what the *** .. Here's 10 albums that have had an effect on me in some way and they are in no particular order. I challenge the following friends to do the same; Rob Duvall, Vinny Tomassetti, Brent Frommer. 1. Toto - Kingdom Of Desire / All 2. Warlord - Deliver Us / All 3. Fates Warning - A Pleasant Shade Of Gray 4. Fates Warning - Parallels 5. Black Sabbath - Dehumanizer 6. Dave Weckl - Masterplan 7. Tower Of Power - Back To Oakland 8. Toy Matinee - Toy Matinee 9. Rainbow - Long Live Rock & Roll 10. Journey - Frontiers / 1st 3 albums Bonus: Kip Winger (Solo Albums)... Besides the amazing singing, production, overall musicianship, artistry and the ability to always be writing for the song.
Random Shane fact: Some of my oldest best friends over the years continue to be drummers: Roger King, Eric Price, Tony Lefler, Jeff Marino, Mark Hardt*, Johnny Rabb, Dan Stratton. I've read more Modern Drummer magazines, carried more cymbal bags, and because of you, I can readily identify the difference between Jim Keltner, Dave Weckl, and Steve Gadd. So here's to Tony Williams, Steve Smith, Dennis Chambers, Kenny Aronoff, Jeff Porcaro and that one time Steven Tyler played that lazy groove on that one Ringo Starr record. You guys have had a profound impact on my life! I will now go clap on 2 and 4. *(Kaye, see that Mark sees you guys!)
do you listen to any Billy Cobham or Dave Weckl?
Steve from the Drum Camp picked up Dave Weckl's gear today. Can't wait for Sunday's clinic and Concert. We r there!
Me gustó un video de Dave Weckl and Jay Oliver: Higher Ground
Thomas Lang is one of the favorite drummers,and Dave Weckl)
Chase was in a Dave Weckl Yamaha drum ad in Drums ETC this month. He attended a one day drum intensive last month...
In the workshop with where we've just been listening to the ceefax-nightmare-jazz-fusion sounds of 'Dave Weckl'.
Dave Weckl Band - The Zone via the zone is just so cool!!
'If you have a calling, you don't need to make decisions. You just do it.' Meet Dave Weckl in Drummerstalk 2014:.
Dave Weckl on fire with Oz Noy. Make sure you check out the drum solo!
The technique that every drummer needs to know
Even if you don't like Jazz, you will love seeing Dave Weckl playing drums
Need help in improving your moeller technique? This should help
Check for the short version of my drummerstalk with Dave Weckl
Happy Birthday Dave Weckl and I are gonna put on a drum show for you. Lol. Sweg.
Dave Weckl played with stars as Paul Simon, Madonna and others. But most famous work was with the Chick Corea!
The coolest thing you will ever do! Join Dave Weckl, Virgil Donati, Dave DiCenso, and Chris Coleman for intimate... htt…
Thank you, Canada! The Yamaha Drums Dave Weckl 30th Anniversary Tour has been amazing! Just a clinic in...
A great and thorough interview with Dave, courtesy of Sean Mitchell and The Black Page. View and read here:...
For the first time since 2006, Dave has his own band! The Dave Weckl Acoustic Band features Dave, Tom Kennedy,... http:…
Dave Weckl: THE BIG DRUM SOLO - from Appearance Australian Drumming Festival ...more Videos here at DRUMMERWORLD:
Thank you so much! I'm coming back to play at YOSHI's in Oakland on 8/13 with a great drummer Dave Weckl. It's Jazz/funk/Latin band
It's all about the Dave Weckl sticks
Just found this nice display of technique and restraint from Dave Weckl.
check out Bela fleck and the flecktones, or some Dave weckl
Hold onto you hats! CrC (Chris Coleman) is teaching at Drum Fantasy Camp with Dave Weckl, Virgil Donati, and Dave... h…
For the last 20 years, Dave Weckl has maintained a reputation amongst his fans and peers as one of the very finest musicians on the contemporary music scene ...
Dave Weckl sounds like Barak Obama. Ralf Hardimon looks just like Bill Cosby.
Dave Weckl and the Dave Weckl Latin at the Australian Drumming Festival ...more Videos here at DRUMMERWORLD:
Re: Oz Noy with Dave Weckl: on drums again here with Oz Noy. The track...
wife's name is Karen. I'm Tony Q. a big fan of urs and ur Dave Weckl consultant. I met u once and we just talked Weckl.
Sir!! I'm the husband of one of ur Black Listnas. She's the huge Prince fan. Dave Weckl's new CD out in about a week!
OUT AND ABOUT: Hanging out onstage with Avril Lavigne's Rodney Howard @ FirstMerit Bank Pavilion on Northerly Island. In addition to working with Avril, Rodney has also played with artists like Gavin DeGraw and Regina Spektor. Rodney has Dave Weckl-like chops with a lead singer's vocal abilities. An amazingly gifted gentleman. Special thanks to Avril Lavigne and Rodney Howard for their gracious hospitality.
Dave Weckl - Mercy, mercy, mercy: via This man is amazing !
Dave Weckl Jolly's dragons are getting super strong and have just defeated a friend in a combat. Play Dragon City, join the dragon combats and win generous prizes!
I am a huge fan of Dave Weckl and his music and so, decided to make this video. This is my interpretation of his tune 101 Shuffle from the Rhythm of the Soul...
Preston. I'm Funky Dumpling's husband u know she's the big Prince fan. Dave Weckl new album out in
So I was wide awake much of last night being inspired (listening to music). Well I started thinking "who are some of my favorite musicians?" Well I'm gonna start with These are JUST my personal favorites. I'll do thers in another post. Hashtag I'm not gonna put in any order, just my choices! lol Ok: Arthur Thompson Enterprises, Anthony Jackson, Michael Todd, Dennis Chambers, Dave Weckl, VelNik Austin, Calvin Rodgers.
Are you hip to Louie Palmer? He's the latest in a long line of tasty drummers like Dave Weckl to play with Mike...
I liked a video 101 Shuffle - Dave Weckl - Drum Interpretation by Ganesh Venkataramani
I remember Roselli trying to teach me this! Still can't do it! Dave Weckl - Moeller Technique: via
Always be listening to Dave Weckl on the way home from my lesson.
Listening to and shopping for some motivating and inspirational funk and syncopation! I love Dave Weckl!
best in terms of playing? Dave Weckl hands down. Best in terms of what I see myself doing with my career? Slim Jim...
Added a new video: "Dave Weckl cover festival thessaloniki"
Dave Weckl, "Chain Reaction" - Doesn't seem to be a lead sheet available. More work for me unless I can find it.
One of the best Weckl and best drumming videos ever IMHO: Dave Weckl: Montreal Drumfest 2012:
“Hi Akira i saw you at la Vilette on 2000 in France With Dave Weckl and Cecarreli Amazing clinic!
Sorry for the blurry picture. Dave Weckl and myself have his clinic back in December.
Dave Weckl telling me a funny story.
Dave Weckl - Funk Rock: via / Waldredo Reyes great percussionista.
So today I legit only watched drum videos! Sonny Emory, Dave Weckl, and Vinnie Colaiuta for the most part!
Oz Noy and Dave Weckl are amazing as usual in their home of fusion jazz. The surprise here is Michael Rhodes. Michael is the top session bass player in Nashville, and we have admired his work for decades with the likes of Vince Gill, Alan Jackson and George Strait. If you listen to [...]
Oz Noy: It’s Jazz. It just doesn’t sound like it.” This is how virtuoso guitarist Oz Noy describes his intoxicating blend of jazz, funk, rock, blues, and r&b. Born in Israel, Oz started his professional career at the age of 13 playing jazz, blues, pop and rock music. By age 16, he was playing with top Israeli musicians. By 24, he was one of the most established studio guitar players in the country. Oz was also a member of the house band on Israel’s top-rated television show for more than two years. Since his 1996 arrival in New York, Oz has made a huge impact on the local and international music scene. His unique and intoxicating style has broken all the rules of instrumental guitar music by focusing on the groove. For his accomplishments as a trend-setting guitarist, Oz won the highly acclaimed Guitar Player magazine readers poll for “Best guitar riff on a record” in 2007, “Best new talent” in 2008, and "Best out there guitar player" in 2013. Oz Noy has performed, toured and recorded wi . ...
Play along by Dave Weckl Please visit my website by clicking the link below
Play-along of 'Apocalypso' from the new megaproject "Convergence" by Dave Weckl and Jay Oliver.
Mike Stern Band live at Band on the Wall, Manchester - 2011 Mike Stern: guitar Tom Kennedy: bass Bob Malach: sax Dave Weckl: drums Filmed by Band on the Wall...
Dave Weckl is doing a clinic in Edmonton on May 20th. Only 14 sleeps from now!
Anyone wanna see Dave Weckl's drum clinic at the Atlantica Hotel on Robie? 2 tickets up for grabs. I'd hate to see 'em go to waste. (starts @ 7pm)
Paladin Music is a music group based out of Lexington, KY. The band leader James Poole III (trumpet) is an awesome musician and educator, whose sounds remind me of Miles Davis and Woody Shaw. Brehnan Miller (drummer) an intellectual jack of all trades, his sound reminds me of Dave Weckl and Vinnie Colaiuta. Joe A Bass (bassist) a man of exquisite taste, whose musical statements and phrasings remind me of Marcus Miller and Ron Carter. Looking forward to playing with these guys. Premiere debut, May 25 at the Talon Winery.
Dave Weckl!! All time favourite drummer, is the man. Can't wait till the Dingus is back!
RRLRLL or RLRLL LRLRR . LRKRLLKKRR. That's 3 out of 10 ways on how I chop! .. Weird right... I know... by Aaron Spears, Eric Moore, Dave Weckl, Chris Coleman and Ronald Bruner jr. Took all that from them... And re-created my chops... is good all the time.
Sonny Mills Your New Gibraltar Hydralic Throne - & Brick of Dave Weckl Evolution Nylon Tip Sticks will arrive shortly. Factory Fresh! (No Old Stock Here) We only Stock the Newest Gear at DDC. Thank You for Choosing Driven Drum Company.
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This month alone I'm booked for six rehearsals with three different ensembles ( ranging in size from three to nineteen players ), three gigs, three jam nights and, in addition to my own regularly scheduled nine days of teaching, four days of substitute teaching. On top of that I'll be taking in a Dave Weckl clinic and, hopefully, catching Oz Noy at Jazz Alley in Seattle. And June is already starting to fill up quite nicely, too. Well, I did say that I wanted to become more musically active... o.O 8-)
I liked a video dave weckl one handed roll
GAWD, I never thought Dave Weckl would be that small or perhaps it's just the persons beside him? Great drummers!
Dave Weckl can make a trashcan sound good.
❝ It's somebody with a vision, somebody with a undying passion to do whatever it takes to get to that vision & someone who's not afraid to do it their own way ...❞ - Dave Weckl [in reply to the question 'what do you think it takes to be a really amazing artist?' during the Sweetwater-Minute interview, Nov 29, 2013]
Dave Weckl Canadian Clinic this hurts because I can't make it that day! ugh! But for those of you...
Dave Weckl blows away a SOLD OUT Drum Fest. Check out upcoming dates on his tour:
Sitting at the dinner table with Dave Weckl and a slew of other great drummers.
Anything can happen at DFC - and it's all good! Join Dave Weckl, Virgil Donati, Chris Coleman, and Dave DiCenso...
I liked a video from Modern Drummer - Dave Weckl - Spur Of The Moment
I mean, I like Dave Weckl and all, but...
Free Drum Lessons. You'll learn this very cool drum fill used by Steve Gadd, Dave Weckl, and many other top drummers. Tracy explains how to take this fill an...
Los Angeles, California! I'll be with Dave Weckl and James Genus April 22 and 23 at Catalina Jazz Club! Get...
We still have plenty of tickets for the Dave Weckl event May 17th. Only $5.00 will buy you a sit down with one of the best drummers today. Don't miss out!
Dave Weckl in Nashville goin in by Josh Ellis -
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Vic Firth signature artist Dave Weckl performs "Just Groove Me" with Oz Noy and Michael Rhodes at the 2013 Percussive Arts Society International Convention (...
"Iceland's Anna Mjöll grew up in one of her country's leading musical families, eventually representing Iceland in the famed Eurovision Song Contest. She then joined the band of Julio Iglesias, touring worldwide before setting out on her own career as a jazz singer and songwriter. Mjöll has quietly built a following around L.A. over the past two years, becoming one of the only vocalists to be a regular at the classy Vibrato supper club. Mjöll's striking beauty and often-breathtaking dresses combine with singing talent that's recently drawn praise from jazz luminaries including George Duke, Don Heckman and Dave Weckl. Add Mjöll's penchant for offbeat humor and a running dialogue with the audience, and you might find yourself wondering how long it'll be before she's headlining somewhere in Las Vegas — Sir Tom Jones is already a frequent guest at her shows in town." -Tom Meek, LA Weekly
Another day at the NAMM SHOW: I played again at FODERA' s booth in front of a big audience...all musicians, with a fantastic response!! Stu Hamm, Hadrien Feraud, Tal Wilkenfeld, Victor Wooten where there, in Fodera's booth!! Music, joy, admiration, support, new plans, new collaborations with the best musicians and a promise for next year at the NAMM SHOW 2015: I'll be there again for Fodera, Aguilar, and above all, for my country! In the afternoon: big TAMA party-concert, where I met all my good friends: Dave Weckl (he will come to Athina Live with his new acoustic band), Lenny White ( we will record a new cd together), Darryl Jones, Simon Phillips, Steve Weingart, Ric Fierrabracci, Andy Timmons, mr. Billy Cobham, Joel Taylor, Stanley Clarke, Victor Bailey ecc. NAMM SHOW 2014, Los Angeles: the biggest music party in the world!!
Attended Sabian party last night. Met up with college buddy Barry Morozoff .Saw Dave Weckl. Alex Acuna and Richie Garcia Latin Jam. Met and hung out with Mike Portnoy and met Horacio el *** Hernandez .
Let's do a "Today In History" for today! It's been a while! For our family members who live and breath Baseball, congrats to Greg Maddux, Tom Glavine and Frank Thomas all elected to baseball's Hall of Fame today! Birthdays: Shirley Bassey Anthony Gourdine (Little Anthony and the Imperials) ELVIS PRESLEY STEPHEN HAWKING R. Kelly David Bowie ROBBY KRIEGER (of The Doors) The Late BILL GRAHAM Dave Weckl (Jazz drummer) Torry Castellano (Drummer of The Donnas) To our friends in France: In 1959, Charles de Gaulle was inaugurated as president of France's Fifth Republic. To our friends in the USA: In 1790, President George Washington delivered his first State of the Union address to Congress in New York. Have a blessed day if today is your Birthday too!
Happy birthday to drummers Dave Weckl and Bill Goodwin and we remember Jon Lucien. His website is still part of the JazzCorner roster. Herbie Hancock called Jon, "the man with the golden throat." Jon was blessed with a deep, velvety voice ideally matched to romantic ballads, but his sophisticated amalgam of soul, light jazz, and Caribbean rhythms never enjoyed commercial success commensurate with the esteem afforded him by critics and peers alike. An ardent fan of Nat King Cole, as a teen he played bass in Rico and the Rhythmaires, a group led by his father, Eric. In the mid-'60s he relocated to upstate New York, recording commercial jingles and performing at parties, weddings, and bar mitzvahs. At one such gig he captured the attention of RCA exec Ernie Alshulter, and the label soon extended a contract offer. Jon Lucien, the singer was also a gifted songwriter, but RCA limited his contributions to his 1970 debut, I Am Now. to just one original, instead insisting he record a series of jazz and pop standa ...
Just loaded up my CD case for the car...I'm not one to pay a subscription for music not chosen by ME...pretty much defines my taste in the classics...Crosby, Stills, Nash and Young (4 Way Street), Dave my my all time favorite drummers...(Master Plan), Chris Rea (Best Of...), Led Zeppelin (1st Album), Doobie Bros. (newest release called World Gone Crazy), Miles Davis (Essentials Part 1)...don't knock it 'till you try it...jazz the way it was meant to be played...Talking Heads (Stop Making Sense), Savoy Brown (Hellbound Train), Cream (Disraeli Gears...1st album), Steely Dan (Best of...) and Humble Pie (Rockin' The Fillmore...Peter Frampton at his VERY best!! Again, pretty much defines my tastes!
An engaging performance at Iowa State University circa 1987. This DVD features an engaging performance by Chick Corea (Keyboards) with Dave Weckl (Drums)...
Let JOC know: Jason Bittner, Dave Weckl, and Chad Smith all doing presentations at PASIC this week at the Conv Center.
It sorta annoys me when I hear drummers that didn't grow up from playing in church "Can you show me some gospel chops" "How do you do this gospel chop" or "He's from church" etc.  Correct me if I'm wrong... There is no such thing as "Gospel Chops" in my humble opinion all it is is Jazz/Fusion church. Let me explain. I'm not a superstar drummer but I can tell you this.I grew up playing drums in church.and I know this, A LOT of "Gospel drummers" like Gerald & Eddie Heyward,LaDell Abrams,Jeff Davis,Dana Davis,Jeremy Haynes,Dana Hawkins,Thomas Pridgen,Teddy Campbell,Ronald Bruner Jr.,Chris Dave,Marcus Baylor,etc. would study outside the church (Because some churches believe it's sin to listen to other music thats not gospel) and explore other genres would mostly study guys like  Dennis Chambers,Dave Weckl,Vinnie Colaiuta,Billy Cobham,Will Kennedy,Tony Williams,etc.  Pretty much Jazz/Fusion drummers (at that time) and would bring their own studies,discoveries and new vocabulary into church services ...
Dear Students,. Tomorrow I'm going to participate “One Day Intensive.” With Dave Weckl Class in Zurich. Thank you...
Just learned how to mix my drums and how they are suppose to sound! Thanks to Dave Weckl!
Dave Weckl video. He's still amazing. Our Yamaha sale is on now!
Filete 1er corte... : Listening to the album Master Plan by Dave Weckl vía
The Dave Weckl 30 Year Yamaha Anniversary tour is on the road: Register for his All-Day Drum Intensives.
Thomas Kinkade Collectibles from The Bradford Exchange Online
Kathleen DiazSteve Tavaglione is a woodwind and EWI musician most notable for his work as a founder of the Latin fusion group Caldera, his work with noted keyboard player Scott Kinsey, and work in the television and film industry. Tavaglione lives in Southern California, and is a leading studio musician for television programs such as CSI, CSI: NY and Charmed, and films including The Good German, Alpha Dog, Bridge to Terabithia, Finding Nemo, Road to Perdition, American Beauty. Tavaglione also released the solo records Blue Tav in 1990 and Silent Singing in 1997. He has recorded and appeared with Dave Weckl, Sly & The Family Stone, Roger Waters, Jimmy Earl, Steve Winwood and numerous others
Just found out I get to go to PASIC this year in Indy and mike johnston and dave weckl will be there 󾌯󾌯󾌯
Thank you for signing the snare :). Dave Weckl is an American jazz fusion drummer. He has worked with artists...
At Guitar Center Hollywood Dave Weckl introduced this amazing new Yamaha Live Custom. He also talked with us about his long lasting relationship with Yamaha.
JZ Latino . The drummer Bill Pan is going to do supporting Act for Dave Weckl s tour in shanghai . He is a nick name is called "江南鼓聖" 睹神Dfriend ?
Simple rule of thumb: Anything Dave Weckl uses as a ride makes a great crash cymbal.
Stuart Copeland. Phil Collins. Dave Weckl. And 2 great teachers + learning to read opened up doors for me ;-) G
In our series of amazing "I Play Yamaha" video is the latest with Mr Dave Weckl! Enjoy!
One of my favorite Chick Corea albums is Light Years (1987) by the Elektric Band. It features Chick with guitarist Frank Gambale, saxophonist Eric Marienthal, drummer Dave Weckl and bassist John Patitucci. What an amazing bunch of musicians!
If I could have more they would be:Gerald Heyward,Aaron Spears,Bill Gates,Dave Weckl and definitely TONY ROYSTER(OMG!!!)I wish...
The three main types of contemporary drummers. Using an eighties line up (that is still relevant), here's the three main types I've encountered in my 35 years of drumming. Dave Weckl is not added to this list, mainly because he doesn't fit in a contemporary band, and second because...he's Dave Weckl. 1. The Tommy Lee: You know the guy. Me caveman! Me hit drum hard! Not a sensitive person. Goal is to wreck a kit, break cymbals, sticks, eardrums, etc. Usually broke from replacing equipment. You mean there's a second song?! Man, I broke all my sticks during the first! 2. The Phil Collins: This person is a musician's musician. Some feel as comfortable away from the kit as behind it. May even tune the toms to A440. Other musicians are surprised that he knows what A440 is. 3. The Neal Peart: Ah yes, the guy that can play any rudiment backwards on his bass drums. He's watched and conquered every instructional DVD there is. Can easily play 7/8, 9/8, 8/12, 9/16 and any other compound time signature...and all in c ...
Thanks again for putting on another great event! Gavin Harrison was incredible. Can't wait for Dave Weckl in November.
Dave Weckl ha compartido el siguiente enlace y ha comentado esto: Italy! We have room in Dave's class on the 15th! Register now!
did Dave weckl set up his kit sideways yesterday
The Chicken by Dave Weckl? not sure basta kelangan daw instrumental in bet. sets.
NHL Stanley Cup Memorabilia from The Bradford Exchange Online
The Official Web site for legendary drummer Dave Weckl.
Another nice dinner with Nice to hang with Dave Weckl, Adam Nussbaum, Chris Coleman and my old buddy Thanks Joe :)
Going back to what seems like the 80's and having a drum lesson from Dave Weckl
Another highlight of the day was chilling with Dave Weckl for a couple of hours
London Drum show was amazing, met so many talented drummers, Gerald heyward and Dave Weckl were just out of this world.
I was there y'day some beautiful kits! Did you manage to catch Dave weckl?
A dream came true.met one of my biggest inspirations.Dave Weckl!
Dave Weckl is making magic right now!
Still buzzing from yesterday playing drums with Dave weckl was a massive inspiration. 󾌸
Waiting in line to watch Dave Weckl and just met Jimmy Page.
Me and 'the worlds best drummer' Dave Weckl!!
Move over Joe this is a Dave Weckl signing session! photos on the poster of Vicfirth - the great Dave Weckl
Day 2 of London drum show. Gerald Heyward and Dave Weckl to end the weekend.
On the train home after spending the day with Dave Weckl. Lots to think about.
yes, I love Jazz since I was very little. I was surprised you liked jazz. tower '99 by Dave Weckl is breathtaking .
You should listen to Dave Weckl, he is a Jazz genius.
ladies & gentlemen. the elegance, the power, the lightness. THE BEST : DAVE WECKL.
Buzzing for the London drum show tomorrow! Seeing Dave weckl play live will be unreal!
Just casually off to meet Dave weckl for a 8 hour master class 󾌸
sitting in my hotel room in London. Made it here fine and the box of chocolates I gifted to the service director as I stepped onto the plane did wonders. No crappy "economy" class wine for this guy. People kept looking at me as the first class flight attendants kept bringing the good bottles back and topping me up. Then they gave me a coupon to jump into an express immigration line. I didn't know they could do that :) Now I have been working on fixing my email, and have it solved. Seems that in Houston I logged in, which gmail deemed suspicious. So they shut down my passwords. Neat!! Thanks for that gmail. Nothing I'm more grateful for than having my email suddenly, unexplicably crash in the few minutes before I leave on an around the world business trip. But now I'm here, and looking forward to warm beer and an organ meat pie. Also, turns out the London Drum Show is on this weekend. :) Woot!!! Dave Weckl, Omar Hakim, Jojo Mayer. Oh my! Toodle-pip from jolly old England.
One day me Stanley Ohios, Dave Weckl, Jojo Mayer, Vigil Donati, Chris Colman, and Calvin Rogers. I can't wait.
I favorited a video Dave Weckl Band - Access Denied
Spending some quality time with 80s Dave Weckl
I assume you're a drummer from your DW pic post? I used to play, met Dave Weckl in Syd back in the 90's.
I liked a video from Arthur Rezende - Magic Island [ Dave Weckl - PlayAlong ]
I shall declare today as... Dave Weckl Band and anything with Guthrie Govan on guitar day. ENJOY! the car of the
Why Dave Weckl on the title. What does that matter? (-
Chad Smith, Steve Gadd, Dave Weckl, Aaron Spears, Tony Royster jr, and others, they were good but you must know Indonesia's drummer
Hello Cleveland! Just arrived to join Steve Smith, Dave Weckl, Thomas Lang and Aaron Spears at the Drum Fantasy Camp!
Walt Disney Collectibles and Gifts, Disney Figurin
Friday night in CALA GONONE to see BRECKER BROTHERS REUNION with DAVE WECKL on THE DRUMS ! Goduria totale ! N
Spend your afternoon at work HERE: download stacks of guitar stuff whilst gooving to a bit of Dave Weckl! No brainer!
i can go back to Tony Williams, dave weckl, Vinnie Colaiuta... dude! they would DESTROY that dude. with EASE!
Drummers! The Drum Fantasy Camp is happening August 8-12. I'll be joining fellow teachers, Dave Weckl, Steve...
Dave Weckl made me gain a love for latin music.
lets get mullets like Rave Dave Weckl
You just reminded me, I knew there was something I didn't save. *** *** listened to Dave Weckl, though. I was digging it!
Before the show in Stocklolm with Randy Brecker, Justin Faulkner, Dave Weckl, Joey Calderazzo, Branford Marsalis,... ht…
80's Chick Corea music video where John Patitucci slaps it in a stairwell while Dave Weckl bangs on fences
Was that who it was? It's was ROPEY! I turned it off and put Dave Weckl Band on. from 'off' milk to double cream in a second
@ Dave Weckl - Crazy Horse - rated 3.75 out of 5 heard by 75 listeners
Dennis Chambers. Steve Gadd. Dave Weckl. Questlove. Vinnie Colaiuta. This is far too cool! Drummers galore at
I wanna be like Steve Gadd, Dave Weckl one day. My life. That is all. 😍😍🎶🎶
George Colligan piano Bob Sheppard saxophone Hamilton Price bass Steve Hass drums June 20th / $15 / 8pm FROM New York!! George Colligan is a jazz pianist, organist,drummer, trumpeter, teacher, and bandleader, who is one of the most original and compelling jazz artists of his generation. An award-winning composer (Chamber Music America/Doris Duke Foundation grant recipient), Colligan is highly in demand as a sideman, having worked with players like Cassandra Wilson, Don Byron, Buster Williams, and Ravi Coltrane, both on the bandstand and in recording sessions (appearing on over 100 CDs). Colligan is currently a member of Jack Dejohnette’s new Quintet. His 23rd and latest CD on the Steeplechase label is “The Facts.” Colligan has toured, recorded , and/or performed as a sideman with Gary Bartz, Benny Golson, Gary Thomas, Dave Weckl, Steve Coleman, Eddie Henderson, Ralph Peterson, Vanessa Rubin, Steve Wilson,Richard Bona,Jane Monheit, Ravi Coltrane, Lenny White, Michael Brecker, Mike Clark, Nicholas Pay ...
My new solo percussion CD, Esoteric Music, got a nice writeup in the release section of the new Drumhead magazine. Many thanks to Jonathan Mover for including my disc in his classy publication! And it's a thrill for me to be a tiny part of an issue with Dave Weckl on the cover.
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
My self issue is, I have many great friends who are amazing drummers, so as a result, when I'm on the kit I think to my self, how would Darryn Farrugia, Johnny Salerno, Pete Drummond, Terepai Richmond, Dave Weckl, Joel Prime, Billy Warnock, Sandro Abate Drummer, Karl Lewis, Mark Schulman, Mark Charters , Ben Todd, sound in this exact situation ? Does my head In,
John Patitucci jamming with Dave Weckl at the beginning of the Electric Bass 2 VHS lesson tape.
Andrew Byrne and Dylan Elise are good stree drummers. I also like Cobus. Those guys are good. Then There's Dave Weckl and Mike Portnoy and James Sullivan. If I could just have all their talent. My life would = Complete.
Come join us for an Exclusive Drum Night with Legendary Rock drummer John Tempesta! John Tempesta will be killing the Stage at Angles Rock Bar from 7-9 p,m. Wed June 19th since the crowd will be too big for our store! This will be the Center Stage of KC for our Huge Drum Bash! John's drum clinics have taken him as far away as Moscow - where he performed at Zildjian's Day Out - and Australia. "To play in front of different people around the world - because everyone appreciates music - is really gratifying," John confesses. "Participating these clinics has also given me a chance to play with some great drummers like Dave Weckl, Virgil Donati, John Blackwell, Chad Wackerman, Dom Famularo and many other incredible musicians." Don't Forget John will be signing all the FREE giveaways and taking pics, so bring all your Fan gear from The Cult, White Zombie etc.and show him how much Kansas City Loves him!
John Bonham said more with the opening measures of "When The Levee Breaks" than Dave Weckl does in an entire drum solo.
One does not simply play like Dave Weckl...
Chick Corea Acoustic Band: Dave Weckl, John Pattituci just seen the solo session woewie what a line up !!!
Just watching the great drummer dave weckl - island magic..amazing !this is a difficult song ,hrus bs :D
Steve Gadd & The Buddy Rich Big Band: Basically Blue - from "Burning for Buddy" - Tribute to the Music of Buddy Rich - 1994 More videos here at DRUMMERWORLD:...
FRIDAY JUNE 7th- MIKE STERN BAND (USA) One of the hottest bands in the world, four of the best jazz, rock and funk...
Had a dream I was playing with Dave Weckl, it was awesome!
Seven Days is one of my favorite Sting songs. This show was a great birthday present from my wife! Thanks, dear. A lot of people moving around in this clip a...
That contemplative look. You get that after a full day in Dave Weckl's class! Join him at DFC, August 8-12 in...
I can learn drums from THE Dave Weckl?
A giant influence on all modern drummers under 40, Weckl's trademark latin overriding fusion style, with so many out-of-the-pocket punches is inherently flashy and flamboyant. He has always advanced drumming. He recently locked himself in a room for a few years and redefined his style to more of a S...
Legendary Drum Teacher Gary Chester on Becoming Successful. This Footage is from a Sam Ash Clinic in 1987.
Listenin this music and watching Dortmunt vs munchen ♫ Access Denied by Dave Weckl (at —
Recorded in 1995, released with little fanfare in 1997, this is the first track from KISS' infamous Carnival of Souls album. It's either one of KISS' very be...
Progstreaming is a website where everyone can listen to the latest progressive rock releases in their entirety, from the moment of a record’s release onwards for a maximum of two months. Progstreaming unites listeners and artists. Listeners will discover new music and artists will have a unique oppo...
Nagenieten "Dave Weckl is an alien sent from another planet to make us drummers look bad!" - Gavin Harrison
Want to listen to Dave Weckl's Synergy but I guess someone borrowed my CD and never returned it.
Singer Claire Weckl sings "I Never Told You," by Colbie Caillat, at Nighttown Restaurant in Cleveland. Part of the closing concert for the 2011 Drum Fantasy ...
Had a great day with Song Tann. Took in Iron Man 3 and saw an old friend and great Vegas drummer Rick Powell play a wonderful show. Feeling very Zen so here's a Dave Weckl/Steve Hass thing I spent the afternoon writing out. Very hip, but take your time. Digging Vegas!
Dinner can be quite fun at Drum Fantasy Camp! Join Steve, Thomas Lang, Aaron Spears, and Dave Weckl August 8-12...
I agree with Jimmy the rev, Mike Portnoy, and Nicko Mcbrain but not the also forgot to mention a few other great names such as Thomas Lang Jojo Mayer, Tony Royster, Aaron Spears, Buddy Rich? Marco Minneman? cmonc all great drummers not only dave each drummer is unique in its own way...jus...
Dave Weckl talks about his early days playing with Nitesprite in NYC and the game changing gig where Peter Erskine saw the band and ultimately recommended Da...
I began to play the drums when I was 10 years old in the citizens band, where I learnt the first notions technique with the hands. I bought my first drum kit when I was 15 years old, and I had started to play it as a self-taught person. When i was 19 years old, I belonged to the army band "Banda Musicale della Brigata Meccanizzata Aosta di Messina",in which I played the drums and I travelled round the South Italy for 1 year. After I had done this experience, in 2002, I enrolled at the Accademia of Musica Moderna in Palermo, and I started my studies with Ignazio Di Fresco. In 2004, I earned a two degree of course basic, and in 2007, I earned a three degree of course perfection. During these years I did some lessons and clinics with Franco Rossi. In 2009 I complited the Diploma in drum kit in Milan. Furthermore,I have partecipated at clinics with famous drummers: Virgil Donati,Steve Smith,Dennis Chambers,Jojo Mayer,Dave Weckl Christian Meyer, Paolo Pellegatti, Furio Chirico, Camillo Colleluori,Dom Famularo, ...
Sighs. Well. I think imma FINALLY hang my drumsticks up... i kinda suck on drums now. at least i have a couple recordings of me playing in my "hey day" LOLOL Since we got ppl that wanna call me "dave weckl" (coughs.. Marcus Daheatmizer Devine) that's STILL funny. smh... LOL... so i think imma just stick to piano & let the REAL drummers play drums on my cd. LOLOLOL
Thank you Mike Stern, Bill Evans, Tom Kennedy, & Dave Weckl for an evening of mind-blowing jazzrock!
There is nothing special about dave weckl,ronald brunner,neal peart,kelvin bond,abraham laboreal,victor wooten and the rest top musician's,the secret to their play is just a constant and effective practice...
All of Drumhead's spectacular cover images.
Thanks everybody for the kind words! Both are Zildjian cymbals. I believe the ride is a 21" K Special Dry Ride and the hats are 14" K Light hihats.
Sound check today for the Sugar Ray Leonard event at Santa Monica pier. Rockin' the stage with Zota Pop's heavy duty musicians: James James Zota Baker (War, Edgar Winters), Joshua Seth Eagan (Pink, members of Toto), Ric Fierabracci (Dave Weckl, Frank Gambale, Shakira), and Marc Gumberg (Sara Hensley). These guys make me sound like I know what the heck I'm doing! :)
Two drummers chatting before their audition at the countries top jazz school.
Just heard that Dave Weckl is coming out with the Mike Stern Band.
Watching the Drummers Collective Drum and Bass Day 25th Anniversary.from 12 years ago.Dave Weckl is scary on drums
The Mike Stern Band is led by one of the world's greatest electric guitar players of the past 25 years, and also stars multi-award winning drummer Dave Weckl, bassist Tom Kennedy and sax player Bob Franceschini. This is Stern's regular touring band, a veteran line-up that's headlined on innumerable festival and club stages worldwide, presenting a rare opportunity in these cash-strapped times to see a fully integrated, vastly experienced unit in all its glory - in the intimate surrounds of a small club. Check out some of the footage of this band on our website to see what a massive treat this is going to be. Stern and co play Blue Beat on Wednesday 5th, Thursday 6th and Friday 7th June. Hurry, tickets are selling fast.
So, My Son Spencer is fundraising for a trip to Drum Camp this summer. The trip is expensive. At the same time, We are soft starting a t-shirt business called bband lyrics you know but have to place them. He is willing to make any custom shirts, within our ability for anyone wishing to help him raise funds. Company shirts, Lyric Tee's, Personal Photos, we can try anything. Cool Logos in the works. Call or e-mail me to discuss. This is a great opportunity for a 15 year old to learn from some of the finest drummers around. So when you get dressed, think b# Tee's- "Don't be caught Flat!"
Drum Fantasy Camp 2013 to feature Aaron Spears, Dave Weckl, Steve Smith and Thomas Lang. Register now!
Great show from Mike Stern, Bill Evans, Dave Weckl and Tom Kennedy. Mike was in a great and funny mood. Maudy and...
I CONSIDER HIM ONE OF MY ALL-TIME FAVORITE DRUMMERS And one of my major drumming influences along with Mitch Mitchell, Carmine Appice, Keith Moon, Dave Weckl, Ginger Baker, Mr Buddy Rich, Tony Williams among a few others.. ALL tracks credited to William E. Cobham, Jr., but parts of the music were co-written with the other musicians and resulted from jamming in the studio. Amazing opening piece! C'mon drummers, get your mojo going..
For everybody who isn't there already: come to Den Bosch right now! I'll be playing some awesome music in this awesome weather 15.30h at Uilenburg stage.. check out today's line-up: Kurt Elling, Mike Stern, Dave Weckl, Bill Evans, Bruut, Finn Silver, VinnieVibes, MELPHI...
Watching the R&R hall of fame induction show and Rush is on now. Holy crap, are they amazing. Neil Peart has to be among the top 5 drummers of all time. Those other 2 guys aint bad either!
one of the best 'pop' albums ever has to be 'Return of the Brecker Brothers' Remember Steven Dietvorst *** De WaalRonald Verberkmoes singing along all solos and tiniest horns accents?! Give it up for Michael Brecker
really Funny, woke up dismorng listening to daveweckl, just imaginin, How wil my day be?
This is the best and most briliant drummer ever! (no exageration) any description would NOT be fair and enough to desbribe him. Ladies and gents... Enjoy Vin...
What is your favorite drumstick size?
Amount of concerts in the last 6 days: 13!!! Loots of Jazz with Ravi Coltrane, Gary Burton, Bill Evans, Mike Stern, Dave Weckl, Bill Carrothers, Grace Kelly... Great :)))
Master drummer Dave Weckl shows off his Southern Gospel chops in this high energy Artist Spotlight segment. He is accompanied by Dirk Johnson, Ed Gillies, an...
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