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Dave Roberts

David Ray Roberts (born May 31, 1972 in Okinawa, Japan) is a former Major League Baseball outfielder. Previously, he played with the Cleveland Indians (-), Los Angeles Dodgers (-), Boston Red Sox (2004), San Diego Padres (-), and San Francisco Giants (-).

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What Steiner and the Umpires didn’t get was that they effectively let Dave Roberts a…
Dave Roberts- please no more Chase Utley in the lineup. Steve Sax right now would be a better option...
Dave Roberts knowing Carl Edwards would walk Yu Darvish is next-level managing.
A couple weeks ago, Yu Darvish realized that Dave Roberts was the same Dave Roberts who stole that base against Marian…
Video: Yu Darvish, Dave Roberts on Darvish walking with the bases loaded via
Dave Roberts told Justin Turner after the game that he was waiting for him to pump his fist as he rounded the bases. http…
On the 29th anniversary of THE Kirk Gibson HR, Dave Roberts joked he thought Turner would pump his fist around the bases like Gibson did.
Dave Roberts once again out managed Joe Maddon
Did the announcer just refer to Dave Roberts as "Doc Ro…
The most important thing Dave Roberts can do in the NLCS is to not push Kershaw beyond his limits. MORE:
If I can recall correctly, Joe Maddon completely out managed Dave Roberts last year
Joe Maddon is the most overrated manager in MLB. Look for Dave Roberts to completely out manage Maddon
Dave Roberts said the Dodgers wouldn't be swimming in any pools tonight. But that Daniel Descalso home-run ball might be.
Gregg Zaun's "expert" analysis after the Dodgers game: "Dave Roberts obviously knows what he's doing.". Thanks for that insight, Gregg.
Dave Roberts says have 2 different rosters. 1 for 1 for I can confirm on both :).
Dave Roberts touched on what's been the biggest difference for Austin Barnes this season compared to 2016.…
Dave Roberts said Yasiel Puig is no longer "grounded." Is allowed out of "his room to get on the field and play with h…
I don't have issues with Rami-chan taking Ishida out, same way Dave Roberts took out Ross Stripling.
Yasiel Puig, who didn't get treatment for his ankle Saturday, sat Sunday. Dave Roberts used the word trust
are Joe Madden and Dave Roberts locked into contracts beyond this year? Would enjoy either replacing TC.
Dodgers manager Dave Roberts says he'd 'have a problem' with protest during anthem
I get it. Dave Roberts sees himself in mediocre Diversity hire. He wants to ensure that guy becomes the new (Black) Kirk Gibson or something
My guess is that Joc Pederson said something very foul about Dave Roberts' wife... Because I really don't know why…
fans up 2-0 when they see Dave Roberts make the call to the bullpen and wave in Pedro Baez. How many times this g…
Dave Roberts when Joc Pederson and Alex Verdugo check the lineup before every game.
Dave Roberts touched on the clarity, or lack thereof, in left field.
Dave Roberts. Curtis Granderson is not good anymore, do not play him, we have almost lost every game that he's been in the lineup. Pathetic.
Justin Turner and Dave Roberts mentioned that arriving at Nats Park today made them think back to the good feelings from the last time here.
Justin Turner and Dave Roberts commented on the slump:
.who should be fired first: Dave Roberts or Terry Collins? Listen below for Jim's analysis of…
Today is a scheduled day off for Chris Taylor. When he returns tomorrow Dave Roberts said he will be playing primarily CF.…
I'm not saying things have gotten dark around the Dodgers, but Lady Melissandre was seen lurking near Dave Roberts' office e…
Terry Francona & the have won *17* in a row and have 86 wins. Dave Roberts & the have lost 10 in a row and have 92 wins.
Dave Roberts may be leaning toward starting Alex Wood in a potential Game 3 of the NLDS.
Unless you can snag a Dave Roberts or Terry Francona you won't find anything close to someone as good as Joe.
Dave Roberts forgets that baseball allows you to bunt a man into scoring position.
Franklin Gutierrez and Adam Liberatore won't be activated this season. Dave Roberts also said Scott Kazmir won't be on the playoff roster.
Scott Kazmir will pitch ~3 innings in relief on Saturday for Dave Roberts said
Scott Kazmir will pitch three innings out of the bullpen tomorrow for Rancho Cucamonga, Dave Roberts said.
Dave Roberts keeping Llandudno in this with successive saves. Lee Thomas then slides in an equaliser at the other end, 2-2! Game on!
3 scoreless IP for Scott Kazmir in regular season finale. Dave Roberts said Brandon McCarthy will pitch for RC in playoffs this wk
Dave Roberts is a *** of a coach. The key things on your team people don't see is your depth. Vet utley,…
Dave Roberts was talking in the pregame today about how strong and accurate Chris Taylor's arm is and how quickly he has taken to playing CF
Dave Roberts on Logan Forsythe's home run: “It was nice to yell at the top of my lungs, ‘Get out of there, Logie Bear!'."
Dave Roberts and turner ward putting in work on the coaching.
- do you think it crossed Dave Roberts' mind to sub in J. Turner for D in 9th during Hill's no-no? Not Forsythe's usual spot.
The fact Dave Roberts continues to play Logan 😡 he is trash
Dodger hitters and Dave Roberts should be ashamed. You have to manufacture a run. Logan Forsythe should never see the field again.
Why does Dave Roberts play Logan Forsyth? He's terrible. He can't hit. Can't drive in runs. Can't field. He must have good photos.
If Rich Hill had retired the side in 10th on low pitch count, Dave Roberts said he would have considered send…
Dave Roberts should line up every one of the who stepped to the plate today and let Rich Hill slap them in the…
Dave Roberts should have pinch hit Turner in the 8th for low hitting Utley!
Dave Roberts has been wonderful but not putting in turner and then sending Rich Hill in the 10th is stupid
Dave Roberts did rule out Clayton Kershaw to start in place of Wood on Saturday.
Dave Roberts once again told us that Clayton Kershaw will NOT make Alex Wood's start on Saturday. Rehab game for
Kershaw. Bellinger. Darvish. skipper Dave Roberts gives an injury update on his club.
Dave Roberts on Joc Pederson getting demoted: "It gives him a chance to reset."
Love that Dave Roberts is putting Adrian in at 1B. He will likely be there during the Postseason. Better to move everyone around now...
Dave Roberts highlights "balls in play converted to outs" (or "Defensive Efficiency"). The Dodgers lead MLB at .725. https:/…
At 22:00, Dave Roberts discusses the "endless" analytics used by the Dodgers. He mentions exit velocity, spin rate, and perceived velocity.
Great interview with Dave Roberts. On Adrian Gonzalez's return, he said: "Cody [Bellinger's] going to get the lion'…
Wasn't looking forward to pod but came away really liking Dave Roberts.
your PR team failed me in Detroit to meet Dave Roberts they won't let me in
.sits with Dave Roberts and discusses day off and home debut.
Kirk Gibson drove to ballpark with his old hitting coach, now hitting coach Turner Ward and visited Dave Roberts earlier today.
Let's trust Dave Roberts. He's done a heck of a job, better than Dumb mattingly in handling egos
My new goal in life is to also meet Dave Roberts in person. 💙
Our girl, writing a great piece on this awesome team. Great anecdote about meeting Dave Roberts. L…
An LA sweep? Dave Roberts is NL Manager of the Year but Mike Scioscia has been more impressive currently as WC team!
Dave Roberts mentions on podcast that today's players are bigger faster stronger than 20 years ago. True across all sports (1)
I love listening to Dave Roberts talk baseball. He and are fantastic for and fans alike. Nice one
Dave Roberts seems like a chill dude
Best part of Dave Roberts with is Roberts' knowledge of every brand of crap
Jimmy Fund Drive is the best idea I've heard. Although the Dave Roberts Speedway was good, too.
if the play Dave Roberts' in the World Series do we rename after him in thanks for his '04 SB?
“I think our guys have set the bar for the league, and rightfully so.”.
Dave Roberts referenced Keystone Light. My life has gone full circle.
Alex Anthopoulos credits Dave Roberts for Dodgers’ incredible success
Vote for for UKIP. The only truthful voice in politics.
Oh. Baseball podcast from today. Dave Roberts the guest.
This BS podcast episode with Dave Roberts is absolutely fantastic...
delighted to announce veteran Tom 'Macca' Macklin & Dave 'Robbo' Roberts have agreed new deals for the 2…
Name it after Dave Roberts,played only here a couple months but that steal last forever
Yeah Dave Roberts sure has come to the party. Smart guy, knows his stuff. He's glib, funny and good…
Yes it is Baseball is funny like that I never thought Dave Roberts be this good as a Manager he proved me wrong
Just watched & this movie is truly a work of art. ❤️ was racing throughout the whole thing. Bravo to Emma Roberts & Dave Franco.
Give Dave Roberts thread a read. I think he has Trump figured out.
What a pleasure to welcome Mr. Roberts to the neighborhood!
For sure he can def still a big base .. dave roberts style
Dave Roberts on Dodgers Regular-Season Dominance and Mallory Rubin on Giancarlo Stanton's Trade Value (Ep. 248) - …
The are the best team in the for 1 reason. They've finally developed the clutch gene. Congrats Dave Roberts!
Alex Anthopoulos gives credit to Dave Roberts for the Dodgers’ incredible success. (ht…
Manager Dave Roberts made the move as a precaution. Darvish allowed 8 hits, 1 walk and 3 earned runs in 6 innings of work, striking out 2
Dave Roberts is on Simmons's pod and you think he would want to ask him about his team, which is the best in the league, but no...
I'd be willing to accept "Dave Roberts Avenue", but would be pretty heartbroken if it's not "The Ted Williams Way"
Great podcast with Dave Roberts for fans ⚾️👍😊
According to Yasiel Puig, Dave Roberts told Yu Darvish "don't worry, you're not going to lose," after Roberts removed Darv…
Dave Roberts was testing out Tony Watson. If it happened to be a playoff situation in that moment, he would have kept Morrow in.
... Which one of you one my TL thought Dave Roberts was great? Kenley Jansen is pitching in an 8-0 game..
Yu Darvish throwing his first bullpen session with Dave Roberts, Rick Honeycutt, Josh Bard, Rich Hill all watching
Want to hear a great story that involves the Dave Roberts, my son and Bob's Big Boy? Take a listen here:…
A Dave Roberts quote presented without context: "Jerry Hairston and Jaleel White are considerably better than myself and Rick Honeycutt."
Dave Roberts expects Clayton Kershaw to go on the disabled list.
Dave Roberts on Clayton Kershaw's injury & the walk-off win against the .📺 |…
Clayton Kershaw will go on DL, manager Dave Roberts says. with no timetable on return; tests scheduled Monday on…
Dave Roberts talks about Brandon McCarthy's outing in tonight's 6-3 loss against the 📺 |…
Brandon McCarthy had a blister tonight, Dave Roberts said.
We received quite the update on Hyun-Jin Ryu from Dave Roberts:.
Clayton Kershaw is at 92 pitches through six shutout innings. Dave Roberts probably won't leave him in much longer, if…
Brandon Morrow gives up a leadoff double and a single, and Dave Roberts is bringing Kenley Jansen out of the 'pen to close it out.
Dave Roberts said Scott Kazmir "was a lot better than he was before” after his latest bullpen session.…
Dave Roberts should have pushed . Austin Hedges , he'd be managing tonight
Mike scoscia, does Stand up for his players but he doesn't take it to the next level like Dave Roberts does.
Dave Roberts & Andy Green have to be separated in rare baseball manager fight The Los Angeles Dodgers and San Dieg…
Dave Roberts introduces a very special guest to the media as they discuss tonight's matchup with the Rockies. htt…
Dave Roberts on Julio Urias: "As an organization, I just don’t see how we could have handled him with more care."
Did you know that she shares the same birthday as both Dave Roberts and Jake Peavy?
Not a typo. I listened to it twice. I have to assume he meant Joc. But hey, Dave Roberts called Steve…
Dave Roberts kind of called fans out. Can't understand how Corey Seager doesn't lead AS voting at SS "with th…
The *** is Dave Roberts thinking putting Chris Hatcher back out there for the ninth?
Left: LA manager Dave Roberts, of the "Dodgers.". Right: LAPD detective Jimmy Robertson, of "Bosch.". Those names, th…
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Dave Roberts is an *** What exactly is the point of using Chris Hatcher...ever? So he can embarrass this team every time outv
Memo to Dave Roberts. Please insure that Chris Hatcher was locked in his room & you gave him the wrong departure time for the team bus!
Dave Roberts being faced with a conversative audience at still got us to do the Under Armour hud…
Reporter to Dave Roberts: “I think all four of your walkoffs have been at home”
The doctor's examination of Alex Wood "was as benign as possible," Dave Roberts said. He'll come back after two starts…
Dave Roberts said Brandon McCarthy developed a blister on his index finger. That's why he pulled him after 4 IP
Say what you want about Dave Roberts but Don Mattingly once left Carlos Frias in a game where he gave up 25 runs.
Logan Forsythe will play in a rehab game on Tuesday. Dave Roberts hopes he'll be back during the next homestand. It's a long homestand.
Dave Roberts expects Logan Forsythe to play a rehab game as a DH on Tuesday.
Dave Roberts said Logan Forsythe could be playing rehab games by this weekend. Did a lot on field today
manager Dave Roberts said Clayton Kershaw will get an extra day's rest before his next start. . -Eric
Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said Hyun-Jin Ryu (hip) will be able to return to the team's rotation without…
Injury Update: manager Dave Roberts told reporters that Hyun-Jin Ryu (left hip contusion) will be ready...
Dave Roberts said Hyun-Jin Ryu will be ready to go when his DL stint ends, no need for rehab assignment
Thanks a lot Dave Roberts! You pulled Alex Wood with one more inning in him!!! This one is on you!!!
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Who does Dave Roberts think he is, Buck Showalter? Jansen got Britton'd tonight.
I still play this game, featuring Dave Roberts as a player and Larry Walker as the Rockies…
Dave Roberts said, to his knowledge, Clayton Kershaw does not ride dirt bikes.
Andy Green is the most underrated manager in MLB. Dave Roberts is the most overrated. Andy over-performs, Dave doesn't
On this road trip Dave Roberts has brought Ross Stripling in to face Nolan Arenado & Kris Bryant with 2 Outs. Both times h…
Dave Roberts identified two candidates to start in place of Rich Hill on Monday.
Rockies called on Carlos Estevez, so Dave Roberts countered by pinch-hitting Corey Seager for Kiké Hernandez. Seager hit a leadoff single.
Dave Roberts likes ex-Angel Bobby Wilson. Also, ex Lake Elsinore Storm player Logan Forsythe is leading off for Dodgers today.
Dave Roberts confirmed that Brandon McCarthy will be in rotation, Alex Wood to bullpen. McCarthy starts 4th game in LA, Ryu in Col
BREAKING NEWS: manager Dave Roberts has announced that Brandon McCarthy has made the starting rotation...
Brandon Morrow is ticketed for the minor leagues, according to Dave Roberts.
Dave Roberts confirms what was expected with Julio Urias, provides update on Brandon Morrow.
manager Dave Roberts has announced that right-hander Brandon Morrow will not make the Opening Day roster...
Dave Roberts said RHP Brandon Morrow won't be on roster to start season but has agreed to go to minors. Gets $100K retention bonus
Brandon Morrow won't make the club. Dave Roberts said Morrow is willing to go to the minors to start the season.
Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said Monday that Brandon McCarthy and Alex Wood are competing for the final…
Hyun-Jin Ryu has made the rotation, Dave Roberts said.
manager Dave Roberts has announced that both Brandon McCarthy and Alex Wood will be a part of the team's...
Thanks to Dave Roberts, his wife, Patti, and finale will have Philly feel
Bill Miller and Dave Roberts- 2 unsung heroes of that WS championship team. The most important 5 minutes of Sox history, IMO
Dave Roberts said Ross Stripling is being considered for a long relief role.
Related: a 25-man roster spot is open for a long reliever, and Dave Roberts said today that Ross Stripling is in the mix.
Dave Roberts on Brandon McCarthy and performance on Friday’s win against the Rangers. 📺 l…
Dave Roberts on Cody Bellinger "When he arrives I'd feel comfortable putting him anywhere on the diamond."
if current, Micah Johnson. . If any time, Dave Roberts
Dave Roberts & Rick Honeycutt will go w/split squad to Salt River Fields to watch McCarthy's start vs D'backs. Bob Geren will manage vs KC
''Was it a plane? Was it Superman? No ladies and gentlemen, it was Cristiano Ronaldo.''. - Dave Roberts | ESPN commenta…
.chats with Dave Roberts after the 5-3 win over the Chicago White Sox. 📺 l
Dave Roberts, Corey Seager grace the cover of the 2017 Dodgers Yearbook
Dave is banking on Grandstaff, Strus and Roberts. If those three fail, Dave will be packing his bags next season
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Dave Roberts said he was encouraged watching Ryu yesterday.
New Dodgers OF Franklin Gutierrez and current manager Dave Roberts were in the same Dodgers spring training camp...
H/T for pointing out that Dave ROBERTS is the manager of the Dodgers. Not Dave Stewart.
Franklin Gutierrez signing with expected to become official today. Dave Roberts recalled being in camp with him in 2003 (cont)
On TV: Dave Roberts steal. In person: the 19 inning Yankees-Sox game from 2015 as a whole
Dodgers Manager Dave Roberts expects Yasiel Puig to play 'the majority of the time'...
Dave Franco and Emma Roberts in Nerve are so cute
Malcolm Butler joins Dave Roberts in the hospital.
Dave Roberts "it will be impossible for anyone to match his 4,000 winners" If it were, he couldn't have done it in the first place? Being AP
Joc Pederson / Dodgers manager Dave Roberts said Sunday that he doesn't envision
Dave Roberts on Yasiel Puig: "We all know Yasiel as a defender; if he's out there he can impact a game on the...
Per Ken Gurnick of Dave Roberts said RF is essentially Yasiel Puig's position to lose. -Eric
Wow, I love I just won this for free, 1975 TOPPS BASEBALL NRMT CARD - NO 301 - DAVE ROBERTS -
lol, feel to have Dave Roberts managing los doyers
Dave Roberts is hopeful he'll be able to convince Adrian Gonzalez to take more days of rest this season.… featured in NBC s Science of Love
manager Dave Roberts said that he intends to try and rest Adrián González more throughout the upcoming...
Do some children matter more than others? Be proud and champion SEND! by Dave Whitaker (
...and the whole world was watching (Andrew Friedman, Dave Roberts, etc., etc.,) - if you get my drift. ; )
“We already know he can defend it out there at second base if he needs to.” More from Dave Roberts on Austin Barnes
Nerve is INSANE, every second of it was incredible to watch. Emma Roberts and Dave Franco did a great job on this one! And the soundtrack >>
Franklin Gutierrez is in camp. Greeted warmly by Dave Roberts. . Still waiting for to make roster move, make signing official
So I finally got around to watching the movie Nerve with Emma Roberts and Dave Franco and it was honestly pretty good. Worth watching 👌🏼
Dave Roberts smiling as he watches Gagne.
Clayton Kershaw will tie a franchise record on Opening Day.
manager Dave Roberts named Clayton Kershaw his for the 7th consecutive season! Kershaw is 4-0, 0.93 ERA.
.skipper Dave Roberts announces will make SEVENTH straight start.
Hyun-Jin Ryu's fastball velocity sat at 84-86 mph in his last bullpen session, Dave Roberts said.
Dave Roberts: "I'm pumped" about the addition of Logan Forsythe "he plays the game the right way, Logan is a…
[SB Nation: True Blue LA] Dave Roberts named 2016 Coach of the Year by LA Sports Council
David Boreanaz finds a role for his dad, retired weathercaster Dave Roberts, in "Bones" finale.
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Dodgers manager Dave Roberts, 44, is an old man by comparison
Two awesome nets of fish for Andy Neal and Dave Roberts from the River Wye recently showing the effectiveness of Pr…
I remember Dave Roberts! He was great! I'm so old I also remember Jim O'Brian!😂 been a fan for years!
I know Markeith Ross and Dave Roberts the Dodgers Manager and OJ Hall
Don't sleep on the 1989 RBV team. Over 5K yds rushing by Markeith Ross, OJ Hall, & Dave Roberts.
Dave Roberts was NL Manager of the Year. Walton and Rivers are doing good jobs. So basically Fisher is the dunce of LA.
Well deserved win for Dave Roberts on NL manager of the year
skipper Dave Roberts is NL Manager of the Year! 👍
The hired Dave Roberts without any Prior Managerial experience. And he's now the 2016 National League Mana…
Congrats to Dave Roberts. You did a helluva job navigating the dog days without Kershaw and coming back from 8.5 down.
THIS JUST IN: LA Dodgers skipper Dave Roberts named NL Manager of the Year.
He was on his way broadcasting. Guess he made the right decision. Congrats to Dave Roberts. NL Manager of the year. https:/…
Congrats to Dave Roberts for Manager of the Year! Best Skipper in the business! World Series next year
In his 1st year on the job, he's NL Manager of the Year! Congrats to the Dave Roberts!
Dave Roberts named 2016 National League Manager of the Year via
Terry Francona becomes 2-time Manager of Year winner, while Dave Roberts is honored in debut season:
NL Manager of the Year Dave Roberts is 1st skipper to lead club to division title in 1st year since Tommy Las…
Congrats to coreyseager5 for winning and manager Dave Roberts for winning Manager…
Congrats to Dave Roberts on winning NL Manager of the Year! .
BREAKING: Dave Roberts is the NL Manager of the Year beating out former now manager, Joe Mad…
Congrats to Dave Roberts on the award. Had a good year. But we all know who the better manager is and I'd rather take the…
Dave Roberts employed 31 pitchers for the in 2016. Those arms managed to notch 1,510 Ks – the most in hi…
Dave Roberts win the NL manager of the year!
Never forget Dave Roberts intentionally walking Jason Heyward and Chris Coghlan to set up the Montero Grand Slam
Skipper, Dave Roberts, wins NL Manager of the Year, See what he had to say about winning the award >> https:/…
Dave Roberts wins NL manager of the year!!! Congrats Skip!!!
Even though is still to me, I would like to congratulate my friend Dave Roberts on winning
Right now, Dave Roberts is getting a congratulatory call from Vin Scully.
Congratulations, Skip!. Dave Roberts is the 2016 NL Manager of the Year!
Huge Congrats goes out to our ROY & MOY Dave Roberts!! Not a doubt that there's many more to come!
Last year, he was interviewing. Now, he's got hardware. Dave Roberts is the 6th manager to win the award in his 1st full season…
Congratulations to a man who definitely deserves to be the NL MOY, Dave Roberts! Dave did a marvelous job for our Dodgers…
Dave Roberts of the Los Angeles Dodgers wins National League Manager of the Year award (Yahoo Sports)
Dave Roberts of the Dodgers is officially a finalist for NL Manager of the Year, with Joe Maddon (Cubs) and Dusty Baker (Natio…
The NL Manager of the Year finalists: . Joe Maddon, Dave Roberts & Dusty Baker.
I also really love the Dave Roberts steal and the Mo Vaughn HR on that reel is good too.
Dave Roberts said entire coaching staff will return.
Dave Roberts was named the 2016 NL Manager of the Year by Congratulations, Dave!
Dodgers manager Dave Roberts: Cubs ‘really have no weaknesses’ -
Dave Roberts burning a lot of his bench in this inning.
seems like Alex Wood is only for an emergency but Dave Roberts loves matchups so you never know
managers Joe Maddon and Dave Roberts teamed up with to help coach all levels of the g…
Dave Roberts on Rich Hill: Compete & execute with whatever you do have that day instead of dwelling on what you don…
Gotta love Dave Roberts' visible happiness... Refreshing to see a coach with emotion
Dave Roberts coach of the year fasho
Unlimited Calling US/Canada phone service
Mike McCoy should coach like Dave Roberts manages.
These personify the spirit of their Head Coach, Dave Roberts.
Dave Roberts has to get coach of the year
Curt Schilling will run for US Senate in Mass. Why not someone we like, like David Ortiz or, say, Leon Powe, Dave Roberts or Troy Brown.
12 years since Goldberg was in a WWE ring and Dave Roberts steal in the playoffs.
12 years ago today: thank you Dave Roberts 🐐🐐
Kershaw strikes out Zobrist and gets Russell to fly out, and after a meeting from Dave Roberts he'll stay in to face Baez.
Dave Roberts can't believe it, Miguel Montero's grand slam gives the Cubs the lead
Dodgers get big hit, give up big HRs in 8-4 loss to Cubs: Los Angeles Dodgers manager Dave Roberts made all the……
Dave Roberts face was so happy 20 minutes ago, and then Montero & Dexter, but now the saddest face I've seen.
I will say Russell and Javy almost screwed us but honestly I see why Dave Roberts did what he did
Dave Roberts is going to out manage the "genius!"
Chess match at Wrigley Field, with Dave Roberts answering Joe Maddon's maneuvering by bringing in Chase Utley to face Pedro Strop.
Dave Roberts doesn't feel need as much length in bullpen with eight pitchers. One reason why Alex Wood is in over Brett Anderson.
Alex Wood and *** Hernandez added. Austin Barnes and Charlie Culberson removed. Smart moves by Dave Roberts.…
Alex Darlington scores for but don't look Dave Roberts!! 🙈🙈. TNS 1-0 Llandudno
lead 1-0 against shocker from Dave Roberts as Alex Darlington scores from 30 yds
Dave Roberts says Kenta Maeda will start Game 1 of the NLCS.
Dave Roberts explains that came to him wanting to close out the game. [FS1]
Dave Roberts is right. Have to enjoy this moment.
Dave Roberts gets it. Pulled Ross Stripling in April with no-no. Goes Kershaw tonight. Who can handle it, and who can't. When and where
It's a 1-run game in decisive Game 5 and Oliver Perez is on the mound. Dave Roberts and should be in good shape the rest of the way
That's not how Maury Wills taught Dave Roberts bunting.
If Don Mattingly was still Manager of Dodgers Clayton Kershaw would still be pitching! Dave Roberts is playing Chess not Check…
Dusty Baker on Dodgers manager Dave Roberts: "He's always a pleasant guy, he's a very bright young man, but he's in the way"
and gifted a win by Andrew Friedman and Dave Roberts.
Dave Roberts accidentally let it slip that Andrew Toles will be on the roster for the NLDS.…
Dodgers manager Dave Roberts: Yasiel Puig 'earned the right to be a major league player' - USA TODAY
Andrew Toles will be on postseason roster Dave Roberts accidentally reveals.
Roberts adds Toles to LA's NLDS roster: Dodgers manager Dave Roberts confirmed on Thursday that rookie outfie...
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Andrew Toles will be on the NLDS roster, Dave Roberts says.
...I believe he Will,Jon c...Dodgers are just finding ways to win...Dave Roberts pushing all the right Buttons
Dave Roberts deserves manager of the year if win the NL West. Crazy what they have overcome.
Text from NL exec on hiring Dave Roberts: "NL West just got easier to win."
Dave Roberts really pulled Rich Hill after 7 perfect innings...and Francoeur had the first of Joe Blanton.
Dave Roberts said this game feels like a loss.
the nerds upstairs are a joke and Dave Roberts for not having the balls to leave him in
Dave Roberts has to apologize publicly for what he did tonight, otherwise you should fire him
Dave Roberts replaces Rich Hill with Joe Blanton who loses the no hitter to Jeff Francouer. What year is this?
gif of Dave Roberts stealing a potential perfect game from Rich Hill.
Brutal: Dave Roberts takes out Rich Hill with a perfect game through seven. Joe Blanton gives up a hit in 8th.
Rich Hill has a perfect game going for the Dodgers, but Dave Roberts lifts him in the seventh. Joe Blanton promptly gives up a hit. Whaaa?
Joe Blanton comes in and gives up a single. Dave Roberts? 😂😂😂
Dave Roberts should be ashamed in himself. Rich Hill was rolling, & took him out after retiring 21 batters, then Joe Blanton gives up hit.
I don't have a problem with the decision, but you do wonder if a no-hitter touched Dave Roberts in a bad place when he was a kid.
Dave Roberts pulls Hill after 7 perfect innings. Definitely will raise some questions. Joe Blanton comes in to pitch the 8th for LA
Dave Roberts just trying to kill Dolphin man by getting Joe Blanton in.
Rich Hill out after seven perfect innings. Dave Roberts gives the ball to Joe Blanton. What would you have done?
Rich Hill done. In comes Joe Blanton. Hill didn't like the decision by manager Dave Roberts.
Dave Roberts is the [redacted] worst. Rich Hill with a perfect game and 88 pitches and goes to [redacted] Joe Blanton.
Dave Roberts makes the unpopular decision -- lifts Rich Hill with a perfect game thru 7 , only at 89 pitches. Joe Blanton entering.
It will have to be a combined Dave Roberts pulls another pitcher with a no-hitter going. Joe Blanton on to pitch 8th
Dave Roberts wasn't going to leave Rich Hill in the game even if he had a no-hitter.
Dave Roberts discussed Julio Urias' minor injury, and Urias critiqued his start.
Dave Roberts confirms that will start for Dodgers on Sunday.
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