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Fair point Dave. Whatever happens though, we need Tom Shaw playing. Too good for us not to be involved in a playing capacity
Garrett Groshek has outgained both Chris James and Bradrick Shaw. Things you thought you'd never say for $100, Alex.
Shaw is in town and available. . Lol
True, but imagine what having someone like Waters or Shaw could've done last week...
Watched it last year Dave John Turturro is excellent in it 👍🏻
It looks like Dave Ellis has almost broke Carl Shaw in that image !!! Brilliant work all, incredible team performance today.
Do you know of any reason why no phone calls to Grant Shaw? Or maybe there have been? Money? Personality clash?
It's Ms. Ryan's birthday ya'll! H25BD to my best gal. In the wise words of Dave Shaw, I WIKY…
'I wanna be aboard' the 12.15 to Shaw and Compton
You know who is pouring sweat, has extremely high blood pressure right now, and is ready to win this game? ..THE Brian Sh…
Congrats to our own Dave Shaw who will be inducted into the Hall of Fame Sept 30!
thanks for your like Dave, how's you?
Stanford's offensive line had positive moments at USC. Shaw and LT Dave Bright discuss need for progress vs. SDSU.
Plus Byrnes HC Reggie Shaw and Dorman HC Dave Gutshall join us today.
going to See dave Gilmore live at Pompeii tonight in cinema tonight any chance of comfortably numb on at some point today?
for the chance to voiceover and introduce an ep of THE NEW SERIES OF 18+ Ends 14/09 T&C's https…
Then next Saturday, 23rd September we return to Perk in Carpenders Park with Sandra Hale, Dave Black, Heather Shaw,…
The are 1 Travis Shaw steal away from being the first team in MLB history to have 7 players with 10+ HR & 10+ SB.
Dave Dombrowski when he sees Travis Shaw is batting .230 in the second half
How cool, my buddy and on the road roomie, Shaw Grigsby Jr joins my other roomie and buddy, Paul Elias, in the...
Thanks Dave. It was rough and full of highs and lows. Happy to survive the day 😉
Surely you ought to know Dave does not need convincing how important he is.He ain't a Luke Shaw or Fellaini
REC Brandon Zylstra named a Shaw Top Performer of the Week. 10 catches for 187 yards vs. Stampeders on Saturday.
to vote for WR as the Fans' Choice Player of the Week.
Prep and college basketball: Dave Shaw will be inducted into the WBCA Hall of Fame
Congrats on your county cup win inspiring inns from daz Shaw
Remember that Dana promised a return to Calgary too.
UFC Exec David Shaw (Intl Content) says they will return to Edmonton CAN despite recent controversies.
Travis Shaw smacks a 1-0 sinker from Hendricks into the wind and over the RF wall for a two-run HR that gives 3-1…
the latest from | UFC exec Dave Shaw: Edmonton return planned despite commissi...
Where is all the talk of Travis Shaw lately? Guy has fallen back to 🌏 and Devers is playing a solid th…
UFC exec Dave Shaw says the plan is to return to Canada 3 times in 2018. Fight night, Fox, PPV, like this year.
I've cheered the punching of a man who cheated at a non-gambling game of 9-ball, so yes, I'm fine with Nazi punching
never thought anyone would ever want to be like Gucci dave ???
not so sure there would be a Shaw or even a martial
3am and I'm awake because my dad is snoring. Cheers Dave 👍🏼
“Ashamed to be American?” Don’t be. The majority of you voted against this narcissistic, xenophobic, vainglorious, igno…
Thanks to advocate Dave Giuliani for sharing this beautiful story of a loving family that helped three kids who...
Also really rate Dave for being true to his word when he said that he wouldn't put any surprises in that exam. What a lad, big up David Shaw
Memphis saying farewell to Shaw, Pogba, Dave, & Roo on his IG is the sweetest things ever :'). Good luck for you bro Thank you 🔴⚽👊
Read a piece from Dave Ricks, CEO of on the value of partnerships in advancing solutions.
did you know greenlay was in Shaw shank?
Dave Shaw Howdy I invite you to this adult movie cam free of charge join Click on my profile.
terrible one, always loved watching Dave Shaw coach circles around Ulbrich
Still time to free Peltier. This is it.
Amazing time tonight hanging with Dave Reineke, Kati Stage and Jamie Shaw tonight. Quite an amazing crew they have. Thanks for having me!
. Check em out: sam Moore and Dave prater
it's Sam & Dave they had lots of hits like 'Soul Man' (1967)"
Not our most popular manager but thank you Van Gaal for Rashford, Blind, Herrera, Rojo, Shaw & the FA Cup. Happy retiremen…
"The single biggest problem in communication is the illusion that it has taken place.". (George Bernard Shaw)
Not true. Mr. Jones, Dave Prowse, Sebastian Shaw, and Hayden Christensen all make up Darth Vader.
Thank you to Dave Allen and Kevin Shaw, conversation leaders for The Mask You Live In for your insight and for...
that book eventually triggered a pavlovian response in my son. One page.Zz.
Don't worry, fans. You still have the to root for.
here's the lineup for success: Manning, chief of football ops; Tressel, GM; Dave Shaw, HC...championships!!!
Theirs playersthat get you to the playoffs and than theirs players that get you through the playoffs # Shaw
Fire Andrew Shaw. . From a cannon. . Into the sun. . Here's why.
Except Brad Marchand and Wayne Simmonds are actually good. Andrew Shaw is a flaming pile of poop.
As I've always said, NHL would be much better without Andrew Shaw in it.
Andrew Shaw is a great example of why you shouldn't leave expired milk out in the sun.
Reminder everyone: the Canadiens gave up MULTIPLE second round picks to get Andrew Shaw.
PerfectMatch - #1 Trusted Source in Online Dating
Andrew Shaw is a human flaming pile of dog crap.
to the PP. Shaw gets an interference call.
my team:. Dave. Valencia Jones Smalling Shaw. Herrera Carrick . Miki Zlatan Tony . Let's have it
The post-match verdict of Spalding United boss Dave Frecklington as they lost 1-0 at home to league leaders Shaw...
Home in Dublin for the weekend, this mural of the man himself has appeared opposite GB Shaw's birthplace, now a mus…
Hilarious. Don't have an internet contest to name your new ship. Current favorite RRS Boaty McBoatface. HT Dave Shaw
There are other areas, but Schneiderlin, Ander, Shaw, Dave, Martial, Memphis, Pereira, & Januzaj is a solid base. Need more q but it's good
Talking housing, health, hallway medicine & w/ on tonight at 7 pm on Replay Sun. 2pm.
Who would you keep ? Dave, Tony Martial, Smalling, Darmian, Mata, Bastian, Shaw and the young fellas
VIDEO: Mayor Dave Formosa interviewed about City of Powell RIver developments by Shaw TV North Vancouver Island &...
so you're saying there's a chance! Would be great statement by john n dave that salary doesn't dictate play. Shaw's on fire
Debunking some myths about Opinion Piece by Dave Shaw (2016)
absolutely gutted. One of the best programmes on TV in the UK. What are we going to do with Reece, Finch, Shaw and Foscoe
Kane, Sterling, Alli, Luke Shaw, Barkley, Butland, Stones to name a few.. Decent enough, if not world class
Last year, I took some live photos of Dom Pipkin and The Iko's. As well as his own band, Dom is also keyboard...
Dave Shaw: Stop going nuts over coconut via
Author-Brother: Elmo Hudson! I had a surprise visitor of my e-mail yesterday a Golden Gloves Boxer name Bill Gavaldon's and Dave Shaw who
Yeah, that "voice" was in 2008 and 2012. This is why I would never even *consider* voting for your party.
$300 if it was Dave Dave Shaw's pubes.
NEW COMIC: "I want to be thoroughly used up when I die."-G. Bernard Shaw
Some men see things as they are and say, why? I dream things that never were and say, why not?. George Bernard Shaw http…
Shaw's major league at bats don't count, Moron...
Can you help Dave Shaw our own Youth Commissioner shape scouting in Berkshire?
and we have a one point but more important a seven goal benefit over the unwashed! That's a point too!
not really, Bertrand has had massive injury problems in the last 12 months. So has Shaw.
with shaw injured he's the best LB we've got.
Shaw is leagues above, nothing special about Baines at all. Bertrand will start in the Euros
on par with Rose for me mate. Nowhere near as good as Shaw or Baines.
he's not better than Baines, Shaw or Gibbs. So 4th choice at best.
Andy and Dave are having fun at the trade show in the Edmonton Shaw Conference Centre. Come stop by!
I agree with you! So there are three dads claiming to be your father! Sebastian Shaw, Dave Prowse and Hayden Christensen!
Chasetown FC v Shaw Lane Aquaforce. Photographer Dave Birt captured the match action as...
Dave, Darmian, Smalling, Shaw, Schneiderlin, Memphis, Martial. But sadly Rooney will start too
Dave, Varela/Darmian, Smalling, Shaw, Morgan, Herrera, Mata, Memphis, Martial. First XI isn't the biggest issue for us.
Dave, Varela, Mike, Blind, Shaw, Morgan, Ander, Mata, Rooney, Memphis, Martial. That to me is our strongest XI.
Shaw's been injured all season lmao. Martial is overrated af. Dave I can agree with
Dave, Smalling, Shaw, Martial minimum easily make West Ham team
The final act for RHS Play Director, Dave Shaw. Thanks for your time and talents!
give us the real scoop: how many USA hat / goatee combos have you seen?
USA hats and goatees are the official Trump gameday uniform
dave is dave, the only world class player we have. smalling memphis martial all had spells & shaw started well... NOTHING else
Hard to make redeeming arguments for anyone other than Dave, Toto, Shaw and then the kids. High hopes still for Darmian/Memphis.
hi chris. Dave here from Agilent. Living in Shaw Heath me the ground now , hope you are well
Also baseball activity in Mount Ulla. Dave Shaw on the scene.
Has Eric Tillman traded Collaros for Steven Jyles and Grant Shaw yet?
Come see Andy and Dave at the tradeshow March 14 at Edmonton Shaw Conference Centre Booth 524. See you there!
Sad day yesterday & yet still a celebration. Certainly one of the best Police Officers IMO is retiring. CC Dave Shaw ...1/2
Who knew you could get something like this in a cross stitch kit? Well you can! Eddie Stobart truck by Dave Shaw:...
A book about sport: Sport and Exercise Psychology by Dave Shaw et al. (2005)
I wear my sunglasses at night, so I can so I can. dave_flounder stellingm213
Grant Shaw. New rules are not his friend so far this year.
FFS Dave that looks like you've recycled that!!!
agreed. Very disappointed in PC action re: C-377.
People still wanting to vote Conservative need to look elsewhere.
Rowan County won 18-10 vs. Concord. Dave Shaw just limped back in from Newman Park at 12:23.
Just an epic and delightful rant from the most closeted *** man in the United States. .
yeah I've been to everyone so far m8 there was me,the nixons,dave Shaw, big Jim, ap, brads, lundy, and a couple of others m8
to win 2 good tix to at Arrowhead. Must follow us to win. About the tour:
HSCC this weekend at with Dave Shaw in the March 803 Formula 3!!
Shaw and that monologue right up there with Michael planning to kill McClusky
I take it you didn't watch him last year? He was solid. Dropped 28 last night.
yeah he's a nice player in today's game. Today's game ***
No, but unless he's improved dramatically I don't see how he's even on a KU roster ten years ago
exhibit A for evidence how far the quality of college ball has dropped.
Aww, shucks, Dave. Yer the bestest. :D Need to find and for their input.
Big THANKS to Dave Shaw for this amazing and moving film
TUESDAY: scores 5, 4 Dave Shaw 4 and 3. Top scorer list will be interesting!
Hi I'm off to tomorrow until Monday so please be aware I won't be able to quote this week thanks Dave
Shaw is better than Gaya as is Dave, Marcelo and Alaba.
I honestly didn't know this was a debate until today.
Dave Avis, Dale Shaw maybe this is how you guys should do it?
I see you're batting at 11 and 1 over at the end. When did u become the new Dave Shaw
Dave is an excellent keeper but he is no leader, same for Smalling, Valencia and Shaw.
alright mate, good initiative 👍🏻 been training on the B'shaw gear for a while. Looking forward to Saturday!
Love the way Robert Shaw's hairstyle changes from shot to shot in 'Battle of the Bulge'
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If Shaw gets hurt again you don't think the team will sign another kicker??
There's no plan right now to bring in another kicker. Both Hervey and Jones are confident in Grant Shaw abilities.
Shaw hadn't played since September and had a hectic week becoming a 1st time father. He's earned the benefit of the doubt.
reading about the BC game, Shaw apparently missed everything & the barn door, no one else out there?
Thanks Summer Concert Series/Adam Helms for amazing all-day concert featuring our Dave Shaw
so who is the backup kicker if Shaw gets hurt
Join at RiversEdge amphitheater at Marcum Park to see hometown hero Dave Shaw.
Grant Shaw had a pretty bad night but I feel he's earned the benefit of the doubt. Been a wild week for the new father.
Grant Shaw should probably get some more competition, 3-7 for a pro kicker is inexcusable but good win anyway!
The gathering... Thanks for this great video Dave Shaw!
Extreme ironing: a champion returns – video - Your kind of sport!
Dave Shaw (It was great connecting with you guys at Thanks for visiting our booth!
Sorry to hear this Dave, which Forerunner do you have?
I should go on record here: I have no idea who Dave Shaw is.
AUTHOR: Elmo Hudson! (UNCLE SAM DELIVER KO BLOW TO GLOVES) Three champions and three of last year's finalists will be missing this year due to the draft. The tournament's two greatest losses will be State Champion Rudy Gurrero, who won the open flyweight title by default in 1964, and missed the 1965 tournament, battled his way to the State bantamweight crown in the novice division last year. He decision Portland's Robert Wheeler to win the district crown, then decisioned Al Benavaldez of Saginaw to claim the State Championship. Rudy is the boxer that Dave Shaw that was inducted into The Greater Lansing Sports Hall of Fame in 2013 who was a trainer at the Capital Caravan Club said that Rudy could have been a world Champion. And Dave Shaw was the trainer that was in my corner when I upset the knockout King from Portland Doug Stemler and also another State Champion from Owosso Darrel Ford, written in The Lansing State Journal By Jim Wallington 'Sports Writer' '1966' And that's how I made 'Sports Memories' I ...
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Dave Shaw: Health tips from a top model - New Zealand Herald
Dan Brown scores on his debut to give Rocester a 1-0 lead at Half Time in Dave Shaw first game in charge of the Romans
See the decidedly less dreamy Matt Mays as Van Morrison (pictured right) and Such a Night super-fan, Dave Shaw...
Took Holden to tribunal this morning and won! Dave Shaw, Shelley Goddard, Nikki Shaw and Ian arrive this morning too! Feeling pretty darn good right now!
Now we're talking Dave Shaw this is what it's all about, never mind these old fords.
Bruins Alumni down 4-2 at intermission despite goals from Dave Shaw and Scott Young. Lewiston, ME.
The line-up for "Rip-Off" from L to R is as follows: Eugene "Keys" Bentley, Joel Williams, Don Lubbers, Dave Shaw, Darci Kerr, M Sack, Mark Yaxley, Roger Greene, Fred Dunn and Brian Cullaton. The pianist is Jerry Gowen and the drummer (not shown) was Dave "high-hat solo man".
Posting again for my Bro Joe... Hey guys on February 17, 2013 at 6:00 PM at the Allied Veterans Rink 65 Elm St. Everett, Ma I will be playing in a Boston Bruins Alumni game to benefit Boston Children's Hospital, SCORE which supports local youth hockey programs, and other local area charities. Tickets to the event are $10.00 for adults and $5.00 for children under 15 years of age. Boston Bruins Alumni Team players are: Rick Middleton, Ray Bourque, Terry O'Reilly, Brad Park, Reggie Lemelin, Bob Miller, Tom Songin, Don Marcotte, Bill O'Dwyer, Andy Brickley, Bruce Crowder, Frank Simonetti, Jay Miller, Bob Sweeney, Lyndon Byers, Nevin Markwart, John Carter, Bob Beers, Ken Hodge, Don Sweeny, Bruce Shoebottom, Glen Featherstone, Dave Shaw, Steve Leach, Tim Sweeny, Guy Larose, Rich Brennan and Cleon Daskalakis. After the game there will be a meet and greet, they will be signing autographs and taking pictures. Come down bring the family have fun and meet the Bruins Alumni players. Hope all you guys can make it, th ...
top footy question today Dave Shaw *** Si Davis Andy Shurba Phil Haigh is what premiership player has scored more own goals ( 7 ) for his club than goals ( 3 ) in his long carerer ?
Our 1st year of 4.90 racing was a major success. We currently know of 12 purpose built 4.90 cars being put together to join our already amazing class. With some of the finest racers in the sport already running in this class, its going to be super competitive. We currently have put together a $5000+ points fund for 2013. We will announce our sponsors and release our schedule shortly. In 2013 we will be racing at some of the baddest tracks on the east coast including the Belagio of races tracks, Z-MAX Dragway. I want to say a heart felt "thanks" to all the race teams that helped put this class where its at today by coming out and supporting us. Come see us at the Drag race expo! Merry Christmas and Happy New year! Here's a list of some of our Drivers: Randy Anderson, Shane Westmoreland and the Red Oak Team Tim Miller, Jeff Vail, Dave Lambert and Hood racing, Dave Shaw, Brian Baker, Terry Holliday, Mike and Nick Cline, Allen Rose, Corey Pinto and Andy Street, Charles Harris and Skinny Kid, David South, ...
Before we go into Christmas mode, the success of this event could never of happened without the help, sacrifice and efforts, big or small, of the following: JB Knox, Joe Vaitkevicius, Jay Gibbons, Ron Cochran, Craig Medeiros, Judy Bucci, Barbara Murphy, Rich Bransfield, Bob Knox, DJ Paulie B, Steve Amaral, Roberto DiMarco, John Abbis Buckley, Chris Geraghty, Larry Cuzzi, Doug Valente, Chris Rosa, Bethany Rosa, John Carter, Bruce Shoebottom, Dave Shaw, the staff at Dockside Malden, All Set Press, Universal Screen Printing, Athletic Knit, *** Sporting Goods, Cataldo Ambulance, Sportsworld, our MTEC teen volunteers, Danny Rufo, Ron Cox, Mark Watson, the players, fans and all our sponsors and every man, woman and child that comes away with joy and excitement, passion and inspiration because of this event. One promise I can make to all of you...Next year will be bigger, better, and worthy of following yesterday. MERRY CHRISTMAS! - Scott Saia
Our very own Dave Shaw was awarded the “Queen Elizabeth II Diamond Jubilee Medal” at a ceremony held last night at the Royal Brock Hotel in Brockville. The award serves to honour significant contributions and achievements by Canadians, and in Dave’s case, an achievement abroad that brings credit to...
Dave Shaw jokes that the reason he’s in the pet business is that he earned a history degree and didn’t know what else to do.
Check out our hyper-boys and their efforts for Dave Shaw has to point - his mo is a bit Gary Neville-esq!
Lake City Leauge getting the Top score Last Night by Todd Johnson with a 739, Next up was Chris Gibbons from the Mixed Nuts league with a 737. Also getting mentioned is Dave Shaw with a 719, Matt Wynhoff with a 706, Heath Hauge with a 702 Nice bowling guys. Bringing it home for the Women. Brenda Hemstead with a 639, and Holly Loy with a 531- You go girls!! :)
Hamilton Collection
This new behind-the-scenes video from Skyfall focuses on the film's underwater fight sequence. Diving coordinator Dave Shaw talks about the 1.2 million liter un
Thank you all so much for the Birthday Wishes. I'm so blessed to have so much love around me. Just got back from a yummy dinner with my folks and the kiddos at the Olive Garden! with Dave Shaw and Donna Shaw
Just talked football with Dave Shaw at John Wayne Airport. I had butterflies the whole time.
Had breakfast with Sean Johnson and Dave Shaw this morning...when we got home Pepper had ate part of our shaggy rug and my cycling shoes were in the living room next on her destroy list...I think she read my post on FB this morning about her mom wanting another dog ;)~
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