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Dave Scott

David Scott (born 1932) is a former American astronaut; the seventh person to walk on the Moon.

Mark Allen Brian Roberts Craig Alexander Neil Armstrong Gene Cernan Public Affairs Office

There were red flags but nothing concrete, no way they could have seen him to be…
Your podcast with Scott Kaplan about *** Enberg was EXCELLENT! Thank you both for the excellent discussion!
Not a surprise. Mizzou not good in late game execution.
5) Where this gets really interestin' is that ROSATOM's attorney, Scott Balber, is also the lawyer for Agalarov & Kaveladze…
From the very start, Letterman - in that very Dave kind of way - makes a playfully absurdist, terrifically lucid co…
Would like to round the day off by thanking Scott-Morgan Scott-Morgan & birthday boy Brown...
So what you have here is: . 1.Wahlberg is repped by CEO Ari Emanuel. . 2. Ridley Scott is repped by (ex W…
I have been fighting Puritt long time, I lived in PITCHER Oklahoma till 08 when we go…
It was the same with default Shep and Scott and Sara too. I don't know why they wouldn…
Compare and contrast what Dave Scott said about the abuse got and what he says about people singing a so…
This, by is honestly the best thing I've read on Chapelle's Netflix specials. Not reductive in it's critiques (s…
Day 7 - One of my faves. Made Movement works with clients in the good ole USofA. But why it’s special to me is it’…
Scott cha mammas small but best in the neighborhood...better than Famous Dave's
When big Dave came on, wiped a pig clean out and fist pumped the away end 😂😂😂
is a 1931 Kenworth Model N owned by Dave Schroyer. Schroyer bought the 1931 Kenworth equi…
Unfortunately, I never did, Scott. Was fortunate, however, over the years, to talk with some of the g…
Apollo 15 Astronaut Dave Scott on the Moon, working with the ALSEP, August 1, 1971 . http…
.. first steps into a frontier that will never end.". . Dave Scott. Apollo 15, CDR. on the slope of Hadley Delta https:/…
Just wanted to say a huge thank you for all the lovely messages, I wouldn’t be where I am today without the support…
Nigel Adkins confirms bid for defender Scott Mckenna. Hear him .
David Clarke is officially a satire of Dave Chapelle's satirical "Black White Supremacist.". 🤣🤣🤣. Check out how many wh…
.thinks he can save coal... . (*Eye roll*) . Meanwhile, the chair of the world's largest coal port…
Shock, we should’ve had a pen. Graham Scott is a disgusting ref. Shouldn’t be anywhere near our games after what he did against Sunderland
"I'm not sure where we're gonna find a patriot within the Republican Party, because I'm not sure if there are any left." Scott…
"I think Donald Trump is one of the biggest mobsters in the world." Scott Dworkin. on MSNBC
“Speaker Ryan should go to prison for letting Nunes violate his recusal time and time again.” Scott Dworkin. on MSNBC
Dave Scott from will be on the 16th of January to talk about Jokely, the tinder for
Sounds more like kids that didn't listen, can't believe kids are taught Armstrong was…
Please join me in wishing the incredible a very happy birthday today! . After overcoming set back after set b…
LISTEN LIVE | If you cannot make the game today. Full audio commentary is available for members. Scott Si…
NASA astronaut Dave Scott emerges from the Apollo 9 command module as it orbits Earth. Credit: NASA
"Dave, through the boldness and courage of his comedy, is offering relief. He is giving people a safe space to laugh, and…
WATCH: Dave Scott explains why he is calling for a review into the Neil Stonechild inquiry. READ/WATCH MORE:
Dave Rubin says he hates identity politics, but the fact is he implicitly trusts the reasoning of proven dunces like Ben…
Remember: Scott Adams is a nutjob. A few months after I posted this, Dave Rubin had him on to talk about how Trump was so…
Scott Frost accepts Eddie Robinson Coach of the Year Trophy during special reception at layoff
We also want to thank our speakers who shared their expert knowledge with attendees. . Robert Mullen. Dr. Tony…
Hey if you are going to make vulgar, racist statements in front of US Senators, at least have the courage to…
"He rapes, but he saves.". We know Dave Chappelle is a comedian. He might just be a magician, too. I break down what makes…
Is that Dave Anderson in the suit in the lower left?
Another investigation! The Inspector General will investigate the EPA’s spending for Scott Pruitt’s unprecedented level of se…
These endangered Virginia Republicans just showed they will never stand up to Trump and his hateful ideology:. Rob Wittma…
It's time to head to the surface with Dave Scott and Jim Irwin. There's plenty to do at Hadley-Apennine and not a lot of…
Podcast with talking about dreaming big on my new "Build a Dream Business Show" - episode 001 no…
J keeps reminding me of people I left off my list: Bruce, Frog, Janine, Scarborough Steve, Dave, Scott the bartender...
Our guy can write about anything! Check out his latest about comedian Dave Chappelle!
Buy Miche Bag Online!
Dave Chappelle is the same comedian he was 20 years ago. Guest writer Jack M Silverstein (..
Dave Scott was at my grandfather's funeral. I didn't get a chance to speak w/ him…
Deke Slayton, as well as astronaut Dave Scott and Jim Irwin. We're within 5 At 190 hours, 25 minutes that was Ed Gibson conversing with Pete
80' TRY - Danny Yates chip and chase is intercepted and returned up field with venom from Batley who cross through Dave Scott
"Conquistadors": Apollo 15 astronauts Jim Irwin and Dave Scott on the Moon, 1971. Painted by Apollo 12 moonwalker A…
I love this. Front row is Gemini VIII prime crew Dave Scott & Neil Armstrong; back row is backup crew *** Gordon &…
Dave Scott is LIVE in Clairemont where actor is getting a street named after him. Watch our full cov…
Public Affairs Office: And Dave Scott the backup crew commander has joined Paul Weitz at the CapCom console. A velocity of 10,215 feet per
Dave Scott from Nil By Mouth hitting the nail bang on its head over the Green Brigades support of the IRA.
This iconic scene with Dave Scott's stand-up extravehicular activity was taken in 1969
March 3, 1969: Apollo 9 astronauts Jim McDivitt, Dave Scott, and Rusty Schweickart head out to the launch pad at Ke…
I thought it was cubes, Dave Scott asked John hollins if Pimlico Utd could play against reserves lol
Public Affairs Office: This is Apollo Control at 170 hours, 53 minutes. The backup crew commander Dave Scott is also at the CapCom console
. .haven't seen his new one, wouldn't pay $ 2 c. if I can make it to 12am...may listen to Dave Scott, see what he's doing...👽😲👾
Great memories, good times! Better than we realized...Daryl, Dave, Stuart, Doug, Dale, Barry, Scott, Fate's, Jimmy til he moved!
Shop The Bradford Exchange Online for Patriotic 9/
“My identity is in Christ, not in football, and that changes everything.” - JK Scott in
Scott Golden elected new Tennessee GOP chairman via
Just watched your Dave Gorman hits and searched susan Scott, and yes, Martin is still on their !!
.reports Scott Golden, former staffer for & is the new chairman of the
Scott Golden is the new chair with 33 votes.
When you choose a behavior, you choose the consequences that come with that behavior. You’re not a victim. Don’t whine.…
"Christmas Tonight"by Dave Barnes feat. Hillary Scott. Same premise as Baby Its Cold Outside, but with mutual consent…
5 days of Isaac Scott ScottF Dave & a host of other very nice but ineffective "support" people & ur product doesn't work!
.not expecting same Luis Ortiz as in Malik Scott fight
Hi David, the only works we have info on that stretch of the are temp traffic lights - Scott
, I agree, Scott didn't want a fight. He thought he was on strictly c dancing. Dave should proceed with CAUTION👊
Published on this date in 2011 ... RECOMMENDED: DAVE & MANDY SCOTT-MORGAN.
US Navy EOD Senior Chief Petty Officer Scott D. was killed in action in Syria as we ate our Thanksgiving dinners. https:/…
I see this convo like this. Not sure who is who though
When I started he looked like this...
Meet Black Singles 300x250
Simba, all that the sun touches is mine.
this doesn't concern you, when we have a Stamps player on we can talk. :-)
so where do you have Lonzo Ball going in the draft. This kid is just the best in my opinion which is very biased.
As the man who started CFL podcasting, I expect my cut Brian.
So much attention has been on Baylor's fb program but Scott Drew is the shadiest SOB this side of Dave Bliss.
We're living in the movie Dave except instead of balancing the budget on a napkin the president starts World War 3 butt di…
There is literally a video of this police officer shooting Walter Scott in the back and planting his taser beside the body t…
I was just saying this is like "Dave" but with a Racist Michael Scott character played by Chris Farley
it's a pleasure doing business with you. Consider your debt paid. :P
ok. How about 1000 Hope that pays any debts to you
Meet our founders Dave Pye, Mark Constable and the rest of the team >>
I liked a video Scott made a new quiz for Dave
Ladies, ladies. What's really important here is we remember Dave is awesome. That's all
that's not my about payment. accepted. Make me an offer I can't refuse.
none of then can be up there wit album of the year tho. Purple reign, views, dc4, Travis Scott album, Dave east stuff, Tory album
My father Capt. Dave Scott and Vice President of Flight Operations is there taking delivery with del…
the guests are only part of the reason. . CHEERS!!
Congrats to and for setting the single day download record for the podcast!
let's all remember where Dave got his CFL Podcast pay the finders fee, or else. ;-)
A great episode - thanks to Dave & Morley for taking the time to do it - fans appreciate it!
Make it official, and now have the most downloaded episode beating out Kind of ironic when you listen
So it took those two powerhouses to beat me...
I added a video to a playlist Iron War with Dave Scott and Mark Allen. The Greatest Ironman Race Ever
In case you missed my discussion Thursday night/Friday morning with host Dave Scott:
P-Square have songs with Akon, Rick Ross, Matt Houston, Jermaine Jackson, Dave Scott and T. I.
2002 Tim deBoom and Natasha Badmann, 1992 and 1993 Mark Allen and PNF, 1984 Dave Scott and Sylviane Puntous. And not racing!
astronauts Tom Stafford, John Glenn, Gene Cernan, Dave Scott, Al Worden and Jack Swigert. 40 seconds away from the Apollo 11 lift-off. It
Comcast executives Brian Roberts, Dave Scott are basically taking over Ed Snider's role with Flyers
Holmgren, Dave Scott and Brian Roberts will be taking over as owners for Ed Snider
Homer says if a signing goes above budget, Dave Scott and Brian Roberts would get involved.
A camera lens used by astronaut Dave Scott on the moon sold at auction for $453,281
Dave you forgot persuasion ninja. Scott persuasion master explains
Dave Scott’s Hawaiian Triathlon Sweepstakes this is going to be awesome!! Enter to win!!
Congratulations to Scott Kosmachuk as he gets set to make his NHL debut tonight with the Winnipeg Jets!
Win a free trip to Ironman Hawaii 70.3 with Dave Scott!
McDonald's and cowgirls in high fashion?: Fans of Italian fashion label Moschino are probably some of the more...
Billy Gibbons talks cars girls and the night he risked upstaging
I met Dave Chappelle today in Yellow Springs so I guess you could say my life is complete
Amazing day out yesterday. Mountaineering with Douglas Scott! And Dave Bentley! Pinnacle ridge in summer conditions with a winter coat.
Enter to a trip to IRONMAN 70.3 in Hawaii with 6x World Champion Dave Scott!
Linesman Scott Ledger has been dropped from Premier League duty following the Christian Benteke penalty decision. http…
Introducing virtual reality cycling with ultra-cyclist Dave Haase. Only at
I learned from Dave Scott on KUSI that this is a sea stack on my computer.
Think like a publisher, not a marketer (Dave Meerman Scott).
Today marked 25 APPY years for General Mgr Dave Scott at our Keighley branch 🎂🎈
Save up to 45% 0ff MSRP On Harley Tires
Another week, another podcast. Join Scott, Dave and Kevin as they try to resurrect Ross from the depths of...
Excited to have Dave Tuttle present to the GEC tomorrow at 5pm...please come and join us!
Question for Dave Cable: What's your favorite street tree and planting method (metal tree grate? Belgian block?)?
Dave and Scott talk about the filmography of Chevy Chase through the 80s.
Dave & Scott talk about the filmography of through the 80s
Bon Scott wasn't original lead singer for instead it was a guy named Dave Evans. He was replaced by Scott after a year
I heard Dave Evans sing with Angry for a Bon Scott statue unveiling a few years back and sounded great. Could actually work
I'm live right now with host Dave Scott talking Please join us.
Competitive debuts today for Dave Scott, Dom Brambani, Pat Walker and James Davey
Hanging out during the break playing with pianist Scott Grove (left) and my friend Dave Schultz.…
Add coffee Mecca to James St. North in Hamilton. Thanks Dave and Rocky for the great coffee and…
AC/DC / TNT , live version . Did you know Bon Scott was a roadie when AC/DC's singer, Dave Evans, didn't show up...
I hope you had a good Thanksgiving Dave!
When you think you're Pirlo but you're really just fat *** Dave from down the pub...
Aziz Scott presents a check from Haley Buick GMC to Dave Kennedy, Bridging RVA Board Member, for our upcoming...
With the Jims. Bersheid and Scott at Chamber Dinner. Big congrats to Dave Roberts and Arctic…
does it feel weird not to put Dave's name
Dave King has confirmed will provide the living wage to its employees:
Careless Whisper by Scott Bradlee & Postmodern Jukebox Feat. Dave Koz, found with Listen now:
Dave Scott on Air till 6pm sponsored by Crown Property Services
Yes Sam Goldtooth Dave Scott Free & Henry Baguette all sliding to the tune.Cardiff in here.
exactly, Dave! I gave them feedback once that they obviously didn't like. If you ask my opinion, I'm going to give it...!
I can't initiate a DM Scott, can you DM me? If it's easier I can call you? Just let me know a number / time. Thanks - Dave (2)
Dave King: "I actually think we are one of the strongest clubs financially in the world. We are in a very strong financi…
Posted on this date in 2014 ... RECOMMENDED: 21 TODAY [421].
Three Prometheus sequels will be made, confirms Alien director Ridley Scott.
Seann William Scott as a hillbilly Buzzsaw. The same as when he played Macs cousin. Dave Batista as Subzero.
Dave, I had a collection time arranged on 25th 5pm-7pm. Was informed on arriving that I couldn't get it. Can you DM me, please?
Once you've collected the game just let me know and I'll refund the difference. Thanks - Dave (2)
Some of our familiar faces: Jim and Judy, Susan, Don, Dave with Tracy with Scott and Barb.
Hard at work late at night... the voices of the -
Scott Vickrey is his name, IMDB him :) I think you would be great for it.
Grey Cup edition of The Eskimos Show with and from 8-9pm. Listen:
So, Dave Sim has written his response to the Scott Adams ISIS thing. Main complaint? He's too *** ISIS.
I'm so happy for Scott Allan, as a Rangers fan a moment we've all dreamed of, setting up the goal that puts Celtic out. W…
Happy thanksgiving from all of us at ! Scott Tennant and Dave are looking pretty jolly with that…
Need a vacation? Book your hot winter getaway with ! Find Scott or Dave today!
Dear diary, today Scott Allan played a game for Celtic, even if it was only substitute. Today was a day of days
Scott Brown absolutely delighted with the new Scotland away kit
A Bulova Chronograph worn by Apollo 15 flight commander Dave Scott while on the moon -- the only privately owned watch to go to the moon
Special Grey Cup edition of the Show tonight live from Winnipeg at 8 PM with and
"Dinner is at 4, so let's start pregaming at noon" - Dave Scott. Like father, like daughter.
The birthdays keep on coming this month. Let's all wish Robin, Dave Scott a very Happy Birthday!
Funny, i thought THIS was the sharpest cutting tool in Wisconsin:
and even then, Barry came along with Dave Kraig and Scott Mitchell
Looking good Carlton and Mrs Palmer even more so -when you back in the country as would love to catch up Dave Scott
One of Spaced Out Radio's most popular guests, R Keith Andrews, returns with host Dave Scott, to discuss...
Mr Marshall can you follow me back please Dave Scott :-) cheers
Amazing intrv with THE LEGEND and 6x CHAMP Dave Scott by great
By elimination, it'll be Dave Scott, Gene Cernan, or Jack Schmidt. John Young hasn't been traveling. Prob Geno!
Majesty and grandeur. Apollo 15 astronaut Dave Scott said it about the moon and I think it applies to Papi
Dave Scott, CMO debunks the Urban Legend of Social Media Marketing at today's Mobile & Millennials Summit in LA!
well... That Scott W guy and that Dave something guy won't get my RT/Fav for sure.
This is how I spent my morning; training for the Thanks to Scott and Dave of the
Todd Frazier (home run derby champ) played in the LLWS. Not sure if doing so is any significant sign of making the league, tho
Special thanks to Dave Scott on KUSI Channel 9 for covering our Impossible Science Festival at the…
44 years today the first sculpture, a moving tribute... is left on the moon by Dave Scott, Apollo 15. http…
Beauty of a day on Music today by Scott Conway 2pm, Dave White 6:30, Carolann Fowler Trio 10:30
I added a video to a playlist PSquare - Bring it On [Official Video] ft. Dave Scott
please play me P square bring it on ft Dave Scott
Dave Smith showing off his brand new Scott Solace 15 Disc bike. Happy riding Dave!
Awesome night with Girls loved the show and their first sound check. Thanks Scott, Dave, Rich and Smitty.
Your lucky Dave has to take all the calls!
Time now for the 5th quarter with and with a game recap and also interviews from the lockerroom.
Mike Scott, J.D. & Dave Labossiere approve of this no-hitter. (photo from blog post 8/22/2011).
You can listen to the game live here with and
vs kickoff is coming up with and with the call on 630CHED.
By Psquare feat Dave Scott "I hate Twitfighting but for this I'm ready for it! 😡. Bring it on!😣"
With Dave and Blake for the Esks and TiCats. @ Commonwealth Stadium
Perfect day, for Ski Level 3 Preparation at TC with NZSIA Examiners Dave Taylor and Scott Dagg
For my coffee lovers. When you just can't get enough.
please play me bring it on by pq ft Dave scott
Please play me psquare ft dave scott bring it on
What can you do. Gotta let them play.
thanks for playing Psquare's bring it on ft Dave Scott. Am so happy!
Feel good song. Written by Scott Grimes & Dave Harris
Dave never knew any of ur stuff till my brother turned me on to y'all. U've become one of my favorite artists, and I mean art
Please play me Psquare's bring it on ft Dave Scott. Please o
Join us 8/22 to honor car show founder Scott Murphy. Tribute around 1pm.
See you tonight at Traditions At The Glen for The Scott Freeman Band! Lori and Dave will be there too!
In other news, thoughts about you, and I getting together to open up a Bar B Barn booth at CWS?
Philip is trying not to burn your sausages Dave!
Soo wounded Emma, Dave and Scott are leaving our college next week, not looking forward for new tutors coming in
assistant Dave Kemp believes Saido Berahino could join Tottenham because it is 'out of their hands'.
On today’s Off The Press with Scott Cronick, Dave Damiani calls into talk about his performances this weekend at...
Filling in as the guy, so I ask: Who is the best QB ever? Your choices: Dave Brown, Scott Brunner, Randy Dean.
Hi Scott! Up top hanging from the duct by a is a snoot pointing straight down
Dave Pageview's flow, in a word, disgusting
McGeouch's finally ironed out his pay-off with Celtic, he'll join Hibs on a Free, it was an agreement in place via the S…
Steve: did u guys get a good pic of me. Dave: ya dont worry. Steve: which pic did u use. Mark: dont worry about it
New! 190-Calorie VitaPizza- Get Free Shipping
Anyone claiming AIC isn't "metal"... Tell that to Dave, Scott & Kerry. They had Alice open for them.
I hit the follow button a long time ago.
Choreographers I would love to work with: Marty Kudelka, Travis Wall, Kenny Ortega, Dave Scott, Sonya Tayeh. There are so many!
This Thursday, July 16, from 6-8PM, stop in and see the Montgomery-Bissell Duo with special guest, Dave Scott!
"Opening Up Seminary's Arms to Children at Risk..." new blog by Dr. Dave Scott:
Scott C.'s Review of Ultra Countertops - Goleta (5/5) on Yelp: This place is great! Dave built and installed an…
For another time,Psquare has Proved to Me that they know what it takes to make a Good Music..."Bring It On" ft Dave Scott
We always have the latest, PSquare - Bring it On ft. Dave Scott (Official Video). Visit...
Dave Grohl broke his leg on stage in Sweden yet continued to play the set in a cast. Wow.
"There's a Guelphness to a special DNA here, something in the air that everyone at gets," Dave Scott-Thomas
So much to learn from Track & Field Head Coach Dave Scott-Thomas at the Alumni Awards of Excellence Awards Gala
I liked a video from Larsen Thompson | Yonce' | Beyonce | Gil Duldulao & Dave Scott
Attendance tonight is 1,780. That would include Scott Darling, Joakim Nordstrom and Brent Seabrook, who is also here with h…
he has been hanging out with Bradan
He's grown up a lot since Some touching words about his best friend .
Hi Scott, do you have an email address? Would like to speak to you about some consulting work.
Dave Scott leading the presentation for "Living the Legacy", 5-9-15.
Dave Black does some incredible things with light and light painting, and he's the guest blogger today on Scott...
😂its mark Scott and his plain white T lad!! Been out with victoria yet?
Looking back on and its best episodes 10 years later with actors and Dominic Keating
Build, Sam, Andrew, Dave and even Scott, to an extent, mug me off something chronic. Hauke doesn't because he's dope AF 👬👍❤😄
The newest Movers release, "Licensed to Move" CD / DVD, is now available AUTOGRAPHED by Rich, Scott, Dave and...
told us what he wanted most of all in this clothing range... "No Compromise!" -
Thank you Dave, Scott and Lowell for your years of support, we truly appreciate it!!!
it's not the extension that gets coaches fired it's the losing. Jones doesn't do that very often.
oh boy don't extensions in the usually mean fired by September?
There's some Martian DNA, mixed with Ridley Scott's Alien and a lifetime of too many comics and SF movies.
Dave the vampire comes out at 12am hehe
Health insurers could be in Gov. Scott\'s commission spotlight too(Orlando news)
Troy, Matt Scott and Dave Brock traveled to the Windy City this week for the ASCA's Snow Academy Chicago. Here's...
All purpose parts banner
Jamie L.'s Review of Dave's Drywall Repair - Gilbert (5/5) on Yelp: We have hired Scott at Dave's Drywall Repa...
Bring it on by Psquare and Dave Scott..Luv u guyz plenty
Show with Bring it On x ft Dave Scott
Miss Scott and Dave forever in my heart when revising psychology 💕💕💕
Dave Williams with a 31lb 06oz mirror from his new target water on a High Attract MK2 fished over Choc Banana Nut MIx htt…
Scott Adams: "Frankly, I�m suspicious of anyone who has a strong opinion on a complicated issue."
it's Dave's fault he plays with teabagg…
Sports Asylum Show will not be on air tonight and will return next wednesday where Anthony, Dave and Scott will...
3 choreographers about to jump on stage & 5-6-7-8 for our lives! MaDonna Grimes Dave Scott
It’s Guest Blog Wednesday featuring Dave Black!: . Let There Be Light. Thanks Scott for the opportunity to be a ...
Off to to bid to the best Scott we all know Dave.
Jonathan Scott kick your brothers butt on June 3rd we will be rooting for you .Ea and Dave
Say hi to Dave (Meijer) for me from scott jones Fox 59 he's a great guy
It's your Uncle Jim Tyson here, listening to Dave Scott interview Brian Cano on On Haunted...
Congratulations to Team Evan Aitcheson (l-r: Evan Aitcheson, Richard Cook, Jeff French and Dave Scott) on winning...
Special Offers - FREE Gifts with Purchase
Ridley Scott has wrapped 'The Martian,' one of our 100 most-anticipated films of 2015:
This XL Scott Genius 740 is heading out to Dave this week, with a Dropper post upgrade. For this month only we...
This date always sticks in my head: Gemini 8, Neil Armstrong & Dave Scott's 1st flight via
Gym competition tonight: max lifts for bench, shoulder press, pull ups, biceps and core -
The owner of the Flint Firebirds Rolf Nilsen, Dave Donahue, Scott Allen with the Firebirds logo!
What an AWESOME Monday! Donuts for Scott's Birthday, and a visit from Mayor Dave Jaworsky!
Kona - Equipment choices with Dave Scott and Craig Alexander.
Kona Bike course preview with Dave Scott and Craig Alexander.
An exclusive week in the magic island of with Dave Scott.
And the winner is... With an incredible 85 votes... WHAM BAR! Well done Dave Scott, Kirsty Hardman, Julie Thomas...
I liked a video from Nia-Imani dancing to Missy Elliott Hot Boy in Dave Scott class
SITREP January 26, 2015 PLANNED Performances • 1600 June 6th (Saturday) – Museum Atrium • 1015 June 7th (Sunday) – Chapel Service (Peace of God and Navy Hymn) PENDING Performances • Dave Scott coordinating with the AOCS Reunion Committee REHEARSAL • 1600 (tentative time) June 4th (Friday) – Location TBD POTENTIAL REPERTOIRE • Anchors Aweigh, Sailing Sailing, Navy Hymn, My Country Tis of Thee, Battle Hymn (choral music available from the U.S. Navy Band library in D.C.) • Peace of God, Mighty Navy Wings • Others - looking for your suggestions with sheet music availability From the above repertoire and others to be added, we may need to make a decision on only 4 or 5 pieces (which could be used multiple performances) due to rehearsal time constraints. NEEDED • One copy of the Mighty Navy Wings • Locating a previous Training Command Choir director to rehearse and lead us • Location for the Thursday afternoon rehearsal • Development of a roster of all those who will participate incl ...
Dogman on the talk menu tonight on Spaced Out Radio 12 am-2am CSTwith Dave Scott and yours truly
Born on this date: Tony Brackens, Willie Williams, Dave Scott, Steve Kenney... see more:
Dave Scott in New York did a disservice to New England children as a result of his arrogance and trust for the abusive Jim Carse
Free Shipping at Baseball Rampage
What a great night at the Urban Hotel Brisbane. Craig (CROWIE) Alexander & Dave Scott had everyone on the tips of...
Tragically Peake has turned up to Fulton with no Herring and no Hills, instead out of the van emerges Barnes and Dave Scott
Who gets to listen to Dave Scott and Mark Allen live? You do. Register @ ->> Nov. 13.
Are you registered for the live hangout with Mark Allen and Dave Scott yet? Click here before every spot gets taken→
Lunch with Legends. In 1989, Dave Scott and Mark Allen faced off in what stands today as the most famous race in...
Twenty-five years after their famous duel, Dave Scott and Mark Allen headline this EXCLUSIVE LIVE ONLINE EVENT...
Free live event on the future of triathlon with Dave Scott and Mark Allen:
Two days until Mark Allen and Dave Scott are LIVE. Claim your event spot for the action! ->>
Don’t forget to claim your spot for our hangout with legends Dave Scott and Mark Allen THIS THURSDAY→.
Two of my favorite athletes in the world, true legends, Mark Allen & Dave Scott
Less than week out from the live online event with & Dave Scott! Register today to relive history:
Just TWO DAYS left until our hangout with greats Mark Allen and Dave Scott. Click here to register→
Serving as a teacher in Kentucky Justice Association trial college helping young lawyers become better trial lawyers. Working with some of the best trial attorneys in Ky and In including *** Rawdon, Gregg Neal and Dave Scott. As usual, I learn more than I teach.
ask the folks in MO if they support Tim Scott, Mia Love or Thomas Sewell ... they're the racists .. plain and simple!
I'm sorry you feel that way Scott, if you change your mind please let me know. ~ Dave
I ran 3.085 for Thx2 for sponsoring me!
Come on Dons keep the tempo high get them rattled and push them high up the park. Scott brown red card and a goodwillie winner!! COYR
Dave Scott on Air till 3pm... Loving the Sunday Session.
Nightlife Band: Scott Sherman, Randy Emerick, Dave McMeniman, me and Michael Masci performing at
Thanks Adam and Dave, would you go Scott Chandler or Mychal Riveria at TE? Thanks again.
Another reason I love Dave Gibbons (and continue to hate Roy Lichtenstein) ‹ Scott Edelman
This is 7th time in his career a Harding punt has resulted with his team the ball back.
ball spotted at 2 after Harding punt.
“3 of my favourite guys Miss you, Tamara! Say Hi to Lucky!
All the best with the new job Shooter!! Great to see you man.
good to see you Tim. All the best in the new gig.
Apparently security is pretty loose in Regina.
Last chance to book - Legends of IRONMAN Dinner. You have the chance to dine with Dave Scott and Craig "Crowie"...
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