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Dave Robicheaux

Dave Robicheaux is a fictional character in a series of mystery novels by American crime writer James Lee Burke.

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Dave Robicheaux series by James Lee Burke. Strong characterization & set in the South but tracks well…
Love Holmes, Archer, and McGee. Right up there is among the greats is Dave Robicheaux. James Lee Burke's troubled hero.
Dave Robicheaux is back in James Lee Burke's top-notch new novel, ROBICHEAUX, in stores January 2, 2018!
Yes, yes, yes! Dave Robicheaux all the way. James Lee Burke can w…
and it's the backdrop to one of my fav detectives, Dave Robicheaux (author James Lee Burke).
A chance to see the place conjured in James Lee Burke's Dave Robicheaux novels -- just a shame Burke won't be there
Get some grit under your fingers in Louisiana with Dave Robicheaux .
.wait - what? No. It is the best you mean. I mean, it's medically approved. Love that stuff. So does Dave Robicheaux!
.As writer James Lee Burke put it in one of his Dave Robicheaux novels, "It was the pencil-pushers who gave us Auschwitz."
In The Electric Mist starting on - fine adaptation of one of James Lee Burke's 'Dave Robicheaux' novels
Any of James Lee Burke's Dave Robicheaux novels with his daughter Alafair.
Just started rereading the Dave Robicheaux novels of James Lee Burke from the beginning... The man writes like no other...
Michael Madsen should play Dave Robicheaux, don't you think? He has that hard lived life look.
sorry to intrude but you might also explore the Dave Robicheaux novels by James Lee Burke for a long arc of charactr
(2/3) leading [[Drug_lord]] in the area and Robicheaux's childhood friend from [[New_Iberia]], Dave becomes involved in solving the case
1st 6 Dave Robicheaux novels by James Lee Burke books plus more
Plan for rest of today: Exercise, shower, eat, clean, do HOA tasks. . Want to do today: Read Dave Robicheaux novel.
(1/2) A former police detective in [[New_Orleans]] and a recovering [[Alcoholic]], Dave Robicheaux is living a quiet life in the [[Swamp]]
any of the Dave Robicheaux books by James Lee Burke. Fine writing.
not Dave Robicheaux, I love James Lee Burke, but it's not big Dave & Clete
The small town of New Iberia, Louisiana is the home-base of James Lee Burke’s Cajun detective Dave Robicheaux
Loved on Shame there's no series on the Dave Robicheaux crime novels by James Lee Burke. Who would play Clete Purcell ??
Read the Dave Robicheaux novel by James Lee Burke years ago.
I get to book 18 in the Dave Robicheaux series and Kindle knocks £2 off the price off each book. You *** !
“One day you'll have a quiet heart.” . Primul titlu din seria Dave Robicheaux de James Lee Burke, la Gaudeamus 2014.
Finished the first 4 James Lee Burkes Dave Robicheaux novels. Starting number 5
The Neon Rain by James Lee Burke 1st Dave Robicheaux novel. Buke's prose is as poetic as his violence is palpable
"Is there any worse curse than approval?" Dave Robicheaux, 'Creole Belle' by James Lee Burke
“America’s best novelist” James Lee Burke returns with another New York Times bestselling entry in the Dave Robicheaux thriller series (The Denver Post).Set against the events of the Gulf Coast oil spill, rife with “the menaces of greed and violence and man-made horror&
Dave Robicheaux in any of James Lee Burke's novels.
Thanks to Geoff Turner for putting me on to James Lee Burke. Finished Neon Rain. Starting Burning Angel. Only 17 more Dave Robicheaux novels to go
What a great film 'In the Electric Mist' is. It's like being in a James Lee Burke book. Tommy Lee Jones nails Dave Robicheaux.
Thank you, Greg Chapman for suggesting this exercise... In your status list 10 books that have stayed with you. Don’t take more than a few minutes. Don’t think too hard. They don’t have to be great works, or even your favourites. Just the ones that have touched you. Tag 10 friends including me so I’ll see your list (if you feel so inclined). Night Shift - Stephen King (most important for me). My post college years I didn't think I'd want to read anything ever. Had seen the movie Carrie and walked past a bookstore with Night Shift by the author of Carrie. Been reading again ever since. The Stand - Stephen King The Dark Tower Series - Stephen King Dune & Sequels - Frank Herbert Farenheit 451 - Ray Bradbury Westlake Soul - Rio Youers (Best book I've read in last 5 years) The Hobbit/The Lord of the Rings - J.R.R. Tolkien Any of the Dave Robicheaux novels - James Lee Burke Weaveworld - Clive Barker Off Season - Jack Ketchum
Happy Birthday James Lee Burke! James Lee Burke is most known for his series about his character Dave Robicheaux.
Literary Birthday:James Lee Burke was born on 5 December 1936.American author of mysteries, best known for his Dave Robicheaux series.
Yeah, right. Jesus. He's talking like Clete Purcel in James Lee Burke's Dave Robicheaux novels. But, Clete has a heart.
Starting new James Lee Burke 'Light of the World'. Best series of recent novels in any genre. Dave Robicheaux a brilliant character.
The outstanding first book in the ever-popular Dave Robicheaux series: The Neon Rain by James Lee Burke.
James Lee Burke's Dave Robicheaux series is "one of the few to hold up past 10 books" says
James Lee Burke and Dave Robicheaux have been a part of my life since a news editor urged me to read Neon Rain in '89, ...
Light of the World by James Lee Burke, the 20th Dave Robicheaux series title: review
Book World: ‘Light of the World’ by James Lee Burke: Louisiana homicide detective Dave Robicheaux...
Yesss! The brand new James Lee Burke, Dave Robicheaux novel just came on the mail. I'm pumped. Geaux…
Just bought the new James Lee Burke haven't read it yet but all his other Dave Robicheaux books are excellent
Listening to the latest Dave Robicheaux novel by James Lee Burke, read beautifully by Will Patton. I'm really...
I like Connelly and James Lee Burke. Connelly's Bosch and Burke's Dave Robicheaux are two of my favorite det. characters.
Can't get enough of Dave Robicheaux? Good - because he is back in James Lee Burke's out 7/23
Out this summer: A new Dave Robicheaux thriller from James Lee Burke
Since I prefer air-conditioned, indoor, sedentary Summer Projects, I've decided to reread all of James Lee Burke's Dave Robicheaux books, starting with NEON RAIN. If I want to bask a bit in Dave's environment, all I have to do is step outside on a hot, steamy day & it feels something like New Iberia & New Orleans, which are the settings for most of the books. Then, of course, I can step back into the air-conditioned comfort of my own little world & follow Dave's adventures & philosophical ramblings. Small pleasures are the best... because there are more of them & they're generally within easy reach. :)
As we gear up for tomorrow, we were wondering... Have you ever visited a place because you read about it? For example, I spent a lovely rainy afternoon once in New Iberia, Louisiana because I wanted to see the place James Lee Burke's Dave Robicheaux calls home.
The Iberia Rod & Gun Club is having their 60th Annual Saltwater Fishing Rodeo July 4-6. Check out their page for more details, or head over to the Iberia Travel page to plan your trip! What could be better than fishing on the 4th?
Tommy Lee Jones would be absolutely perfect as Dave Robicheaux were it not for his distinct lack of handsomeness.
Also Ken Follett's Pillars of the Earth is epic. And any of the Dave Robicheaux stories by James Lee Burke read by Will Patton.
James Lee Burke and The Lil' Smokies play "Jolie Blon" in Burke's living room in the quiet hills of Lolo, Mt.
Author James Lee Burke's Dave Robicheaux series features Dave's daughter Alafair. Burke's own real daughter Alafair is a law professor at Hofstra and the author of 2 popular series of crime novels. Her "Ellie Hatcher" series was produced in Braille only. Her "Samantha Kincaid" series was recorded as DB 69057, DB 69083, and DB 69451.
James Lee Burke is the award winning author of 20 Dave Robicheaux mysteries set in New Iberia Louisiana, 4 Billy Bob Holland Mysteries, and 4 Hackberry Holland mysteries. Burke's newest novel in the Robicheaux series is "Light of the World" is due out in print July 23rd, 2013. The National Library Service for the Blind has recorded 22 of his books, including RC 37565 "In the Electric Mist With the Confederate Dead", a Dave Robicheaux novel that was made into a feature film starring Tommy Lee Jones, Mary Steenburgen, and Levon Helm, RC/DB 28604 "Heaven's Prisoners", also a motion picture starring Alec Baldwin. The newest James Lee Burke novel on BARD is DB 75164 "Creole Belle", a 2012 best seller.
Thanks for stopping by. You'll find some reviews of books I've read, maybe a video I've made and maybe a free offer I've stumbled across! I love to read mysteries and thrillers. Favorites include James Lee Burke, Lee Child and Sue Grafton. I love discovering new authors. And sometimes there is nothi...
Reading James Lee Burke this morning. Almost done with the Dave Robicheaux series. Great characters...great dialogue...great use of the language.
Light of the World: A Dave Robicheaux Novel, I've been a fan of James Lee Burke, well it seems like
I just wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has expressed their love, prayers and support during this difficult time. It means the world to me and has helped me more than you know. Keith was an amazing man, friend, husband and attorney—we will all dearly miss him.
I'm in a mystery! I've long been a fan of crime fiction. Read all of Hammett, Chandler, Ross MacDonald, et al decades ago. Lately Nordic Noir such as Mankel. I was envious of Ron Della Chiesa because Robert Parker's Spenser listened to him on stakeouts. George Pelecanos routinely has soul jocks in his novels but once had my late friend Tom Terrell playing reggae on WHFS. Often wondered if he knew he was in a novel. Tom Kaufman has a DC based series including Drink The Tea and Steal The Show published by Minotaur. In Steal The Show, PI Willis Gidney contemplates listening to my show on WPFW after finishing up a break-in. I have really made it! A private investigator listening to me in a crime novel!Tom Kaufman will be a guest on my WPFW show tomorrow night to talk about his crime fiction and his jazz group, the Willis Gidney Quartet.
Has anyone seen "In the Electric Mist" with Tommy Lee Jones? Apparently it went straight to DVD in the US, so I'd never heard of it. Mixed reviews on Amazon. Has anyone read the books on which the movie is based?
Capitalists are hanged by the rope they sell their enemies. Mystics who help formulate great religious movements writhe in sexual torment over impure thoughts a shoe salesman leaves behind with adolescence. A crusader knight in search of the True Cross returns to Marseilles from Palestine with a trunkful of Saracen robes, inside of which is a plague-infested mouse. -James Lee Burke, via Dave Robicheaux
If Claude Monet and Norman Rockwell joined together as one, and Monet/Rockwell painted words instead of pictures, their resulting prose would read like a James Lee Burke novel. I'm serious, open the cover to one of Burke's Dave Robicheaux books and you'll smell swamp water and crab boils. You'll also know what it's like to read a work of art.
".the most engaging cop to battle the bad guys of the Crescent City since James Lee Burke’s Dave Robicheaux"
Hoke Mosely, Batman, Kinky Friedman, Easy Rawlins, Aurelio Zen, Dave Robicheaux and Andrew Vacch's Burke all should in there
James Lee Burke's Dave Robicheaux novels are like a comfy robe on a chilly morning spent with bail skips & racist sociopaths.
If you have never read James Lee Burke, do yourself a favor and do! Especially his Dave Robicheaux novels - set in New Iberia, Louisiana
Help! I need a new detective series. I'm up to date on all my favorites and I've tried some new ones with no luck at all. Stuart Woods - I hated Stone Barrington after three books. Same for Alex Cross. James Lee Burke - I'm tired of Dave Robicheaux's tormented life. Harlan Coben is good but after five or six books the characters were no fun anymore. Michael Connelly - Harry Bosch is OK. Patricia Cornwell - Scarpetta got ridiculous. John Sandford - Davenport is great and I LOVE "that f**king Flowers! Deborah Crombie - James and Kincaid are still pretty good. C. J. Box - Joe Pickett is good. I wish Sharyn McCrumb would write some more Elizabeth MacPherson. Val McDermid - Tony Hill & Carol Jordan, James Patterson - Women's Murder Club, Kathy Reichs, Lisa Scottoline, all good. Any suggestions?
I've never subscribed to a rational view of the world, or set much store in what is referred to as "normalcy," so I thought I might share this experience with you. I just sent off the manuscript to a new novel titled Light of the World. In it, Dave Robicheaux and Clete Purcel and Gretchen Horowitz are spending the spring and summer at the home of their friend Albert Hollister, at the gateway of the Bitterroot Mountains. At the back of Albert's house is an arroyo that bleeds down from the hilltop into an apron of fescue and clover behind his office. The arroyo is the exact spot where in the 1870s Chief Joseph and Looking Glass led the entire Nez Perce tribe in the dark down to Lolo Creek in their flight from the United States Army. Joseph and Looking Glass eluded the ambush set up by the Army at Fort Fizzle (so named because the ambush was a failure), but they were attacked and massacred at the Big Hole River, then again twelve miles from the Canadian boundary, and they and all their people were shipped to ...
I've just finished James Lee Burke's Black Cherry Blues. I read most of it in 40 degree heat on the banks of a river. I'm now inspired to cook some Cajun food like Dirty Rice that he talks about. I suppose I should try and read his novels in order to follow Dave Robicheaux. Thanks to those who recommended him
I have a lot of favorite authors. If I have to pick one, it's James Lee Burke. His writing is powerful and evocative and passionate. I think it’s his passion that attracts me. Dave Robicheaux is a flawed man, yet his desire to do well is so believable. Add the atmosphere of South Louisiana and Burke’s incredible writing style, and I can’t wait each summer for his next book. He is a master storyteller.
Happy Birthday to author James Lee Burke today! In tribute, we've got a tour of Dave Robicheaux haunts.
Very excited. Just got the new James Lee Burke novel, Creole Belle. Now, that man can really write - pure poetry and a joy to read. Yes, I know the flaws in the Dave Robicheaux character and the fact it's nominally detective fiction but forget all that, what beautiful, beautiful prose.
James Lee Burke-Dave Robicheaux series-entertaining read,and D.R. is a friend of Bill W.DR's committee is alive and well with a few dragons,tigers and snakes leading the pack.Program friends will know what I mean...start with Neon Rain.
Register for Dave Robicheaux's Running of the Bulls 5K Race online or by downloading the form from Bayou Teche...
just finished reading Creole Belle the latest James Lee Burke offering...I just love how he describes the bayou country, offers his personal beliefs about La, the oil spill, and all the shortcomings as well as beauty of the rural south. he can spin a yarn and curl your hair with some of the bloody antics of his characters Dave Robicheaux and Clete Purcell. Try it, you'll like it..anyway I did.
Just started James Lee Burke's latest - Creole Belle. Love Dave Robicheaux. Burke really captures the New Orleans/Bayou atmosphere so well! Makes me want to go make a mint julep or some sweet iced tea!
Reading "Creole Belle" by James Lee Burke. He is my favorite author. If you haven't read his work, start with a "Dave Robicheaux" novel
I really wanted to like 'The Neon Rain' but it didn't catch me. Harry Hole is darker and is the character that Dave Robicheaux wants to be.
Great dinner tonight at Outback with a friend, saw my daughter at her work when I stopped in to pick up some things I needed, and I have a new Dave Robicheaux novel waiting on my nightstand. I'm smiling.
Languishing in a recovery unit on St. Charles Avenue in New Orleans, Dave Robicheaux is fighting an enemy more insidious than the one who put a bullet in his back a month earlier in a shootout on Bayou Teche. The morphine meant to dull his pain is steadily gnawing away at his resolve, playing tri...
After the serindipidous find of a James Lee Burke book we had not read (his first in the Dave Robicheaux series, the great outdoors adventures we had earlier, and the first place and fun with our trivia friends last night, we wrapped up a triple star day! Now today with family, gentle rainstorms, football and just "chillin", it's fun to sit here and catch up with all of you guys and your "doings."! Happy birthday Karlee!
Passing the time on my delivery route by listening to the latest novel of James Lee Burke, "Creole Belle", featuring Dave Robicheaux. If you are familiar with the Robicheaux novels, you'll understand why I have the sudden hunger for a Po' Boy sandwich and a couple of Beignets.
Staff picks: Penelope says James Lee Burke has hit a home run with his latest Dave Robicheaux mystery, Creole Belle.
just finished Creole Belle. It is fabulous and I highly recommend it especially for those of us who grew up so close to Louisiana. Dave Robicheaux is one of my favorite characters. Aloysius Pendergast is my other favorite literary character and is also a resident of the area around New Orleans. Pendergast is a character written about by Preston and Child.
Tag team reading as Max finishes new James Lee Burke novel, Creole Belle, & passes it to eager Tomi. 2 years is long wait for literary reunion with Dave Robicheaux & Burke's evocative prose of Louisiana, N'awlins and its unique residents. Laissez les bon temps rouler!
Big day for books. Just got new Dave Robicheaux and new Jack Reacher. Both ends of crime genre sated. Bonus.
If you're looking for a good summer read, I'd recommend James Lee Burke's latest in the Dave Robicheaux series, Creole Belle. His words bring New Orleans to life...
Gratitudes: August 8 -Darling Husband took pity at the thought of my computer's hard drive losing its mind, so he solved the problem with a new Apple computer. He is the truest love, for sure, and this computer is a honey. I can't believe the speed. All my complaints about the internet provider were misdirected. It was my computer all along. Now I don't have to sell the house and move where there is faster internet. -finished James Lee Burke's latest Dave Robicheaux book, 'Creole Belle.' It's time for Mr. Burke to hang up the Robicheaux pencil. This saga was beyond tedious with characters duller than dirt. Only one, Gretchen Horowitz, sparked interest and there was precious little of her. Even Dave and Clete were pallid. On to other subjects. -for an afternoon with the granddaughters. Just when my kids got interesting they left home. Just as the granddaughters are getting fun and enlightening, off they go to college. Life is not fair. Batman was ever so fun. May be the best effort so far. Dreamy Christia ...
James Lee Burke signs deal to develop Dave Robicheaux for cable TV. -
Well, there goes my work week: James Lee Burke has a new Dave Robicheaux novel.
I just finished reading THE GLASS RAINBOW by James Lee Burke. He hit another 10 out of 10 with it. His discriptions of life arround New Iberia, LA is superb. This is the kind of book that you do not want to put down once you start reading. Lyn and I visited the coffee shop in New Iberia where Dave Robicheaux has coffee.
Fan of James Lee Burke's Dave Robicheaux mysteries? Then make sure to put a hold on the latest, Creole Belle...
One of the best female characters in novels today...Helen Soileau in the Dave Robicheaux series of James Lee Burke. Beat cop to sheriff, she kicks ***
Anything by James Lee Burke in the vein of Dave Robicheaux or the Dresden Files by
Due out this summer: the new Dave Robicheaux novel from James Lee Burke
MWA Grand Master Burke continues to raise the bar for himself, and the reader, as shown by his lyrical, insightful 19th Dave Robicheaux novel (after 2010’s The Glass Rainbow). While the New Iberia,
LOL at my mom's email: "Can you get me the James Lee Burke books? Butch says the hero is Robby Shaus." (It's Dave Robicheaux :))
James Lee Burke is one of our finest writers. New addition coming to the Dave Robicheaux series - Creole Belle.
Flea market report: Back and very, very tired. Poor old flat feet just can't negotiate the space the way they used to. Anyway, got some stuff ... a new chicken figurine for the kitchen, 216 ft of extra-heavy weed-eater line, a vinyl copy of an Illinois Speed Press album (pre-Poco Paul Cotton), a vinyl copy of Springsteen's "Born To Run" (a collector's version with the sticker on the back where they spelled "John" Landau's name wrong), a vinyl copy of "The Ventures: Live" that I didn't already have, a DVD of "The Electric Mist" (with Tommie Lee Jones as detective Dave Robicheaux), a Raymond Chandler paperback novel I haven't read yet, the first printing paperback novel based on the screenplay of "Forbidden Planet," and six pairs of black socks. Tiring but fun. And I agree with Susan Trulove that "Hillbilly Wine Glasses" were THE item of the market. Weather was PERFECT! Now it's time for a nap.
Author James Lee Burke is back in July with "Creole Belle" and private eye Dave Robicheaux. Can't wait!
Jessica here. Below is a recent Q&A Jim did with Publishers Weekly. In James Lee Burke’s Creole Belle: A Dave Robicheaux Novel, the New Iberia, La., deputy sheriff and his best friend, Clete Purcel, take on corrupt politicians, oil men, and a possible Nazi war criminal. PW: Many of your books have had classical antecedents. Was there a particular classical model for Creole Belle? JLB: I made use of some Greek myths, as is my habit, I'm afraid: Proteus rising from the sea, Charon at the River Styx, the legend of Prometheus. I'm also guilty often of stealing from the Bible. PW: Dave Robicheaux and Clete Purcel have been through a lot together, and are feeling the ravages of age. How has your own attitude toward them evolved over the years? JLB: Here's the big joke that Dave discovers about age: any wisdom you acquire you cannot pass on to others. Everybody gets to the barn, but that's a hard conclusion to reach as you're entering the corral. They are both complicated men, but one is not complete without t ...
Vietnam vet Dave Robicheaux has turned in his detective's badge, is winning his battle against booze, and has left New Orleans with his wife for the tranquil beauty of Louisiana's bayous. But a plane crash on the Gulf brings a young girl into his life -- and with her comes a netherworld of murder...
Inside our Southern Lit Trail App with Dave Robicheaux detective series author James Lee Burke for
"My name is Dave Robicheaux. I'm an alcoholic." Watching the drama In the Electric Mist (2009). Adapted from the James Lee Burke novel. ***
A Morning for Flamingos: Clutching the shards, of his shattered life, Cajun detective Dave Robicheaux has rejoin...
James Lee Burke And the Soul of Dave Robicheaux: A Critical Study of the Crime Fiction Series (Critical Study of...
Heaven's Prisoners: Dave Robicheaux is trying to put a life of violence and crime behind him, leaving homocide t...
Those who are concerned about Clete's status in Creole Belle might refer to the entire Booklist review (below). “When we last saw Dave Robicheaux, in The Glass Rainbow (2010), he was near death, as was his best friend, Clete Purcell, after a shoot-out on Bayou Teche. As this latest Robicheaux novel begins, Dave is still recovering from his wounds in the hospital. Mortality hangs heavily over both Dave and Clete once again, as the so-called Bobbsey Twins try to rally their flagging forces for another go-around with the forces of evil. It begins when Dave gets a visit in the middle of the night from Tee Jolie Melton, a Cajun singer who claims to have fallen in with a bad man and is worried for her life. But was Tee Jolie really there, or did Dave, still on morphine, imagine the whole thing? The plot thickens when Tee Jolie’s sister is murdered, and a mysterious woman, who may have shocking ties to Clete, appears to be killing low-level mobsters in New Orleans. This tale plays out much like The Glass Rai ...
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